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ORION Operator RF
Riley Franklin
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March 12, 2474

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meters (')


89.3 kilograms (197 lbs.)





Chronological and Political Information
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"In our world, the only crime in war is losing..."
―Riley Franklin

Riley Allen Franklin (SN:33956-85772-RF) was a Human special warfare operative serving within the United Nations Space Command (UNSC), and was also an biochemically-augmented supersoldier of the ORION Program, where he became a first generation Spartan. Franklin would serve as a covert combat operator and liaison for the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).

Franklin was an infantry officer in the UNSC Army, serving in the Army Rangers. After a brief service, Riley was then recruited into the secretive ORION project where he would become an elite augmented warfighter. Franklin was then recruited into Section I of Naval Intelligence, where he then became an operations officer, being responsible for several high-risk covert missions. Franklin led small teams, trained to infiltrate enemy lines and survive inhospitable conditions in hostile locations. Franklin would eventually join the ranks of the Asymmetrical Action Group (AAG), operating against the Covenant and the Insurrectionists. Riley's key missions would include counter-insurgency, special reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, information warfare and anti-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Franklin was a proficient marksman and is adept with CQC tactics. However, Riley specialized in intelligence gathering and unconventional warfare tactics within the field. Franklin had no qualms with working outside the legal guidelines of his missions, engaging in unsavory and criminal activity. In the field, Franklin would also work with independent militias and mercenaries for his various operations. Franklin would also establish contacts and connections within the criminal underworlds, using their support and resources against the Insurrectionist militias and Covenant operations. Riley was considered to be one of ONI's most valued operatives, and was integral in the expansions of ONI's sphere of influence throughout space.

Career Service Vitae (CSV)

ONI Marine
Riley Franklin

FULL NAME: Franklin, Riley Allen
SERVICE #: 33956-85772-RF

    NOD: 113x
    Enlistment Date: May 14, 2491
    Location: CLASSIFIED
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Reach
    Birth Date: 3/12/2474
    Blood Type: A-
    Height: cm
    Weight: 89.3 kg
General Notes

Service History



Early Life

Riley Allen Franklin was born on March 12, 2474, in the sprawling metropolis city of New Alexandria on the colony world of Reach. Riley was raised and cared for by the Franklin family, a large and wealthy family with a decorated history of military service that traces back to the 20th Century. Colton Franklin, Riley's father, was a retired UNSC Army Special Warfare Operations officer, and Jennifer Franklin, Riley's mother, was a retired and respected Navy Corpsman of the UNSC Navy. At an early age, Riley displayed great promise, as he excelled in his school studies and had natural physical talents that were obvious in youth athletic programs. Riley was regarded as a prodigy by many of his teachers and elders in the family.

City Pelican

The streets of New Alexandria, Reach (circa early 2480s).

In his youth, Riley was surrounded by the aesthetic and the allure of military life on Reach, as his family's military lineage would shape his childhood and adolescence. Riley was involved in military-focused youth programs, and is often in attendance of military parades that involved his family from time to time. During primary school, Riley was an excellent student, as he excelled in mathematics and science courses. Riley was also involved with sporting activities, as he was an active participant in youth basketball, and the cross running programs. Despite his sterling record, Young Riley was considered to be a renegade by his peers and family.

Riley had a reputation for being outspoken and stoking conflict with anyone he saw fit. Franklin wasn't afraid to to argue with his teachers in his primary school, and would get into altercations with other kids that had crossed him. Franklin was also more comfortable with the street kids of New Alexandria, rather than his elitist peers. Riley often engaged in delinquent behavior with his friends, ranging from typical pick-pocketing to vandalism. If it wasn't for his family connections, Franklin would've found himself in juvenile detention in his early youth. Riley's parents decided that the best course of action for their son was to keep him away from these delinquent influences that could derail his future, much to the young boy's chagrin.

At the age of fifteen, Riley was enrolled and sent to the Corbulo Academy of Military Science on the colony world of Circinius IV. Riley's years as a cadet in Corbulo showed that military life was a natural fit for him. Franklin was active during the lectures in his class and his performance in training was exemplary; as Franklin was a proficient marksman and achieved record times among his squad in drills. Franklin showed excellent military decorum, and would impress his superiors with his knowledge of Military Science. Franklin was also regarded as a mischievous and headstrong cadet, as he often confronted his older and superior cadets, when he felt they were in the wrong or incompetent. He also had no issue with covering for his fellow cadets when they were in trouble. These actions would earn him respect from his peers, and contempt from the older cadre at Corbulo. In his fourth and final year, Riley would become a squad leader, and the class commander of his cadre, and he would graduate from Corbulo with high honors in 2491. Franklin would decide to enlist into the UNSC Army, and was shipped off for boot camp.

Operational History in the UNSC Armed Forces

After his graduation from the UNSC Army's basic training course at the Unified Combined Military Boot Camp and School of Infantry (SOI) on Earth, Franklin would be commissioned as a second lieutenant, and would serve as a infantry platoon leader for the 1st Infantry Division in 2492. However, Franklin opted to pursue a career within the UNSC Special Operations Forces, as he wanted to challenge himself, and believed that Special Forces would be able give him that challenge. Franklin would join the UNSC Army Rangers, and he passed through their selection process and was assigned as a platoon leader in the 2nd Ranger Battalion.

ORION Project

Induction and Augmentation

In early 2491, the Colonial Military Administration would relaunch the ORION Project, with Section III of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) providing data and resources to support the program. With the success of the initial 65 test subjects in their training and their augmentations, ONI scouted for more volunteers for their program. Franklin was among those that were approached for the program in 2494, and Riley, who was aware of his impending fate in the Rangers, accepted their offer.


Patch for the ORION Program Operators, circa 2498.

Riley and the other ORION volunteers were placed under their specialized training course for rigorous ORION combat testing. Initial testing in CQC and basic combat skills challenged Riley, but these challenges would allow Franklin to thrive in this harsh environment. Franklin would become a fast-rising candidate in the program, where the instructors and observers regarded the young operator as being among the most talented in the entire program. The ORION program would also shape his skills as a leader and a tactician, thanks to the new friendships made with other ORION candidates. Riley bonded with Karina Liberatore, sharing similar goals and struggles in their pasts. Both of them would form a bond that allowed them to open up to each other, and to push each other to their limits. The two would meet with two other ORIONs, Daniel Contreras and Javier Morel. Uneasy at first with each other, the four soldiers would eventually form a closer relationship with each other, as they would be trained together and get to know each other better. Franklin as able to learn the value of relationships, and he carried that knowledge into his career.

One of ORION's principle goals was to implant their volunteers with an series of augmentations that would make them into the UNSC's first breed of "supersoldiers". Along with his fellow volunteers, Riley spent several months recovering from the procedures and growing accustomed to his improved strength and reflexes before being able to rejoin his fellow ORION operators. After recovery, Franklin was assigned to an ORION fireteam with his close friends in ORION testing and training, as ORION was prepping and being briefed for their first combat operation.


In June 2494, Colonel Robert Watts, a Marine officer who defected, had joined the Secessionist Union and rallied the Insurrectionist movements on the Outer Colony of Eridanus II. Equipped by numerous rebel sympathizers and gunrunners within the Colonial Military Administration's command hierarchy, Watts orchestrated a methodical and thorough a series of assaults involving terrorist bombings, political assassinations, and kidnappings that impacted Eridanus II's shipping routes. With the help of their CMA contacts, the insurgents were even able to gather a small fleet of ships. Soon, the Eridanus Government officially requested aid from the Unified Earth Government (UEG) in December of 2494. By January 2495, Colonel Watts and his militia forces had established control of the colony.

Operational History in ORION


Recruitment into the Office of Naval Intelligence

Covert Operations in the Outer Colonies

Operation: TREBUCHET

Early Years of Human-Covenant War

Service in Asymmetrical Action Group


Operation: MANTICORE

Personality and Traits

Mental and Physical Overview

Riley Franklin was known for his serious outlook and hardened personality, driven by his unwavering loyalty to his brothers in arms.

ORION Operative RF

Riley Franklin on mission, circa 2528.

Skills and Abilities

  • Augmented Physical Abilities:
  • Expert Rifleman:
  • Small Arms Specialist:
  • Specialized Reconnaissance:
  • Unconventional Warfare Tactics:
  • Counter-Terrorism Operations:
  • Information Operations:

Awards and Decorations


Notes and References

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