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"Supra Et Ultra"
―Above And Beyond

Red Team was a SPARTAN-III team that was active throughout the Human-Covenant War. Serving in over nearly 100 successful military campaigns and completing over 400 success missions, Red Team was known for its exceptional ability to fight the Covenant on the ground. The team ultimately disbanded when the final member left at the end of the Human-Covenant War.


Action and Role


Active Memebers

  • LCDR Oriana-A058 - REASSIGNED
  • PO2 Samuel-B256

Former Members

  • SCPO Draven-A284 (KIA 2552)
  • CPO Omar-A442 (KIA 2552)
  • PO1 Emilia-A049 (KIA 2552)
  • PO1 Lynn-A392 (KIA 2552)
  • PO2 Isaac-B302 (KIA 2552)
  • PO2 Riley-B192 (KIA 2552)
  • PO2 Tucker-B069 (KIA 2551)
  • PO2 Carson-B260 (KIA 2549)
  • PO2 Reagen-B142 (KIA 2549)

Operational History

Disbandment and Legacy

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