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On 10 February 2535, Covenant forces landed on Jericho VII.
Three days later, UNSC forces retreated from the planet and it was glassed.

This is the story of that most horrific battle, in the eyes of the attackers, the defenders, and the survivors of The Fall of Jericho.


2535 was a turning point of the Human-Covenant War; a turn in favor of the Covenant. Simply put, the events of 2535 were a matter of being out-gunned, as Covenant kill ratios tend to top three to one in ship-to-ship combat. By this time, virtually all of the Outer Colony worlds have been destroyed by the Covenant. It was truly a dark time for the UNSC and Humanity as a whole.
It was no surprise that the destruction of Jericho VII heralded this Year of Hell.


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