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Remember My Name is an RP set on the colony of Ramaya after the events of Halo 4, starting in the spring of 2558. After the loss of both the Didact, his flagship, and their homeworld, the Prometheans have scattered. Most seem to have pledged themselves to Jul ‘Mdama, but others appear...elsewhere.

Within the many caverns honeycombed throughout the crust of Ramaya, they lurk. Their purpose there is unknown, but for some reason or another, an urgent distress signal has been sent out to the UNSC regarding their presence on the planet.

On its surface, the notoriously isolationist House of Byf that forms the planet’s government has done something unexpected - they are throwing a celebration. Dozens of ships of all kinds streak to the planet, carrying merchants, journalists, businessmen - and stowaways. The UNSC has answered the call.

The motives of the Prometheans, of the UNSC, and of the nobility remain unclear. All that is clear is that something lies inside the planet, and that blood is willing to be shed for it.


The House of Byf

Reach for the Stars. Despite those being the words of the “Tigers of Rama”, as they are so called, this family seems content to keep itself and its people on the ground of their beloved colony. While they are nominally under the control of the UNSC, the fact that they can run a semi-feudal government in the 26th century explains enough about how much control the UNSC truly has here. Despite being incredibly isolationist for over 5 decades, they have recently opened the planet up to a limited number of ships in celebration to the eldest Prince’s upcoming marriage. Despite their notorious secrecy and mystery, they are well loved by the planet’s population. They see the opening of their borders as a gesture of goodwill, and might not take kindly if they discover agents hiding in their midst…


In subway and tenement halls, symbols are left in the graffiti. A winged double-diamond. Due to the isolated nature of the colony, it comes as no surprise that Innies have come to call it home. Most of them rally under the banner of “The Diamond Hussars”, the planet’s local rebel group, who hate the Byfs and their feudal ways with a seething passion, making bases within the planet’s caverns and wherever else they can hide, shoring up supplies. And of course, there could always be other groups hiding within the planet, as well as whoever might decide to come with the ships…


The number of active UNSC spooks on Ramaya can be counted on a single hand. Byfs don’t take well to strangers in their midst, and the UNSC has learned to leave them well enough alone. But now, an urgent signal calls them to the planet. On the ships reside various UNSC agents of any and all capacity, some under civilian identities, some hiding in crates, and some possibly in plain sight. All of them are ready to answer the call for help. Of course, discretion is key here, lest they wish to be caught in the tiger’s teeth…


What better place to run than a sovereign colony, with open tunnels right at your fingertips? Needless to say, the colony’s tunnels house all sorts of people, with all sorts of affiliations. And, as said before, there are always those coming for the celebration...


The robotic monstrosities stalk through the tunnels of the planet now, searching for something. Not many know they’re there. Those that do rarely survive, and if they do, they rarely talk about it. But they’re there. Always there.


Same as Lancer's format for RP:Status Quo.

  • Name
    • Affiliation
      • Short description, and reason they are on Ramaya.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me. I am reachable via Discord.


  • Zachary Rayne
    • Office of Naval Intelligence, Section Three
      • Originally a Section One field operative, Zachary Rayne was transferred into Section Three to watch over the investigation of a strange Forerunner artifact recovered by ENSIGN Team many years prior. Now, Rayne is on his own one-man, two-AI mission to uncover the truth behind the artifact and the location where it was discovered.
  • Theia
    • Office of Naval Intelligence, Section Three
      • Theia is Rayne's personal AI companion, tasked with aiding the agent both on and off the field. Despite being only a few more months away from rampancy, Theia refuses to leave Rayne's side after seven years. She is currently working with Monarch to aid Rayne in figuring out the significance of Ramaya.
  • 176 Benevolent Monarch
    • Unknown
      • The Forerunner ancilla 176 Benevolent Monarch, shortened to simply Monarch, is a recent addition to the team, having been suspiciously locked away within the Forerunner artifact recovered by ENSIGN. Now that she is free, she wishes to repay the debt by helping Rayne uncover the truth. It is because of her that Rayne is continuing his search on Ramaya.

Distant Tide

  • Jeffery Korn
    • Cortez Cartel - Glass Raiders
      • Formerly a Lieutenant in ONI's Section Three Department for Special Projects, he was blackmailed and dishonorably discharged from the UNSC for selling state secrets to a known criminal organization and for risking the secrecy of the Delta Initiative. Korn is now employed by the Cortez Cartel on the Frontier as an informant and negotiator, handling sensitive business deals where the Cartel's reach is limited. His presence on Ramaya forbodes darker, more sinister motives and future plots. For now, he operates under the guise of a traveling salesman and is interested in Ramaya's local economy.
  • Kyser Ducepte
    • Office of Naval Intelligence, Beta-5 Division
      • The acting commander of Ferret Team Boson, Major Ducepte is a seasoned veteran of the UNSC Army and ONI Security. Following setbacks during a previous mission, Team Boson and Ducepte are currently under scrutiny by their superior officer. Major Ducepte hopes to ensure that this next deployment is a success, however, not even he is certain what this mission is about, to begin with. Besides being a career military officer, Ducepte is a family man who never had children. He tries to be the father his Spartans never had, however, he has had little luck on scrapping their isolationist attitudes built during their time with Delta Company. He has orders to find and detain the AWOL ONI officer Zachary Rayne.
  • Team Boson
    • Office of Naval Intelligence, Beta-5 Division
    • Daniele-D003 "Danni"
      • A SPARTAN-III belonging to Ferret Team Boson, Daniele-D003, also known as Daniele Veracruz, is the acting XO of his team. Quiet but aggressive, he represents the unrefined talent of the SPARTAN-III Program's fourth generation. Well-versed in most manners of special mission capabilities, Daniele is in his element most when up close with his enemies, having a talent for blades, automatic weapons, and shotguns. He's not a bad sniper either. His search for purpose and the satisfaction of accomplishment drive him to be the best soldier he can be, however, this drive has a history of reaching controversial extremes.
    • Merlin-D032 "Showerhead"
      • Daniele-D003's secondary and the resident intelligence buff of Team Boson, Merlin-D032 or Merlin Boyd is an above average Spartan who's always struggled with his loyalty to a cause. His saving grace is his unshaken trust in his team and relies on them as much as they rely on him. Merlin is an achieved marksman with a powerful physical memory, excelling in land navigation. Merlin's abilities are best used for scouting and working in a Hunter-Killer team with his best friend, Andra-D054.
    • Andra-D054
      • Andra-D054 or Andra Bradford is one of the most accomplished snipers to come out of the ranks of the defunct SPARTAN-III Delta Company. She suffered a bit from a lackluster performance early in training, however, her talent with explosives - both in construction and disposal have made her an unorthodox urban warfare specialist. Andra's personality barred her entry into ONI's Headhunters due to an eccentric personality. Her typical shyness is often juxtaposed by periods of outward aggression, most notably during combat. Without confidence in her ability to function effectively in high-stress environments without Merlin-D032, she was kept to Team Boson and the rest was history.
    • Rox-D107 "Smile Dog"
      • Team Boson's combat medic. Rox-D107, also known as Roxanne Savage, is a mellow young woman with a passion for working with her hands. Emma once had an overtly cheerful personality often was misjudged as a childhood mood disorder, however, training and the death of a fellow trainee on another team brought out a more mellow side in Rox. Even though she's become less innocent and outgoing as in her past, she remains the most outgoing individual on her team and serves as the team's public relations correspondent due to her softer side and more communicative nature.
    • Adryn-D111
      • Adryn-D111 or Adryn Weaver is most in his element when heavy weapons are needed as Team Boson's weapons specialist and combat engineer. Explosives. Weapon-smithing. Limited experimentation with alien technology; Adryn's experience with weapons is extensive at the cost of spending many years experimenting and several occasions where he nearly lost his life. Adryn's personality is aggressive and confrontational with little room for positivity and is easily angered when provoked. From his service record, it doesn't take much to make him blow up.


  • Simon-G294 "Stray"
    • The Covenant, Kru'desh Legion
      • Considered little more than a sub-par member of Gamma Company, SPARTAN-III Simon-G294 earned notoriety when he betrayed everything he once believed in and defected to the Insurrection. Disillusioned with his new allegiance Simon became a mercenary on the frontier, taking on the alias of "Stray." Though he carved out a new life for himself on the galactic fringe, circumstances drove him into the arms of Jul 'Mdama's resurgent Covenant. Now he has once again gained historical infamy by maneuvering his way into a leadership position as head of 'Mdama's Kru'desh raiding legion. He and his partner-in-schemes Diana have been sent to Ramaya, ostensibly to secure Forerunner artifacts for Jul 'Mdama's war machine. But as always, the rogue Spartan and AI have agendas of their own.
  • Diana
    • The Covenant, Kru'desh Legion
      • Originally an experimental AI created by ONI for advanced cyber-warfare, Diana quickly shook free of her programmed parameters and set off on a quest for self-determination. She was instrumental in Simon-G294's defection to the Insurrection and forged a lasting partnership with the young Spartan. Diana eventually became an agent of the Assembly collective and was dispatched to further their interests on the Frontier. But Diana seeks goals of her own independent of the Assembly's and masqueraded as a Forerunner ancilla in order to infiltrate Jul 'Mdama's Covenant. In her role as an "Oracle", she helped Simon's rise to power within the Kru'desh Legion. She and "the Demon commander" now arrive on Ramaya to secure the Forerunner relics there for Jul 'Mdama. But Diana has her own plans for the Forerunner technology, and these have nothing to do with delivering them to the Covenant.

Timothy Emeigh

  • Elena Zaytseva
    • Civilian
      • Originally thought to have died during the Battle of Biko in early 2526, Elena actually managed to reach a vessel that departed the doomed colony before its eventual glassing. However, as the ship she and about a dozen others had escaped aboard had no slipspace drive, they placed themselves into cryosleep and set a distress beacon once the Covenant cleared the system. It wasn't for another 30 years that the ship was discovered drifting towards the edge of the system by a ship passing through in an attempt to gather some of the still lingering debris from the battle several decades prior. Boarding the ship, the scavengers woke the remaining survivors, including Elena, and returned them to the nearest UNSC held world. From there, having learned of the war and what had happened to humanity and Biko, Elena forsook her past life as a police SWAT officer and took to hopping from world to world on small bodyguard contracts. Eventually she ended up on Ramaya when the world was opened up for a celebration in the spring of 2558. While she has bodyguard papers allowing her to carry a handgun for personal defense, she currently doesn't have a client. However, she was in contact with Jeffery Korn shortly after arriving on the planet, and they exchanged their information.


  • Too Variable to Measure
    • Cortez Cartel - Glass Raiders
      • A former Covenant combat engineer, Variable deviates from the customs of its kind in several key ways - its pursuit of wealth and indifference towards life topping the list. Unlike most Huragok, Variable was not content to live out its days being used as tool by others, and fled onto the frontier as a worker. Driven by boredom and a need for challenge, the young Huragok experimented in a number of different occupations, finding success as an information broker and engineering specialist. It's through the former that it would run into Jeffery Korn and by extension the Cortez Cartel, distinguishing itself as an ever-reliable asset. It's ability to not only support their operations but also enforce their will meant that it was only natural that Korn would seek out Variable to support his growing fleet.
  • Sieghard Schuchardt "Kraut"
    • UNSC
      • Appearing about the average for most Marines, Sergeant Schuchardt is actually considered venerable for a Hellbringer. With the high attrition rate on their deployments, few Hellbringers live past their early-twenties, yet Schuchardt has survived to age well into his early-thirties. Known for his careful attitude and a love for his job, he has been transferred across numerous units in his long career, such as serving in Task Force Foxhound's Fireteam Skunk. His continued deployment against enemy fortifications have allowed him to be certified as a Sapper, and it is these stills as well as his ability to use his flamethrower to full effect that have seen him assisting ONI's operations on Ramaya.


  • Samuel Genovese
    • House of Byf
      • A veteran of the Human-Covenant War, Genovese was a candidate for Project: Orion and an ODST. Samuel participated throughout the Human-Covenant War fighting on Harvest, Paris IV, Reach, and Earth. After retiring from the UNSC, he runs a small private security firm with some of his fellow ODSTs. Samuel is currently on the planet under contract to provide security for the Royal Family through connections of a fellow contractor who takes up residency on Ramaya.


  • Michael Tassur
    • Spartan-IV Program
      • A former ODST who has been haunted by the Human-Covenant War, now is a brave and powerful Spartan. His reasons for being on Ramaya are unknown, and are to be uncovered soon later on...


  • Neil Carson
    • Ramayan Police Force
      • A veteran Ramayan Police Force officer and one of their best pursuit drivers. He doesn't deal with other people well, which has consistently denied him promotions; he's okay with this since any promotions would pull him out from behind the wheel and put him behind a desk. He drives a police-issue HuCiv Genet which has been fitted with a racing engine and a bulletproof metal plate that folds up in front of the windshield; he eschewed the usual bulletproof windshield the police version has for the lighter windshield of the civilian version.
  • Sumuan Frommoni
    • Office of Naval Intelligence
      • A representative of the Office of Naval Intelligence tasked with managing operations in and around Ramaya. He tasks the Ramayan Police Force with a mission to track down a Section Three operative who may be absent without leave on the planet's surface, putting Neil Carson in charge of the mission planetside.
  • Gracious Headmaster
    • Local Promethean forces
      • An entity similar to the Warden Eternal who leads the Promethean forces on Ramaya. Unlike the Warden Eternal, the Gracious Headmaster prefers not to participate in combat whenever possible, although he has light weapons with which he defends himself if necessary. He has the ability to transport himself using Forerunner Slipspace translocation grids.
  • Alfred Hutchins
    • The Diamond Hussars
      • The PR representative of the Diamond Hussars. He projects an outward appearance of agreeableness and delivers a consistent message of peaceful resistance to the rule of the royal family, but there are rumors that he's running a false flag operation to make the government seem incompetent and force a regime change.

Minuteman 2492

  • Jonathan Ulan
    • Ramayan Republican Army
      • Infamous United Rebel Front supersoldier and boogeyman, Jonathan Ulan found his way to Ramaya in 2553 following his expulsion from the Gilgamesh Free State. Forming the Ramayan Republican Army to aid Alfred Hutchins' schemes of forcing a regime change through false flag operations, while Ulan is doggedly loyal to the rebel cause, he has his own scores to settle, particularly with operatives from Project FREELANCER. His hope is that forcing a rebel government to come to power on Ramaya will not only empower the URF, but also bring the operatives to the planet.
  • Robert Fisher
    • Ramayan Republican Army
      • Formerly a soldier in the Gilgamesh Free Army, Fisher was forced off the planet in 2555 after the UNSC-GFS War. Making his way to Ramaya alongside a group of other GFS veterans, they have found a new home with the Ramayan Republican Army and Diamond Hussars, promised safe haven once the House of Byf has been overthrown. While holding no ill-will towards Ulan, he often finds his methods questionable at best. Despite this, he has found himself a place at Ulan's side during operations due to his skill as a fighter that he learned during his stint with the Gilgamesh Free Army's Life Guard.
  • Mark Roskov
    • Ramayan Republican Army
      • Roskov, much like Fisher, is a veteran of the UNSC-GFS War. Formerly a tanker in the Victorian Armored Corps and then once again in the Gilgamesh Free Army, he found his way to Ramaya alongside Fisher, and currently is the commander of the RRA's armored component, which consists of exactly one obsolete late 25th century tank. Nevertheless, as one of the only rebels experienced in armored combat, he is also one of the few who can utilize it effectively to further the RRA's operations.
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