Annual Award Best Collaboration.png This collaboration, Imperium, directed by Brodie-001, was voted as the Best Collaboration of 2018 in the Eleventh Annual Halo Fanon Wikia Awards.

Annual Award Best Collaboration.png This collaboration, Imperium, directed by Brodie-001, was voted as the Best Collaboration of 2019 in the Twelfth Annual Halo Fanon Wikia Awards.

Imperium is a long-form Halo Fanon RP set in the post-war era, based around the short-lived Imperial War of 2558. Writers will take control of numerous groups throughout the conflict, with characters fighting across multiple battlefields and taking part in pivotal roles that shape the war's eventual outcome.

This RP is currently run by Brodie-001.

Character signups can be found here.

The story takes place here.

Story Overview

It is August of 2558. After an investigation into a disturbance on the very edge of colonised space leads to the destruction of two warships and the sudden emergence of a hostile faction known as the Imperium of Clarity, both the Swords of Sanghelios and the United Nations Space Command have dispatched sizeable fleets to counter and fight back against this new threat.

What ensues is a short but brutal war across several systems as the allied forces attempt to overcome the forces of Imperial Admiral Toru 'Makhan, a brilliant tactician who had spent years carving out his own empire after the collapse of the Covenant. Starting with an attempt to retake the remote colony of Montak, this war will see the rise and fall of heroes on both sides as it builds towards its bloody conclusion.

The Factions

The main players in Imperium. Your characters should fall under one of these four categories, which informs their purpose in participating in this war.

  • United Nations Space Command - In response to the loss of one of their vessels at the hands of the Imperium, the UNSC has launched a sizeable fleet under the command of the capable Admiral Lin Zhi to wage war against this new faction.
    • Character Advice: While Spartans are allowed, it would be preferable if any UNSC character submissions are either conventional members of the military or unaugmented special forces personnel. ONI agents may also be submitted, though how useful they are is up to the writer's discretion.
  • Swords of Sanghelios - While responding for similar reasons to the UNSC, the Swords of Sanghelios have dispatched Fleet Master Felo 'Ranak to avenge their own lost warship, they intend to tap into the large Sangheili population within the Imperium to gain new recruits in their own war against other Covenant remnants back on Sanghelios.
    • Character Advice: Any SoS-affiliated characters would either already be part of 'Ranak's fleet, or among those who chose to join the battle against the Imperium to try and end the war as quickly as possible - or just to find another battle to fight.
  • Imperium of Clarity - Having spent several years building up a sizeable military as it rapidly expanded throughout former Covenant territory, the Imperium of Clarity's aggressive actions have led to a seemingly inevitable conflict against the galaxy's other powers. Seeking to drive out what it sees as invaders in its territory, the Imperium hopes to win this war quickly so it can spread out further, gaining power and influence as it captures more territory.
    • Character Advice: As a fairly progressive nation compared to its Covenant predecessor, the Imperium's military possesses not only a massive contingent of Sangheili and Unggoy soldiers, but boasts a number of Jiralhanae and human members among their ranks. In addition, it employs a number of mercenary groups hired from the frontier, giving an opportunity for any unscrupulous characters to throw their lot in with the Imperium for this war.
  • Other - Any superfluous factions with a stake in the conflict, ranging from unscrupulous corporations to PMC groups to any number of loners and outcasts getting involved in the war.
    • Character Advice: Characters under this 'faction' don't really have to take a side in the Imperial War, and may not wish to fight at all. Perhaps they seek to help those in need, or were simply caught up in the conflict as war broke out and are trying to escape alive.


  1. Unlike the community stories managed by Brodie-001, this RP is not set in an alternate universe and all character deaths should be considered final for writers intending to kill anyone off.
  2. Do not kill off characters belonging to other users without their permission. This includes the destruction of named ships and launching attacks that characters could not feasibly survive.
  3. Any actions that would massively shape current events are to be discussed with the RP managers privately beforehand to prevent any potential story disruptions.
  4. While characters written for the RP do not necessarily require articles, please be sure that you only sign up characters that you intend to use.
  5. Please ensure that there is a reason for any character you sign up to be part of this military campaign.
  6. Do not make consecutive posts about the same group of characters. If you happen to be writing for different groups during the RP, then you may post consecutively, but do not use this as a way to continually post chapters by alternating between the two repeatedly.
  7. Please leave a small signature at the end of every post.
  8. The 'Current Events' warning sign atop the content page is there to give writers an idea of what they should be focusing on at the current point in time.
  9. To prevent the RP grinding to a sudden halt because a couple of users are unable or unwilling to post, the project manager has a number of scenarios available to continue the story without user input if necessary. Should a user fall out of posting for an extended period of time without formally bowing out of the RP, their characters will eventually be written out (without being killed in any way) of the story and given a brief mention as it continues.
  10. In terms of military command structure, the UNSC's Sixth Fleet is led by Admiral Lin Zhi, while the Swords of Sanghelios detachment is commanded by Fleet Master Felo 'Ranak. On the Imperium's side, Imperial Admiral Toru 'Makhan is the overall commander, with four Fleet Masters and a Field Marshall serving as his direct subordinates. As such, no submitted characters should equal any of these leaders in rank to avoid confusion as orders are given.

Order of Battle

Below is a list of warships at the start of the Imperial War, not including user-submitted vessels, mercenary groups and special operations units.

Sixth Fleet

First Battlegroup

  • 1x Valiant-class super-heavy cruiser
    • UNSC Caspian (Flagship)
  • 4x Orion-class assault carriers
    • UNSC Harridan
    • UNSC Shiroyama
    • UNSC Gilded Cage
    • UNSC Hard Luck
  • 16x Strident-class heavy frigates
    • UNSC Solway Firth
    • UNSC Bernoulli
    • UNSC Tennyson
    • UNSC Barcelona
    • UNSC Red Glare
    • UNSC Laurel Wreath
    • UNSC Opal Star
    • UNSC Last Dance
    • UNSC Ibiza
    • UNSC Clouds Clearing
    • UNSC Windward
    • UNSC According to Plan
    • UNSC Nimrod
    • UNSC Wrought Iron
    • UNSC Safety Net
    • UNSC Velite
  • 25x Halberd-class destroyers
    • UNSC Blue Shift
    • UNSC Bengal
    • UNSC Scaramouche
    • UNSC Cat and Mouse
    • UNSC Hard Knocks
    • UNSC Montgomery
    • UNSC Hokkaido
    • UNSC Big Stick
    • UNSC Carlisle
    • UNSC Dark Dawn
    • UNSC Harlequin
    • UNSC Kentwell
    • UNSC Right as Rain
    • UNSC Gold Standard
    • UNSC Oregon
    • UNSC Ataturk
    • UNSC Paramount
    • UNSC Trebia
    • UNSC Pale Horse
    • UNSC Birkenfeld
    • UNSC Tenacious
    • UNSC Plutarch
    • UNSC Made in Heaven
    • UNSC Tomorrow's Dream
    • UNSC Sarajevo
  • 6x Gladius-class heavy corvettes
    • UNSC White Rose
    • UNSC Fixed Point
    • UNSC Royal Flush
    • UNSC Filibuster
    • UNSC Blind Beggar
    • UNSC Fujiwara
  • 4x Charon-class light frigates
    • UNSC Dime a Dozen
    • UNSC Spearman
    • UNSC Enkidu
    • UNSC Punch Drunk

Second Battlegroup

  • 1x Vindication-class light battleship
    • UNSC Maya (Flagship)
  • 10X Anlace-class frigates
    • UNSC Nineveh
    • UNSC Winding Road
    • UNSC Crimea
    • UNSC Bigwig
    • UNSC Agememnon
    • UNSC Easy Street
    • UNSC Cornelius
    • UNSC Shadow of a Doubt
    • UNSC Yucatan
    • UNSC Bright Horizon
  • 4x Sahara-class heavy prowlers
    • UNSC Morrigan
    • UNSC Catlike Tread
    • UNSC Masyaf
    • UNSC Lone Star
  • 8x Paris-class heavy frigates
    • UNSC Myrmidon
    • UNSC Bullrush
    • UNSC Criffel
    • UNSC Point Lookout
    • UNSC Yorktown
    • UNSC Euryale
    • UNSC Albumasar
    • UNSC Magna Carta
  • 2x Ammunition Ships
    • UNSC Market Garden
    • UNSC Springfield

Third Battlegroup

  • 1x Poseidon-class light carrier
    • UNSC Auld Lang Syne
  • 4x Strident-class heavy frigates
    • UNSC Vladivostok
    • UNSC Geisha
    • UNSC Lancaster
    • UNSC Squeaky Clean
  • 1x Refit Station - Anchor 15
  • 2X Laden-class freighters
  • 17x Camel-class transports

Baal Defense Solutions Battlegroup

  • 2x Templar-class light cruisers
  • 10x Alaris-class heavy frigates
  • 16x Gladius-class heavy corvettes

Swords of Sanghelios

Ranak Fleet

  • 1x ORS-class heavy cruiser
    • Questioner (Flagship)
  • 8x CCS-class battlecruisers
  • 16x CRS-class light cruisers
  • 10x Hekar Taa-pattern blockade runners
  • 23x Man 'O Wars
  • 5x DDS-class carriers
  • 4x Carracks

Imperial Armada

Toru 'Mahkan's Fleet

  • 1x CSO-class supercarrier
    • Watchful Custodian (Flagship)
  • 1x Z-330 Escort - True Recompense
  • 8x CCS-class battlecruisers
  • 40x Obedience-class cruisers

Kan 'Larom's Fleet

  • 1x CCS-class battlecruiser
    • Advance Guard (Flagship)
  • 6x RCS-class armored cruisers
  • 7x CRS-class light cruisers

Lora 'Deris's Fleet

  • 1x ORS-class heavy cruiser
    • Emancipator (Flagship)
  • 30x Obedience-class cruisers

Hedan Koti's Fleet

  • 1x CPV-class heavy destroyer
    • Blue Death (Flagship)
  • 3x SDV-class heavy corvettes
  • 4x DSC-class support ships
  • 25x DAS-class storm cutters

Orro 'Hendai's Fleet

  • 1x DDS-class carrier
    • Blissful Solitude (Flagship)
  • 22x Obedience-class cruisers
  • 15x DAS-class storm cutters

Zetal 'Hudon's Fleet

  • 1x CCS-class battlecruiser
    • New Way (Flagship)
  • 12x Obedience-class cruisers
  • 14x CRS-class light cruisers

Nor 'Hudon's Fleet

  • 1x CCS-class battlecruiser
    • Starlight (Flagship)
  • 8x Obedience-class cruisers
  • 4x CPV-class heavy destroyers
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