"Just... dust and echoes."
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Red Letter Days
Mamore deploy
Hell is where the war is.
Protagonist PFC. Leonard Schaeffer
Author A Fellow Stalker
Date Published January 11th, 2013
Author's Rating
  • Graphic Violence
  • Strong Language
  • Sexual References
Amnesia The Dark Descent - Soundtrack - (Mikko Termia) - 03 - Daniel Theme

Amnesia The Dark Descent - Soundtrack - (Mikko Termia) - 03 - Daniel Theme.




CH01: September Sun
CH03: Tactical Superiority
CH04: New Kids in Town
CH05: Goodbye Wall Street
CH06: Holding the Breach
CH07: Planet Fall
CH08: Tactical Retreat
CH09: Trapped in Alienville
CH10: One Last Shot

INT01: Remembrance


Ship: Furious Five
Other: Second Base Campaign

Lore (Minor)

Organization: Garmed Police Department
Ship: In For a Penny
Ship: In For a Pound


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