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Jaeter's Protectors is an RP that begins during 2555, two years after the Human-Covenant War. Jaeter is a colony that lies near the border of Human and former Covenant space. Mostly abandoned in the early stages of the war, the people of the colony felt betrayed by the UNSC. The story mostly follows the Colonial Militia as they deal with the UNSC, Insurrectionists, and former Covenant species. Given it's location, the planet might be plagued for battle- Insurrectionists wanting to kill aliens, alien sympathizers call for the aid of the Sangheili and others that can help. Most want to split from the UNSC, but are afraid of the UNSC fist that might destroy the Colony. UNSC and Sangheili governments have considered Jaeter as a disputed territory. Neither side officially owns it. Neither side would want make an action that could be considered an act of war.

If you are interested, the Discord link for the RP is here.


Before you do join take note that you can play any species you want besides Prometheans/Forerunners and the Prophets. Besides that, you can rp as whoever you want, as long as it's lore friendly.

Jaeter Emblem

Symbol for the Militia's soldiers.

Jaeter's Protectors
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Genre Action, Political, Ro- It is an RP, anything can happen
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Date launched July 20, 2017
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Jaeter's Protectors

"I don't expect you to get along with the Aliens, but I expect you to fight for the colony when you wear that uniform."
―Greta'Kovum, Militia Commander.

Jaeter's Militia is the sole fighting force for the planet. Under under staffed, the UNSC have provided most of the Militia's Equipment but it is not enough to staff more than 300 soldiers. With the location of the planet and the end of the Human Covenant War, Jaeter's Militia is under threat from Covenant Remnants, other insurrectionists and even the UNSC. The colony wants to split from the UNSC, keeps some ties with other independent nations, but has its militia calling help from the alien species that were part of the Covenant. As of 2556, the Militia has grown in size and gained more equipment and from trade and battle from Rebels and former Covies.


Self explanatory as everyone knows the UNSC history. Originally responsible for the colony's safety when it was founded on the onset of the Human-Covenant War, the UNSC military forces abandoned the planet as the Covenant closed in, leaving the small group of colonists to fend for themselves. Fortunately, the lack of a space elevator and the small population helped the colonists avoid the Covenant for the entire war. While some former UNSC personnel went to help build the colony and form its Militia, in recent times the UNSC has turned its eyes towards reintegrating rogue human colonies, with Jaester among that list.

The Prophet's Will

The Covenant came to Jaeter a few times during the war, finding nothing. Near the end of the war, the Covenant sent a battle-group back to the colony after discovering a Forerunner map which led to the planet. Glassing the continent of Kurthra to excavate the supposed Forerunner artifacts there. The war ended and the Covenant there have formed a Splinter Faction. As of now, this faction has been mostly decimated and a CCS BattleCruiser and a SDV Corvette left.The ships joined Tysan's Covenant.

Sangheili Alliance

This group has formed a shaky alliance with the Jaeter's Militia. As Militia commander Greta tries her hardest to maintain ties and support, people on multiple sides make it hard. Even her own troops. Andromeda ‘Vadum created the faction to stomp out remaining Covenant groups. When he heard about Covenant forces on Jaeter, he went to pursue. When he arrived, he found an under-staffed and under-equipped Militia that was in need of help from the Covenant and anyone else who would want them gone.

The Seekers of Truth

The Seekers of truth are another splinter faction of the Covenant. The Prophets will is Forty times bigger than The Seekers of Truth. The Seekers is the only Group that the Militia can stand toe to toe in frequent engagements. As the Seekers goal is to protect Forerunner sites and use it for their own accord. The Militia tries to stamp the small faction before it grows even bigger. As a small faction, they can easily blend into the population of Seyerton. They are not allies of the Prophets will and will attack them. For this faction, they are mostly about stealth and hit and run for the time being. Like all factions on the planet, preparing for Jaeter's winters when they become white.

Tysan's Covenant

A much much larger faction than the Prophet's Will, they arrived on Jaeter not long after a UNSC Battle Group left the planet. The Tysan's Group picked up the last two ships of the Prohphet's Will Faction.

Howling Pack

This is another Covenant Group who's leaders are primarily Brute. Has not arrived on Jaeter.

Purple Falcons

An innie group that has taken shelter on Jaeter.

Glistening Phoenixes


Anti Alien League

This group is not innie, but considered Terrorists by the Government of Jaeter. This group wants to kill or remove all aliens from Jaeter.

Rock of the Gods

A harlmess group that formed their own religion around a rock when they were bored. Some people call it a cult. The Government considers it the primary religion of Jaeter since they had nothing else to do on that day they declared it. More or less something for the news.

USP and Unity Party

Are the two political factions on Jaeter United Species Party is pro Jaeter and is more concered with uniting all the species on the planet. The Unity Party is pro UEG in secret and is a bitter rival of the USP. Unity Party usually has the backing of UEG and UNSC, while USP usually has the support of the Citizens. When voting, both parties are neck to neck and the winner is usully determined by 1-5 votes.



  • Greta 'Kovum (Singer) - Greta was a Former UNSC SGT that became the Militia Commander and allows Aliens in the Colony. Anyone who can provide help to the colony is a need. Taking anyone who can hold a gun into the Militia if they are of age.
  • Rtoka 'Kovum - The Militia's Sangheili Spec ops leader. He was part of the Covenant then joined the Separatists during the Great Schism. Help the Humans rebuild Earth and then went to Jaeter and helped there. He stays relatively hidden most of the time to stay out of sigh from the extremist insurrectionists.
  • Caitlyn Frost - A former ONI agent that came to Jaeter with Greta and Rtoka. She managed to get a good deal of equipment from when she was in ONI to help the growing Militia.
  • Loviisa Kotka - A Finnish Spartan 3.

Lady Night

  • Loraine - An insane albino sniper.


  • Moses Crawford - Moses is the Militia's primary pilot and one of the few pilots they have. He flies the Militia's Only Pelican and flies a special modified Falcon called Felicia Firehawk.


  • Edmond Dahm - A charismatic former Marine, Edmond Dahm has journeyed to Jaester in search of purpose which resulted from the Covenant's defeat. A quick-learner and skilled shot, Dahm is one of the few Marines who know of a time when humans fought humans, and hopes to help return the colony to an age of peace.
  • Too Variable to Measure - An independent and assertive Huragok, Variable has been bought to Jaester under a contract to upgrade the colony's military hardware.

Super 6-1™🇺🇸

  • Chris “Gunner” O’Connor - Hayden's brother. Chris seems to be the more aggressive one of the two. Chris constantly picked a fight with Rak the Kig Yar on their first day. Chris also almost started a Crisis from the report their Instructor gave to Greta.

Waste of Air

  • Hayden O’Connor - Brother of Chris O'Conner. He is a former UNSC Field Medic and has taken the role as one of the Militia's Medics.


  • Rak - The Militia's first Kig Yar memeber and has been a target for Chris O'Connor on their first day of training. Rak is a marksman and has fought on Reach. It is strange for Rak to be working with Humans but he is slowly getting the hang of it.

Andromeda Vadum

  • Andromeda 'Vadum - Is the Leader of the Sangheili Alliance. Andromeda understands the Humans's anger towards all the alien species that were in the Covenant. He also wants to kill the Covenant for giving Sangheili a bad name. Andromeda landed on Jaeter far from Seyerton to not provoke hostilities. He met the only Militia memebers of the colony at the time. Size of around six people. That group he met, helped form the Sangheili Jaeter treaty.
  • Jason Miller - One of the quiet guys of the Militia. He tends to follow orders but seems to stay out of unnecessary situations. He was in a police officer so it can explain him about staying out of unnecessary situations. He does have a history with UNSC and Oni but the Oni part is all redacted.


  • Scott Woodfield: An old UNSC Marine who fought in the later years of the Covenant War as a Hellbrigner. He survived the War and was even offered to become a part of the newly formed Spartan Branch. He rejected the offer and stayed a marine for the years after until he one day resigned and left for Jaeter.

Distant Tide

  • Jeffery M. Korn - Former ONI Intelligence Officer, a Lieutenant involved in Special Projects. Following a bad series of events with the department, he was let go and discharged from the military. Now a wanderer on the frontier, he came to Jaeter looking for a place to catch his breath while he works on building himself back up.


  • (Lt. Commander) Captain Larose - Captain of the Charon Class Frigate, UNSC Call to Valor, recently stationed amongst the battlegroup in orbit over Jaeter sent my the UNSC in hopes of positively influencing relations between Jaeter and the UNSC. The UNSC Call to Valor has arrived with medical supplies, food, and other modern marvels of the post-war period. She also sports enough fire power to quell any insurrectionist activity if need be. Nathan Carter Larose as acting captain is loyal to his order and to the UNSC, his personal personal views may be more successionist in their own right but he knows his mission. Strategic, compassionate, and loyalty are his descriptors but do not take his sensitivity for weakness, Larose survived Harvest and the Human - Covenant War, he knows sacrifice.


  • Dez' Morsov - Former Sangheili from the Covenant, Dez' became a Covenant Separtist after he witnessed the massacre of his fellow Sangheili on Installation 05. Dez' is on Jaeter as a rogue, with his intentions to find Forerunner technology to learn from their ancient knowledge.


Weapons and Supplies

The militia uses any UNSC weapon and covenant weapon they can get their hands on. Their armor consists of mostly insurrection era armor. Know to be used during the Harvest Campaign and early battle of earth stages. But if a person join the milita and has their own gear, they can use it.


Various Human and Covenant vehicles. Jaeter's Redemption - The Flag ship of the Jaeter Navy and it is a CPV Destroyer. So the UNSC do not take their ship, they fake it being under the ownership of the Sangheili Alliance. This way the UNSC will back off and so a war does not happen.

Events Canon

These are reports by Commander Greta'Kovum summarizing some key events in the Militia's history.


The Militia gets their first batch of recruits. Ranging from Humans to Sangheili and Kig Yar. The Humans were aggressive to their new found allies. Giving the Militia Commander a headache for the entire training session. Eventually, most got along with each other and know what is at stake.

First Op, Alicia Death Arc

The militia's first operation on being on the offensive against The Prophet's Will. An AA encampment was reported and scouted by Instructor Alicia. Somehow becoming captured by the Covenant. The Militia took a small Fireteam and with element of surprise, the Fireteam took over the Encampment and destroyed the AA that could of been use to the Militia. The Fireteam found Instructor Alicia, but by the time they got to her, she was dead.

Kuthra Arc

Militia Commander gets kidnapped and a rescue op is sent to go find her. Which leads to the Militia finding out that the Prophet's Will has taken her to Kuthra. The location that they found was also a Forerunner base.

AI Arc

A UNSC ship is blown up over Jaeter by a CPV Destroyer. The Captain and AI are saved but all hands are lost. The AI is in early stages on rampancy because of the damages to the ship. Captain is found dead after escaping the base. AI joins Militia after the Captain tries to order the AI to kill people in the base.

Legion Arc

Legion invades Jaeter and destroys the Militia base. The militia is in a weak state and plan on rescueing anyone who is captured by the Legion. No one knows why they are here, the militia just knows they lost a lot trying to defend their home.

CPV Destroyer Arc

The Militia managed to take over a CPV Destroyer that was owned by the Prophet's will and brought it back to their base. Managing to cripple the 2nd Destroyer with the captured one.

Prohpet's Will Destruction

Using their CPV destroyer, the Militia launched a ground and air assault on the Prophet's main base. The base was destroyed, the 2nd destroyer was destroyed, and the Prophet's Corvette fled from Jaeter.


UNSC arrives to investigate the Cold Light of Dawn crash and to evaluate the planet.

Vacation Arc

The Militia abuses the chance of the UNSC being on the planet to take a small vacation to rejuvenate the troops.

More arcs that have been happening but too lazy to put up here

Tysan's Covenant Faction arrives and is repelled Assault on the Capital building by the AAL Howling Pack Arrives and a war between JDF and Howling happens Greta is captured by Kyle Craig Howling Pack is pushed back Havannah annexation in name for now Arrival of Flame

Events Non-Canon

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