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Reaver's Bounty
Production information


Technical specifications

300 meters (984.25 feet)


145 meters (476 feet)

Engine unit(s)

Repulsor engines


Reaver's Bounty, formerly known as the Supplicant, was a CRS-class light cruiser that was once in service with the Covenant during the Human-Covenant War. Its Shipmaster was a Sangheili known as Reva 'Kuro.


During the Human-Covenant War, Supplicant, was commanded by Shipmaster Reva 'Kuro who was in charge of monitoring Kig-Yar privateers in service to the Ministry of Tranquility. Later in the war it served as part of a raider force, attacking targets behind human lines and severing supply chains. It participated in several more battles until the war ended in 2552.

After the war it became the flagship for the Reavers, a band of pirates and mercenaries that marauded the space lanes.

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