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"They say there are flowers that bloom only once every hundred years. Why shouldn't there be some that bloom only once every thousand, evry ten thousand years? Maybe we just haven't heard about them up to now because this very day is that once-in-a-thousand-years."
We, Yevgeny Zamyatin, p. 125 [1]

Res Publica is a semi-active Expanded Universe by Halo Fan Fiction Wikia user slowfuture, it will be focusing on the political culture and society of the United Earth Government through the years prior to the Human-Covenant War and immediately after. It will take sources from all Halo media prior to 343 Industries taking creative control from Bungie, meaning that everything post-Halo Reach will not to be incorporated into this Expanded Universe's canon. However certain events from 343i's canon will be plucked and added into the universe at the author's prerogative.

Eras and Story Arcs

Colonial Expansion and Growing Unrest (2410 - 2525)
Human-Covenant War (2525 - 2553)
Reconstruction Era (2553 - 2563)
Great Insurrection (2563-2570)


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