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Legends of Drawn is a Discord-based RP set in 2532, during the Covenant invasion of the UNSC Outer Colony Drawn. It is between the opposing forces of the Covenant Task Force of Lawful Obedience and UNSC Battlegroup Morocco. The RP is currently in its third phase, and it might be tough to add in new Spartans, due to the low number of Spartan-IIs.

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May 7, 2532. The Covenant Task Force of Lawful Fortitude has found the Outer Colony of Drawn, a military hub of the UNSC. Due to this, the United Nations Space Command has mobilized Battlegroup Morocco, under Vice Admiral Sarah Hill, commanding officer of the Spring Bloom. The Covenant are under the command of Fleet Master Zel ‘Takinoree, a Zealot sent personally by the Ministry of Fortitude to unearth multiple Forerunners artifacts on the planet. However, very few Covenant Officers know about this, and the majority believe it is just an invasion of Drawn. Meanwhile, on the ground, General Esteban Romero mounts a final stand against the Covenant invaders, who are without communication due to recent radiation pulses from within the planet. Load up your rifles, charge up your repeaters, and delve right into this roleplay!




  • Covenant
    • Zealot Atan 'Movumai

Andromeda Vadum


  • UNSC
    • Captain Sable Anston


  • Covenant
    • Zealot Thel 'Vadamee (non-canon)
    • Spec Ops Officer Raxs 'Riogatakurree

Timothy Emeigh


  • UNSC
    • Chief Petty Officer Alaska-013
  • Covenant
    • Major Nix Taa'ea


  • UNSC
    • Hospitalman Angelica Ramirez
    • Lance Corporal Lutz Vandemann

Commissar Darman

  • UNSC
    • Corporal Arturious "Arthur" Byrd



  • UNSC
    • UNSC Smart AI Servo

Theodore Knight

  • UNSC
    • Captain Arthur Knight


  • UNSC
    • Petty Officer Second Class Cal-141

SII S109

  • UNSC
    • Petty Officer First Class Winter-109
    • Captain Iliya Lightvale
  • Covenant
    • Captain Cappi


  • Covenant
    • Shipmaster Xeki 'Vadamee

Finland Mapper

  • UNSC
    • Petty Officer First Class Kai-112
    • First Lieutenant Aito Rine

That Blaze Guy

  • UNSC
    • Private First Class Wesley Brennan
  • Covenant
    • Minor Kayap

Military Forces

Navy Forces

  • Covenant Task Force of Lawful Fortitude
    • 210 Space Banshees
    • 104 Seraph Fighters
    • 20 Tick Boarding Pods
    • 2 SDV-class heavy corvettes
      • Patient Proclamation
      • Martyr's Reward
    • CCS-class battlecruiser Servant’s Blade
    • CAS-class assault carrier Ascendance

Ground Forces

  • UNSC Marine Corps and Army
    • 119,820 Army Troopers
    • 69,200 Marines
      • 108th ODST Regiment
    • 10,000 Militia Troopers
    • 1,142 Warthogs
    • 2,245 Mongooses
    • 65 Scorpions
    • 5 Elephants
    • 68 Falcons
    • 75 Pelicans
    • 408 SOIEV Drop Pods
  • Covenant Legions
    • 29,696 Unggoy
    • 9,900 Kig-Yar
    • 298 Mgalekgolo
    • 4,650 Sangheili
    • 820 Ghosts
    • 44 Shadows
    • 243 Wraiths
    • 409 Insertion Pods
    • 66 Spirits
    • 668 Banshees
    • 3 Scarabs


  • Operation Stardust

The UNSC tries to repel the initial Covenant invasion in space, while the SDV-class heavy corvette Patient Proclamation sets up outposts on the far side of Drawn's Lithis super-continent. The fleet battle takes place in the space near Drawn, while the ground battles take place in the Lithis deserts.

  • Operation Privateer

The Covenant have started boarding UNSC ships, and the Servant's Blade has launched a mass assault on the Spring Bloom, while the Covenant numbers landside grow at the dig site.

  • Operation Heart of Steel

The two Covenant Corvettes launch an assault on Drawn's capital city of Obsidion to lure away the UNSC's attention while the Ascendance and Servant's Blade make their debut in orbit.

  • Operation Pinnacle


  • Operation Civil War



1. Be realistic. All characters and ships must be within the set parameters. Look at the Forces channel for reference.

2. No NSFW and unprofessional romances. This is the middle of a battle during the Human-Covenant War, we don't have time for lover's drama.

3. No power-gaming, and be mature. Cooperation between players is encouraged. Plot armor is welcome too, just don't get your character into a situation that they can't get out of unscathed.

4. We want to preserve our works here. Please only have minimal ooc chat during rps.

5. Major RPs must be approved by UnggoyZealot. Minor ones depend on the scale, and if it is for combat scenarios or not. Character-building RPs can be done at any time.

6. Certain characters are and are not allowed. Look at the Submission Regulations channel for reference.

7. Have fun!

8. Keep profanity to a minimum. No swearing on my Christian server!

9. No retro-editing messages to nullify attacks. Example: Person A punches, Person B uses a counter to exploit a weakness Person A had, Person A then edits previous message to say that such a weakness never exists.

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