"Just... dust and echoes."
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Outbreak is a Discord RP conducted and supervised by LegionXIII. Set in August of 2555 on the outer colony world of Pharos II, which is under recolonization efforts by the UNSC during the Post-War era, Outbreak follows the citizens of Pharos II and the UNSC Military as they attempt to confront and contain a mysterious Flood Outbreak on the planet, which poses a great threat to Humanity at this early juncture.


After the Covenant War ended the UNSC was able to recover Pharos II from Jiralhanae forces after a naval engagement in early 2553, with support from the Swords of Sangheilios. The Planet, by and large, was in good condition, due to no major orbital bombardment taking place, and as such survivors began to flock to the planet.

The UNSC maintained forces on the planet in the event that Covenant ground forces were still operational, and also to defend a - [CLASSIFIED].

Rebuilding efforts, like on other planets, were slow, but by and large things began to return to normal, with the UNSC keeping an eye out for insurrectionist forces which might attempt to gain leverage on the fledgling colony.

That was of course until a few weeks ago. Reports of disappearances in the marshlands have been on the rise, alongside the sightings of aggressive, unidentifiable creatures in the wilderness. In order to provide additional security and a "safety net" to the civilians, the UNSC has dispatched a small force to the planet.

The Cast


Timothy Emeigh



Andromeda Vadum






  • The Marseilles Post
  • UNSC
    • UNSC Marine Corps
      • 61st Marine Regiment
        • 2nd Battalion
          • Charlie Company
            • Fifth Platoon
              • Second Squad
                • Valérie Ogawa
    • UNSC Marine Corps
      • 481st Marine Aircraft Wing
        • Marine Aircraft Group 2728/MAG-2728
          • Marine Heavy Helicopter Attack Squadron 3819/HMAH-3819
            • AV-14 Attack Vertical Takeoff/Landing Aircraft
              • Giacinto Maricazzi

Non Playable Characters

  • UNSC
    • UNSC Marine Corps
      • 61st Marine Regiment
        • 2nd Battalion
          • Colonel Morgan Cross
    • UNSC Navy
      • Adrian Konstav - Commanding Officer (UNSC Midnight Sun)
      • Jiro Sugihara - Commanding Officer (UNSC Meriwether Lewis)

Sign Up

Those wishing to join this roleplay merely need post their name and links to the wiki pages of the characters they wish to use in order to be reviewed. If these are not available a short section detailing the character's name, age, gender, affiliations, occupation, and reasons as to why they will be on Pharos II during this event.

Spartans are not restricted from this roleplay, however they will not be permitted to be on Pharos II at the start of the RP due to the nature of the background story, and must arrive as reinforcements once the flood presence is confirmed. Covenant Characters however are restricted, as it is a human colony in the early stages of rebuilding, and it is highly unlikely that the UNSC will permit Covenant forces on the planet.