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"Beware this vessel! One is a curse but two are surely your doom!"
―Ship Master Vikadus to prospective officers

Reach-class Heavy Cruiser
Production information
Technical specifications

United Nations Space Command


Named in honour of mankind’s first, and greatest extrasolar colony, the Reach-class Heavy Cruiser lives up to its namesake as a highly independent and rugged warship. Possessing armament, speed, and armour in abundance, these ships serve as smaller brothers to the larger Battlecruisers. They are often seen guarding vital space lanes, or patrolling colonies. Occasionally, such vessels are deployed in so called Gúta Formations, with two ships in formation that prove to be utterly lethal to Covenant fleet formations.


Block 1

Block 2

Block 3 - Carcharodon-Class Interdictor Cruiser

Carrying the general improvements of prior Blocks, Block 3, referred to as the Carcharodon-class Interdictor Cruiser, was fitted with an experimental Slipspace shunt, patterned on details drawn from the ORA-class Interdictor Cruiser. With new slipspace sensors, a reworked sensor system intended to target enemies in slipspace transition, and enhanced stealth features, the ship could home in on, and shunt prey out of slipspace and into realspace. Armed with a high-energy reactor system intended to provide explosive bursts of power, the Carcharodon-class quickly disables, and destroys prey. Only a few ships were made, or converted.

Ships of the line

  • UNSC Reach
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