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Machina Sub
Production information
Technical specifications

175 meters


The Ratag-Argenta Ballistic Missile Submarine-1, or Hellscream-class, ballistic missile submarine made with the help of the Argenta Clan, is very similar to the UNSC Tigershark, has few modular sections, but a varied missile armament. Also carries six forward torpedo tubes and two rear.


Necros Naval vessels

The Ratag-Argenta Ballistic Missile Submarine-1 compared with other Necros War-era "wet" naval vessels and a UNSC Heimdall-class Space Frigate

Modular Sections

  • Missile Launch tubes may launch any of the following:
    • Sledge Hammer Cruise Missiles
    • Foe Hammer Cruise Missiles
    • Claw Hammer SAMs
    • anti-capital ship missiles
    • nuclear missiles

Ship of the Line

  • MF Hellscream

Image Credits

The image was created by Doc-Evilonavich of DeviantArt

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