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Reva 'Kuro
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Reva 'Kuro was a Sangheili and a former Shipmaster in the Covenant. During the Human-Covenant War he was a lowly commander of a CRS-class light cruiser, the Supplicant, and tasked ingloriously with monitoring Kig-Yar privateers employed by the Ministry of Tranquility, a task which he resented. Later in the war he served as part of a raider force, ambushing human commercial vessels in an attempt to sever supply chains and recover navigation data.

Following the end of the Human-Covenant War, he abandoned all loyalty to the Covenant and embarked on a career of piracy and was the leader of the Reavers, a band of mercenaries and pirates operating from his ship, now called the Reaver's Bounty.

In 2553, he and his crew chanced upon Greenway, a small world on the very edge of human space. They had followed a small freighter in the hopes of plundering it but instead found a small and isolated colony. Without a navy or any obvious military to speak of, Reva and his fellow pirates thought it was easy pickings.

He led his Reavers in an attack on the planet but found that he gravely underestimated the strength of the colonists' forces and was killed.

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