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Alright, you wanna know about the Insurrection? Let me give you the short version:

Once upon a time, there was an orginization known as the UN. The UN was one of the strongest military forces ever seen. After a war, the UN turned into the UNSC, and they began to colonize every planet they could reach. After a few centuries of peace, some groups of people felt that the UNSC was oppressive, so they picked up their cheap huntin' rifles and began to fight back. After a few years of that, a huge ass war started, and we're now in the middle of it. The biggest civil war humanity has ever seen, and those rebels? Nothin's gonna stop them until they get their independence. Heh... you wanna know what they say about them? Innies Out. The phrase is ironic really... how much they want out. Basically... those who say it... they just want the UNSC to let go of Eridanus and Epsi, so they can have their peace. The only problem is that Reach is in Epsi... but, I'll leave all that to the politicians and admirals. My job: kill them before they kill me, and I intend to do that. Innies out. -- Sergeant Arnold Lewis, after the Battle of Tribute.

In the year of 2499, the UNSC met and combatted a splinter group of the United Rebel Front. Led by General Nitro, they took over a planet and it's two moons, turning them into military factories. The UNSC's response? -- PROJECT: ORION.




  • 500 Men and Women
  • 20 Prowlers
    • CA 1
    • CA 2
    • CA 3
    • CA 4
  • ORION Detachment

Nitroneon Forces


  • 500,000 Men and Women
    • All men of the colonies have to fight, women only can if they don't have children.
  • 3 Halcyon-class Cruiser
    • Deception
    • Betrayal
    • Dissimulation
  • 10 Beowulf class Frigates

URF Froces

  • Liberation Task Force
    • One Marine Battalion
    • 26 Ships of various size and classification


UNSC Forces

  • AJ
    • Corporal Arnold Lewis, CODENAME BLACKDOG - Member of PROJECT: ORION
    • Admiral Zachary Hood† - Overall ONI Commander
      • Vice Admiral Lance Stacker, CODENAME JABBERWOKY - ONI Section III Commander, later ONI Commander
      • Rear Admiral (Upper Half) James Young, CODENAME BANDERSNATCH - ONI Section 0 Leader, rival to Stacker
    • Captain Steven Ward, CODENAME KRAKEN - ONI Garrison Commander

Nitroneon Forces

  • H*bad
    • Commander Nitro
      • Cruiser Deception
    • General Robert Lee
      • Cruiser Betrayal
    • General Youngstan
      • Cruiser Dissimulation

United Rebel Front forces

  • Sgt.johnson
    • Lieutenant Colonel Rodney Jackson
      • M-EDF 5/39/5 -- AWOL for over five years
    • Captain Harold Cooke
      • Liberation Task Force
        • UNSC Frigate Red Dawn (DECOMMISSIONED) -- Flagship
        • 10 Sirius Class Corvettes (DECOMMISSIONED)
        • 15 Ships of smaller size



ONI, Section III compound, UNSC Colony World Loki IV, June 27th, 2499 (MILITARY CALENDAR)

"My brothers, our time has come. This is our time, our day, to free us from the oppression of the Untied Nations Space Command. They have told us how many babies to have, how many crops to grow, how many people to provide for their imperialistic efforts."

Through the loudspeaker, the voice of a known United Rebel Front (URF) leader boomed. He was once a great UNSC military officer, having served against many insurrections. But, somewhere between 2492 and 2498, something changed. He had turned against those he was sworn to protect, and to all in the briefing room, he just moved to the top of the deck.

"I, former UNSC Commander Nitro, have seen their goals, and I shall work with you to fight against them. Together, we shall build a new colony. The name of this planet is no longer Loki! It is now Nitro!"

There was a thunderous applause, and the crowd began to chant "Nitro, Nitro, Nitro, Nitro!"

Back in the briefing room, the ONI officers and the members of the ORION detachment looked at each other. The looks on their faces were grave, filled with fear, and the anticipation for a fight. Eight years ago, all had volunteered to become the Special Special Forces, the best of the best, the first generation of Spartans. They were all itching for a fight, and on UNSC Colony World Loki (Unofficially Nitro), it was brewing.

In 2492, Commander Jack Nathaniel Halverson went AWOL (Absent Without Leave) from the UNSC, taking a small ship with his devout followers to a Rebel camp, selling priceless UNSC secrets. The UNSC sent it's ORION members to kidnap him, and to destory whatever was sold, but, all had failed. ONI lost his scent until 2498, when he was picked back up on Loki, with a new name: Jonathan Nitro. Although it seemed easy to assassinate him, it was very difficult, as, whenever he was out in public, he was protected by a brigade of devout followers, and, when he made a public speach, he did so from the inside of a bullet proof (even to the M99 SASR Stanchion rifle, the strongest rifle in the armory) glass box. So, for now, they just waited for the best moment to strike.

Corporal Arnold Lewis reached back and rubbed his scalp. It was newly cut, and it shone the reflection of the lights in the ONI Compound. He had heard the speech, and was riled up as much as any of the others, probably even more. Two weeks before, he had the perfect shot at Nitro with his M99 Stanchion, but, the man seemed to be very lucky. When he fired, he side stepped, and another person stood where he had just been, striking the man through his left arm, going through his torso, ripping his lungs, heart, and flesh, before exiting out the right side and implanting itself in the room on the other end. Lewis was mad, and there wasn't a better chance since. In order to rid himself of his anger, he went to the gym on the compound, and began to bench a three hundred pound weight as a warm up.

HIGHCOM Facility Alpha-4, UNSC Colony World Earth, June 28th, 2499 (MILITARY CALENDAR)

"Admiral Hood, Sir!" cried out the young Petty Officer that worked for him, calling for him to look at a transmission.

The sixty four year old Admiral walked out of his office, still an imposing presence despite his age. He had served on numerous black ops, and, when he was a Captain, he oversaw the ORION Project. He was demoted in 2492 after Halverson went AWOL, but soon regained his rank after the capture of his numerous lieutenants by ORION forces. As he reached the computer, he went through the necessary security protocols, and on screen popped up Wilson Jackson, a councilman of the United Earth Government.

"Admiral, it appears we have a situation."
"Yes, we do sir. It appears that Halverson... excuse me, Nitro has just renamed the goddamned planet of Loki to Nitro!"
"Yes, we know, and Admiral, what do you plan on doing?"
"Well sir, on the planet is a special forces team, the best of the best. We can expect them to keep all ONI personell safe and to launch a campaign against Nitro and those bastards."
"Let's hope to God that they do Admiral. If your Special Forces fail, it'll be the largest loss of the UNSC since we nuked Far Isle!"
"Yes sir, I understand sir."
"You better Admiral, or it'll be the last time you're in command of anything."

The screen went black, and the Admiral felt his stomach drop. This happened before, when Halverson went AWOL. He wasn't about to let it happen again. He smoothed his grey hair back, walked out of the building, put his hat on, and proceeded to a small cafe at the end of the street.

As he sat down, he took his hat off, and ordered a bagel and some coffe. As he laid back, something didn't seem right. Every thing was... too normal. Normally, there would be the wave of protesters screaming "Innies Out" or the like. He relaxed himself, and, as soon as he did, a muffled crack of a sniper rifle filled the air, and the Admiral lay dead, his brains spewed all over the cafe.

-- Your Worst Enemy<The Original> <The SPARTAN> <The Thriller> <The Project> [The Unit] 00:52, 25 April 2008 (UTC)












A marine sat in the corner, checking ammunition and loading it into some crates. It would be neccessary for what would come. The Marine was more than meets the eye, though. He was a member of PROJECT: ORION, an attempt to make supersoldiers by the UNSC. His name was Dean Jackson. His family and ancestors had been in hundreds of wars, the family's military history was traced back to the Irish Tribe wars during early Medieval age.

But more importantly, this Marine was focusing on how much he had to hate the enemy, the Innies, or by normal folks: Insurrectionists. And when Dean focused on something, he had a mysterious ability to manage to do it in reality. This time it would be to kill Innies!

"Ghost" Private Church.jpg Leonard Church "Rookie, shut up!" "I'm a freaking ghost!" "Have you ever seen a blue ghost before?"


Nitro sitting alone in his castle on planet Nitro. He was more focused on what he knew was coming. The upcoming battle between him and the UNSC. He had figured that they wouldn't wait long before attacking his strong hold. He just recently placed his ships on alert for the early signs of the UNSC.

Nitro fully understood UNSC protocols and knew how they might approach this situation. All he did was await a call, hours go by, he sits just waiting. Nobody else is in the room with him. He remembers back to his early days in the UNSC and starts to continue to hate. He hated everything in life, but nothing was more hated then Admiral Hood. He knew him to be a formidable foe and felt more hatred to him than his very life.

Finally some movement, he stands up stretches and then sits back down. He pulls out his phone and decides to call his commanders to make sure everyone is in perfect position. He had been in charge of the Rebel Response Team. This team was created to stop Rebels in UNSC controlled space. The RRT now was chasing after him, but he wasn't afraid, he knew their secret. But what he didn't know was his foe was sending a more formidable foe than what he was expecting. Oh yes, he knew of the Orion Project, but he didn't know the specifics or the complete training. For now, he waits.



The man stretched his limbs and continued his patrol of the camp. He was a large man, and plenty easy to spot for his distinctive features; over 6 feet tall, white skin, short black hair, large nose, cut over his right eye and a slightly crooked walk. He was on Nitro under orders from the UNSC, to eliminate Nitro himself. He was CODENAME AJAX, but such things were for secrecy purposes only. His real name was Roy Koel, and he was one of the members of Project Orion. He and the others had joined together, but they were under extremely specific and rigid orders to act as if they had no previous knowledge of each other, with only a few exceptions. So, while his fellows were around him on this hostile mission, he felt very alone.
Completing his walk of the compound to make sure nothing was amiss, he returned to his quarters and checked his hidden stash of ammo and weapons. They were still safe, right where he'd left them. He knew they would need to strike soon, and he was ready. At least, he hoped he was.......

--MCPO James DavisLOMI HQI here your criesMay your works be honorable
21:50, 26 April 2008 (UTC)


ONI Section III Compound, UNSC Colony World Loki IV (Nitro), June 29th, 2499 (MILITARY CALENDAR)

"Alright men, listen up. Admiral Zachary Hood, leader of ONI, was killed yesterday in Sydney, Australia, on Earth. The round fired matches up with the signature of a M99 Stanchion SASR, only used by the UNSC, which leads to two choices: either A, it was an assassination by ONI, or B, it was a hit by an ex-UNSC soldier. All evidence points toward B, as the round fired matched the signature of a rifle last seen in possesion of ex-Private First Class Lawrence Walker. He's workin with Nitro, so, it had to have been ordered by him. This comes from the top. You men are going to infiltrate Nitro's castle only for intel. Lewis, you're gonna be in overwatch, make sure no one sees the team infiltrate. Koel, you're gonna be the point man on this, make sure you got a shotgun. Jackson, you're goin in heavy, so, grab yourself a machine gun, and Williams, you're gonna be coverin the rear. Got it?"
"Sir, yes sir!"
"Alright, move out." said Captain Ward. He was a forty-year veteran of black operations in the UNSC, even leading some of the more rumored and mythological ones himself. He was short however, only standing a mere 5'6. However, he was ruthless, and it was rumored that no one that crossed him had lived. He walked back into his office, leaving the ORION troopers to themselves.

HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6, UNSC Colony World Earth, June 28th, 2499, two hours after the assassination of Zachary Hood (MILITARY CALENDAR)

Inside of the facility, Rear Admiral (Upper Half) Lance Stacker walked through the atrium, reached the elvator, put in the proper security protocols, then entered. On the way down, he smoothed out his still red hair, and he put his hat back on. He was one of the youngest Admirals in the fleet, only 40 chronologically. He reached the rank through some very lucky breaks (various assassinations), and being one of the best team leaders the UNSC had in its war against the Insurrection. After going three kilometers into Earth, the bell dinged, and he stepped off.

Heh... why do they even have that? he thought to himself. When he entered the room, in the back sat the overall commander of UNSC Forces, along with the head of Section 0 of ONI, Rear Admiral (Upper Half) James Young, the commander of the UNSC Marine Corps, General Chung Tai-Shei. They were aging, and Tai-Shei held signs of being in combat, shown from the recent UNSC incursion into Tribute. He had survied ten assassination attempts by Rebel forces, and even survived a grenade blast in his younger days.

"Stacker," said the Fleet Admiral, "I believe that you have heard of the assassination of Admiral Hood?"
"Yes sir, I have." "It's very... unfortunate that he had to die that way, isn't it Admiral?"
"Yes... why am I here sir?"
"You're here, Admrial, to discuss the current state of ONI." "Alright sir..."

An hour later...

"Thank you for your time Admiral."
"Alright sir."
"Oh, and Vice Admiral Stacker, I believe you're gonna need a bigger staff. You're heading ONI now. Congratulations."
"Thank you sir!"

Stacker saluted, and left the room. The Fleet Admiral in supreme command of the UNSC Navy had just given him a promotion, and all he did was show up. He walked to the elevator, proceeded back up the three kilometers to the surface, walked out to his car, and drove back to his apartment.

-- Your Worst Enemy<The Original> <The SPARTAN> <The Thriller> <The Project> [The Unit] 23:53, 26 April 2008 (UTC)


June 29th, 2499 UNSC Embassy, Loki (Nitro)

The air itself seemed to hold still as one could feel the tension tightening around the planet. The Rebel Nitro had just made the claim of renaming Loki into Nitro. Lance Corporal Hee-jae Nah gripped his assault rifle tight as he looked down on the streets from the two story building which was the UNSC Embassy. He couldn't help but think of a few things.

1. Why the name Nitro.

2. Why did he have to be assigned here and not on some tropical island like his previous station.

3. If the shit went down how well would the embassy hold.

4. When the shit went down he and the two platoons here would be the last to be evacuated after the civilians were picked up.

He sighed and reached into his pocket for a cigeratte. He scanned the embassy perimeter, the two story building was surrounded by a fifteen foot wall topped with barbed wire and even broken glass, from the wall it was a fifty foot dash to the building itself. The civilain building had been turned into a makeshift defense position, windows, balconies, doorways, anything was lined with barriers, sandbags, and marines. Hee-jae finished the cigeratte as his shift was over and someone else from his squad came to replace him. The 5'10" Korean walked down a flight of stairs and through a hallway, his weapon slung across his shoulder and a holster for a pistol at his hip. He passed marines and civilians and saluted his lieutenant as he walked and as the hallway widened he could see at one end a woman and two men. One held a large camera to her and the other looked into a small laptop, the woman began to talk to the camera and then introduced a civilian, as Hee-jae neared he could hear the discussion as the woman asked the civilian about what was happening after Loki took a change of name. Soon the woman thanked the civilian and he walked away, Hee-jae walked closer and saw the woman, she was asian, had long black hair, a cross on her necklace, and wore a typical brown business suit with a skirt. She stood at 5'8" with her two inch heels and Hee-jae couldn't help but feel attracted to her.

He passed her as she fixed her hair as he walked by she turned and looked at him, then with a gentle voice asked him to stop. "Are you busy at the moment? If not could we ask you some questions?" Hee-jae looked around to see if she was talking to someone else but nobody was around him. His heart beat quickened as he approached.


"Thanks a lot, this isn't a live feed so don't worry too much okay?" She said with a smile. He nodded his head and the camera man gave her a thumbs up. She quickly read his nametag and was able to tell his rank by his chevrons, "Here is Lance Corporal Hee-jan Nah, a marine garrison here at the embassy, Lance Corporal what is the situation like outside?"

Hee-jae looked at her and than the camera hesitant for a second. "Well foot traffic has increased since Nitro's speech and all personal both military and civilian have been ordered to stay in the embassy. Our guys are on constant watch, every once in a while we got pot shots taken at us but it's inaccurate and for the most part not threating."

"What do you think will happen if the rebels decide to attack the embassy."

"Well I can't go into too much detail about our defense plan but we're gonna hold until evac arrives and gets the civilians out. Than we leave after the embassy is clear."

"Are you confident with the marines and situation around you?"

Hee-jae thought for a split second, to be honest he wasn't sure. "Yes I'm very confident, the guys here are well trained, we've got good equipment and our commanders are excellent."

"Alright thats all thank you so much Lance Corporal Nah." With that the camera cut the recording and she again thanked Hee-jae. He could only smile and say it was no problem. Than he walked away and continued to his bunk where he would sleep till his next shift.



Nitro approaches the platform like he does every tuesday to give his battle cry. "To freedom from oppresion", oh yes everyone loves that one. Nitro looks around to the crowd. He continues, "My fellow people of Nitro, the UNSC has oppressed us more than anything else. We know of the days when we had communism to contain, now I ask of you to contain all of the UNSC." Cheers roar through the crowd. Oh yes, they are playing right into his hands.

"There comes a time when we may rejoice and there is a time for war! We will rise up. We will not be a sleeping giant! We shall have order! We shall hav-" Shots ring out. Yet another assassination attempt on his life. The Royal Guardsmen run to the lone assassins shooting area. Shots are heard and a man's head is thrown out of a window. Nitro uses this as an opportunity, "You see this? This is the other giants weakness. We can see that they fear that people will start to be free! We must be able to say, free at last! Why would these people send out terrorists to attack us unless they know that we are better! What have we done to them? Have we not tried for peace? Yet they send their troops and we shall squash them because we are the greatest of the great. The storm of our freedom of thought shall reign throughout the UNSC and stop their evils from spreading!"

Oh yeah, the crowd loves it all. Oh yes, he could say anything now and they would go for it. Time to strike in. "Now my fellow friends I announce that we are now starting a draft and an armament of nuclear weapons and ships. Our friends from this United Rebel Front has informed us that the UNSC have sent many troops towards us and soon we must fight. This draft will consist of a random lottery. The winner gets to fight for the greatest world and the greatest of moons and they get to fight for the right to think and not be oppressed. And if they die then so be it for they will reign as heroes in the heavens above! The United Rebel Front has sent us new friends, who you might of noticed throughout the crowd. These men and women shall help us in our fight against the evil!"

Alright they are buying into it. There is now the more obvious of situations. "We have a situation though, the UNSC has now blockaded their Embassy. Now I have ordered some of my men to go to that embassy and to arrest these evil ones. We shall arrest all of them for their crimes against humanity." Time for the last nail, yes it is a lie, but it is a very convincing lie. "The UNSC has reported that they are planning on nuking this entire world if we are to lose. When they ask for peace, they mean, surrender and die. Do you want that?" Nitro hears the No and death to the UNSC throughout the crowd. "I didn't think so, so are we ready?" Yes and We shall Fight is now being heard. Nitro looks around and sees one person who appears to not be in the right place. "Who is that man?" The man stands up.

"This man is a liar!"-Man

"How dare you call me a liar. I am the lord of the land and the sea. I am the one that they call their leader and their friend."-Nitro

Shots ring out and the man goes down.

"Do you see? This is what we have to deal with. Now my fellow country men and women, I must take my leave for tomorrow we dine on the feast of the defeat of the UNSC!"-Nitro

Final cheers are heard. Nitro is brought down through a hole on his platform. Nitro looks up through the glass and takes his last glimpse of his people.

Meanwhile, troops surround the UNSC Embassy. The troops inside of the embassy see the Nitro troops who stay out of the fight zone designated by the soldiers. For now they wait for who ever strikes first, for war.


"Alright ORION, look sharp." said the team leader of the ORION fire team now moving to get intel from Nitro's castle.

Lewis ran up the hill surrounding the castle, and set up his M99 Stanchion Gauss Rifle, and set out boxes of the ammunition. He scanned through the scope where the guards were, and told the team to hold up.

Inside of Lewis' head, he steeled himself and calmed down. Being a sniper wasn't an easy job, especially when you saw the guy's look right before the bullet killed him. However, Lewis got used to it after his early days in the Insurrection.

He calmed his breathing, and squeezed the trigger. At that moment, an electrical signal was sent to the battery, causing the 5.4 mm tungsten/ferritte slug to accelerate down the coils, and out of the weapon.

The round flew at 15,000 feet per second, faster than any chemical projectile could have. It hit the target right in the center of mass, ripping his flesh apart, killing him.

"Alright, first one's down. Move up."

The ORION fire team got to the door, then silently picked the lock and went inside. Lewis changed his scope to thermal vision, which easily penetrated the castle's rather thin walls. Lewis tracked the team's progress, then, told them to halt. Two guards were moving up the stairs. One was smoking a cigar, and the other was drinking what appeared to be water. Lewis quickly aimed for one, and fired. He fell, and, before his friend realized that he was down, Lewis had fired again, and the round hit him in the chest. The ORION team hid the bodies in a supply closet, and infiltrated Nitro's private office. There, they took his Laptop's harddrive, along with his Dumb AI, known as Ngurunderi. The AI protested, which Lewis heared over the SQUADCOM. The ORION team packaged up the contents, along with some papers, and they evacuated. Lewis stayed for any other intelligence, and heard something he wish he hadn't.

They were attacking the embassy. -- Your Worst Enemy<The Original> <The SPARTAN> <The Thriller> <The Project> [The Unit] 12:56, 29 April 2008 (UTC)


UNSC Embassy

Hee-jae shook heavily as his squad mate tried to wake him. Cursing Hee-jae looked at him with half open eyes, "What?"

"You gotta see for yourself." With that Hee-jae figured it was something serious, he grabbed his weapon and bandolier than with some others headed up to the roof. There he saw the whole marine garrison there with weapons at the ready. All around the Embassy marines were in defensive positions and odds were the civilians were in a room guarded by a few more marines. To one corner he saw the woman from before, her camera man eagerly rising to get a good shot. Hee-jae ran to her side actly like he was ordered and barely noticed, it worked. She touched his shoulder as he went prone and put his rifle at the ready.

"You again." She said with a smile that seemed to be unaware of the tension here now. Hee-jae smiled back and look past his weapon, he could see hundreds of bodies roiting on the Embassy's perimeter most were armed. On the roads technicals drove past, the civilian trucks turned into fighting vehicles by weilding on machineguns werecheap and inexpencive but they made for a good fast attack vehicle and transport.

"Eye's up backpack near the gate!" Someone yelled.

Sure enough a small black backpack had been dropped there the previous owner quickly walked away however he was the only one. None of the other rebels around it moved away. Maybe it was just a bluff.

The bluff erupted in a thunderous boom, dust and smoke covered the areas the ground shook from the blast. The gate was destroyed pieces mingled in with the pieces of nearby rebels. Some ran away for a moment others didn't, Hee-jae realized what happened. By sacrificing a number of rebels it had made it seem like a UNSC action which would ignite the flames in others spirits to attack. Suddenly the crowd turned on the embassy, gunshots filled the air. Hee-jae looked to the woman and quickly pulled her down as rounds filled the space she once occupied. She was safe however her camera man died instantly, his camera dropped and shattered byside him. "OPEN FIRE!"

Hee-jae immediately turned his sights onto the gate and pulled the trigger for a long burst. So did the two platoons, anyone who tried to make it through the open hole of the gate was torn to pieces. A wall of lead broke two charging groups and left their bodies mingled over each other. Others tried to run in quickly picking up weapons off of the dead. Soon two technicals barged in, their tires crushed the bodies under them.Each technical had a gunner who fired nonstop as they pasted the gate, his fire went across the roofedge and missed any marines. A rocket was fired and one of the technicals was blown into the air causing it to flip on its hood before coming to a burning stop. "Hee-jae! Get that reporter downstairs now!" A lieutenant yelled.

Hee-jae quickly grabbed her hand and made a sprint for the door and to the flight of stairs. She followed but tripped causing Hee-jae to stumble as well. Without even saying a word he picked her up and continued to run with her in his arms. It wasn't until they were in the room with the others did he apologize. She said it was okay as she rubbed her knee, he looked down to see it was scraped and bleeding. He began to reach for his field kit to take care of it when she waved him off. "It's okay, you're friend's will need you upstairs." She said with a smile that obvioulsy show'd her in pain. For some reason he saluted her and turned to go back up when he stopped.

"What's your name?" He asked.



"Alright ORION, listen up. Nitroneon Forces have stationed around the gate of the embassy. Right now, they're being assaulted. Your mission is to back up their forces, and get the rebels out at any cost. Do you understand!?"

"Sir, yes sir!"

"Good. Arm up, and you will be delivered by Pelican. Lock and load, and godspeed."

The ORION fireteam quickly headed to the barracks and grabbed their gear, then moved to the compounds VTOL pad. They boarded the lone pelican, and they flew to the embassy. Twenty minutes later, they landed at the roof, and they moved through the embassy. Lewis took a position on the roof, and almost immediately, he fired on the one who appeared to be leading the mob. He was holding a weapon and, he had pointed it at the embassy. As per the Rules of Engagement, he was allowed to open fire, and he did just that. The 5.4mm round tore through the man's head, sending his brains flying. The crowd backed off, but, they charged again. Lewis heard the rest of the fireteam raining fire from their MA4C Assault Rifles, keeping the men's heads down. -- Your Worst Enemy<The Original> <The SPARTAN> <The Thriller> <The Project> [The Unit] 00:31, 30 April 2008 (UTC)


UNSC Embassy

"Mengdei Yue" she said.

"Don't worry, we'll get you outta here." Hee-jae said then with a quick swing of his shoulder he brought his weapon to his grasp and went back. As he went up he saw the Pelican land and a team of others run out, one opened fire taking the head off of someone. He quickly looked at the Pelican's pilots as they readied themselves to lift off. Hee-jae ran to them waving his arms, they noticed and stopped giving him enough time to run to the rear and into the cockpit. "We got civilians that need to be lifted outa here now!" He yelled.

"Bring em up!" The pilot said.

Hee-jae ran out again then as he headed for the stairs he yelled to others in his squad "Cover the bird!" Hee-jae almost tripped over himself as he ran down the flight of stairs. He came to a sliding stop at the door of the room where a marine had his weapon at the ready. "There's a bird upstairs but we can only take fifteen at a time." The civilians looked around at each other for a moment as their murmurs grew louder and louder. "We'll take women first than." Hee-jae said. However there were over forty people with two thirds being women. Most of the younger ones we pushed forward to leave first while a few others stepped forward from fear of being in a battle. "Okay thats it. You come with me!" Hee-jae said pointing to another marine. Than the fifteen civilians and two marines went back up the stairs and onto the roof. The gunfire increased as tracers whizzed by their heads. "Keep low and head for the bird!"

Every marine on the roof increased their fire as the civilians went across the open roof to the building. There a crew chief helped each of them in. Hee-jae went to the ramp to make sure there wasn't any room for more. However he cursed when he saw the Mengdei wasn't there, he had hoped she'd be one of the first off. "We're full and pulling outa here!" The crew chief said to Hee-jae. "A few more birds are inbound so stay tight!"

Hee-jae gave him a thumbs up. Soon the Pelican was airborne and away from this mess. Now just how long would it be till the other birds came. Hee-jae however wouldn't be given enough time to think, multiple explosions shook the building as three new holes made breaches around the Embassy wall. They were surrounded.



Lewis continued to rain fire from his M99 Stanchion, even taking out a few armored personell carriers that the Nitroneon Militia had aquired from the UNSC. Then, an explosion rocked the right wing of the embassy, and hordes of rebels swept into the building. They couldn't focus on the roof, thye had to get to the wing. Lewis pakced up his rifle, then took out his MA4C Assault Rifle and began to move to the wing.

Already there were the rest of the ORION team, and they had mined, booby trapped, and set up ambush points in the wing.

A simple mission to capture a rebel leader had turned into an all out war.

-- Your Worst Enemy<The Original> <The SPARTAN> <The Thriller> <The Project> [The Unit] 15:27, 30 April 2008 (UTC)


Roy moved through the building, now separated from his team for tactical effectiveness, to try and flank the enemy. He held his Assault Rifle tightly, and quickly checked the ammo as he ran through the halls. He then placed it in the holster on his back and checked his Pistol and Shotgun. All were fully loaded, and ready for fighting. That's good, he thought. After Operation: RATTLESNAKE, he had always made sure to check his weapons, as his lack of doing so had nearly cost him his life before.
Roy paused as several Innies moved towards his position. Luckily, half were blown up by a mine that had already been set, and the remaining ones were disoriented enough that Roy killed them off quickly. With that group down, Roy reloaded and moved on.

--MCPO James DavisLOMI HQI here your criesMay your works be honorable
15:32, 30 April 2008 (UTC)













"Sir! We are forty million miles away from Nitro!"
"Alright Ensign, set a heading for Nitro, the bastard needs our help."
"Aye Aye Sir!"

The former UNSC Frigate Red Dawn moved through space, and right behind it, 25 other ships materialized from slipspace. They were going to give the UNSC a hell of a time. -- Your Worst Enemy<The Original> <The SPARTAN> <The Thriller> <The Project> [The Unit] 17:15, 30 April 2008 (UTC)


UNSC Embassy

"BREACH!" The Embassy was now being penetrated. Hee-jae had ran to the lower levels to help defend when he saw one of his platoon members pushed onto his back then have a clip of an assault rifle emptied into his chest and stomach. Cursing Hee-jae brought his rifle up and fired stitching the killer from groin to neck. Soon more and more rebels were rushing into the hallway through blasts in the walls, their numbers never seemed to dwindle as the marine's had a trade off of sixteen to one. But yet Hee-jae felt they were going to make it out okay, maybe it was just fool's hope but that was what came to mind. With half of his squad here they kept the hallway clear as the bodies of rebels began to pile high.

"Get back!" Yelled one marine as he sprinted away and leapt over a pile of dead. Just than a technical smashed through the walls creating another opening in which more rebels entered. Hee-jae and the others there threw grenades then began to pull back, they would lose the lower levels soon and would have to defend the stairways.

"Hee-jae! Two birds are inbound get the civilians ready to move!" Said his staff sergeant over the comm. Hee-jae emptied the rest of his magazine into the rushing mob of rebels than turned away. He made it to the room where two marines quickly questioned him on the situation.

"No time help me move them!" He yelled. "Everyone come with me Pelicans are inbound to take you outa here now!" With that they all got up and went to the door, some ran some walked all were frightened by the screams and gunfire. Hee-jae looked over his shoulder, he wanted to know where Mengei was. He couldn't see her through all the faces and bodies, as much as it pained him he continued on. They went to the roof where only three squads remained, the rest were inside defending the rest of the building.

Soon the first Pelican dropped down and the crew chief waved the civilians in. Risking it they crammed in as many people as possible into the carrier bay before the crew chief had to tell them they were too full. The Pelican was in the air again and quickly flew away. The second came down and the process was repeated. Hee-jae scanned the faces as they entered, the last one was her. Mengdei looked around but there was no room, Hee-jae ran to her side. "You move over now!" He yelled, the man scotted over as much as possible giving Mengdei about a half a foot of free space. Hee-jae sat her down than patted the crew chief's shoulder. "Get outa here!"

"What about you!?" Mengdei yelled raising up from her seat.

"Don't worry about us we'll be fine!" Hee-jae yelled over the roar of the engines and the cracks of gunfire. The crew chief than turned to him.

"Two more birds are inbound to get you guys, there's some team that has priority though!"

Hee-jae gave him a look, two Pelicans wouldn't be enough to evacuate the whole garrison, and why was this "team" getting the first bird out. Maybe he wouldn't make it out. As the bird lifted off he looked up to see Mengdei looking down at him with a worried glance. He smiled than turned away to see a truck drive in with a large object on its bed. A bomb.



Lewis' headset crackled with life as a Marine Lance Corporal only known as Hee-jae screamed:


Shit thought Lewis. He turned his M99 Stanchion and sighted through the thermals. They punctured the walls, and he saw the truck. Lewis fired at the bomb, then held his breath.

In space, the Liberation Task Force destroyed a Prowler, but, it had sent a COM signal to Reach. Reinforcements were coming, and they'd need them. -- Your Worst Enemy<The Original> <The SPARTAN> <The Thriller> <The Project> [The Unit] 13:22, 1 May 2008 (UTC)


Roy quickly dodged the shots from several Innies, before downing them with return fire. He continued down the hall, and managed to get into position to flank the enemies. As he did so, he heard a marine yell over the COM channel.
Roy watched as Lewis fired his Stanchion, sending a bullet straight through the bomb. Roy ducked as the truck exploded and rubble flew high.

--MCPO James DavisLOMI HQI here your criesMay your works be honorable
15:41, 1 May 2008 (UTC)


UNSC Embassy

It happened in slow motion, at atleast that was how it felt for Hee-jae. A crack was heard, a stanchion firin., Hee-jae thought in a split second, a stanchion wasn't in the garrison armament so it had to be from the special team. Than the explosion came, the truck had been a bit away from the wall went it detonated prematurely, the building shook tremoudously causing Hee-jae to fall on his back,than with the blast wave he was tossed into the air to the other end of the roof. Smoke and dust filled the Embassy as small pieces of meat and debris rained down. Hee-jae tried to move but it hurt to do so, he was glad though, pain meant he hadn't damaged his spine or neck. With a quick glance he confirmed he wa alright, well his side hurt like hell. When he landed he came down on a fist size rock which would leave a large bruise.

He got to his feet, his rifle hadn't survived the blast as the materal lay in seven pieces. He looked at the section of the blast, it had taken a chunk of the Embassy out. As if a gaint had come and taken a bite out. Parts of the roof began to collapse, soon the defenders were making their way to the roof. The first was covered in dust turning his uniform into grey. "Where's the pelicans!?" He asked desperately, Hee-jae looked at him, a pistol was in his hands and a dark spot was growing around his waist, he was hit and bleeding.

"It's inbound, where are the others?" Hee-jae asked taking his own pistol and making sure it was loaded.

"On their way up, most of 1st Platoon is gone." The marine replied as he took a seat and let his body go limp. Slowly the marine checked to make sure his pistol was loaded, only five rounds were left. That and a bayonet was all he had.

More and more of the marines came up to the roofs, the fighting had did down for a moment giving the battered garrison a moment of rest and preparation. Hee-jae looked as the team from earlier made it to the roof, he saw one carrying a stanchion slung over his shoulder. He wasn't sure to hate him or love him. His shot had caused the explosion, but than again if it wasn't for him they would all be dead. Hee-jae Nah approached him slowly. "Thanks."



Nitro Castle

Nitro walks around thinking about his next move. So far the Embassy take over is taking longer and his new missiles aren't developing fast enough. Nitro takes out a cigarette and lights it and then drops it. "Dang it" Nitro gets down to pick it up. He hears the briefing room through his doorway. Right now the General Youngstan. General Youngstan was a very inspirational person and convinced Nitro to join the rebels. Youngstan, born Andrew Scott Youngstan was a UNSC General and a darn good one at that. Youngstan lead many troops into victory after victory, though he had his defeats he always seemed to look like he won the fight even if he didn't. He always finds a way to pierce into the enemy's vital supplies.

In the other room was General Robert Lee. Born Tyler James Robert Lee, taking his mother and his father's last name, he too was a highly decorated soldier in the URF. Now both of these men in cooperation with each other to fight. Nitro trusts both of these men though he likes to interfere with some of their works.

Back to Nitro's head. "Why is it taking so long? Have I not given them all what they need? Those converted pelicans need to be sent off. What? Do they think this is a losing fight? Fools" Just some of Nitro's paranoid thoughts. If something doesn't go correct, then it went all wrong. Nitro gets up to go into the room and fire them, but just sits down. If a fail in his plan would result in URF funding cut short. He already owes them more money than what he ever will give them. If a victory is given then he shall have the planet for the main base of the URF, but fail and the URF will suffer. Nitro pulls out a cigar instead and lights it.




The air was taint with the smell of sweat as the overcrowded troop bay was filled with the roar of engines. Not only that but the heat had gotten unbareable from the tightly packed group. The ramp doors had been kept closed to prevent the civilians from being fired upon however some declared they would prefer the risk. Mengdei had tried to hold herself together but she was on the borderline, her clothes stuck to her body from the heat and her own sweat. She thought about what had happened the past few days, she began with a simple report about the political levels in Loki than the rebellion came and she thought it would be her lucky break bringing her a good story. But than the attack came, she had been shot at, saw the lifeless bodies of marines, and now worried herself to death about the marine that had helped her so much. She believed that if it wasn't for him she would very well be dead just like her camera man. Her hands shook slightly as she looked around at the faces. They seemed only concerned with themselves and their own safety, had they no heart for the young men and women that were fighting for their protection?

The crew chief pressed part of his helmet to his ear as the copilot spoke time to over the comm. Than slowly he turned to as much as he could to the crammed group and yelled over the engine roar. "The Embassy's been bomb!"

It was the straw that broke the camel's back. Mengdei broke down in a heap of tears that went unnoticed by the rest, she brought her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around herself slowly rocking back and forth. Tears fell like a heavy rain as the face of the marine went through her head. Was he dead? Could he still be alive? Those came to her head along with the thought that if it wasn't for him could they be dead as well in the explosion? Or worse, she had heard stories of women being raped and murdered by rebels. More tears came, running from her cheek and onto her clothes. Unsure what to do she thought of only one thing, she had never been a religious person but now she gave it a shot, a quick prayer for the marine's safety. Afterwards she cried herself into a deep sleep.














It was an order they all knew too well. The order to retreat, and that their position would soon be comprimised. The ORION team set charges in the Embassy, so that anything crucial there would be destroyed. The Embassy Guards had pulled back to the roof, and the ORION team pulled back. They made it to the roof and booby trapped the corridors, and boarded the pelicans. Once they were in the air, Williams made the order:

"Blow it."

In less than two seconds, the Embassy went up in a ball of flame as every room and corridor filled with heat and light, demolishing the once proud building. Though the COM, the order came in:

///PLNB Priority Transmission XX913W-XX///










(Out of Character -- Dean Jackson is now Nirvana, as he doesn't have a code name listed)

-- Your Worst Enemy<The Original> <The Thriller> <The Project> [The Unit] 12:39, 8 May 2008 (UTC)



Hee-jae Nah wanted to throw up now, he had finally realized the true scope of what had happened. The two platoons had once held eighty-four proud men and women. Now only the thirty-three made it out, half of them were still wounded. Tears rolled down Hee-jae's cheeks, half of the guys in his squad were dead and many of his platoon friends were gone. He had made it out without a scratch. Maybe more of them would have been alive if he had fought by their side instead of handling the civilians. Hee-jae looked up as he heard a comm, his red puffed eyes scanned the pelican bay of the others. The comm had mentioned something about sparrowhawks, an ONI Compound, and an Army base falling. Than he heard the last bit of it, "We're gonna put up one helluva fight."

He wiped his eyes, would he be able to continue fighting? The bay doors opened soon letting in a cool breeze which refreshed the marines inside. They landed inside a hangar where medics and other personal rushed forward taking the wounded from them. One came to Hee-jae, she saw his state of mind instantly and pulled on his arm gently like a mother does to a hurt child. Than sitting him off to the side she looked him over, no wounds. She grabbed an olive drab blanket and wrapped it around him then gave him her canteen telling him to drink it all or he'd become dehydrated. He obeyed and let her continue to check the others. He looked around, inside the larger hangar were other Pelicans being maintained by crews. Marines stood guard around the hangar while a few others guided a group of civilians to an a large sliding door. There in the crowd was a familiar face.

Hee-jae got up and ran, it took all of his energy but he ran, the blanket quickly falling off of his shoulders. The medic had yelled for him to wait along with one of the members of his squad but he ignored it. He ran pumping his legs harder and harder. Why is this hangar so goddamn big. He wondered to himself until finally he was there.

Mengdei heard the rushed tapping of boots along the floor until they came nearer and nearer to her and than finally stopped. She heard the deep breathing as they gasped for air. Slowly she turned and looked up at the body before her. Her eyes watered and she leapt forward wrapping her arms around Hee-jae's neck, he did the same as multiple pairs of eyes watched them. "You're alive." She whispered.

Hee-jae didn't quite want to let go, when he had come over he wasn't sure on what he was going to do or what he should do next. Instead he just held her and tried to ignore the war that would be brewing around them soon enough.



Lewis had made it back alive. Along with the whole ORION team, a few of the Embassy Marines and a ton of refugees from the Embassy had made it out alive. Now, at the ONI compound, the Naval personell worked hard to keep the civilians under control. Lewis walked through and saw a young UNSC Marine that was talking to a very beautiful woman. Lewis also saw that the Marine was asian, and was obviously shaken up from the fight. Lewis walked over to the Marine and the woman, and began to speak.

"Marine, Ma'am. How are you two holding up?"
"Good sir."
Lewis cringed. He had always, for some reason, hated to be called sir. He didn't chew out the young man however, because Lewis was out of uniform. So, in the tradition of NCO's everywhere:
"I am not a sir, I actually work for a living."
The group laughed, and Lewis found out that the Marine was the one who first saw the bomber. After about two more minutes of conversation, Lewis left the couple alone, and he walked to the number one guard tower. He climbed up the ladder, and looked over the gates. Outside, he saw lights from the surrounding area, and breathed in the air. For now, all was calm, until a single black car drove up to the outer gate.

(OOC -- They didn't have hornets then Hollywood lol.)

-- Your Worst Enemy<The Original> <The Thriller> <The Project> [The Unit] 02:44, 9 May 2008 (UTC)


ONI Compound

The talk with the team member had been interesting, Hee-jae recognized him as the one that used to stanchion and saved them all by prematurely detonating the bomb.

Hee-jae could hear the orders being given behind him. "Embassy garrison follow me, command wants a debriefing!" A staff sergeant said in his BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform.) He and Mengdei shared information to each others communication device through infared. Looking over his shoulder he saw the remnants of his unit following the staff sergeant. "I need to get going."

Mengdei followed his eyes to see the battered, tired, dirtied group walking slowly. They were no longer looking like proud marines of the UNSC. "Okay, call me when you get the chance." She lifted herself onto her tiptoes to give him a kiss on the cheek.

Hee-jae held her for a moment. "See you." As he turned away in the corner of his eye's went a black car unnoticed by him.



At the outside gate, the guard, a young Private only known as Jackson walked up to the Car. He asked the driver to roll down his window, and nothing happened. Jackson tapped on the glass, then hefted his prototype MA5 Assault Rifle. He was about to fire when the car exploded in a brillant ball of light. The heat and the light were the last things he felt and saw.

Lewis saw the explosion from the guard tower. Through his upgraded vision, he saw the waves of Nitroneon infiltrators looking for revenge for what happened at the UNSC Army base. Lewis got on the machine gun and fired. The .50 caliber ammo tore through the men, and the other guard raised the alarm. The surivors of the embassy along with some civilians got rifles, grenades, and other heavy weapons. The ORION team decided to go on the offensive, and they went through a small escape tunnel. They came up behind the infiltrators in five minutes, and began to tear through them. More explosions rang out at the east side of the base, and some of the Marines were sent to back up that area.

Steven Ward got to his M6B pistol and got clips for it. He ran to the TOC and set behind the monitors. He had to keep a grasp of the situation so he could effectively coordinate the counter offensive. Things were going from bad to worse. -- Your Worst Enemy<The Original> <The Thriller> <The Project> [The Unit] 01:17, 10 May 2008 (UTC)


Roy looked through the scope of his M19 SSM Rocket Launcher and fired at the new face of Nitroneons. Several of the soldiers blew to pieces while others were sent flying, most to die on impact with whatever surface they landed on, and the few that survived were unable to move and suffered a slow death. As more and more came closer, Roy switched to his Shotgun and charged, blasting all Nitroneons in his way. With cover fire from his teammates, he felt like he could take on all of the Nitroneons by himself.
"Roy, behind you!", yelled Lewis.
It was too late. A blow came to Roy's head and he went out cold.

--MCPO James DavisLOMI HQI hear your criesMay your works be honorable
02:03, 10 May 2008 (UTC)


ONI Compound

Hee-jae's first thought was to drop, the ground shook heavily as an explosion happened at the gate. He looked to see twisted metal and a burning heap, rolling away was a portion of a helmet. Than gunfire erupted as the heavy clap of .50 caliber rounds rang out as well as the alarm. A chill ran through Hee-jae's back that gave him a shot of pain, he had jsut escaped the Embassy to be once again under attack. He withdrew his sidearm and looked behind him, Mengdei was on the ground with her hands over her head, her eyes darted around as the scene unfolded.

With legs blurred Hee-jae sprinted to Mengdei and came to a sliding halt, he picked her up and waved for the other civilians to follow him. First he went to the door but no good, it was locked completely to prevent infiltration. "Everybody grab a weapon!" He yelled loudly pointing to a rack of sidearms, rifles, and grenades. "Follow me and do everything I say, you don't you're dead. You refuse I put a bullet in you!" Immediately the civilians reacted out of fear, rage, and adrenaline. They gathered behind a Pelican. "Okay one three run to those line of tables and turn em over and make a wall! Get behind them and start shooting!"

"ONE..." Hee-jae wasn't sure if he was making the right decision, none of them had any training what so ever, "TWO..." was it a good idea to use the tables as cover? They were far enough that they would recieve little fire hopefully. "THREE! GO! GO! GO!" He was the first. He ran and came to the first table and pushed it over. The contents on top fell over with a crash, than the second table, soon five tables were on their sides and the civilians behind them. Mengdei kept a pistol in her hands. None of them fired instead they watched with terrified eyes. Hee-jae cursed to himself, this was a bad idea.

"Start shooting damnit my guys need your help!" he yelled then fired his pistol. It was the boost they needed, the men fired and tried to immitated the actors in movies and the marines around them. The women stayed low most of the time only firing once or twice as they were not used to the recoil of the weapon.

Hee-jae fired with better acuracy and watched as his rounds brought down one rebel. With their distance and iron sights it was difficult to hit something but at least they were putting out rounds. Hee-jae looked at them, he didn't want to be here now, he wanted to be with his comrades and not baby-sitting. "Stay here and keep up the fire if you see blue smoke that means to get the hell outa here! Find some marines and they'll take care of you!" With that he got up and ran only to turn back and slide next to Mengdei, she looked at him with her brown eyes. He gave her a passionate kiss than was off again.

He closed the gap between the tables and the gate within six seconds, he saw the marine from earlier firing from the tower. "What the hell." He whispered to himself than went to the door, climbed the small ladder and found himself next to the large black marine and another. Over the comm he could her his teammates yelling, "Lewis cover Roy!" Immediately the soldier reacted sweeping the large caliber weapon across stitching rebels with every trigger pull. So his name was Lewis. Hee-jae grabbed a grenade from his belt and threw, it hit the ground, bounced then detonated throwing two rebels on their backs. "Good seeing you again!" he said to Lewis than fired his pistol taking another rebel down.



"Nice to see you too Marine. Don't fire wildly, you gotta get good shots off alright? Kill those bastards"

Lewis liked the M6B for its stopping power, but not so much for its accuracy. During his time at the NavSpecWar Sniper School, they taught him how to also use any scoped weapon accurately. He did just that, and brought down three innies. Then, behind him, Lewis heard the whirl of the new VTOLs they called Sparrowhawks. Lewis stopped shooting just long enough to watch them go out over the main ocean that made up a good 40% of Loki, and then come back, guns blazing. Lewis watched them dart down the main road, sending Innies flying for cover. Lewis watched Hee-jae yell as the VTOLs rained death. Lewis then realized what he was doing, and climbed down from the tower, grabbed a MA5A, then ran to the street to meet up with the rest of the ORION team. -- Your Worst Enemy<The Original> <The Thriller> <The Project> [The Unit] 04:45, 10 May 2008 (UTC)


Loading Bay G-4 Underneath Nitros Castle

General Robert Lee walks around preparing the ten men. "Alright men a lot of the others are already attacking, I am having you go around and check every angle and every point make sure that we are holding all sections of the area. If we lose a single one we might just lose the entire ground that we have covered. Now Nitro knows of your screw up at the Embassy and has agreed that if you fail again there will be dire consequences. I am talking about Level 5 consequences." All the men knew what that would mean if there was a level 5 consequence, it meant that their family would be in danger. "Now that the bad news is over with, now for some good news. Our missiles are being finished and soon we shall use them on those UNSC forces. We shall nuke their compounds and any place else that they may hide. Soon enough we shall be free and no man shall be forced into anything they don't want to, unless the country agrees." "Ye-oh" The men say as their battle cry in the Nitroneon army. "We also have new sniper rifles that will be useful when you set up your posts. Each post will be given their targets." On Nitroneon Marine stands up. "Sir, why don't we just use the sniper rounds on everyone sir!" "Because Colonial Denny, we need specific people out of the way because of reasons I am currently not at liberty to say." "Yes sir! Thank you for answering my question sir!" The marine sits down. "Anyone else?" A few seconds pass by. "Good, now men...go to battle and to the war we shall rise up! Go!" The marines leave and go into their transports. The General goes back to Nitro to a known fate.

Inside Nitros fortified war room

General Robert Lee walks in. "Sir? You requested me?" Nitro stands up. "I did? Oh yes right. Here are your release papers." Nitro hands over the papers to the general. "Don't worry, since you have had such a reputation I am not going to kill you. Normally I would but right now I don't care too much. These men will escort you to the fortification room in Alpha Base. I will allow you to stay there and be safe during the war." The now former general becomes brave enough to ask a question. "Sir what of the RG program?" Nitro replies with, "The RG program won't be going on. I am considering you for the position of leader of the RGs." The former general is stunned. "But sir I am being released." "Yes, which is why there is no sense in killing you or having you in harms way, if I want you to lead. Now follow them." The general follows the men out of the room. -H*bad


ONI Compound

Hee-jae spat .50 cal rounds in bursts of six as the fighting died down, the Sparrowhawks seemed to have broke the rebels backs for now. One burst brought down one rebel as he tried to run away, two went wide but four hit blowing away an arm and a leg. From the corner of his eye he watched as Lewis ran towards his team, he wasn't exactly sure why but it seemed like one of them was down. For now he'd cover them.

Another burst and another drop, this time a round hit the base of the head where the neck and skull met, the round tore through skin and bone and separated the two. Hee-jae paused and looked behind him, the civilians at the tables had stopped firing but stayed in place. Soon a team of marines went to them. A loud whoosh rang in Hee-jae's ears as a RPG was fired in the tower's direction but missed by a good twenty feet. The rocket flew away from the compound than made a gentle arc until impacting the ground with a thunderous explosion. More RPGs were fired, used to help shield the retreat. Or quite possibly a starting barrage for a siege.

One RPG made a deadly route towards another tower, there the two marines lept into the air. One fell onto the roof of a small storage shaft and rolled away, the other fell the way and broke his legs but the action saved their lives. The tower exploded in a flash of light. A team of medics ran to them and carried them away as more RPGs came followed by mortars.

With another look over his shoulder Hee-jae saw the civilains taken into the Compound where they would be protected from these types of munitions. A mortar round detonated and threw a marine in the air, he fell with a bash and groaned for a medic who immediately went to his aid. Hee-jae wondered how long this would continue until he saw the Sparrowhawks circle overhead than dart forward with guns ablaze. Soon the mortars stopped firing and the RPGs were detonated prematurely by countermeasures. Very soon it would end, for how long Hee-jae wasn't sure but he climbed down the latter and went to his squad.



The ORION team members covered Lewis as he rushed forward and grabbed Roy. He threw him over his shoulder, an impressive feat, and carried him quickly back to safety. The blow to back of Roy's head had knocked him out cold, but it hadn't managed to kill him or hurt him too bad. It would be an embarrassment to Roy though; he'd thought he'd gotten over such things. He'd vowed not to do that ever again, yet he had. At least this time it hadn't cost someone's life.

--MCPO James DavisLOMI HQI hear your criesMay your works be honorable
15:56, 12 May 2008 (UTC)


ONI Compound

Hee-jae threw himself onto his bunk, the rest of the day had gone by with nothing special with the exceptions of a few RPGs and mortars. But he was used to that kind of thing, being the garrison they had been a few times he heard the shots fly above his head. But here it was much safer, countermeasures blew away most of the explosives before they made it to the compound. Now his shift was over, in fact he had two days of nothing ahead of him unless another attack came. Command had been so busy at the moment they simply did not want to waste time on where to put the garrison when most of the UNSC Army force arrived. So they were pushed to the side given orders to rest and relax after what happened at the Embassy.

Just as he was about to lose himself into the darkness of sleep his communication device went off, it vibrated loudly in his breast pocket. Taking it he looked into the screen, a video call from a number he didn't recognize until he saw the name below. Mengdei. He rubbed his eyes for a moment and pulled himself up from the bunk and answered. "Hello."

"Hee-jae it's me, are you busy?" She asked, she tried to look around on her screen to see if anyone was with Hee-jae.

"Nope, I've got two days rest for now." He hoped by saying this it would lead to an invitation.

"That's great, um would it be alright if we meet?"

"Sure, but everything's a little hecktick around here." Maybe they could get a bit to eat at the cafeteria.

"Okay well then meet me in my room, here I'm in C417. Be here in an hour?"

Hee-jae was a bit shocked, he nodded and agreed. Goodbyes were said and they hung up, he looked around the small room, all he would be able to do was shower. He'd have to wear his BDUs or run to supply to grab different clothing. Time would fly.

Hee-jae kept clutching his fist, did he look alright, was he able to wash out the smell of blood on his hands? He came to the room and knocked, she opened. Standing there with glass on the tip of her nose she looked up at him. "You're late."


They would talk and have dinner, enjoying the time together. So much that he would be spending the night there as his squadmates were left confused as to where he was.



Roy slowly came too, quickly seeing he was in a medical room. What happened?, he wondered as he tried to remember. Then it all came back, and he saw Lewis sitting there. He quickly asked how things had gone, trying to cover up how he felt. Lewis explained that things had gone well, the Innies had been routed shortly after he'd been knocked out, and they'd taken him down to the medical area, just to make sure he hadn't been seriously hurt.
Soon after, Lewis left. And Roy thought on what his pride had down.... and remembered the life it had cost before.

--MCPO James DavisLOMI HQI hear your criesMay your works be honorable
01:12, 20 May 2008 (UTC)


As Lewis laid on the bed, he thought about the battle that occured earlier, and what could've been done differently. As he started to walk to the bathroom, he suddenly collapsed as the pain hit him.

The wailing... then the pain... agh...

He thought, but, his thoughts were scattered as the pain came back. He stumbled out into the hallway, then threw up, and passed out. -- Your Worst Enemy<The SPARTAN-I><The Warrior> [The Thriller] [The Project] [The Unit] [The Vessel] 21:37, 20 May 2008 (UTC)


Hee-jae walked through dirty city streets as light drops of summer rain came down. Tired and hungry he remembered back to the afternoon that day. A Major had briefed him and another Korean by the name of Seung-min Noh about their mission that had cut his R&R short. They were both dropped into the city at the dead of night, civilian clothing replaced their BDUs and a concealed pistol replaced their assault rifles. They would make their way to a Korean Community and gather intel on any rebel movement, apparently others like them were being sent everywhere. Hee-jae had been more prepared than Seung-min however. Back on Earth he had been a part of a Korean gang, he knew how to move, act, think, and even dress. Black pants, a tank top, hoodie, another jacket, and a hat was the most common. A style that probably was out of fashion back on Earth now. But at the moment he fight right in, his pistol lay unnoticed in the small of his back, slipped into his pants. A switchblade in his pocket. He couldn't help but smile, the settings brought back memories of his past life, both good and bad but it reminded him of home.

A cell phone rang in his pants and he picked up, Seung-min. They had split up and agreed to meet back together to appear less suspicious. "Yo."

"I've got the apartment room ready and grabbed some food, actual Korean food man." Seung-min said, Hee-jae could hear him slurping up noodles.

"Sounds good, I'm gonna try to make contact I'll see ya later."

"Hold up where you gonna go, isn't it a bit early?"

"I told you I know how these things work, I'll check a bar or night club, gangs threaten the owners to pay for their protection. I cause some trouble there I'll get in quick. Alright I'm going." He hung up quickly put\ his phone away then turned into an alley. A neon sign gave a club title in Korean and he entered quickly by passing a long line. Inside the music boomed and the floor below was filled with dancers. To one side was a bar, a perfect spot. He moved that way and ordered a drink. He looked around, how to best cause some trouble and gain attention. He looked at a guy sitting at the bar, wearing a black suit. His style immediately gave off memories of the type of clothing some of the gang members wore when they were higher in rank. He moved towards him and yelled in Korean. "YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST TAKE MY DRINK!?" Than quickly Hee-jae threw a punch that tossed the other off his seat and onto the floor.

"BASTARD!" The other yelled and got up. He threw a punch in retaliation and Hee-jae quickly dodged, training and experience kicked in. He brought up a knee and made contact with the other's stomach. Quickly the others around them made a circle to watch. No one seemed to want to get involved, only see a show. Hee-jae kicked broke the guy's nose when three others jumped in and grabbed him. Two held onto him while the other punched at his gut. They carried him outside and made a call.

Within twenty minutes two black car drove up and a group of seven exited, Confetti Makers at their sides. Another exited with a cigeratte in his mouth, an expensive white suit covered the tall man as he walked in the center with the other seven by his side. This is what Hee-jae had been waiting for. The man with a broken nose bowed his head while the three still held onto Hee-jae.

"You think you can just come to my clubs and attack my men." The one in the suit said.

Hee-jae grinned as blood made a small stream from his lip. "Just wanted to talk is all. Ya see I'm new here, wanted to make some trouble. Join a gang." The Korean words spoke harshly against the night.

The guy grinned back, "You want to join a gang huh? What makes you think you can join one. What if you're some UNSC spy?"

"Do I look like someone from the UNSC, plus I can fight. Test me."

He grinned again throwing the cigeratte away, he looked at the clothing Hee-jae wore, typical for a common thug. "Okay, Hyun-joon, go."

One of the men by his side put his Confetti maker down and made his way towards Hee-jae as the other three let go and backed away. Hyun-joon come up close and kicked high. Hee-jae was faster though and he dropped as he threw out his leg and kicked at Hyun-joon's ankle. He fell on his back and tried to roll away when Hee-jae brought his foot down onto his stomach. They both backed away for a moment when Hyun-joon came at him again. But Hee-jae grabbed his shoulders and brought Hyun-joon's upper body down as his knee went up and made contact. Than Hee-jae brought down his elbow inbetween Hyun-joon's shoulders as he felt the impact of the knee against his stomach. Hee-jae than punched at the back of Hyun-joon's head as the finishing blow. Hyun-joon fell to the ground and the man in white stood there impressed. "Against my better judgement but come with me."

With that they all entered the two cars they had arrived in. Hyun-joon had to be carried inside. While waiting in the back seat with two bodyguards by his side Hee-jae took his phone and sent a quick text to Seung-nim. "Won't be making it home tonight honey ;]"



"We control the selling of arms and munitions in this area, we've made a conciderable amount of money from the rebels." Hee-jae walked through a large warehouse filled with crates and boxes, inside ranged a variaty of weapons large and small. Workers moved around like busy ants. The man in the white suit had finally introduced himself simply as Baek. He showed Hee-jae around the ware house with his guards around him. "To be honest I could care less about this rebellion, but if there is a profit to be made I will put my hand it in. You say you wanted to join a gang, but this is no gang, this is a small army of thugs, commoners, criminals, and lunatics." They soon walk up a flight of stairs and go across a catwalk and look down on the work below. "With what you did to Hyun-joon I'm short a guard, looks like you just found yourself a new job." Baek motioned for an old man dressed in a black suit, they talked for a moment. "Hee-jae follow Mr. Jung here, he will set you with clothing, a weapon and some money. You'll be contacted in a couple days. For now relax and enjoy the area."

Hee-jae walked out of the car in a new black single button suit, that had gone incredibly easy. Already he was inside in establishment of the arms selling. He would have to get in contact with ONI to report in. They wouldn't be able to strike a target just yet without blowing his cover so for now it was just a matter of playing along.



"Damn I wish we got this assignment earlier." Seung-nim said as he looked out the window of his apartment and watched as two young women walked together down the sidewalk.

Hee-jae sent a quick message to the ONI Compound about the location of the warehouse, if they could take it out it would put a pause in the action in the area however there lie a problem. If a strike were to happen soon it could lean to Hee-jae's cover being blown, there had to be some other way. "Keep your eyes off the women would ya."

"Hey man three months station on this planet with little contact with women, only women around were the officers." Seung-nim took a sip from a nearby waterbottle. He kept looking out. "Hey, hey, contacts coming in."

"What you mean?" Hee-jae said working on the laptop.

"Three cargo trucks."


"With white drivers in a Korean community heading towards the warehouse."

Hee-jae got up and walked to the window, he saw as the trucks went pasted them, in the rear sat two armed men in each truck. He thought for a moment, he was given a perfect opportunity to strike, "That's it."



Lewis awoke in the medical bay with a headache like no other. When he tried to look around, he couldn't, as the pain overpowered him. When he tried to go back to sleep, he began to have dreams... his childhood, the gangs, the fights, ORION... then he passed out again as a new wave of pain hit him. -- Your Worst Enemy<The SPARTAN-I><The Warrior> [The Thriller] [The Project] [The Unit] [The Vessel] 16:07, 1 June 2008 (UTC)










5ub7ank(7alk) 17:13, 1 June 2008 (UTC)


Nitros snipers approach the position to fire, one of the men get a bit edgy. "What if this doesn't work and all of this programs people survive?" These seems to be the very question on everyones mind, they have seen what this program can do but aren't sure how they might be able to beat them. The General looks over, "Get over it son, just get into position" "Yes sir". As each take their posts an alarm goes off in the compound and the snipers look over and see a bright light off miles away but each of them know the vision of cluster bombing. The soldiers refocus and aim their guns, apparently they have been seen, for snipers from the compound open fire and each sniper is taken out.

Secret Email from Colonel Nathan and Commander Nitro JUNE 30, 2499 (MILITARY CALENDAR)

///Message Codename Epsilon Alpha///
Access Granted ///

FROM: Colonel Nathan
SUBJECT: Orion's Belt

/Open File/

Forgive me, for OPERATION: BELT was terminated today.
Unable to kill targets.
All special forces have been called back.
Orion is spotted.
Secure Bio City.
Our program must not be found out. Nitro I warn you, watch out for Orion is coming.
OPERATION: CLERK is underway in its primary stage.

/Scramble Email Process Complete/


"Roger that Sparrowhawks confirm strobes on three cargo trucks as well as one on your person walking away from the vehicles."

"Alright the two warehouses to the east of the trucks are storing arms and munitions." Hee-jae said into a small cell phone as he walked away from the trucks. With one hand he slipped a strobe into his jean pockets and made his way towards Baek who talked with some of the drivers. Baeks guards stood around him at the ready.

"Hee-jae just in time, keep your eyes on these guys I don't trust them." Baek said in Korean than turning to the driver he spoke in English. "We've confirmed the money transfer, my men will begin loading your trucks now." With a wave of the hand one of the men behind Baek spoke into a small device and immediately a number of workers came from the warehouse caring crates of various sizes.

Just as the last of the trucks were loaded there was a tremendous boom, a single missile had pierced through the side of the first truck exited the other side and detonated when it hit the left of the second cargo truck. The detonation caused a chain reaction with the munitions resulting in a massive explosion that engulfed the three vehicles and incinerated the nearby men. The blast wave knocked Baek, Hee-jae, and the others around them onto their backs. A second explosion came making the first seem small in comparison. It struck the first warehouse and like the trucks it detonated the munitions. The blastwave was so powerful that the second warehouse began to topple over itself until the second missile impacted. Hee-jae forced himself up and then back down on top of Baek in an attempt to keep him safe. In a matter of milliseconds the others were on top of them as well.

"What the HELL was that!?!?" Baek yelled as a pause came. The others looked around and found the source. Two Sparrowhawks flew overhead with machineguns rattling. A stream of lead tour through flesh and bone, clouds of blood spit out from the broken bodies. The others not being massacred raise weapons and fire ineffectively at the Hawks only to be fired back upon with devistating effect. The few that did survive gave Baek and his men a chance. They sprinted away and jumped two fences, ran through a series of alleys than mingled themselves into a crowd of panicking people who ran at the sight and sounds of a fight.

Hee-ae stopped for a second and looked behind him, thick black clouds of smoke rose into the blue sky in the distance. He grinned to himself than turned towards a car, the driver had made himself into a ball in the seat with his hands over his heads. Hee-jae drew a pistol and grabbed the man, "OUT NOW!" The man listened immediately than sprinted away. "BAEK!" He yelled and honked the horn. Baek and his men turned to see Hee-jae slide to a stop near them and they quickly entered.

"Pusan Street now!" Baek said as the last man closed the door. Hee-jae went and they went into a small family bar where they were served for free. The only reason of being there was to try and keep under cover and throw off any followers.

After three hours they drove back to their Baek's home. Hee-jae entered the large extravagant home where he was introduced to Baek's wife and daughter, both very pretty. Baek walked into his office and asked for Hee-jae to enter. "That was close."

"Yes sir, very close." Hee-jae said, "Sir, how did they find us?"

"Not sure, we'll investigate it tomorrow. But that wasn't what I meant." Baek said pouring himself a whiskey, guzzled it then poured himself another one.


"I almost decided to bring my family with us to get lunch with them later." Baek took a sip than thought for a minute as Hee-jae waited in silence. "I wonder, do you think the Compound would take refugees?"


Baek was in silence again. "I told you, I could care less about this Rebellion. I just want to make money, but I have to care for my family as well. You saw them today, my wife, my daughter. They are innocent and uninvolved with my business. What if they were at the Warehouses today?"

"Are you suggesting we go to the UNSC Compound?" Hee-jae said in a light of hope.

"Not us, theres too much of a profit to miss here." Baek got up from his seat and turned around to look out his window. "Tell the men that to gather their families, they'll be sent to the Compound as refugees."

"Is that the safest thing to do? The Compound is under constant attack isn't it?"

"Their countermeasures are effective, and once word reaches the other colonies about refugees in a dangerous situation the UNSC will be forced to send their ships and marines." Baek finished his second glass of whiskey. "Hurry and tell the men, go home and come back here tomorrow."

"Hee-jae nice job out there man!" Seung-nim said as Hee-jae walked in.

"No time, contact the Compound they're gonna wanna hear this."


Hee-jae spoke quickly relaying the message of refugees entering the compound. On the screen an ONI Officer looked excited. "Oh also there's a personal email here for you I'm sending it to you now. Get those refugees here as soon as possible and we'll be able to get the UNSCs attention for reinforcements."

"Copy that, we'll do what we can. Out." Hee-jae said, he looked acrossed the room where Seung-nim was eating Dukbooki, spicy rice cakes. He opened the email, it was from Mengdei. A video file opened up and it showed her face looking into the camera, a small bunk bed in the background where a desk lamp light the room. It seemed that she had done her hair and put on make up in an effort to look her best for him. She spoke in a soft voice that brought back the memories of the night together they had only a few days ago. She spoke of how she missed him and of how things were going at the compound. Then she slowly began to get emotional, she paused and gave a smile. "There's another thing I should tell you...Hee-jae...I'm pregnant, you're going to be a father."

Hee-jae stopped the video and replayed it making sure he heard right, he replayed it again and again until Seung-nim finally walked in and stopped it, "Congrats you're a father, now coulda ya get on with the message?" Seung-nim said with a smile and chopsticks in his hand. Hee-jae wasn't sure what to do, for one he was somewhat surprised at how quickly she was able to find out. But that was common nowadays. "I have to say you guys have terrible timing though, don't you know it's not the best idea to get knocked up in a middle of a rebellion."

"Seung-nim shut up and get me a drink would ya..." Hee-jae said still in his mental shock.

"Sir all the family members are gathered into those eight trucks there, we'll be ready to head out in three minutes." a guard said to Baek. A line of white trucks surrounded by black SUVs and sedans were waiting along the street to move. Baek looked around, he wanted to make sure they wouldn't come under attack from any rebels who might have found out about his little plan. He then looked at Hee-jae obviously not himself.

"Hee-jae, weh-gu-leh?"

Hee-jae didn't hear him, too busy with his own thoughts. It wasn't until Baek tappped his shoulder did he realize. "I'm a father..."

Baek looked at the young man. "Is she on the trucks?"

Hee-jae looked up for a moment, "No, she messaged me last night saying she already was at the Compound. It's better this way." Baek comforted him and moved away as they got ready to move the convoy. They made their way on a two and a half hour trip to the Compound coming across only one incident, a drunk taking pot shots at the convoy with a confetti maker. He was soon silenced when one of Baek's men put a bullet inbetween his eyes.

Under a mutual truce the black vehicles stopped short of the Compound and let the white trucks continue where marines, medics, and others met the refugees and quickly brought them inside. Hee-jae hoped he would get a glimpse of Mengdei but that wouldn't happen. Soon the small convoy of black vehicles turned back in the direction they had come from and Baek would continue his business like nothing had happened.



Nitro's informative members come into his office where he is attempting to focus.

"Nitro sir!" Nitro looks up and sees his staff.

"What is it?"

"We have information and evidence that refugees are at the ONI compound."

"What?" Nitro gets up out of his chair with excitement. "Is that so? Well then now we have something here."

"Should we send a squad to kill them?" Nitro looks taken back for a second. "Kill them? No! Take me to my Copter(His private helicopter) where I can get to that compound. Call all of my troops back as well." Nitros Informatives are puzzled. "What I am going to do is offer all of them a ride to get these refugees off of this planet so that they can live easier. I shall provide some amount of transport for them as well. I shall just feed them lies with you know, I care about their safety and how I don't want this to turn really ugly. Oh yeah and the great one where I say, I care about my people."

The staff are still unsure. "Look just take me there alright?"

Nitro walks out of his office and to his Copter. Nitro flies out and lands about 200 yards away from the compound. He steps out and puts his hands into the air. "I am Nitro the leader of this world, I would like to discuss a truce and a way to end this conflict, if you will allow so."
--H*bad (talk)


Mengdei stood with a large crowd as they looked up into a television that showed footage from a security camera. The leader of the rebellion had come to the surprise of everyone. No one was sure on what was going to happen, she was only sure she didn't feel safe. All she wanted was to be away from all this with Hee-jae by her side so they could take care of the little life inside of her. Her hands came up to her stomach as if to comfort the baby there. She began to move away from the crowd and then overheard two officers speaking.

"What's going on?"

"This joker says he wants a truce, we wont have it. A Prowler will be coming in atmosphere to get the civilians out of here but we need to hurry."

"We'll tighten security and keep a constant watch as well as Sparrowhawks and Pelicans ready for immediate close air support."

"Good but that's not what I'm worried about, another Prowler has detected a rebel fleet inbound. A defenseless Prowler over this Compound will make a juicy target."

"Than what do we do?"

"Pray we're quicker than the other guy."

Baek walked around his desk Hee-jae and some others stood around the office. Soon someone else entered with a report on the attack on the warehouse. "Sir the three cargo trucks were tagged with strobes, I think there might be a rat in the rebels organization."

Baek filled with rage and slammed his fists on the table. "Those bastards got a hundred and twenty-two of my men killed! Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of munitions!" Hee-jae watched as Baek went through his anger, his plan had worked.

Soon another person ran in, he spoke inbetween breathes as sweat dripped from his face. "Sir, Nitro...his forces...are...at the Compound...says he wants a truce...doesn't look good."

Baek hit the desk once more "I can't trust that bastard!" He walked and ran his hands through his hair. "Arm the men, if he makes a move on the Compound we'll work with the UNSC and strike from the rear. Have the other crews work on strikes on nearby stations and command centers. I won't let him touch the refugees, my family."

"Sir you really want to work with the UNSC?" Hee-jae asked.

"If our families are put in danger I will." Baek said as he tried to calm himself. He thought of his wife and daughter. This was all going to be quite troublesome.



Nitro approaches the building and stops.


Nitro repeats himself. "I am Nitro the ruler of this world. I would like to help you get your families off of this planet so that there can be less death. You see, I care about this world and its safety. I don't want more death, I want peace. Please allow us peace and in turn I will allow anyone that wants off of this planet off. And in return I would like to have just one thing. I want the a treaty to be signed by your commander of the UNSC. Can this be done?"

The main commanding guard member gets the courage to speak. "I am Captain Greyson. I am not allowed to let you in, I am sorry."

"Please talk to your superiors to get this straightened up."

"Fine I will talk to someone in the compound."

The Captain goes off, Nitro keeps his hands in the air.


"No talks." An ONI Officer said matter of factly. "There's no way in hell we'll talk to this guy and make him seem like a hero to the galaxy." Every high ranking officer stood or sat around a long table in a small room. "We'll get the refugees out ourselves. The Prowler The Last Run will be here within the hour to take the refugees and head into space than make a jump towards UNSC safegrounds." The discussion was over.

The URF Fleet had made Nitro and made contact with a few Prowlers who only laid mines to block a path then turned tail. One frigate, the Black Cat had moved to the front of the fleet as a recon and bait. However the fleet had recieved no resistance except for a frigate taking minor damage from a mine and was now closing the distance towards the Compound.

"We're boarding a ship now." Mengdei said into her communication device, she looked into the tired eyes of Hee-jae on the small screen. For the past twenty minutes refugees had boarded Pelicans to be ferried to the Prowler The Last Run as it hung in the air above their heads.

"Alright thats good." Hee-jae said rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand, he grasped a pistol in it as well. He waited in the back of a car with Baek, Seung-nim and some others across the street of a rebel station ready to strike if anything happened.

"I'm leaving on the second to last Pelican but I got to go now." Mengdei said as she walked with a group of others towards a waiting Pelican. They both exchanged goodbyes as she entered the bay and strapped herself in. The rumble of the engines filled her ears and her hair blew in the wind. Already the Prowler was beginning to make preparations to make its leave.

"We have someone near the compound with a camera you can link into." Baek said as he took his on communications device and connected it. On the screen they saw the black Prowler in the blue sky. Three pelicans became dots as they boarded the ship than begin to turn around and head back for the Compound. Within fifteen minutes the Prowler was moving spaceward slowly. The bow of the ship angled upwards and was off. The engines glowed bright with power. Hee-jae was relieved, Mengdei was safe.

Black Cat along with the rest of the URF Fleet was unaware of the whole business of refugees. So when Black Cat reported the slow moving Prowler above the planet's surface the command had been given to engage and strike the first blow. The captian, a small Irish man smiled as the calculations came in for the MAC. Everything was ready, he'd have an easy kill here to which he could add to his count. A minute and a half pasted as the Black Cat aimed itself then with a flash it fired.

The Compound's alarms had been slowed as the operators had been busy with a game of Texas Hold Em instead of the controls. By the time they gave warning of the approaching fleet it was too late. They could only give warning that a frigate had fired.

Hee-jae watched the Prowler. Then it happened, his mind had decided to process the information in what seemed like slow motion. A blurred white streak came from the dark blue of space and struck the bow of The Last Run the round cut its way through the length of the ship until it exited from the ship's engines. The round then detonated in midair before hitting the ground. The Last Run hung there, motionless. Then small white flashes of light erupted along the lengths that the round had come from. Already small pieces of debris were flying off and falling to the ground. The flashes grew bigger until than in a brilliant explosion The Last Run failed to exist as if it had never been there. The only remaining traces were the car sized pieces of twisted metal falling to the ground.

The car was quiet. Deadly quiet as grief and rage grew. Baek, Hee-jae and the others watched as their families were killed. No order needed to be given. Everyone acted out of anger. Every crew under Baek's command had attacked Nitro's forces and stations. On the camera gunfire erupted as Baek's men opened fire on the rear of the rebels. Than it cut off, Baek had simply turned off the device and everyone looked at each other with red watered eyes. They exited the vehicles and entered the small three story building that was a Rebel communications station. The seven of them entered and were met with smiles from the rebel guards. The five guards died with smiles on their faces as Hee-jae, Baek, Seung-nim and the others raised pistols to their foreheads and fired as one. Others exited their offices to see what the noise was but were quickly killed execution style as the seven hateful Koreans made their way through the building.

No one was left alive as they made it to the third floor, it seemed the only security was the five guards from earlier until three others opened fire from behind a desk. One of the seven was hit in the chest and knocked to the ground, he smiled to himself and tried to regain his breath. A bulletproof vest had saved his life. Hee-jae and Baek looked at each other from the door frame. They nodded and turned with raised pistols and unloaded them knocking down two of the guards. The third rose with his hands raised trying to surrender. Seung-nim motioned for him to come over to them. With trembling hands the young guard moved forward, a terrible mistake. Seung-nim fired at point blank, the young man's head was blown back as a large portion was missing. The seven had a murderous intent with them killing everyone as if they had fired the shot that destroyed the Prowler.

The last room had three men inside who immediate had their hands raised, the seven Koreans encircled them. One tried to apologize for the Prowler and what had happened. Hee-jae approached him and thrusted his elbow out making contact with the area between the nose and eyes. The man fell, his nose broken and bleeding. "Please...I have...a family..." The man muttered as blood flowed freely from the wound. Hee-jae looked upwards and clutched his eyes shut. Mengdei was gone along with his baby and his chance of being a father. The man had said the wrong thing to the wrong Korean. Hee-jae looked down again, his vision blurred from his tears that made streaks along his cheeks. With eight shots Hee-jae unloaded the pistol on the man's head as the other seven executed the other two.

Seung-nim than gave a device to Baek that gave a report of what happened. Every strike had been successful except for for the attack on the rebel's rear. Nitro had escaped along with a good portion of his forces that had been in the area. Baek looked at them. "Gather everyone at the third warehouse, we'll make one more strike than make way for the Compound, let's hope they'll take us in."



On top of an abandoned building, near the Compound...

"I can do this. A mean to end all problems." said Eriq Neilson, aka Codename: SUPERGRASS. In his drappy shirts, he laid on the ground and took the scope. "He's right there. I can do this..." he said in a heavy breathing.

He had broken all guidelines and rules of ONI. Soon, he will send someone to get rid of Eriq. A final judgment is needed to save Eriq's self. He assembled his sniper rifle slowly, taking his moment at his fullest. Rushing would just make the situation worse.

"I can do this." He said once more. This time, he pulled out a COM Device. "This is Codename Supergrass, ONI-SS-102. Status AWOL. If you find this, you will soon be satisfied that I am now dead. Operation Red Wing has been compromised with the death of 3 Agents. Codename Parker, Codename Yozak, Codename Peak..."

He stopped, taking a deep breath and focused on his rifle. Nitro, standing still, took out a cigar and puffed. "This is my chance..." he said, giving out the his last sigh. His vision focused upon Nitro's face, the target is marked. He pulled the trigger and the shot released...

Animated Sig.gif - H107SubtleTank 17:58, 15 June 2008 (UTC)


Roy moved as quickly as he dared through the forest right behind Nitro's castle, trying to remain hidden but not get caught. He had wished he could have brought Lewis with him, had some form of back-up. But Lewis was out cold with some form of head problem, and Roy didn't trust the other team members enough to bring them along. So he had gone alone.
Slowly, he moved through the courtyard of the castle, but then he stopped dead in his tracks as he heard a sniper shot ring through the air. Then he heard gun-fire, and took off running in the direction of the noise. --MCPO James DavisLOMI HQI hear your criesMay your works be honorable
20:59, 15 June 2008 (UTC)


Hee-jae, Seung-nim, Baek and others sat around in a small room, white walls and small uncomfortable chairs. They had been given a cup of coffee and then told to wait. "I was too trusting."

"You were supplying rebels with weapons. You and I both know you'd have done the same if you were in the same situation." Hee-jae said sitting opposite him. He leaned back in his chair with arms crossed.

Baek smirked to himself then finished his coffee. He threw the small plastic cup on the ground rose up knocking the chair off its legs then punched the wall with a loud thud. "I really don't care anymore. But my wife, my daughter. They're gone, along with you're friend and you baby. My men, their families all gone."

Hee-jae looked down when Seung-nim spoke. "We tried to get them off, I'm sorry about your families but we did all we could. Right now our fleet is inbound and about to engage the URF Fleet. Than we pull out, everyone, UNSC no longer cares about this planet."

"And what of me and my men! We'll be tried as rebels!" Baek yelled.

"The ONI officers are willing to pardon everything after the attacks we made." Hee-jae said. He only wanted to give good news to Baek, he was on the border of suicide after The Last Run. Soon an ONI officer entered and repeated the information about pardoning Baek and his crew as well as getting off the planet. Hee-jae and Seung-nim walked away. Hee-jae walked to his room, his jaw hurt. When he and Seung-nim told Baek about them working with the UNSC Baek and struck with full fury but than stopped.

Hee-jae walked to the door not realizing that it was unlocked and partially opened, his mind and body was too fatigued to care. He entered the dark room not bothering to turn on the light. He was just going to fall on his bunk anyway so why bother. He laid down then jumped up reaching for an imaginary pistol. A body lay on his bed. It turned and faced him, Mengdei.

Mengdei explained it all to him. How she boarded the Prowler only to be shoved and thrown into a nearby escape pod crammed dangerously full with men and women. When the Prowler was hit the escape pod blasted away to a somewhat safe landing. She walked away with bruises while others with broken arms and legs. But at least she was safe. And now they were together.



Nitro lay still on the ground seemingly dead. His men rush to him and carry him off on a stretcher.

The new reinstated commanding officer General Robert Lee sits at his office reading the reports of the rebellion and then looks over at the enclosed envelope that is labeled: OPERATION: CLERK.

Robert Lee opens the envelope to find one piece of paper. The Paper reads.

"Though I have died, I will return. Perhaps not the same, but I will return. In my chamber there is a vial, send it to the Doctors of Lab 1C."

Nitro in the doctors room has a pulse. Nitro rises up and looks around. "Where am I?" A doctor comes into the room. "You are at the hospital sir!" Nitro gets out of the bed. "Sir! Why are you getting out of the bed? You were just shot, the stem cells haven't had enough time to react with the..." Nitro looks over and sees a gun. Nitro picks up the gun and fires at the doctor. Nitro spits on the now dead body.

5 Weeks later

The fighting has ceased and the UNSC fighters are mostly gone. This was a UNSC failure, though ONI had one last idea in their sleeve. Nitro had won and lost. Nitro is now in what was supposed to be a secret storage facility. Robert Lee had given him up. But now Nitro is sitting back in his office, alone in the dark, a door opens. "Nitro who are you?" The shadow goes into the lighter part of the room. "My name is Arnold Lewis." Nitro jumps up. "You're a...you're a..." Arnold Lewis pulls out his gun and open fires on Nitro. "I will return." Arnold Lewis just grunts and walks off.

In the local bar...

Eriq Neilson gave his last credits to the bartender for a whiskey. He picked it up and quickly drink in one shot. To his last breath... he thought. He looked at the glass, astonished by his appearances.

He turned towards the window and gave a cheer at the other customers. Being happy is all he can do for now. "I'm going to die today! Drinks are on me!" he shouted as he stood up. The customers roared cheerfully. Eriq stopped in his tracks when he spotted a sudden flash of light from across the street. A silent shot hit his heart, delivering a final blow to his rebellion. Eriq clutched his heart tight, falling down on the floor slowly as he watched the bar cheering for the free drinks.

"Operation: Red Wing accomplished. Elimination of ONI agents has been achieved." said the sniper on his intercom. Codename: FABULIST packs up his sniper and slowly walks to the dark alley.

His intercom replied in static form, "Good job FABULIST. Now, we can proceed with the ORIONs. I'll transfer the files to you at the SwapArea." FABULIST grinned when he heard the name ORION. A final end to all...

UNSC Frigate No Ticket

Hee-jae slept, something that he needed ever since the rebellion started. However it would not refresh or restore him only torment him. The dreams, those were what kept him from peace. After Mengdei turned up he, Seung-nim, Baek and some others were sent for one last mission. One last strike on a weapons store house went totally wrong. They had walked into a trap and Seung-nim had taken the first blow. A moment Hee-jae would never forget as he held Seung-nim in his arms and looked down at his face. The round had pierced his lungs and he was suffocating. In an attempt to say something Seung-nim coughed, hard and strong sending his blood onto Hee-jae's face, than he pasted. Baek was killed as well, prefering to stay and fight. He had lost his will to live when The Last Run was lost. Hee-jae was alone, only alive after a Sparrowhawk and Pelican came to his rescue. He slept, Mengdei wiping tears away from his eyes and her own. It was over.

Roy Koel cleaned his weapon for the hundredth time, still thinking over what had happened. Sure, he'd done a marvelous job helping defend those that he could, but the battle had still been a terrible UNSC failure. He'd nearly got himself captured twice; that certainly wasn't a good thing. He'd have to figure out some way to make up for all of this, some way to prove he was still a good soldier. Now, how could he?

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