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René D. Trejo
Biographical information

Earth[1] (United Republic of North America, California, Inglewood)[1]

Date of birth

May, 2525[1]

Physical description

Lieutenant, Junior Grade[1]






Juliett 266 "Royalist" (D77-TC Pelican)[2]

Hair color


Eye color

Light brown


Neural Interface

Chronological and political information

The Great War era


UNSC Navy[1][2]

"You're one seriously disturbed Marine, Aaron."
―Trejo commenting on Aaron Bryant's lack of feelings for his immediate kin[src]

Lieutenant, Junior Grade René D. Trejo (Call sign: Miss Royal) was the pilot of Pelican transport Juliett 266 prior to and during the Fall of Reach in 2552.

Physical appearance and description

Trejo is described as having her hair at times worn short on the sides and flat on the top, if not in a pony-tail as per Navy regulations, accompanied by a slightly widened nose, small "kissable" lips, and light brown eyes.[2]


Early life and military career

René D. Trejo born in Inglewood, California within the United States of America on Earth in May, 2525. The only girl to her parents, she grew up with three older brothers, making her "an emotional beast". She eventually graduated high school and at someone's behest, she enlisted in the UNSC Navy.[1]

In 2549, her nephew Dejon was born and her brothers were working on the moon Feln when it was attacked by the Covenant and subsequently glassed. Trejo promised to let nothing happen to the boy. She often kept a holo-still of her nephew in her pocket, commenting she missed him everyday.[1]

Fall of Reach

"Shred 'em."
―Trejo, to Ashley Senart

On July 9 2552, Trejo deployed the Marine Sierra Company's Saber Squad at New Alexandria starport and then First lieutenant Aaron Bryant at Sword Base miles away.

In August 2552, Trejo participated in the evacuation of New Alexandria. One group of civilians in particular were being escorted by the SPARTAN Echo Team lead by Pua-B170. Unfortunately, Pua was killed as Trejo arrived, pissed off by the visual she ordered Ashley Senart to decimate the Covenant kill-team. Wiped out she evacuated the civilians and returned to the UNSC Skywalker.[2]


In the rare moments when she was not thinking of her nephew, Trejo exhibited courageous acts during combat. Caring and loving, she not at merciful when it came to the Covenant as shown when she ordered Ashley Senart to "shred 'em" with the cargo hold chain gun after they overtook Pua-B170, whom she was acquainted with.


Like many other characters created by Jacen Fett, Trejo was based on an actual person from his life, this one in particular being his friend, D. R. Trejo.

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