"Just... dust and echoes."
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Its Febuary 16th, 2565. The Human-Covenant War is over, the Covenant scattered across the galaxy. However, they still remain a large threat to the slowly rebuilding UNSC, who now have allied themselves with the Sangheili. Battles have been raging throughout known space, the UNSC depending only on small numbers of ships. In 2560, Operation: REVERSION began; an attempt to find and secure all the Halo rings. In 2564, the UNSC discovered Bravo Halo, and disabled it permamently. Just by chance, a Prowler, UNSC Engulfing Darkness, arrived in a system, not far from Covenant activity, to see the next ring; Echo Halo.


  • The battle starts on the 16th Febuary 2565.
  • The battle takes place above and on Installation 02, or Echo Halo, as part of Operation: REVERSION.
  • No godmodding...please.
  • Repairs to ships and vehicles take several hours, not several minutes.
  • Be realistic, make atleast some of your characters get injured, or even killed.
  • Before you kill another user's character, ask for permission.
  • You can add any units, aslong as they are UNSC, Sangheili, Covenant Loyalist, Flood or forerunner.
  • All UNSC forces are under contol of ONI recon 111.
  • All Forerunner forces are under control of Baccus78. Ask him if you'd like to use any forerunner forces.
  • Sign after posts.
  • Try and spell word correctly. If you see any posts with spelling mistakes, feel free to correct them.
  • No major cussing. If you've heard it in Halo, you can say it, but anything else, keep censored.
  • Posts must be at least 1 paragraph long.
  • Call elites by either their first or last name, not both.
  • The ring cannot be destroyed, so don't try and destroy it.
  • There is a company of SPARTAN-III's with the UNSC fleet, and any SPARTAN-II's may be added as well, but only at the approval of the Moderators.
  • Have fun :D

Force Composition


Commander(s): Fleet Admiral David Reach, Commander Jason Torrent

31st Battle Fleet

  • Super Carrier: UNSC Crucible - Fleet Admiral David Reach
    • 400 Longsword Fighters
    • 400 SC Shortsword Bombers
    • 6000 marines
    • 1200 M12 Warthog LRV's, M12G1 Warthog LAAV's and M831 Troop Transport Warthogs
    • 2000 Scorpions
    • 150 Pelicans
    • 60 Albatrosses
    • 800 ODST's
  • Carrier:
    • 200 Longsword Fighters
    • 200 SC Shortsword Bombers
    • 4000 marines
    • 800 M12 Warthog LRV's, M12G1 Warthog LAAV's and M831 Troop Transport Warthogs
    • 300 Scorpions
    • 120 Pelicans
    • 40 Albatrosses
    • 600 ODST's
  • 5 Cruisers:
    • 80 Longsword Fighters each
    • 700 SC Shortsword Bombers each
    • 2900 marines each
    • 600 M12 Warthog LRV's, M12G1 Warthog LAAV's and M831 Troop Transport Warthogs each
    • 170 Scorpions each
    • 90 Pelicans each
    • 20 Albatrosses each
    • 600 ODST's each
  • 8 Destroyers:
    • 10 pelicans each
    • 600 marines each
    • 100 ODST's each
    • 60 Warthogs each
    • 12 Scorpions Each
  • 10 Frigates:
    • 12 Scorpions Each
    • 10 Pelicans each
    • 600 Marines each
    • 100 ODST's each
    • 60 warthogs each
    • 6 Longswords each

Taskforce Delta

  • Carrier:
  • Cruiser:
  • Destroyer:
  • 2 Frigates:


Commander(s): Turo Segunam, Keda 'Vadam

Fleet Of Total Victory

  • Assault Carrier: True Intentions
  • Destroyer: Undermined Reaction
  • Destroyer: Training Plague
  • Destroyer: Impossible Traditions
  • Destroyer: Amused Acts
  • CCS Battlecruiser: Motionless Transport
  • CCS Battlecruiser: Reactivated Follower
  • CCS Battlecruiser: Powerful Decisions
  • CCS Battlecruiser: Yielded Truth
  • Frigate: Justified Evolution
  • Frigate: Truth of Feeling
  • Frigate: Welcomed Fight
  • Frigate: Unstable Attendance
  • Frigate: Severe Leftovers
  • Frigate: Grand Remains
  • Frigate: Terrible Conflict
  • Frigate: Coming Prepared
  • Frigate: Unseen Consequences
  • Stealth Ship: Deadly Follower
  • Construction/Resupply Forger

Covenant Loyalist

Commander(s): Prophet of Redemption

Fleet Of Descending Chaos

  • Assault Carrier: Brutal Acendence
  • Assault Carrier: Crushing Devastation
  • Assault Carrier: Mercy of Conflict
  • Carrier: Warmonger
  • Carrier: Strider
  • Carrier: Stalker
  • Carrier: Ascendant Conflict
  • Carrier: Valkyrie
  • Carrier: Unbreakable Devotion
  • Carrier: Glorious Hunt
  • Carrier: Faith and Loyalty
  • Carrier: Infinite Order
  • Carrier:
  • Carrier:
  • Carrier:
  • Carrier:
  • Carrier:
  • Carrier:
  • 30 CCS Battlecruisers:
  • 30 Destroyers:
  • 42 Frigates:




Commander(s): 7 Submissive Brilliance

  • Millions of Sentinels
  • Hundreds of Thousands of Sentinel Majors
  • Thousands of Enforcers
  • Dozens of Sentinel Devastator's
  • 40 Sentinel Factories

Those Whom are Called to Battle


Notes before adding characters:

  • Only use Human, Sangheili, any of the Covenant species, and Sentinel characters, any others will be removed from the Roleplay.
  • If you wish to have flood characters, put who they were before being infected.
  • You may add any ships that fill in the unnamed ones, as long as they are the same class.

When adding characters, use this template:

:Put the name here
::Faction: Who they fight for
::Rank: What rank they are, if applicable
::Unit/Ship: What unit or ship they come from, if applicable
::Equipment: What equipment/weapons they have

When adding a ship, use this template:

:Name of ship
::Faction: Who the ship fights for
::Class: Class of ship
::Captain: Who the ship is commanded by
::Other: Anything else to note about it

ONI recon 111

David Reach
Faction: UNSC
Rank: Fleet Admiral
Unit/Ship: UNSC Crucible
Equipment: Naval Uniform, M6G Magnum
Delta Squad
Faction: UNSC
Rank: N/A- ODST Squad
Unit/Ship: UNSC Provoker
Equipment: ODST Body Armor, MA5C's, MA5K's, LMG's, BR55's, M90 CAWS, SRS99D-S2 AM, Frag Grenades
Omega Squad
Faction: UNSC
Rank: N/A- ODST Squad
Unit/Ship: UNSC Crucible
Equipment: ODST Body Armor, MA5C's, MA5K's, LMG's, BR55's, M90 CAWS, SRS99D-S2 AM, Frag Grenades
Faction: UNSC
Rank: Petty Officer 1st Class
Unit/Ship: UNSC Crucible
Equipment: MJOLNIR Mk VI Armor, BR55 Battle Rifle, M7 SMG's, Frag Grenades
Faction: Covenant
Rank: War Chieftain
Unit/Ship: Brutal Ascendance
Equipment: War Chieftain armor, Gravity Hammer, Spiker rifle's, Spike grenades
Prophet of Redemption
Faction: Covenant
Rank: Prophet
Unit/Ship: Crushing Devastation
Equipment: Prophet Gravity chair
Keda 'Vadam
Faction: Sangheili
Rank: Supreme Commander
Unit/Ship: True Intentions
Equipment: Energy Sword, Plasma Rifles
UNSC Crucible
Faction: UNSC
Class: Miracle-Class Super Carrier
Captain: Fleet Admiral David Reach
UNSC Provoker
Faction: UNSC
Class: Marathon-class Cruiser
Captain: Commander Forde
Brutal Ascendance
Faction: Covenant
Class: Assault Carrier
Captain: Cheiftain Thantarus
Crushing Devastation
Faction: Covenant
Class: Assault Carrier
Captain: Prophet of Redemption
True Intentions
Faction: Covenant
Class: Assault Carrier
Captain: Turo Segunam/Keda 'Vadam


Rthao 'Haerum
Faction: Sangheili
Rank: Arbiter
Unit/Ship: True Intentions
Equipment: Active Camoflage, Carbine, Energy Sword, Plasma Grenades
Ath 'Taranee
Faction: Sangheili
Rank: Stealth/Assassin
Unit/Ship: True Intentions
Equipment: Energy Sword, Carbine, Beam Rifle, Plasma Grenades, Active Camoflage
7 Submissive Brilliance
Faction: Forerunner
Rank: Monitor-class Artificial Intelligence
Equipment: Monitor-issued Laser

ODST Joshie

Team Wolf
Faction: UNSC
Rank: N/A S-III Team
Unit/Ship: UNSC Crucible
Equipment: SPI Armour, MA5Ks, BR55 SRS99D-S2 AM, Frag Grenades

Faction: UNSC
Rank: Master Sergeant
Unit/Ship: Team Wolf UNSC Crucible
Equipment:SPI Armour MA5K SRS99D-S2 AM, Frag Grenades

Faction: UNSC
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Unit/Ship: Team Wolf UNSC Crucible
Equipment: SPI Armour MA5K , Frag Grenades

Faction: UNSC
Rank: Sergeant
Unit/Ship: Team Wolf UNSC Crucible
Equipment: SPI Armour MA5K , Frag Grenades

Faction: UNSC
Rank: Sergeant
Unit/Ship: Team Wolf UNSC Crucible
Equipment: SPI Armour MA5K , Frag Grenades

Silver Team
Faction: UNSC
Rank: N/A S-II Team
Unit/Ship: Silver Team UNSC Crucible
Equipment: MJOLNIR Mk VI Armor, BR55 Battle Rifle, M7 SMG's, SRS99D-S2 AM,, M90A Shotgun Frag Grenades

Faction: UNSC
Rank: Senior Chief Petty Officer
Unit/Ship: Silver Team UNSC Crucible
Equipment: MJOLNIR Mk VI Armor, BR55HB SR Battle Rifle, M7 SMG Frag Grenades

Faction: UNSC
Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Unit/Ship: Silver Team UNSC Crucible
Equipment: MJOLNIR Mk VI Armor, M90A Shoutgun, M7 SMG, Frag Grenades

Faction: UNSC
Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Unit/Ship: Silver Team UNSC Crucible
Equipment: MJOLNIR Mk VI Armor, SRS99D-S2 AM, M7 SMG Frag Grenades

101st ODST, Knife Company
Faction: UNSC
Rank: N/A ODST Company
Unit/Ship: UNSC Crucible
Equipment: ODST Body Armor, MA5C's, MA5K's, LMG's, BR55's, M90 CAWS, SRS99D-S2 AM, Frag Grenades

John Peterson
Faction: UNSC
Rank: Captain
Unit/Ship: UNSC Crucible
Equipment: ODST Body Armor, MA5K M90 CAWS Frag Grenades

4th Marine,Bravo Company
Faction: UNSC
Rank: N/A ODST Company
Unit/Ship: UNSC Crucible
Equipment: ODST Body Armor, MA5C's, MA5K's, LMG's, BR55's, M90 CAWS, SRS99D-S2 AM, Frag Grenades
Alex Nicholson
Faction: UNSC
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Unit/Ship: UNSC Crucible
Equipment: ODST Body Armor, MA5C's, MA5K's, LMG's, BR55's, M90 CAWS, SRS99D-S2 AM, Frag Grenades


Team Jian

Unit/Ship:UNSC Crucible
Equipment: SPI Armour, MA5K Carbine , Frag Grenades


Faction: Covenant
Rank: War Chieftain
Equipment: Gravity Hammer, Spiker, Spike Grenades


Jonathan Jovi
Faction: UNSC Marines
Rank: Corporal
Unit/Ship: UNSC Crucible
Equipment: MA5C, M7 SMG
Nicole Carr
Faction: UNSC Marines
Rank: Sergeant
Unit/Ship: UNSC Crucible
Equipment: MA5C, BR55
James Morris
Faction: UNSC Marins
Rank: Private First Class
Unit/Ship: UNSC Crucible
Equipment: BR55, M6G
Danielle Fletcher
Faction: UNSC Marines
Rank: Private
Unit/Ship: UNSC Crucible
Equipment: MA5C, M6G
Faction: Covenant Loyalists
Rank: Sniper
Unit/Ship: Stalker
Equipment: Carbine, Plasma Pistol
Rank: Major
Unit/Ship: Stalker
Equipment: Brute Shot, Spiker


Arnold Leroy Lewis III
UNSC Marines, Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Corps
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Unit/Ship: Unknown ODST Battalion
Equipment: BR55 DMR, SRS99D S2-AM, M99C Special Application Scoped Rifle (Sgt.johnson)

Spartan 112

Faction: United Nations Space Command
Rank: Petty Officer First Class
Unit/Ship: White Team
Equipment:MJOLNIR Mark VI Armor,MA5C Assault Rifle,M6G Magnum

Faction: United Nations Space Command
Rank: Petty Officer Second Class
Unit/Ship: White Team
Equipment:MJOLNIR Mark VI Armor,M41 SSR MAV/AW,M7 SMG

Faction: United Nations Space Command
Rank: Petty Officer Second Class
Unit/Ship: White Team
Equipment:MJOLNIR Mark VI Armor,SRS 99D-S2 Sniper Rifle,BR55HB SR


Fraction: United Nations Space Command
Rank: Master Chief Petty Officer
Unit/Ship:UNSC Crucible
Equipment: Mark VI MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/V variant,Type-25 Grenade Launcher,BR55 Battle Rifle.


James K. Ingram
Equipment:Colt M1911 .45 pistol
Unit/Ship:UNSC Darwin
UNSC Darwin
Type:Marathon-class Crusier
Equipment:Normal Crusier Armament.
23rd Armored Divison
Size:2900 Marines, 600 M12 Warthog LRV's, M12G1 Warthog LAAV's and M831 Troop Transport Warthogs, and 170 Scorpions
Equipent:Marines, Warthogs, and Scorpian Tanks
Ship:UNSC Darwin
15th Longsword Wing (containing the 9th, 10th, and 11th Longsword Squadrons)
Size:80 Longsword-class Interceptors, ground personnel
Ship:UNSC Darwin
3rd Shortsword Wing (Containing the 37th, 42nd, and 56th Shortsword Squadrons)
Size:70 Shortswords
Ship:UNSC Darwin
32nd Transport Squadron
Size:90 Pelicans, 20 Albatrosses
Equiment:Pelicans and Albatrosses
Ship:UNSC Darwin
211th ODST Company
Size:600 ODSTs
Equipment:All the weapons they can carry
Ship:UNSC Darwin
Oliver Tyler
Unit/Ship:UNSC McClusky
UNSC McClusky
Equipment:Normal, plus specialized super-secure containment area for Flood samples

211th Armored Battalion
Size:10 Tanks, 600 Marines, 60 Warthog
Equipment:Tanks, Marines, all types of Warthog
Ship:UNSC McClusky
95th ODST Company
Size:104 ODSTs
Equipment:ODST Body Armor, M7 SMGs, MA5Cs, , LMG's, BR55's, M90 CAWS, SRS99D-S2 AMs, Frag Grenades and SPNKr Missle Launchers.
Ship:UNSC McClusky
Eugene R. Mizner
Rank:1st LT.
Equpiment:SRS99D-S2 AM, M7 SMG, Colt M1911 .45 pistol, Frag Grenades
Ship;Unit:UNSC McClusky;95th ODST Company
39th Longsword Flight
Size:6 Longswords
Ship:UNSC McClusky



12th February, 2565, 08:03AM Earth UTC HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6, Sydney, Australia







Fleet Admiral Tyr tapped enter and reclined in his chair, before looking around the room, at the rest of the HIGHCOM. Buried underneath three kilometres of rock, EMP shielding and blast plating, the HIGHCOM base was the safest place on Earth. Tyr sat up on his chair again, and spoke. “This news of the discovery is quite interesting, considering that Engulfing Darkness was supposed to be following that Covenant fleet. However, is it worth risking our ships?” He was about to continue when Vice Admiral Reefer interrupted. “We may be in a time of crisis, and we still have too few ships left, but what is more important? Our ships, or that ring?” Tyr sat up in his chair, and looked at Reefer. “Well, we do have our Sangheili allies to support us...Still, it’s too risky. What if the Covenant fleet have already arrived there, and are spreading across the ring’s surface as we speak? We...” He was interrupted once again, but this time by Fleet Admiral Reach. “Then we go to the ring, and we take it back.” The room fell silent, and they all looked at him. Tyr put his face into his hands and sighed. “Very well, take the 31st Battle Fleet, and go take that ring...At any costs. Do not let it fall into the hands of the enemy. We’ll alert the Sangheili, in case you need any support.” Reach nodded and stood up, as everyone else stood. He grabbed his files, turned round and walked out, towards the main elevator.

TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — Friday, September 25 2020 (Greenwich Mean Time)

Cont. Prologue-002

February 12, 2565, Eighth Cycle, Eighth Digit (Forerunner Calendar)/Helium System, Firing Control Room, Installation 02

7 Submissive Brilliance floated around in the Control Room of his Installation, number 02 in the Halo Array. He was planning, for his sensors had earlier picked up contacts in neighbouring systems, too many for the forces he had at his disposal to defeat. However, there had been small lights of hope, too. Reclaimer ships.

Brilliance broadcasted his orders to the millions of Constructs on the Installation that he controlled. Instantly, the largest machines hid themselves under the ice of the installation, the smaller ones retrated to the various structures. The Sentinel factories were also dug down and covered with ice, to be used later. The key to victory would be to let the forces that would race to claim this ring fight it out and weaken each other. Then, and only then, when they were at their weakest point, Brilliance would order his forces to strike and annihilate all of the attackers. Meanwhile, Brilliance only needed to capture a Reclaimer, retrieve the Index and activate the ring, then the galaxy would be for Brilliance and his constructs to take, and the Forerunners' true legacy would once again rule this world.

Sangheili Major MajorElite.jpg Nvoro 'Madar (Battlenet) (Memory Block)

001-"Target In Sight"

09:07AM Local Time, 16th February 2565 (UNSC Military Calendar) UNSC Crucible, Helium System

As fleet admiral Reach walked towards the bridge, he put on his badges, and quickened the pace. He wanted to be at the bridge for when they arrived, just in case the brute forces had found the ring first. As walked round into the bridge, he noticed how empty it was. Only a few necessary personnel were actually there; navigations, firing control and communications. All other ‘minor’ stations were empty. As Reach took his seat, several more of the bridge crew turned up, until the bridge was filled to its usual amount. He tapped several controls, before a voice came over his comm channel. “Admiral, we are about to exit Slipspace, hang on.” As the several kilometre long Miracle class Super carrier dropped out of Slipspace, the whole ship shuddered, before coming to a stop. Reach tapped his comm pad. “All ships, this is fleet admiral Reach, detach from the fleet and spread across the system, find that ring. “ He tapped the panel again, before standing up, and walking over to the main viewport. He watched as several marathon cruisers went ahead of the super carrier, before disappearing into the darkness; only their bright engines visible. The frigates and destroyers followed in their wake, before splitting off individually.

Reach was staring out the viewport, in an attempt to see the ring with his own eyes, when the communications officer turned to him. “Sir, Captain Holt wants to speak to you.” Reach turned slowly. Engulfing Darkness was here. He walked to his chair and tapped the comm panel. “Ahh, captain Holt, it’s good to hear from you.” “Likewise, fleet admiral. We’ve found the ring; your ships should be closing in on it now. I’d like to speak to you in person, about...’Safety matters’.” Reach looked to the main control panel, with a view of the ship, and noticed the empty docking space on the surface of the Crucible. “Sure, head to docking bay 4, it’ll be empty.” The comm channel died, and a short while later, the ship shook slightly, as the prowler attached itself. As the captain walked onto the bridge, he saluted to Reach, before standing at ease. “I suppose you got our first message about the ring, admiral?” Holt asked. Reach replied “Yes, of course. Why?” “You didn’t get our second message, did you?” Holt asked again, and Reach replied with a simple “No.” Holt’s face went white “It was about the safety of our ships...there are at least ten covenant ships in this system, one of them being an assault carrier, and are currently getting closer to the ring...and not to mention all the activity on the ring, which could be hostile. Respectfully, sir, we’re in some deep shit unless we get help now.” Reach turned away, and looked as the majority of the bridge crew were watching him and the captain. He turned back to him. “If they want this ring, they’re gonna have to fight for it.” He said, before walking over to his command chair. “Captain, get to your ship, link up with the fleet, show them where this ring is.” Captain Holt threw a quick salute, before running off towards docking bay 4.

The prowler disconnected, and the Crucible followed it, with the fleet all returning to the Crucible. After about 10 minutes, the fleet circled round a large gas giant, before something came into view. The ring. “So this is what we’ve been looking for all this time” Said Reach, before opening communications with UNSC Engulfing Darkness. “Captain Holt, thanks for your assistance. Go dark, make the enemy have to turn over every lump of rock in this system to find you.” He waited, before the captain’s voice came over the channel. “Yes sir, will do.” The prowler disappeared, and the fleet barrelled towards the ring.

As the Crucible came closer to the ring, Reach noticed something. Silver streaks, some larger than others, around the ring. Suddenly, the control systems picked up large amounts of radiation, out of nowhere. “Lieutenant, where’s that coming from?” he asked to one of the crew, who replied “It seems to be coming from the ring, perhaps the ring’s power source is nuclear?” Reach looked at the panel. “It’s getting closer...” He looked out the viewport, and noticed bright blue streaks, getting bigger and bigger as every second passed. Plasma torpedoes. “All ships, evasive manoeuvres! Plasma torpedoes inbound, enemy forces above the ring, take them out!” He shouted down the comm, before all the ships spread out, and the plasma torpedo barrage barely missed the fleet. “Another one incoming!” he shouted as the fleet barrelled at full speed to the ring. The Crucible avoided being hit once again, but UNSC World’s End, a marathon cruiser, took a blow to the side, but the ship managed to continue. As the Covenant ships cam in range of the MAC guns, the ships fired one by one. The first round missed, the second hit a CCS battlecruiser, and its shields flared before failing. The ships fired barrages of archer missiles at the battlecruiser, and explosions covered its surface, before another MAC round went straight through it, gutting it. The same tactic served well, managing to take out four other ships with it. The Crucible shuddered, as a SHIVA nuke was fired, which hit a destroyer’s stern, and the explosion engulfed two other ships. Only an assault carrier and a frigate remained, damaged but still standing. A MAC round hit the frigate’s engine, and it exploded, damaging the now shield-less carrier. The carrier fired off several torpedoes, before turning and fleeing. Suddenly, an explosion hit the Crucible, but not from the torpedoes; the frigate, UNSC Long Run, had taken a direct hit from one of the torpedoes, obliterating the ship. The rest of the fleet gave chase to the Assault Carrier, which subsequently jumped to Slipspace.

“Yeah!” the bridge crew cried, as the ship disappeared, and the fighting stopped. Reach knew exactly what to do next. “All ships, set to combat alert alpha. There are still covenant forces of the ring, deploy ODST and marine forces.” He missed one out purposely. He had a special job for the SPARTAN’s.

(Notes: All SPARTAN's are to meet onboard UNSC Crucible for briefing, ODST's drop to the surface of the ring, and secure an LZ for marine forces in pelicans. The Sangheili will arrive soon, and the remaining brutes need to defend the ring. No contact with flood or forerunner's has been made yet either.)

TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — Friday, September 25 2020 (Greenwich Mean Time)


Kybus looked up at the clear sky. His expression was not a pleasant one.

Only moments before, he had been notified that all Covenant forces above the Sacred Ring had been either destroyed or driven off, and that the humans were likely to attempt a large scale landing. Once again they taint holy ground with their defiling presence, he thought bitterly. For a moment, he allowed himself to ponder the fate of those Shipmasters who had fled. The Prophet of Redemption was not known for being a sympathetic creature.

Turning to the Jiralhanae manning his command post's communications, he asked quietly, "Is there any more signals from the fleet?"

"No sir. All signals stopped when the last of our ships entered Slipspace."

With a sigh, Kybus nodded to the communications officer. "Order the commanders at the other two beachheads to await my orders," he ordered before striding from the room and out of the trench where he had situated his command post. It was an odd place for the leader of Covenant forces on the Sacred Ring to direct his troops, especially when several majestic buildings were situated only a stone's throw away, but then Kybus was an odd specimen for a Jiralhanae.

Mingling throughout the base were hundreds of Jiralhanae, Kig-Yar, Unggoy, and even a few Mgalekgolo. Kybus knew that he had even more troops scattered throughout the surrounding area in their search for holy relics, but he was still worried by the lack of a larger ground force. The fleet had not had enough time to send down all of the planned ground troops and now he had no hope of reinforcement until a relief force arrived, whenever that might be. If he was to remain true to his duty and protect the Sacred Ring he had to take action immediately.

The Covenant had known an attempt to steal the Sacred Ring was likely, and ever since he had arrived on the Ring, Kybus had been driving his troops into the ground as they prepared defenses and searched for relics. Once the initial bases had been thrown up, he had concentrated on digging ground defenses rather than more buildings. As a few diggers worked on underground tunnels to connect the three bases, others had been digging trenches and still others had been preparing bunkers in the nearby mountains. Anti-air positions had been placed in strategic locations, as had multiple artillery emplacements. If the enemy was going to land, they would pay for every step in blood.

Seeing his closest advisor, Kybus jogged over to him. "Have you heard, Harunus? The humans have driven our fleet away!"

The older Jiralhanae nodded. "I did not know for sure, but I had a feeling that something unfortunate had occurred."

Harunus had been Kybus's father's best friend and after Kybus had taken his father's place, he had become the young Chieftain's advisor in all matters of importance. He had saved Kybus's life multiple times over the past few years and was the closest thing Kybus had to a mentor.

"We must double our efforts," Kybus told Harunus. "The airfields for the Banshees and Phantoms must be completed and protected, as do the base and mountain defenses. I will cease all attempts to find relics until the human threat has been dealt with. I'll need our forces at full strength if we are to succeed."

Harunus nodded. "A wise decision. We should also be building pillboxes along our trenches and in the mountains. This will increase the casualties we can do to the human infantry."

"Thank you," said Kybus. "I will order the construction of the pillboxes immediately. Then I'll make sure those tunnels to connect the bases are close to completion. To be able to move from place to place without the humans' knowledge will be a valuable gift indeed!" With a nod to his advisor he turned back to the command post. As he passed his troops, he tried his best to look confident and indomitable, but all that he felt was a cold anxiety that started in his gut and rose like a serpent into his throat. I must not fail the Prophets or the Gods, he thought to himself. I will give my life to defend this holy place if necessary!

Actene: If This Is To End In Fire, Then We'll Burn Together


John Peterson quickly strapped himself into his HEV. Told his men there objectives and preped himself for lanuch. His pod was realesed with an awful jerk. In 10 years he had never gotten used to it. Well atleast I got the chance to jump more than once He thought. His pod began to burn up. The ceramic plates started to melt away as he entered the atmosphere "Goddammit!" Someone screamed down the mic. "My Pod has failed! Bailing!" John knew what this meant, he was going to jump out of his HEV and try to activate his Falcon. He would only pull it off if Lady Luck was smiling. "I'm free and my Falcon is deployed. Thank God." the ODST Said through the com.

They reached the ground. John waited for 1st Platoon to arrive. "2nd Platoon assualt that pillbox , 3rd bring half your boys to me and half to 2nd." John Said "10-4 Boss" 3rd and 2nd's CO said. "Sir Contact!" a Corperal said. "Open up!" John Responded. He crouched and fire 2 6 round bursts from his MA5K killing two advancing Jackels. "This is 1st pillbox secured. "Rodger that. All we gotta do is sit tight and wait for the Jarheads." John Said as he sat down on a rock and reloaded his MA5K.

Once a man enters his sights,


"Jon, get your ass moving!"

Corporal Jonathan Jovi grunted as he fumbled with the clasp on his armour's chest plate. He snapped the clasp in place, grabbed his helmet, then ran out of the locker room. He met with his fireteam outside the armory, and grabbed an MA5C Assault Rifle and M7 SMG.

"Let's move it, people!" called the team leader, Sergeant Nicole Carr.

The four-man team charged down the hallway, took a stairwell down to the next floor, and proceeded to the hangar where their Pelican was waiting. He climbed aboard, then helped some other Marines up. He chose a seat by the rear hatch and buckled in. He glanced around the dropship. All the Marines had heard the stories of the first Halo discovered, Alpha Halo, and they knew of the parasitic species known as the Flood. None had been discovered on Bravo Halo, so Jon guessed only a few Rings had the Flood.

"Hey, Jon. You ready to kick some Covie ass?" Private First Class James Morris asked

"You know it, man" he replied

"I just hope we actually get some frontline action, ya know? None of that crap 'guard duty'"

"I hear that" Private Danielle Fletcher said

"We're entering atmosphere in five," Carr called over the troopbay "Get ready"

Jon yanked back his MA5C's charging handle. He flipped the safety on, then checked his M7. He was ready to roll. He straightened his helmet and gripped his rifle harder.



Doran stood in his EVA armour, idleing waiting for orders. He checked if his brute shot had ammo, and sighed. He was wasting time. He could be helping Jon Harper with something, but he was here. He walked down the corridor and noted the signs. He was near the amoury, so he had nothing better to do than walk there, and see if he met anyone. He palmed the console on the door, and watched it slid open, and watched as ODSTs ran past, most likely dropping down to the ring below.

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The Crusier UNSC Darwin and its single escort Frigate, the UNSC McClusky dropped out of slipspace 100,000 miles fro Echo Halo. Both ships went 'all ahead full' and raced towards the Echo Halo. They doged buning, twisted hulks of ships. The Ships decelerated as they approched the Halo, and the Frigate started to decend towards the surface of Halo to land troops near the main flood containment area. "Well, good luck son. We'll cover you while your down there. Hell, I'll even throw in our Long- and Shortswords to soften up the Covies!" the Commanding officer of the Cruser UNSC Darwin, Captain James K. Ingram, said to the Commander of the Frigate UNSC McClusky, Commander Oliver Tyler over SHIPCOM "Its not that that worries me, Sir." Commander Tyler responded. "The Covies will be too busy dealing with your 600 ODSTs and my 100 to shoot at me. What worries me is if the Covies did a "Alpha Halo", we are well and truly, pardon the expression, Sir, but then we are Fucked..." "Alpha Halo" was a term refering to the Covenant releasing the Flood on the Installaion 04. Captain Ingram nodded in argeement. He remembered the Flood. After all, he had been dispatched to the Ark, all those years ago, back in 2555 and 2556. He still had the occasional nightmare, remebering all those screams over the COM from the Marines on the Ground. He still slept with his Colt M1911 .45 pistol under his pillow, it scared him that much. But he never let that show. "Relax, son. Just bring her down, nice and easy. Look for a flat spot to land your Frigate on. Offload your Marines, and get back up here to space." Captain Ingram advised gently. Easy for him to say, thought Tyler angrily. Lets see HIM land his Crusier on a nice flat peice of land. Jeez, what the hell was ONI thinking. 'Oh, just offload your Marines near this POSSIBLY-Flood infested facility. No, there will be no resistance.' Tyler looked up as a large boom shook the Frigate. Leave it too Spooks to put you damned carrer on the line with faulty intel. "My apoligies, Sir, but I have to go. See you back in the deep black." and, with that, cut connections. 'Status report' he asked his Navagation officer. 'No damage, Sir. Near miss for a proximity fuse weapon, consistint with Brute designs'. He goaned innerly. Brutes were vilent aliens. Not too smart, most of them. But there were alway those few smart ones that screwed everything up. These explosive projectiles couldn't do much damage if they hit...but if they hit the right plce, they could possible cripple his first command. He ordered 'Fire ODST pods!' All along the ship, the 100 ODST pods relised, along with another 50 ammo/supply filled pods. Another boom resonded. "And, for Gods sake, would somebody kill that AA gun!?" Tyler added. A thump sounded from the hull and, on the main screen, a picure of the Brute AA gun filled the screen. Then a streak appeared on the screen moving extreamly fast until it...impcted straint on top of the gun, blowing a 30 meter hole in the ground.

1st Leutenunt Eugene R. Mizner lisened to his music player on his way down through Halos atmosphere in his HEV, preying for the best. His ODST pod bucked and spun as it fell towards the planet. He was glad he took those anti-air sickness pills he had for these occasions. He looked at his 5 inch moniter, showing data of where he was and his landing spot. Good. The Computer said he was going to land in a swamp. Better then an ocean, or a giant death spike. Mizner smiled. There were pleanty of storys about those, all of which were grusome in detail. "And he ain't gonna jump no more!" was alway the joking responce after those stories. Everybody didn't want it to happen, but it did. An alarm sounded. The primary 'chute was jammed. Fuck. Now he had to fire rockets prematurely to keep the outer skin from burning up, and killing him. He toggled 'emergancy systems' on the HEVs screen, and toggled 'Emergancy chute'. It deployed, slowing down the ship, but, the friction of the air pulled the Emergancy chute out of it holder. Now he was truly fucked. He toggled the 'fire rockets' to slow the HEV down. The ship slowed to about 1,000 Meters per second decent speed. He then began to toggle the 'secondary chute' when the port side rockets failed. Eugene swore, blew the hatch, and leapt clear of his crippled HEV as he, and it, plummeted towards the ground. SPARTAN-118


(LOL JAMES BOND) 16th February 2565 (UNSC Military Calendar) UNSC Crucible, Helium System

The team sat around in their bunks. Freyja was looking at her datapad reading the latest news, seems that an officer was arrested on drunk and disorderly conduct, she shook her head, she hated when this stuff happened. Heimdall was playing an old Norse song, Lokka Táttur on his guitar. Baldr on the other hand, was sleeping, hoping to get some rest before they dropped to the Halo. Seems the captain wouldn't allow that, a group of ODSTs ran through their bunks, one reached out to Baldr.

"Captain needs to see you, were heading out!"

Baldr rose and saw that Freyja and Heimdall were putting their stuff away. They all ran to the bridge in their fatigues. And entered the bridge. They halted and saluted.

"White team reporting as ordered Sir!"

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