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Tidal Wave-class Aircraft Carrier
Production information
  • Ratag Clan
  • Gaust Clan


Technical specifications

510 meters

  • 20 modular weapon mounts

The Ratag-Gaust Aircraft Carrier-23, or Tidal Wave-class, is an aircraft carrier similar to the UNSC's Megalodon, can carry a varied load of aircraft and 20 defensive turrets throughout the ship.


The Ratag-Gaust Aircraft Carrier-23 compared with other Necros War-era "wet" naval vessels and a UNSC Heimdall-class Space Frigate


  • Total: 182
  • Fighters
    • 12x Air Raid
    • 30x Sky Dive
  • Bombers
    • 10x Thundercracker
    • 20x Darkwing
    • 20x Sky Shadow
  • Dropships
    • 20x Savage
    • 30x Avenger
  • Gunships
    • 30x Blitz Wing

Modular Sections

  • Defensive turrets
    • twin 30mm rotary cannon: two rapid fire rotary cannons, burns through ammo quickly, but tears up low flying aircraft.
    • twin plasma lances: two plasma lances for short range ship to ship combat.
    • 2x 200mm Rail Guns-Gaust- designed railguns. Efficient multi-purpose weapons.
    • Sledge Hammer Missile Battery: Ten artillery missiles capable of accurately knocking out priority targets ashore.
    • Claw Hammer Missile Battery: Twenty surface to air missiles for shooting down hostile aircraft, useful for defending the ship from enemy bombers and gunships.

Ships of the Line

  • MF Tidal Wave
  • MF Hurricane
  • MF Typhoon

Image Credits

The image was originally created by Doc-Evilonavich of DeviantArt

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