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Session #1 (20/11/2017)

Ramaya Space Terminal


[11:20] <Interviewer> There is a massive spaceport, filled with the ODST mercenaries standing as guards.

[11:20] * Space_Port_Guard (s) Stand on either side of the entrance with Assault Rifles in hand. They wear ODST Gear painted with the House of Byf Colors

[11:21] * Jeffery_Korn Korn is sitting at a chair in the middle of the terminal, a datapad in hand and watching the guards in his peripheral.

[11:22] * ElenaZaytseva waits in the crowd, messager bag over her left shoulder, looking around the crowd.

[11:22] <Jeffery_Korn> A Huragok hovered next to Korn, behaving docile.

[11:23] <Jeffery_Korn> It's tentacles were messing with a ball of metallic goop, looking bored.

[11:23] <Jeffery_Korn> "Variable. How you coming along with those passports?"

[11:23] * Space_Port_Guard (s) continue too stand at attention. Then 2 more guards step out from the door with Assault Rifles slung over their shoulders and they hold scanners in their hands.

[11:25] * Too_Variable looks up, obviously still distracted by the raw materials in its tentacles. It then pulls something out of the side of its back and hands the papers to Jeffery_Korn

[11:25] * Jeffery_Korn looks at the papers and glances them over.

[11:25] <Jeffery_Korn> "You keep a printer in your back?"

[11:26] * Too_Variable makes a shrug, nodding, before pointing to something on its back.

[11:26] * Jonathan_Ulan and Robert Fisher sit about half a mile away from the spaceport inside a crackhouse, with a direct line of sight to the exit and entrance to the spaceport, with Ulan on the SRS-99 rifle, and Fisher spotting

[11:27] * Jeffery_Korn looks at the giant shell on the alien's back. It gleemed with techno lights and shit that Korn didn't want to comprehend. He'd become used to its BS a long time ago.

[11:27] <Jonathan_Ulan> Here come the ships. Keep a watch Fisher, any sight yet?

[11:27] * Too_Variable quickly dismantles it and integrates the raw materials into the ball, before leaving it hanging on its back.

[11:27] <Robert_Fisher> No, not yet.

[11:28] * ElenaZaytseva reaches down into her messager bag, looking through it.

[11:28] <Jonathan_Ulan> Our Spadeload of Hussars look like they're ready to go. Still not burnt.

[11:28] <Robert_Fisher> Good.

[11:29] * Jeffery_Korn stood up and pointed for Variable to follow him toward the exit of the building. No point in standing around any longer.

[11:30] * Too_Variable sees him starts to leave and quickly follows him from behind, leaving some limp in the chain so it doesn't choke it. It quickly darts its head around, trying to mimic fear.


[11:31] * SSgt_Schuchardt rolls his eyes. He has heard this a million times before.

[11:32] * Jeffery_Korn leads his Huragok pal to the line forming at the terminal exit so that they could get in relatively unbothered. Hopefully the weren't too privy about lifestock.

[11:32] <Jonathan_Ulan> Got one.

[11:32] * ElenaZaytseva stands up from the bench she was on, moving to the exit line as well.

[11:32] <Jonathan_Ulan> Confirm?

[11:33] <Robert_Fisher> Nope, just some regular redhead civvie. Don't get too excited Jon.

[11:33] * Jonathan_Ulan removes his finger from the trigger, "Damn."

[11:34] * Space_Port_Guard (s) Stand in the way of the exit and all 4 guards shoot looks at the Engineer

[11:34] * Too_Variable retracts himself into his body

[11:34] <Jeffery_Korn> "Can I help you guys?"

[11:35] * ElenaZaytseva watches the engineer curiously from further back in the line.

[11:35] * Too_Variable emerges after a few seconds, obviously shaking

[11:36] * Jeffery_Korn repeats himself to the ODST guards. "Can I help you?"

[11:36] <Robert_Fisher> Got another, coming out the exit right now, white blouse, red hair. Looks like Carolina to me.

[11:36] * Jonathan_Ulan adjusts his sights, "Yeah, looks like it to me."

[11:37] * Space_Port_Guard (s) Search Jeffery with the scanners

[11:37] * Jonathan_Ulan keys his mic, "John has a long mustache. Repeat, John has a long mustache. Go on my go."

[11:37] * Jonathan_Ulan fires a round, but a sudden gust from an arriving transport causes the round to go wide, slamming into the asphalt instead

[11:37] <Jonathan_Ulan> Fuck!

[11:38] * Jonathan_Ulan fires several times, "Go damnit! Go I said!"

[11:39] <Space_Port_Guard> Purpouse, and Occupation?

[11:39] * Zachary_Rayne , walking down the street wearing some old civilian clothing, thinks he heard a gunshot in the distance. He shrugs it off.

[11:40] * Too_Variable looks at Jeff, who shoots it a gesture to start taking it's gear off. It complies, laying them to be scanned at the checkpoint.

[11:40] <Jeffery_Korn> "Pleasure. Travelling Salesman. I work for Black Mamba Interstellar Interests."

[11:40] * Robert_Fisher watches as several Spade technicals roll up to the terminal full of Ramayan Republican Army fighters, "Here they come. Deal with any resistance."

[11:41] * Jonathan_Ulan fires a final round, exploding some unfortunate civvie-who-looks-like-a-Freelancer's head, dropping a magazine out of his SRS and loading a second

[11:42] * Jonathan_Ulan fires at a lone guard outside the terminal, blowing a massive hole through his chest with the SRS's 14.5mm round

[11:42] <Jonathan_Ulan> (COM) If they're friends of Byf, smoke 'em.

[11:42] * Space_Port_Guard (s) Grab their weapons and fall back through the door.

[11:43] <Space_Port_Guard> GET DOWN!

[11:43] * Jeffery_Korn grabbed Variable and pulled him to the ground at the sound of a high power rifle firing into the terminal.

[11:43] * ElenaZaytseva blinks, hesitating briefly, then running to the side, crouching down behind a pillar.

[11:43] * Space_Port_Guard (s) Open fire on the RRA Troops

[11:44] * Jonathan_Ulan adjusts his aim, sniping one of the guards trying to set up his own sniper position

[11:44] * SSgt_Schuchardt looks up at the sound of gunfire, getting up and bracing himself against the back of a chair. He pulls out an M6K he was issued with, and while sighing at it, he waits for the first RRA soldier to get into view.

[11:44] * ElenaZaytseva looks out to Jeffrey just on the ground, calling out. "Get behind something!"

[11:44] * Zachary_Rayne sees a group of civilians running from the general direction of the spaceport. Now he's certain he heard gunfire.

[11:45] * Too_Variable is forced into cover, and starts repurposing the metal behind it into armour for both him and Korn.

[11:45] * ElenaZaytseva blinks as the Engineer just makes cover. "Oh... That works too."

[11:45] * Robert_Fisher watches as the RRA fighters begin to gun down anyone who is armed and resisting, resisting, or looks like they're Byf loyalists, "Where the hell did you get guys for this?"

[11:45] * Space_Port_Guard (s) motion to Jeffery to get inside

[11:46] * Jonathan_Ulan doesn't respond, instead cracking another round, killing another guard hiding behind a pillar, "Hussars."

[11:46] <Jonathan_Ulan> Lots of people aren't happy that they've been working against Byf for decades and haven't gotten anything done.

[11:47] * ElenaZaytseva looks around the pillar at the fighting, gripping her bag's strap.

[11:47] <Zachary_Rayne> "Fuck." He looks down at his wristwatch. "Should we investigate?"

[11:47] * Jeffery_Korn and Variable quickly slip past the guards.

[11:47] <Robert_Fisher> And you think doing this will overthrow Byf? What does that gain us?

[11:47] * Jonathan_Ulan fires another round

[11:47] <AI_Theia> (Watch Screen) "And do what?"

[11:47] <Space_Port_Guard> EVERYONE INSIDE!

[11:47] * SSgt_Schuchardt in the terminal pulls out his chatter, modified to appear no different to any other civilian model. He adjusts it to ONI's private frequency, sending an SOS on it.

[11:48] * ElenaZaytseva looks around the building for any other exits.

[11:48] <Jonathan_Ulan> UNSC doesn't like any planet falling under rebel control. They'll send Freelancers after us before they spend their SPARTANs.

[11:48] * Space_Port_Guard (s) motion for anyone who doesn't look like a RRA fighter to get inside

[11:48] * AI_Theia picks up the transmission.

[11:48] <AI_Theia> (Watch Screen) "Rayne, it's ONI."

[11:48] <Zachary_Rayne> "God damnit."

[11:48] <Robert_Fisher> You think the one you shot was actually a Freelancer?

[11:49] <Space_Port_Guard> (People who arent pro rebel can get pass. Like the Guards aren't even checking)

[11:49] <Jonathan_Ulan> I'm not sure, but she looked like one, better safe than sorry, and it was a signal for the assault.

[11:50] * SSgt_Schuchardt then waits behind cover, constantly cursing himself for allowing him to be issued with such a pitiful weapon, and waits for the rebels to pass into view.

[11:50] * Zachary_Rayne joins in with the crowd of civilians, running away from the spaceport.


[11:50] * Robert_Fisher sighs, still unhappy about having to work with Ulan, who he still considers a psychopath, but he doesn't like the UNSC /or/ the Freelancers, and Ulan was the only one hunting the latter

[11:50] * ElenaZaytseva spots a nearby door and rushes towards it, testing the lock. With the distraction pulling the guards away, she manages to slip out into the open, straightening her shirt and bag, walking away from the noise.

[11:51] * Kyser_Ducepte and the other Spartans and ONI officer of Boson climbed into six SOEIV pods, the kind designed for Slipspace insertion. Very stealthy. A red light began to blare over head as the insertion phase began.

[11:51] * SSgt_Schuchardt bolts towards the crowd, opening covering fire onto the rebel forces.

[11:52] <Jonathan_Ulan> (COM) I think we've caused enough trouble. Pull back, haul it back to the safe area.

[11:52] * Jonathan_Ulan fires off the remainder of his magazine at the guards, not necessarily even aiming

[11:53] * ElenaZaytseva wanders down into an alley in the city, getting out of sight, and opens up her bag, taking out a metal case. She opens it and removes a handgun and a few magazines, holstering the pistol in her belt and stowing the extra magazines on the other side of her body, before tossing the box and wandering back into the streets, looking now different.

[11:53] * Space_Port_Guard (s) Runs out with a AT launcher and fires it into one of the technicals

[11:53] * SSgt_Schuchardt makes sure to deactivate the SOS signal while running, sure that the rebels weren't following him.

[11:53] * Robert_Fisher watches as the RRA fighters pile back into their Spades and peal out trying to escape

[11:54] * Space_Port_Guard (s) go for the technicals' tires

[11:54] <Robert_Fisher> Shit, lost ourselves one technical.

[11:55] <Jonathan_Ulan> Lives spent. We caused some trouble, and we might have just killed a Freelancer. Won't celebrate until I'm sure though. Didn't she look like it to you?

[11:55] <Robert_Fisher> Yeah, didn't see anything to the contrary.

[11:55] * ElenaZaytseva looks down at her watch, pulling up a small map of the city on it, navigating around the streets.

[11:56] <Robert_Fisher> Just hope it was, killing a civilian jus-wait, hang on.

[11:56] * Jeffery_Korn looks to Variable now that they were safe. "What's the plan?"

[11:56] * Robert_Fisher puts his eye back to his monocular, and looks up to the horizon at several meteorites, or what look like them, "We got impacts."

[11:56] * Space_Port_Guard (s) Quickly apprehend a few wounded rebels and lock down the space port exit.

[11:56] <Jonathan_Ulan> Lemme see that.

[11:57] * Jonathan_Ulan comes onto the monocular, "Shit, those aren't meteors. HEV pods."

[11:57] <Robert_Fisher> We attract /that/ much attention?

[11:58] * ElenaZaytseva keeps looking down at her watch as she walks, humming to herself, barely getting out of the way of people.

[11:58] <Jonathan_Ulan> I doubt it. But let's roll out anyway.

[11:58] * Jonathan_Ulan moves to stow the rifle and optic in a secret compartment below the apartment's floor

[11:59] <AI_Monarch> (Watch Screen) "I'm going to assume that was not normal."

[12:00] * Zachary_Rayne slows down alongside the rest of the crowd, now quite far from the spaceport. "Define 'normal.'"

[12:00] * Too_Variable quickly fabricates a translator for himself, and removes the vest and chain off itself. It sighs. "Unconventional escape method. Extremely risky."

[12:00] * ElenaZaytseva turns off the map on her watch, going back into her bag and pulling out a pair of sunglasses, sitting down on a bench and just people watching for a while.

[12:00] * Jeffery_Korn points at the woman who called out to them earlier. "Lets follow her maybe?"

[12:01] * Too_Variable starts rubbing along its neck, and nods, tailing Korn while also repairing its combat harness.

[12:02] * ElenaZaytseva spots the engineer down the street and watches it as it approaches, still curious.

[12:02] <Interviewer> People would begin staring and pointing, with many pointing and shouting at it.

[12:02] * Jeffery_Korn leads the Huragok, noting that the woman they were following had stopped to look at them.

[12:02] * Jonathan_Ulan looks outside as a Spade technical comes to a screeching halt outside, "They're here. Let's go."

[12:03] <Jeffery_Korn> "You look like you know what you're doing!" Korn calls out over the running crowds.

[12:03] * ElenaZaytseva stands up, walking over. She takes off her sunglasses. "Hey, you were in the terminal, weren't you?"

[12:03] * Jonathan_Ulan and Fisher rappell out the window, dropping off at the bottom and jumping into the technical, "GO!"

[12:03] * Too_Variable works on its sensor system, not paying too much attention to her. "Yes."

[12:04] * ElenaZaytseva blinks at the Engineer, then looks to Korn again.

[12:04] * Jonathan_Ulan hangs on, brandishing his pistol in one hand as the Spade driver hits the hydrogen and lays on the horn

[12:04] <Jeffery_Korn> "yeah."

[12:04] <ElenaZaytseva> "So, what are you here for?"

[12:04] <Jeffery_Korn> "Well. Originally just for business."

[12:04] * Zachary_Rayne heads into a nearby alleyway.

[12:04] <ElenaZaytseva> "Originally?"

[12:04] <Jeffery_Korn> "Getting shot at wasn't part of the plan."

[12:05] <Jeffery_Korn> "Excuse my rudeness. Jeffery Korn. My friend is Variable." Korn offers a handshake.

[12:05] <ElenaZaytseva> "Elena Zaytseva." Takes the hand.

[12:05] <Jeffery_Korn> "So? What are you doing on Ramaya?

[12:05] <ElenaZaytseva> "Didn't know we were friends with the aliens. Oh, and just here to look for some work."

[12:06] <Jeffery_Korn> "He's a business conquest. Huragoks survive off menial labor."

[12:06] <ElenaZaytseva> "Huh. Well he's the first one I've seen."

[12:07] * Too_Variable flashes for a second, with its shields coming online. It quickly glares, then submits. "... Yes, indeed."

[12:07] <Jeffery_Korn> "You ever been attacked by Covenant?"

[12:07] <ElenaZaytseva> "Yeah. Back in '26. Biko."

[12:08] <Jeffery_Korn> "ONI. Former Lieutenant. I'm a business consultant now."

[12:08] <ElenaZaytseva> "Former SWAT myself. Just hop around worlds picking up bodyguard work nowadays."

[12:08] <Jeffery_Korn> "Got to find some work in this age of peace."

[12:09] <ElenaZaytseva> "Just as violent as I'm used to, really."

[12:09] * Zachary_Rayne removes a large rainwater drain cover in the corner of the shady parking lot, behind a parked car.

[12:10] <Jeffery_Korn> "You know who was firing at the terminal?"

[12:10] <Too_Variable> "Rebels. Affiliation unknown."

[12:10] <ElenaZaytseva> "Maybe? Heard something about a resistance on this... Yeah, that."

[12:11] <Jeffery_Korn> "Funny. Heard Ramaya was pretty stable for a isolationist world."

[12:11] * Too_Variable shoots a funny look at Korn.

[12:11] <Jeffery_Korn> "Anyway? What kind of work are you looking for? I might be able to help if you like?"

[12:11] * Jeffery_Korn gives Variable a look that says "go with it."

[12:12] * City_Police Officers fly by in their squad car towards the space port with 2 more cars in tow.

[12:12] <ElenaZaytseva> "Usually work as a bodyguard. Have the papers for it. Willing to do most things that pay decent enough to live, though."

[12:12] <Jeffery_Korn> "Looks like the rebels shook up the hornet's nest either way."

[12:12] * Zachary_Rayne pulls his suit out from the hole as another pair of police cars drive past the alley he is in.

[12:12] * Too_Variable nods, and gets to work on making asmall defense pistol for both him and Korn.

[12:12] <Jeffery_Korn> "Want to trade numbers? I can get in contact with you if we ever need some work."

[12:13] * ElenaZaytseva watches variable. "That'll get you executed if they find it." Looks to Korn. "Sure." Taps at her watch, holding her arm out with her codes on it.

[12:14] * Jeffery_Korn passes his datapad over to sync the necessary information.

[12:14] * ElenaZaytseva smiles.

[12:14] <ElenaZaytseva> "All set, then. Nice meeting you."

[12:14] * Too_Variable smirks. "Then this unit won't let them find it."

[12:14] <Jeffery_Korn> "Nice meeting you as well."

[12:15] <ElenaZaytseva> "You know where you're headed?"

[12:15] * Zachary_Rayne takes off his jacket and jeans to reveal his skin-tight undersuit underneath. He slips into the suit of SPI and tosses his clothing in the bag the suit was in. He then clips the bag onto his back.

[12:15] * Jeffery_Korn checks the progress on Variable's weapons before looking at the sky. "Probably finding an Inn."

[12:16] * ElenaZaytseva nods. "Makes sense. There a few good ones a couple blocks to the west."

[12:16] <Jeffery_Korn> "Thanks for the tip. Sounds like you've been here before?"

[12:16] * Too_Variable looks up, confused. "Did you not just say you didn't want one?"

[12:16] <ElenaZaytseva> "No, I just looked at their informative booklets in the terminal."

[12:17] <Jeffery_Korn> "Ah. Variable. Shut it."

[12:17] * Jeffery_Korn gestures to don't worry about it behind his back.

[12:17] <ElenaZaytseva> "Your Alien doesn't seem to like following your orders."

[12:17] <Jeffery_Korn> "I was just curious."

[12:17] <Jeffery_Korn> "Just his personality."

[12:17] * City_Police There is a blockade of cop cars blocking the road towards the Inn

[12:17] * ElenaZaytseva nods.

[12:17] <ElenaZaytseva> "Huh. Seems useful, anyway."

[12:18] * Too_Variable rolls its eyes and makes the send one, using the last of its materials to add a holster to itself, and holsters its gun.

[12:18] <Too_Variable> *second

[12:19] <ElenaZaytseva> "Anyway, I'm heading off to grab some food up north. Feel free to call." Holds up her watch.

[12:19] <Jeffery_Korn> "Will do. Take care."

[12:20] * ElenaZaytseva smiles, walking past him down one of the streets, donning her sunglasses again.

[12:20] * Jeffery_Korn turns to Variable once Elena is out of sight.

[12:20] <Jeffery_Korn> "Can you see if I managed to bug her device?" Korn asked Variable.

[12:21] * Jonathan_Ulan and Fisher and the others in a technical tear past Korn and nearly hit Elena as she is crossing the road, "Hey lady, learn to look both ways for fuck's sake!" Ulan shouts as they continue speeding off

[12:21] <Jeffery_Korn> "Someone's rowdy huh?"

[12:21] * Jeffery_Korn watches as the technical goes by.

[12:22] * Too_Variable pulls up a hologram and a few things happen, then a green logo comes up. "Successfully bugged. Was concerned it was an excuse for fraternisation."

[12:22] * ElenaZaytseva watches the car speed past, raising a brow, then looks down to the Byf equivalent of a crosswalk under her feet, then to the Byf equivalent stopsign.

[12:22] <ElenaZaytseva> "Someone's drunk." Keeps walking.

[12:22] * City_Police get into their cars and haul ass in pursuit of the Rebels.

[12:23] <Jeffery_Korn> "She's a cutey but nah. She might make a recruit though."

[12:23] * Officer_Carson is on the side of the road in his police-issue Genet with his lights off. but takes off after the speeding technical.

[12:24] * Robert_Fisher looks back at Carson's car

[12:24] * Elena_Zaytseva keeps walking up the road to a cafe, humming to herself happily.

[12:24] * City_Police set up a road block to block the technicals and more car s than just Carsons are in hot pursuit

[12:25] <Robert_Fisher> Oh for fuck's sake...

[12:25] <Robert_Fisher> Waste him!

[12:25] * Officer_Carson easily keeps pace with the technical; as a high-speed pursuit driver, he had his car fitted with parts from racing Genets.

[12:25] * Robert_Fisher looks forward as one RRA militant empties a magazine of shredder rounds into the cop car, turning Carlson into a pink paste

[12:25] * Jeffery_Korn points down the street in the direction of Elena's recommend places to stay. Let's go recon those inns."

[12:26] * City_Police officers line up behind their cars and steady their rifles on their cars enforce liting up the technicals

[12:26] <BCA_Feds> "All available units look out for a technical speeding." A License plate is read and the vehicle has an All Points Bulletin put out.

[12:26] * Officer_Carson slams on the brakes, avoiding a majority of the rounds and somehow knocking over some scaffolding, scattering pink paint over the highway.

[12:27] * Too_Variable hears the gunfire, obviously fairly close. "Risky with the current circumstances. May be a normal day for the colony however. Insufficient data."

[12:27] * Too_Variable crosses its eyes. "We should head further up away from the gunfire - too much attention here."

[12:27] * Elena_Zaytseva makes her way into the cafe, sitting down and waiting for someone to serve her, seemingly not worried about the car that almost killed her.

[12:27] <Jonathan_Ulan> Uh...Ulan?

[12:27] <Jeffery_Korn> "Let's go then."

[12:27] * Officer_Carson sets off with a massive wheelspin launch, sending streams of pink paint up the sides of his car. "Someone is going to have fun cleaning that up."

[12:27] * Robert_Fisher

[12:28] <Robert_Fisher> We might have an issue.

[12:28] <Robert_Fisher> Roadblock ahead.

[12:28] <Jonathan_Ulan> Yeah, I got 'em.

[12:29] * Jonathan_Ulan keys his mic,"Yo, could you please send in the backup for fuck's sake Hussar? Better late than never."

[12:29] * City_Police Officer runs up with another AT launcher and fires at the lead technical

[12:29] <Robert_Fisher> Hang on!

[12:29] * ElenaZaytseva smiles at the Waitress who walks up and orders a coffee, watching out into the streets as she waits.

[12:30] * Robert_Fisher drifts the technical as a rocket streaks back

[12:30] * Officer_Carson hits a button on the dashboard, and a metal plate folds up from under the hood, providing protection against shredder rounds at the cost of some forward visibility.

[12:30] * City_Police the rocket hits the technical behind Robert_Fisher

[12:30] <Mark_Roskov> (COM) Yeah, one sec, we got you.

[12:31] * Mark_Roskov looks down at the highway and flashing lights from his tank's vantage point on a hill several miles away

[12:31] * Officer_Carson roars past what's left of the roadblock, matching Fisher's drift angle while carrying a much higher speed.

[12:31] <Mark_Roskov> Load HE!

[12:31] * ElenaZaytseva takes her coffee, paying for it, and sips it as she relaxes in the cafe.

[12:32] <Mark_Roskov> Sight on the roadblock, make a hole, on my mark...

[12:32] <Mark_Roskov> Fire!

[12:32] * Mark_Roskov covers his ears as the tank's main gun booms and sends a shell arcing downwards towards the roadblock

[12:32] * Jeffery_Korn looks to Variable. Alright go ahead and drop the act. Go ahead and tap the city frequencies and whatever signals you can pick up in the area."

[12:33] * Robert_Fisher hits the hydrogen, getting ready to ram the roadblock, as Roskov's tank's shell slams into the cars

[12:33] <Jonathan_Ulan> (COM) Holy shit Roskov, couldn't you cut that a little less close?!

[12:34] * Officer_Carson charges up behind Fisher with his headlights off as they approach the main roadblock.

[12:34] * Too_Variable looks down. "Not that easy. This unit can tap into unsecure networks, but they are all independent of each other."

[12:34] * City_Police Officers go flying. But one who manage to dive out of the way fires a clip from his pistol at Ulan and Fisher

[12:34] <Mark_Roskov> (COM) Should have let us know your exact route. Don't blame the tank commander.

[12:34] * ElenaZaytseva sips her coffee.

[12:35] <Jeffery_Korn> "Let's get you somewhere high up and away from this gun fire then. Since we don't have Cathy here with us."

[12:35] * Too_Variable nods. "Agree. In addition, the locals do not see to appreciate this unit's presence."

[12:36] * Officer_Carson follows Fisher through the remains of the main roadblock. He then turns on his high-beam headlights, bathing the technical in bright pink light.

[12:36] * Too_Variable gestures to the people behind them.

[12:36] * Officer_Carson also activates the lights and sirens.

[12:37] <Jeffery_Korn> "Then lets go."

[12:38] * ElenaZaytseva sips her coffee, taking out a datapad and tapping on it, working on something.

[12:38] * City_Police Helicopter swoops in low and hits all the militia men on the technical and then peals off leaving Fisher and Ulan to escape fine.

[12:42] * Royal_Army Soldiers begin to lock down the entrances to the city with tanks an drew heavily armed troops

[12:43] <Too_Variable> "I will have a search around. Now about a vehicle..."

[12:43] <Jeffery_Korn> "I'll find one and jack it. Shouldn't be too hard."

[12:44] * ElenaZaytseva sips her coffee.

[12:49] * ElenaZaytseva sips her coffee, reading from her datapad.

[12:58] * ElenaZaytseva sips her coffee, tapping at her datapad, continuing to read up on Byf from the information she had downloaded in the terminal.

[13:05] * ElenaZaytseva sips her coffee.

[13:06] * Officer_Carson saw the rebels raise an assault rifle in his direction while he drifted around a corner, and instinctively hit the brakes. The car spun around backwards, and his tires were shot out.

[13:07] * Officer_Carson watched the technical speed away in his rearview mirror, with him powerless to do anything about it.

[13:13] * ElenaZaytseva sips her coffee, finishing it and setting the cup down, continuing to read from her datapad.

[13:22] * Officer_Carson gets out of his car and turns to face the approaching paramedic teams.

[13:24] * Officer_Carson holds up a hand, waving away their queries about his physical condition. He was a bit shaken by losing his back tires, but is otherwise unharmed.

[13:25] * Someone_from_ONI calls Officer_Carson on his Voice Chatter device.

[13:26] * Officer_Carson answers the call. "Carson."

[13:26] * Zachary_Rayne cloaks and walks out of the alleyway unseen, seeing the policecar missing it's rear tires at the end of the side-street.

[13:26] <Someone_from_ONI> (VC) "You're with the local police force. Is that correct?"

[13:27] <Officer_Carson> (VC) "Who's asking?"

[13:29] <Someone_from_ONI> (VC) "All you need to know is that I work for ONI. One of our agents has been reported absent without leave, and we have reason to believe he's in your area."

[13:30] <Officer_Carson> (VC) "Why call me about it personally?

[13:30] * ElenaZaytseva hums softly to herself in the somewhat lively cafe, reading.

[13:31] <Someone_from_ONI> (VC) "We heard you were a good tracker, and we want you to hunt this guy down for us."

[13:31] <Officer_Carson> (VC) "Listen, whatever your guy told you isn't entirely accurate. I'm a good /pursuit driver/, not a good /tracker/."

[13:32] <Officer_Carson> (VC) "I mean, I'm decent, but I wouldn't say it's a specialty of mine."

[13:33] <Officer_Carson> (VC) "This guy have a name?"

[13:34] <Someone_from_ONI> (VC) "Zachary Rayne, but he's gone by other names as well, like Yoxall."

[13:35] <AI_Monarch> (Helmet) "That officer has a secure call with someone, possibly offworld. I can't determine with who, the transmission is too secure for your suit to read."

[13:35] * Officer_Carson decides to make a joke. (VC) "Who names their kid 'Yoxall'?" When the caller from ONI doesn't laugh, he continues the conversation by asking for a physical description of Rayne.

[13:36] <AI_Theia> (Helmet) "ONI."

[13:36] * Someone_from_ONI provides a physical description of Rayne that was accurate at the last time ONI would have been able to get a physical description of him.

[13:36] * ElenaZaytseva glances from her datapad to her watch, checking the local time, then looking back to her readings.

[13:39] * Samuel_Genovese walks up and taps Officer_Carson

[13:40] * Officer_Carson glares at the man, as he's in the middle of a phone conversation.

[13:40] <Samuel_Genovese> Officer what's the situation?

[13:40] <Someone_from_ONI> (VC) "Think you can work with that?"

[13:42] <Officer_Carson> (VC) "Yep. I'd better go; something's come up on my end."

[13:43] <Zachary_Rayne> "Theia, who's the ODST?"

[13:43] <Someone_from_ONI> (VC) "Don't call us at this number. I'll have further instructions relayed through the Chief of Police."

[13:44] <Officer_Carson> (VC) "Alright. Carson out." But ONI had already hung up.

[13:44] * ElenaZaytseva finishes her reading, turning the datapad off and walking out into the street again, walking back the way she came towards the terminal.

[13:44] * ElenaZaytseva puts her sunglasses back on as she walks outside.

[13:45] <Samuel_Genovese> What's going on officer?

[13:45] * Officer_Carson turns to the ODST. "Work stuff."

[13:45] * Samuel_Genovese he gives a small nod.

[13:46] <Samuel_Genovese> Then as chief of security I'm sure you can tell me

[13:46] <Officer_Carson> "I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to tell you, but it involves ONI."

[13:47] * ElenaZaytseva makes it down to the main street again, turning west, glancing to the remnants of the car chase, raising a brow. "Huh... Seems the drunk caused some problems."

[13:47] <Samuel_Genovese> The head of security should know everything

[13:48] <Samuel_Genovese> and as long as it doesn't effect the royal family I won't tell

[13:48] <Samuel_Genovese> but I want to know

[13:48] * ElenaZaytseva leans against a nearby building, watching the pair chat.

[13:48] <AI_Theia> (Helmet) "Samuel Genovese, at least according to his neural implant and armor recognition tag. According to Ramayan security records, he was hired as their Chief of Security."

[13:49] <Officer_Carson> "An ONI operative is AWOL and may be hiding here. I'm supposed to be finding them."

[13:50] <AI_Theia> (Helmet) "Judging by the way he stands and moves, I'd guess he served at some point during the war."

[13:50] <Samuel_Genovese> This is concerning. I have no love for ONI. Espically considering I was once and still may be in their crosshairs.

[13:50] <Samuel_Genovese> How many men do you need?

[13:51] <AI_Theia> (Helmet) "Odd, his file is missing. Tampered with. But who ever tried erasing this man didn't do a good job. Clearly wasn't Section One."

[13:52] <Officer_Carson> "Right now? As many as it takes to get my car fixed." He gestures to the paint-spattered Genet that's missing his back tires.

[13:52] * ElenaZaytseva puts her hands into her pockets, watching the conversation some more.

[13:53] <AI_Theia> (Helmet) "I should be able to recover most of the lost information quite easily. A lot of it wasn't overwritten, the markers were simply removed, as if it was removed in a hurry. The normal procedure for wiping information."

[13:54] <AI_Theia> (Helmet) "But I would need access to the physical storage his file was on."

[13:56] * Samuel_Genovese hands Carson a stack of credits

[13:56] <Officer_Carson> "Genovese... I've heard about you."

[13:56] <Samuel_Genovese> Oh have you?

[13:58] <Officer_Carson> "Some hardliner pro-Byf newspaper columnist was complaining that an offworlder was hired for security for the Royal Family."

[14:00] * Officer_Carson eyes the money warily. "What's this for?"

[14:00] * ElenaZaytseva plays with the belt of her pants with her thumbs, sticking out of her pockets.

[14:01] <Samuel_Genovese> To fix your car

[14:01] * ElenaZaytseva she's still discretely watching the two talk, leaning against a nearby building.

[14:01] <Zachary_Rayne> "Well, whoever he is, it can't be good."

[14:01] <Samuel_Genovese> I want you to find that agent and I have a task for you.

[14:01] <Officer_Carson> "What? Oh, the police takes care of the car." He waves the money away.

[14:02] <Samuel_Genovese> Keep tabs on all ONI and UNSC personnel.

[14:02] <Samuel_Genovese> If you do I'll make sure you are rewarded

[14:03] <Officer_Carson> "I'll have my hands full keeping track of the one guy ONI wants me to track down. Don't you have your own security personnel to take care of it?"

[14:04] <Samuel_Genovese> Yes but that's too obvious.

[14:04] <Samuel_Genovese> listen.

[14:05] <Samuel_Genovese> you scratch my back.

[14:05] <Samuel_Genovese> i scratch yours.

[14:05] * Zachary_Rayne casually walks away, despite not needing to. He's cloaked.

[14:10] * ElenaZaytseva hums softly to herself as she watches discretely, letting cars pass her by.

[14:13] * ElenaZaytseva wanders away down the street towards the Inns she mentioned earlier, going to get a room for the night.

[14:13] <Officer_Carson> "Pass. I'm sure whatever resources you can give me could be matched by the police, and I'm getting support from ONI on this one as well. But good luck with your job protecting the royal family."

[14:14] * Samuel_Genovese shakes Carsons hand

[14:14] <Samuel_Genovese> If you need anything

[14:14] <Samuel_Genovese> I'd be willing to help

[14:14] * Officer_Carson doesn't return it, as he's walking away.

[14:14] <Samuel_Genovese> Also what's your fun number

[14:15] * Officer_Carson shouts over his shoulder. "If you really need it, it's in my file!"

[14:15] * Officer_Carson has already covered a distance where shouting is socially acceptable.

[14:17] * Officer_Carson gets into the waiting recovery vehicle and goes to the police repair shop with his car.

[14:18] * Samuel_Genovese pulls out a sattlite burner phone and punches in a number combo

[14:21] <Samuel_Genovese> "This is Bravo. Zulu get me one Zachary Rayne. Make it look legit, and get someone with minimal connections to me to do it."

[14:22] * Samuel_Genovese hangs up and throws the phone in a empty trash can before throwing some thermite in there.

[14:27] <Samuel_Genovese> (retcon) "This is Bravo. Zulu make sure my file is clean and do it thoroughly. Make it look legit, and get someone with minimal connections to me to do it."

Kru'Desh Legion Battlecruiser

[11:31] * Simon-G294 stands at the center of a CCS-class Battlecruiser. He eyes a holo-display of the planet, running a hand down the tattered command sash hanging from his battered armor. Sangheili officers move around him, monitoring communications from the small Covenant battlegroup waiting at the edge of the system.

[11:35] <+Simon-G294> Jul 'Mdama's intel had better be right about this.

[11:43] <+Diana_AI> Well, he got it from me, so...

[11:45] * Diana_AI materializes at the holo-terminal by the image of the planet.

[11:45] <+Diana_AI> The Prometheans are down there, trust me.

[11:45] <+Simon-G294> I always do. That's the problem.

[11:47] * Tuka_`Refum approaches, flanked by two other Sangheili.

[11:49] <+Tuka_`Refum> Our advance scouts have determined a path for our teams to insert covertly on the surface. Unless you'd prefer a more direct approach.

[11:49] <+Simon-G294> No. We'll keep the cruiser away from the planet for now. I don't want to risk them having more defenses than we projected.

[11:51] <+Simon-G294> You and I will insert with the advance teams. Get in, burrow in, grab the artifacts, and do our best to get the hell out before they even know we're here.

[11:51] <+Tuka_`Refum> Some of the warriors won't like that approach.

[11:51] <+Simon-G294> Some of those warriors should remember why they got assigned to this legion in the first place.

[11:53] <+Tuka_`Refum> If they want to play at being cannon fodder, they can go back to 'Mdama's main fleet. I'm not interested in getting us bogged down in some sort of surface campaign.

[11:53] <+Simon-G294> Agreed.

[11:53] <+Simon-G294> Busy people, busy lives.

[11:54] <+Diana_AI> 'Mdama needs those Prometheans for the next frontier offensive. He's counting on us to make sure he gets them.

[11:54] <+Simon-G294> Well we better not disappoint him then.

[12:00] * Diana_AI 's face quirks in a smile.

[12:00] <+Diana_AI> Indeed. Wouldn't want the Didact's Hand to be disappointed.

[12:01] <+Tuka_`Refum> I will prepare our ground team for departure.

[12:01] <+Simon-G294> Good. I'll be joining you in the hangar soon.

[12:14] * Simon-G294 draws near the holoterminal.

[12:15] <+Diana_AI> I'm guessing you haven't forgotten the rest of the plan.

[12:15] <+Simon-G294> You mean what we discussed earlier.

[12:15] <+Diana_AI> Of course.

[12:20] <+Simon-G294> Tuka and the warriors will make sure 'Mdama gets his Prometheans. That should free you up to go after the other item.

[12:22] <+Tuka_`Refum> Considerate of you.

[12:24] <+Diana_AI> And you?

[12:25] <+Simon-G294> I've got a raiding legion to keep charge of.

[12:25] * Simon-G294 makes a face.

[12:25] <+Simon-G294> And you to keep happy.

[12:25] <+Simon-G294> Guess I'll just have to balance it all out, huh?

Boson Landing

[11:46] * Kyser_Ducepte and his team of Spartans are finishing their final equipment check before their operations was to begin. They were prepping to climb into their drop pods but first the weapons and armor needed to be accounted for. On a holotable display nearby, the team could make out the planet Ramaya and what looked to be ship traffic. Both human vessels and Covenant vessles.

[11:49] * Kyser_Ducepte 's slipspace node reports an emergency ONI frequency. "Team Boson. Mount up!"

[11:50] <Daniele-D003> "Boson!" PO1 Daniele Veracruz calls out, "report to your pods. Drop is in a minute!"

[11:54] * Kyser_Ducepte and Team Boson felt weightlessness as they were shuttled out the bottom of a UNSC cruiser transisting through FTL Slipspace. For a second there was inky blackness and then there were stars and a planet far below. The pods gleamed like shiny rocks in the vacuum of space.

[11:55] <Kyser_Ducepte> The SOEIV pods hurtle down to Ramaya's surface, passing through a jungle of space debris and ships.

[11:58] * Kyser_Ducepte and his team in seconds reached ground and making a harsh impact. Then all was quiet. It would be for at least another few hours.

Covenant Drill Site

[12:46] * Tuka_`Refum waves a small team of Sangheili forward. A contingent of Phantoms touches down in the hills outside the city, deploying the Covenant recovery group.

[12:48] <+Tuka_`Refum> Set up a perimeter and make sure the site is secure. Excavation is to commence immediately.

[12:51] * Merlin-D032 had been throttled by turbulance on the way in and had allowed his mind to drift on his way down to the planet. It'd been about five minutes now since he landed when he started hearing the sounds of what were definitely Covenant antigravity engines.

[12:51] * Tuka_`Refum steps aside as Unggoy begin assembling large drilling lasers to bore into the side of the hill.

[12:52] * Merlin-D032 's eyes opened to see sun light pouring in including what appeared to be moving shadows outside.

[12:52] <+Tuka_`Refum> Move quickly. The fighting in the city seems to have died down.

[12:52] <Merlin-D032> Clambering to get a better look out of the pod's window. Merlin could see several Covenant Phantoms. "Oh. Oh shit."

[12:53] * Merlin-D032 's pod was hidden by rubble and dirt and trees but there was a good chance he already been spotted.

[12:53] <+Diana_AI> (COM) It looks like we aren't the only gatecrashers at this party. I'm detecting UNSC frequencies in the area.

[12:54] <+Tuka_`Refum> Wasn't this supposed to be a covert operation?

[12:54] <+Diana_AI> (COM) We were supposed to try to be covert.

[12:55] <+Diana_AI> (COM) That might not be an option soon. Unless you want to keep playing nice, in which case you'll be easy pickings for the ones who don't feel so courteous.

[12:55] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "Uh. Radio Check. Boson. Come in."

[12:55] * Tuka_`Refum clicks his mandibles irritably.

[12:56] <Andra-D054> (COM) A cough kicked into frequency. "I'm here. I bounced off a boulder or two."

[12:56] * Tuka_`Refum waves to the other Sangheili. "Prepare for possible human attack. Keep those drills moving."

[12:56] <Kyser_Ducepte> (COM) "What is it Merlin?"

[12:57] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "Covenant. Definitely got Covenant in my LZ."

[12:57] <+Simon-G294> (COM) Tuka. What's the situation down there?

[12:58] * Kyser_Ducepte brought up a tac map based on his team's landing coordinates. I see you, Andra is the closest to your position. You two rendezvous on each other. I'll meet with the other three."

[12:58] <+Tuka_`Refum> I'm sure your "Oracle" is keeping you informed, but we haven't been attacked yet.

[12:59] <+Simon-G294> (COM) Whatever happens, you hold that position, got it? I'm still getting preparations underway on my end.

[12:59] <+Tuka_`Refum> Understood. We can hold them.

[12:59] <Andra-D054> "Merlin. Where do you want me to meet you?"

[13:00] <Andra-D054> (COM)

[13:01] * Merlin-D032 pushed against the entrance door. He checked to see if everything was in working order. The steel frame quickly gave way, opening up Merlin to a somewhat dense layer of woods and the sight of Covenant forces nearby. "Meet at my position. They're between me and you. That gives you more options to work with."

[13:02] <Andra-D054> (COM) "I'm coming" The female Spartan detached her sniper rifle from her pod wall and clambered out. She began a measured sprint in the direction of Merlin's reporting position.

[13:03] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "Cool." Turning to look back at the Covenant forces. Merlin started to stalk forward with an BR-85 rifle in hand. He approached cautiously, hoping to not give off his position, if he wasn't already compromised.

[13:03] <Merlin-D032> "Now what to do with you..."

[13:03] <+Simon-G294> (COM) Good. Just make sure you keep them busy.

[13:04] * Merlin-D032 jogged as quietly as he could till he was set up on a small mound over looking the nearby Covenant perimeter.

[13:04] * Merlin-D032 used his helmet to zoom in on what was upon closer inspection, a drilling operation in progress.

[13:05] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "They've begun drilling for something, and they just landed. Looks like they're in a hurry."

[13:10] * Tuka_`Refum unslings his plasma repeater, nervously checking the power reading.

[13:12] <Andra-D054> (COM) "I'm up a hill. Looks like they're drilling close by me. Damn. It's actually kind of warm."

[13:12] * Andra-D054 was watching the Covenant forces down below as they seemed to look around rapidly. Too careful. They were expecting trouble it seemed.

[13:12] <Andra-D054> (COM) "I think they know we're here."

[13:13] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "Want to test that theory?"

[13:13] <Andra-D054> (COM) "Your call."

[13:13] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "Permission to test the Covenant forces?"

[13:14] <Kyser_Ducepte> (COM) "Don't over stay your welcome, but, if you can get some information out of it. Go ahead."

[13:14] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "Roger. Andra, provide overwatch. I'm going to approach by cloak."

[13:14] <Andra-D054> "Got it."

[13:15] * Merlin-D032 approached the Covenant battle line. He moved slowly as grass and brush slid against his invisible armor. He made sure to avoid the gaze of the Elites who were plenty numerous. The Grunts might be less attentive.

[13:16] <+Diana_AI> (COM) Com traffic is intensifying. I don't think they're interested in playing nice.

[13:16] <+Simon-G294> (COM) Alright, plan B then. Get the ship into position while I wrap things up on my end.

[13:18] * Tuka_`Refum raises his head as one of his Kig-Yar snipers squawks a warning and raises a questioning hand.

[13:18] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "I'm past their first line. No reaction so far, I'm going to close in on their command line."

[13:18] <Andra-D054> (COM) "Don't move. Kig-Yar sniper."

[13:18] * Merlin-D032 halts in place.

[13:18] <+Tuka_`Refum> Don't warn me, you idiot. If you see them, shoot!

[13:19] <Andra-D054> (COM) "I'm going loud. Get yourself out of there!"

[13:19] * Andra-D054 lines her sniper rifle on a shot of the Kig-Yar who saw Merlin. She pulls the trigger followed by the snuff of her sniper rifle with a suppressor.

[13:19] * Tuka_`Refum drops into a crouch as a volley of beam rifle and carbine fire cuts through the air.

[13:20] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "Fuck! Merlin drops to the ground to shrink his profile as gun fire erupts.

[13:21] <Andra-D054> (COM) "Hornet's nest stirred! We need to pull out!"

[13:22] * Tuka_`Refum gestures at the Unggoy teams manning the drills. "Don't bother with them, just keep drilling!"

[13:22] * Merlin-D032 crouches up on to his knees and fires a burst into the heads of a couple of Kig-Yar nearby before rushing an Elite in front of him. He kicks his GEN-2 shields to their max.

[13:22] <+Tuka_`Refum> Hold that perimeter! Push them back!

[13:22] * Andra-D054 fires rapidly emptying two magazines into targets down below. 8 shots. 8 casualties.

[13:23] * Merlin-D032 sees the screaming Elite and points his rifle at the Elite commander as his cloak extinguishes.

[13:23] * Tuka_`Refum takes cover, firing down the hill as more Sangheili take up defensive position nearby.

[13:24] * Merlin-D032 fires back at the charging Elites. He throws a couple of Semtex grenades as far forward as he could and tossed a smoke grenade at his feet.

[13:25] <Andra-D054> (COM) "I'm wasting precious ammunition up here! Merlin get out of there. I'm switching to my DMR."

[13:25] * Tuka_`Refum ducks back as a blast tears a chunk out of the hillside.

[13:25] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "Give me a minute. I want to see if I can find some kind of identifier on these guys!"

[13:26] <Andra-D054> (COM) "You're an idiot! You know that?"

[13:26] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "You tell that to me every day." Merlin rushes forward and reactivates his cloak and sprints past the Elites.

[13:26] <+Tuka_`Refum> There aren't that many of them. Just push them back and scan for any further attackers.

[13:27] * Merlin-D032 kept pushing past. He snagged a plasma grenade off the body of one of the less-aware Elites and dropped it on the ground, primed.

[13:28] * Andra-D054 desperately attempted to track Merlin's position as he transitioned deeper into the Covenant lines.

[13:28] <Andra-D054> (COM) "Hurry up! What are you looking for?"

[13:29] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "Just a picture of a flag or a patch or some kind of symbol! I just need to know who these guys are!"

[13:29] <+Tuka_`Refum> Damn!

[13:30] * Tuka_`Refum turns in the direction of the plasma blast. "They're inside the perimeter."

[13:30] <+Tuka_`Refum> Hold them here. I'll take care of this.

[13:30] * Andra-D054 fires a round from her suppressed DMR in the direction of Tuka's inner circle.

[13:30] * Tuka_`Refum raises his plasma repeater and hurries back towards the drilling machines.

[13:30] <Andra-D054> Two more shots followed.

[13:31] * Tuka_`Refum stumbles as a shot glances off his energy shields but keeps moving towards the drills.

[13:32] <+Tuka_`Refum> So much for "covert operations."

[13:32] <+Diana_AI> (COM) I did warn you...

[13:32] * Merlin-D032 slams into Tuka's chest, by passing most of the Elites.

[13:33] <Merlin-D032> A voice from an invisible body calls out to Tuka. "What's up fucker! What do you call yourself?"

[13:33] * Tuka_`Refum is thrown back several feet, landing on his back. He scrambles to his feet, drawing his energy sword.

[13:34] <Merlin-D032> "You going to answer the question, hingehead?"

[13:34] * Tuka_`Refum glances around in sudden panic, then lets out a deep sigh and drops into a defensive posture.

[13:34] <Merlin-D032> "So, we're playing it rough." Merlin tosses three more smoke grenades out in different directions.

[13:35] * Andra-D054 takes a few more pot shots at Tuka's shields through the smoke.

[13:35] * Tuka_`Refum dips his energy sword and tilts his head as the battle rages around him. Then in a sudden burst of movement he springs forward towards Merlin's position, sword raised.

[13:37] <+Tuka_`Refum> This isn't going well. Some support would be greatly appreciated.

[13:37] * Merlin-D032 Merlin ducks the first sword lunge, hoping his cloak was still up. In the smoke he was more visible but he was still not an easy target.

[13:38] <+Diana_AI> (COM) I'm a little busy at the moment. Besides, you have a full contingent with you. And there seems to be just two of them. Don't embarrass yourself down there.

[13:38] * Andra-D054 empties the remainder of her magazine this time on nearby Elites since she lost sight of the Elite Domo and Merlin.

[13:38] * Tuka_`Refum presses forward, driving Merlin back with a quick series of blows.

[13:39] * Merlin-D032 opens up at full auto at Tuka's back following the lunge.

[13:39] * Merlin-D032 does his best to dodge the energy sword, coming very close to cutting at his legs.

[13:40] * Tuka_`Refum raises his sword to absorb the force of Merlin's barrage. He leaps back into the smoke, then activates his own active camo unit and uses the poor visibility to shield his disappearance.

[13:41] * Merlin-D032's cloak evaporates, running its course. "Well shit."

[13:42] <Merlin-D032> "Well shit." Merlin calls out again. "You sure you don't want to give me a name or what your group is called? Are you not a proud warrior?"

[13:42] * Tuka_`Refum scrambles up the side of one of the drilling lasers, catching sight of the armored human as he flickers into view.

[13:42] <+Tuka_`Refum> I should have guessed.

[13:42] * Tuka_`Refum leaps down towards Merlin, sword raised.

[13:43] <Merlin-D032> "Guessed what? Oh crap!"

[13:43] <Merlin-D032> jumps back and lobs a semtex at Tuka.

[13:44] * Tuka_`Refum presses forward, driving Merlin back and away from the drills.

[13:45] * Merlin-D032 's semtex misses, exploding the dirt beside the Spartan and Elite.

[13:45] <Andra-D054> (COM) "I'm going to create an opening!"

[13:46] * Tuka_`Refum 's shields catch the brunt of the explosion and he is thrown several feet away. He rises, panting and shaking off a shower of dirt.

[13:46] <+Tuka_`Refum> A damned slippery one.

[13:46] * Merlin-D032 lunges forward taking initiative and trying to grab Tuka's sword wrist. He made sure the blade was pointed away from him.

[13:47] <Andra-D054> (COM) "Trust me Mel!"

[13:47] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "Ugh! Please don't call me that..."

[13:48] * Tuka_`Refum strains against the Spartan, grunting with the effort as he forces him back and into the line of fire of three Sangheili warriors taking up positions around him.

[13:48] * Andra-D054 swivled her DMR in the direction of the drills and started to fire down at the Unggoy crews.

[13:48] <+Tuka_`Refum> Shoot him already!

[13:48] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "Distraction please!"

[13:49] * Andra-D054 throws a couple of fragmentation grenades at the drills.

[13:49] * Merlin-D032 swivled his body, creating an uncertain target profile for Tuka's warriors.

[13:50] <Merlin-D032> He was attempting to throttle the Elite enough that he might accidently catch a plasma round in the meantime.

[13:51] * Tuka_`Refum snarls from exertion and throws Merlin back towards the other warriors, turning and cursing as one of his drills collapses.

[13:51] * Merlin-D032 gets tossed, he rolls across the burned dirt around him before smacking into the leg of an Elite. The entire ton of his armored weight.

[13:52] <Andra-D054> (COM) "Better start running. Get that cloak on. We got to go."

[13:52] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "Ugh. Give me a minute." Merlin is looking up at the Elite above him."

[13:53] <+Diana_AI> Ugh. If you want something done right, do it yourself I guess.

[13:54] * Andra-D054 picks her sniper rifle back up and fires a bullet one of the three warriors who towered over Merlin aiming their weapons.

[13:54] * Diana_AI pings off local communications networks to create a falsified ONI frequency.

[13:54] <Kyser_Ducepte> (COM) "Why is there another presence on the ONI line?" The ONI officer asking at the site of a router appearing on his link.

[13:55] <+Diana_AI> (COM) Boson Team, pull back now. Multiple inbound Covenant dropship moving towards your position.

[13:56] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "Uh, huh? Who? Fuck it." Merlin tosses the rest of his grenade pouches in every direction and then sprints in a random direction. Past the elites now blinded or tossed about by explosives.

[13:56] * Andra-D054 's last shot missed, going a bit low.

[13:57] <Andra-D054> (COM) "Alright. Pulling cloak. Lets go!"

[13:57] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "I'm going!" Merlin's cloak reloaded and evaporated him into the smoke and chaos of a disturbed Covenant drilling site.

[13:58] * Tuka_`Refum ducks from yet another explosion, then shakes his head irritably at the hillside, now pockmarked with explosions and wounded warriors.

[13:58] * Merlin-D032 and Andra-D054 bugged out, running as quickly as they could away from the Covenant forces.

[13:58] <+Simon-G294> (COM) Tuka, how's it going over there? Dig going OK?

[13:58] <Andra-D054> (COM) "Never again."

[13:58] * Tuka_`Refum shakes his head, surveying the wrecked mining drill as the panicked Unggoy struggle to get the rest back up and running.

[13:59] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "We don't have that many encounters with Elites. Come on, we face death for a living!"

[13:59] <+Tuka_`Refum> (COM) Don't patronize me. They hit us hard, damn them. Demons made it look easy.

[13:59] <Andra-D054> (COM) "Not when you go rushing in without superior firepower or without proper cover."

[14:00] <+Simon-G294> (COM) Yeah, well, guess we kind of saw that one coming, didn't we?

[14:00] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "And I was the one who used to bug you about those things back at Camp Ambrose."

[14:00] <+Simon-G294> (COM) Mission's still the same. Dig in and hold that hill. Keep that dig going.

[14:01] <Andra-D054> (COM) "Doesn't seem like you learned from your own advice, idiot!"

[14:01] * Tuka_`Refum sighs, looking over one of his fallen warriors. "Understood. And I suppose things are going better on your side?"

[14:01] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "Fine. I concede. I'm an idiot. Let's just get back to the team..."

[14:01] <Andra-D054> (COM) "Yeah. Let's, and I make the plans this time."

[14:01] <+Simon-G294> (COM) Can't complain. But I've got you to thank for that.

[14:02] * Andra-D054 and Merlin-D032 transitioned back into the woods, leaving the Covenant behind.

[14:04] * Simon-G294 lowers his com unit, surveying the bustling Covenant activity around him. Landing vessels have deployed a large forward operating pose at the foot of a mountain range far from the city. A concentrated mining effort is already burrowing deep holes into the side of the mountain as the Covenant warriors erect defenses and prepare to advance into the smoldering opening.

[14:04] <+Simon-G294> Guess we've gotta hurry. Something tells me things aren't going to stay nice and peaceful for long.

[14:05] <Kyser_Ducepte> (COM) "Merlin. Andra. You good?"

[14:06] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "We're good sir! Nearly got my head lobbed off a couple times though."

[14:06] <Kyser_Ducepte> (COM) "I told you recon! Not create a scene."

[14:06] <Merlin-D032> (COM) "Sorry sir. I couldn't get anything on them either."

[14:06] <Kyser_Ducepte> (COM) "Just get back here."

[14:07] <Andra-D054> (COM) "Yes sir. We'll be there in five minutes. Were you the one to tell us to retreat sir? Someone on the comms ordered a full retreat."

[14:07] * Tuka_`Refum brushes his armor off, then turns back reluctantly to his warriors. "Continue with the operation. Prepare our defenses. We'll have an even bigger fight soon enough."

[14:08] <Kyser_Ducepte> (COM) "No. I know there are ONI elements here on the world. It's possible someone is watching our back without letting us know. Weird, but let's not question it for now."

[14:08] * Kyser_Ducepte internally saved the weird situation for exploration later on. He didn't question orders when ONI was involved, however, this was a very strange circumstance. That presence in the ONI network seemed to have disappeared as well.

[14:12] * Kyser_Ducepte pinged Team Boson to regroup on his position. He looked skyward toward a pillar of distant smoke and a blue sky, he wasn't sure what to expect of the future but this looked to be a much more complex operation than previously considered.

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