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Reyes-Mclees Shipyards
Organizational information

Dr Robert McLees and Lorraine Reyes


Misriah Armoury

  • Black Hawks armory (ships weapons)


Primary role(s)

Development and production of warships

Major Products
  • Ships
  • Crafts
  • Ship's weapons
Chronological and political information

Human-Covenant War, Necros War





2 Apophis-class Heavy Carrier's moor on it

The Shipyard around Mars

The Reyes-McLees Shipyard have been in service with the UNSC for quite some time, providing vital array of warships for interspace operations as well as colonisation operations. The main shipyard has been orbiting around the polar caps of Mars since 2452, marking its 100 years in service at the end of the Human-Covenant War. During the Great War, the main shipyard provided vital support to the UNSC by designing and manufacturing Halcyon-class and Marathon-class cruisers as well as frigates and the destroyers. During the Rebuild Era, the shipyard was used as a housing facility for emergency supplies for humanity's continuity. By the year 2589, the shipyard returned to designing warship for the UNSC and helped in expanding the production of new weapons using mass production strategy. Reyes-McLess Shipyards create a large array of ships, making it one of the biggest company in human history. By the time the Necros war began, the shipyard's budget reached around 4000 billion cr.

Necros War and Reborn of the Factory

In early 2589, the UNSC asked the shipyard to start to producing new designs for the UNSC Navy. Reyes-McLees Shipyards used the design of the FFG as their main frame for their new ships. Many improvements were achieved such as the MAC cannon firing system. With the new frame and powerful MAC gun system, McLees produced new reactor cores using a plasma fusion engine for the ships which was developed and used by the USR. Millimeter wave RADAR were also include in every ship produced by the shipyard.

Diversification of line products

During the years, Reys-McLees shipyards diversified his product creating soon is own subsidiary supporting the factorie in ship's weapons. One of their most know weapon being the MAC gun.


The main headquarter of the compagny is located at Tokyo but their are several shipyard located across the UEG including 3 in the sol system: Earth, March and IO on of the moon of Jupiter. The other is located around reach and Sigma Octanus. In all the compagny own 50 factories.


The shipyard created a large amount of ship for the UNSC during the Necros war including:

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