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Roni 'Visag
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  • Kaidon of the 'Visag clan
"Under my tutelage, you will learn to respect, even revere, your blades as if they were themselves your comrades and kinsmen. And yet throughout all this you must never forget your own role in this art. In the end, the sword is just a tool, for it is the warrior's hand that brings it to life and, when necessary, delivers death."
―Roni 'Visag to a group of his pupils.

Roni 'Visag was a Sangheili aristocrat who lived before, during, and after the Human-Covenant War. A member of the high ranking 'Visag family, a clan that had produced some of the finest swordsmen within the Sangheili nobility, 'Visag's skills garnered him much praise and recognition during the early years of the war, though he himself held mixed feelings about the conflict and suspected that it was not as much of a holy war as the Hierarchs claimed it was. He retired from active service--in spite of the glory he was winning as a member of the Covenant military--midway through the war and withdrew to his family's extensive compound on the Sangheili colony Pious Reflection to fulfill his familial duty to take over the 'Visag swordsmanship school there. He continued this practice after the Great Schism and the end of the war. Apart from his martial talents, 'Visag was also a poet, scholar, and patron of the arts. He was known for his pious belief in the Sangheili gods even after the revelation that the so-called "Great Journey" that had served as a key article of faith in the Sangheili religion for centuries was a lie.