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Biographical information

Rodney F. James

Spartan Tag




Date of birth

October 6, 2531




6' 9

Hair color


Eye color


Affiliation and military information

Senior Chief Petty Officer




Class II


Chief Petty Officer Rodney-357 is a SPARTAN-II Class-II commando who served during the second half of the Human-Covenant War. Born on the colony of Groombridge-1830, Rodney lived most of his early life in an environment submerged in constant fear due to a attempted Covenant attack almost a year before he was born. This left a deep impact on the young child who would go on to be slightly paranoid in later years, especially in the Post-War years when forced to work alongside former Covenant warriors.


Early Life

Rodney was born on October 6, 2531, on the human colony on Groombridge-1830. Approximatively one year before, the colony was attacked and almost destroyed by a Covenant fleet, only being saved by the actions of Admiral Preston J. Cole. While the colony was saved, there was always a lingering fear that the Covenant would return to finish the job. This fear enveloped the whole colony, with it reflecting in every inhabitant. The young boy was not spared from this, have constant nightmares about the Covenant finding his home and finishing them off.

This would not be the case however, and in 2537, the UNSC issued a vaccine for various diseases transferred by Covenant troops. While truthful in its purpose, it had the dual task of screening individuals for the proper genetic makeup for the second class of the SPARTAN-II Program. When analyzed by the Office of Naval Intelligence, Rodney's results came back as positive. It was then that ONI made the move to kidnap him, and replaced him a flashclone that would die of natural causes within six months.

Military Career


Rodney was brought to the same facility used to train the first generation of SPARTAN-IIs, the Reach FLEETCOM Military Complex, and was briefed along with the other candidates, being assigned the tag of 357. After the initial introduction, candidates were put through a series of tests to see who would be best qualified to work together. Rodney was initially teamed up with candidates 245, 395, and 484, and labelled as Cerulean Team, but after the first few exercises with Cerulean Team, he was shown to be incompatible with its members, unable to work well with them. Afterwards he was assigned to Purple Team, where he quickly became friends with its component members.

Career Service Vitae

Ian-357 CSV.png
Chief Petty Officer

FULL NAME: Rodney Franklin James
SERVICE #: S-357

    Unit: Purple Team
    NEC: SWCC-5352
    Enlistment Date: 8/26/2537
    Location: [REDACTED]

    Gender: M
    Birthplace: Groombridge-1830
    Birth Date: 10/6/2531
    Blood Type: O-
    Height: 206 cm
    Weight: 131.542 kg

General Notes

Service History


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