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Roland "Nyk" Nykvist
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February 12, 2532

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Chronological and political information
  • Human-Covenant War
  • Post-War

Federal Republic of Valhalla


Roland Wilhelm Nykvist, known by his nickname "Nyk", was a human special forces operator in the Jaeger Regiment of the Valhallan Defence Forces. Born on Sansar in 2532, he and his family were forced to evacuate the planet only a year later. He spent most of his childhood on the frontier world of Valhalla, being one of its first human settlers. He graduated from the VDF's Officer Candidate School in 2550, and managed to pass tryouts for Jaeger Regiment in mid-2552, joining with the Norrland Dragoons. In 2555, he received biochemical augmentations as part of Project HUSKARL. He fought throughout the Frontier, on Barca, Kadanga, and Shield World 0077.


Early Life

Roland Nykvist was born on February 12, 2532, in New Stockholm, Sansar. When he was only a year-and-a-half old, the colony was assaulted and glassed by the Covenant. Roland, along with the majority of Sansar's population, managed to survive the invasion and flee the system. The survivors of Sansar joined with refugees from the nearby colonies of Ludvika and Ryazan and limped their way into unknown space, eventually discovering the planet they would dub Valhalla in 2535.

Roland spent the rest of his childhood on Valhalla, watching as the new colony grew and developed throughout the years. One notable event in his early life occurred when he was 9 years old, when he and three friends stumbled across a cave system, which subsequently led to the remnants of a dormant Forerunner facility. The group spent time exploring the site, and returned home to inform their parents of it. While Roland was punished for running off on his own, this discovery would spark his interest in history as well as science.

When Roland turned 17, instead of signing up for conscription, he instead applied to the Officer Candidate School in Kallastaden, where he graduated in 2550.

Early Military Service


By early 2555, Nykvist had achieved the rank of 1st Lieutenant and been accepted into the Jaeger Regiment. His skill in fighting URF forces on Barca would lead to him being selected to take part in Project HUSKARL, to which he readily agreed. Receiving augmentations in June, Nykvist would spend the next month adjusting to and training with his new enhancements before the project would ultimately be cancelled in late August. He was placed into the Norrland Dragoons afterwards and his augmentations remained classified by the Valhallan government.

Kadangan War

Personality and Traits


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