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A Revenant is a term for a person who has undergone a full or partial 'Necrosification' but have escaped before the final procedure to indoctrinate them into the Necros horde. A Necrosification procedure usually involves the replacement or augmentation of limbs, enhancing the user's strength and agility, though not necessarily the replacement of all limbs. Bodily organs are usually augmented through implants, and central nanite control/production facility is installed, usually in the spine. Revenants are usually being converted to match the roles of Aggressor or Vampire, though many are unique in their design and usually are destined to end up as the personal guard of a high Necros Officer.

Revenants are usually held in mixed views by friendly forces, and Necros opposition. Many AUR personnel have some degree of hatred and fear of Revenants, due to their similarity of more regular Aggressors or Vampires, and are hated by the Necros, who view them as uncompleted, or imperfect, in some degrees, Necros generally view Revenants as mentally or physical handicapped products, that must be destroyed or fixed.

Known Revenants





  • Atik'L-Yar



  • Fasto Perbil
  • Chist Alek


It should be noted that the term 'Revenant', while applied to Machina oftentimes, is technically incorrect for them: a Machina Revenant, as opposed to having their organic parts replaced with machinery, is upgraded with Necros weapons and other technology, but still escapes prior to full indoctrination into the Necros Swarm

  • Atoni Jastenon
  • Veloc Mako
  • Xiva Ratag
  • Klikig Wehtom
  • Drolf Jastenon



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