"Just... dust and echoes."
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Status Quo is an RP set on the colony of Gilgamesh in the immediate aftermath of the Human-Covenant War, specifically in the autumn of 2553. It is a time of great strife. With the end of the Covenant threat, the United Nations Space Command has begun moving to reclaim colonies with which contact was lost during the war, to return to some semblance of the state of the galaxy before the war. On the colony of Gilgamesh, controlled by crimelords or Insurrectionists, fears of a UNSC return to the planet are running high. The Gilgamesh Free State is preparing for an invasion and becoming increasingly paranoid of UNSC covert operatives in their midst. Criminals fear that with a return of the UNSC, their illegal operations will be brought to a halt.


  • Insurrectionists
    • Insurrectionists are one of the main powers on the colony of Gilgameh. The main organized rebel group on the planet is the Gilgamesh Free State, which is one of the few havens of order on the mostly-lawless planet. As it is part of the United Rebel Front, the Free State is host to a number of advisors and envoys from other groups in the alliance, along with being a safe harbor for those rebels who have managed to escape UNSC capture. With the invasion of the Victorian Independent State, the rebels on Gilgamesh have become increasingly worried about the possibility of a UNSC attack, and with it have become increasingly paranoid and wary of the possibility of UNSC operatives on the planet.
  • Criminal syndicates
    • With Gilgamesh being a lawless planet for the most part, criminal syndicates have control over much of its settled lands. These various syndicates have formed tenuous alliances with some others, as well as deep grudges against others. Some even have hostile relations with the Gilgamesh Free State due to the fact it provides safe haven and legitimization as auxiliaries for certain criminal syndicates in return for aid in its efforts. However, much like the rebels, many of these syndicates fear the UNSC's return. This is due to the fact that the coming of a strong authority across the planet would greatly threaten their illegal operations.
  • United Nations Space Command
    • Despite Gilgamesh's infamy as a lawless colony, the UNSC still has some forces on the planet. UNSC sympathizers and the remnants of the garrison have formed their own groups on the frontier out of fear of persecution by the Gilgamesh Free State and not wanting to live in settlements controlled entirely by criminals. With the UNSC paying more attention to once-abandoned colonies like Gilgamesh, they have also begun supplying guns, supplies and advisors to these groups in hopes they will aid in the inevitable invasion. Outside of this, the UNSC inserted agents on Gilgamesh to work against and spy on those factions that pose a threat, particularly the Gilgamesh Free State and the more powerful criminal syndicates.
  • Unaffiliated
    • Lawless colonies tend to attract rogues of all stripes, and Gilgamesh is no different. Survival and, in some cases, making money, is the name of the game for these people.


To signup, create a section with your username, and in it put each of your characters in the following format:

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    • Affiliation
      • Short description, and reason they are on Gilgamesh

Minuteman 2492

  • Jonathan Ulan
    • Insurrectionists
      • Formerly a trooper in the Victorian Airborne Forces, Jonathan Ulan is the lone successful product of the United Rebel Front's MINUTEMAN Program to create Insurrectionist supersoldiers. With the Gilgamesh Free State fearing the possibility of SPARTANs being sent on operations against it, Ulan was brought to the colony in order to defend against and hunt down any such operatives.
  • Edward Garan
    • Insurrectionists
      • Formerly an officer of the Colonial Military Administration, Garan left the organization in 2504 after his involvement with the Gilgamesh Free Army was discovered. Fearing arrest and imprisonment, he went underground and joined the GFA, rising to the rank of General in 2532, several years after the Gilgamesh Free State was officially created. One year later, when the Free State Parliament declared a state of emergency, Garan was voted in as the leader of the Free State for the duration of the crisis, and elevated to the rank of Marshal. With the UNSC invasion of the Victorian Independent State, Garan has become focused on ensuring the preservation of the GFS from not only elements on the planet working against it, but also from the inevitable UNSC invasion.
  • Alex Vens
    • Insurrectionists
      • A pilot in the Glabetovan Air Service, Vens has been sent to the Gilgamesh Free State alongside several other pilots in order to become part of an instructor pilot cadre for the F/A-440 fighter, which the Glabetovan People's Republic has become interested in purchasing from Venezia.


  • Zachary Rayne
    • United Nations Space Command/Office of Naval Intelligence
      • Zachary Rayne, under the cover name of Zachary Yoxall, is an ONI agent attempting to gather intel for the planned UNSC invasion. He leads the select few in Maelstrom—an ONI cell under command of Section One—including a deep cover agent and a team of Headhunters. His usual AI companion, Theia, was forced to be left back in Sydney to avoid being caught by members of the Gilgamesh Free State.
  • Grant Mendoza
    • Colonial Revolutionary Front (Falaknuman Rebels)
      • Grant Mendoza is one of the few members of the Falaknuman Rebels' Angel unit to achieve the rank of Archangel, the highest position in the unit. He usually leads the First Angel Team, although he doubles as the commander of the Falaknuman Rebels. Due to being the second most important member of the Falaknuman Rebels, Mendoza was chosen to be tasked with improving relations with the Gilgamesh Free State and the United Rebel Front as a whole.


  • Cody-B042
  • Jamison-G144
    • United Nations Space Command/Office of Naval Intelligence
      • Also an SIII, Jamison hails from Fireteam Shamshir of Gamma Company. Having lost the majority of his team either outright or to serious injury, the former leader was brought in by Beta 5 to complete a newly created Headhunter team, Hotel II. Now partnered with the older and more experienced Cody-B042, the two have been assigned to Rayne for the team's inaugural mission. Despite filling the role of leader in his previous team, Jamison also is an excellent marksman which compliments B042's speciality in close quarters.
  • William "Liam" Hargrove
    • Unaffiliated Mercenary
      • The bastard son of a business CEO with deep ties in UNSC infrastructure, Hargrove has led a long and confusing life. At one point a Lieutenant Commander in the UNSC's Special Warfare, and was eventually assigned to his own father's security detail. Liam abandoned the UNSC and UEG altogether after a falling out with his old man, taking up the life of a mercenary. Just who and what he's fought against is a mystery aside from rumors about a rogue supersoldier project during the late days of the war, but whatever it was left him with the skills to begin making a small fortune as a gun-for-hire, and he has come to Gilgamesh seeking work in the lawless lands. Thanks to his wealth he has some of the best gear avialable.

Timothy Emeigh

  • Aleksandra Zaytseva
    • United Nations Space Command
      • A UNSC Pilot and former marine, Zaytseva has survived through the entirety of the Human-Covenant War. Aging and slightly unstable due to the horrors she faced through this conflict, though nevertheless still capable, Zaytseva has been pushed into side assignments to keep her out of the way. In one such assignment, she was sent to Gilgamesh on resupply runs to the UNSC garrison still left on the planet, an assignment the UNSC hopes will keep her out of trouble.

Lieutenant Davis

  • Jerrold Campbell
    • Campbell's Marauders
      • A former UNSC Naval officer and later a leading officer in the United Rebel Front, Jerrold Campbell became disillusioned with the ideals of colonial independence following the Human-Covenant War. Taking his ship, the URF Hammurabi, into the Frontier, he formed Campbell's Marauders, a violent and effective pirate force consisting of both Human and former Covenant members. Campbell and his Marauders have been brought to Gilgamesh because of a former comrade, promising the potential for great profit in the system.
  • Frank Holloman
    • Baal Defense Solutions
      • A former member of the UNSC's 1st SFOD-D, Holloman left the UNSC shortly after the end of the Human-Covenant War, taking his skills to the rapidly expanding private front. In early 2553, he was hired by the Private Military Company, Baal Defense Solutions, and became one of their most effective operators. Later that same year, he would be chosen to lead the BDS deployment to Gilgamesh in response to an increase in attacks on their weapon shipments to the Free State. As the leader of such a large scale deployment, Holloman commands considerable military power on the world and hopes to use it to quickly and effectively eliminate anyone who would interfere with BDS' operations in the system, by any means possible.


  • Tobias Lensky
    • Unnaffiliated
      • A living legend in the criminal underworld, Tobias Lensky is one of the rarest breeds of criminal: the kind that can have everything, lose it all, and survive to build it all again. After forging the Syndicate into one of the most powerful criminal empires in human history, Tobias was deposed by his own daughter and driven into hiding. But the wily criminal had the foresight to stow a vast amount of credits away for himself, and through a combination of ruthless scheming and entrepreneurial ingenuity he remains one of the wealthiest men in the galaxy. Now, with the Great War dying down, Lensky sees a vast realm of opportunity to be had in capitalizing on the galaxy’s chaotic state of affairs. Gilgamesh is simply the latest in a long string of planets where Lensky has manipulated events to suit his own purposes.
  • Jens Aasen
    • Unnaffiliated
      • Implicated during an internal affairs smuggling investigation, Jens Aasen was dishonorably discharged from the UNSC Navy and only barely avoided a lengthy prison sentence. The stigma of his discharge forced him to seek employment opportunities on the wrong side of the law and he quickly found he had an aptitude for hoodwinking the authorities in order to turn a profit. After building a new name for himself as part of a smuggling crew, Aasen grew more ambitious and now hires his skills out as an "independent consultant" to anyone in need of criminal advice.


  • Lukas Brighton
    • Gilgamesh Free State
      • Luke was no revolutionary at heart, but when the military Free State began to establish itself as a power on Gilgamesh, he knew the way the wind would blow and made himself a windbreak. Apprenticing himself to the seceding members of the CAA, Luke was soon elevated to represent the civilian populace to the militant core of the GFS as his predecessors in many such roles were assassinated by their opponents, both outside the Free State and within. Unpopular with the Free State's leadership for hobbling military interests on behalf of civilian rights, Luke nonetheless has leverage in the nascent government as he can deny civilian supply to the military, whose leaders haven't dared take what they need from their own people--yet. Keenly aware of Gilgamesh's delicate position, he seeks to develop Gilgamesh's abundant, untapped resources without enabling other URF planets to steal them for themselves.

Andromeda Vadum

  • David King
    • Office of Naval Intelligence
      • Assigned as a two man covert-operations unit of Fireteam Wolf, David did not want to work alongside Kyle because of his impulsive behavior, David suspects Kyle of turning on him and the UNSC any minute; nevertheless, David focuses on his mission: Gather reconnaissance on criminal activity and dismantle criminal enterprises. He works closely with other SPARTAN's and ONI personnel to achieve his goals.
  • Kyle Craig
    • Office of Naval Intelligence
      • Kyle works alongside David and is the leading demolition expert of Fireteam Wolf - although his primary skill is in explosives, he has skills in technology and combat. He is cold and calculative. Over time he learned that he was destined to become David's archenemy and grew to despise him. Kyle came to Gilgamesh to rid the growing insurrectionists and upsurging criminal syndicates. While concealing his involvement with ONI, he also plans to break away from David in hopes of starting his criminal career.

The Pale Kestrl

  • Rahs 'Tarn
    • Unaffiliated
      • A survivor of the Great War Rahs now faces a completely different universe, one where his race isn't the most powerful force. But unlike his kin who now tear themselves apart in internal conflicts Rahs has a purpose. During his time in the war he met and studied many of the soldiers the humans know as Spartans. Discovering that these daemons where in fact augmented humans Rahs begun to view them as an insult the natural progression of the galaxy and a danger to all. Using his unusually good medical senses and knowledge Rahs has travelled to Gilgamesh under the guise of an unassuming Sangheili pilgrim looking to expand inter species relations through cooperation, Rahs is in fact seeking to learn more from his enemies. For his crusade to succeed he must first learn his enemies strengths and weakness's.

Distant Tide

  • Fireteam Valor
    • United Nations Space Command
    • Fireteam Valor, a four-man cell of Army Rangers were deployed to Gilgamesh following the insertion of ONI unit, "Maelstrom," at some point early in the Gilgamesh conflict. Valor has been serving with Spartan Headhunter team, Hotel-II, for a number of days when the story begins. Valor is made up of four veteran Army NCOs with qualifications typical of special operations including Land Navigation and Asymmetric Warfare among others. Their names are mostly unknown, preferring to go by their designations while in the field in the intent to hide their identities and disassociating themselves from the UNSC. Valor 1-1, name Staff Sergeant Quinn Silva, leads his team with an aloofness and loose leadership that promotes free thinking and community within his unit. Valor has served together for two to three years now. They don't expect this mission to be any different from their previous.
      • Valor 1-1: Staff Sergeant Quinn Silva "Sunshine" (Confirmed KIA, Former Team Lead)
      • Valor 1-2: Sergeant Talbot Stoner "Chew Toy" (Prankster, CQB, Medic)
      • Valor 1-3: Sergeant Duke Hartmann "Doc Love" (Team Lead, Serious, Marksman)
      • Valor 1-4: Specialist Hideo Gross "Snot" (Quiet, Electronics, Grenadier)



  • Travis Dzousa
    • UNSC/ONI-aligned independent
      • Travis Dzousa was a logistics manager in the UNSC Navy during the war and now runs an interplanetary goods and shipping company that acts as a cover operation for secret ONI shipping, although he runs it to such an extent that it could be a legitimate business on its own. He is also skilled with vehicles and technology, and for those reasons Zachary Rayne requested his presence on Gilgamesh.
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