"Just... dust and echoes."
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Captain Grade One.png This roleplay, Battle of Kanna, directed by Ajax 013, was voted as the Best Roleplay of Halo Fanon Wikia in 2008 in the First Annual Halo Fanon Wikia Awards.



Rule 1: What I say goes

Rule 2: Try not to make dozens of posts before everybody else can reply :]

Rule 3: the obvious of no godmodding. Its only humans, Brutes and Jackals in this RP.

Rule 4: If you want somebody to die, ask the owner of the character.

Rule 5: The RP occurs in the Necros Era

Rule 6: UNSC forces are split into two groups, the defending forces and the later arriving relief forces.

Rule 7: Your destruction is the will of the gods

Rules on Adding new units

You wanna add a new ship, add it to a existing battlegroup up there. If you wanna add over (by which i mean you want to add your own battlegroup and want one removed so this can be done) or 'adopt' a existing ship or battlegroup, ask me about it

You wanna add a air unit, note which ship it is attached to

Try not to add any more infantry units, for the UNSC we already have too many D: but fine for Brutes.

Add 'em to this page plz kaithnxbai


"So the Brutes want a fight? Fine by me."
―Admiral Vladmir Tupolovitch

The year is 2607. The Brutes have been raiding UNSC territory on a increasingly large scale, and now it comes down to this. Kanna, a border colony world. Having survived dozens of raids, now the full force of the Covenant Remnant is coming to Kanna. The UNSC Navy and Marines stand ready to defend it. Though the SPARTAN-IVs have not yet been finished, the finest marines and naval personel stand ready to defend the colony of Kanna.

The world of Kanna is a world mixing massed agriculture with a few centralised urban centres. These few centers are metropolis on par with those found on some inner colonies. Its a world of vast, temperate, if wet, rolling plains and a handful of bitter mountain chains and violent oceans. Many of the major population centres are defended naturally by river deltas and mountain chains.

The Defence force present at Kanna is lead by the valiant Vice Admiral Vo Chi Gi, a man who's faced Brutes many times before. Faced with overwhelming enemy forces and a five hour hold until more UNSC fleets arrive. Only through superior tactics will he hope to achieve some measure of victory. Also, groundside, the 23rd Regiment, a veteran regiment, supported by newer regiments, stand prepared to defend the cities, with an array of armoured vehicles, air support gunships and new models of UNSC attack and battle exoskeletons and walkers.

The Relief force, speeding from the military command centre of Gundark, is lead by Fleet Admiral Vladmir Tupolovitch. He has been given almost three fleets worth of ships to ensure Kanna, a vital colony lynchpin, is defended safely and beat back the enemy forces. With a axe to grind against the Brutes, he's going to make sure none get out alive. The Marine forces they carry have one aim. Quickly drop to groundside, with ODSTs, the 114th,101st and the spec op units securing the way for the 10th, 77th and 25th then flatten the Brute attackers under a steam roller of attacking force, while pressing them against the defenders, crushing them.

The only thing that matches Lakvanus' devotion to the High Prophet of Deliverance is his extreme talent for destruction. A long time ship master, leading several successful raids on the UNSC until the UNSC tactics and technology improved, causing him to gradually bring to bloody draws, then defeats. Now a high Chieftain, he is determind to avenge his past dishonours. Deliverance has ordered Kanna be taken, intact. It will provide them with a vitally needed source of food, both from agriculture and humans, along with a bountiful harvest of slaves, along with destabilising the local UNSC region and causing a food shortage. From this foothold they finally stand a chance of capturing many more vital colonies, such as Gundark.

The Kig-Yar Pirates are thieves, cut throats, privateers and slavers, and nothing exemplefies this more than Dekd Nok. An 'arrangement' has been met where Dekd Nok has been promised not only a bountiful array of weapons, vehicles, armour and ships if they help in this attack, but also food supplies, new targets to raid deeper in UNSC space and also, once surfaceside on Kanna, they get to keep as much bounty, including technology, equipment, food and slaves, as they can grab. The Remnant forces are relying on them to provide a vital harrying force and ground side skirmishers, something they lack.

The defenders only task is to hold out for five hours until relief arrives. Even then however, victory is uncertain. Should Kanna fall, the whole FLEETCOM sector could fall within the week. Should victory be secured however, the Brutes will suffer from losses so heavy they may never be capable to launch such a large scale assault again.

Force Composition

United Earth Government (Necros)

Defence Commander: Vice Admiral Vo Chi Gi

Relief Commander: Fleet Admiral Vladmir Tupolovitch

Ground Forces


23rd Urban Assault Regiment
64th Marine Regiment
43rd Armoured Regiment

Relief Forces

105th ODST Regiment, 2nd Battalion
114th Marine Regiment, Battalion 1 and 2
77th Airborne Regiment
105th ODST Regiment, 101st Battalion
10th Gaelic Regiment
101st Orbital Shock Regiment,3rd Battalion
25th Highlander Regiment
345th German Armored regiment
226th Infantry Battalion Excalibur
Royal 22e Régiment
Special Tactics and Operations, B Squadron, E Squadron
Special Reconnaissance Service, G Squadron
Special Commando Unit, no.3 Commando Battalion

Air Forces

77th Naval Squadron
112th Naval Squadron
42nd Naval Squadron
19th Viper Hornet Team
UNSCAF 3rd Canadian Volunteer Squadron

Navy Forces

Planetary Defence Fleet

Carrier Defence Group Valiant
Odin-class Carrier
Victoria-class Heavy Cruiser
Thor-class Cruiser
Tereus-class Escort Destroyer
Baal-class Destroyers (3)
Heimdall-class Frigates (5)
Carrier Defence Group Morgana
Odin-class Carrier
Horus-class Light Cruiser
Thor-class Cruiser
Tereus-class Escort Destroyer
Baal-class Destroyers (3)
Heimdall-class Frigate (5)

Support Group
Terminus-class Gunboats (13)

In System forces


Long Range Patrol Charlie 3
Amaterasu-class Cruiser-Carrier
Tereus-class Escort Destroyer
Heimdall-class Frigate ()
UNSC Dawn to Heaven (Upgrade/Refit to Heimdall)
Patrol Sigma 11
Horus-class Light Cruiser (2)
Isis-class Light Cruiser-Carrier


Convoy Group Alpha
Jade-class Light Carrier
Tereus-class Escort Destroyer
Raijin-class Destroyer (2)
Baal-class Destroyers (2)
Up to 11 cargo vessels
Convoy Group Bravo
Convoy Group Alpha
Jade-class Light Carrier
Tereus-class Escort Destroyer
Baal-class Destroyers (2)
Up to 13 cargo vessels


Demond Blake

Relief Forces

Dreadnaught Battlegroup Ragnarok
Ragnarök-class Dreadnaught
Jade-class Light Carrier
Thor-class Cruiser
Baal-class Destroyers (4)
Heimdall-class Frigates (5)
Minerva-class Prowler
Super Carrier Battlegroup Gamera
Sol-class Command Carrier
Ares-class Battlecruiser
Thor-class Cruiser
Baal-class Destroyers (4)
Heimdall-class Frigate (5)
Minerva-class Prowler
Carrier Battlegroup Monitor
Odin-class Carrier
Thor-class Cruiser
Thor-class Cruiser
Baal-class Destroyers (4)
Heimdall-class Frigate (5)
Minerva-class Prowler
Carrier Battlegroup Colorado
UNSC Colorado, Sol-class Command Carrier
Thor-class Cruiser
Thor-class Cruiser
Baal-class Destroyers (4)
Heimdall-class Frigate (5)
Minerva-class Prowler
Carrier Battlegroup New Jersey
UNSC New Jersey, Sol-class Command Carrier
Thor-class Cruiser
Thor-class Cruiser
Baal-class Destroyers (4)
Heimdall-class Frigate (5)
Minerva-class Prowler
Carrier Battlegroup Arizona II
UNSC Arizona II, Carrier-class Carrier
Thor-class Cruiser
Thor-class Cruiser
Baal-class Destroyers (4)
Heimdall-class Frigate (5)
Minerva-class Prowler
Carrier Battlegroup Leningrad
Carrier Battlegroup Intrepid
Support Group Lion
Battleship Battlegroup Liberator
Carrier Battlegroup Odin
Carrier Battlegroup Bombard
Attack Carrier Battlegroup Group Typhoon
Heavy Carrier Battlegroup Everest
Battleship Battlegroup Wardog
Carrier Battlegroup Keyes
Carrier Battlegroup Solaris
Taskforce Arrow
1 Sol-class Command Carrier
485th Marine Regiment
2,200 Troops
2 Thor-class Cruisers
4 Baal-class Destroyers
5 Heimdall-class Frigates
485th Marine Regiment
1,000 Troops
1 Minerva-class Prowler
Super Carrier Battlegroup Essex
1 Sol-class Command Carrier
1 Ares-class Battlecruiser
1 Thor-class Cruiser
4 Baal-class Destroyers
5 Heimdall-class Frigate
1 Minerva-class Prowler


Arnold Leroy Lewis III

Archie Puller

Ground Forces

Special Tactics and Operations, B Squadron, E Squadron
Special Reconnaissance Service, G Squadron
Special Commando Unit, no.3 Commando Battalion

Air Forces

UV-497 Tern (4) F-206 Scythe (12) I-277 Cutlass (6)

Naval Forces

Loki-class Stealth Frigate (4)
Minerva-class Prowler (3)
UNSC Athena attached to SOCOM
UNSC Converge attached to ONI Recon
Fallen Angel w/ 6 VENGENACE Nuclear Missiles

Covenant Remnants

Commader: High Chieftain Lakvanus

Ground Forces

Grand Lakvanus Pack

19 Brute Packs
Drakos Pack
Epsilus Pack
Keilus Pack
Solus Pack
Zorenus Pack
5 Armoured Packs
4 Aerial Support Pack

Air Forces

Hundreds of Phantom and Spirit class dropships
Hundreds of Seraph fighters

Navy Forces

255 varied warships
Super Carrier Glorious Redemption
Carrier Blood for Sin
Assault Carrier Golden Retribution
CCS-Class Battlecruiser Might of Truth
CPV-class Heavy Destroyer Ultimate Transcendence

Kig-Yar Pirates

Commander: Dekd Nok

Ground Forces

70 Skirmishers from Darkbrood
30 Snipers/Stealth
100 Kig-Yar of various ranks from Breaking Ruler
20 Special Ops Kig-Yar Rangers led by Slat

Air Forces

50 of Breaking Ruler's Boarding Craft (Acting as Dropships)

Navy Forces

Cruiser Wrath and Fury (Flagship)
Frigate Breaking Ruler
Corsair Darkbrood

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Characters and Units

Ajax 013

Vincent Warren
Faction:UNSC Marines
Unit/ship: 23rd Urban Assault Regiment
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Equipment: Dire Wolf, M73D Carbine, M33 Revolver
Angelica Keller
Unit/ship:114th Regiment
Rank:Second Lieutenant
Equipment: M108A1 Close Assault Weapon System and M57
Liliha Raina
Unit/ship:105th ODST Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Dog Company, Zeus Platoon
Rank:Second Lieutenant
Equipment:M12 Sub Machine Gun, M6L Personal Defence Weapon System
Stephen Mitchell
Faction: UNSC
Unit/ship: Special Reconnaissance Service, G Squadron
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Equipment: M2A Light Assault Rifle w/ M023 Shotgun, M98 Compact
Faction: Covenant Remnant
Unit/ship: Glorious Redemption
Rank: High Chieftain
Equipment: Gravity Hammer
Carrier Defencegroup Valiant
Type:Naval warship group
Function:Defensive space control and blockade
Commander:Vice Admiral Vo Chi Gi
Unit Size:12 vessels
Dreadnaught Battlegroup Ragnarok
Type:Naval warship group
Function:Space control and destruction of enemy targets
Commander:Fleet Admiral Vladmir Tupolovitch
Unit Size: 12
Carrier Battlegroup Gamera
Type:Naval Warship Group
Function:Space control and airforce support.
Commander:Vice Admiral Jennifer Volksanigen
Unit Size:12
Attack Battlegroup Typhoon
Type:Naval Warship Group
Function:Plantery assault and support
Commander:Vice Admiral Johnathan Price
Unit Size:12
105th ODST Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Dog Company, Zeus Platoon
Faction: UNSC
Type: Infantry Unit
Function: Taking and holding strategic locations by unorthodox entry methods
Commander: Second Lieutenant Raina
Unit Size: 39 Men
114th Marine Pioneer Regiment, first Battallion, delta company, Hades Platoon
Type: Infantry Unit
Function: Recon, motorised combat, close assault
Commander: Second Lieutenant Keller
Unit Size: 39 men
23rd Urban Assault Regiment, second Battallion, Echo Company, Swallow Platoon
Type: Infantry Unit
Function: Close quaters exoskeleton supported fire and manouvre
Commander: Second Lieutenant Daniels
Unit Size: 39 men


Robert Davis V
Faction: UNSC
Unit/ship: Dragon Squadron/UNSC Valiant
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Equipment: M2A Light Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle 09 Scoped Rifle, M6L Personal Defence Weapon System, F/I-905 Claymore
Clyde Davis
Faction: UNSC
Unit/ship: Dragon Squadron/UNSC Valiant
Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Equipment: M2A Light Assault Rifle, M90D Close Assault Weapon System, M98 Compact, F-406 Katana
Alice Peters
Faction: UNSC
Unit/ship: Dragon Squadron/UNSC Valiant
Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Equipment: M2A Light Assault Rifle, M77 Extreme Close Quarters Combat System, M98 Compact, F-778 Knife
Aaron Peters
Faction: UNSC
Unit/ship: Dragon Squadron/UNSC Valiant
Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Equipment: M2A Light Assault Rifle, M389B General Purpose Machine Gun, M98 Compact, M2 AM Grenade, F-406 Katana
Joshua Peters
Faction: UNSC
Unit/ship: Dragon Squadron/UNSC Valiant
Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Equipment: M2A Light Assault Rifle, M122 Light Machine Gun, M57, F-406 Katana
Roy Drake
Faction: UNSC
Unit/ship: Dragon Squadron/UNSC Valiant
Rank: Lieutenant
Equipment: M2A Light Assault Rifle, M556 GL, M98 Compact, F-406 Katana
Robert Nicholas Summers Jr.
Faction: UNSC
Unit/ship: Dragon Squadron/UNSC Valiant
Rank: Lieutenant
Equipment: M2A Light Assault Rifle, M1091 Sniper Rifle System 23, M6L Personal Defence Weapon System, F-778 Knife
Nathaniel Walters
Faction: UNSC
Unit/ship: Dragon Squadron/UNSC Valiant
Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Equipment: M2A Light Assault Rifle, M108A1 Close Assault Weapon System, M6L Personal Defence Weapon System, I-550 Broadsword
Justin Cragin Jr.
Faction: UNSC
Unit/ship: Dragon Squadron/UNSC Valiant
Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Equipment: M2A Light Assault Rifle, M73D Carbine, M6L Personal Defence Weapon System, F-406 Katana
Mary Cragin
Faction: UNSC
Unit/ship: Dragon Squadron/UNSC Valiant
Rank: Lieutenant
Equipment: M2A Light Assault Rifle, M1091 Sniper Rifle System 23, M6L Personal Defence Weapon System, F-778 Knife
Jacob Harrison
Faction: UNSC
Unit/ship: Dragon Squadron/UNSC Valiant
Rank: Lieutenant
Equipment: M2A Light Assault Rifle, MA6A Individual Combat Weapon System, M33 Revolver, F-406 Katana
Samuel Albert Davis
Faction: UNSC
Unit/ship: Dragon Squadron/UNSC Valiant
Rank: Lieutenant
Equipment: M2A Light Assault Rifle, MA6A Individual Combat Weapon System, M33 Revolver, F/I-905 Claymore
Marshall Drake
Faction: UNSC
Unit/ship: Dragon Squadron/UNSC Valiant
Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Equipment: M2A Light Assault Rifle, M556 GL, M6L Personal Defence Weapon System, I-550 Broadsword
Faction: Covenant Remnants
Unit/ship: Bloody Sickle
Rank: Captain Ultra
Equipment: Plasma Axe, Brute Nailer, Brute Pummeler
Dekd Nok
Faction: Kig-Yar Pirates
Unit/ship: Wrath and Fury
Rank: Kig-Yar Commander
Equipment: Covenant Carbine, Plasma Assaulter, Heavy Duty Point Defense Gauntlet
Faction: Kig-Yar Pirates
Unit/ship: Wrath and Fury
Rank: Kig-Yar Captain
Equipment: Beam Rifle, Needler, Point Defense Gauntlet


Faction: Covenant Remnants
Unit/ship: Blood for Sin
Rank: Pack Chieftain
Equipment: Gravity Hammer, Fuel Rod Gun


Faction: UNSC/ONI
Unit/ship: Sol-class Command Carrier New York
Rank: Senior Chief Petty Officer
Equipment: M2A Light Assault Rifle w/ , Camera, Laser Designator, Suppressor, Small Unit Reflex Optical Gunsight; M98 Compact w/ Suppressor and UV Light; M1091 Sniper Rifle System 23 w/ Augur Scope, bipid, and Suppressor; M9 Dual Purpose/High Explosive Grenade; M70 Flash Bang Grenade;
Maria Williams
Faction: UNSC Allied
Unit/ship: 112th Naval Squadron
Rank: N/A (Squadron Leader)
Equipment: M2A Light Assault Rifle w/ Reflex site, UV Light, Laser Designator, Red laser, Camera; Modified Rapier-class Interceptor,
James McHenry
Faction: UNSC Sol-class Command Carrier New York
Unit/Ship: Taskforce Arrow, UNSC New York
Rank: Four Star Admiral
Equipment: M98 Compact, M12 Sub Machine Gun
Desmond Blake
Faction: UNSC
Unit/ship: Kanna Police Force
Rank: Former Petty Officer First Class/Seargent Major of UNSC Navy/Marines; currently Lieutenant of Kanna Police Force
Equipment: TISC Sub Machine Gun w/ Red Dot Scope, stripped down M7 Body Armour, M1091 Sniper Rifle System 23 w/ Augur Scope, and Bipod
Staff Seargent Malick Avery
Faction: UNSC
Unit/Ship: 485th Marine Regiment, 1st Battalion, Alpha Company, A Platoon, Green Squad
Equipment: Heavy Battle Rifle 11 Scoped Rifle w/Small Unit Combat Optical Gunsight, M57, M9 Dual Purpose/High Explosive Grenade,
Corporal Henry Gorvanev
Faction: UNSC
Unit/Ship: 485th Marine Regiment, 1st Battalion, Alpha Company, A Platoon, Green Squad
Equipment: M-99C Special Application Scoped Rifle w/ Augur scope



Cpt Briscoe
Faction: UNSC NAVY
Unit/Ship: Ares-class Battlecruiser UNSC Gunhead of the Carrier Battlegroup Keyes.
Rank: Captain
Equipment: M33 Revolver
Callum Morgans (and his Platoon)
Unit/Ship:: 114th Marine Regiment, 1st Battalion, Charlie Company, 2nd Platoon
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Equipment: Heavy Battle Rifle 11 Scoped Rifle with an M023 Shotgun, Auger Scope, Bipod and Flashlight.


Mary Lee Davidson
Faction: UNSC NAVY
Unit/Ship:UNSC Everest, 77th Naval Squadron
Rank:Vice Admiral

Francis Davidson
Faction: UNSC Marines corp
Unit/Ship: 345th German Armored regiment
Rank: Brigadier general
Eqipement: M73D Carbine, M90D Close Assault Weapon System

Steve Daniel Huang, Senior
Faction: UNSC Marines corp
Unit/Ship: 226th Infantry Battalion Excalibur
Rank: Lieurenant Colonel
Eqipement: MA6A Individual Combat Weapon System

25th Marine Expeditionary Brigade(345th German Armored regiment + 226th Infantry Battalion Excalibur+ Royal 22e Régiment)

Type: brigade
Function:line enfoncer, escort
Commander:Brigadier General Francis Davidson, Lieutenant Colonel Steve Daniel Huang, Senior
Unit Size: 7,600 men

Battlegroup Everest

Type: Fleet
Function:area control
Commander: Vice Admiral Mary Lee Davidson
Unit Size: 12 ships

ODST Joshie

Joshua McCallan
Faction UNSC 101st Orbital Shock Regiment
Unit/Ship:3rd Battalion, Juliet Company, 2nd platoon,
Rank: Lieutenant
Equipment:Battle Rifle 09 Scoped Rifle
Status: Active

Patrick McAllaster
Faction UNSC 101st Orbital Shock Regiment
Unit/Ship:3rd Battalion Juliet Company 2nd platoon
Rank:Sergeant Major
Equipment:MA6A ICWS Assault Rifle
Status: K.I.A
Rex Callahan
Faction UNSC 101st Orbital Shock Regiment
Unit/Ship:3rd Battalion Juliet Company 2nd platoon
Rank:Staff Sergeant
Equipment:MA6A ICWS Assault Rifle
Peter Wilhelm
Faction UNSC 101st Orbital Shock Regiment
Unit/Ship:3rd Battalion Juliet Company 2nd platoon
Equipment:Sniper Rifle System 99G-S3 Anti-Material
Status:M.I.A but en route to CP
John Ford
Faction UNSC 101st Orbital Shock Regiment
Unit/Ship:3rd Battalion Juliet Company 2nd Platoon
Equipment:M73D Carbine

Jolly W. Roberts

Hiroji Kira
Faction: UNSC
Unit/Ship:23rd Urban Assault Regiment
Rank: Corporal
Eqipement: M13B Kaiser Dragon, M10 Personal Defence Weapon system, M33 Revolver

The parkster

Faction: Covenant Remnants
Unit/Ship: Drakos's Pack
Rank: Minor
Equipment: Nailer Rifle and Frag Grenades
Faction: Covenant Remnants
Unit/Ship: Drakos's Pack
Rank: Chieftain
Equipment: Pinner Rifle, Gravity Hammer and Spike Grenades

Spartan G-23

Graham Aker
Faction: UNSC
Unit: 25th Highlander Regiment
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Equipment: M73D Carbine, M33 Revolver

Spartan 112

David Jackson
Faction: UNSC
Unit/ship: 10th Gaelic Regiment
Rank: Colonel
Equipment: M57
Joshua Callihan
Faction: UNSC
Unit/ship: 10th Gaelic Regiment
Rank: Corporal
Equipment: MA6A,M6L PDWS


Chris Locklear
Faction: UNSC
Unit/Ship: 77th Airborne Regiment
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Equipment: M98 Compact

Subbles the Bubbles

DLA-1991-1 (Fourth Revival)
Faction: UNSC/ONI
Unit/ship: UNSC Memorial (Crashed)
Rank: N/A
Equipment: N/A
Seeker of the Covenant (Rampant)
Faction: Covenant Remnants (Currently Unknown)
Unit/ship: The Covenant and Remnants
Rank: N/A
Equipment: N/A


Commander Albert Yankovic
Faction: UNSC
Unit/ship: UNSC Everlasting Memory
Rank: Commander
Equipment: M7A Sub Machine Gun, M1911 .45 Pistol (Ornamental), Combat Knife, the crew and ship UNSC Everlasting Memory

117649 Abberant Render

Darrick Aegean
Faction: UNSCMC
Unit/ship: 64th Marine Regiment
Rank: Captain (Marine Corps)
Equipment: Combat Knife, MA6A Individual Combat Weapon System w/ M024 Grenade Launcher, Fragmentation Grenades
Alex Reaz
Faction: UNSCMC
Unit/ship: 64th Marine Regiment
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Equipment: Combat Knife, MA6A Individual Combat Weapon System w/ M024 Grenade Launcher, Fragmentation Grenades



105th ODST Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Bravo Company, Blackheart Platoon
Faction: UNSC
Type: Infantry Unit
Function: Establishing foothold, engaging enemy infantry units
Commander: First Sergeant Jeremy Patterson
Unit Size: 32 ODST Troopers
Unit Composition: 2 Anti-Armor, 7 Snipers, 4 Grenadiers, 10 Riflemen, 9 CQB, 1 Tech Specialist
Jeremy Patterson
Faction: UNSC
Unit: 105th ODST Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Bravo Company, Blackheart Platoon
Rank: First Sergeant, CO of Blackheart Platoon
Equipment: Standard-issue CQB Knife, Battle Rifle 09 Scoped Rifle, M33 Revolver, Two M9 DP/HE Grenades, M6B Body Armour
Jose Marez
Faction: UNSC
Unit: 105th ODST Regiment, 2nd Battalion,Bravo Company, Blackheart Platoon
Rank: Lance Corporal
Equipment: Machete, M90D Close Assault Weapon System, M7A Sub Machine Gun , M6B Body Armour
Roger Wilkoe
Faction: UNSC
Unit: 105th ODST Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Bravo Company, Blackheart Platoon
Rank: Sergeant, XO of Blackheart Platoon
Equipment: Standard-issue CQB Knife, M1091 Sniper Rifle System 23, M6B Body Armour
Faction: Kig'Yar Pirates
Ship: Kig'Yar corsair Darkbrood
Rank: Corsair Captain
Equipment: Needler sidearm, diamond-laced cutlass, Kig'Yar point-defense gauntlet
Kig'Yar lance Kindikii
Faction: Kig'Yar Pirates
Type: Infantry/Skirmishers
Function: Destroying UNSC Outposts, collecting loot, drawing enemies away from Jiralhanae forces
Commander: Overall - Kindik'Yar, Acting CO - Yithii
Unit Size: Destroyed
Unit Composition: No survivors
Kig'Yar lance Kindikuu
Faction: Kig'Yar Pirates
Type: Shock Infantry
Function: Destroying UNSC opposition, collecting loot
Commander: Kindik'Yar
Unit Size: 132 Kig'Yar remaining
Unit Composition: 36 snipers, 20 Carbineers, 16 Cutthroat Guards, 13 Kig'Yar minor Skirmishers, 38 Point-defense Kig'Yar Majors, 9 Kig'Yar Rangers

Just Another Grunt

Marley Valea
Faction: UNSC
Unit: UNSC Marines Relief Force
Rank: Colonel
Equiptment: M98 Compact
Faction: Covenant Remnants
Unit: Solus's Pack
Rank: Chieftain
Equiptment: Gravity Glove, Spiker, Jump Pack, 2 Kig-Yar Defense Gauntlets
Faction:Covenant Remnants
Unit: Solus's Pack
Rank: Major
Equiptment: Brute Shot, Spike Grenades


Arnold Leroy Lewis III
Faction: UNSC
Unit: Special Tactics and Operations, B Squadron, Air Troop
Rank: Gunnery Sergeant
Equipment: M-99C Special Application Scoped Rifle (Reserve), M12 Sub Machine Gun, M73D Carbine
James Lewis
Faction: UNSC
Unit: 42nd Naval Squadron
Rank: Lieutenant
Equipment: M12 Sub Machine Gun
Andrew James Lewis
Faction: UNSC
Rank: Lieutenant General
Equipment:M6L Personal Defence Weapon System


Fraction: Kig-Yar Pirates
Unit/Ship: Frigate Breaking Ruler
Rank: Ship Master
Equipment: Type-51 Carbine, Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher, Type-4 Equipment, Kig-yar Point Defence Gauntlet, Type-1 Sight
Fraction: Kig-Yar Pirates
Unit/Ship: Figate Breaking Ruler
Rank: Ship Navigator/First Mate
Equipment: Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol (2), Kig-yar Point Defense Gauntlet (2)
Fraction: Kig-Yar Pirates
Unit/Ship: Frigate Breaking Ruler
Rank: Kig-Yar Major
Equipment: Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher, Kig-Yar Point Defense Gauntlet
Fraction: Kig-Yar Pirates
Unit/Ship: Frigate Breaking Ruler
Rank: Kig-Yar Ranger
Equipment: Kig-Yar Jump Suit, Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher (2)


Faction: Covenant Remnants
Unit/ship: Assault Carrier Golden Retribution
Rank: Ship Master/Chieftain
Equipment: Brute Shot, Gravity Hammer
Faction: Covenant Remnants
Unit/ship: CCS-Class Battlecruiser Might of Truth
Rank: Ship Master/Chieftain
Equipment: Brute Spiker, Fuel Rod Cannon
Faction: Covenant Remnants
Unit/ship: Lepigok Pack
Rank: Chieftain
Equipment: Brute Mauler, Gravity Hammer


Ross East Jr.
Faction: UNSC
Unit/Ship:UNSCAF 3rd Canadian Volunteer Squadron, aboard UNSC Essex
Rank: Major
Equipment:M98 Compact, F/I-905 Claymore, Survival Knife
David Kilgore
Faction: UNSC
Unit/Ship:43rd Anti-Walker Platoon,Sixth Armored, aboard UNSC Essex
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Equipment:M2A Light Assault Rifle w/ M025 Rocket Launcher, M6L Personal Defence Weapon System, M-1050 Brown Bear Anti-Heavy Walker Vehicle, Combat Knife
Sarah East
Faction: UNSC
Unit/Ship:105th ODST Regiment, Aboard UNSC Essex
Equipment: M122 Light Machine Gun w/ reflex scope, M41B2 Weapon Anti Vehicle/Anti Material w/ standard/thermal dual mode scope, M7 Body Armour, M-1911 .45 Pistol w/ laser sight, Combat Knife, Frag Grenades, Thermite Grenades, C-14 Explosives
Super Carrier Battle Group Essex
Faction: UNSC
Ships: UNSC Essex (Zeus-class), 1 Ares-class, 1 Thor-class, 4 Baal-class, 5 Heimdall-class, 1 Minerva-class


Gordon Lydecker
Faction: UNSC ODSTs
Unit/Ship: 105th ODST Regiment, 101st Battalion Alpha Company, 1st Platoon- "Wizards"
Rank: Gunnery Sergeant
Equipment: MA6A Individual Combat Weapon System, Sniper Rifle System 99G-S3 Anti-Material, M6B Body Armour
Jennifer Wolf
Faction: UNSC ODSTs
Unit/Ship: 105th ODST Regiment, 101st ODST Battalion, Alpha Company, 1st Platoon- "Wizards"
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Equipment: M73D Carbine, M12 Sub Machine Gun, M7 Body Armour
105th ODST Regiment, 101st Battalion, Alpha Company, 1st Platoon- "Wizards"
Type: Infantry Unit
Function: Orbital Drop Shock Troopers/Search and Destroy Based Out Of Pavlov's Tower
Commander: Second Lieutenant Wolf
Unit Size: 37 men
Unit Composition: 2 Anti-Armor, 15 Qualified Marksmen, 5 Sharpshooters, 8 Grenadiers, 5 Close-Quarters Specialists, 2 Combat Engineers


Archie Puller
Faction: ONI Bureau of Field Operations
Unit/Ship: ONI Field Operations Team 43
Rank: Lt. Commander
Equipment: M73D Carbine, M98 Compact, M6B Body Armour, M9 Dual Purpose/High Explosive Grenade
Faction: Covenant Remnant
Unit: Marus Jirlhanae Pack
Rank: Brute Chieftan
Equipment: 2 Type-11 Dual Spike Rifles, Spike Grenades, Bubble Shield.



Taylor McClellan Jr.
Unit/ship: Special Tactics and Operations, E Sqadron
Rank: Captain
Equipment: Heavy Battle Rifle 11 Scoped Rifle, M57
Stef Paupo
Faction: UNSC
Unit/ship: Special Tactics and Operations, E Squadron
Rank: Gunnery Sergeant
Equipment: M122 Light Machine Gun, M108A1 Close Assault Weapon System
Chelsie Manuel
Faction: UNSC
Unit/Ship: Special Tactics and Operations, E Squadron
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Equipment: M73D Carbine, M57
Ryan Hoffman
Faction: UNSC
Unit/Ship: Special Tactics and Operations, E Squadron
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Equipment: M73D Carbine, M57
David Wincent
Faction: UNSC
Unit/Ship: Special Tactics and Operations, E Squadron
Equipment: M899 Light Anti Armour Weapon, M12 Sub Machine Gun


Fireteam Sierra
Faction: UNSC
Type: Commando Team
Unit/Ship: Special Commando Unit, No.3 Commando Battalion
Equipment: M112 LMG, M12 SMG, M73D Carbine, M899 LAAW, M1O91 SRS, M10 PDWS, M6B Body Armour, M108A1 CAWS

ONI recon 111

Omega Squad
Faction: UNSC
Type: ODST squad
Unit/Ship: 105th ODST Regiment
Equipment: M108A1 CAWS, MA6A, 2 BR09's, 2 M2A LAR's with M024 Gl's, 2M73D Carbine's, HBR11 SR, 899 LAAW, M389B GPMG, M122 LMG, M6B Body Armour


Kieran Frederick
Faction: UNSC
Unit/ship: 226th Infantry Battalion Excalibur
Equipment: A2/CTS Artemis Sniper Rifle, G-I Combat Shotgun, IMI Uzi 2550
Faction: Covenant Remnants
Unit/Ship: Zorenus Pack, stationed off CPV-class Heavy Destroyer Ultimate Transcendence
Equipment: Gravity Hammer, Dual Spikers, Power Armor, Spike Grenade's


Scott Roberts
Faction: UNSC
Unit/Ship: 487th Commando Battalion
Equipment: A2/CTS Artemis Sniper Rifle, BR55H SR Battle Rifle, B122/USST Herakles Rocket Launcher



9th of August, 2607, 8:07 Theta Nero System, Kanna

The UNSC Valiant

The alarm bleeped softly, prompting Vice Admiral Vo Chi Gi to stir in his bed. He reached over to tap it off, requiring a few attempts before getting it eventually. He reclined back into his bed sheets when the intercom let out a low chime.

"Vice Admiral, we need you ready, it’s an emergency.' He second officer reported.

He grumbled then rose up from his bed and rubbed the sleep away from his eyes. He quickly got dressed into his uniform and travelled to the bridge at speed. The ship was maze like but he had quickly learned his way around since being assigned to it. It had been his home for five years now. He came to his bridge, a semi circular room deep in the bowels of the ship. The bridge crew was at a full alert status, excitedly working at their consoles and the holographic displays before them, which displayed battle data, graphical charts and the displays of the optical systems that studded the ship. In the centre was a 3D display created by a mixture of optical and RADAR input systems. In the centre was the Valiant, a Odin-class Carrier.

"SITREP." He barked with a calm authority

"Listening post Auckland reported slipspace activity." He second in command reported, not turning to face him

"A raiding party?"

"Its marked Remnant ships closing in on Kanna, straight from Azaria." He said grimly

"How many?" He said, his tone curious. A raiding party wasn't enough to scare his second in command.

"Auckland reports almost.... 260. They are moving in a tight formation."

Gi never even flinched.

"Everybody remain calm. Lieutenant Donnel, warm up the slipspace wave transmitter. I need an encoded, full burst transmission set for Gundark. We need emergency aid. Send all the ships they can. We have over 200 Brute vessels en route. Send a low burst secondary transmission as well, local pulse, closest four systems. We need to recall all patrols and convoys. We need all the ships we can muster. Call Morgana and call them to form a defence perimeter by the moon. Drop a radio transmitter for groundside. Tell them begin fortifying the population centres. Start digging in, getting ready for engagement. Prepare for invasion."

Lieutenant Donnel kept up with this torrent of orders. Gi was glad, it meant his crew was competent and read. In front of him, on his command display, the figure of a slender female in a white robe buzzed into life, putting a white, hazy light across the blue glow that dominated the room.

"Norn, what’s our tactical probability of holding off until relief arrives?"

"Vice Admiral... at best, maybe a 35% chance if we use superior tactics and manoeuvres. Ground war may drag on further into a victory. In 10 hours relief from Gundark will arrive... only 10 hours until relief."

Vice Admiral Gi took off his naval cap and stroke his hand through his receding buzz cut hair.

"That’s ten hours too many."

9th of August, 2607, 8:41 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Marine Garrison alpha, industrial west, Aleph City

Staff Sergeant Vincent 'Ace' Warren carefully held the plasma torch close to his face, lighting his sweet William cigar in the searing hot flame. He drew in his breath before snorting out a thick billow of dark smoke. He directed the plasma torch to his Dire Wolf exoskeleton, mending a bonding two of the metal plates on it together. It was tied down to the back of a flatbed warthog, having just been moved to this garrison and in desperate need of repairs. During manoeuvres he had gotten it bogged down in a rice paddy and wrecked the right leg's primary suspension unit. A bunch of his men sat on the sides of it along with Corporal Parsons and Private First Class Brevens at the driver and passenger seat respectively. Brevens was Swallow platoon's radio man and listened intently on the radio as events unfolded above.

He released his finger from a groove on his helmet, ending the conversation then pushed his boom mic back into its recess on his helmet and closed the guard, leaving in snug.

"Hey, we just got a broadcast from defence command! Looks like things are gonna get heavy."

Lieutenant Daniels, a by the book officer pushed past the men milling around the Warthogs and Wolves and then up to Brevens.

"What’s the situation up there?"

"Brutes, about an hour out. Looks like it’s going to be the big one Lieutenant."

"Looks bad, we are most defiantly going to see some heavy action."

Ace mended the seam in the armour plating then lifted up his goggles onto his forehead with his thumb.

"Looks like the shit will hit the fan, 'eh?" He said, turning the plasma torch off and dumping it in the tool; box before whipping grease off onto his overalls.

"Looks like we're going to have to really dig in."

Brevans cocked his head, meaning somebody was talking to him again through radio.

"Got orders from the Captain. We're to go with Crow Platoon and secure industrial sector alpha three. It’s overlooking a prime enemy landing zone. We gotta protect some flaks from the 43rd. Sparrow platoon has gotta cover civilian evacuation."

Ace picked up his boom mike and headset and slipped it on before pressed his finger into the activation groove. "Hear that Sparrow? You unlucky bastards have gotta cover the civvy pukes!"

"You come over here and say that you sonnofa bitch!" He radio warbled back

"Staff Sergeant, stop pissing off Sparrow platoon."

"Yessir." He smirked.

Pearson kicked the engine into life, the Warthog giving a bumpy purr. Warren stood up and held onto his Wolf as the Warthog pulled away. The rest of his platoon mounted up and followed behind his warthog, heading towards the outskirts of the city.

9th of August, 2607, 9:30 Iota Kappa System, Duke Station above Gundark, UNSC border command

Fleet Admiral Vladimir Tupolovitch listened to the slipspace transmission one last time, stroking his greyed beard.

"So the Brutes want a fight? Fine by me." He smirked

"Sir?" His aide said, confused

"HIGHCOM has been waiting for this. For years we've been destroying their raiding fleets, now they've grown desperate. They are recklessly throwing their forces at Kanna now."

"But sir, we can't take this likely. If we lose Kanna, we lose the major food supply in this region and we lose control, while the Brutes gain what we've lost."

"I'm well aware of the cost of defeat Lieutenant Commander. That’s why I'm taking every battlegroup stationed here." He said with an air of non chalance.

The aide froze, his face blank.

"Sir, if we do that we leave Gundark wide open. We should wait for reinforcements from Arcturus and Reach, then send some of the garrison. We can't leave Gundark wide open."

"No, if we go and crush this invasion, the Remnant will have to forces to even mount a counter attack, let alone any invasions. If we do this right, we'll break the back of the Remnant war machine..." He smiled, leaning his head on his hand.

The transmission dimmed and the briefing room lights glowed back into life.

"Mobilise the fleets and any regiments posted here. We're going to crush them."

7th of August, 2607, 14:57 Serpentine System, Azaria, Tower of Redemption

The tide of dark brown fur and glimmering blue armour of every hue seemed to quieten and almost completely stop moving as, on the balcony on the grand building in front of them, a shadowed figure borne aloft on a gravity throne floated into view. He was wrapped in gold and red vestments and jewel necklaces adorned his long, slender neck. His crown arched up around a hologram of seven rings floating around each other. His dim, pink rimmed eyes looked over his army as they began to chant his name in unison.


"My comrades, stand fast! The Human's destruction is put a heartbeat away! All that is required is we grasp this world. Their defences are meek and their hearts full of fear of our faith, fury and strength! If we take this world, they lose their food and we gain their bounties! We shall push into their defences like a holy spear, impaling their black heart and destroying them! Our weapons are sharp, our ships are ready, but what of you? You my comrades, hold all our hopes and dreams, go forward and destroy the enemy!"

There was a single, united roar and then the Jiralhanae swarmed to their drop ships and gravity lifts, heading up to their ships. The Prophet of Deliverance let out a weak smile from ear to ear. His throne turned and retreated back into the tower, flanked on each side by a Chieftain in marvellously decorated armour. To his right was Cassius, one of the greatest chieftains of the Brutes. What he lacked in tactics he made up for in rare power, even perhaps surpassing that of the old chieftain, Tartarus. To his right was a lesser Chieftain, Lakvanus. He was to lead the fleet to Kanna and to take it intact.

"Lakvanus, as you know... failure will not be tolerated." Deliverance said in a velvety voice that masked utter malice. "Should you fail to take this planet... do not return, unless you wish to end up like your predecessors."

Lakvanus visibly shuddered. Cassius had previously killed five chieftains who had failed to complete their objectives, breaking their spines then hanging them by meat hooks off the tower, leaving them to starve and for the local birds to finish them off.

"I will not fail you mighty Prophet. We will take this word intact." He said, full of pride

Deliverance frowned then moved away to face a delegation of spindly creatures dressed in fine robes, hiding their callous patches and spines, leaving Cassius to stare at Lakvanus. He was already imagining killing him.

"Divine Prophet, why have you called a meeting like this?" The Kig-Yar Pirate diplomat asked

"For this... invasion, I need someone to fill where my Jiralhanae... lack. Skirmishers. Raiders, privateers."

"And... Mighty Deliverance, what will be our prize?" the lead delegate asked, anxious

"Three new cruisers, ready for service, along with a shipment of new weapons. Along with that you can keep anything you claim on Kanna. Food, supplies, gold, bounty, slaves." He said calmly

The Kig-Yar looked amongst each other with gleams in their eyes and with excited chatter. The lead delegate silenced them with a motion before looking back to Deliverance.

"We will pass this on to Dekd Nok."

Deliverance let out a twisted smile and placed his fingers together and stooped his head.

"So, it all begins."

Lakvanus broke away from the Prophet and headed to his Phantom transport, waiting on the landing pad. He clambered into it and immediatly barked for the pilot to get them up to his Super Carrier, Glorious Redepmtion. At six kilometers long, it would lead this glorious fleet to victory. His Brutes were ready to fight and if need be die for their cause, to wipe out the human race. As he arrived on his bridge he clambered into the commanders chair and looked over his crew as it floated about three meters above them.

"Prepare to jump to Kanna."

<Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax


The comlink gently buzzed, once, twice, and again. It was a small Uplink unit, capable of reaching anywhere in the Galaxy on voice link within seconds through to the UNSC ComNet. A grey-clad figure answered it.

"Sir I think you'd better take this one, it's on encrypted wave. Signal Three-Two. Your signal, sir."

"Alright O'Brien, thanks."

The signal could only be decrypted through the use of a helmet-mounted decoder, a decoder unique to each of the 16 operatives in the team. This particular signal was linked to the decoder unit of the team's leader, Lieutenant Commander Archie Puller.

A brief gesture cleared to men away from Puller, and the transmission began.

"You there Four-Three Lead?."

"Roger that, Oscar Command, what is your message?"

"This is Jacobs, Four-Three, I have a priority signal for you, straight from the top."

"Fire away, Admiral, I'm listening."

"Looks like the Remnant wasn't as hurt as we thought, they're coming, fast."

"How many?"

"Our best reports say over 250."

"I see. What are my orders?"

"Get to the spaceport, hunker down and get ready for a long war. Oscar Command will contact you once we have more information."

"Roger Oscar Command, I'm out." And with that Puller terminated the signal. "Straight from Field Ops' CO? This must be a new war or something. We'll set up a recon perimeter around the spaceport and hunker down, Marines will show up soon. Okay ONI 43, let's move out!"

The cluster of armored figures grabbed gear and weapons and followed Puller as they trudged through the streets towards the nearby Tralus Intergalactic Spaceport. But as they strode onto the runway, they noticed the only air traffic was a trio of departing Pelicans. The place had been abandoned.

"Ah sir, should we secure another point?" It was O'Brien a freshly minted ensign, eager, but untried.

"No ONI 43, we have our orders, secure that hangar, look like it has a ordinance well. That should make a fine bomb shelter. Snipers, take the roof. Hansen, take two men and set up the MG by the dispersal. O'Brien, set up CP here. Okay let's move!" As the cluster of men scuttled to obey orders. Puller could only mutter to himself. "We've got our own little war."

For the men of ONI Field Operations Team 43, the battle had already begun.

Fight With Honor


7th of August, 2607, 15:23 Serpentine System, Azaria's immediate orbit

As the Jiralhanae fleet mobilized in vast quantities, a small corsair weaving through them went entirely unnoticed. The Interceptor ship was commanded by Kindik'Yar. As the ship prepared to jump into slipspace, the young captain was already pondering his strategy. Not for battle, he left that to his XO, but of how to go about stealing everything he could find. He concentrated on looting constantly, as his siblings had claimed it was the only thing he did well. That was not true, as he ended up being the heir to their mother's ship.

He was an efficient killer, as well...

He clicked and growled in the Kig'Yar language, and gave word to his navigator "Full speed ahead".

The navigator quickly pressed and pulled an array of switches, buttons, and other devices, until the Front-view display showed a glimmer of silver gather at the front of the ship. They were ready to enter slipspace at any moment.

The Captain rose from his seat and went to a rear section of his ship, where seventy of his skirmishers prepared for war. Though their weapon options were limited, each was powerful in its own right. Them and the ship were all Kindik'Yar had to his name, though he planned to change that soon enough. He stood at the front of the room, and with a loud bark attained the attention of his troops.

"You know the drill, whelps." the merciless leader began. "Kill everything that moves, steal everything that doesn't. Any of you that do exceedingly well -" or survive he thought to himself "-might be allowed to keep some for yourself."

All Kig'Yar were Pirates at heart, and the possibility of gaining loot for themselves nearly brought bloodlust upon them. Seeing his work was done, Kindik'Yar left the room to wait for the moment of truth.



As Captain Larry Jackson smoked his cigar, he looked out from the bridge of the UNSC Dawn to Heaven to the star of Epsilon Serpentis. They had been on patrol for about an hour with the other ships in the fleet, searching for Remant activity. Jackson checked his old, wind up watch.

8:09... we should return from patrol in fifty-one minutes...

However, that small moment of peace and tranquility was not to last, as the screen suddenly went black, and a transmission from UNSC Command on Kanna came in.

"Jackson, we have a problem. Two-hundred Remnant ships are inbound for Kanna. They should reach it in one hour."
"Sir... what do you want me to do about it?"
"In system jump behind the Brute fleet. Here are the coordinates. Following your hit and run attack, your patrol will jump in-atmosphere of Kanna for re-armament. Also, get the 42nd ready for in-atmosphere combat."
"Yes sir. Engineers, get those engines heated and lit up. We're going into battle."

Along with a few cheers, the look of nervousness set among the crew. Kanna was supposed to be a break from the combat. However, they were jumping right back into the fireworks.


The ball of plasma slowly began to turn toward the small Katana fighter, boiling and cracking the skin of the highly turned craft. The Katana pushed its engines faster and faster, but the ball also got faster and faster. Then, it ended.

Lewis awoke in a cold sweat aboard the UNSC Dawn to Heaven.

Another bad dream... he thought to himself as he climbed out of bed, got a towel, and walked to the showers. It was another patrol, and the crazy Katana drivers were told to get as much rest as possible. As he walked to the shower, over the intercom, the voice of the ship's captain, Larry Jackson, came in loud and clear.

"All crewmembers, prepare for combat. We are intercepting a Brute fleet headed for Kanna."

Lewis threw down his towel and ran for the ready-room, where he grabbed his "flight suit" and ran to the breifing room. -- Your Worst Enemy<The SPARTAN-I><The Warrior> [The Thriller] [The Project] [The Unit] [The Vessel] 17:50, 26 July 2008 (UTC)


Inside the Tower of Redemption, the 11th Age of Reclamation

The Prophet of Deliverance strolls around in the Garden of Gemini, looking at the blossom trees and the statue of the old Hierarchs. The Great Journey is nigh, and soon, on Kanna, we will stood our grounds and reclaim from there... he thought. He hold out his hand to reach the flowers. Beautiful and elegant...

The Prophet leaves the Garden and heads for the Chamber. The Guards of the Remnant bow down as the Prophet passes them. Slowly, the chamber doors close, leaving the Prophet alone.

"Seeker of the Covenant, I come to you with a task." he spoke at the Balcony, overlooking the Azaria with hands down. Behind him, the Covenant AI slowly walks out of the light. Though it has served in the old Covenant and its dead hierarch, the AI manage to survive the extermination by the UNSC. It never understand the true purpose of the Great Journey, never cared for what the Prophet seek but nevertheless, performed its task with utmost accurate and precise. The AI took form of a Hooded Seer, faceless. The AI answered, "And what are you seeking on this given task?"

Little_Missy - Cortana Gif.gif 17:57, 26 July 2008 (UTC)


"Chieftain, your ship awaits." The Brute's growling voice broke the meditation of Chieftain Marus.

"Reahhhhg!" The giant Chieftain turned with agility remarkable for one so large, and seizing the smaller Brute by the throat with one gnarled paw he lifted the shaking creature into the air. "What did I say about disturbing my meditations! You shall not fail me again!" It was a simple matter for a creature so strong to crush the throat of another. The crackling, rending sound of breaking cartilage and snapping bone was heard, then the chamber fell silent. Casting the broken corpse aside. Marus left his red-daubed chambers and strode to docking bay where his personal Phantom Crimson Avenger lay, her blood-red form bristling with torpedo launchers and turrets.

Marus settled into the throne that was placed behind the pilots chairs and growled "pilot, notify me the moment we arrive at Kanna, I have a score to settle with the Humans."

Fight With Honor


As the Dawn to Heaven came out of the slipspace rift, the first noticeable thing was the star that lay in front of them. However, a more sinsister threat emerged from the darkness: The 200 brute ships that had come to invade Kanna.

"Alright boys, light 'em up!"

The Dawn to Heaven fired a barage of MAC guns along with Archer missiles at the fleet while gunning it right through the middile. The rest of the patrol did the same, knocking out twenty of the ships in thirty seconds. As soon as they made it through the gauntlet, they all entered slipspace, and re-appeared again in the atmosphere of Kanna.

In the cold, quiet comfort of his office in Sydney, Australia, Lewis read the papers about the most recent battle with the Remnant forces.

Hm... ODSTs seem to be doing good... same goes for the special operations forces...

Then, he flipped the page, and read about the Spartan-IV program and how it was progressing. As the NavSpecWar Rep to HIGHCOM, along with being the head of NavSpecWar, Lewis ran double duty on black operations and shock troopers. As a former ODST, he was mainly stubborn, and, was very strong for his age. He stacked the papers together, sealed them and stamped them as TOP SECRET, then put them into a filing cabinet.

So primitive... at least this information can be destroyed with fire...

His thoughts trailed off, and he walked toward the door. He grabbed his coat and his hat, saluted the guard outside of his office, then walked to the building next door to the secure UNSC facility. When he entered, he walked to the lone elevator shaft, and began the three kilometer ride down into the depths of Earth. -- Your Worst Enemy<The SPARTAN-I><The Warrior> [The Thriller] [The Project] [The Unit] [The Vessel] 19:25, 26 July 2008 (UTC)


7th of August, 2607, 16:00 Blood for Sin

The black-crimsion armour of Shipmaster Epsilus reflected off the purple interior of the Covenant Cruiser. A large helm adorned his head, and a Gravity Hammer, the ultimate sign of dominance, slung off his back. His pack-mates stood along him, their Spike Carbines and Mauler Pistols at their sides. The control room's blue-white monitors and terminals changed appearence rapdily as bits and bits of information entered and left them.

A Jiralhanae Captain Ultra turned to Epsilus and said "You bring news from the Tower of Redemption?"

Epsilus looked at the Captain. His weapon was different from the others, it was the Grenade Launcher, armed with a blade for slicing and cutting. This particular Jiralhanae was his second in command, his closest pack-mate. His name was Terrorus, and was an impressive warrior. His Cyan power armour, coupled with his dark brown and thick fur made him look threatening and brilliant as he commanded troops. Though that was ... before. Back when the Covenant was the most feared force in the galaxy, back when Humans cowered in fear whenever they saw a Covenant creature.

And those days were about to repeat themself, as history had a tendency to do.

"Deliverence promises complete Human annhiolation. He promises death to all who challenge the Covenant! HE PROMISES VICTORY!"

The ten Jiralhanae in the control room cheered and howled as Epsilus gave his speech. Armours of various shades of Blue and Gold reflected light off of everything, making the control room look more like a light show than a Shipmaster's quarters.

An Ultra put up his arm and asked "What else does he promise, Chieftain?"


More and more Jiralhanae stormed into the control room to hear their Chieftain preach the words of Deliverence. The message was rather clear: Kill the humans.

And these were the right Jiralhanae for the job.

--KillerCRS 20:01, 26 July 2008 (UTC)


Solus paced down between the drop-ships, lined up so majestically, yet seeming so constricted. The Brute didn't like Space-Warfare, fearing that anytime the ship could explode and his pack would never have even been able to lodge their hands into the squirming humans guts. The fact that he enjoyed that was another of his fears. Solus was a tall brute, but that wasn't what made him stand out from the ret of his pack who were constantly swarming around ther leader. Solus had dyed himself Purple, as a sign of faith to the Covenant, he was the same colour as their prized ships, and numerous runes stenciled onto his fur in a shiny yellow described him, the way his pack knew him, Honour, Skill, Strength, were some of several of the yellow markings that adorned his head and shoulders.

A Brute in the armour of a major pushed his way through the several brutes following Solus expectantly, Joblus was leaving a slight trail of droplets of blood, that if followed would lead back to their current ships toilets. Joblus also had some markings, but these he had carved into himself, the most recent being added using the deattached blade from his Brute-shot. Joblus managed to tap Solus's shoulder on the Will symbol, and the Chieftain turned, to look down upon his officer.

"Solus, we are getting near the humans fleet, we should be in range for them in something like 15 minutes."

Solus kept his mouth clenched shut but his growl could still be heard vibrating from the back of his throat. "I'll ask for permission to take several drop-ships out, try and go in a semi-circle, so we can head straight for the humans world."

There was volley of cheers down the line of Brutes behind him, as what he said was steadiy passed down. Solus looked upon those members of his pack, about a qaurter of them were here cheering. Seemed they too didn't like ship-fights.

I'm Sorry BabyI Can't Save Your Child, I'm To BusyFudgeJDT.jpgBeing Delicious


"Dove! Get me a coffe would ya?"

"Yes sir!"

Lieutenent Colonel Chris Locklear closed his office door and went to sit in his comfortable desk. He had gotten lucky, where his regiment had been placed he was "stuck" with using this office. An office lined with beautiful woodwork, a large screen on the opposite wall, a two screen computer, and a view. He sat down at looked at painting of his unit patch on the wall. Two wings protected their unit number, the 77th. Black bold words wrote out, AIRBORNE REGIMENT "FLY FLY". Locklear thought back when he was a captian serving in the same unit during the Human-Covenant War when it was first formed. Now after raising through the ranks he had been fortunate to become the commander of the regiment, a fact that he felt proud of. The 77th Airborne Regiment had a proud history.

"Sir your coffee, also a Mr. Hayase is on the line for you."

Locklear looked up after hearing the name. "Pierce? Put him through." He said with a smile. "And thanks for the coffee Dove. Also we're on standdown so let the regiment have three days of RnR." Dove his aid smiled brightly than exited the office. Locklear touched a button on his computer and his old friend popped up ont he screen.

"Locklear, hope I'm not disturbing you."

"Not at all Pierce, it's good to hear from you how are things?" Locklear said looking at his friend, Pierce had been younger than him but had aged much more. The old retired veteran of the 77th had been under Locklear's command for a few years.

"Things are good, damn you haven't aged much at all Chris."

It was true, Locklear was a few years older than Pierce who was now seventy-five. But Locklear looked like he was in his mid fifties. "Well cryo does that to you." Locklear said, he had been transferred to so many units all over the systems that he spent a good majority of his life in cryo. A fact that he hated, he had outlived many of his friends, including his late wife who happened to pass while he was in cryo. "So what's going on Pierce?"

"Nothing really, just wanted to see how you were doing. Also wanted to see if you'd be able to come down to Earth for the holidays later." Pierce said, in the background his wife was watering a flower garden.

Locklear and his friend talked for a while longer and made small plans to get together. Their conversation lasted for twenty more minutes. Until another message came up for Locklear, it came straight from the top, somethign that hadn't happened very often. "Pierce I'm sorry but something's come up."

"It's okay I remember how it was. You better get goin."

"Let's talk later, tell Hanako I said hello. See you later Pierce." They ended the conversation and Locklear opened the message. He jumped from his chair and ran for the door. He pulled it up and yelled for Dove sitting at his desk across the hall. "DOVE cancel that order! Get everyone back here ASAP!"



Lt.Joshua McCallan hadn't seen much combat since he joined the 101st Orbital Shock Regiment in the total of the 7 years he had seen only two engagments but he didn't mind that fact, he was Julliet Companys CO after Captain Jonson was made battalion XO. Just then his pager went 'Priority Alpha'

"RIGHT BOYS! SUIT UP!" he shouted over his com

He quickly grabbed his gear suited up and joined his men, they saluted when he arrived.

"Sir!" They shouted in unison while saluteing

"At ease" McCallan said while saluting back

"Sir,whats going on?"Staff Sergeant Rex Callahan asked.

"Kanna is under attack, all forces in this secter are to arrive in force and drive off invaders." Joshua replied


"Ok,boys we arrive at Kanna in 10 hours so suit up and remember our motto!"


"I'll see ya in 15 boys" Josh said He walked away from Romeo squad the only men from the 101st Orbital Shock Regiment on board but by God he knew they were the best.

Once a man enters his sights,

08:05, 27 July 2008 (UTC)


Second Lieutenant Callum Morgans had some good news for his platoon. That's why he ordered them outside and gave a speech.

"I think you will all remember our last battle, and that in that last battle we lost all of our vehicles, well finally the brass have given us new ones, and we have hit the jackpot."

Behind him 8 vehicles pulled up followed by a heavily armoured truck.

"Like it marines? Its an M660 Pangolin Protected Troop Transport. Room for an entire squad and has a machine gun and a forty mike mike gamma lima."

He let them all stare at it, other marines might not have fully aprecciated it but in their last fight, the entire platoon was on boars and they were so open, the marines had felt like they were in hell itself. "Sadly we only get one, so we will rotate around squads and use it for the wounded. And I have more good news, we are going to Kanna, Remmies are coming in and a lot of them, but we know what to don't we marines."


Captain Briscoe had just recieved his orders and sent a message throughout his ship, on the speakers.

"Brutes are attacking Kanna and we are getting sent their along as part of a massive fleet, expect over 200 brute ships."

"You always were blunt and to the point." commmented his AI Zeus as he stood atop a virtual Mount Olympus.

Hasharin 12:27, 27 July 2008 (UTC)


Second Lieutenant Jennifer Wolf, charcoal-black helmet resting on her leg, squinted her eyes to better see into the darkness of the troop cryo bay. As the tram came to a halt, she caught her helmet up, swung herself off of the bench and walked off towards the pale blue glow of the cryogenic storage pods where the troopers of her unit were sleeping. As she stepped to the nearest one, the lights in the compartment snapped on, a warm reddish color that signified the ship was running on either low power or full battle alert. She glanced up at the techs, who were typing rapid-fire into their consoles, starting the warm-up cycles. Her men and women would be up and at 'em in less than thirty minutes. Which was when the ship was due to arrive at Kanna, and when the ODSTs would be dropped, in their tiny pods and along with a few vehicles, behind enemy lines.

Not looking forward to it, she lilted in her head. The Brutes were always a vicious race, and when they got mad, they tended to kill anything in front of them, with disregard for any sort of wound... and the Brutes at Kanna were mad.

"Ma'am, we're heating up your platoon staff. Pulling the pins in five," a tech reported, his voice cracking into higher registers. He swallowed, embarrassed, and cleared his throat. Jennifer, much as she tried, couldn't suppress her smile, so she pretended to have a slight cough, and covered it up. This was obviously the poor boy's first engagement, and he was suffering from pre-engagement jitters.

Join the Navy, see the Galaxy, she thought derisively. Next to her, the croypod hissed and steam rose from its newly-released seals. The hatch lifted clear of the occupant, and she looked down at the groggy face of her platoon sergeant, Gordon Lydecker.

"Hey there, handsome," she joked, and he made a rude gesture at her. Then he grinned back, rolled himself out of the pod, and made a show out of trying to swallow the nutrients lodged in the back of his throat. After so many years, nobody had managed to think of a better taste for the composite, and it still had its disgusting lemon-lime mucus flavor. He took a rapid look around to make sure the techs were busy elsewhere and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

"How's it going, gorgeous?" he asked, grinning. Company scuttlebutt had about two-hundred and fifty dollars on the fact that he and Jennifer were lovers, but no one had ever managed to prove it. Mainly because they kept the relationship very, very quiet.

He was handsome, Jennifer thought, his light brown hair trimmed to a slight fuzz on the crown of his head, and his green eyes laughing silently at the deaths he had escaped. He was muscular, like most ODSTs, and had the Screaming Eagle of the 101st Battalion tatooed on his shoulder, just under the normal ODST marks. "Lydecker" was stenciled across his shoulders, and his blood type could be found marked on the skin of his hip bone.

She walked him to the showers, and talked about their deployment orders on the way. Snatching his uniform and undergarments out of his locker, he disappeared into the fog of the rinse-down chamber. She sighed. Soon the rest of her platoon would be up.

And then they would to battle. And lose God knew how many troopers. Jennifer snapped herself out of it, promising to herself that it wouldn't happen on her watch. She sat down on the bench outside the showers and waited.

SPARTAN-091[Admin]UNSC.jpg [Talk] 13:58, 27 July 2008 (UTC)


Corporal Callihan sat on his bunk in the concrete barracks. He was part of the 10th Gaelic, a UNSC Marine Regiment who mostly got their soldiers from former Gaelic nations. He was transferred due to his Irish heritage, something he prouded himself on. As he took out his MA6A to clean it, his COMPAD began vibrating wildly, indicating something big was happening. He took it out and looked at it, a priority transmission from Colonel Jackson, the message said all troops to pile outside. He wasted no time.

Colonel Jackson stood on top of a M12B Warthog, still in his dress uniform. As his regiment began to file up, he began his speech.

"Men! A few hours ago a planet on the fringes of our space, Kanna, picked up a large Remnant fleet heading towards their planet. A defence is currently underway but with the size of this fleet,their going to need some help. Our regiment, along with all other forces nearby are ordered to head to the Kanna system to reinforce them. These bastards want a fight, were going to give them a hell of a time, dismissed."

And with that, he stepped off the Hog and walked towards his office.

Callihan was in the crowd and discussion started among the regiment. As they began to walk back to the barracks to get ready, he overheard a conversation between two marines, he only heard the ending.

"...seems like the motto will have to be changed."

"What do you mean?"

"Tiocfaidh ár lá,our day will come, our day is here."

112 15:30, 27 July 2008 (UTC)


“Alright people, can we begin this briefing?” said Fleet Admiral William Hurtz, head of the UNSCDF. “Yes Sir.” Said every person who sat at the round table. Around the table, clockwise, sat: Chariman Fleet Admiral William Hurtz, Vice Chairman Alexia Romanov, General Gary Kirsham, head of the UNSC Marine Corps, Admiral Gareth Boyar, head of the UNSC Navy, Lieutenant General Joseph Lee, head of ONI, and Lieutenant General Andrew Lewis, head of SOCOM. They all went through the usual password and biometric procedures before tabbing past the “CLASSIFIED” and laws pages.

“Alright people, as you can see, there is a slight situation over at Kanna. Two-hundred Brute ships have appeared in system, and are currently headed toward the planet.”
“Sir, I do believe that the planetary defense forces are making their preparations now.” Said General Gary Kirsham. “Yes, that is true; however, I don’t see how they can stand up to a fleet of 200 Brute and Jackal ships. I suggest we send reinforcements.”
“We have the 105th and 2nd ODST Divisions at Diego Gracia and Songnam ready to go sir.” Said Lewis.
“That’s good… any fleets Boyar?”
“We have the 16th Fleet led by Fleet Admiral Vladmir Tuplovich ready to go.”
“Alright then, get them fitted with weapons, ammo, personnel, and ODSTs… also, send our Special Tactics and Operations forces as well…”
“Yes sir.”
“Now, can we move into our next area of discussion?”
“Why not?”
They all tabbed to page sixty, where the classified reports were all listed. On the top of the page, a word which was symbolic to every person who fought in the last war: “SPARTAN” -- Your Worst Enemy<The SPARTAN-I><The Warrior> [The Thriller] [The Project] [The Unit] [The Vessel] 18:19, 27 July 2008 (UTC)


Corporal Hiroji Kira sat inside his M13B Kaiser Dragon. He had only used it in actual combat once before... in a brief skirmish against the Remnants. However, never before had he heard of them in such numbers.

"Sir, how many did you say there would be again?" Hiroji asked his Company's CO, via comm chat.

"Hell, soldier, think it was over 250 ships in there fleet, and who knows how many skirmishers. But, we're in for a rough fight, so you just kick ass and take names in that fucking machine of yours and don't worry about how many of the idiots there are until they're all buried in the soil," was the response Hiroji recieved.

"Thanks, sir," was all Hiroji said, before going on to check over his war journal. It was pencil and paper, unlike most soldiers with journals, whom used video or audio journals. Inscribed on the back of it was the kanji on all his family's war journals, ever since his one of his ancestors from the 20th century had inscribed it on his, sent it back to Japan, then committed suicide for letting an American WWII prisoner escape.

Often, another tradition was to put "Dear Elders" or "Dear Senpai" instead of "Dear Journal" as a heading, as Hiroji began to do, detailing the days events. He also wrote a prayer to his Shinto Gods, asking for victory.

At the end of his entry, he wrote, "I am sorry to become a mass murderer, but it seems the only way an idiot will listen to anyone else is through having the truth shoved down their throat... along with several grams of lead."

--Canis Lupus Wolf paw.jpg -The Pack- -Kill- -[[Join the Pack]]- 22:05, 27 July 2008 (UTC)

Defence of Kanna

9th of August, 2607, 8:55 Theta Nero System, Kanna

Vice Admiral Gi sat forward in his command chair, the only sound breaking the silence on the command deck was the humming of the solid state holographic projectors. Gi finally cleared his throat and spoke up.

"Norn, ETA to Brute arrival?"

"Fleets going to be arriving in thirteen minutes."

"And reinforcements?"

"Word is back from Gundark, the relief unit just jumped out. From there to here will take the fleet nine hours and forty nine minutes." She said flatly

"And in system back up?"

"Convoy groups just started bolstering Morgana, with two Raijin flak destroyers moving over to support us. Patrol Group Sigma 11 is due in three minutes, Patrol Charlie Three is due a short time, they are trying to arrange their jump to intercept the fleet, give them to trouble before they get over here. All the local Gunboats are on wide patrol and interception pattern in orbit."

Gi didn't change his stern faced facade.

"Sir, orders?" His XO asked

Gi was still silent, analysing the situation. He opened his mouth but didn't speak for a few seconds before finally giving his order.

"Give out our orders, move out group into a wide circular formation, same for Morgana, have them cover the area above the main continent. Deploy all fighters and interdictors. Fighter's orders are to protect our interdictors and intercept enemy fighters, interdictors are to go for their carriers. Cripple their launch bays. Have all warships aim for the closest attacking warships. Have the UNSC Into The Wild in Morgana engage and destroy any larger warships. Make sure that Super MAC destroys any larger warships before they become a threat. Sigma 11 is to hunt down anything that tries to slip through and hit anything in the atmosphere. Have all Raijins cover the battle groups and destroy any fight groups that come to close, have our gunboats hunt down all their troop transports and dropships. I want the Kursk's RADAR to full power, have its counter ee-cee-em and detection systems to full power. I want it to counter jam their RADAR systems, give us some respite. I want Dragon Squadron space borne, they need to cover the Kursk. If any fighters or capital ships get through, they have to keep the Kursk safe. We lose the Kursk, we lose our control of battlefield information." His officers and Norn kept up, relaying these orders to the defensive forces.

"Sir, what about our ground forces, what are their orders?"

"Dig in. Hold your ground. Don't give them any ground and keep control of the air."

"Sir, news from the Auckland. They are going silent, radio transmitters going off. If something happens, they'll send a warning." Lieutenant Donnel reported

Gi knew what Auckland was risking. Sending out a radio transmission would make them a massive target, almost guarantying their destruction. Everybody was willing to sacrifice themselves to protect Kanna.

9th of August, 2607, 8:59 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Industrial West, sector two-three, Aleph City

Staff Sergeant 'Ace' Warren, now in his BDUs and wearing his M4A2 Body Armour hefted the box of MB69 OICW to the now abandoned car tractor factor they were holding down. Opposite them was a vast field of unused land, just waiting for something to be built on. This is where they would try to land. Ten minutes ago two M809 Deathstalkers and a M820B2 Wolf Spiders from the armoured regiment also stationed locally to ensure this remained clear. They had begun setting up fire points and kill zones along the line of the factory, using mines and MG emplacements to keep the perimeter secure. His Dire Wolf lay silent, crouched down with the cockpit open and a portable battlefield generator plugged into it. He dropped the crate in front of it and kicked it open before picking up one of the magazines and inspecting it. It used the .50 calibre round used by the M41 LAAG and the co axial guns on most tanks. Made a mess of any mike foxtrot in its sites. He checked over his gear one last time on it as well. Internally he stored a M73D for emergencies to keep him safe in case he was rendered wolfless. He clambered back into the Wolof, slipped his arms into manipulators, settling his hands and stretching his arms, the motions replicated in the larger arms and then pulled down the chest lock then the chest plate, sealing him in. He cringed as the Wolf's neural interface connected to him, keying him into it. The holographic interface buzzed into life around him and displayed the visual input of the forward cameras as well as the side stalk cameras. He hefted the MB69 up and flipped the safety on and off and connected to the gun's onboard camera. He disconnected the mobile generator's cable and took a few steps forward. Lieutenant Daniels was looking over the delivery bays from an upper walkway, about a meter from the building. Warren walked up behind it to the edge and stopped and coughed to grab his attention.

"Staff Sergeant?" He said, turning to him "What do you want?"

"We gonna hold here until relieved then? Is that the plan?" He said accusingly

"Yes Staff Sergeant, something wrong with that?"

"Seems stupid. They are going to get wise and flank us."

"Don't worry, we have a contingency plan. Don't worry Warren."

Warren wasn't happy with the answer and just stormed away.

7th of August, 2607, 9:07, Theta Nero System, Remnant Super Carrier Glorious Redemption

Lakvanus stood on the command deck of the Glorious Redemption, observing the fleet in front of him crawling through slipspace. He remained silent even as they dropped out of slipspace with a thunderous shake, facing a blue-green orb floating in front of a yellow-red sun.

"High Chieftain, we have arrived." The bridge officer reported, turning to meet the eyes of his Chieftain. Lakvanus remained silent and maintained his intimidating presence.

"Full speed ahead, then halt the fleet at 100,000 units, out of their range."

"Yes ship master."

The fleet went to full speed, matching the speed of his Super Carrier. Everything was quite until an alarm began to go off. He snarled as a UNSC group quickly dropped out and slipspace and flew right through his fleet and left as soon as they had arrived. Twenty ships were crippled or destroyed. It didn't bother him. Many more would fall before the day was out. As the ships fell into a half circular pattern around Kanna, Lakvanus gave his orders.

"I want Group Night Scorn, Holy Dominator and Marvellous Sacrament to begin probing their defences." He barked over the inter fleet communications. He thumbed a rune on the holographic command interface in front of him, opening up a communication channel to some of his most trusted Chieftains. Those who expressed a bloodlust to get into close quarters combat with the more squishy human warriors on the surface. "Slip through their defences, pave the way for our landing. Once their defence falls apart, we will storm the surface.

He thumbed off that rune then thumbed another.

"Dekd, I hear Deliverance has bought your services. Time to fulfil those services. When my ships press the attack slip through, cause as much havoc as you can on the ground. And use those distinguished piracy skill of yours to get some ships closer to their formations. One of their ships, some =|poorly built human construct is jamming our sensors. Destroy it." Lakvanus didn't wait for a response. He released the rune rather than having to talk to that pathetic godless scavenger.

Lakvanus turned to face his fleet spreading out in front of him. He gave a rare smile and then roared over the fleet wide intercom.

"Remember my warriors, the Prophet wants this world intact! Tonight, we dine on the flesh of the humans!"

9th of August, 2607, 9:11 Theta Nero System, Orbit above Kanna, UNSC Valiant

Gi's expression finally changed to a scowl as the 3D display showed events unfolding in front of him.

"Sir, Brute forces are on the move. Three distinct groups closing on us fast. Looks like they are either heading straight for our ships or between out battlegroups. At this rate they will close on us in twenty minutes."

"I see their gambit. They know if they rush head on, they are going to lose, our MACs will just tear them apart. However, they aim to try and spread us out, reduce our effectiveness to fight and crush us in one fell sweep."

"But if they break through they can start to glass Kanna!"

"No, the Brutes are violent but not stupid. They are starving after the 8th fleet set fire to Argo-II. Without that agriculture world they are starving. We just hope the marines can hold out long enough, otherwise it’s going to get worse."

The bridge crew was silent for a few minutes before an alarm rang, steeping the bridge's light into the emergency red.

"Brute ships, 75,000 klicks and closing, we got a group moving right for us, copy that, two!"

"Warm MACs, as soon as they get into range, start firing. Get targeting solutions for our Archer pods and power up the manoeuvring rockets. Have ADIS system to full, I want every Firestorm online and ready."

The 3D map in front of him alighted with a messy tangle of lines indicating motion on both sides, archer firing lines and MAC targeting solutions. He looked on it with a frown.

"Sir, the Brute ships just moved to broadside! They are charging their plasma torpedoes!"

"Keep calm, we know the drill."

He watched on both optical and infrared imagers as orbs of brilliant light gathered on the flanks of the ships before firing like flaming meteorites.

"Return fire!" He roared

The Brute and UNSC ships exchanged fire, both sides sending out deadly conflagrations of fire. The Plasma torpedoes seemed to veer off course and dissipated, leaving the UNSC ships safe. Super heavy metal slugs followed by a trail of fire slammed into the Brute ships, with the majority shattering upon their energy shields, though a few smaller classifications were shattered as MAC slugs passed through their shielding and hull, sending out ripples of destructive kinetic energy, sheering the ship apart. They turned back to try and close again but met the second wave of MAC rounds. The larger warships were safe but the smaller ones, having barely survived the previous round of firing were blown to pieces. The Covenant vessels closed, with seraphs leading the vanguard, in an aim to get into close combat. The closest one fired its prow pulse laser straight at the Valiant, with a tear drop shaped orb of yellow energy appearing to protect the Valiant.

"Hold your ground, arm all archers. Fire!"

There was a wave of fire from the battlegroup, sending out torrents of Archer-II missiles into the opposing fleet. The modernised Archers were so stealthy their defence lasers couldn't even react in time. The few ships that retained their shields weathered the storm by the lead cruiser, a sufferer of three MAC hits seemed to list and buckle as orange explosions lit up along the beast. Tungsten penetrator rods the size of people punched through internal decks, going dozens of decks deep before exploded themselves, fragmenting inside the ship. Whole entire decks were torn to pieces and through explosions, structural weakening and decompressions were sucked into space, along with their crews. Internal systems were destroyed, their delicate works either shattered by the penetrator rods or simply torn out by a piece of tungsten shrapnel. Explosions bubbled under the cruisers skin, blowing our sections before a massive explosion caused by a failing plasma generator tore the ship in two. The other ships went into manoeuvres, entering the fleet into a delicate game of flank and fire. Streaks of red light erupted across the Valiant, ending in explosions as Seraphs were decimated. A smaller frigate, closing on her flank seemed to grind to a halt then explosions rumbled across its decks. These explosions ended as abruptly as they had started and left the ship dead in the water. Flights of Broadsword interdictors had done their job. More fire continued as Longsword, Knife and Katana fighters fought brutal dog fights with Seraphs. During the war the old Longsword was a match for them but now the Seraphs stood no chance. Though they outnumbered the fighters, they were many times more durable and agile than them and sported a collection of ordnance that could tear them to pieces in seconds. Gi rested into the back of his chair and let Norn and his bridge officers bring death to the Brutes. It was the marines groundside that held his attention. All there prays and hopes would have to be with them.

9th of August, 2607, 8:59 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Industrial West, sector two-three, Aleph City

Ace looked up as something broiled in the upper atmosphere. In the early morning , bright, cloudy sky, this was something so unnatural it made him sick to his stomach. Clouds roiled and twisted, lightening sparking across them , with an inner fire burning deep inside. As if like some great deity of the old world, it burst from the clouds with a trail of fire, screaming over head, rattling the factory complex, dropping off a trail of Phantoms and drop pods behind it.

“Contact, drop droops!”

The Death stalkers and Fat Tails became active, moving to face their targets, their turrets rising. A clutch of missiles streaked upwards, striking a number of phantoms right out of the sky. After that a deadly barrier of flak opened up, with 40mm cannons rending the incoming dropships to pieces in sprays of explosive bomblets and destruction. Phantoms dropped from the sky ablaze before the aborted the LZ to land else were. Meanwhile Ace was more concerned of the Brutes drop pods.

“This is Crow platoon, we got Brutes in the courtyard of out building, we got ALOT of them! They got supporting Phantoms, they are using our building as cover to drop in! We need support, now!” Crow Platoon’s CO screamed over the gunfire and plasma bursts

“Staff Sergeant, take Charlie squad, get one of those Death Stalkers, escort it over there, NAIL THOSE SOBs!” Daniels said, observing the battle with his binoculars, his usually calm composure overflowing into anger

“SIR YES SIR!” He said with barely contained glee. He leapt from the roof, landing below, splintering the ground where he fell. Behind him Charlie squad emerged from the building, their three dire wolves at the ready, along with the troops being ready for anything. “You heard the loot, come on!”

They paced over to a Death Stalker that just rumbled up to the building, the driver half sat out of his cabin.

“We heading over to nail some Phantoms!”

“Yeah, let’s move, you’re on point, we’ll get the sides and back, let’s move!” He said, moving up to the rear of it. His men mounted up in a tank desant fashion and got ready to move against the enemy. “

<Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax


9th of August, 2607, 9:02 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Aleph City, Industrial West, sector two-three:

Yithii grew impatient and uncomfortable. The Darkbrood and her Captain Kindik'Yar were not a respected duo, and the Jiralhanae had only given them three ancient Spirits to drop off 70 Kig'Yar. As he dealt with them more and more, Yithii began to understand why Humans called them brutes. Met with shouts of "Hallelujah!", the pilots announced they had reached the dropzone. They were to eliminate all Humans in the immediate vicinity and link up with the nearest Brute pack. A Spirit to their right stopped on a rooftop to drop off the Snipers, the other two dropped them in a cramped street. Several Humans fought a Brute below, exchanging shots. An enemy vehicle approached, its Gauss cannon ripped the Brute to shreds. One Spirit stopped above it, and dropped its payload on it: Thirty Kig'Yar armed with Cutlasses. They assaulted the vehicle from every direction, cutting its crew to pieces with their refined melee weapons. Three of them jumped inside, their bodies barely able to fit in this alien construction, and began to analyze the controls.

Finally, Yithii's Spirit stopped, and dropped off his lance directly behind the Humans. Before they hit the ground, an effective wall had been made by their point defense gauntlets. The Humans turned to fire, but Yithii had trained his Kig'Yar well, and none flinched under the onslaught. Above them, the Snipers took aim, and a volley annihilated the Humans, most killed on the spot. However, a single Human clung to life, and turned on his back, his Rifle aimed at a sniper. He took a single shot, and the Kig'Yar's head exploded in a fountain of gore. Before he could take aim again, the body fell from the building, and miraculously landed on the Human, crushing him in his weakened state.

Before they had any time to relax, another squad of a dozen Humans turned the corner in front of them, one armed with a rocket launcher. Yithii knew they couldn't survive this, and began to order a retreat. Before the words could be uttered, however, he heard a horn honk from a Human vehicle. The Gauss vehicle behind them hit a rock, and flew through the air above the shield wall, manned by three Kig'Yar. The Gauss Cannon roared to life, and extinguished three Humans, including the rocketeer. It landed on top of two more, scattering the terrified Humans.

Yithii's lance barked and howled in victory, as the Snipers came down to join them, the Cutlass Pirates from behind. The group relaxed, and began to search for the pack they had been sent to support.

MasterGreen999 23:56, 27 July 2008 (UTC)


9th of August, 2607, 9:01 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Agricultural South, sector 1-5, Kanna Rice Line

“Aye Chief, we’re nearing the Landing Point, it’s all uphill for you lot till you reach the first village!” One of the pilots of the small group of Phantoms bellowed, though Joblus wasn’t sure if it was the pilot for his phantom, or one of the several others coming over the comm. Solus had been given authorization from Lakvanus himself to take a his pack to capture and hold the Kanna Rice Line, a series of rice growing villages that produced a large amount of the planets personal food supply. Beneath the Phantoms was a thick forest covered hill, with the LZ, a kind of clearing at the hills base. Joblus heard the unmistakable chink of a bullet on thicker metal, as outside a visibly shaken marine had broken from his cover to try and shoot the Phantoms gunner, who in turn released a volley that went for minutes, not only obliterating the marine, but also widening the clearing, burning through trees and unearthing several more marines who had hidden themselves in an attempted ambush. By now the gunners of the other Phantoms had also noted the humans desperately sprinting back up the hill for the safety of the forest. As Joblus landed the last stragglers of the Marine Ambush party were being finished off by the gunners. Solus walked up beside the Major, now in his customized uniform the Chieftain looked slightly odd, with a pair of Kig-Yar Energy shields strapped to his arms and a Jump-Pack crudely welded together with the rest of his armour.

“Hmm…we should follow, judging by their casualties they won’t have put to much plan into a proper follow up ambush…is it not along the Kanna Rice Line anyways?” The chieftain muttered, tilting his head to the Major.

“Uh…yes Solus…”

The Purple Chieftain smiled, “Good…Keep your brutes tight, we can’t afford to underestimate the enemy.” The brute puffed out his chest, in an attempt to make himself appear larger, before turning to the rest of his brutes as the last came down from the drop ships, “Brutes, let us soldier forth, we must take and hold the line!” Solus yelled, before turning and running into the thick growth.

4 minutes passed, 2 more marines were found, wounded from the turrets. They were executed.

Solus and his brutes emerged on the side of reasonably thin road, the sound of engines roaring down one side, and the top of buildings now visible, poking over tree-tops only a little further up the hill.

“I want all Brutes to go for the objective bar the minors directly under my command!” Solus yelped as the engines grew louder, and dust was visibly being sent swirling up from around the corner.

Joblus nodded growling at Brutes to follow him to the village, as Solus and several Minors jumped back down into the shadows of the trees. Almost as soon as Joblus and his Brutes were out of sight, Solus caught eye of a pair of Warthogs, one after the other, grinding along the dirt road, a Minor shushed the other Brutes around him, as a Marine could be heard yelling over the Warthogs engine “We should set up round here, if the ambush failed then brutes’ll be running up here to get to the village.”

“It’s fortified, and the ambush wouldn’t have failed, intel said it was what, one phantom?”

Intel was wrong, Solus thought to himself, as he activated his jump-pack, propelling him from the cover of the trees. The Marines yelped at the sudden appearance of the purple mass of fur that hurtled towards them and the Warthogs turret opened fire only for the bullets to disappear into one of the Brutes energy shields turret as Solus wedged the other beneath it and rolled the jeep over. His minors covered the other jeep in a volley from their spikers, though one Brute was quickly shot down by the Turret, the driver and gunner were dead in a few seconds. The passenger, sweating, his mouth locked open in a state of shock, dropped his gun, vying for the wheel of the warthog, with his companions corpse acting as a shield the marine drove away, leaving the gunner to flop off to the ground at Solus’s feet. Solus had his arms locked together, shielding himself from the volley of bullets from the three marines hiding behind their flipped over warthog. The large brute growled, knowing his shielding would soon run out, as he slowly side-stepped to the opposite side of the warthog. Here the brute ducked, pulling out a grenade, the warthog was being supported slightly off the ground by its turret, and Solus used this gap to roll under his grenade, causing one marine in fright to run out into the rest of Solus’s brutes who gunned him down as the other two marines were blasted to bits by the explosion.

Joblus rushed up the hill, reaching the side of a small building as the sounds of spikers echoed from below. A marines battle-rifle popped out of a window to his side, looking for the cause of the shots, only for Joblus to grab him by the arm, pull the marine out and stuff the blade of his brute-shot through the humans head. Motioning with his fingers, the large pack of brutes split up, with Joblus going towards the small tower he’d spotted before. Several Marines stood peering out of its many windows, one almost instantly spotted the Brutes as they split up, and an alarm sounded shortly after the yelling of “Brutes! Brutes are here!”

Joblus cursed his luck, as he sprinted towards the towers base, as the guns that protruded from it shone bright and rained lead down upon the Brutes that had gone in the opposite direction to Joblus. At the towers base, a marine on a turret opened fire as Joblus leaped behind a wall, allowing the unlucky minor behind to be quickly torn to shreds. Blind-firing his Brute shot, Joblus managed to take off the marines feet from under him, causing the soldier to crack his head on the turret as he fell, sending the turret spinning and killing several of the other marines around him. With the turret gone, Joblus and his minors marched forth, shooting down the marines who were either retreating up into the tower, or away amongst the other buildings, though this inturn came with casualties from the Brutes own side, as the humans above aimed their guns down, firing a torrent of lead upon them, forcing the Brutes to also scatter. Joblus sprinted into the tower, his brute-shot quickly clearing the slightly packed base-level, as the tower was rather thin, and much of the bottom level was taken up by the staircase. Joblus quickly jogged up these stairs, turning the first corner, shooting a marine out the window, and quickly cutting her partner with his guns blade. Several more Brutes now made their way into the tower, and Joblus decided to descend to help the other half of the pack to claim the rest of the village.

Exiting the Tower, Joblus witnessed Solus and his brutes emerge from the forest, grinning at their recent success. The Chieftain approached Joblus, as a marine fell screaming from the towers roof, landing between the two Brutes with sickening squelch.

“Seems you’re doing well.” Solus laughed, as he rested a foot on the fallen marines chest.

“And you I’m sure sir.”

“What’s the situation?”

“Uh… well I split up the pack, cleared the tower and this corner bit with my half…and…Uh…I’m not sure what the other half is doing, I was going to go check up on them now.”

“Good, you follow their tracks, I’ll head around towards this towns centre.” Solus nodded to his protégé, as he made his way through the path created by the clustered single-story buildings. A pair of Marines, noting Solus to be the Brutes leader, jumped out into the door-way of their building, one crouched below the other as they fired at the Brutes flank, only for Solus to quickly activate his shield facing them, turning to the pair of marines, he approached them, spreading his fingers inside his gravity glove, his shield now blocking the doorway, with the two marines trapped inside, Solus quickly deactivated his shield, grabbing one of the marines head with his glove, and swung him like a rag-doll into his compadre, knocking her to the ground. Solus kicked away her weapon, stepping on her neck and lowering the other marine close to her, so they could look each other in the eye as Solus tightened his grip. The marines head made a sickening pop, and bathed the other human in blood and brains. She started screaming and writhing beneath Solus’s foot, who chuckled as he pulled out a spiker and finished her off with a quick shot.

The minors stared at their leader some-what gobsmacked. Before quickly running off as he gave them an unsavory glare. Solus followed behind his pack, as they marched for the centre of the town. The towns remaining marines had been forced back by the Brutes Joblus had separated from earlier, but now found themselves fighting on three fronts, and backing towards the village’s rice paddies. Some marines, not realizing how close they were stumbled into the knee-deep water, and flailing, found themselves to have dropped their guns, as around them, fellow soldiers fell dead or bloodied, to drown in the paddies as it turned a watery red. Joblus laughed, as he stood over the remaining 6 un-armed marines, watching them beg for mercy. Of the 42 Marines assigned to this village, all the others were now either dead or a fleeting few still fleeing for their lives.

“We take them prisoner” Solus muttered, grabbing the Major by his shoulder, before turning to the cowering Humans, “You lot, will have the honour of stringing up your fellow Scum from the tower. I do not want to be able to see the brick it is made of by the time you are done!”

Joblus nudged the Chieftain, “We should probably collect all the weapons first, before we let them have fun.”

The Chieftain nodded, before turning back to the rest of his pack “Warriors, I want our fallen comrades collected, we’ll designate a room for them, I want defensive positions set up, Lakvanus is sending in another force to assault the next village, and whilst they're toiling we can feast for this victory!”

I'm Sorry BabyI Can't Save Your Child, I'm To BusyFudgeJDT.jpgBeing Delicious


In the briefing room, the men handed around their ceremonial cigars while their Commander began to brief them.

“Alright Gentlemen. The situation today is dire and critical, so I want your full attention.”

In the back, Lewis whispered to his wingman, Lieutenant Junior Grade Kyle Elliot.
“So, who’s gonna be the first one to down a fighter?”
“Uh… if you two Gentlemen would like to share your feelings, please, share.”
“No need for that sir, we were just wondering who would be the first one to kick ET’s ass, that’s all.”

Everyone in the room released a chuckle as the Commander began to speak up in a very serious tone. “You all will kick ET’s ass today. I trained you all well. Moving on: Today, you men will engage all Brute single-ship fighters that move into Kanna’s atmosphere. Drive them out at all costs. Dismissed.”

All the men walked out to the tarmac and walked to their futuristic star fighters. They all strapped in, taxied, then fired the rockets.

They would be going into combat for the first time. -- Your Worst Enemy<The SPARTAN-I><The Warrior> [The Thriller] [The Project] [The Unit] [The Vessel] 01:12, 28 July 2008 (UTC)


9th of August, 2607, 9:05 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Industrial West, Sector Two Five, Aleph City.

The three phantoms flew into the outskirts of the previously quiet city. Explosions and glistening fireballs erupted unexpectedly into the evening air. The distant ripple and boom of weapon fire cut through each Brute, in the Phantoms, like a knife to butter. They were ready but the death toll; on there side so far, had been high. The leading Phantom’s pilot barked over the radio.

“We’re coming in hot. Load your weapons and show em’ no mercy.” The com went dead and so was the uneasy silence in the cargo bay of the dropship. Their captain spoke:

“When we reach the ground we desecrate any enemy, on foot or machine. We punch straight through their defences and each pack will do the same. Watch each others backs and give them hell!” For once the pack livened up as they roared in excitement. However one did not. Novus. A young Brute Minor brought up to despise and hate any foreign specie except the Prophets. He was ready for war but concentration filled him as he watched the streaks of plasma and metal shards flying around. He was going to be there. Any minute now…

Then, without any warning the Phantom to the left of his was hit by a round of missiles. The nose of the ship broke off, dipped and burnt as it plummeted into the engulfing industrial metal work of the city. A few Brutes onboard Novus’s ship were thrown off balance, by the shockwave, but recovered to hold their war-ready posture tightly inside the cargo bay.

“Unload Brutes and good luck!” The pilot shouted over the com. The Phantom swivelled to the side and dropped steadily down to an asphalt area. Novus was quick to load his Nailer Rifle and to jump off the dropship. He landed and then saw the full hell of war. It was his first time and despite the training; he was scared. Even for a Brute, the feeling of near death and killing stirred around in his body. He ran along side the pack hugging close to the building’s walls searching for a sense of salvation. He was far off that. Then Human marines appeared from around the corners of the street, which they were running down. Novus quickly jumped into a nearby ally and slammed his back onto the wall for cover.

He popped his head around and shot blindingly at the Humans who were taking cover behind buildings too and construction vehicles. His rounds missed and then the hissing spit of incoming fire entered his ears as enemy bullets pinged and smashed into the nearby wall. He flew back into cover but the adrenaline started to kick in. He felt ready and pumped up. Then the anger came: He saw dead Brute bodies with smashed armour and blood sprayed rubble underneath them. He then saw another Minor get a heavy round shot through the skull. Crimson blood spewed into the air as the lifeless body fell with no effort. The blood marked the beginning of this war: a war, which the Remnants were going to win.

Novus switched back to the offensive, this time firing in short controlled bursts. He instantly hit a Human soldier in the chest and made the small pathetic body fly onto their own land with a crack. He liked the feeling of revenge. His pack was still intact and more rounds hit marines. Novus fired again at a retreating soldier and pierced the already weak shields of the poor human. The next burst of super hot sun-glowing rounds cut through the armour and into the Human’s back. The body fell to the floor, leaving a trail of red splatters behind him.

However resistance was still strong and more incoming fire hit the wall and this time Novus’s armour. He quickly took cover and then blind fired until the clip was empty. He quickly reloaded and aimed out again to kill off some more of the Humans. Rounds of the Nailer Rifle struck shields and skulls of the falling Humans and a small victory, in this vast blood ridden battle, started to appear. Then it went.

As more marines retreated hopelessly; two enemy Warthogs came hurtling from around the corner. They skidded to a halt and the infantry firing stopped. They had gauss cannons on the back. Novus had no idea what the Humans called their weapons and vehicles but what he did know is that it caused a lot of damage. They shot their ear splitting super sonic projectiles at the pack and instantly half of the remaining Brutes were either blown apart, in a sprawl of blood and body parts, or thrown off their feet, into bone cracking impacts on the surrounding buildings and construction vehicles.

The Captain of the pack ran over and was hit by a few rifle rounds but still managed to make it to the ally where Novus was. Another three Brutes, out of the original twelve, came rushing over to the ally too. A gauss round ripped open a struggling Brute, who also tried to make it. Anger filled Novus like the scent of blood and fire did to his nose.

“COME ON, WE NEED TO MOVE AROUND THE SIDE AND RENDEZVOUS WITH THE REMAINING FORCES.” The Captain shouted and started to run down the ally. The Brutes followed shortly behind with doubts of whether there would be any remaining forces left. Novus heard explosions and gunfire getting ever closer to his rushing body. Was that all this life offered him? Then again, was that all he was born for?

He loaded his rifle with a new magazine and ran faster. He ran faster into battle. The battle, he was going to win…

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2607, 1305 Theta Nero System, atmosphere of Kanna.

The UNSC Memorial drifts across the empty space, invisible to radar thanks to the Stealth Ablative Coating. No communications can be received nor even transmitted back via local military channels. Only ONI has access to transfer orders and giving out operations. The Memorial is a two-manned starship. From below of its chasis, a tiny lens pops out and focuses on the space battle between the Remnants and the UNSC.

"Whoa...look at those..." informs ONI Tech Sam, pointing out to the battle which is taking place in UNSC's space zone. He turns his head and watches as reports came in through the main screen.

"Well, Kanna has been peaceful all this while. With all the food supplies overloading, it is no wonder the Remnants attacked this planet..." replies ONI Tech Jenny as she turns her chair around. "I'm just saying, wouldn't it be fun if we had the time down at the Strip. Just us two..." Sam replies as he turns his chair, facing Jenny face to face.

"Human Expression and Emotions. Now you two, once we finish this operation, you can do whatever you want..." Dahlia responds as she builds herself up from the holotank. Being her fourth revival for the UNSC's service, her programs has been altered to suit only ONI-related tasks and operations. Dahlia slowly grasp her head and nods several times. She informs the two Technicians, "Incoming slip-rupture...from sector 6. It is the Covenant Remnants and this time, a larger force!! Send the report to ONI, Kanna Division. The battle will soon heat up..." Little_Missy - Cortana Gif.gif 13:17, 28 July 2008 (UTC)


Jeremy jerked up, and hit glass. He fell back down in pain, and took a moment to see where he was.

Cryo room. We're still on the ship. He thought to himself. Then it must have been a dream. But he wanted to make sure. He slammed the panic button to his side, and the cryo tube hissed open. He jolted out, still choking on the snot his superiors dared to call "nutrition". He was a fan of the old formulas more. Less lime flavor. He walked a few steps to his left and checked the cryo tube two to the left of his. Sergeant Roger Wilkoe was there, sleeping somewhat more soundly than his CO had. Seeing his friend was alive, Jeremy headed to the showers.

It wasn't his fault he had trouble relaxing on a ship. His grandfather had been a Spartan, and taught him to never let a space-jockey fight a battle you could do yourself. His men, however, claimed that the Spartan blood in him gave him some kind of phobia of space. Jeremy hated that thought. Spartans were just as human as anyone else. They just served a different purpose.

After a quick shower, Jeremy walked to the bridge to check on progress. As he entered, a dumb AI asked in a Cockney accent "Name, authorization, purpose"

"First Sergeant Jeremy Patterson, ODST 105th, 2nd Battalion, Blackheart Platoon. First-level authorization. I'm here to check on progress."

The Dumb AI informed him "Very well" and opened the door. He walked through to see five men working at the controls. Most were working on trajectory, to make sure they didn't hit anything on their way to Kanna. At the front, a Korean fresh out of the academy sat at the controls, his fingers flying across the controls. Jeremy strolled up next to him.

"Well, Carter, I've never seen you work so fast. Either you've got a friend on Kanna, or it's where you hide your Playboy's."

"Shut up, Jeremy. Captain said we had to be there within ten hours or the whole effort's screwed."

"I see. When we gonna get there?"

"Soon, Jeremy."

"How soon?"

"Soon enough. You should head back to cryo, sir. We've still got another three hours until-"


"Very funny sir. If you don't want to head back to cryo, I think the mess hall's open."

Jeremy left the bridge without another word, leaving Carter cuss out his friend like he only wished he could.

MasterGreen999 14:33, 28 July 2008 (UTC)


The moment the Brute fleet arrived at Kanna, the crimson Phantom lurched from its docking bay and dashed through the rapidly developing space battle. Plasma and missiles slashed past the cockpit windows, heightening the sense of danger the occupant's could feel as their craft spiraled and twisted through maneuvers it had never been designed for. A nearby exploded in a sheet of searingly hot plasma, its occupant vaporized in an instant. Several near misses shook the red Phantom, one upending it, throwing all aboard but the massive Chieftain into a muddles of bodies.

Finally, after dodging fire for several intense minute, the Phantom and her wingmen moved into quieter airspace, entering the atmosphere of Kanna. Activating the atmospheric baffling shields, the pilots watched as the ship descended rapidly towards their target, a large spaceport on the Southern Hemisphere.

Gradually decelerating to a hover, the Phantoms disgorged their living cargoes and banked away, preparing to bave the hazards of the battle above for another load of troops.

"Here they Coooommmmme!" The cry of the sentry snapped Puller out of his daydream. "Phantoms, 10 'o clock!"

"Stand firm 43, don't betray your positions. Mark the troop hatches and wait until those Phantoms back off, you know what to do boys."

"We'll get 'em sir."

"Dang there's a lot of them, I see at least seven."

"Keep it quiet guys."

The lead Phantom slowly touched down, and out of its troop hatch a lone Jackal appeared, sweeping the area with his weapon, then waving the rest of the troops to come on. Within seconds, hundreds of Brutes and Jackals had swarmed the landing pad, dividing into squads and packs, and moving towards the silent, drab buildings that circled the landing pad. The strong scent of Brute perked Puller's nose. "When you can smell 'em it's time to fight," he mumbled "Four-three, time to fight!"

The roar of thousands of round per minute slashing into the Covenant ranks tore the quiet air, replacing it with the thump of lead against bodies, the screams of the dying, and the incessant thunder of every weapon ONI 43 had. Puller chucked grenades until his arm became sore, watching shrapnel and explosions shatter Covenant troops, twisting shredded corpses in grotesque positions.

But somehow, a pack of Brutes managed to survive the hail of fire and make it to ONI's lines. Puller, swiveling from the waist and firing controlled bursts from his carbine, quickly killed two Brutes, and wounded another, but then the shouts of the Brutes came to his ears, growls of "Marus!Marus!Marus!." Turning, Puller saw a massive Brute charging towards him, carrying a pair of what look like a pair of conjoined Spikers. Puller, emptied the last of his carbine ammo at the Brute, but the charging Chieftain never flinched. Drawing his pistol, Puller fired a series of calculated bursts at the Chieftain's head. Blood, flesh, and bone sprayed the air, but the Chieftain kept coming. Reloading and firing as fast as he could, Puller watched the rounds tear into the Chieftain. Then only feet away from Puler, the Chieftain swung his mighty weapon. Out of ammo Puller could only duck, but once the Spiker's massive blades had cleared his head, he rose and shoved the weapon. The Chieftain, unable to check the momentum of a blow meant to decapitate a Human, axed himself in the arm. Snarling the Cheiftan seized Puller by the throat, preparing to rip him to shreds. For a moment the two say each other eye-to-eye. The yellow, bloodshot eyes of the Brute met the Green ones of the Human for a moment. The Brute was poised to add one more mongrel human to his kill count...



Atrik sat in his captins chair, all his boarding crat had launched, speeding towards where they were needed.

"Manuver us away from the main battle, charge all weapons."

Logmon 18:20, 28 July 2008 (UTC)


Lt.McCallan woke up from cryo sleep and banged his head Goddamn it he thought and his cyro pod opened and was injected with the God-Awful stuff to wake you up. It had been 4 hours since he had given his men that speach. He was the first from his squad to wake up. He checked on the navy tech waking his men up "Status?"He barked to the crewman

"Uhh..green,sir"The crewman replied with anxiety in his voice

"Good" He replied and almost laughed at the young crewman

Josh walked over to the showers to wash down he quickly dried himself and went to get his kit he quickly suited up and returned to the cyro bay. He started to watch his men wake up one by one I wonder if i'll lose any? He thought No dont think that,not on my watch. Josh looked at the screaming eagle pacth on his shoulder My men are gonna earn these today he thought as Cpl Peter Wilhelm woke up from cyrosleep and saluted him as he walked past Yeah they will and with that he left to go to the barracks.

Once a man enters his sights,

18:36, 28 July 2008 (UTC)


The hail of Plasma fire withered away at the Humans as Yithii's massive Shield wall advanced up a large street. The captured Vehicle, designated a Warthog LRV, whatever it meant, sat on a makeshift hill, where a nearby bomb raised up a patch of cement into a raised position. Its Gauss cannon fired rhythmically, tearing apart its makers limb from limb. The Kig'Yar on the back was somewhat inaccurate, so he aimed at the Humans feet to make missing less likely. After that decision, noticeably less legs were found by the medics. The snipers had ducked into an apartment complex with the Cutlass Kig'Yar, only to encounter a Reconnaissance team of Humans. A firefight had erupted, and Yithii had heard no information of the result.

In the meantime, he had to focus on an entire platoon of Humans, who had created a bunker of destroyed vehicles at the end of the street, and set up several MG nests as well. The shield wall was holding, but it couldn't advance. He needed to find allies, and fast. He has doubled back around a corner and nervously watched the radar, looking for any signs of Covenant contacts. A small contingent of Kig'Yar was nearby, but they were surrounded on all sides by Humans. It would be a costly, and pointless rescue mission. Finally, the answer he sought appeared. A small Brute pack was lurking in a nearby alleyway. They looked wounded, from what the photos could tell, but a little assistance was better than none. He summoned a pair of Kig'Yar majors.

"Take a radar, and get to this Jiralhanae pack. Give them our position, and tell them we need assistance." The two Kig'Yar rushed into the alleys to find them, and Yithii regrouped with the shield wall. Inch by inch, the wall crawled forward. A single skirmisher poked his head out to squeeze off a shot. Before he could blink, an MG round burst through his skull, and he crumpled to the ground. The wall panicked and attempted to reform, losing three more Kig'Yar in the process. The Warthog fired off a round before driving into cover again, and an MG burst into flames as the ammunition dump exploded.

But during this skirmish, Yithii noticed the remains of the squad from earlier coming around the corner behind them, their rockets had been recovered. A single shot was squeezed off, but it only hit the corner, sending the remains of five Kig'Yar minors in all directions. The rear half of the shield wall turned to face them, and launched a volley. Two of the Humans succumbed to extreme burns, another's face was mauled beyond recognition, and fell to the ground still writing in agony. The other six ducked behind cover. Two of them jumped to their feet and fired at a Kig'Yar in the center. His shield was knocked off balance by the first, and the second burst exploded in his ribcage. The Kig'Yar standing next to Yithii fell dead.

Before any more actions could be taken, the glass on the complex's third level shattered, and two dozen Kig'Yar with cutlasses jumped down on the Humans, their shocking attack preventing any counters. Most were immediately overwhelmed by numbers, but a single Human shot one in the head, and grabbed his cutlass. Though the device was cumbersome to him, he managed to take down two in CQB, before the remaining ten snipers appeared in the windows and fired a volley, killing him.

Although it was their second victory in an hour, Yithii knew the limits of his lance, and they could only keep this extensive combat up for so long. He reformed the ranks, and attempted to hold while his scouts found those Brutes.

MasterGreen999 18:43, 28 July 2008 (UTC)


Hiroji Kira sat in the cockpit of his M13B Kaiser Dragon, firing his M41B LAAG at the encroaching Jackals. One of the marines supporting him suddenly fell dead, a large hole in his head. His squad's designated marksman managed to take down the sniper, as Hiroji unleashed his MX2 Plasma Cannon on a large group of skirmishers whom were all armed with standard plasma pistols and handheld shields. Its sharp beam of plasma cut through the Jackal's handheld shields at once and killed all of them.

Suddenly, a Type-25 Wraith moved towards Hiroji's Kaiser. Hiroji attempted to move in close, but was stopped by the hail of a plasma turret. He then began to reverse tactics and backed off, using his LAAG to take out the turret Brute.

A blob of plasma mortar was fired at him, to which he managed to move outside the blast while only taking minimal damage and began locking on his target for his FANG missile. After a small wait, another plasma blob went after Hiroji's Kaiser, to which he managed to dodge again, but barely. He launched his FANG missile, which traversed through the air to hit the cockpit of the Wraith, puncturing the vehicle's armour and killing the driver.

Suddenly, a hail of fire came down upon the Kaiser, with two Choppers starting to charge Hiroji. The marines covering Hiroji managed to induce a hail of fire on one of the Brutes, who was shot out of his Chopper. Hiroji manged to land a TUSK rocket on the other, destroying it instantly.

A small group of leftover Brutes and Jackal skirmishers attempted to fire their small arms at the Kaiser, but Hiroji began to once again unload his MX2, making short work of their shields. Suddenly, however, one of them shot a fuel rod at the vehicle, shaking the vehicle. Hiroji quickly unleashed his LAAG on the Brute who did, as the other combatants scrambled for the fuel rod in a desperate attempt to stop the Kaiser. Most of them were mowed down, with two remaining Jackal skirmishers and two Brute minors retreating.

The marines and Hiroji surveyed the area.

"I think we're done here. Oohrah!" yelled Hiroji, as he and the remaining marines attempted to follow the retreating aliens.

--Canis Lupus Wolf paw.jpg -The Pack- -Kill- -[[Join the Pack]]- 19:59, 28 July 2008 (UTC)


Locklear looked through his laptop making sure he had done everything. Of course he did, it was the seventh time he went through the orders and had corrected everything by the second read. He sent it immediately as Dove walked in with a tray in his hands. In the tray was a large plate filled with food from the mess hall, coffee, and a glass of water. "Jesus Dove you're my aid not my butler."

Dove smiled. "Yes sir that's true but I know you haven't eaten since we boarded the ship." Dove put the tray down in front of superior and sat at one of the chairs in front of the desk. "Sir, you're not thinking about going in with the first wave are you?" The smile was gone, the usual joking aid was serious.

Locklear grabbed a fork and took in a mouthful of mashed potatoes, they werent as good as his wife's. "Of course I am. Most of the lieutenants are a bit green." He said matter of factly. He was worried, he had to be there in case things hit the fan.

"Well sir, you're not as young as the rest of us, you're gonna need a guard." Dove said.

Locklear put another fork full of food in his mouth, this time peas. "Who'd you have in mind?" Locklear said alrady knowing the answer. Dove grinned in return. "Alright Dove, get your gear ready." Dove smiled and got up to leave after thanking him. "And Dove, don't brng back to much Remnant gear." Locklear said, Dove had a small business going selling Remnant equipment taken from the dead or simple fakes to REMFs (Rear Echelon Mother Fuckers}. Locklear had laughed hard when Dove told him about the business, said REMFs were the perfect target, unwilling to fight but wanting the glory to tell friends and family back home. Dove left the office smiling.

"Archangel." Locklear said as he sipped on his coffee. Soon a small hologram appeared next to his laptop.

"Yes sir?" a sweet loving voice said, the hologram showed a small angel dressed in a simple white dress with long flowing black hair with oriental features on her face, long graceful wings wrapped around her for a moment than spreaded out to full length than folded back behind her.

"Archangel status report on the battalions." Locklear said continueing with his meal. Archangel spoke for ten minutes as he ate. Everything was normal, nothing to fix, nothing to change. Damn, Locklear needed something to keep him busy at the moment. "Thank you Archangel, that's all for now." The AI disappeared and Locklear continued eating when Dove reentered, this time with a two beers in his hands.

Dove sat down and handed one of the beers to Locklear, they laughed a bit. "Cheers."



"Targets sighted... sweet lock, firing!"

In the Katana's internal weapons bay, a CLAW missile ignited, screaming out from the craft to impact a Brute Seraph fighter. Although the shields protected the Seraph from a direct strike, the force from the blast was enough to knock the Seraph off center, flying into his wingman, then the two of them crashing into the ground.

"Alright Lewis! Two kills!" said Lewis' wingman, before himself scoring a kill on a Phantom. The 42nd drew first blood in the opening moments of the air war, before the formation was pounced from above by Seraph reinforcments. -- Your Worst Enemy<The SPARTAN-I><The Warrior> [The Thriller] [The Project] [The Unit] [The Vessel] 01:46, 29 July 2008 (UTC)


The doors to the mess hall opened with a hiss, allowing Jeremy entrance. Here and there, members of 2nd Battalion sat at the tables, eating a meagre lunch to keep from starving during the upcoming drop. He didn't recognize any of the men from his own platoon.

Lazy-ass bums. He thought to himself with a chuckle. He got in line with another Helljumper. He noticed the blond-haired boy, not a day over eighteen, kept glancing at him.

"What do you want?" Jeremy asked, layering a threatening tone under his question.

The kid hesitated. He gulped in anxiety and asked "Aren't you the Spartan kid?"

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. What of it?"

"I thought it was you. You just look different from the rest of the troops."

"How so?" He asked, half-curious as to what the recruit would say.

"Well, your hair's about six inches past regulation, for one." He replied. Jeremy had to give him that one. With his windswept black hair, he looked more like the emo kid from high school than the CO of an ODST Platoon. "You're a bit taller than most people." Jeremy could see that as well. At 6'3", he was somewhat taller than most troops.

"I get your point, kid." Jeremy butted in. He didn't like to talk about himself. It made him feel... special. With his grandfather being a Spartan, he felt too special to begin with. "Kid, CJ Patterson was my grandfather, it's common knowledge. But that doesn't automatically make me a Spartan. He taught me to shoot bullets and to dodge 'em. That's it." Jeremy wasn't sure why he called anyone below him in rank "kid". He was only 24. It was just a habit he picked up. Probably from gramps he mused to himself.

Jeremy then realized they had been served several minutes ago, and raced to a bench in a corner. He sat there contemplating his grandfather. He had taught him a lot, that was for sure, but was he really close enough to him to be labeled the "Spartan kid"? He had always told himself - wished to himself, that his abilities were self-taught skill, not some genetic mutation. As much as he loved CJ, he hated him for giving him an unfair advantage over his friends. As he sat there, he noticed someone walk through the door next to him.

He took a quick glance, and labeled him as Jose Marez, a Lance Corporal in his platoon. They had been friends for long before the Corps, however. Jose wasn't as eagle-eyed as his CO, and would have walked by him without noticing him if his friend hadn't whistled. Marez jerked his head to the side to see who had called him.

A bite of mashed potatoes - or cranberries, you could never really tell - still in his mouth, Jeremy called him over.

As he approached, Jeremy said "So, who kissed you?"

"Say what, sir?" His friend asked, confused.

"They say to wake Sleeping Beauty, their true love has to kiss them. Who was it?"

"Dunno, sir." He began. "You can kiss my ass if you want, though."

They glared at each other for a moment, and burst into a racous laughter. The entire mess hall turned to see what the commotion was about, particularly the young recruit who had never seen Jeremy smile, let alone laugh.



It had been a mad scramble, but Dragon Squadron had managed to launch from the UNSC Valiant and attack the oncoming Brute fighter craft. In the lead, Robert Davis V managed to shoot down several oncoming Seraphs in his Claymore, with Clyde Davis and Alice Peters flying in behind him, in their Katana and Knife, respectively. On their left, Aaron Peters, Joshua Peters and Roy Drake took down several more fighters with their Katanas, while much farther to the right Robert Nicholas Summers Jr., Nathaniel Walters and Justin Cragin Jr. fired on a smaller Brute ship, Nate unleashing pain with his Broadsword while Justin and Nick covered him in their Katana and Knife. Behind all this, Mary Cragin, Samuel Albert Davis, Marshall Drake and Jacob Harrison took on stragglers and flankers, the mixed fire of their Knife, Claymore, Broadsword and Katana destroying them quickly.
The COM line crackled to life just as Robert blasted through another Seraph. "Dragon Squadron", came the voice of Admiral Gi, "You have your orders: the Brutes have targeted the UNSC Kursk. Your mission is to protect it at all costs. Admiral Gi, over and out"
"Alright Dragons, you heard the man", said Robert, "Let's move!" Pushing the thrusters as hard as he could, the Claymore shot forward, quickly followed by the others.
Robert sped towards the Kursk, and saw the oncoming tide of Brute craft. He remembered the stories he'd heard of the Second Battle of Earth; how the UNSC had been outnumbered and outgunned three to one, but still they had fought on. Now, it seemed a similar situation to Robert. But he was just like his father; he'd never give up, not even with his dying breath. None of them would, actually. Clyde was a fighter, and while not as good of a pilot as the others, he more stubborn and a harder fighter than any of them. Alice and Aaron were a lot like Clyde, just a little more level-headed and less of a rush-in style fighter, while Joshua was much more for thinking up a plan and having the others carry it out. Justin and Nate were show-offs and weren't your best bet when you needed help, while Nick was slightly more reversed, still being a show-off some but a lot more reliable, with Mary usually covering his back. Roy was a leader like Robert, as was Samuel, and his son Marshall was to an extent, though he was much more of a fighter. Jacob was much like Samuel, but the two had a strange rivalry, neither liking nor hating one another.
Robert held his breath and gripped his control stick. This was it; the moment of truth. Turning on the COM line, he spoke. "Alright guys", Robert said, "Got anything to say?"
"Yeah", said Clyde, "Let's kick some ape butt"
"Yaaahoooo!", yelled Nick as he push the thrusters to their limit, blasting forward and opening fire upon the oncoming swarm of Brute fighters. Several exploded as Nick's shots hit, and Mary flew in to take care of the survivors before they could kill Nick. Robert flew forward, Clyde and Roy alongside him, all of them blasting through a horde of Seraph fighters as they headed straight for the Kursk. As a few broke through, they sped away, only to swiftly turn into brilliant explosions of light as Nate and Justin blasted through the group. Marshall and Alice handled another group, as Joshua and Aaron fought off yet another group of stragglers, them falling from the sky as holes were ripped through the cockpits. Even as Joshua and Aaron finished them off, another group threatened to shoot them from the skies, but Samuel hurtled in to open fire and take them down. Just as Samuel turned about, several shots hit his wing, and came dangerously close to his cockpit, just before the Seraph exploded as Jacob shot it down.
"Thanks", said Samuel, but all he got was a muffled grunt.
"Hey guys!", Nick said, "We got a problem at 10 o'clock!"
Everyone looked at the given direction, only to see a small Brute ship break through the defensive line and head straight for the Kursk, launching waves of fighters and bombers. Robert twitched slightly at the sight of it.
"Alright guys", Robert said, "We're going in hard and we're going in fast! Samuel, Marshall and Nate, you're with me; Roy, Clyde, you're covering us! Our jobs gonna be to take out that things engines before it can reach the Kursk! Everyone else, you're staying here; guard the Kursk at all costs! Now, let's move!"
With that, the squadron split. Robert and his squad sped away towards the oncoming Frigate, while the others stayed behind to guard the Kursk. Samuel silently prayed that they'd all make it through.

The Phantom descended to the ground in a group with several others. The air around them exploded with the shots of surface-to-air weaponry, the shots hitting one of the Phantoms and causing it to go down, two large holes blown straight through it. Keilus blinked slightly as he heard the explosion, curious as to how many of the ships were left. But then he shook it off; it didn't matter, so long as they made it to the ground. Then, he and his pack would rip apart these pathetic humans and take their world, then use it to restore the glory of the Covenant.
Finally, the Phantom landed, the guns blaring and blasting away two Warthogs, their inhabitants skin melted away. A nearby squad of marines was quickly killed off, though one marine with a Rocket Launcher did manage to destroy two of the Phantom's gun, but was killed after that. It didn't matter for his teammates as they scrambled to grab his Rocket Launcher, but by then it was too late, as Keilus and his squad jumped off the Phantom, killing the remaining marines. Two Brutes jumped onto the Choppers that the Phantom had been carrying as the Phantom itself took off to provide air support and troop transport elsewhere. The two Choppers sped forward, crushing the oncoming marines into pulp, their blood flying onto the charging Brutes. Keilus himself swung his mighty Gravity Hammer, crushing a marine into a gory pancake. As more marines charged him, Keilus grabbed one and threw him into two others, crushing the one's head with his hand and other two's back breaking on impact.
This should be fun, thought Keilus.

Such a glorious prize. Not only would they be given three cruisers, outfitted with weapons and ready for war, but they could take whatever loot they could find on the planet for themselves as well. Once more did Dekd Nok realize how great a prize this was, a prize that could outmatch even his hatred for the Brutes. And now, he would be the one to claim the most of this bounty.
It was a miracle, or perhaps a quirk of the universe, that Dekd Nok was even alive. With half a dozen mental problems, including no conscience and being sadistic, as well as having survived several bites from a rabid Kig-Yar and now carrying the disease himself, Dekd Nok had survived somehow, rising to the top of the Kig-Yar Clans with his sheer power. In the turmoil around the former Pirate Lord's death, he had killed and manipulated the late Pirate Lord's followers into following him, killing those that didn't follow him, taking the title of Kig-Yar Commander, or "Pirate Lord", for himself, taking on the name of Nok, or "Cruelty", to let his followers know that he showed no mercy.
And now, the Phantom finally landed on the surface of the planet, Dekd Nok's Kig-Yar mercenaries unloading and attacking marine defenders. There were countless such air-drops of forces across the planet; the Kig-Yar had been hired as skirmishers to harass and distract from the main Brute forces, as job they would do well. Dekd Nok had landed as well, never being one to wait back and order troops from a ship or command post. Instead, he would join the fight, and revel in it.
Seeing a charging marine, Dekd Nok fired with his Plasma Assaulter, a weapon he'd stolen from an Elite's corpse in a recent raid, but then holstered it and jumped onto the marine, biting into the side of his neck, actually digging a hole down to his wind pipe and ripping it out the side of his neck, killing him. Dekd Nok enjoyed this death momentarily, before turning to attack another oncoming marine, breaking the man's arm and then ripping it off before using it to batter the man on the ground, killing him via strangling him with his own arm.
Dekd Nok turned to see who was next, enjoying every minute of the battle. This world would be hard-won, but he knew that the battle and the loot would be worth his while.

--MCPO James DavisLOMI HQI hear your criesMay your works be honorable
23:08, 29 July 2008 (UTC)


Atik looked at the battle, amazed at how well it was going. He figured it was time to turn the tides in the Kig-Yar and Remnant’s favor.

“Move the ‘’Breaking Ruler’’ into the planet’s atmosphere! We’re taking this planet before this all goes bad!”

Dlag sat in the pilot seat of a boarding craft, the surface of Kanna whizzing by beneath it. Next to him sat Slat, and behind them were the Special Operations Kig-Yar Rangers

Slat scanned the horizon, looking for a nice target.

Flames erupted around the ‘’Breaking Ruler’’ as it entered Kanna’s atmosphere. They quickly subsided as the ship righted itself, just forty-five meters over the ground. A large grouping of humans opened fire with SPANKr rockets before a plasma torpedo engulfed and atomized them.

Atik’L-Yar smiled a devilish grin.

Logmon 00:58, 30 July 2008 (UTC)


Locklear cleaned and inspected his M98 Compact for the fifth time now. He pressed the clip released and looked inside, "Yep there's bullets in it." He was growing antsy, he was briefed on the situation on Kanna, things werent looking good for the groundforces. He slid the clip back into place and heard the satisfying click. Dove stood next to him going as he went through a small blue book. They were both ready for the fight, all of the 77th was. He and Dove were in his office in their dark grey BDUs (Battle Dress Uniforms) of the ODSTs, they had decided to leave behind the protective plating. Locklear's job was to lead the Regiment not the company he did before during the Great War. He looked at a small portrait with his wife sitting on a swing smiling at him, her dirty blonde hair blew with the wind.

"Sir, you think there's any REMFs on Kanna?" Dove said as he wrote in his little blue book.

"Dove, we're about to go into the largest battle since the Great War and all you can think about is screw over some REMFs?" Locklear said with a smile. When Dove was an ODST he had been wounded in a raid, while he was in the hospital some Rear Echelon Mother F***ers had stole his wallet, a necklace from his girlfriend, and his watch, ever since than he had been screwing over REMFs with his business.

"Well sir, it'd be easier selling there than having to bring the stuff with me back to Gundark."

Locklear laughed, Dove had connections everywhere, it was almost impossible to bring back enemy equipment but Dove had always pulled strings and always had a full supply to sell. "Dove, with the situation on Kanna, even the REMFs are in the fight."

Dove closed his blue book and put it into his left breast pocket. He stood there for a moment leaning on a desk. "How many you think we'll lose?"

Locklear had already thought about it, he had trained his men well he knew it. They had griped and complained about the intensity of their training and exercises. He knew it'd be damn difficult to kill one of his men, and if one did die he'd bring down a few Brute hides with him. He knew there would be casualties, there always were but his men would be fine. "The real question is how many do you think the Kongs will lose." Locklear said with confidence.



Hiroji and his marines continued to follow the retreating soldiers. Suddenly, plasma blasts burst from around all directions, with the marines dying almost instantly and with the movement of the Kaiser being heavily compromised.

"Hah! Human, you dare come to face us? If you are willing to face us, do not face us like a coward, in that giant hulk of useless scrap!" one of the Brute translators yelled to Hiroji, directly stating what his Chieftain beside him was saying.

Shit, it was an ambush... all along... a motherfucking ambush, thought Hiroji, only to be awoken from his thoughts by the sight of two Wraiths, coming to finish the Kaiser off. They fired large blobs of plasma mortar, causing Hiroji to attempt to dodge, only to lose the Kaser's arms. The troops surrounding the Kaiser all moved to the Wraith, laughing with glee to see the Kaiser dismembered and destroyed. However, another shot didn't, come, and suddenly, a Jackal had pried itself into the cockpit. Hiroji quickly grabbed his Revolver, and shot it once in the face. It fell into the cockpit, dead.

However, another hail of plasma mortar came, this time two blobs, and Hiroji unlocked all his missiles and rockets and fired. The FANG missile and TUSK Rockets took out the Wraiths along with most of the surrounding troops, while all living ones immediately routed. The plasma mortar then hit the Kaiser, just barely leaving the cockpit intact, but leaving the exoskeleton useless.

Hiroji left the cockpit, fishing out his his M10 and his M33 Revolver. He attempted to find any signs of communication devices, but couldn't. In the distance, however, he saw a civillian two-story house. After getting closer to it, he saw a Human woman hung on the roof, bloodied, with the words "DY ENFEDALS" crudely written in blood and badly-translated English. Hiroji quickly grabbed as many grenades he could carry from dead marines, Brutes, and Jackals, ran for the house, and managed to climb on to the roof. He tossed a frag and a plasma in the window and whispered under his breath:

"Good men have good deaths. Looks like the Gods don't like you much at all, filthy apes."

--Canis Lupus Wolf paw.jpg -The Pack- -Kill- -[[Join the Pack]]- 04:30, 30 July 2008 (UTC)


In a Herculean effort, Puller lifted the second massive Spiker from the Chieftain's sling and, with a strength born of desperation, fired the last two rounds into the Brute's chest. Growling, the Brute released the Human, and Puller scuttled away, seized his cast-off pistol and with a single burst, left the Brute in a bloody heap on the hangar floor.

Marus roared in pain, the wounds from the Spiker barbs in his chest leaving a red cascade down his chest. He was on the brink of death now, his power armor lying in a bloody puddle by his feet. His packmates gathered around him, trying to staunch the dark red flow of blood from his countless wounds. "Go on," he snarled. His comrades ignored his words. "Leave me!" he snarled once again. His packamtes till failed to heed his words . Then, ripping one of the bloody spikes from his chest, he lashed out, catching a Brute Minor in the stomach. "I have no need of your help!" he roared. Groaning and grunting, Marus rose to his feet. Grabbing a Nailer from the hands of another Brute, Marus swung it towards a nearby Brute Captain. "Take your Jirlhanae forward, or I shall nail you to the wall, Captain. I have no use for cowards in my pack!"

Although a single Nailer rifle should not have caused a pack of fierce Brutes to cower, a single Nailer in the hands of a monstrous Brute, his fur matted with a cascade of blood was enough to strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest Brute, and so Marus' pack turned back into the battle.

Marus himself limped towards a nearby Phantom, cursing his bad fortune and clutching his agonizingly painful wounds. A few Jacakals thought that this large, and so they thought, dying Brute would make an appetizing meal. But a few bursts from Marus' Nailer ensured that they would never hunger for Brute again.

Reaching the Phantom, Marus crawled aboard, and then the darkness overcame him...

"That was a close one, sir " it was Ensign O'Brien. Puller rubbed his bruised throat recalling the brush with death he had had only minute ago.

"Sure was. Those Bravo Kilos keep coming up with bigger stuff ever time we run into them. Only a Brute would weld two Spikers together...You manage to get through to ONI Command."

"Yes sir. They want us to hook up with a group of Marines on the other side of town, apparently there's some kind of weird Covie activity there they want us to check out."

"Okay, O'Brien. Oh and sir, and it look like just ran into the local motorpool. Five spanking new Weasels. Looks like we get to ride for a change."

"Sounds good to me. I got shotgun."



Out of the sky, a tight formation of five Seraph fighters dived in from their ships in outerspace. They pounced on the 42nd, who immediately began evasive manuvers to evade the new plasma weapons systems. Lewis' plane was hit as a single plasma bolt impacted his right wing, melting through the upper layers.

Shit... if we go into space, I won't be able to make it back home without burning up...

Lewis immeidately checked his RADAR, along with his known position of his home ship in outer space.

If this fight gets up there, make a run for it.

Lewis immediately turned his ship to the right, rolling over before coming head on at a Seraph. The Brute, losing situational awareness with another 42nd member on his six, pushed the controls down, causing the Seraph to nose dive into the ground.


The pilot turned his ship to the left as Lewis turned his left as well, and, they passed by only inches from each other before turning to engage the other Seraphs.


A MAC shell screamed away from the UNSC Dawn to Heaven, impacting on a Covenant CCS-Class Battle Cruiser, ripping through a section of it. Atmosphere vented from the ship until the Brute commanders locked down that section, preventing any furhter loss of atmosphere.


The Dawn to Heaven re-positioned, then fired a volley of three MAC shells at the command room of the Battle Cruiser. The three shells ripped through it, causing atmosphere to vent. Then, the ship rolled over, and prepared to enter Kanna's atmosphere.

"Fire on the engines... finish the bastard."

The Dawn to Heaven fired another quick burst of three MAC shells at the engines. This caused them to overload, then explode violently. The ship was finished. THe lone UNSC frigate moved to engage a Covenant Assault Carrier. -- Your Worst Enemy<The SPARTAN-I><The Warrior> [The Thriller] [The Project] [The Unit] [The Vessel] 16:15, 30 July 2008 (UTC)


A Quintuplet of Phantoms dropped off Cheiftain Lepigok and his pack in the Industrial West, Section two-three. They were there because of a recient reinforcement call from a lance of Jackals in the area, and now all Lepigok had to do was find them...which of course he did. The Exectutive Chairman Contact Me My Investments


9th of August, 2607, 9:51 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Industrial West, Sector two-two, Aleph City.

As Yithii's lance moved back into their defensive position, buoyed by their victory, their morale received a further boost. A group of Brutes, lead by a captain charged in, lead by his scouts. Immediately he began barking orders to the Kig-Yar, ordering them around as if he had always been there, leading them. As he began barking for them to mobilise and move out, a rumbling sound began to echo between the urban canyons, above the gun fire. The fine dust on the ground began to shake slightly before it became readily apparent what was going on. A M85B3 Coyote Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance swung around the corner, leaving a trail of dust behind it. The turret immediately traversed to face the Warthog, the 76mm cannon sighting it. There was a ear shattering boom, followed by the sound of the warthog being destroyed, the HE shell almost blowing it in two and sending it into a flip off the hill, landing upside down a barely recognisable hunk of burning wreckage. To the street to the right of the Kig-Yar position another Coyote emerged, firing on their flank. It hit the Brute Captain square in the chest, spraying the area with metal shrapnel, bone shrapnel and purple blood, leaving a fine purple mist in its wake. Fifty Calibre Machine guns chattered into life, chopping many to pieces. The gauntlet shields couldn't hope to hold against these huge armour piercing rounds, with any jackal trying to hold their ground filled with holes the size of fists, quite easily dismembering their small frame. As the snipers repositioned to fire down on the Tanks they let out a high pitched squawk before many of them fell over the edges of the building to their deaths. From the roof tops gun fire had opened up down on those below. Marines had struck back, firing down on them, raining hot lead and fragmentation grenades. One of the last Brutes declared a retreat before a machine gun round from the tank blew off the top half of his skull, leaving a bleeding brain stem and limp lower jaw. The order was clear. Retreat or die.

9th of August, 2607, 9:52 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Agricultural South, sector 1-5, Kanna Rice Line

The victory had been a brilliant. A massacre. Of 42 Marines, seven remained, with one fleeing back to the city and six more to use as slaves or snacks. Phantoms deployed more troops to the other villages, taking them swiftly as well. This vital supply line needed to be held, or the UNSC reinforcements could just flood into Aleph city and flush out their reinforcements. They would have to hunker down to defend their prize.

9th of August, 2607, 9:55 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Gothic Airport, Sector 3-2, Aleph City

The Brute assault had fared badly, the small ONI unit had succeeded where normal Marines may have simply broke. However, it wasn't over yet.

"We need reinforcements at the Rice Line, any units, we need to retake the Rice Line, Brutes took it, they got everybody, we need reinforcements or -" The radio went dead, followed by a buzzing sound and occasional bursts of gun fire.

The 'Rice Line' was their next port of call.

9th of August, 2607, 10:33 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Industrial West, Sector Two Five, Aleph City.

Drakos' Pack had not been totally successful but the Marines had been pushed back. However, a few minutes earlier there had been a massive exchange of fire. Upon getting around to link up with the pack on the other side, they found nothing but a mass of destruction and corpses of dozens of Brutes. Their communicators buzzed into life, relaying orders.

"Get to the Sector 3. We are amassing our forces there."

Sector 3 was outside the city limits, a small village, connected to the Rice Line. It seemed the Brute command post was stationed there."

9th of August, 2607, 10:03 Theta Nero System, orbit above Kanna, the UNSC Kursk

As the Seraph fighters pulled off from the attack on the Kursk, it seemed the Frigate heading for the Kursk was unstoppable, their little squadron posed no threat. However, the Kursk did. It turned sharply to face the Brute Frigate and fired off its MAC, smashing into its nose and dispelling its shield in a grim flash of grey light. A torrent of missiles impacted along its hull, hull, burning atmosphere billowing out. It was now open to attack. If Dragon Squadron could just press the attack, these few craft could defeat the superior Frigate. Behind them the Kursk moved up, point defence lasers snapping out. It was going to join them in close combat.

9th of August, 2607, 10:11 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Sector 7-9 , Gimmel City.

In Gimmel City, the air drop had shocked them much more than it had in Aleph. Within minutes of the landing the Marines had been massacred or captured, along with a general butcher that occurred when they found the civilian bunkers and broke in. Already Phantoms full of meals, fresh meals or both headed up to waiting warships of both Pirates and Remnants, while many more were 'stored' in secure positions in Gimmel. The few Marines left began to bunker down, holding onto a few key buildings, turning them into virtual fortresses. Until heavy armour arrived, direct attack would be unadvisable, so a more stealthy approach may succeed.

9th of August, 2607, 10:21 Theta Nero System, Kanna, above Dalet City

As the Broken Ruler opened fire on the surface, there was a squeal of anger on the radio.

"Do that again whelp and I will come up there and rip out your eyes!" A Chieftain growled "The great Deliverance wants this world unscathed! You almost hit our warriors as well"

Dalet city was quickly falling to the Brute and Jackal assault. One major source of contention was the central mall. An aerial assault by stealth and blood thirsty Jackals could compromises their defence position.

9th of August, 2607, 10:24 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian North-East, Sector 1-4 , Aleph City.

The Brute at the end of the street looked on with glee, spotting the lone human move through the open without his exoskeleton. He levelled his fuel rod gun and tracked him running across the open with a toothy smirk. He squeezed the trigger and fired a few feet in front of the Marine. Corporal Hiroji Kira was going to have a nasty meeting with a ball of explosive green plasma. Then again, Brutes weren't very accurate.

9th of August, 2607, 10:11 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Industrial West, Sector 2-3 , Aleph City.

It looks as though Lepigok hadn't been dropped into a very secure area. Tanks roamed around, annihilating forces nearby. Retreating to regroup at the command post where he could link up with armoured reinforcements.

9th of August, 2607, 10:07 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Industrial West, Sector 2-3 , Aleph City.

The Death Stalker AA tank passed the corner of the construction building to face an open courtyard filled with building materials, cargo containers and a crane. There had to be almost forty Brutes in heavy cover, firing on the Marines who had become pinned by the two Phantoms floating above.

"Hey ladies, get some cover." The gunner on the Death Stalker laughed.

The four barrelled 40mm Misriah guns levelled on the closest Phantom and fired on it, immediately tearing it to pieces, shredding it and letting it crash to the ground. The other Phantom jetted off behind building cover, fleeing. However, the guns didn't stop firing. They turned down to the Brutes in the courtyard and kept firing. The 40mm exploded shells covered the courtyard in a hail of fire, explosive bomblets imbedding themselves in brutes before exploded. Limbs were blown off, heads exploded, rib cages burst, flesh and muscle blown off and shrapnel created a lethal storm that annihilated anybody outside of cover. The cargo containers were torn open like tin cans and the Crane blown to shreds, letting it collapse away from the building and onto more Brutes.

"Motion sensors clear. Nothing but bits of meat, thanks guys." The platoon CO laughed

"Crap, you see that!" One of the sergeants spotted as something dropped from orbit, screaming down to the ground at speed. It landed on the LZ, booster rockets slowing the ascent but leaving a massive scorched area.

"We got a Scarab tank!"

"Not for much longer!" Daniels shouted, his clam demeanour broken into a sinister laugh. There was a ear shattering boom as the very ground beneath the Scarab exploded violently, submerging in into the earth as the delicate sewer and subway systems underneath it, rigged with explosives, collapsed. It struggled for a few minutes until Crow and Swallow platoon stormed over it, annihilated the Brute guards and destroyed its power core. The earth shook and swelled as the creature exploded, sending out debris, alight with blue fire into the air.

"Nice, I bet those mother fuckers from above saw that."

"Listen up, we got new orders from Headquarters, we gotta go to the Rice Line, relieve some Marines there. If we can recapture it, that’s what we'll do." Captain Javella, the Company CO reported

"You heard the guy, we better mount up, soonish."

"Loot, I got some trouble." Corporal Munro reported.

Ace looked over to Crow Platoon's two Wolves carry a third, missing its leg.

"We can sort that out." Ace smiled, looking over to one of the flat bed Warthogs.

9th of August, 2607, 10:17 Theta Nero System, orbit above Kanna

Vice Admiral Gi stood nobly erect on the command deck of the Valiant, holding this position even as the ship rocked from Pulse Lasers blows. The shielding held well against their assaults. He held firm as the Brute ships maintained their distance while a handful snapped at them. They had lost but a handful of ships, the Brutes were acting conservatively though. However, the Assault Carrier pressing forth was going to shatter his defences.

"Into The Wild, target that Assault Carrier, now!" Gi ordered, prompting the Ares-class Battle cruiser to lob a slug at the carrier, smashing on its shielding with a violent, shimmering shock wave. More ships fired on it, even a fool hardy little Frigate, pounding on its armour and compromising numerous sections.

"Lieutenant Vale, aim for the cargo bay." He said, planting his hand on his weapons officer's shoulder.

The ship manoeuvred to fire, firing on the ship. The well aimed shot, gutted its cargo bay, spitting its cargo capacity into space. Brutes, tanks, Scarabs, Dropships all got sucked into the void. The loss of atmosphere spiralled the ship out of control and towards a flaming death as the ship depressurized and caught fire.

"Shields are holding. Recharge beginning." One of his bridge officers reported, easing Gi's mind.

(All Brutes in Aleph city, head for the command post outside the city, humans, head for the Rice Lines, anybody in Gimmel and Danel, go looting, pillaging, slaving and killing!)

<Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax


August 9th, 2607, 11:00, Industrial West, Sector 2-4, Aleph City, Fortified Bunker

"Requesting Immediate Back-up! I repeat! Requesti-" the transmission stopped mid-sentence, and the sound of a Nailer rifle muffled the scream of a marine.

Darrick smashed his fist against the table, pinching the space between his eyes. "What's this?" he asked, and the "smart" AI Pontus answered. "Fifth interrupted transmission to be precise, Captain." The man next to him, Lieutenant Merth, spoke next. "Should I give the order?" he asked, and Aegean put his hand up. "We simply don't have enough troops. As it is we have our combat teams spread thin." He closed his eyes for a moment, and opened them again. "When the Colonel left and told us he'd come back with reinforcements... you think he meant it?"

As the Lieutenant was going to answer however, there was a thundering explosion, and the ceiling lamp flickered. "Contacts sir. Bravo Kilos scoming from the north."

The three marines positioned at the bunker's entrance began to open fire, and Captain Aegean loaded a 40mm slug into the M024 on his rifle. "Let's see what they got"

--117649AnnihilativeRepentance 01:57, 31 July 2008 (UTC)


9th of August, 2607, 9:35 (Kanna Local Time), En route to Theta Nero System, Kanna, aboard Zeus-class Super Carrier New York

Cryostasis chamber 07, normally darkened and gloomy, blazed suddenly to light from utter darkness. It was a room that was forty yards across, and fifty long, and was stacked with cryo-pods, in which, a half dozen score of naval personnel dozed. It was a scene common throughout the UNSC fleet; it had been the practice for hundreds of years to send crew into cryo during slipspace voyages, and while the implementing of faster slipspace drives had changed some practices, this one had remained the same.

However, while most of the chambers were sealed, one was venting gas, hissing through carefully placed vent valves. More unusual than this however, was the chamber’s resident. In the pod, a single figure laid on his back. He wore jet black armor, and light seemed to slide of it’s edges. He was easily seven feet tall, encased in the suit, and looked like a god out of Greek myth. A mirrored visor obscured his face, casting mystery and terror unto him, a truly miraculous sight to behold.

As the chamber hissed open and clouds of fog flowed out into the cryo bay, the armored soldier stepped out of his tube. He glanced around once, then strode to a doorway, exiting the chamber. The figure was a SPARTAN-II super solider, but his existence was top-secret, his life a cover up. His name was Leonid, SPARTAN-144, but for the purposes of the mission to Kanna, he called himself Egor, and was supposed to identify himself as a SPARTAN-III, despite his MJOLNIR armor.

Leonid walked through the maze of corridors on the ship for a good five minutes, before stopping in front of the armory. He thumbed a clearance pad and slipped inside the darkened room, and retrieved his weaponry, which was encased in it’s own equipment locker. He withdrew his M2A LAR, M1091 Sniper Rifle, and M98 Compact, and carefully inspected each of them, insuring that they were clean and that all of his equipment add-ons had been retained. Then, he withdrew other equipment, including grenades, flash-bangs, and a combat knife with a hair thin plasma edge.

When this was done, he moved to the corner of the armory, and reviewed the situation. He noted how his orders mandated that as soon as he entered the system, he was to drop planet-side, and support the forces there. They had given him a Herculean task, ordering him to do what one would send ten squads on, but unlike a less seasoned soldier, he didn’t much care. He didn’t question orders, not anymore. Not after the things he had done…and the people he had killed.

9th of August, 2607, 10:03 Theta Nero System, Kanna, near planetary space

As combat raged above the world of Kanna, and men and women fought and died left and right to protect what many held dear, the space not far from the main battle began to shift. It appeared to froth and boil with purple light, as a single craft emerged from slipspace. It took only a moment from the portal’s appearance for the ship to enter the system and leave the rift behind, drawing with it its power, forcing the slipspace transition vector to collapse.

Immediately after entering the system, the vessel headed for the outskirts of the combat zone. It was large, cumbersome, and was what appeared to be a cargo ship, meant for hauling supplies. It was vaguely rectangular in shape, but had three engines jutting from its back and a wedge shaped fore and bridge. The craft appeared to be old and mistreated—burn marks, comet impacts, and other markings of hard usage marked its hull. However, its pitted surface hid its true purpose: a mobile carrier for a single squadron of highly trained, UNSC loyal mercenaries.

As the craft headed in system, it maneuvered aggressively, dodging stray blasts from the battle, and established a link-up with the UNSC forces stationed there, announcing it’s presence, before it maneuvered behind the fleet, into relative safety, and abruptly stopped, using micro-thrusters to maintain precision station keeping.

As the craft held still, launch bays creaked open, silent in vacuum. From these bays, twelve unusual fighters streaked—repurposed and refitted Great War era Rapier-class interceptors, laden with modern arrays of technology and armed to the teeth with advanced weaponry. These craft exited the bay with speeds of dizzying proportions, almost, but not quite, those of more modern interceptors. They were a shiny black, sleek and slim, with an elongated hull, and two wide wings for atmospheric stabilization. As microscopic trash particles collided with the craft, they shimmered a faint blue—energy shielding.

The twelve fighter squadron grouped into a flying wedge formation, heading towards the thick of combat. They flew in precision formation of men and women who had practiced with each other for years—people who trusted each other implicitly. They were the 112th Naval Squadron, or the remains of it, no longer an official UNSC unit, but blessed by the government as a mercenary group working in liaison with the military.

In the cockpit of the lead fighter, a single pilot manned simplified but still complex controls, relying on her neural interface to assist her. She issued orders rapidly, directing her group forward, in order to assist whoever needed help. She was small, and thus not cramped in her fighter, despite its small size. Her hair was buzz-cut black, and her eyes were a striking blue, offsetting her otherwise plain appearance. She was small but heavily muscled—being as comfortable on ground as in space (one of the mercenary squadrons main goals), she was fit and as combat ready as an ODST shock trooper. Her name was Maria Williams, and was the daughter of two of the prominent soldiers from the original squadron.

“All wings on me. We’re assisting a couple of boys up ahead of us—they look like they need the help.” She ordered her squadron, voice icy.

Green confirmation LEDs flashed on her retinas, projected directly from her neural interface. She led her squadron towards a group of UNSC fighters, attempting to fend off a hoard of seraphs, which were harassing them in an attempt to attack a nearby UNSC ship, which Maria saw was marked as the UNSC Kursk. Maria also saw that farther on, a Covenant frigate was closing fast—trouble.

“Straight through em people, then break and engage.” Maria ordered her squad, but to her surprise, the Seraph fighters pulled up before her squad could get close.

As the purple piscine alien fighters pulled away, the Covenant frigate accelerated. It charged the UNSC group—and received a load of ordnance to the nose for it’s trouble. The Kursk turned sharply to face the craft, and it’s MAC cannon belched fire. A streak of white slammed into the nose of the frigate, and the ship’s shields flickered and failed. Meanwhile, Archer missiles slammed into the unshielded mass, burning along the hull of the craft. It was open to attack from the fighters, which it had not been a moment ago.

“Revise orders boys and girls,” said Maria “Hit that remnant bastard.”

The twelve Rapier craft of the 112th accelerated for the ship, past the idle Dragon Squadron. Pulse lasers slashed past them as they initiated evasive maneuvers. Behind them, Dragon mobilized, and jetted behind the 112th. The 112th open fired, and let loose a salvo of missiles—ASM-13 Talon missiles streaked from the underside of the wings of the Rapier/M interceptors—and slammed into hard points on the Covenant frigate.

As fire bloomed on the engines, pulse lasers, and the grav-lift, the 112th broke formation and jetted towards individual targets. Lisa led her group, one flight, after her chosen hard-point, the three blue-white pulsating drives on the back of the ship, the engines. Her flight of four streaked over the engines, emptying 115mm rounds and more Talon missiles into them. The engines overloaded and detonated as hundreds of rounds and half a dozen missiles hit them, making the whole ship list. Things were going good so far, and as Maria ordered her squadron to loop back for another pass, Dragon squadron descended on the frigate.

9th of August, 2607, 9:55 (Kanna Local Time), En route to Theta Nero System, Kanna, aboard Zeus-class Super Carrier New York

Deep inside the massive Zeus-class Super Carrier New York, a group of crewmen ran the entire ship. The bridge of the craft was buried as far away from the exterior of possible—guaranteeing that only a fatal blow would cut off the head of the ship. On the bridge stood Admiral James McHenry, a veteran officer and former naval bomber pilot. He slowly examined the screens ahead of him, taking in their contents. Readouts showed the New York’s position relative to the rest of his fleet, Taskforce Arrow, along with his position relative to the other UNSC forces in slipspace from Gundark.

As Admiral McHenry examined the readouts, his thoughts drifted away from the bridge, with its pulsing red alarm lights, blaring sirens, beeping computer consoles, and yelling crewmen. They first floated to the world of Kanna, and the atrocities the brutes were obviously doing there, along with it’s strained defense. However, it was not long after this that his thoughts drifted back to Gundark, his home, where his family were at, where his wife and nine year old son were taking cover in the shade of their home’s living room, apart from all troubles and cares and….

A crewman, Lieutenant Iwatta, bumped into the admiral and snapped him from his thoughts. The naval crewman apologized quickly, but James silenced him with a wave of his hand. He had more important things to do than listen to the aide apologize for something that wasn’t entirely his fault.

“Lieutenant, what’s our status?” asked McHenry, and Iwatta shifted from apologetic to gravely serious. It was one of the things James liked and simultaneously disliked about the officer—his tone and mindset could change without much warning.

“Sir, engines and MAC systems are hot. Shields read at ninety percent, climbing at a rate of one percent every fifteen minutes. With the slipspace generators going, its all we can manage.” Said Iwatta

McHenry shrugged.

“Understood. When we are within an hour to our destination, send all crew to stand-by. Until then, monitor all frequencies for further signals, and continue as you were.” Said James

More important things indeed…like figuring out how to get his massive payload of marines and ODSTs to the surface…and how to help the rest of the fleet win and save Kanna.

Spartan 501 05:43, 31 July 2008 (UTC)


9th of August, 2607, 10:02 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Agricultural South, sector 1-5, Kanna Rice Line

“Lakvanus” Solus nodded to the enlarged holographic Chieftain, his voice lowering past its usual pitch.

“Solus,” The projection nodded back from its metallic throne, “You have done well in capturing the first outpost of the Line, It seems I was right to give you authorization for an early assault.”

“Seems you were.” The Purple Brute smirked back.

“As you know we are sending in reinforcements to hold your position,” The towering hologram rumbled, jerking out is arm as if to make a point, to which his underling nodded, “I am going to increase that force, it has been made apparent the importance of the Line, and though you were lucky to capture the first village I believe the Infidels have realized their folly. We need to capture the Line, it provides a direct supply Line to two of the Humans Major cities, which is why you are being reimbursed with two Packs, a heavy Vehicle unit, and two Scarabs, Air Assaults are on standby to assault the third village and the fifth has already been taken, as Humans seem to accumulating at the second. You are in joint command of the assault, along with the Chieftains of the other Packs. I trust you will continue your success.” Lakvanus ended his monologue by leaning back, deep into his chair, smiling.

“Of course sir.” Solus said, as he bowed before the hologram, as the projection ended, dimming the room of the small building the comm equipment had been set up in. Solus walked out into the Village, light shining over the ghastly sight of a tower, covered in the bodies of 35 Marines who had been either crudely nailed or hung up. A Major, his Brute Shot slung over his shoulder, hurried over to him, as Solus walked towards the bonfire where a pair of the surviving Marines were being slowly rotated on thin uprooted trees.

“Sir, we’ve spotted friendlies heading for our LZ, Phantoms and another huge ship, it’s carrying Scarabs! Are these are reinforcements?” Joblus yelped, a suprising tone of glee in his voice as he halted his short sprint in an attempt to appear more casual. Solus nodded, Scarabs, nothing could hide the pleasure of having those monsters on their side.

Marley quickly tried to stuff the metal flask into his draw, knocking papers off his desk as a Marine entered his room.

“Dam it Marine, you heard of knocking?”

“Yes Sir!” The Marine shouted, knocking his boots together in attention.

Marley sighed, sweat slipping down his velvet dark skin, “What is it Private?”

“We’re nearing Kanna Sir; the other commanders of the Relief Force want to run over your tactics.” “Shit, right…right…Tell them the colonel will be ready in a moment.” Marley muttered as he scratched the back of his head, simultaneously trying to rub off the sweat that had accumulated on his cheek onto his arm.

“Are you allright sir?” The Marine asked, drooping out of the attention position as he spoke.

“What kind of question is that? Of course I’m…I’m not going to dignify that with an answer get out of here and tell them before I put you on cleaning duties for a week.” The Colonel of the UNSC Marines Relief Force said, raising his voice and pointing at the door as the Marine, somewhat shocked, quickly saluted and hurried out, allowing the Colonel to grab the flask and wrestle with the creases in his uniform.

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9th of August, 2607, 10:34 (Kanna Local Time), En route to Theta Nero System, Kanna. Shore Party Briefing Room, Zeus-class Super Carrier Colorado

Jennifer looked around the large room in which the ODSTs of the 105th were gathered. The 101st Battalion's A Company and the 2nd Battalion's Bravo Company, as well as a few other operational detachments were seated in comfortable chairs, all facing the center holotank. As a platoon leader, she was assigned to sit in the third row, behind company staff, so she had a good view of the officer that calmly and quietly walked to the forefront of the room. The holographic display pad on the arm of her chair fizzled into light as he began to speak.

"Ladies and gentlemen," he began, his arms folded behind his back in the parade rest position, "As you probably already know, we are about an hour out from Kanna, and have been recieving ominous situation reports from the surface via slipspace transcom. These reports are not good, as all of them essentially say that the forces already groundside cannot hold for much longer without our support. They list atrocities committed by the Brutes, and locate key positions that they've managed to turn into strongholds." The officer, a major judging from the bars on his collar, cleared his throat and tapped the projector controls. A city grid sprang to life both on the holotank and on the armrest pads, highlighting a tall, heavily damaged but heavily fortified building that rose specter-like over the devastated landscape around him.

"This, boys and girls, is Gimmel City. More specifically, this is Pavlov's Tower, an industrial skyscraper that has held on to the ground around it through thick and thin. It's getting its nickname from the Russian light colonel in charge of it, and from what I've heard, he's a crazy bastard. But he's also as tough as a brass monkey's balls. He and a detachment of about thirty-five Marines have been able to hump guns, ammo, and supplies, as well as a few vehicles, into this tower. They've been under constant fire from the Brutes, however and report that they've withstood a couple dozen waves, but with heavy casualties. In case you haven't figured it out, we are going to hotdrop you sons-of-bitches onto Pavlov's Tower, along with some medium armor and a heavy weapons set. You are to secure the immediate area and await further orders, as well as reinforcements. Ammo and supply drops, as well as abundant air support are readily available, so don't get too panicky." He grinned, a wry smile that said he was being sarcastic. Then he looked at his audience. "Questions?"

No one raised their hands, so he said, "105TH, WHO ARE WE?"

The assembled troopers, eager to please and full of pent up energy, screamed and bellowed their loudest. "HELLJUMPERS, SIR!"





"Alright, as you were. All of you are dismissed. Get to the armory, get geared up, and be ready. Leaders, the details of this briefing are in your Neural Nets, so be sure to check them out. We drop in forty-five. Good luck, kids."

SPARTAN-091[Admin]UNSC.jpg [Talk] 11:59, 31 July 2008 (UTC)


In the space of Kanna, 12th Age of Reclamation, Remnants' Seeker of the Covenant in control...

The Covenant and Remnants slowly exits out of slipspace, deploying several probes to survey the battlefield. From afar, the battle was seemingly dying, the flashing lights was dimming but the transmissions relayed by the Ship Captains made it clear that the battle for control over space is not over.

The Covenant and Remnants lowers their engine to a near 0, cloaked from enemies obsolete RADAR systems. "The battle continues on..." said the San 'Shyuum Consul as the Covenant ship drifts near the battle. "Go apart from the gore of war, we shall seek our Holy Artifacts..." ordered the Consul to the AI, Seeker of the Covenant. Around the AI, the Grunts walk sluggishly on the control modules and increase the ship's engines to a minimal, allowing a narrow-detection rate as calculated by the AI.

"The planet has been scanned, a total of 3 Artifacts are found." informs the AI as it steps off its holotank and materialise beside the Consul. "This war is a mere distraction for our enemies. Deliverance has sent the Legate to assist you on this "Holy" quest to reclaim the artifacts. Inform me when you retrieved all of them," said the AI as it turns its head over to the Consul. In great fear, the Consul shivers and backs a few inches. Slowly, the Consul gathers his strength and reaffirms his position. "The Great Journey will be achieved if we manage to retrieve these Artifacts. I bring forth from the High Prophet Deliverance, Believe in thee self and be blessed by the gods!" the Consul quotes. He reestablished his spirit and turns into the hollow face of the AI, "You will remember you place, Dervish. Though you're composed of fragments of the our Makers, you will respect the Hierarchs..."

The Covenant and Remnants slowly avoids the battle and enters the atmosphere...

Near the space battle between the UNSC and the Remnants of Kanna...

"Maam, we've received a hole in one of our RADAR." Informs Sam, the ONI Technician. He taps on the keyboards at the rate of 230 per minute. Jenny quickly bounces off her bunk and assists Sam as they process the information.

"So, it seems we've caught ourselves a Covenant Stealth Corvette. Send this report to HIGHCOM." Dahlia orders as she reappears in her Holotank. Suddenly, she grasps her head, and orders "Give me a connection to the BattleNet. I'm sensing something...something..."

The UNSC Memorial starts its engine and followed in near the path of the Covenant Stealth Corvette.

Little_Missy - Cortana Gif.gif 20:16, 30 July 2008 (UTC)


9th of August, 2607, 10:36 (Kanna Local Time), Theta Nero System, Kanna Orbit, aboard Kig'Yar Corsair Darkbrood

The Darkbrood had performed exceedingly well in the space battle. At the moment, he had two frigates and a destroyed under his belt, as he went for a third frigate. The corsair wove its way through the carnage, taking quick shots at the Frigate, its hull in tatters. Kindik'Yar suspected that only the bridge and engines were still operable. As they close in for the kill, he cast away his weapons operator, manning the pulse laser himself. He took his sweet time, aiming for the one piece worth shooting: the core. Trilling with glee, he pulled the switch, and the pulse laser fired a burst of energy directly through the Human ship, detonating it in a pleasing ball of orange and gray.

Satisfied with his kill, he returned to his chair. As he sat, his COMM operator crowed out "News about Kindikii. They've been annihilated. An armored ambush wiped most of them and their Jiralhanae reinforcements out.

"Survivors?" Kindik asked.

"None of ours, sir. A couple Jiralhanae, that's all.

"It was for the best. It was time I took matters into my own hands anyways..." And with that, the Captain rose, heading to the lower hangar and armory. As he came through the door, almost 150 Kig'Yar sat preparing their weapons and dropships. Once he was noticed, the entire room saluted without hesitation, but with some haste.

"Kindikuu," Kindik'Yar began. "it's your time to fight. It's time we took matters into our own hands. We're dropping into the Rice Lane. From there we'll spread out, kill whatever moves, and steal whatever doesn't." The lance erupted into a raucous applause, at the thought of getting their own share at the loot. They had been angered they had to sit out the first wave, but Kindik knew what he was doing. He had a good feeling the first wave would, for the most part, be destroyed. He decided to keep his good troops back for the second.

Lance Kindikuu loaded up onto a dozen Phantoms, even then being horridly packed in. As the last few entered, Kindik'Yar boarded his own personal Phantom, accompanied by two-dozen of his Kig'Yar Cutthroats. As they launched from the ship, the Captain shouted over the COMM channel "For fame, glory, and power!"

9th of August, 2607, 10:44 (Kanna Local Time) En route to Theta Nero System, Barracks, Zeus-Class Super-Carrier Colorado

The rest of Blackheart had woken up in time for the speech, and had returned to the barracks to gather equipment. 35 men and women suited up in their body armor, and cleaned and selected weapons and equipment of all kinds. Jeremy sat on his bunk, trying to decide between a BR or SMG. He wasn't sure what the conditions would be on landing, so either would be suitable. He glanced around the room. Jose grabbed himself an SMG, and Roger sprang for a Sniper and SABRE launcher. The Sergeant sat in a secluded corner, calibrating the targeting system. He didn't talk much before battle. The platoon was split evenly between the possibilities he was psyching up for battle, or the only thing that could give him enough energy to speak was bullets zinging past his face.

Jeremy put the thought aside and selected the BR. He walked over to an explosives desk and plucked off two DP/HE frags. He'd figured they'd come in handy. Even Brute armor couldn't take more than a few pieces of shrapnel, which these frags provided in spades.

As he concentrated less and less on the immediate, he noticed that no one was talking. Normally, his platoon would be cracking jokes, and be out on the practice range, making bets on who was the best shot. No such luck today. His men were battle-hardened veterans, and for the first time in years they acted like it. If they could win this battle, the Covenant would be doomed; nothing was funny about that. He noticed about a dozen troops were missing, and went to the firing range to check on them.

He didn't find the betting contests as usual. All he found was 2nd squad practicing in perfect sync, knocking out Brute dummies with unparalleled coordination. The squad leader, Sergeant Cullen pointed out targets as they were still rising, and his team took them down before they were fully upright. Jeremy jogged over, stopping them for a moment.

"So, I take it you're prepared, Cullen?"

"Of course, sir. THis is the best I've ever seen my squad do. Might give yours a run for their money this time, sir."

"We'll see about that, Sergeant. Mind if I take a crack at it?"

"I don't see why not." Cullen said. His team backed off, allowing The First Sergeant some room. A Brute appeared behind a wall. Within an instant of an instant, Jeremy was there, watching with anxiety and anticipation as it rose. Before the dummy was above the wall, Patterson fired, his bullets passing through a gap in the helmet and taking off the Brute nose. It fell to the ground as another peeked out from behind a barn. Jeremy swung his rifle to the right, and fired another killing burst. For ten seconds the dummies rose and fell as the First Sergeant made effortless kills, years of practice giving him unparalleled skill among his team. When he finally finished, Second squad burst into applause, as had the rest of Blackheart, having entered the room to watch the little exhibition.

Roger called out to him "You're almost as good as a Spartan, sir!"

The smirk on Jeremy's face faded. Again with the Spartan kid. He loved his grandfather, but in no way wished to live in his shadow forever. He needed a way out. The Helljumpers had offered him a way, though it seemed rather ineffective. Before anyone else could comment, Jeremy called out to them.

"We'll be there any minute now, platoon! I'd suggest you get to your drop pods and be ready for launch in an instant!"

The entire platoon fell into line, saluted, and gave the loudest "SIR YES SIR!" he had ever heard in his life. They spun on their heels and were out of the room in an instant. Jeremy sat down on a nearby chair. His men were the best he could make them... would it be enough?

MasterGreen999 16:25, 31 July 2008 (UTC)


9th of August, 2607, 10:42 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Agricultural South, sector 1-5, Kanna Rice Line

Solus watched as the shadows of the pair of scarabs passed over his joyous soldiers, pride filling them, as they watched their lumbering mechanical beasts. But they were not the only gifts Lakvanus had presented them with, Wraiths hovered over the rice paddies water, which had now returned to a deep brown, and the tanks were surrounded by Brutes, who were slowly trudging through the liquid.

"Aha! Brothers! Good to see you all! What pack do you hail from Comrades!" Solus shouted, with outstretched arms, a wide grin stretched across his face, mushing up the runes dyed on his face.

"Chieftain Solus? We are from the Fralkus Pack!" Another Chieftain, plain looking, especially in comparison to the Purple Solus, shouted, from his perch ontop one of the Wraiths.

"That is one pack? You said two." Joblus whispered as he pulled the Purple Chieftain down to his eye level. As if on queue, noises echoed up from the bushes to the Villages east, from where the Scarabs had been dropped, as Kig-Yar erupted from the greenery.

"Kig-Yar? What are you doing here?" Solus roared, turning from his oncoming Brethren to face the new arrivals, pushing his way through his own pack to watch the Jackals march forwards, with one of the Jackals sprinting up to the Chieftain, barking in his face, before running back into the mob of his own kind, yelling and waving his shield.

The soldiers fell quiet, and opened up into a path to let a Jackal pass up to the Chieftain, "I Am Kindik'Yar, and I Apologise for my troops....we have been sent to replace the other pack as at the moment, they are preoccupied."

"Keep them in line Kindik, I can't afford loose canons in this situation."

"You have nothing to fear from my soldiers, their loyalty is absolute as long as....Income...is assured." The Jackal smiled, "Now, let us talk strategy."

"You will get to talk very little, remember your place, your warriors are subservient to mine to the extant you are to me, Lakvanus told me I would be sharing command with the other Chieftains, not with a Kig-Yar." Solus said, taking a step towards Kindik, who inturn stepped back, placing his hand on the hilt of his holstered weapon, before letting go, and with a grumble he averted his gave from the Brute, who turned and walked back to Fralkus, as he reached solid ground. Kindik swiveled his head around, taking in his surroundings, before turning back to his soldiers, screeching for them not to look bad, before clambering through the Brutes of the Solus Pack, after the Chieftain.

The Three leaders sat in the room the hologram had been set up, which now showed a lay-out of the Rice Line, a flat-top mountain range, covered in trees to its sides and rice paddies on top. The Mountains themselves had mostly been flattened by the humans for suitable agricultural territory, and it was at the South-Western end of the range, that they were positioned.

"I Propose, seeing as how the terrain would seem to favour the defense if the human force is currently large enough, that we send in the Wraiths and Scarabs in on a frontal assault, to be safe, as we know that they are lacking in equipment to combat these war-machines, Fralkus, your Jiralhanae are manning the vehicles, and acting as the infantry that accompanies them. My own force will circle around and flank any humans who try to either assault you, or retreat. The Kig-Yar will remain here and protect the base." Solus said calmly, motioning over the mp.

"BAH! My soldiers demand to be able to gather their riches, not to be kept house-sitting, they will riot!" Kindik screeched, as he lurched from the corner of the room.

"Yes, my warriors are too few to be an effective follow-up infantry if they are also manning vehicles." Fralkus spoke up, attempteing to appease the tension he felt building up.

"Very well, Kindik, your Kig-Yar will act as the infantry in the frontal assault, Fralkus, your Jiralhanae will man the vehicles, those not, will man the defenses here. Now if everyone is in agreement, we will launch the attack in twelve minutes." Solus said, raising his voice in anticipation, as the other two commanders nodded, and walked out to ready their troops.

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"Son of a bitch we should have been there by now!" Locklear said getting impatient, something he normally wouldn't do especially under the men in his command. Luckily though it was only Dove and Archangel, another briefing had occured. His regiment was ready one of the first to be so and now they were all left with nothing to do but have anxiety bite at their rears. "How much longer are we going to have to wait!?!"

Dove grinned to himself amused, he knew the Lieutenant Colonel was excited. "Sir you already know the answer to that." Said Archangel stealing Dove's line. "May I suggest you take some time to sleep." Archangel said, brilliant feathered wings extended and light glowed behind her.

"Not a bad idea sir." Dove put in. "Hell the rest of the staff have done the same. Major Scott even had cookies and coffee delivered to him." Dove laughed, while he brought the treats to the regiment's intel officer he couldn't help but take a few cookies for himself. If Dove had to list a weakness, sweets were it. "Chocolate Chip Sir." he added wishing he had more.

"Dove hows III Battalion." Locklear asked leaning back in his chair trying to keep himself busy. He already knew the answer though, III Battalion was the regiment's ODSTs while I and II were marines. Dove was about to answer when Archangel did so instead. She replied how the ODSTs had been ready long before the rest of the regiment. Locklear sighed, "Alright, I'll be in my cabin." He got up and started walking down the hall.

"Whacha gonna do sir?" Dove asked with a smile.

"Sleep and than contraband your inventory!" Locklear said as he walked down the hall without looking back.

"Awww Sir come on!"



After all the Seraph singleships were destroyed, the 42nd exited Kanna's atmosphere and boarded the UNSC Dawn to Heaven. Lewis' plane was so badly damaged that he needed to switch to his secondary plane, which, really didn't matter anyway. Their next mission was to launch an attack on a Remnant Capital ship.

Arnold Leroy Lewis III, a Spartan 1.1, sat up in his bunk on an Athena class Prowler. He hated space voyages with a passion, and preffered his feet on the side of a Hornet in atmosphere. He remembered when he first joined the UNSC, right after the Covenant invaded Earth. He had fought on the North American continent very well, gaining the attention of UNSC HIGHCOM, who had him transferred to ONI and NavSpecWar. Those were the toughest years of his life... ODST training, SCUBA, Parachuting, Sniper School, and worst of all, the medical exams. But, now, he was a member of the elite UNSC Special Tactics and Operations Unit, Air Troop, practically placing him under the command of his brother.

He laughed at the dream he had that night, about the first time him and his deceased wife met. Then, he remembered how she died, after his son died from something called Metabolic Cascade Failure. She had grieved herself to death. Lewis had shut those feelings into the back of his mind, but, occasionaly, they surfaced. He again packed then into the back of his mind, took a shower, and got dressed in his camouflage fatigues. After having a cup of orange juice and a breakfast of sausage, biscuits, cereal, and an apple, he went to the Armory to check up on his baby.

The M-99C Special Application Scoped Rifle... able to punch through the armor of a Scorpion and still have enough velocity to kill someone standing on the other side...

He took it apart, cleaned the fine surfaces and the barrel, tuned the electrnoics, and put it back together. He then checked the tungsten rounds that were propelled from this magnificent weapon at 15,000 feet per second. Three rounds, three kills he thought to himself. He put the weapon back into its case, then took out his M-12 Submachine Gun. He cleaned it, put it back together, then tested it on the onboard range.

Still perfect.

Then, he removed his M73D Carbine from its case, and cleaned it. After finishing the cleaning, he calibrated the scope, then tested out on the onboard range.

Well, at least I know this Son of a Bitch still works.

He remembered the old days of being a sniper, and the one day he killed twenty chieftains. He loved the deadliness of the Gauss rifle, but, those days were over. He was a Sergeant back then, and now, being a Gunnery Sergeant, he had different duties. He was to lead his platoon into combat after disembarking from whatever they were on. Hornets, Pelicans, Gulls, whatever. Their lives were in his hands, and he knew it. He just hoped that he had trained the group well. -- The Dawn of a new Chronicle<The Sniper> <The General> <The Prodigal Son> [The Vessel] [The Unit] 18:53, 1 August 2008 (UTC)


The gentle purr of the Weasel's engine hummed in Puller's ears as the agile vehicle effortlessly took the tight corner at speed. He was cradling his M73 in his lap, the weapon set on "burst" mode, ready to supplement the firepower of the rear-mounted turret. The rubble of buildings demolished by the fighting surrounded him and his small ONI tea. The Brutes had hit hard here, killing most of the Marines defenders before pulling out to head for the Rice Line. Only a few Jackals remained, scavenging from abandoned houses, looting the bodies of Humans and Brutes alike. A few burst from the ONI team had sent them scattering, and their advance had been other wise unopposed.

A gentle breeze tugged at Puller's boonie cap. He had removed his heavy helmet to give his bruised neck a rest. A few hours before a Brute Chieftain had nearly strangled Puller and altough he was fortunate to only have this minor injury, it still was a discomfort.

But then a throaty rumble of engines disturbed Puller. His column of Weasel slid around another pile of rubble, and there was a sight for an embattled Marine to weep at: a column of Warthogs over a mile long, packed with Marines assigned to bolster the defenses of the Rice Line. Puller's driver pulled up beside a Warthog with a set of stylised oak leaves on it. Shouting across the gap between the two vehicles to the passenger, a major, Puller discovered that all available Marine forces were to head to the Rice Line and await the releife force. Puller's column of grey-clad Weasels fell into line, and the long column of fast-moving vehicles snaked its way towards the Rice Line.



9th of August, 2607, 10:33 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Industrial West, Sector Two Five, Aleph City.

The pain of the ambush mentally hit Novus. Then again that pain was blocked out by the physical state of his body. He couldn’t even move and had an immense throbbing pain in his right arm, leg and hip. The darkness swallowed his sight and his mind. Was death really this close? Then again was close to far away? Maybe he was dead, he felt like it. Then he heard footsteps. The firing had stopped too. Novus started to worry. Had the Humans moved up to search for survivors? Then the warm feeling of relief came:

“Brutes, spread out and search for any living brothers. Make sure that the area is secure too. We don’t want the same fate as this lot had.” It was his Chieftain; Drakos. He still couldn’t move though but then light entered his eyes. His mind opened too, as it came around to understand what exactly had just happened.

Novus fully opened his eyes and saw feet scuttle around to his fallen pack-mates. None of them seemed to be alive. One of the rescuing Minors roared in anger as he sulked on a body of a lost friend. There were no Humans left in sight but their destruction was hard to miss. Blood and body parts decorated the surrounding rubble. This anger and sorrow pushed Novus to gain control of his body. Then he twitched. Ever so slightly but he twitched his fingers in an attempt to draw attention.

“This is a mess. The Humans have slaughtered our brothers and left them all for us to clear up. They have a nerve. One I would like to rip straight into!” The Chieftain shouted. A few Brutes agreed with a roar of mourn and excitement combined. Novus felt happy and then he started to slowly move his left leg. He raised it up to a kneeling stance. He pushed up with his arms too. On all fours he stayed there blood dripping from his mouth and arms. He felt dizzy but tried hard to control his balance.

“Over here!” The Chieftain shouted. He rushed over to Novus and thundering footsteps of about three other Brutes came to his rescue too. He felt glad to be alive and rescued but his body still screamed at him to give up.

“What’s your name Minor?” The Chieftain asked as he squatted down beside him. Another Brute had already rested Novus against a wall but his head and arms flopped down with bleeding wounds.

“No… Nov…” He couldn’t say it. His mind and mouth were too wounded. He wanted to say his name and then tell them to leave and fight the Humans. But he couldn’t.

“He’s in an awful shape Chieftain. He’s been shot in the arm, hip and leg. If we don’t get him serious medical help within the next hour or two… then he’s gone.” The surrounding air fell silent and the only thing anyone could hear was the distant ripple of gun fire and booms of explosions. Novus felt wiped out and fear pushed that even further. Then the Chieftain’s hologram arm panel flickered to life. He stepped away and started to speak to his superior.

“Lets get you some pain killers and fix those wounds.” The Major said as he reached for the small first aid kit. Brutes usually fought to the death or not at all and so being on the edge of death was an embarrassment. The pack was there for three whole minutes while ammunition was collected, Novus was treated and the Chieftain was receiving orders. They all seemed too silent except the Chieftain and his buzzing hologram. Novus started to gain control of his body and started to walk.

“Brutes; we have orders. Get to the Sector 3. We are amassing our forces there. "The Chieftain relayed the orders just given to him and started to move. Then one of the pack’s Captains spoke to him.

“Drakos you can’t take him.” He pointed at Novus. “He’ll get us killed. Now I respect you…”

“Is it me or are you telling me what to do? You’ve just lost five of my men back there.” The Chieftain shouted and then moved closer to whisper. “You haven’t earned the right to be the rank you are and so don’t even try to question my commands. Is that understood? Or else your fate to be the same as the Humans'” With that he turned away with his bodyguards shortly following. The rest of the pack followed with Novus being helped by a Major. All twenty five of them walked out of the city. A small loss would be made into a large victory somewhere else. And Novus would be there to help claim it…

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Lewis stood up in the small chamber and inspected the inside. If they were to go to ground, the lining of the Gull's would have to stand up to the plasma of the Brute weapons.

Looks good... let's check out the pods...

Lewis inspected the weapons pods, and made sure that everything was perfect. Although it was supposed to be the pilot's jobs to inspect their craft, Lewis took the extra time to make sure that his men, and himself, would be covered.

Lewis, now satisfied with the equipment, went to make sure that his men were prepared for battle.

"Alright boys. Within eight hours, we will be deploying to the surface of Kanna. This will be one of the first times the STO has been in combat, so, let's make a good impression on HIGHCOM. I also wanna make sure that my big brother loses this bet he made with me. He said that the ODSTs were better than us. Is that right men?"








"Good. Finish inspecting your weapons, then get some rest. You're gonna need it."

"Alright 42nd, you guys are gonna be taking on a Covenant Capital Ship. You guys should know how to pull this off, you've done it before. Godspeed."

The 42nd moved to the hangar bay, climbed into their modified Katana's, then rocketed into space toward the first of the Covenant Capital Ships. -- The Dawn of a new Chronicle<The Sniper> <The General> <The Prodigal Son> [The Vessel] [The Unit] 05:17, 4 August 2008 (UTC)


The black mist slowly cleared from Marus' eyes. The gentle hum of the plasma engines powering down was mixed with the resonating "thump" of the Phantom's hull as it touched down on the rubble strewn landing pad. The cackles of jackals and the low grunts of Brutes could be heard as the pahntom unloaded its cargo. The crew un aware of the blood-flecked Brute, lying in the cargo bay. Painfully rising to his torn feet, Marus staggered out of the cargo door, snarling at a Jackal that dared come too close. Before him stood the tall, battle-scarred industrial building the Humans had come to call "Pavlov's Tower," although Marus cared little for names now, all he wanted to do was find the nearest aid station. After aimleesly limping for a few hundred feet, he came across the nearestone, a samll Jackalstation run by a one-eyed Jackal by the name of 'Dsask.

As he watched Marus duck beneath the low-door of the bullet-pocked house he was using to bandage wounds in 'Dsask let out a low chuckle. Like many doctors, both human and alien, he dabbled in various medical "experiments" while treating his patients. But his latest project had killed every Jackal he had given it to, ravaging their small bodies before the substance could work, but a Brute of Marus' size would be the perfect subject.

"Greetings, my lord" the Jackal wheedled in an obsequious tone ", how may I serve you?" the Brute's reply was rough and rumbling. "Heal my wounds you pirate, so I may serve the Covenant your heart despises, whatever your profiteering race may say."

"You are cruel, but powerful, my lord. I shall do what I can," with that, the wizened Kig-Yar drew a large syringe from a locked case. It was full of a clear, slightly bluish liquid, metaxahynide, 'Dsask's experiment. This serum increased heart and breathing rate to almost ten times the norm, overstimualting the nervous sytem, making whoever was injected with it incredibly strong, but it also caused permanent long-term damage to the body, and if overdosed death could be the result. 'Dsask had no clue what the correct dose for a Brute would be, so he simply emptied the syringe into Marus' leg as the Brute grumbled when the thick needle pierced his skin. It was then that Marus' leg began to sting. Instinctivly swatting at the source of the pain Marus, unused to the new found-strength the serum gave him, crushed 'Dsask against the wall. Then, grumbling as he felt his heart begin to rumble unnaturally, Marus turned and left the small aid station, ripping a pair of Covenant Carbines from the hands of two of the dying Jackals lying on blood-stained tarpaulins.

His normally yellow eyes turning a shade of blood-red, Marus rushed towards the sounds of battle, all pain forgotten as his mind began to pulse with only one thought, "Kill! Kill! KILL! Hurtling past limping wounded, Marus ducked into an alley and emerged at the base of Pavlov's Tower. The moment he appeared in the open, bullets began to tear the concrete around him. Although unarmored and exposed, Marus, ignored the whizzing bullets and charged forward, a blazing Carbine in each hand. The marines in the tower began to get the range and soon bullets were smashing into Marus' chest. But the metaxahynide had done its work, the super-human strength it had given Marus, allowed the chieftain to ignore his wounds and continue pressing forward, moving at a speed never before matched in war to this day.

A burst of armor-piercing rounds from a Marine's LMG ripped through Marus' chest. Pausing for a moment Marus seized a massive steel I-beam and pinned the Marine to the wall. Grabbing the LMG from the hand of the squirming soldier, Marus gunned down his comrades, going from man-to-man emptying their weapons into the nearby knots of huddled Marines. But then, a sniper’s bullet caught Marus in his head. Staggering, Marus limped for a few feet, then shook his head and kept going, relying more on primal instincts than commands from his dying brain. A second shot pierced his head, and a red cloud, blotted out Marus’ sight. Firing blindly, he was hit in the body by another burst of MG fire. Sinking to his knees, his body riddles with holes, Marus’ chest suddenly exploded as his over-worked heart exploded, sending a river of blood down his torn frame. The sounds of battle seemed to die for a moment as Marus crashed to the earth, his life-blood spent in the service of the Covenant he had lost his all to save.



9th of August, 2607, 10:44 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Industrial West, Sector 1-4, Aleph City

Ace hung onto the front rollcage as the flat bed warthog as it turned a corner, skidding throguh debris and leaving a trail of dust. They had intercepted a Brute column on their way to link up with the force heading to the 'Rice Line'. The infantry were weak targets for their guns. Ace was riding shotgun on the rear of a flat bed Warthog, his Wolf Exoskeletonh hunched on the back, firing one handed at the enemy forces. Behind him one of Crow's flatbeds was carrying a Wolf, sans a leg. It was strapped down to the back in a sitting position, firing off the back. Ace looked back momentarily and missed the brute step out in front of his hog. There was the sound of a 'thump' and the car bucked up.

"Hey Sarge, wadda ya call those chunky bits on our tires?" One of the marines laughed

"Slow Brutes!" He laughed

They had left a trail of dead and dying Brutes, riddled with bullets from Sector 2-3 to this position. They drove up onto a highway connection and up onto the main super route heading out of the city. A chain of hogs were heading out of the city and into the countryside, with a few Weasels driving up alongside them.

"Okay, lets floor it, everybody knows, Swallow platoon is always at the front!" Ace laughed, patting his drives shoulder. He heard Daniels swear over the comms as his Warthog was forced to catch up with his as they sped off past the other warthogs. Almost ten minutes out of the city was the Rice line, just a mile off the main highway. At the base of the hill was a abandoned Warehouse, taken by neither side. They were driving up ahead, followed with some other units playing catch up with them. One warthog from three battalion drove out in front of them, a unfortunate mistake. It was hit by a plasma mortar. It flipped in the air, hurling out its burning crew and crashed in front of Ace's Hog. His driver swerved to avoid it and began to take evasis manouvres as Wraiths began to silently creep out of hiding places. Something more fearsome came over the hill where the rice line was situated. Two purple, spindely bug like machines crawled out and immediatly spat two torrents of green plasma down at the warehouse complex. A little Weasel from some ONI special unit was decimated, only a burnt chassis remained. Another warthog was hit by a wave of hit and splash damge, setting fire to a crew member. It skidded out of control and as they tried to put out their comrade a Wraith slammed into the Warthog, crushing the crew and flipping it.

"Get us to cover and dismount!" Daniels ordered

Ace was ready to fight as the Warthog pulled up outside a set of smaller concrete buildings on the perimeter. The rest of Swallow platoon followed suite, taking hard cover as Brute forces moved in around them. Ace moved with charlie squad outside as a Wraith swung around the outer perimeter. It was busy trying to kill a swerving Warthog, giving time for a member of the squad to level his M41B2 Weapon Anti Vehicle/Anti Material t i. The gunner was too fast for him and turned to fire his plasma turret. Ace, in a split second decision stepped in front of him and began to fire his weapon from the hip in return fire. His shields took a pounding before they faded and plasma began to scorch his armour. The gunner meanwhile was torn apart by the .50 cal AP rounds, leaving him a bloodied mess. The Marine stepped back out and levelled his weapon.

"Heat lock confirmed, FIRING!"

The Missile fired out, shooting straight at the Wraith. It was going to hit its flank armour, a null shot, as it wouldn't pierce its armour straight away. Instead the missile jerked up into the air then straight down onto the Plasma Mortar canopy. The HEAT missile jettisoned a vortex of metal metal into the tank, hitting the primary plasma core and alighting it. The tank was engulfed by a ball of burning plasma, leaving behind a pool of metal slag. The retreat was called as the Scarabas moved into the warehouse compled then both stopped and remained on guard. Swallow platoon had been trapped in this complex, waiting for rescue. They hunkered down in the outer buildings, taking cover and keeping watch. Ace was stationed at the west window, watching one of the Scarabs crawl onto the roof of a Warehouse andstay on watch. Beside him the units marksman kept a firm eye on it.

"What are we gonna do sarge?"

"Wait it out... we gotta get back up.... soon..." He said, his train of thought interrupted by the sound of what sounded like Thunder in the distance.

"Is that a thunderstorm coming in?" One of the NCOs asked

"....somebody light a beacon, its Rolling Thunder!" He said

Lieutenant Ronald Sutherland Leaned back in his seat, looking at the holographic display sprawled out in front of them. The middle display showed a thermal image of a Scarab. He looked to his left and gave his comrade a thumbs up and gave a thumbs up to a man over his shoulder.

"Okay ladies, lets make these baby kongs regret setting foot on Kanna, FLIR Thermal lock active, move to battle postion."

"Got the second on RADAR, gonna move to engage."

"Locks confirmed, I've got a further eleven heat signatures with Brute IFF. Confirmed targets alright."

"Lets focus on those Scarabs first."

His shook as the holographic display faded and his little enclosed pod shook.

"Callsign Warlord, Barb away!"

"This is Hound, Barb away!"

"This is Vigalante, Barb away!"

Ace saw a brief streak of light hit the flank of the Scarab on the roof, bursting inside it in a massive ball of molten metal and flame, tearing it openm. A second then a third impacted on it and tore it to pieces. It was blasted in half, with its power core exploding again, blasting its rear end to balls of molten metal. The second exploded as well, being reduced to pieces as well. The thunder became almost deafening as three cross like objects passed over head. They twisted into the air swivelling around. They turned back upon themselves, firing tank hunting missiles at the ground, shattering Wraiths on the ground. Armour Piercing Incediary rounds punctured tanks with depleted uranium penetrating rods and enflamed the remains with incediary devices. The Brute armoured forces scattered.

"Axe Attack Jets!"

"This is 103 Attack squadron, we hear you ground pounders need some Brutes toasted." The radio squawked

"You fly boys are late!" One of the marines bellowed, shaking his fist to the sky.

"Better late than never, eh? Lets see if we can't clean this place up. Lets send 'em to hell!" One of the pilots retorted

The A-110 Axe Attack Jets moved into a formation, heading to the hill. The lead Axe released a torrent of bomblets from its DISORDER Bomblet Dispenser, the bombs impacting in the ground, buildings, Brutes and vehicles thne violently exploding a few seconds later in concerte, levelling a straight line. Thirtymm rotary cannons chattered, blasting holes in houses, tanks and brutes. Anti tank missiles busted open Wraiths, HAVOK sensor fuzed bombs oblitereated whole groups of infantry and tanks and swathes of Rockets decimated whole areas. Banshees were blasted from the sky by swathes of missile launched shrapnel, sending the fragments of them falling to the ground, flaming.

The Axes turned away from the combat, with their wings folding back, their tails riasing to make a distinct arrowhead shape and began to speed away, back to their airstrip.

"We're dry. We'll be back when we can, good luck."

"Thanks Warlord. You see any targets up there?"

"Looks at the east end theres a big thermal batch in one of the buildings, I saw some apes guarding it. I think we got boys in there. We saw gun fire at site four. Our pinned soldiers must be there."

"Captain, its Daniels, we got two confirmed targets up there, we can't hit both." Daniels said into his boom mic.

"Yeah, I was listening to Warlord. Head to support our boys pinned down, reinforcements will be arriving shortly to get you out. Crow, Sparrow Platoon, get our POWS. Anybody hanging around there, help Swallow Platoon."

"Looks like we're charging then." Ace smirked, cocking his gun.

9th of August, 2607, 10:48 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Nakatomi Village, outside Aleph City

The village captured early in the minutes of the invasion had become a command post for the Brutes who had been pushed out of Aleph. Almost 3000 Brutes had amassed here, ready for their next attack. They were almost four kilometers from the outskirts of the town, across a large open area. Every Brute pushed out of Aleph and a few extra ones had gathered here. High Chieftain Barabus stood in his command tent, facing a hologram of Lakvanus.

"The humans generated more resistance that previously thought capable. I am sorry I failed." He said, bowing his head in disgrace

"No matter, your early assault must of shaken them. With the Rice Line falling and the Jackals distracting them, their weakened forces will be easy pray. I want you to lead a full frontal attack at the City Gate. Smash through it and the humans and take the city." Lakvanus said without batting a eyelid.

Barabus looked up at him shocked "But what of the human defences?"

"They will of been strained and shocked by the earlier assaults. Wraiths and Scarabs will clear a path."

Lakvanus was getting desperate for victory. Desperate enough to launch this attack. However, his word was the word of the prophets. This was their mission. They would succed.

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9th of August, 2607, 10:57 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Rice Line.

Kindik'Yar's troops were ferocious, more thugs than soldiers. But they weren't even treated as soldiers, but police enforcers. Due to his inferiority of his men, they had been subjected to patrolling the Rice Line in place of the Brutes until their next assault. The only thing that had stopped a civil war at the previous meeting was the other Chieftain's suggestion of letting the Kig'Yar lead the frontal infantry attack. The Captain began to wish he had landed at Pavlov's tower instead. The shooting hadn't stopped once there.

He and his personal guards marched through the Rice Line in a neat line, not one foot out of step. If he was going to do police work, he was going to do a good job of it. As his group marched past several huts, he heard a scuffle. His men hurried inside to see three Kig'Yar fighting with a Brute over a Human ring. Worthless at first glance, but the massive diamond on it made it very valuable.

"Give it to us!" A Kig'Yar hissed. "We were here first, and we outnumber you!"

The Brute chuckled. "You may outnumber me, but I could crush your skulls in a second, or beat you to paste with my Nailer--"

Before he could say anything else, Kindik'Yar phased to him, as if he were a ghost, and put his cutlass to the Brute's chest armor. "If you so much as think about that rifle, you'll be dead in an instant."

The Brute was definitely somewhat nervous now, but dared not to let it show. "And what leverage do you have against me? What say I just happen to slip on fall on my backing, 'accidentally' crushing you?"

Without a word, Kindik gracefully pulled the elegant cutlass across the chest plate, creating a paper-thin, but perfectly efficient cut across it. "What say I slit your throat?"

The Brute contemplated the moment. If he shot the three Kig'Yar, he'd be gutted. If he crushed the Captain, he'd be shot, and if he managed to survive both, two dozen more Kig'Yar waited to end his life. Realizing it was hopeless, the Brute shrugged off the Pirate and left the hut, searching for some other valuable artifact.

Kindik'Yar spat at the Brute as it left, and turned to his Kindikuu that had begun the fight.

"Captain, forgive us, but the Jiralhanae are violent, greedy, spiteful. They get on our nerves so greatly, we have to do something about them!"

"Don't worry, my Kindikuu, the Jiralhanae will be handled in time. For now, simply follow orders and be sure to grab anything you like. I guarantee there will be plenty more when we're finished here."

MasterGreen999 21:18, 5 August 2008 (UTC)


9th of August, 2607, 10:48 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Nakatomi Village, outside Aleph City

The Drakos pack arrived at the village and as the lower ranking Brutes of the pack scattered to seek medical help and rearm, the pack’s Chieftain walked over to the High Chieftain Barabus. Drakos pushed past many Brutes injured and worried. He’d never seen so much mess but he knew that something big was about to happen. Drakos strolled confidently though into Barabus’s command tent as if to show some sort of authority in this massive unorganised mess of sodiers. Barabus had just finished speaking to a hologram of Lakvanus, when Drakos walked in.

“Sorry master for interupting you. I am here to await your orders.” Drakos bowed slightly to the High Cheiftain in respect and then stood.

“How is your pack Drakos? Last time I heard, you were pushed hard and lost a lot of my men.” Barabus was obviously not impressed with Drakos’s faliure.

“We lost two sub-packs on dropoff and then another two were killed in action. Only twenty four survived the assault and we found only one survivor from those forces. I’m sorry master, but we misanticipated the Humans power.” Drakos showed remorse at his faliure in an attempt to gain Barabus’s sympathy. “You have failed my Drakos. As I have done to Lakvanus. However we shall learn from this and our upcomming assault will put us back in the league of victory.” Barabus spoke with equal remorse.

“Upcomming assault?”

“Yes, I have orders to launch a full punch straight into the gate of the city. We will converge on the Humans en mass, and will not stop until victory is gained.” There was a moment of silence in the command tent, while Barabus thought about the lives, which he was about to loose, and while Drakos struggled to understand the logic behind his orders.

“I respect your orders High Cheiftain… however I do not think that this is a wise plan to exicute in such dire times.” Drakos stood guilty but strong.

“I agree Drakos… I agree.”

Novus sat on a stool while he was injected with various needles and devices to moniter his health. He thought about his lost brothers and the upcomming fights, which were going to loose even more of them. He thought of revenge and the pleasure of killing any walking Human. The anger and rage pushed past the pain in his body. He wanted to go back out to war.

However he was in no fit condition to fight. However given the right treatment, new armour and weapons; he would be ready. He would be ready to fight. Then it struck him. What was he fighting for? Who was he fighting for? His own desire or his Cheiftain? Maybe even Lakvanus and the Prophet of Deliverance. However each time he thought; he struggled to grasp the true answer. Was this side of the war really the side he wanted to be on? Was this life of pain and loss all that he would come across in the future? Did he really know why he despised most species?

“Novus, once you’re patched up I want you over by the rest of our pack for briefing and arming. We’re making an assault on the city’s gate and you can then get you revenge.” Drakos spoke sharply to him and walked off. And that was the answer:


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9th of August, 2607, 10:25 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian North-East, Sector 1-4 , Aleph City

Hiroji dived to the right, to which the Brute missed him by several feet.

"STAND STILL, BLOODY FUCKING C***!" yelled the Brute. Judging by his knowledge of the Human language, he confirmed it was the Brute translator from earlier. Hiroji smiled, and then ran, dodging several more blasts, into the nearby civillian house that had been torn with reckage due to his grenade bombarding. The Brute also ran in.

"This is it Human. In here, you cannot maneuver. Now die, waste of oxygen," said the Brute, as he shot off a blast, to which Hiroji dodged by very little, then threw down a flashbang scavenged from a Brute, immediately after. The Brute suddenly shot randomly, all of shots going wide of Hiroji and hitting the ceiling, causing the ceiling to collapse on the Brute, and his shield went off. The Brute was still alive, but crippled under the wreckage.

Meanwhile, Hiroji was also still alive, but he had lost his PDW and his body had been severely cut and scraped by falling glass and metal. As well, the Brute's sidearm, a Spiker, had went off and shot Hiroji in one of his shoulders.

"Good night," Hiroji said, as he began to fall unconcious, and he shot the Brute in the head with his M33 Revolver, ending the Brute's life.

9th of August, 2607, 10:53 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Industrial West, Sector 1-4, Aleph City

"QUICK, GET HIM ON THE STRETCHER, STAT!" a man in a medic uniform shouted to several other men.

Hiroji came from unconciousness.

"Who... are you?" Hiroji asked.

"We're trained medics son, we'll get you out of here as soon as we can," was the response Hiroji heard before slipping once again into unconciousness. He was taken away, and put to a soldier's hospital.

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Theta Nero System, Kanna, 12th Age of Reclamation

The Covenant and Remnants slowly lands on the rough terrain of Kanna. Above them, the battle in the high orbit of Kanna continuous on, seemingly never ending. From afar, the San 'Shyuum Consul looks high up in the sky and touches his forehead, "Be blessed by the gods, the mighty Covenant will rise from its ashes and return those who rebel to the depths of hell." The Brutes around him answers, "Hail the Great Journey!". The Covenant Stealth Ship lowers its bay and releases the Covenant Expeditionary. Still stealthed, the Covenant Ship launches several probes to survey the area for possible hostile intent. "Onwards, the first Holy Artifact is located twenty miles away..." informs the Grunt Researcher, holding on to its electronical pads. The whole team follows the trail...

From the bridge of the Covenant Ship, the AI, Seeker of the Covenant unmasks itself. The grunts around it cried in fear as they see the image stood with its arms flex. "Ahn sumacanattra... Innahu, kembali thrua SoTc..." it mutters as the AI stood off its holotanks and held out its hands towards the controls. All of a sudden, the ships communication node comes alive and thousands of both Covenant and Human transmissions fills the chamber...

Little_Missy - Cortana Gif.gif 08:37, 7 August 2008 (UTC)


Puller's headset crackled to life. "ONI 43, break off and head for that factory complex." The convoy commander was trying to juggle requests for aid from the stranded clusters Marines trapped along the convoy's route. Familiar with the prowess ONI teams were known to show in combat, and so the commander had sent Puller's tiny huddle of Weasels to clear bail out a trapped platoon of Marines. The ONI team had already lost a Weasel and three men after a run-in with a Scarb, and they were eager to hit the Covies back for their loss.

Puller's driver switched into high gear and the Weasel stood on two wheels for a moment as it skidded towards a tired compound of smoke-stained factories. Behind them, Puller oculd hear the occasional thud of a Spiker and the answering chatter of a Warthog's turret. Ahead, the growls of Brutes and the frantic shouts of the beleaugered Marines could be heard. The Marines had taken cover inside a plasma-scarrd maglev station, and the rarity of gunfire from the terminal told Puller that the Marines were low on both ammo and men.

Racing alongside the tracks, the cluster of Weasels spread out, bullets spewing from their turrets. One was hit by a lucky Fuel Rod shot, overtured in a cloud of superheated gases. Its dust-stained driver emerged, only to be felled by a Jackal's sniper. But in spite of this casualty, the ONI men quickly scattered the surpised Brutes and Jackals.

The Weasel column parked in front of the terminal, and a bloodstained Marine limped out, extending his hand towards Puller, but wincing as he irritated the bent Nailer round half protruding from his shoulder. "I'm First Sergeant Lipton, Raven Platoon," the Marine grimaced.

"Right. Get the wounded assembled over there and we'll get a Pelican sent in, the rest of you, pile on the Weasels." In response, a ragged bunch of Marines dragged a heap of around ten groaning men, and another few piled onto Puller's Weasels and the pair of Mongooses that had belonged to Raven's lieutenant and his runner, before a Jackal had got them.

With green-clad Marines hanging off the sides and back of the tiny convoy, ONI 43 and the survivors of Raven Platoon, headed off towards the far-away sound of battle, hoping to reach the rmeainder of the Warthog Convoy, and the relative security of the Rice Line.



Staff Sergeant 'Ace' Warren was on point, bounding up a set of stairs in his Wolf Exoskeleton, followed by the rest of his unit. The loot trailed behind, already running out of steam. Ace's satmina was nothing short of inhuman, being able to stay ahead while piloting the heavy motions of the Wolf with such accuracy. The Stairs moved up the steep eastern side of the hill. On top of it was a cluster of eleven buildings, mostly houses or out buildings, low built, polycrete buildings, sturdy and tough, with a brick built Maglev station with a polycrete interior housing the last remnants of Bravo Company. The Brutes were taking their time with this. Rather than risk a dangerous storming of the building they had Banshees and Wraiths ensure the marines couldn't move. At least fourty men were trapped in there. From what the radio said, a Pelican was coming in to support them and pick them up but it didn't look certain, not with the Banshees on patrol. Further more, a ONI unit carrying the remnants of Raven platoon from Fox company was moving up the Maglev line. Thats all the support they would get. Ace fell to one knee about three meters from the top, just so his Exoskeleton would be hidden. One of the 'bunny ear' stalks on his shoulders flipped up and rose into the air, turning to race the buildings in front of them. Ace observed the camera on them and took a took around.

"Confirm, we have a MG nest in the northwest building facing the station. We got another just left of it. Nothing else in site."

He looked back to Daniels through his rear cam who gave on nod for them to move. Ace lead Alpha squad over the top and began to move forward in a low run to the first building when a Jackal patrol rounded the corner.

"Shit shit, open fire! They got us!"

The other two squads and the command section began to squabble for cover at the two nearest buildings while Ace dropped to one knee to give his first round of covering fire. He fired in single shots, the massive armour piercing rounds tearing flesh and bone apart and blowing limbs off, cutting a few in half and even decapitating a few.

"Get upstairs, fix that MG!"

It was already too late and plasma fire began to rain down from the roof tops. The troops moved into the buildings and occupied them, immediatly taking up firing positions on windows. PFC Denoza leveled his RPG at one of the upper windows spouting storms of blue fire and fired once, shooting a cloud of smoke backwards and blowing out the top floor of that building, sending out rubbled and shards of glass in a smoke filled explosion. Ace moved to the living room of one of the buildings, looking out across the street. There was one building, a hexagon shapped building made from concrete blocks, which was lightly guarded and gave thme a clear view over the whole street.

"Loot, we need to take that building, its going to give us area control!" Ace shouted over the comms, ducking to avoid a torrent of super heated spikes.

"No can do, they have that street covered from two directions."

"Sir, the attic has got a good firing position, I can lay down covering fire on that first MG post."

"Yeah, I got a firing position on that building to the north east. They try and fire, we got them pinned!"

"...Fine, take first squad, move by teams."

"Okay, team alpha, with me, Bravo, take the side with Wook, Charlie, get to the end of the street, get hardcover behind that truck and keep ay reinforcements at bay. What do you say to that Marines?"


He heard the semi automatic crack of a BR09 going off upstairs and then a loud chatter as well.

"Go go!"

Ace leapt clean out of the living room and into the garden before running straight through the fence and onto the wide street. He moved straight through the fence of the opposite house and pressed up against the wall. The door had been beaten down earlier. He observed it with his shoulder cameras while his men got into position.

"Alpha ready."

"Bravo ready."

"Charlie is in position."

"Frag out!"

A marine threw a frag greande in, the saftey 'spoon' coming off with a distinct ping. They were taught in the 23rd to always cook them first. There was a pair of lethal explosions, almost similtaneously, sending out white hot fragments of metal. Ace went in on point, firing on a bloodied Brute who survived. Alpha and Bravo moved upstairs, something he couldn't do in these little houses. Gun fire rang out before they reported clear. The 23rd knew how to clear a building.

"Okay move up, we got this building secure, sweep the adjacent building then move to the target building."

Ace moved outside and began to skirt around the back as second squad moved up. One of the men dropped as a shaft of brilliant pink light penetrated his torso.

"Sniper! We got a man down."

Ace spritned up to shield him as the building at the end of the street sprang open with fire. They dragged the wounded Marine to the cover of another building, securing it as they did. They now were scattered across three buildings, with plasma cannons and snipers hemming them in.

"Fuck, this ain't good, they not the north and east approaches covered by MG fire, south is covered by snipers, third squad reports a captain firing brute shots outta the building to the west."

"Hold your ground, I'm moving up, we'll take the sniper building." Daniels reported

"Negative, I think they have it on overwatch."

Daniels was already chanrging with Gamma team, the rest of third squad covering him. A Brute did indeed have it on overwatch. He smirked as his fuel rod gun traced the line the marines moved from cover to cover. Ace could only watch in horror as Daniels' limp, broken and burnt body somersaulted through the air. Daniels had been stupid and head strong, trying to outdo Ace. Fireteam Gamma hit the deck, going straight to ground. A hail of spikes and carbine rounds opened up, pining them down.

"Vladitch, I want your Gimpy covering us, Juan, same with your LMG. Wook, your with me, we need to go get them outta there, now!"

Prolonged bursts of fire erupted from two different positions, applying heavy fire to the Brutes. Ace, followed by Wook sprinted down the rubbled strewn street towards Fireteam Gamma as they depsertely tried to find some kind of cover. One of their guys was now dead, another wounded. Wook was several paces behind him and suddenly dived to the side as a explosion knocked him away.

"Wraith, over behind the building, its got you zeroed in!"

That wasn't just it. Two of the three Banshees turned their attention to the Weasels trying to get to the trapped Marines but now one had dropped in, strafing them. Ace dived to the side, avoiding a stream of plasma then a fuel rod and returned fire, punching several holes in it's side. A particle beam burnt into his shields at his left shoulder, redirecting his attention. Wook had gotten up to the car where the Marines had gone to ground and opened fire, spraying at the building to the left, Ace moving up to the right. The marines fell back in fashion, dragging their wounded. Ace stepped back behind them, backpeddling and delivering fire. Wook moving to cover before both cut and ran as the marines got back into buildings. Both Ace and Wook got to saftey now as well but it had become futile. Banshees, Wraiths, MGs, Snipers and now a pair of roving Prowlers kept them pinned in. As thier fire went silent, wishing to savour the UNSC's suffering, Ace noticed something that frightened him. On the road a pool of water had formed from a previous night's rainfall. It seemed to rythmically shake as something neared. By the frequency he guessed it was a Scarab, crawling up at them. Things were about to get a whole lot worse.

(No, you can not haz Scarab)

<Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax


(Hiding inside the thick atmosphere of Kanna, UNSC Military Conflict 201334+)

"Maam, we're receiving a hack attempt near Sector 14," informs the ONI Technician Sam as he runs through the controls to maintain position. The Memorial engines was lowered to minimal, in which is capable of producing a fog which could cover the entire 200 metres sub-prowler.

Jenny quickly recover several probes from their initial scan of the planet, running back and forth towards the hangar to check the datas the machines intercepted. "Downloading and uploading the data intercepted to the Main Hub. Setting several connections to HIGHCOM and ONI Sec II and III," she informs as she runs down to the rear.

The time for intelligence has grown stressful than before. With hundreads of battles occuring around them, these intercepted communications and messages with each containing valuable information will be crucial for the UNSC to regain victory over Kanna. "I'm establishing COM over to Prowler Tutor." Dahlia informs as she materialise on the holotank. "With these information...hold on..."

Filling the main monitor of the Bridge was an intercepted message by the Covenant's High Chieftain. Dahlia quickly runs through the entire database, pulling out every known information regarding the Chieftain, along with battle runs, history operation and most importantly, the enemy's command over the Covenant legion. Dahlia crosses her hands and opens another channel to the UNSC ground commander, "Sir, relaying the enemy's High Chieftain message to you, crucial to end this battle... and possibly the future war."

The Ground Commander nods, affirming the streaming of the intercepted orders by the High Chieftain.

You're the fifth sister of the dead, though I wonder why my fragments left their print upon you to lead the next war. To an obselete AI. That won't be a problem for me... The Return of the Old will come. The Covenant will soon unleash my makers, and soon... well... I think you know the rest... said the Seeker of the Covenant within Dahlia's mind.

{12t Age of Reclamation, Kanna, Grounds of the Tomb, Expeditionary Team for the Artefacts...)

The San 'Shyumm Consul held out his hand, pointing towards the Openning of a Alley. "The Gods has blessed us..." he said as the Expeditionary continues towards the cave. On the walls are ten different Forerunner Glyphs.

"Sorry for my intrusion," said the Brute Stalker. "...But these Glyphs are on the wrong design..." the Brute continues, pointing out the peculiar shapes and designs of the Glyphs as compared to the Forerunner's. "Could this be...?" The Consul gasps. He focuses his vision and floats higher in the air to observe and reference the peculiar glyphs. The translation system slowly captures and translates the Glyphs: "Bow Chicka Bow Wow". "Darn these cretin...human filth..." curses the Consul as he returns to the ground.

The Grunts in front of them stops in their tracks. "Me have bad feeling about this." Said the Grunt Research as it focuses on its Motion Tracker. "You always have bad feeling! You had bad feeling about this morning's food nipple!" replied the other Grunt as they return to the Brute Pack.

The Grunt Research suddenly stops in its tracks again, focusing sharply into the Tracker. Shocked, the Grunt ran passing its friends and towards the Brute Stalker. "Mighty Brute, artefact is moving. You'll protect me now, yes?" It informs as the Brute gets hold of the information.

From afar, the Grunt pack screams from the darkness. "Save us, mighty Brutes!! Big spider thingy in dark scary cave!!" they shout as they ran behind the Brute Pack. The atmosphere of their surrounding intensify, the cold air flowing against them. A silhoutte slowly lowers itself from the ceiling of the alley. The Brute slowly activates their Camo and ventures deeply into the alley. "Protect the Consul, run to the east and head for the second Holy Artefact!" shouts the head Brute as it unlatches a Gravity Hammer from its back. "For the Covenant!!" screams the Brute as the barbaric apes charge into the cave. The Expeditionary Team quickly retreats to the streets of Kanna, escaping the Alley Route. Behind them, the Brutes' roars are heard along with a long shriek.

A mysterious creature observes the destruction on Kanna

(Inside the Alley, Time Unknown, Location Unknown)

The Silhoutte crushes the wall and climbs high from the invisible Brute, the final one. "Come down and fight me!!" shouts the Brute, weilding a Gravity Hammer. Its Camo slowly wears off, revealing the cuts and bruises given by the Silhoutte. The Silhoutte gives a final shriek from the depths of the alley and lunges...

(...Two Minutes Later...)

The Vanguard drags the Brute Stalker to the top of the building and gives out a long roar. The Vanguard overwatches the conflict from the orbit landing into the grounds of Kanna. Around it, smokes and flames rise from the ashes it has caused.

The Seeker of the Covenant materialise in the alley, looking at the Brute Corpses, mutilised by the Silhoutte. Wearing its hood, the AI slowly leads the Vanguard to its next location...

Little_Missy - Cortana Gif.gif 17:20, 9 August 2008 (UTC)


The sky turned brilliant hues of blue and green for a split second before the impact of the shockwaves began to make seeing difficult. The blue and green flashes the plasma and fuel rods made as they smashed smoking craters into the ground sent the tiny convoy skidding in every direction.

The faint shout of "get off the road!" could be heard. It was the Marine sergeant, Lipton, standing half-exposed on the back of a speeding Mongoose.

After a few frantic seconds, and an overturned Weasel, Puller, Lipton and the ragged company of sailors and Marines found cover in a row of dusty houses. Although safe for the moment, they were trapped, they had walked into a Remnant ambush. But sides were now stalemated, with the Marines in the basement safe from Wraith plasma, and the Covenant artillerymen lacking enough infantry support to flush them out.

It was going to be a long haul Puller thought, and he was right...



Robert watched as the Frigate closed in on the Kursk, shot down another pair of Seraphs, then was incredibly thankful as another squadron of fighters swooped in to assist them. The Brute fighters and bombers were taken out as the new squadron, identified as the 112th, opened fire, and Dragon Squadron mobilized for a follow up assault. The Kursk itself opened fire on the oncoming frigate, its' MAC tearing apart the shields. Clyde and Roy swooped in, hitting the un-shielded frigate hard. Three members of the 112th hit at the forward guns, knocking off a few. Robert led Samuel, Nate and Marshall in for a run on the engines, with four members of the 112th covering them. Blasting through waves of Seraphs the four lined up for a run on the engines, intent on taking it out.
Just at the last second, several Seraphs came in from the back, opening fire and blasting holes in the wings of Marshall and Nate. However, before Samuel and Robert could be hit, Maria of the 112th swooped in, taking down the Seraphs and giving the two the time they needed. Pushing it full-throttle, they soared in and unloaded. With all the Human fighters pulling out as fast as they could, the engines began to explode, and as the Kursk opened fire with another MAC round, the entire ship burst in a spectacular burst of light and fire.
Pulling away, Robert and his allies sped back towards the Kursk, as he saw another wave of fighter craft closing in from a different direction, his teammates struggling to hold them off.

Keilus looked across the fields, the human city known as "Gimmel" on the horizon. He ordered his Brutes to charge, the Choppers slicing through the Marine ranks, splattering and squashing them. Keilus watched momentarily in satisfaction as the forward marines cowered and died for the few seconds before their deaths at the hands of his Brutes, then he ran forward and stabbed the end of his hammer staff into a marines' skull. Laughing, he turned to kick away charging marine into two others occupied with shooting at Keilus' pack. However, after that, he turned to the sound of a low rumble, as two Warthogs charged him.
The first was nearly upon him, so without thinking Keilus swung his hammer, hoping for the best. It hit the Warthog scare in the front, causing it to explode, but throwing Keilus and his hammer far backwards, in opposite directions. Regaining his bearings, he stood up, rolling to the side as the second Warthog charged by. Pulling out his Nailer, he found it damaged, but managed to fire a few rounds to kill the gunner and passenger. Keilus attempted to fire on the driver, but the gun fouled up before he could, and as the vehicle turned around, he pulled out his Plasma Axe and prepared himself.
The need to attack never came though, as a Beam Rifle shot soared across the battlefield and hit the driver, killing him and sending the Warthog off course, crashing it. Keilus looked up, only to see a Kig-Yar on a hill bordering the battle. Kig-Yar scum saving me, thought Keilus, so distasteful.

Kig-Yar Captain Gant'J-Yar nodded satisfactorily as the Warthog swerved and crashed, then exploded into a pillar of flame, all because of his shot. Perhaps he could weasel the Brute out of something later; of course, now was no time for such things. Gant looked over at Dekd Nok, who came the command for all the Kig-Yar to charge into the battle, Dekd Nok himself following closely. The Brutes were faring rather badly, and Dekd Nok's pirates would serve as the perfect assistance.

Within 30 minutes, the outer defenses were down and the Brutes and Kig-Yar were assaulting the city itself. This will be a very good day, thought Dekd Nok, grinning as he smelt the blood on the air.

--MCPO James DavisLOMI HQI hear your criesMay your works be honorable
21:57, 9 August 2008 (UTC)


"So, this is what I get for following in my father's footsteps..." said Lewis as he swung his Katana toward the capital ship.

"Dogs, we're within range... release missiles!"

Within three seconds, every member of the 42nd had released the anti-capital ship ordnance at the nearest Covenant Carrier. The first shots opened up the shield, and, when the word came, the Dawn to Heaven released a hail of MAC shells at the wounded Carrier. The first shells gutted the ship, but, the brute fleetmasters shut down those areas, and, oxygen failed to escape. However, this allowed an opening for the 42nd to hit the ship.

"Alright Dogs, I'm goin in."

Lewis rolled the Katana and attacked the Carrier at the weakest point. The Plasma lines heated, cooled, and exploded. The other 42nd Aviators dove in on the weakened ship, and, mercifully, killed it. It exploded in a brilliant flash of light, and began to fall toward Kanna.

"The SPARTAN-IV program is progressing nicely... here are the stats on your nephew General."

-- The Dawn of a new Chronicle<The Sniper> <The General> <The Prodigal Son> [The Vessel] [The Unit] 22:07, 9 August 2008 (UTC)


Kindik'Yar and his Cutthroats came running as they heard the chanting of "Fight! Fight! Fight!" at the center of the HQ. Once they arrived, they found over a hundred Brutes and Kig'Yar gathered in a circle, cheering on some ruckus in the center. Kindik'Yar fought his way through the crowds to find a massive brawl in the center. Over a dozen Brutes were in unarmed combat with twenty of his Kindikuu, breaking their arms with ease and tossing them aside. As a Brute prepared to smash a Kindikuu's skull, a second of the Pirates jumped on his back, and twisted himself to cling to his chest. He bit at the primate's jugular vein, drawing a fountain of blood as the Kig'Yar side erupted in cheers. The other Brutes jumped the poor creature, and systematically ripped him apart as a plaything.

Kindik looked to his left, to see the Chieftain Solus standing by and laughing at the carnage.

"What are you doing?!" The Kig'Yar screeched.

"Watching a fight. It's rather amusing." The Chieftain chuckled to himself.

"This is madness! My men are being killed, as are yours! Won't you stop them?!"

"No. I felt the presence of weakling among my pack. I needed to weed them out one way or another, and this works fine. Only a fool could lose to a Jackal."

When Kindik'Yar heard the word those filthy Humans had given his people, he lost it. He drew his cutlass from his side, and rushed into the melee. He jumped through the air onto a Brute's back. He recognized him as the Brute that tried to steal a ring from his Kig'Yar.

Shame. he thought to himself. I spared him before, only to have to kill him now. What a waste.

Without another thought, he placed his cutlass blade on the gorilla's neck, and ever-so-gently glided it along the surface, cutting a perfect line through his neck. The Brute's eyes grew wide, and he fell to the ground in a heap. From his back, Kindik leaped to another Brute, jabbing his cutlass deep in his side. The gash was one of many on this Brute, and was also the killing blow. He fell as well. Under his influence, Kindik'Yar's Kig'Yar went into a bloodlust, drawing cutlasses of their own, killing the Brutes until only one remained. The Brute, desperate, brought his fist down to Kindik, who activated his Point Defense Gauntlet, reflecting it like nothing. The Captain jabbed his cutlass into the Brute's chest, and wiggled it to make sure it hit something vital. It did, as the Brute was dead in an instant. Finished with this task, he turned to face Solus.

"My Kindikuu are through with your ignorance and hatred! We came to fight, not serve as slaved and police! Find another group to spearhead your assault, we are leaving for Dekd Nok's group! At least there we will be treated as equals, and not beasts of burden!" With a distinctive huff, Kig'Yar turned and left, his lance falling in behind him.

MasterGreen999 23:33, 9 August 2008 (UTC)


9th of August, 2607, 10:48 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Sector 7-9 , Gimmel City

In the streets of Gimmel City, among the areas filled with tall skyscrapers and office buildings, teams of four to six brutes patrolled diligently. They walked slowly, with eyes peeled to the towers looming over them, through the abandoned streets, looking for a fresh kill. They grumbled and guffawed over their dull assignment, but performed their task without hesitation and discipline borne of years of fighting.

From his perch in his 24th floor apartment, Desmond Blake watched through his augur sniper scope as a team of brutes ransacked a sporty new 2608 generation Hog, searching it for survivors. Desmond observed the whole process, how they inspected the entire vehicle top to bottom, hoping for a live prisoner, or even a dead body.

Desmond however, knew they wouldn’t find anything. Not with the hog’s driver—his wife—hiding in the apartment with him and their 7 year old daughter. Desmond watched as the brutes withdrew and continued down the vehicle choked 4 lane road, off into the distance, where Desmond suspected lay a Covenant camp. This was the eleventh patrol to pass by their hidden location—and with the constant patrols, Desmond felt his luck might soon run dry.

Desmond slowly crawled away from his window, and into the living room. The area was adorned with a leather couch, a large holo-projector, a bookshelf, and a few chairs and tables. The room was decorated exquisitely, with lavish pieces and stylish artwork displayed on the walls and furniture. Desmond had never had the eye for that sort of thing, but his wife, Andrea, loved to dabble in things like that.

Desmond moved from the living room into the kitchen, then towards the entrance to the massive, four bedroom, nine roomed apartment. His pay as a police officer for the CAA was modest, but he had a sizeable pension from the UNSC, which paid for much of the family expenses. Desmond crept through the doorway and into the stairwell. He flashed a small red laser twice, and received a double green flash in return from the shadows of the blacked out stairwell.

Carl Vier, one of Desmond’s fellow officers in the Special Tactics Para Military Force, the elite unit Desmond was a part of, guarded the stairs. Vier was one of Desmond’s most trusted friends, and Desmond was glad him—and two other officers, on duty throughout the building—had been present during the Covenant invasion.

Desmond thought back to the panicked first few hours of the attack; first, the startling and terrifying news of the Brute fleet en-route, then the awe of watching the space battle unfold from planet side. Desmond was one of the few people in Gimmel who had kept their heads—Gimmel had a history of being a place of panicky, easily scared people. He had gotten his daughter, Lisa, out of school early, then picked up Andrea and headed for home, holing up there, where he prepared a variety of defenses. He had tried to rally his officers to support him, but had only managed to contact and meet up with a few before the Remnant got groundside.

After that, things had gone from bad to worse. Panic had spread throughout the city as the Remnant dropships performed rapid airborne assaults. People successfully got to the panic bunkers, but anxious civilians had emerged and led Brutes to the bunkers, where a slaughter had taken place. The marine forces had been useless, to shocked by the dropship attacks to put up a decent defense, and quickly massacred. Within half an hour, the defense of the city had been transformed into and all-out retreat, leaving civilians behind in hopes of saving them later.

Desmond slowly shook off the memories of the short-lived battle as Vier spoke quietly to him, his T.I.S.C. law enforcement SMG cradled in his hands.

“Status on the Kong patrol?” asked Vier

“Passed, but looted my hog.” Replied Desmond dryly.

“How many is that now?” asked Vier

“Eleven.” Desmond told him “With any luck, there won’t be a twelve.”

“Don’t count on it.” Said Vier

Desmond nodded, took a quick glance around the room, and returned to his post. He was getting anxious—and worse, he was showing it. In the ODSTs, or even in the practice ops for his attempt to graduate from the SPARTAN-III Alpha Company, he had never shown that kind of nervousness. He couldn’t help it though. His family was on the line.

9th of August, 2607, 12:35 (Kanna Local Time), En route to Theta Nero System, Kanna, aboard Zeus-class Super Carrier New York

Despite his status as a SPARTAN-II, Leonid wasn’t allowed almost anywhere. He was restricted from most areas of the massive Zeus-class Super Carrier, and wasn’t allowed near most mainline personnel. He was restricted from the mess hall, hangars, bridge, Ops Station, and gun deck. About the only place he was allowed was in his cryo chamber, the armory, and the range.

Leonid briefly attempted to occupy his time tuning his weapon at the armory, but found, that from years of tweaking, it was already perfectly cleaned and at maximum operation. So, after only a few hours in the armory, he made his way through the halls of the New York to the range. As he walked through the matte-gray passageways, his black sprayed MJOLNIR Mk. VII elicited strange looks from the assorted naval personnel he encountered. While they all recognized a SPARTAN—the heroes of the Great War—they had little idea why one was aboard their ship. And perhaps, they were afraid to, as Leonid seemed to cast a shadow among the crewmen as he walked.

Leonid arrived on the range and set up a quick group of targets. They were a series of clay casts of Brutes and Jackals, arrayed at 50, 100, 200, and 400 meters. While Leonid would have preferred to also have his standard 800, 1,600, and 2,500 meter targets, the limited space aboard the ship didn’t allow. Leonid quickly set to work, hitting targets with his M2A LAR at 100 and 200 meters, putting tight groupings in the key points of the targets. Then, he switched to his M1091 and open fired at the 400 meter targets. While a shot like that would have been difficult, if not impossible, with his M2A LAR, the M1091, capable of accuracy at up to 2,000 meters, and fitted with a 10x augur scope, was easily capable of putting repeated rounds in the targets without difficulty. After expending his ammunition for the M1091, he switched to his M98 Compact, hitting the 50 meter targets with ease. He fired on both semi-auto and burst for the majority of the time, then switched to full automatic for his last twenty rounds of ammunition.

Leonid checked the time stamp on his mission clock, and found he had been at the range for almost and hour. Leonid, content his weapons were zeroed, returned to the armory, and reloaded his spent ammunition, and cleaned and inspected his weapons for faults or potential jams. He then glanced at the newest action report from Kanna—the battle at Aleph city, the loss of Gimmel and a few other places, and the siege of the Rice Line. He couldn’t decide where he was best needed—but he didn’t need to. Undoubtedly, his superiors already had that covered…all he needed to do was ready himself, and only himself, for the brutality to come.

9th of August, 2607, 10:03 Theta Nero System, Kanna, planetary space

As the Covenant frigate detonated in a cloud of plasma and debris, the 112th gracefully arced away from the ship. Dragon Squadron looped back towards the Kursk, and Maria watched them go, letting her gaze drop to the Seraphs that Dragon was now engaging. She scanned her boards, and observed the situation on the ground—rapidly deteriorating, with the UNSC forces falling back rapidly.

Maria chinned her comm mike, and spoke to her squadron.

“Demons, were going atmospheric to help out where we can. Wings Three, Four, Six, Nine, Ten, and Eleven prepare to go dirt side with me. Everyone else, sit tight and provide close air support. Suck it up boys and girls, were helping out the infantry.” She told her pilots, and acknowledgment lights lit her board.

The 112th guided their Rapier/M interceptors toward the planet, speeding through the atmosphere. Maria’s eyes flickered across her boards, scanning her ships external temperatures even as the ship began to warm inside. Fire rolled off in waves as the squadron entered the lower levels of the atmosphere. Once at a few thousand feet, they softened their entry angle and glided to three hundred meters off the ground. The 112th upped their speed, gliding into Mach 4 and heading across the surface. Maria examined the terrain as they flew low over rolling hills and expansive forests, taking in the beauty of the planet.

After a few minutes of flying, outskirts of a city came into view.

“Slow to Mach 1.” Said Maria, and the squadron decelerated dramatically.

As they approached the outskirts, Maria noticed sparse Brute forces patrolling. Her HUD highlighted her current area as “Gimmel City Outskirts”, and a NAV marker appeared in the distance. The brute forces were heading there, a few hundred infantry.

“Light em up Demons.” Said Maria, and the squadron broke ranks and attacked.

Tracers filled the air as the 112th open fired with their primary weapons, dual wingtip mounted 115mm rotary cannons. The oversized rounds tore into the ground and let loose plumes of dirt, as alien bodies disappeared in clouds of blood. Armored vehicles were torn apart as the 112th strafed, ghosts exploding, heavier vehicles coming apart in pieces. After only a minute of fighting, the majority of the Covenant forces in their selective area were down, and the ground was mostly clear.

Maria’s HUD crackled, and the voice of Demon 7, Adrian Juno, hissed over her signal unit.

“Sir, sensors paint forty eight Seraph fighters inbound.” He told her.

“Understood.” She Said “We need to get dirt side. Watch the shop up here Adrian, you have lead. Be ready to cover us if we need. And keep your ears open for distress signals—if anyone calls, you’ve got authorization to help them out.”

“Got it Ma’am.” Said Adrian, and the comm clicked off.

Maria guided her six squad-mates down to the ground, dropping to fifty meters, then down to ten, before using VTOL jets to ease onto the ground. Maria chose an expansive cave as their makeshift hangar, and as she landed, she activated the automated stealth gear that the 112th had modified their vehicles with.

Maria grabbed her mod equipped M2A Light Assault Rifle and pushed open the hatch of her Rapier. She slid out of the cockpit, as it closed behind her, and gathered with the others in the cave. The floor was a smooth rock, and the cave was dark, aside from the light granted by the entrance. Overhead, a group of bats took flight in response to the sudden noise of the interceptors.

Maria waited for her squad to assemble, and noted each of them individually. Demon Three, Sarah Cramer, M2A LAR like Maria. Demon Four, Jacki Stort, held a SRS99G-S3-AM Sniper Rifle, gathered from a specially made compartment in her rapier, with a M33 for personal defense. Abran Diego, Demon Six, carried a silenced M12 SMG, modded to the brim. Demons Nine and Ten, Mathew David and Tanner Grace, both carried M73D Carbines, with underslung grenade launchers. Robin Lemmings, Demon Eleven, had a M2A Light Assault Rifle like Maria and Sarah.

With her squad assembled, Maria motioned for her team to move out in the direction of the city. They were all clad in armor scavenged from marine units of the Second Battle of Earth, outfitted with Jackal shield gauntlets in place of full body units. The team had set down four miles from Gimmel city, and hiked the distance in a little under an hour in a half. It was downhill, and easy route, but they had to frequently stop to check their surroundings. Every once in a while, they would spot one of the 112th on an attack maneuver, or hear the booming report of the 115mm cannons from far off.

By the time they got to Gimmel, the adrenaline high of setting off on their mission was gone, replaced with ruthless determination. From afar, they observed via Jacki’s sniper scope as Covenant troops patrolled the city. They were pondering whether to move in, as the city was quiet and apparently conquered, when they heard the crack of rifle fire.

9th of August, 2607, 11:03 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Sector 7-9 , Gimmel City

As Desmond looked out at the city, scanning it with his augur, he was surprised to hear to report of gunfire. He listened carefully. It was close—maybe within a block or two. Desmond glanced down at where the Brute patrol had vanished—and saw them running towards the sound. Desmond knew he might’ve been able to take them down, maybe help the marines that had to be the source of the disturbance. However, despite his gut instinct, he didn’t dare fire, lest he expose his position to the Covenant. And for probably the hundredth time that day, he wished that the STPMF issued suppressors to their sharpshooters.

Desmond wasn’t willing to fire—until a team of marines came running around the corner, fleeing. The brute patrol spotted them and fired, sending spikes flashing towards them. Desmond didn’t want to reveal his position, but wasn’t willing to watch good soldiers die when he could save them.

As the marines fired back and the brutes took cover, Desmond carefully edged his weapon through the open window of his apartment. He sighted through the scope, increased to maximum magnification, and drew a quick bead on the head of a golden armored Brute, who was directing the squad. The whole process of aiming through the scope felt completely natural to Desmond, who felt perfectly at home sniping. It was his calling, his specialty.

Desmond paused and took a deep breath, then pulled the trigger between the beats of his heart.

The crack of the sniper rifle resonated through the canyon of buildings loudly, and the lead brute fell to the ground, twitching, as the 10.2x51mm round Desmond had fired penetrated through it’s armor and cut into it’s brain. The brute roared and died, and it’s soldiers looked to the sky in alarm, firing randomly. Desmond fired again, downing another of the squad, even as the report of his rifle echoed.

The marines, inspired by Desmond’s help, ran towards the Brutes, and took cover on the flanks of the beasts. While Desmond continued firing his M1091 Sniper Rifle, the marines, using MA6A Assault Rifles and BR09 Battle Rifles, hit the beasts in the side, and finished the five unit patrol off.

Desmond knew it was time sacrifice some stealth for speed. He got up from his perch and ran to the stairwell, where Vier stood expectantly, surprise on his face.

“Get a hold of Jerry and get him down to street level ASAP.” Desmond said, and Vier nodded and turned to a small radio transmitter, which was linked to a network of single beam comm line stations.

Desmond turned and ran back to the room. As he came into the living room, he heard Lisa crying quietly, and Andrea trying to comfort her. He pushed aside thoughts of them for a moment, and ran to the window. He flashed a signal light at the marines three times, waited, and received a reply. Desmond signaled for them to approach the building—quickly. Time was almost out.

Spartan 501 05:18, 10 August 2008 (UTC)


9th of August, 2607, 11:13 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Rice Line, Sector 5, Greater Aleph district

Ace let out a silent pray as the now rhythmic thud of what sounded like a Scarab got closer and closer, almost up the hill now. He wasn't a religious man but he guessed it couldn't hurt him now. Both the assault by Swallow platoon and the ONI unit supporting the remains of Raven platoon had failed, with the Scarab coming to end it once and for all.

"Wraith!" One of his men called out

A Wraith swung around the corner and faced the building where they had gone to ground. It faced directly at them while the secondary gunner kept in cover. It's plasma mortar seemed to glow ominously and as it powered up to deliver a coup de grace to the pinned marines, something thudded into its side then blasted a hole clean through it, sending a spray of molten metal through the other side. The Brutes tried to vacate the Wraith as it began to shake before it finally exploded, the Mortar canopy area now gone, a flaming wreck. The gunner survived, if a little singed and turned to face this new threat. There was a whirring sound and then a clatter of gunfire which tore the Brute in two. HEI-AP rounds and blown it to shreds and punched tungsten carbide penetrator rods through it with ease. Ace saw the form of his savoir. A sixteen foot tall walking battle tank, from 2nd Battalion of the 23rd. A M5 Ogre All Terrain Armoured Battle Walker. It strode onwards, walking straight over the Wraith and crushing the wreck before unleashing swathes of fire from its dual 20mm Rotary cannons. Prowlers were chopped to pieces and buildings reduced to Swiss cheese, their defenders reduced to small pieces of charred meat. The AA turret on the rough began to spout out fire, cutting a Banshee down with flak fire before destroying another by penetrating it with three tungsten carbide rods, reducing it to several flaming pieces of metal that tumbled through the air. More of these beasts arrived, their nose adorned with the image of a feminine angel with burning wings holding a stylised spear.

"Sorry we're late for the party, let’s clear this place out." One of the pilots reported

"Okay, pin down their machine gunners, trash their tanks and get moving!" Ace roared, leaping from the building where he hid. The rest of his unit emerged from their hiding places to fire on the enemy. The Brutes tried to fall back to stronger positions but were cut down in cross fires across the street. Squad by Squad they attached themselves to Ogres and began covering their feet. A brute fighting in a building across the street tried to throw a spike grenade at the Ogre but was immediately neutralized by a shaft of red light that obliterated it. The lead Ogre confronted a chieftain who immediately levelled their Fuel Rod gun at it. It seemed to challenge him, not returning fire. He fired but the orb of destructive energy seemed to scatter about a meter from the Ogre as it surrounded itself in an orb of dim green light. It returned fire with its 20mm guns, making the chieftain disappear in a spray of polycrete dust and blood. Behind them a Wraith emerged and fired on the rear Ogre. A sphere made up of tessellating geometric shapes sprang up around it. The mortar impacted on it, exploding but left the Ogre and the marines at its feet safe from harm. As the dust the explosion rose cleared, the bubble shield dissipated, allowing the Ogre to spit two FANG missiles at it in return, blowing the Wraith to pieces. Above them a set of four of Pelicans swung over head.

"Look, pick up!" one of the Sergeants cheered

A quad of Gulls passed over head, delivering brutal 20mm fire to Brutes on the ground and swung around. The marines trapped in the Mag Lev station were relieved, picked up by the Gulls. Two Pelicans moved to pick up Raven platoon and ONI FOT 43, along with their Weasels that could be stored internally. The Gulls covered them as the last two Pelicans came down on the edges of the hill to pick up Swallow Platoon. The Pelicans picked up the Ogres, their legs tucking in. They pulled back at speed, heading back towards Aleph. The POW rescue had been successful as well. The Crew Chief had his head in the cockpit and pulled it back through, shutting the door after him.

"Looks like you boys ain't finished yet. All the Marines in Aleph are getting gathered up for something big, HQ won't say what. Looks like a big showdown is going to go down." The Chief said

"You hear that boys? Better lock and load. We got more killing to do."

In orbit above Kanna

The Kursk, for the moment, was safe. In fact, all the attacks by the Brute forces had fallen back. The probing of the UNSC Defence was finished. Now the ships seemed to amass into a pair of arrowhead formations. They were planning their final attack. Being heavily outnumbered, the defenders of Kanna, their naval power down by 30% from casualties, could only pray. Vice Admiral Gi made a prayer to Buddha. Maybe he wouldn't abandon him in his time of need. Either way, things looked bad for them. Annihilation was guaranteed.

"Okay, begin issuing orders, all ships begin repairs, get weapons reloaded and ready, recall all craft for rearming and repair. We need to get ready for the last assault." Gi ordered calmly.

9th of August, 2607, 10:48 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Gimmel City

Gimmel city was largely conquered by Brute forces. Of the six panic bunkers only two remained sealed, while those under the control of the Brutes had either turned into all you can eat buffets or the populace had been dragged out kicking a screaming to the Brute and Jackal dropships for later use as meals or slaves. The last three secure positions groundside was Pavlov's Tower near the edge of the Industrial sector, with a open car park giving them a perfect killing field and a position held in secret by law enforcement officers and now a group of war weary Marines, though encroaching Jackal Hunter-Killer patrol units may compromise this hidden position. It was all a matter of time. Of course, the infiltration by the ground based 112th. Of course, the recent air raid by the 112th and their modified Rapiers had revealed a deadly problem with them. Duel to their large calibres and loud guns ammo was limited and firing immediately revealed their position, rendering their stealth system null.

9th of August, 2607, 11:13 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Outside the Aleph city gates, Greater Aleph district

High Chieftain Barabus observed Aleph city through his powerful monocular. He zoomed in on the gates and a smirk crossed his mouth. Only the gate was manned, the perimeter, formed with a number of trench works, bunkers and low fortified buildings were unmanned par the tank traps and barbed wire. This was going to be much easier than he imagined. He barked the order out and his force rose. Almost 3000 Brutes rose up from the edge of the plateau on which Aleph city stood. Supported by Prowlers, Choppers and Wraiths, almost three hundred along with three Scarabs, twenty Banshees and eleven Phantoms. Immediately, they broke into a charge, charging down the high way and across the smaller roads and Rice Paddies that surrounded the immediate area. A swarm charged at the Gate in an arrowhead formation, with vehicles spearheading then Brutes, followed by the Scarabs and the air force swarming above. This would be glorious. There would be some casualties but they could overrun the small amount of defenders and sweep into the city with ease.

9th of August, 2607, 11:13 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Aleph City southern defence line, Trench Line Bravo-3

Second Lieutenant 'Ace' Warren walked down the trench line, walking past his unit. As soon as they got back to Aleph he got field promoted to lead his unit. They got a few replacements from leftovers of other units, resulting in them being at full strength again. His Wolf was about ten meters down the trench, in standby, waiting for him to get in.

"Remember your training.... and keep your eyes down range. Don't fire until we get the signal from command." He said, pacing about his men. It had started to rain with a fine drizzle, the water washing into the polycrete base of the trenches and down into the drains. The trenches were well prepared for them at least. Ace stroke the golden 'butter bar' on his collar. It made him feel a little uneasy. Lieutenants had always been his enemies. Well, that and the Brutes. His radio buzzed with two clicks. That was the signal. The Brutes were advancing. Ace rushed back to his Wolf and climbed in. He slipped his legs and arms in then pulled down the pilot harness then the pilot shield before the Wolf came alive. The 3D holographic display came on, showing all cameras and weapon link. He had swapped his MB69 for a MB67, the increase in ammo would serve him well. He remained crouched and cracked a smile. Once the Brutes were in 500 meters all units would fire.

Barabus continued to observe the rushing hoard from his Phantom, floating at the rear of the advance. It would be a glorious massacre. But something suddenly unnerved him. The human defenders on the gate were too calm. Their usually accurate snipers had not yet opened fire. Not even their AA or AT cannons had begun to fire.

"It’s a trap! Withdraw!" He barked

It was already too late. His massive army was filled with blood lust. Then they passed the 500 meter mark.

"The Brutes are in range, OPEN FIRE!" The radio reported

"Rise up!" Ace shouted in a synthesised voice, making all of his troops move to attention. They climbed onto the parapets and levelled their guns at the enemy. Almost 1000 marines and 300 vehicles manned this defensive position, with supporting aircraft. In one unison bark 1000 rifles, snipers, machine guns and missile launchers barked into life. Behind the trench works the camo sheeting covering M545 Flatbow Cannons, 120 mm Anti tank guns, was withdrawn, revealing these monstrosities. Entrenched Scorpions, Scorpion AVEs, Fat Tail and Death Stalker AA and AAA tanks, Monitor tanks, beats with 90mm Gauss cannons, Komodos, monsters with THOR Lasers and Goannas, monster tanks that fire 350mm Rocket Mortar shells. Behind this Bombardiers, Hounds, King Cobras, Vipers, Brown Bear walker killers, Cubs and Cobras artillery vehicles lay in waiting. In one single moment, off of these every soldier on the line and every vehicle supporting them opened fire. It was like hell had erupted, with flames mortars, tank shells, missiles, rockets and tens of thousands of bullets filling the air. Immediately the Brute line was engulfed in fire as shells, missiles and rockets hit home and bullets pounded into the line of charging flesh. Ace fired down range, never letting go of his trigger, shedding dozens of .50 cal rounds into the air. BRs and ARs were fired in tighter bursts of three or single shots while snipers cracked almost constantly, with the chatter of machine guns constantly drowning it all out. Over head the 103 Attack Squadron lazily flew over head, dispersing bomblets, sensor fused munitions bombs, Fuel Air Bombs, torrents of missiles and rockets and a deadly swathe of lethal tank busting shells. As they flew they left a bloody swathe in the middle of the hoard. The Brutes didn't care and rushed over their own dead, storming to the enemy line. A scarab charged through the hellfire that had consumed its comrades and tried to get in effective range of the line but was halted by a streak of red light that punched through its front leg, blowing it clean off. A Komodo tank began sniping it, with a Monitor comrade punching a 90mm uranium slug through its gut, blowing the power core out and forcing it to collapse onto its own troops before it exploded. Another was torn to shreds by anti walker missiles, shredding it to pieces and leaving it crippled and useless. The last was consumed by a fuel air bomb, disappearing in a hellish ball of fire and leaving it crumbled on the floor, its outer hull melted to slag and internal systems burnt and melted. From above it seemed like a wave of fire kept screaming out of this thin line of green at the onrushing hoard, culling wave after wave. Within twenty minutes it had ended. Within twenty minutes almost 2500 Brutes were dead and many more wounded, the handful of survivors retreating. The Marines were ordered to cease fire and observe the massacre. As the smoke cleared it showed the extent of the battle. In a line almost 400 meters deep and two kilometres wide there was nothing but charred corpses, sometimes stacked five bodies high. The area was cratered and the rice paddies were stained deep purple with Brute blood. The small air unit had been plucked from the sky by AA fire, leaving them destroyed and devastated. A single, grisly order came down the line.

"Now you learn why you have combat knives. Marines, advance."

The few struggling survivors faced a wall of green advancing at them. The Brutes had taught the marines well in barbarity. Brute survivors were stabbed, beaten to death, left to bleed out, crushed by armoured vehicles, set alight on the ground with thermite grenades, drowned in the blood of their comrades, thrown onto the fires of their burning vehicles, mutilated, and torn to pieces by Wolf Exoskeletons. As Warren's platoon passed and crippled Crusher HAT, they heard the screams of the trapped Brutes inside. He looked to one of the specialists, carrying a flame thrower and nodded. He cracked the troop bay door open a little while his marine poured his whole tank of Pyrosene-VI into the vehicle. He felt the heat wash from the inside as the Brutes were incinerated, their shrieks piercing his ears. He sealed the troop bay back up and backed off, his unit laughing.

Almost 200 Brutes escaped the battle, mostly wounded. The battle for Aleph city was over, with the death of a whole Brute army. However, the battle for Kanna was just heating up.

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9th of August, 2607, 11:06 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Sector 7-9 , Gimmel City

As soon as the marines were safe, things went from bad to worse. On the horizon, Desmond spotted incoming aircraft—banshees on recon. He dropped his M1091 on the Kitchen table and grabbed his T.I.S.C SMG, and ran downstairs. He took a lift—powered by an emergency oxygen fueled generator Desmond had installed—to the bottom of the apartment complex, and rushed past the main desk. One of his agents, Jimmy Horus, was bunkered down behind it. In the street, another agent, Terry Gambini, was helping the marine squad inside.

The leader was a man with dark circles under his eyes and body language that spoke of borderline depression. His team was dull eyed, with slack mouths and limp gazes, hefting their weapons without much care. Clearly, they had been through hell and back, and Desmond wondered if they would be much use in a fight. As the squad and Terry entered into the lobby through a pair of double glass doors, Desmond approached them.

“You alright?” asked Desmond

“Not a chance in hell.” Replied the squad leader, with a sudden spark. It quickly dimmed—but life was there. “You sure did help us out. Who the hell are you?” asked the squad leader

“Lieutenant Desmond Blake, STPMF.” Replied Desmond

The squad leader looked him over.

“Law Enforcement eh? Well, I guess your those badass hostage situation guys…so you’re not all bad.”

Desmond sighed.

“Get your troops bunkered down squad leader, I’m assuming tactical command, as of 11:07 local time. We’ve got to get ourselves ready—the attack will be coming soon.”

The sergeant looked shocked for a moment, unused to being addressed like a subordinate by a CAA police officer. Then, the look faded, and his stare became more focused, his eyes filled with intensity.

“On it sir.” He said “Move your asses ladies, second floor, pronto!”

The marines sharpened at the leader’s voice. They checked their weapons, and the blank, weary looks faded. They ran for the stairs, to better firing angles.

The squad leader stopped in front of Desmond, and waited for a moment.

“You can’t hope to hold out. We tried and got our assess kicked. We gotta move.” He told Desmond

“I know.” Desmond replied “But we got nowhere to go. The hike out of the city would be dangerous, and we’ve got civilians here. We’ve got to try and ride the wave, and hide.”

The leader shook his head.

“No sir, we can’t just—”

Suddenly, the comm cracked with Vier’s voice.

“Sir, banshees are gone! Jackal squad incoming, looks like forty plus!”

“No time now.” Said Desmond the Sergeant “Get up to your men, and I’ll get to mine.”

The squad leader nodded, and ran to the elevator. Desmond made sure Terry and Jimmy were safely behind cover, then sprinted to the lift. He keyed it, and it rose to the 24th floor. Desmond ran to the staircase with Vier, entered his room, and grabbed his M1091 from the table. He scanned the street, and spotted the Jackals sprinting towards his position.

He flicked off the safety of his rifle, and open fired. The battle was joined.

9th of August, 2607, 11:13 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Sector 7-9 , Gimmel City

In the shadows of the tall skyscrapers, the 112th moved quickly and quietly. While a fighter squadron, they, as mercenaries, had been trained for ground fighting as well, and a significant number of them were actually more comfortable boot-on-dirt than in the cockpit. The 112th Ground Team moved in line formation, with Maria leading point.

The team crept silently through the vehicle choked streets and rubble strewn walkways. In the distance, they could hear roars; savage Brutes having a feast of the civilian populace. One half a dozen occasions, they encountered jackal patrol groups—which were either eliminated, or evaded. For half an hour they searched for the site of the firing they had heard earlier—till the sound of battle filled their ears. Plasma rifle fire, sniper rounds, carbine bolts, sub machine gun rounds, and explosions.

Maria signaled her squad to stay close. They sprinted towards the sound of combat, rounded a city block corner—and stopped, dead in their tracks. Ahead of them, a battle raged. From an apartment building, gunfire lashed out at Covenant forces. Jackals attempted to gain access to the structure, but were stopped by machine gun fire from the lobby. As the raiding avian creatures tried to establish a shield wall, grenades fell upon them—standard issue, marine M9 frags.

“Ground to Air, we’ve got a situation, status report, ASAP.” Whispered Maria

“Ma’am, under heavy fire. Most of the Seraphs are down, but we got company—the Covenant troops are reacting to our little assaults with AA. Ammo is almost dry.” Said Adrian, and Maria cursed

“Shit! How are our fighters?” she asked

Static washed over the channel, then Adrian’s voice came back, weak. “Can’t tell, under heavy attack! Looks like fighting those Seraphs and strafing the convoy might’ve been a bad idea, I think they homed in on your location. Be advised, we may be overrun”

“Copy.” Said Maria “Blow up a couple aliens for me.”

The channel vanished into static.

Maria turned to her squad. The latest Covenant attack had used three shield walls, on the front, top, and rear, and had gotten close. Only sniper fire, through the attack slots, had prevented the Jackals from entering the building. They had to get over there an help.

“Jacki, give us some cover. Robin, defend her. Everyone else, follow me in.” said Maria

The team broke and headed for the jackals. Jacki Stort, the team’s sniper, slung her rifle and climbed onto an elevated pedestrian walkway, which connected two buildings together, crossed the street, and stood two stories high. Robin Lennings covered her, while Maria took her team right up the middle. They dodged in and out of cover, staying protected.

“Hit them!” cried Maria

Sniper fire hit a lead jackal in the head, blowing it’s brains out over the asphalt. A wispy white vapor trail led back to Jacki’s position, but the Jackals never got a chance to deal with them—the others were already on them. Two members, Mathew David and Tanner Grace, let loose grenades from their under slung grenade launchers, which detonated in the center of the enemy formation, tossing bodies aside like rag dolls. Maria ordered an automatic barrage of fire from the flanks, which tore into the vulnerable enemy. With the M2A LAR’s large ammo capacity, Maria was able to fire on full auto and take down almost a dozen closely bunched Jackals.

The jackals turned to face them, open firing. The team slid behind cover, firing from behind burned out vehicles. Maria rolled behind a tan colored 2608 Hog, which was trashed and destroyed, activating her shield gauntlet for extra defense. The green energy shield snapped into place with a hum, and was instantly proven useful—a barrage of green heat hit it and it flashed orange—she’d gotten it up just in time not to get roasted.

As the combat raged, Maria swore under her breath. This wasn’t what she wanted—in a hostile controlled zone like this, extended combat was bad, bad news.

9th of August, 2607, 10:55 (Kanna Local Time), En route to Theta Nero System, Kanna, aboard Zeus-class Super Carrier New York

Poring over armament readiness charts, Admiral James McHenry was snapped from his reverie quite suddenly. From the communications station, Lieutenant Maja exclaimed with surprise: “Inbound data packet from Kanna!”

McHenry looked up from a readout of missile reserves. The Lieutenant looked up at him, and the Admiral issued quick orders.

“Put it on my screen.” He barked.

The Admiral glanced down as the readout changed. He quickly inputted a pass code, and pressed enter. Immediately the screen flashed green, then morphed into a blank document. He glanced at authorization. Top secret. Curious.









Admiral McHenry closed the file with a wince. Things were getting worse on the surface and in orbit. McHenry forced himself to filter out the battle in orbit. He had to focus on getting his ship borne troops on the surface. If he launched them from dropships while in orbit, it would extend their deployment time, as they would have to battle with reentry. Furthermore, the majority of the Brute forces were still in orbit, and fighter craft would tear apart his transports. McHenry glanced at his readouts—damage estimates were at 27% if deployed from orbit. Unacceptable.

Instead of an orbital launch however, James had another idea: atmospheric. He checked his fleet’s specs; they were all green for the operation he was planning. Closing his files, he drafted up orders and compiled a strategic attack plan. He referenced an orbital map, then sent his orders.

They were risky. They called for an immediate approach of the planet upon entering the system, and a bypassing of the orbital battle until the marines and other navy forces were on the ground. After that, their entire strategy would change—and hopefully, the situation on the ground would change.

9th of August, 2607, 11:16 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Sector 7-9 , Gimmel City

For a few moments, Desmond was even able to comprehend what was happening. The jackal attacks had been getting close, and the perimeter had been ready to break—when things had fallen apart on the Covenant side. Gunfire had hit the flanks of the avian creatures with a barrage that had made their assault falter.

At first, Desmond was unsure if it was really happening, or if he was delusional. Then realization set in, that help had arrived. And then again—that time was running out.

Desmond glanced through his scope to their rescuers. It was a team of seven, clad in outdated and arcane 2552 era marine armor—which, interestingly, was outfitted with shield gauntlets. They held modern weaponry however—much of it better than what Desmond’s police squad was provided with.

The newcomers advantage from surprise didn’t last long. The Jackals reformed their shield wall to counter this new defense, shifting to cover both sides that they were under attack from, but in the process, weakening their vertical defenses. Desmond knew that without good cover, the newcomers wouldn’t last long. They appeared well trained and skilled—perhaps they were a NavSpecWar team—but that wouldn’t save them from the merciless barrage of green plasma the jackals were likely to lay down.

Desmond ducked out from cover and looked out his apartment window. He aimed his sniper rifle and open fired—emptying his clip, and taking down eight jackals, six with headshots, and two more with double rounds to the chest.

The jackal teams, poorly trained, turned to fire at Desmond, despite the fact that their plasma pistols were not effective at long range. However, when they turned, their shields turned with them. A double handful of frag grenades landed among the jackal formation—detonating and tearing it apart even as dual 40mm M204 grenades landed moments later.

The Jackals had taken heavy casualties. They were now pulling back, bunching up, making their shield wall tighter into a virtual ball—but their retreat was slow, and they were still capable of outbound fire. Desmond’s team couldn’t evacuate until those Jackals were away, and in the time the avian creatures would take to withdraw, more reinforcements could arrive.

9th of August, 2607, 11:17 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Sector 7-9 , Gimmel City

As the Jackals fell back, Maria’s lines of thought were much the same as the law enforcement officers she did not yet know, perched 240 feet above her. The jackals were purposely withdrawing slowly—which could prove deadly if the 112th were to extract these survivors.

Maria’s shield gauntlet was down, overheated from an overcharged bolt of a plasma pistol and still recharging. She didn’t have the protection to move from cover behind the hog, which was now burned and slagged from a barrage of green heat, and couldn’t very well destroy the enemy with only a LAR, and at a range of almost 200 meters. Maria’s mind was racing, trying to figure out a way to take out the enemy forces, when it was instantly revealed to her.

Over her comm, the voice of Adrian spoke. It was filled with static and difficult to understand, cutting off at times, but Maria got the gist of things.

“Ma’am, this is air lead. We’ve taken the Seraphs down and are on station momentarily—more fighters are inbound. Still can’t see what happened with your fighters, but we can lend you a hand.” He said

Maria’s heart jumped, and she glanced behind her. In the distance, she could hear an approaching roar—the 112th cruising towards the city below Mach 1.

“Copy Adrian.” She replied “This is ground lead, we got a target for you. Close air support, use the 35mm nose guns.”

Adrian’s voice hissed again, easier to understand.

“Copy, all loaded up. Get me a target, and we’ll blow it away.”

Maria peeked out from cover, and activated her targeting laser. It was programmed to transfer target data to the members of the squadron automatically—and give them a target with less than a millimeter flaw area to shoot at. The laser wasn’t visible, but a small red circle appeared on Maria’s retinas, denoting where she was marking. She angled the laser until it was directly on the center of the Jackals, the keyed her comm.

“Target marked. Take them down!” she yelled

Confirmation crackled, but it was filtered out by a deafening roar. The 112th in the sky accelerated to Mach 2—and passed over the city firing. They moved as fast as they did to avoid AA fire, and as they passed over, they let loose a barrage of 35mm cannon fire—rounds smaller than the huge 115mm guns that nevertheless were incredibly deadly. The Jackals were sliced to pieces by the five strafing 112th members, as concrete shattered beneath them. Their bodies were pulverized, bones snapped like twigs, then the 112th passed and was away. The air raid had been undeniably successful—the Covenant forces were destroyed.

9th of August, 2607, 11:18 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Sector 7-9 , Gimmel City

As the air raid was finished, Desmond grabbed his sniper rifle and his T.I.S.C, and ran for his bedroom. He eased open the door, and was surprised to see the barrel of a M6A pistol pointing in his face.

Andrea clutched Lisa in her arms, and held the shaking pistol at the doorway.

“Just me.” Breathed Desmond

Andrea lowered the gun, a look of sheer terror on her face. She was brave—he wouldn’t have married her otherwise—but was no soldier. Lisa wasn’t crying anymore, and though she looked scared, she also looked relieved. She must have known Desmond’s presence meant that things had gotten better.

“Daddy!” cried Lisa, and she hugged him. He kissed her forehead, then quickly turned to Andrea.

“We’ve gotten help from outside. It’s time go.” He said

Andrea nodded.

“I figured as much, from the bombers.”

Desmond left them to get themselves ready. He ran to the kitchen, and grabbed food, ammo, and water, from assorted containers. He also grabbed a photo of four day old Mitchell—their first child, who had been born prematurely, and died, breaking Desmond’s heart.

By the time Desmond was ready, Andrea was carrying Lisa to the staircase. Vier glanced at them anxiously as he saw the three of them moving towards him—he called up the lift and had it ready by the time they got on. After falling rapidly for a few seconds, they exited the lift. The marines were gathered in the lobby—and one of their number was missing. The sergeant carried an extra dog-tag—and looked grimmer than before.

As Andrea and Lisa were readied to leave by Terry and Vier, and the marines kept watch on the perimeter, Desmond pushed through the glass doors into the street. He spotted his rescuers heading towards him warily. One of them, who Desmond had seen hiding behind his hog, looked like she was in charge. She approached Desmond, M2A LAR at her side, and he saw she was quite young. However, he thought he recognized her—something was eerily familiar about her face.

“I sure am glad to see your team.” Said Desmond “Can you get us out of here?”

The woman’s expression didn’t change much, but her eyes flickered a bit.

“That’s why were here. Are your people ready to move? We need to go as quickly as possible.” She said

Desmond nodded.

“Within forty seconds, we’ll be able to go. I trust you have a ride out of here?” he told her

“Fighters.” Said the soldier. Desmond was confused—this group was pilots? Why were they so good on the ground. “It’ll be tight, but we might fit.”

Desmond glanced over at the apartment. Everyone was emerging. Andrea had a holster on, with the M6A in it, but Vier, much larger than her, carried Lisa.

“Good.” Said Desmond “We’re we headed?”

“City outskirts.” Said the soldier “We parked our Rapier’s in a cave.”

Again, the mention of fighters—and the soldier had mentioned her squad specifically as the pilots. Desmond knew they couldn’t be standard troops—and maybe, they weren’t even UNSC troops at all.

“Alright.” Said Desmond “Lets move.”

The pilot nodded and signaled her squad to move out. The group, numbering a fifteen, moved quickly away from the apartment. As they jogged, Desmond moved to the front of the group, where the pilot leader was at.

“Might I ask, who are you?” he asked

The pilot looked over at him. Desmond noticed a scar above her right eye.

“Maria Williams, of the 112th Mercenary Naval Squadron.”

Desmond knew the name—the Demons were legendary, as were all of their members. He didn’t know the unit had been in service since Rejuvenation—but knew that this “Maria” had to be the daughter of Jace Williams, the legendary pilot.

Spartan 501 06:27, 13 August 2008 (UTC)


9th of August, 2607, 16:01 Theta Nero System, Kanna

Vice Admiral Vo Chi Gi stood on the command deck of the Valiant, watching the holographic video display. Captain Wallace Klein was on the screen, continually interupted by fuzzing. Behind him sparks buzzed on the dmiied deck.

"Our main gun is none functional. Even with the gear we have on ship, without a proper shipyard, its never going to get fixed. Our secondary gun is still full functional." He said, his voice strained by the bad connection and the stress

"This is the Avenger." the Cpatain reported on a second unfolding holographic screen "We have power distribution problems from the last bout of fire. We've lost three heavy guns and two guns. We can't supply enough power for all of them either, meaning we can only operate 70% of our remaining guns."

"Make sure you keep your surviving broadside charged and on station. Make sure you get the bastards."

The Avenger's captain smiled and switched off comms.

"Sir, the Brute fleet is moving." Norn reported

The tactical map expanded, showing almost 190 Brute ships moving towards them as one deadly swarm.

"All ships, warm MACs, get your Archer firing solutions online. Prepare to release firing locks on the AVENGER Nukes. We'll go out with a bang."

"What do you mean sir.... reinfrocements arrive in two hours?" One of his bridge officers said, dumbstruck

"In two hours we are going to be one with the void."

9th of August, 2607, 16:01 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Aleph District, Nakatomi Village

Warren moved with his unit as the last of the clean up finished. A 'M808G Scorpion Close Combat Vehicle|Flame Scorpion' torched the building the Brutes had retreated into , engulfing it in flame. They had barred the doors and torched it through the windows. The sound of flaming brutes was satisfying. He was going to go light a cigar on the flaming corpses but a radio transmission interuppted him.

"Echo Company, we got new orders. Lets move." The company commander reported

"What the fuck is this shit. Why are we always on the front?" One of the NCOs whined

"Cos we're the best. The best go to the front, and kill the enemy, isn't that right?" Warren shouted

There was a resounding response of 'Oo-rah' from his squad that made him smile.

Echo Comapny had been gathered at this village while a series of Pangolin, Armadillio, Warthogs, Troop Transports and flat beds were airlifted in. After mounting up the squad set out. Their new objective was a cross roads and a bridge, covering a vital position over the one of the many river deltas and connecting to Danel city. When reinforcements arrived, they'd need this bridge to bring in ground forces. The took the main road there, with the gunners being constantly on guard, though Ace gave himself time to relax, smoking a Sweet William Cigar. They passed occasional abandoned vehicles, destroyed vehicles, a few burnt Warthogs and a Wraith torn open by an explosion. Just as he got at ease, the call came down the line.

"Troops, dismount!"

He threw away his half smoked cigar and frowned. The vehicles pulled over to the side of the road and stopped. The passneger of Ace's hog unhooked him, allowing him to get off. He clambered down and marched up the hill with his unit following close. Captain Javella was new the prow of the hill the road headed up to, stood beside a trio of tanks, talking to their commander. He looked to Warren as he came up and registered his arrival.

"Second Lieutenant, welcome. Congratualtions on your promotion." he said none chalantly, looking at a holographic map slate with the tank commander.

"Tell that to Daniels." Ace said solemnly

"Daniels fucked up. Problem is, he was stupid enough to do it in a combat situation. Officers have it or they don't." He said, not caring

"Anyway sir, we're here to volenteer for point duty." He said. While he seemed to be bossing his unit, they agreed. They liked it best on point."

"Good, saves me having to pick Volenteers. You'll be moving up behind the Avee. You'll have supporting fire from the other to Scorpions, you have to try and take those buildings intact."

"Any idea on the garrison?" A Bokken from Aleph AFB took recon twenty minutes ago. Seems you have a Wraith and two Prowlers on the northern edge, Got two Shades watching the south end of the Bridge. Thermals show buildings marked on TACCOM all have hostiles in them. Those will have to be cleared. Gonna have the Warthog LRVs and Crow and Sparrow platoons on Overwatch. They'll move up and keep pinning fire on the enemy."

"Sounds too easy, wahts the catch?"

"As soon as we take it, we have to hold until relieved. That could be up to two hours away."

"Wait, what, reinforcements arrive in two hours? What about the forces in Aleph?"

"Spread thin defending it or doing the same job as us. Basically, we're on our own." He said, as if they shouldn't be surprised.

"Fine, just tell us when to go."

9th of August, 2607, 16:01. Slipspace en-route to Kanna

Fleet Admiral Vladmir Tupolovitch twitched. They were going to be two hours late. By the time they got there, the Remnant would of succeded. He frowned as the forward holographic screen displayed the vivd colours of slipspace travel. He was prepared to retire to his cabin for a time before the ship suddenly jolted.

"Report, what was that?" He said, leaping up

The holographic image of a bare chested warrior in a cloak and patches of chainmail armour and horned crown.

"Slipspace disotortion, the route ahead is interupted." He growled.

"Baldur, analyis." Tupolovitch ordered

Baldur waited a few seconds before answering "Object, moving at speed relative to us, nineteen kilometers ahead of us. RADAR and LIDAR analysis is inconclusive, it matches no known ship in records.

The 3D display showed a vessel, the whole command deck looking at it. It was shaped rather like a one edged sword, with a long, thin, pointed edge nose and then a thicker midriff before a bulged out engine section. It fishtailed out in front of them, running ahead of the fleet. Suddenly the Ship shook, the Ragnarök moving from side to side.

"Another Slipspace disruption! Its increasing in force!"

"Everybody to battle positions, have everybody ready!"

For almost twenty minutes the ship rocked violently until something weirder happened. The ship ahead of them seemed to fade away before their very eyes, as did the very walls of the slipspace tunnel.

The fleet came out of slipspace by the fourth planet of a solar system.

"Quickly, analyise star charts, I want to known where we are."

"It appears we are in the Theta Nero system..."

"But our mission clock, it was only 8 hours in. We arrived two hours early?" He ordered

"Confirmed. We just passed some kind of slip space distortion." Baldur frowned, tucking his cloak close to his body.

The bridge crew was silent, as was the fleet radio signals.

"Sir, whats our orders?"

"Close RADARs, their Tereus should have them jammed, accelerate to full speed, hit those bastards on the flank. I want our carriers to break straight through for the planet. Kill every last Brute." He shouted

The whole fleet began to accelerate violently towards the enemy. It was death or glory now.

"Go to ground!" Ace roared

The Scoprion AVE raised its canister gun to the second story building and fired, shattering the whole floor in a storm of smashed bricks and dust. Bricks fell on the heads of the marines, their shielding and helmets protecting them. A spray of purple plasma flew over their heads before it was cut short by another explosion.

"Brutes, in the open left side!"

Using the tanks and the AVE's crew shields as cover the Marines of Swallow Platoon fired on a pack of Brutes moving into the open. There was a set of screams as they were cut down, their small amount of return fire impacting on their shielding and amounting to nought.

"Second squad, your with me, lets take this building." he ordered, pointing to objective three. It was a three story building facing across the river and the other side. A burst of plasma on the upper floor prompted the scorpion supporting on the far left to blast it. It gutted aroom on the second story, scattering the defenders on that floor. Ace and Second Squad moved up to the door way and threw in a greande. There was a white hot flash of light, followed by the gutteral screams of Brutes. They moved in, firing on the enemy as they screamed and wailed, swiping blindly.


In a brisk whirlwind firefight the Brutes were annihilated. As they sweeped the three floors, with Ace reamaining on the bottom with a fire team then two more heading to the next two floors repsectively, there was a frantic shout on the radio.

"Wraith, across the river, its zeroing us in!"

There was the distinct 'thwoom' and then a explosion that rocked the building.


"This is fireteam Delta, we lost Martins, Johan is wounded."

"Get outside to the corpsman, now!" he ordered "Somebody, take out that fucking tank."

"On it!"

On the floor above Lance Corperal Miike unhooked a olive green tube from the back of Private Winters and then unlatched and extended the barrel out to the front, folded out a site and a grip then leveled it on his shoulder. He took site on the Wraith, moving behind a low wall to get into a new firing position. He looked through his thermal site, with it locking onto the weak canopy.

"Thermal locked, clear, fire in the hole!"

He fired, the missile streaking straight out. It shot at the tank before darting upwards and then diving straight back down on its canopy. It hit the mortar, burrowing throguh the delicate plasma assembly then explosiding, sending a stream of molten metal in a state of superplasticity through it's canopy at hyper velocity, gutting the tank. The power plant exploded, sending blue flames high into the air. He dumped the tube to the side with a smile. but this soon faded as a torrent of spiker and plasma fire from the opposite bank opened up on them.

"They've got pinning fire on us, requesting fire support!"

"Confirmed, firing!"

Both the Scorpions and the AVE moved into position, firing. A combination of HE and HESH shells demolished the front of the building in a collection of thunderous explosions, leaving a gaping wound in them.

"We have a Prowler moving across the adjacent road!" Miike reported

"Got it on thermals." one of the tankers replied cooly. He flicked a switch to autoload a sabot discarding round then began tracking it through a simulated holographic image of it created by a mixture of thermal and GPS targetting, tracking it with the motion of his head, the turret doing the same. He fired, the tungsten spike piercing through a building then the rotary engine of the prowler, causing the rotary system to spin critically out of control, acting like a billard ball would in a washing machine, thrashing the inside before a fuel leak caused by shrapnel was ignited by the friction of the rotary engine, blasting the vehicle to pieces internally. This happened all within seconds, letting the flaming debris tumble at high speed from the other side of the building.

"Okay, move to supporting positions, we're gonna let Crow platoon advance across the bridge."

His platoon took to hard cover as Crow platoon moved up behind a AVE, with Scorpions assiting from this side of the river. They cleared the other side. the Brutes scattered into the surrounding farm areas, dissapearing.

"Nice work Echo company. Lets dig in." Captain Javella said with some satisfaction. Pelicans above them began to drop down supplies, including plenty of ammo, mines, barricades, sandbags and a number of AIE-486I Heavy Machine Guns.

Almost thirty minutes had passed and hell had broken loose. The Tanks had entrenched themselves on the otherside of the river while the Marines minned the area and added a large number of machine gun firing positions. Brutes rushed at them from all sides, spikers filling the air.

Ace ducked low as another barrage of machine gun fire ripped over his units head, cutting down Brutes on the otherside of his unit. He jumped back out, firing .50 cal rounds then the forward 102mm rocket. Limbs went flying, followed by screams.

"Shift fire right! Right flank is collapsing!"

A Wolf from second squad moved over to cover the retreating squad but almost instantly dissapeared in a burning ball of blue plasma. A burning hulk tumbled out of the inferno.

"Fall across to the otherside!" Javella ordered. Ace wasn't going to aruge. A missile tore open the Wraith hounding them, giving them some respite. As the majority of the unit fell back, Ace held his ground for a second, gunning down Brutes as they blindly charged him in a frenzy. Despite his heavy hitting fire they charged over him. The desperatly clawed at his armour, trying to find a weak point but he tore them off like ragdolls, crushing them with his actuated hydrolic muscles, tearing muscle, breaking bone and crushing skulls. He continued to tear them to pieces as his squad got to the short bridge and began retreating in order. A wave of gun fire tore around him, hitting him and cutting the Brutes down and pinning the rest down. He retrived his gun and retreated, thankful for the support, despite the dents. As they got to the other side the artillery and enemy gun fire on the otherside ensured the Marines wouldn't be retaking the other side. Without a massed reinforcement or some support, their chances of holding the bridge would get slimmer.

(Reinforcements have arrived, at long last, eh? Heres the list of your targets for you boys and girls.

  • Special Commando Unit, including fireteam sierra, reinforced by SPARTAN-144, striking at a Brute headquaters in Danel, aiming to take three buildings used as headquaters, barracks and comms centre respectively and hold against counter attack. Support provided by Owl stealth VTOLS
  • STO are dropping in on a Tern to Danel to sabotage ammo dumps, barracks and vehicle depots and also assasinate leaders.
  • SRS are to drop across the wilderness area between Gimmel and danel to provide deep recon.
  • 345th German Armour are to land in Aleph and attack Gimmel frontally, supported by the 226th Infantry Battalion
  • 105th ODST are to drop to secure the bridges across the river delta to reinforce marines there and hold until armour reaches them. This includes ODST Fireteam Omega and Omega Squad. 101st Battalion is to drop and secure Pavlov's Tower.
  • 101st ODST are to drop around Gimmel and assault it to secure vital city entry routes before armour arrives.
  • 25th HighLanders will resecure the 'Rice Line'.
  • 77th airborne to strike from above at Danel, 6th armoured and 10th Gaelic will attack from land and sea.
  • 114th will drop and support the 345th with forward combat engineering in Gimmel.
  • Naval wise, bomb the hell outta those Brutes from behind or rush for plantery drop for carriers.

Happy hunting)

<Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax


Night had fallen on the battlefield. Gurkonus sat on a ledge of a Human bridge, listening to the explosions in the distance. The battle had been long and brutal, but his pack had annihilated the Human defenders of this bridge. It was theirs, but at a price. Only a dozen or so of his pack remained, though his Captain and the pack Chieftain, Horagaunus had survived. The rest of the pack stood in a nearby field, watching the explosions in the air. He listened half-heartedly as they gave praise to the many Human ships they saw being destroyed. But Gurkonus' ears picked up when he heard a worried tone among them. He walked over to his pack, and asked what had occurred.

"Look, Gurkonus" his Captain uttered in his guttural voice. "Look to the skies. Falling stars have appeared." He looked to see he spoke the truth. Just short of three dozen stars began to fall through the night sky. It was beautiful in an eerie way, but something was wrong. Gurkonus couldn't tell what, exactly, but there was definitely something amiss. Then, it all came together. Half of the stars suddenly shifted in course, now heading... straight for them!

"Take cover, whelps!" the Captain screamed. "Get out of the way!" But it was too late. Before any of them could turn around, they were upon them. In a split second, the Minor's head processed infinite pieces of information. He could tell, in that instant of time, that they were no meteorites, but Human Insertion Craft. However, he spent his last moment thinking of not where they came from, but who.

Who had managed such an impossible drop?

Sergeant Roger Wilkoe groaned in shock as his Insertion Pod crashed to the ground. Normally, it wouldn't have been so rough a landing, but Jeremy had insisted they come in style: Right on top of the Brutes. The door began to hiss open, but Roger was no patient man, so he kicked it open to speed up the process, grabbing his Sniper Rifle and SABRE launcher, and jumped out of the pod. At his feet lay a bleeding corpse, a Brute Minor, with a somewhat puzzled look on his face.

"Hey, boys!" Roger called out. "You should see the look on this sumbitch's face!"

Several feet away, another door was kicked down, as Jose Marez jumped to the ground.

"Did you one better, Wilkoe! I landed on a Captain! That counts as two kills!"

"Maybe on a cold day in hell, Corporal! Speaking of fire and fury, where's Jeremy?"

The Blackheart's tech specialist, Ronald Lambardo, stood next to Roger now. He fiddled with his HUD, scanning the air for something. "Got him," he called out. "and God help him, you won't believe who he's aiming at!"

The 17 ODSTs looked to air, to see a final Pod streak through the sky, fire, turning it to more a missile than a lander. Then, the Blackhearts looked at its destination: A Brute Chieftain had just stepped off the bridge, roaring in fury at this foe plummeting towards him. It closed in at remarkable speed, but this Chieftain was fast. He swung his hammer in perfect timing, hitting the pod dead on, and skyrocketing it into the air. The door of the pod fell off, revealing a single Blackheart decked out in M6B body armor, grasping in one hand a frag grenade, in the other a Sabre missile launcher. He sprung from the spinning pod, directly above the Chieftain. The spin gave him time to calculate his throw. With perfect accuracy, he tossed the frag to the Brute's feet. The throw twirled him through the air, allowing him to line up a shot with the SABRE, firing a missile directly at the Chieftain. It sped towards him, and detonated in sync with the grenade, creating a massive flash as the Brute disappeared from existance.

The ODST fell maybe twenty feet before crashing to the ground. The rest of Blackheart rushed to him to help him up, but they were shrugged off. Roger came running, screaming in shock and anger at him.

"What the hell were you thinking! You could have been killed by that fall! It's a (!) miracle you're even alive right now, dammit!"

Jeremy took off his helmet and shook off the sweat. He flashed his trademark smile at Roger. "Like you always say, Roger, luck's in my blood. My gramps is a Spartan remember?"

There was no time for celebrations however, as almost a dozzen Brutes appeared on the upper part of the bridge.

"Everyone on the ground!" Jeremy yelled! "Roger provide suppressing fire! Any other snipers, back him up! Everyone else, take cover behind the pods!" Blackheart quickly switched from joke to combat mode, as everyone hit the dirt in unison. Roger opened fire with his rifle, scoring a kill with the first shot. Three others took shots of their own, though only one made contact with a Brute's leg. The rest of the platoon crawled behind the pods, as Jeremy began to bark orders into the COMM.

"Fire team Echo, swing around the right! Delta, the left! Foxtrot, provide covering fire from your position! Cullen, where the hell is second squad?!"

The COMM crackled to life as Sergeant Cullen sent back his response.

We're on the other side of the bridge, sir. We've got our own problems, but the Vipers came in with the Relief. They'll give you some aerial support.

"That's great!" Jeremy retorted. "If they don't steal our wallets while they do it!"

"Bubba" Higgs watched from his cockpit as several dozen of his Viper Hornets flew over the rolling fields. The Relief force was short on aerial unit, so they came to the Viper mercenaries to assist. They were only happy to help... for the right price. They had already scored three Banshee kills, and were swinging back to a bridge. Apparently some of the Helljumpers were pinned down, and needed assitance.

An easy job, Higgs thought to himself. We should demand their wallets as payment for making us do a low-brow task like this.

His flight reached the bridge, to see eight Brutes fire on a group of ODSTs. Several were locked in melee combat by now, so a bombardment was impossible.

"Boys, we're going groundside!" He called out.

The Hornets quickly landed on the bridge, and a dozen ground troops got out. Equipped in ancient but effective M6 Covenant-Era armor, they blended in well in the night. Higgs ordered his men to follow him, and came to a ladder. Normally he would have worried about the noise the clunky armor would make, but the nearby firefight prevented that worrysome dilemma. They quickly filed up the ladders, and found themselves on the same level as most of the Brutes. They snuck behind them quickly and quietly, and pounced in an instant.

Armed with ancient machetes and CQB Knives, they found gaps in the Brute's armor and stabbed the vital sections, bringing them down silently. Higgs looked below him, as a Brute began to bring an ODST up. He was going to break his back on his knee. Higgs jumped from his vantage point, landing directly on top of the Brute. He pulled out a pistol from his side and brought it to the Brute's temple.

"Say goodnight, bitch!" He fired, and splattered his brains on the bridge cables. The ODST fell to the ground with a sigh of relief. Higgs noticed that while the group he saved approached, another group came from the other side. Their commander must have split them up for a pincer movement. Risky with such a small platoon, but it had proven effecive enough. The CO approached, and put his hand up. Higgs grasped it firmly.

"'Bubba' Higgs, 17th Viper Wing."

"First Sergeant Jeremy Patterson, ODST 105th, Blackheart Platoon. Thanks for the assistance, we needed help pretty badly."

"I'll say ya' did." He released the Sergeant's hand. "Now then, greetings are over, we have to get back in the sky. I'll leave six of my men to give aerial support to this bridge. The rest of us are going."

"Very well, thanks again. I guarantee this bridge won't be ignored for long. I reckon by midnight there'll be another convoy trying to take this sucker. Good luck to your men, Higgs."

"Same to you, Patterson." Higgs replied, already walking back to his Hornet. Nice kid. He thought to himself.

Shame he'll have to die defending a lousy bridge.

MasterGreen999 20:31, 13 August 2008 (UTC)


"Fuck." Locklear said loudly after entering his HEV pod. He had be briefed once more with a change of plans. He was to bring his men down on the city of Danel while the 6th Armoured and 10th Gaelic would come from the land and sea. With that change he had ordered that G Company, 3rd Battalion ODSTs would be the first to touch down in HEVs while H Company would come in within minutes by Gull dropships. Pelicans would than bring in I Company soon afterwards. Locklear had hoped to bring his ODST battalion onto the city within a time frame of fifteen minutes but that was if the timing was perfect. Originally he hadn't wanted to bring ODSTs by HEV, not the best idea in such an urban environment but if he went this way he would be able to free up more birds to bring in more of his unit. Once 3rd Battalion was down 1st Battalion would be up next followed by 2nd Battalion, that he hoped would happen within an hour.

"Sir it's been a long time since I've dropped." Dove said with a nervous grin. They spoke through small screens in the pods.

"Me to." Locklear said than disconnected Dove to talk to Captian Sarah Boyce, the company commander of G Company. "Sarah, how are things?"

Sarah Boyce appeared on the screen with short blonde hair and green eyes. She threw out a cigarrette than spoke while putting on her helmet. "Gamma Company is ready Sir."

"Good, remember Captian once we touch down I want everyone to hit these buildings and hold until Hotel Company is in."

"Yes Sir I know the plan." she said with a grin.

Archangel suddenly appeared in front of the Lieutenant Colonel. "Drop in thirty seconds." Locklear clentched his hands with white knuckles. He hated drops more than anything.

"77th! You know I'm not one for words, but I want you to know it has been an HONOR being your commander. I know you'll do fine, SO GIVE EM HELL! To do that we're gonna go in feet first and go out and dance with the devil. We may lead or we may follow. But we ARE gonna do the damn dance. Understood!?" Locklear said hoping to encourage his men and women.

G Company spoke as one. "YES SIR!"

"You shits sound like fucking hairdresser! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!?"

"WE'RE GOING TO DANCE!" G Company roared out.


"THE DEVIL!" the roar became louder and louder.



"DAMN STRAIGHT! ODSTS! DROP!" Locklear bellowed as the count down reached 00. Immedately he felt himself drop, his stomach going into his throat. Dear God let the motivational speech work. Locklear thought to himself. He looked onto a console and saw a hundred and thirty-seven HEV pods drop.

Locklear wasn't sure if he had blacked out sometime in the drop. Odds were he had. But now the ground was coming up fast. He'd be hitting the ground right in the center of an intersection with Dove and a squad of ten right beside him. "Archangel quick status!" Locklear said with clentched teeth.

"Touch down in three, G Company is green across the board." The HEV stopped immediately. "All drops are good with no casualties." Archangel said, but to no use. Locklear had bursted through the door with his M98 Compact raised and ready. He had noticed a Jackal patrol coming in when they dropped. The pods had fallen right on top of them, the blast wave alone was enough to break their bones.

"We're clear!" The staff sergeant yelled as his men went for cover as they were trained to.

"Sir, we better get to the first building!" Dove said coming up next to Locklear.

"Let's go. Staff Sergeant let's move it!" Locklear said.

The staff sergeant rose from his position and pointed to an ODST. "Ringo! You're on point!" The twelve men went down the empty street, gunfire echoed around them. Locklear looked at his watch, Hotel Company should be coming in four minutes.

"FUCK FUCK FUCK!" yelled point man John Ringo. He dove onto his back and fired on full automatic. A Brute patrol emerged in front of them to investigate the pods. Four Brutes and twelve Jackals. One ODST tossed a gas grenade from a launcher while the rest opened fire.

Locklear fired single shots with his pistol. Damned ODST had made a veteran decision with the gas grenade. It would slow and disorient the attack giving the squad time to find cover and give the first punch.

They were leading this dance.

(Motivation Speech comes from John Ringo's A Hymn Before Battle)



9th of August, 2607, 12:16 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Planet's Atmosphere

When Jennifer's platoon dropped, it was oddly silent. No motivational chants, no upbeat neustatick band's music pumping through the unit's s-band. The CO of the Colorado came on before the drop with a heartfelt "Good luck, boys and girls." But that was all. She flipped over to Gordon's personal frequency, and heard the faint whisper of Mozart's Requiem in the background. She had never known he was that type of guy.

"Hey, Gordon."

"What's up?"

"Nothing, and that's what worries me. That and you listening to damned funeral music! Why are we so psyched out? This is just another easy mission, right?" She heard the strain in her voice and winced. That she let her stress level show was another sign of the platoon's uneasiness.

"I think that it's the briefing that got to 'em. If you remember, we're hot-dropping into Brute Central, and we're supposed to secure around two clicks of urban wreckage that just happens to be crawling with Remnants."

"More daunting than usual, I'll admit, but--" Jennifer was cut off as the Helljumper's theme broadcast on all 105th channels. The signal that the drop was going to begin in two minutes, when the amped up anthem reached its chill-inspiring crescendo. A lurch slung her stomach sideways, and the pod ground into position. Hisses whispered throughout the small compartment as pressure seals were checked and double-checked by the ship's AI, and then came the whoosh of depressurization. And the silence of the void, as the HEV hung suspended by the ship's clamps, dangling above the expanse of Kanna below. Another sickening lurch, and the standard vertigo she got from rapid acceleration. Down the pods flew, mini-computers humming to themselves as they fired microthrusters, making sure that Alpha's first platoon, Wolf's Wizards, was on target and flying in perfect formation.

As they hit the planet's atmosphere, the air around her heated considerably, and sweat beaded at the small of her back and along her brow. With a cough, anti-tracking chaff was released to throw off enemy radar and lidar. The outer shell of the HEV peeled away as it hit two thousand feet, and the deceleration drogue deployed. Jennifer's stomach felt as if it were going to come up through her throat, and suddenly, it was going back down. The pod smashed into the rough concrete of the car park outside of Pavlov's Tower.

Jennifer palmed the quick release on her straps and kicked the door o her HEV down, her weapon in her hand. It was a good thing, too, becuase looking her and the recently-emerged Gordon in the face was a full skirmish line of twenty Jackals. She chinned the s-band transmitter button and yelled, "Open fire, Marines!"

The startled Jackals either fell to the barrage of hastily-aimed lead or scrambled for cover, their personal shields flaring into life too late to do any good. The ODSTs of First Platoon dove behind a low stone wall that bordered the parking lot and reloaded. Suprisingly, well-coordinated sniper fire from Pavlov's Tower took out several of the bird-like aliens, allowing the elite troopers to catch their breath for a few seconds. Then they popped up from behind the wall, firing shorter, more controlled bursts at the now-ragged skirmish line. A few of the troopers fell, singed by plasma blasts, but relatively unhurt, and Jennifer thanked the designers of the newly-updated shock armor. God grant them a special place in heaven, she thought.

Almost as quickly asit had started, the firefight was over, with all of the avian aliens in various stages of dismemberment and death, and only one ODST down, incapacitated by an energy cutlass.

"That was too easy," a fresh-voiced junior NCO called out. "Bring it on!"

"Stow that, Corporal Myers," Lydecker growled. "This fight's only just begun..."

SPARTAN-091[Admin]UNSC.jpg [Talk] 02:21, 14 August 2008 (UTC)


"warning to all combat personnel we are engaging the enemy."

"Has soon has we gonna land we are going tp be fellow by the 226th battalion."

General Davidson entered in his pelican preparing for his mission. His order were simple and o Aleph and attack Gimmel frontally. At the head of the combined the 345th German Armored regiment, the 226th Infantry Battalion Excalibur and the the air support uit of the 25th Marine Expeditionary Brigade totalizing 7,000 troop that was his first mission with the title of General. When they arrived Aleph the regiment established a mobile command post to prevent the loss of any side, right, left or centre. After 15 minutes the B compagny of the 226th battalion joinned them. The C and the A were almost on the the ground already meant that the roar of machine gun away. Some element 43th regiment were also able to make contact with the Davidson troop. "Welcome to the party General, we have been pin down in front for hour now we were really those heavy armour." CF001 03:53, 14 August 2008 (UTC)


Callihan motioned around aboard the Whale he had been put on when his regiment landed at Kanna. the 10th was to land by sea near Dabel, while the 77th airborne and 6th armoured advanced. Checking his MA6,making sure the magazine was secured,everything seemed to calm. Looking off the port side, he saw about five more Whales, and two larger Orcas. A marine looked at him, and waved to him. Callihan saluted, then heard the guns from the ships go off, probably firing on Brute positions.

Looking around confused, many marines began to talk, worried since for many this was their first combat op. One marine next to Callihan began to pray, he placed his hand on the marines shoulder and nodded, a friendly gesture. Suddenly he began to hear the the water splash, clear indication they were under fire. Looking back to the ship with the marine who waved, he saw it continuing normally, then explode in a fireball. A marine rushed off the ship, on fire looking for comfort, sadly Callihan knew that the marine was too heavy to swim, he turned away. Im IndestructibleDetermination that is incorruptibleA terror to behold
- Surviving the attempt.JPG


"Lets go boys!" Lt.McCallan shouted to his men as he ran to his pod

"Our objective is to secure the town of Gimmel for the Germans to roll on through."He told his men "We will be outnumbered 3 to 1 but were ODSTs and whats are MOTTO!"

"SHOCK EM TO DEATH!" They all replied

"Ok,strap in and i'll see ya down there." Hhe told his men and then snapped a salute,

"Yessir!" they replied while saluting. Josh felt enemese pride for his men

"Ok, ill see you on the ground." He said and finished his salute

He waited for his mean to get into their pods and made sure they were strapped in, he quickly ran and got himself strapped in and just then his pod gave an awful jerk as his pod was reallesed from its berth Its going to be a long day he thought as he made his way to Kanna's surface he knew not all of his men wouldnt come back

Once a man enters his sights,


has additional troop landed on the groud the Battlegroup Everest moved on position to engage the enemy force in front of them. Has the frigate start to fire their mac round the 77th Naval Squadron exited the everest running like an hammer over the enemy lauching misiile and firing their chain gun over the enemy seraph.

The 345th entered in the gimmel district it was not longg that they were assaulted by 3 wraith. "enemy tank, enemy tank!" screamed a marines

"get to cover now, on tht building, the 345 will burn those bastard."
A komodo appeared behind the marines in the building firing his spartan laser over the enemy destroying the wraiths. Leutenant colonel Steve Daniel Huang, Senior and his men of the 226th excalibure were pint down in front by a supperior enemy force and their air support.

"do you understand what im telling you we are under heavy fire we need a imediate surgery strike now ..gah!!..."

"We lost their transmission admiral."

"Prepared a bomber squadron tell them we have the 3th platton of the compagy a of the 226th battlion pint down by a supperior force they need a imediate surgery strike."CF001 13:36, 14 August 2008 (UTC)


Kindik'Yar and his lance finally came to a halt as they reached their destination: Pavlov's Tower. At least here they would have more Kig'Yar to support them, and much more loot to obtain. He quickly surveyed the field, to find most skirmishes on this side had ended. Several Human Drop Troopers were slain, along with almost a dozen Kig'Yar, and four Brutes. This would be a fight worth remembering.

His team quietly moved down the alleyway, the Rangers and Snipers on the buildings above them, watching for an ambush. This tactic paid off, as less than five minutes later, several dozens Drop Troopers sprung from the wreckage, targeting Kindikuu. The first charge killed several of his Kig'Yar, but the Shield Wall formed in an instant, and the Snipers opened up from above, dropping seven Humans. They retreated back into the wreckage, and a shootout began. A grenade was tossed, killing two Kig'Yar. Kindik'Yar retaliated, launching his Rangers into battle. They soared behind the enemy, dropping right behind them, Cutlasses at the ready. Three Humans were killed, along with a single Ranger, but a single Human arrived with a missile launcher, scattering both the Rangers and the Shield wall. They couldn't hold against that kind of ordinance. Luckily, the Snipers had changed positions in time, and brought up a bead on the Human's head. A single shot, and he fell dead. The ODSTs returned fire, killing four Snipers.

Kindik'Yar decided to break the stalemate, and ordered his Guards to charge along with him. They dove into the Human line, shredding over a half dozen of them on the spot. Two of the Drop Troopers ignited grenades, killing off three guards along with themselves. Kindik personally attacked their leader, bringing his cutlass across his upper leg. Enough muscles were severed to keep him on the ground, allowing the Captain to jump on his back, preparing for the final blow. However, their CO was quick on his feet, and rolled over, cracking several of Kindik'Yar's ribs. He countered with a claw across his helmet, knocking it off...

Kindik'Yar paused for a moment, to find that he was a she. The Drop Trooper brought her legs in, and used her strength to launch Kindik'Yar away, landing on a fallen cutlass. It punctured through his side, but nothing vital. That didn't stop the pain, however. He looked to see another five of his Guards had been killed, along with two more Humans. Their leader struggled to her feet, and began to retreat. Her soldiers followed. As soon as they left, a Minor sprung from his cover to assist the fallen Captain.

"Great Captain," he pleaded. "are you harmed?"

"Yes," he replied sarcastically. "walking with a sword in my side is great for my cardio! Of course I'm harmed! But we've done enough damage to those Humans. We should find Dekd Nok, regroup with a larger force. Warn him that reinforcements have arrived..."

Blackheart had held for half an hour, already repelling two Brute convoys, losing McArthur in the process. They were wary of all things that approached now, the last three times shooting a rabbit. Jeremy and Roger sat bickering on the bridge as they watched shadows draw nearer.

"I'm telling you boss, they're Jackals!"

"Roger for the last time, Jackals are shorter than that. I say it's Human."

"I'm telling you boss, we need to take 'em down before they get closer."

"You know what? That's a good idea. Send a warning shot past one of them. If they drop to the dirt, they're Human. If they pull into a defensive stance, they're Jackals."

Roger was only too happy to oblige. He brought his sniper to bear, and lined up a perfect shot. He gently squeezed a trigger, and the bullet zinged past the target's head. Even from half a click away, they could hear very clearly the shouts of "HOLY SHIT". Jeremy and Roger looked at each other and at once called out.

"They're Human." The two got to their feet, as did most of first squad, and moved out to meet the newcomers. Several others and the Vipers remained to hold the position in case of a trap.

As they approached, they found almost an entire company of Marines. 150 strong, they were armed with an impressive array of weapons.

"Halt, Marines." Jeremy called out. "Who are you, and what's your unit?"

"Name's Rico Saldanez, we're from the 23rd Urban. We're a relief force for you guys, thought you might need some backup." Rico glanced at the several dozen Brute corpses around the bridge. "I guess we were wrong".

"Not necessarily". Tech Specialist Lambardo called out. "Just got a message from Command, situation's heating up at Pavlov's Tower. They might need some extra hands.

"Well, we can't help on that, Helljumpers". Rico explained. "We lost all our transports. Been hoofing it for hours now".

"You may have lost your transports" Jeremy began, glancing back at the Hornets. "but we haven't." He opened a COMM channel to the command bridge.

"Command, this is 1st Sergeant Jeremy Patterson, 105th Blackheart, a Marine Company has arrived to secure the bridge in force, no assistance is required. Requesting permission to airlift to Pavlov's tower, over."

MasterGreen999 14:25, 14 August 2008 (UTC)


An ODST lay wounded, a spike round protruded from his thigh. Another ODST sat there next to him, Locklear approached them. "How is he?"

"Oh he'll be fine Sir. Nothing serious. Gave him some painkillers he'll be on his feet in a second." The ODST said than flicked the spike. "Time to see if the drugs kicked in." He said than took hold of the round, with one quick forced pull the spike exited the wound and blood began to flow from the open wound. The ODST treated the wound to stop the bleeding.

"Gotta love the drugs." The wounded ODST said. When his leg was treated he got to his feet and grabbed his rifle. "Ready to lead the dance Sir."

Locklear smiled than patted the ODST's shoulder. He turned to see Dove filling his bag with Brute gear for his business later on. They than watched as the ODSTs piled the dead in a curious way. A couch was on the street, turned black from fire and ash. They placed the dead Brute in the center than the Jackal corpses around him. One big happy family. The ODSTs smiled and laughed at the scene.

"Archangel quick sitrep." Locklear said.

The sweet sounding voice spoke into his ear. "Gamma Company have taken the targeted buildings with minimal casualties. Six KIA, twelve WIA. Captian Boyce has reported a confirmed forty-seven Brute KIAs and seventy-eight Jackal KIAs. Hotel will touch down in one minute."

"Give me the names of the killed later." Locklear said than turned to the staff sergeant. "Staff Sergeant! Let's get moving I want to be there before Hotel comes in!" Locklear said.

"Yes Sir! Alright troopers you heard him! DOUBLE TIME!" The Staff Sergeant barked and his ODSTs fell in line moving at a quick paced jog. Locklear fell in line as well as Dove who quickly remarked.

"First an Orbital Drop, than welcoming party, now a fucking morning stroll." Dove said with a grin as he shifted the weight of his bag on his shoulder.

They made it to the building within thirty-seconds. Captian Sarah Boyce met them at the entry and showed them the way to the third floor. She ordered the squad to take up defensive positions within the building. Inside Locklear saw the ODSTs making defensive positions with furniture.

"Sarah you've done wonders here. Thank you." Locklear said putting his hand on her shoulder. He was thankful for having a captian like her. She got the job done and with minimal casualties. He went to a small table where a hologram device was set up. He activated it and saw the lay out of the area. "So we're here." Locklear said pointing to a eight story building, they were on the third floor.

"First Platoon is here." Sarah said pointing to the adjacent building. "Second Platoon, here." She said pointing to another nearby building. The three buildings made a roughly shaped U. In the center of the U was a small park where Hotel would be coming in on. Locklear listened to Sarah as Dove walked behind him with a cup of coffee. He took a sip of the coffee before handing it to Locklear. Locklear gave him a look that turned to a grin before taking the cup.

The roar of engines came over the room. "There's Hotel now." Sarah said, they walked to a nearby window and looked down. Dozens of Gulls Dropships circled the area before touching down to unleash Hotel Company. Locklear watched as a Gull would come in than flare it nose to descend, it would barely touch the ground when the ODSTs jumped than went prove before moving to cover as they had been trained to do. Locklear grinned he had been counting the drop of one squad, five seconds. Back during the Human-Covenant War when he was a captian of I company his men had done it in four. The Gull would than pull up and speed away to make room for the next bird.

The ODSTs made their way towards the buildings when five Brute Choppers emerged from a street corner. They opened fire and every ODST dove onto their bellies for cover. The ODSTs of Hotel and Gamma opened fire which brought two Choppers to a stop.

Two ODSTs jumped from a Gull but were hit. Their bodies were tossed backwards in mid-air as spike rounds ripped through them. The Gull's gunner opened fire and stopped another Chopper before the Gull pulled away.

Locklear watched than spoke. "Colven! Sitrep!"

Captian John Colven lay on his back and looked over a small piece of earth at the Choppers. "Choppers got us pinned! I've got three KIA and six WIA!" He had to yell over the roar of Gull engines, spike rounds whizzed overhead. He looked over the lip of his cover and fired before ducking back down. "AH FUCK make that six KIA! Sorry Sir I'm putting you on hold!"

Locklear watched as the ODSTs stuck to their cover.

"Whiskey One! Whiskey ONE! This is Blackbird need immediate close-air support! DANGER CLOSE!" Colven said into his internal comm.

"Copy that Blackbird, we're already on it." A pilot said calmly. Soon a Gull gunship flew over the LZ than stopped to fire two missiles. The missiles knifed forward and struck the Choppers head on. The engines detonated and sent shrapnel everywhere, the Brute pilots was ripped apart before being set aflame. The firing stopped.

"Colven move your company into the buildings now!" Locklear said, they needed to make room for I Company and he didn't want his men in the open for very long. "Sarah, a counter attack will be coming soon, get a few scouts out to these positions here and report everything they see."

With that Dove and Sarah turned away leaving Locklear on his own. "Archangel. Give me the names of the KIA now."

The sweet voice came again, this time the hologram appeared as well in the form of an angel, Locklear thought for a moment, how fitting. An angel reading the names of the dead. "Yes Sir. Corporal Lance O'Neil. Sergeant Larry Zhu. Lance Corporal Jonathan Chun. Private James Klien. Private First Class Adam Cohen. Private Paul Berkley. Sergeant Daniel Williams. Private Jennifer Harding. Corporal Kevin Hendersan. Private Michael Wilks. Lance Corporal Blake Kesey. Private Evan Truman." The list ended. "That's all for now Sir."

"Thank you Archangel. Please be sure that the perimeter defenses are all green. When I Company gets here their scouts will relieve Sarah's in thirty minutes." Locklear said still thining of the names. But he pushed them back into the dark side of his mind, he couldn't think about them too much or else he'd end up having more names.

"DOVE! DOVE Where the hell you take my coffee!" Locklear said and looked back at the LZ. ODSTs were using stretchers to move the wounded and the dead off the field. The Brute's were in for one hell of a dance, and he was gonna be the one leading.

Hollywood (This isnt as good as my first draft but it was deleted T.T)


9th of August, 2607, 16:01 (Revised Tactical Mission Clock), En route to Theta Nero System, Kanna, aboard Zeus-class Super Carrier New York

As the New York, Taskforce Arrow, and the entire reinforcement fleet entered the system, Admiral James McHenry breathed a sigh of relief. The waiting was over, and thanks to his actions in slipspace, he already had a plan to send the Brutes back to where they came from.

“All ships, form on me!” he roared, as the New York’s engines flared and ship accelerated. Pinging sounded throughout the bridge, and combat warning klaxon wailed.

Meanwhile, McHenry issued more orders.

“Seal all non-essential bulkheads, go to battle stations! Spin up the MAC and get me a shot before we’re in the atmosphere. Fire archers banks as well, give those navy boys a helping hand. I want everything we can put on those Brutes within sixty seconds hitting them.”

The massive Zeus class Supper Carrier accelerated in system, with it’s forces, Taskforce Arrow, directly behind it. The fleet had exited behind the Brute forces—with a perfect shot on the flank. After a minute of firing, the New York’s trajectory changed, as did the rest of the fleet. The UNSC Taskforce Arrow headed straight for the planet, as per the plan. Their hulls warmed to a dull red as they brushed the tip of the atmosphere at incredible speeds, and McHenry keyed the comm, broadcasting to his entire force.

“All ground forces, begin final preparation. Final drop in five minutes. Give them hell.”

As the New York and the rest of the Taskforce hard burned into the atmosphere, great rolling waves of fire ballooned off their hull. They fell deeper and deeper towards the planet, and as they did so, their internal troops scrambled. Marines and shock forces donned armor, checked weaponry, loaded ammunition and supplies, and piled onto dropships, and into HOPE launchers for special troops ODST troops. In hangar bays, dozens of modern fighter craft launched—and brought death down to the Brutes on the surface. Massive air raids decimated huge groups of the brutes, killing hundreds, if not thousands, with missiles, bombs, and slug fire.

The Taskforce continued it’s descent, when on the bridge, Lieutenant Jeremiah, the sensor’s ops controller, spoke up loudly.

“Brute breakaway force, closing on us sir!” he yelled

On screen, a readout displayed a comparatively sized Covenant force closing on them, reentering as well. Plasma warmed their lateral lines, but they couldn’t fire—the superheated wake of both ships would disrupt the field too much.

“Get me a trajectory over Gimmel and Danels, then to Aleph. We’ll fight those Covenant bastards above our best fortified city—we might get a little help from the ground there.”

The fleet leveled out at several hundred thousand feet—then McHenry ordered the ground forces to launch. From the Taskforce, hundreds of dropships and HOPE capsules launched. A massive invasion force of infantry and armor descended towards Gimmel city, to destroy the Brute forces there and reclaim the city. As the fleet passed over Danels, it launched dozens of covert HOPE launchers flashed towards the city—filled with special operations teams who would provide temporary assault while the massive marine force secured Gimmel then moved on. They were well trained, battle hardened soldiers—and McHenry was in on a secret about them. SPARTAN-144, long thought dead, was alive…and spearheading the attack.

By the time the Taskforce reached their final resting place above Aleph city, the Covenant fleet was closing rapidly. Arrow hadn’t been able to help the forces on the ground—and would have to eliminate the enemy fleet before helping out anymore. The covenant ships, numbering 12, and comprised of mostly destroyers, open fired—two dozens bolts of heat flashed towards the UNSC ships.

“Reload MACs and fire!” cried McHenry “Release Archers with solutions right after the MACs—and add the SPARTAN lasers to the mix!”

Fire and light flashed between the two opposing forces in a brutal melee. A trio of plasma bolts struck one of the frigates in the fleet, destroying it instantly. Shields sparked and flickered on both sides, as detonations rocked the sky. Only a few thousand meters above the ground, the clash between the two titanic sides drew long gazes from the infantry on the ground.

9th of August, 2607, 15:48 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Sector 7-9 , Fleeing Gimmel City

The trek away from the city was hard and painful. The 112th had point, with Maria Williams leading the way, while the marines took center and Desmond’s team watched the back. The city was built in a sort of bowl shaped valley, and thus the hike was uphill. In addition, the Covenant ensured that the strenuous ordeal was fraught with danger—numerous banshee scouting parties kept the humans on their toes, while jackal ground teams had to be avoided. With civilians in the group, combat was to much of a risk, and even if not, Desmond wouldn’t have allowed it anyway.

For their part, the 112th was helpful in the sky. They shot down several banshee parties, but were now dry on ammo, despite carrying thousands of rounds for the 115mm cannons (much of this ammo space replaced ammo for the 35mm nose mounted gun pod), and were being forced to withdraw. A low level transmission jamming barrier had been placed over the city by the Covenant, and only strong signals, like transmissions from powerful gear on the fighters of the 112th could break through. So when the team finally reached the outskirts of the city, and left it far behind, noise filled the radio units of the 112th members.

It didn’t sound good.

The dying screams of pilots and marines, the rushed orders of shipboard captains, and the ever present dread in general (along with a short transmission from Admiral Gi in orbit) spoke to a fight that the UNSC was not winning. Then, all of a sudden, everything went silent.

And the comms exploded with cheers.

A wave of joyful signals broke through as the Relief Force entered the system. On the ground, the team halted by a large boulder in their hike and looked skyward. The orbital battle, which a moment ago, had been winding down, rose to a feverish pitch—missiles and MAC rounds filled the night, countered by plasma torpedoes and pulse lasers.

“Awesome.” Whispered one of the marines

But then, something else appeared on the horizon. The sky darkened to a blood red, as Desmond spotted something dropping into view above the horizon. A great cloud of fire rumbled through the atmosphere, with heat evaporating clouds, and a dim silhouette among the orange and yellow.

Then, the fireball reached a few thousand feet, and abruptly slowed. As the reentry fire cleared, Desmond saw a fleet moving across the sky—a massive Zeus Super Carrier leading a thirteen ship force. They roared over Gimmel, and as they did so, the hangar bays on each of them opened—and spewed hundreds of craft.

Dropships, fighters, bombers, and VTOL gunships roared towards Gimmel. First strikes destroyed buildings, armor, and infantry, then the dropships touched down and spewed infantry. All the while, the fleeing group sat motionless, mesmerized, even as the fleet moved away, towards Aleph and Danels.

9th of August, 2607, 16:01 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Brute Occupation Zone, Sector 9-4, Danels City

Inside his HOPE launcher, Leonid was perfectly calm as he watched the ground shooting up at him. Despite the danger of riding a capsule above a hostile air zone, despite going into combat in the next few seconds, he felt fine.

While he hadn’t been trained for all-out combat, he was skilled in it nonetheless. However, this mission, was something he could enjoy very much—a stealth raid. The aftermath, trying to keep the area secure, could be a bit drab, but he would obey his orders to the letter.

The ground rose up to meet him, and he keyed the exit chamber for his HOPE pod early. At sixty feet in the air, he jumped from the capsule, and onto the top of a six story building that the Covenant troops were using as their HQ—a daring maneuver that he did with the and absolute perfection. As Leonid landed on the building, he engaged the active camouflage built into his MJOLNIR Mk. VII armor—and moved to the ledge of the building. All around, he could see HOPE pods landing—the Special Commando Unit, whom he was reinforcing, and whom were tasked with the buildings he wouldn’t take care of; the barracks, and the communications center, which were just across the street.

Leonid leapt from the top of the building and free fell twenty feet. At the fourth floor, one floor above what the Brutes were using, he jammed his armored gauntlet into the concrete walls—making himself a handle hold. He raised himself up, a half ton of soldier, on one arm, and delivered a titanic kick to the wall.

The wall caved in, and Leonid rolled inside. Beneath him, he could hear the roars of Brute forces a level down—who would soon be faced with him. Leonid, quiet as a mouse, drew his silenced M98 Compact. He moved to the east corner of the building, and moved silently down a staircase. A brute was on guard—but he looked sleepy and dim witted. Easy target.

Leonid moved lightning fast and darted behind the brute. He drew his combat knife, a seven inch long blade, and with incredible force, slashed it across the back of the beast’s neck. The blade cut the brute’s head halfway off, and Leonid drew back as the 9 foot tall creature collapsed and died silently. Leonid had specifically slit it’s airway and detached it’s vocal cords.

Sheathing his knife, Leonid moved into the top level. It was filled with brutes and command equipment—but Leonid moved with stealth born of decades of covert assassination work and avoided them with ease, before moving onto the second floor room. It had substantially few guards—but Leonid kept moving, down to the first floor. This area had no command equipment, only a bunker facing the door and a plasma cannon crewed by four Jackals. The creatures were sharper than the Brutes—but when Leonid saw their small numbers, he moved in and took them down.

He eased behind the gun turret, and drew his knife. One of the bird like Jackals caught sight of this movement—and opened it’s mouth—but Leonid drew his M98 compact and shot it square in the head before it could ever utter a squawk. Leonid turned his pistol and shot two more Jackals before they could say anything, then slashed his knife across the neck of the Jackal—this time, he did behead the creature.

Leonid pushed aside the corpse, and vaulted over the bunker and headed back up the stairs. A brute was moving down it, on patrol, but Leonid dodged behind him and assassinated him before it could see the bodies of the jackals.

Leonid knew that retaining stealth mattered little in his mission, as long as the building was cleared of Brutes. So, he sheathed his knife, holstered his M98, and grabbed his M2A Light Assault Rifle from his back. He eased up the spiral staircase into the second level, and found cover behind a monitor. Then, he turned off the sound amplifiers in his helmet, cutting out noise. He drew two flash bang grenades, threw them, and polarized his helmet.

Inside his suit, he felt no effect from the grenades. He counted down the fuse, waited for the detonation, then set his armor back to normal—and open fired. The brutes were dazed and confused from the sudden blasts, and most were poorly armed. Leonid fired full auto with his LAR, and the twenty some odd brutes fell under a vicious rain of silenced bullets. Then, Leonid eased from cover, and made sure the area was secure. He knew the commotion would attract attention—and took precautions.

Leonid moved to the staircase, and laid down a pair of flash bangs, set a motion detector next to them, and moved up the stairs. When he exited the top room, he disengaged his camo—and drew a chorus of angry growls from the Brutes.

Leonid fired a short burst of his LAR that cut a Brute down, then rolled down the stairwell. At the bottom, he ran for cover—as the flash bangs detonated behind him as Brutes came running down after him, overzealous. They roared, even as Leonid dropped his LAR and drew his knife, sprinting towards them. He slashed one’s belly open, locked his armor’s gauntlet while choking one, jabbed another in the eye, and slit two’s throats and stabbed one’s heart out. Not even out of breath, Leonid upholstered his M98 Compact and moved up the stairs, into the third floor. It was all clear.

For the next few minutes, he checked all of the six floors for survivors. He found some, a sniper team on the fifth—and promptly killed them. Then, he made his way down to the street level, and set up mines inside of the HQ. If the Covenant tried to take the place back, they’d receive a half dozen explosions every two meters they crossed.

And then, if by some strange, odd occurrence, they did pass, then they would have to deal with something all the more terrifying.

Leonid himself.

Spartan 501 02:35, 15 August 2008 (UTC)


Lewis shifted the cigar in his mouth before entering the tern dropship. Before going to ground, he put the M12 SMG into its holster, slung a SRS-99G S3-AM over his back, and carried the M73D in his hands. The STO were to drop into enemy lines to disrupt supply lines to further aid the normal marine forces. After leaving the Athena class cruiser, the dropship headed toward Kanna and landed uneventfully.

It's too quiet... we're in the middle of Brute territory... and I know I saw a few fires on the way down.

"Platoon, spread out. Hide in the grass and wait until 2200 Hours Local time."

The STO platoon settled into the tall weeds in the field, and waited.

"Alright... move out."

The pointman moved first, using the M12 SMG to sweep left and right until they hit the main road. However, before they could survey the area, a convoy of Wraiths and other Covenant vehicles passed by on the roadway. The STO team hit the deck and waited for the convoy to pass before moving toward their first target of the night, a Brute supply depot. -- Sergeant Major Arnold Lewis, UNSC Naval Special Warfare Development Group[COM]


Lt.McCallan's droppod vibrated vilontly as it hit the surface of Kanna he quickly kicked open his pod and fired two 3 round bursts into nearby Jackels, checking his pod for anything they could salvage "Sound off!" he called into his mic "Here" Pvt.Ford replied "I'm about 10 metres from your postion,i'm en route." "Rodger that." the ell-tee replied

About 5 minutes later Ford and SSgt Rex Callahan arrived at his position. "Anyword from Wilhelm and McAllastair?" McCallan asked "Negative,but I thought I saw one of there pods go 500 metres west from me on my way down." Ford said "Shit,well we gotta clear this city for the 345th armoured but we cant go it alone. Ok well go set up a camp in that conservitry and the go look for them,agreed?" McCallan said "Agreed"They replied and headed off.

Peter Wilhelm had no idea where he was but he need to find a good place to hide and possibly snipe he quickly found the Sergeant Major and ran into an Apartment complex"Ok,i'll spot targets for ya." Patrick said "Thanks sarge."Wilhelm said as he laid his head to rest on the Sniper Rifle System 99G-S3 Anti-Material butt held his breath and waited for help to arrive It's going to be a long day He thought

Once a man enters his sights,


"We lost the lieutenant colonel Huang they have been attacked by 2 wraiths far into the city; the last communication was a Surgical strike on his position. His IFF transpondor indicated that they are 15 meter underground."

2 plattoons of the 226th battalion and 2 scorpions were able to push back a lance of Brutes and Jackals."Keep firing, I dont want those brutes to flank us from the left." A few seconde later a patrol launched a missile destroying the building in front of them, killing what was killing was from the legion of Jackal.

"Colonel, Colonel are you ok?"

"Yes soon where are we?"

As far has i know sir we are about 15 meter underground , an entire building collapsed over us." CF001 17:58, 15 August 2008 (UTC)


In the wreckage surrounding Pavlov's Tower, several Jackals sat amongst themselves, sorting out things of value from the wreckage. They traded things amongst themselves, only concerned with obtaining the best valued loot, completely oblivious to the world. They even ignored the approaching engines for the longest time. Finally, a single Jackal caught wind of it, and attempted to warn his comrades, but it was far too late.

Dozens of chainguns roared above them, slicing through their flesh as if it wasn't there. They screamed in terror, and tried to scramble for safety, but as they got to their feet, the distinctive sound of missiles was caught. A brutal explosion wiped all traces of the scavengers from existence.

Above the scene of Carnage, the Vipers and their precious cargo pressed on, scanning the area around Pavlov's Tower, searching for targets. The fighting had died down in this area, though it was only a calm before the storm. On their way to the LZ, Higgs had spotted a massive Covenant Assault force preparing for an assault on the tower. However, as long as the freeloading Helljumpers were with them, a counter-attack couldn't be risked.

Higgs pressed a few buttons, and the cockpit of his Hornet opened, allowing him to speak with his passengers, Patterson and Cullens.

"So, boys, where would you like to set up shop? Nothing but prime real estate out here!"

"Try the other side of the tower, just outside the entrance, if I know anything about drop tactics, that's where most of 'em will be!"

"Your call, man! But I warn ya, I'm getting a little tired of doing favors! My men are itching to earn their pay, so I'd appreciate it if you waited more than three hours before calling again!"

"Fine! Just land, we're here!"

Higgs looked below him. Sure enough, Pavlov's Tower sat right next to his squad, and below them a large camp of several hundred ODSTs and Marines sat waiting for something. He maneuvered his Hornet around the others, all trying to find a place to land. One by one, the Vipers dropped off the Blackhearts one pair at a time.

Jeremy hopped off his ride, as did Cullens next to him. The two walked through the camp, surveying the scene. There were thousands of tents, but only hundreds of ODSTs. The rest were out on raids, most likely.

"Cullens," Jeremy began. "gather the platoon, set up wherever you can, and begin briefing of the situation. I need to speak with an officer here."

"Yes sir." Cullens replied, already walking back to the platoon.

As Cullens barked orders at the men, Jeremy continued to march, working his way to the HQ. He stepped inside to see a makeshift command center, dozens of soldiers at computers, analyzing battle data. The combined data was shown in the center of the building, in a large holo-display of the battlefield. Several AI walked across the map, toying with different units, testing battle strategies to see just what would work best. Jeremy walked up to a man standing next to the display that looked important.

"Sir, First Sergeant Jeremy Patterson, 105th ODSTs, CO of Blackheart Platoon, I'm here to see 2nd Lieutenant Wolf."

"Ah. She's in the infirmary." The man replied. Jeremy looked slightly puzzled, so he continued.

"Apparently hers and another patrol had a nasty run-in with a Jackal assault force. Got a nasty cut on her leg, a couple bruises. Only one reported casualty on her platoon, though."

"What about the other patrol?"

"What other patrol?" The man said, a solemn look on his face. He continued on. "The docs are fixing her up right now. I give her three minutes before she's out of there and going after those Jackals again, so you'd better hurry.

Jeremy rushed out of the HQ, searching for the Infirmary, though he had forgotten to ask where it was.

MasterGreen999 18:02, 15 August 2008 (UTC)


As the HEV pods touched down, the doors blew off, revealing thirteen ODST’s. They hopped out of their pods, grabbed their weapons and ammo, then grouped round several trees.

“Where the hell are we?” said staff sergeant Robert Prota, who was expecting to see other pods and troopers.

“It seems we overshot the LZ, we’re about two hundred meters from it.” said sergeant major Thomas Niko.

Suddenly, the nearby tree’s exploded and the ground vaporized, and the sound of brutes could be heard across the woodland area.

“Shit, we’re on the remmie side of the river!” Shouted one of the ODST’s as they turned and ran for cover.

The squad opened fire on the brute attackers whilst private Peter Satchel, or Tsunami three, took cover behind a fallen tree and unhooked the M899 LAAW he was carrying. He loaded it and took aim at one of the two wraiths. The rocket fired out of the tube and up into the sky, before it dropped straight into the hottest part of the wraith; the cannon. The missile exploded, and parts of the tank flew in different directions, including that of a large group of jackals. Tsunami 3 fired another rocket, which, once again, detonated inside the wraith tank’s cannon. The wraith exploded and the blast sent several brutes flying. Tsunami two sat down and lay her sniper rifle on a rock and took aim at a brute who was stood near the squad. She squeezed the trigger and its head exploded, its body collapsing near a tree. The small pieces of its head was splattered across fireteam Nevada and she took aim at another. She aimed at a brute captain, and pulled the trigger three times, making a large hole in the brute’s body.

Sergeant major Niko blew a brute’s face off with his M108A1 shotgun an turned to face several jackals. He fired rounds into four of them, killing them instantly. He tried to fire at the final one but there were no rounds left in the shotgun. Suddenly, the jackal exploded all over him, and he saw Nevada 4, Lance Corporal Damian Fletcher, stood ten meters behind where the jackal was before he fired a grenade launcher into the back of its head.

The brutes began to flee back to the bridge and Omega Squad regrouped.

“Nice job Omega, but now we need to take the bridge” said Omega Lead.

The squad moved up to the bridge where there were more brutes and jackals.

“This is a piece of cake” said Private Satchel.

The battle was relatively easy, strictly speaking. All the brutes and jackals were dead, except one, very angry chieftain. He hefted his hammer and brought it down on the wrecked car that Nevada lead was using as cover. The chieftain continued to smash the wrecks out of the ways as the ODST’s continued to dodge him. The ODST’s continued to wear out the brute until he slowed down, then they opened fire. The brutes Armor crippled under the combined fire, and it fell helplessly to the floor. Sergeant major Niko walked over to it, and noticed it was still moving. He kicked it and it rolled over, his face covered in blood.


Omega lead pumped his shotgun then shoved it onto the brute’s open mouth, then pulled the trigger. The head exploded and Lead walked over to the others.

“Good job, lets gather their weapons and set up defences.”

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9th of August, 2607, 14:23 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Sector 7-8 , Gimmel City, Pavlov's Tower

Jennifer lay back on the makeshift operating table at the bottom floor of Pavlov's Tower. An overly-jaded field surgeon, his green apron pulled snug over his black battle armor, worked patiently on the bit of shrapnel embedded in her calf, while a rather young-looking medic slid a bandage over the gash in her leg. That plasma grenade had gotten closer than she had estimated, and had taken out Corporal Myers, the platoon's most cheery and overconfidant noncom. The shard of jagged plasteel that was embedded in her lower leg was a part of his armor, and half of the blood was his. Just the thought of that made her stomach lurch in revulsion. And that Jackal fireteam leader had been even tougher. She was lucky to walk away from that fight with just these wounds... They had gotten the Jackal patrol, though. Gotten them good. The delicate trigger fingers that hung at Lydecker's web belt, taken from the Jackal corpses after the fight, told that story.

"We can't afford any more carelessness," she said through gritted teeth to Lydecker. Apparently, all of the morphine and painkilling drugs had been used up some time ago. The surgeon had had the decency to give her a .50-cal sniper bullet to bite down on, but it still hurt like hell when he slid the metal out.

"I couldn't agree more. All of these patrols, and the relatively weak fight they're putting up... it's taking us off our fighting edge. So when they actually want to be aggressive, they'll catch us off-guard. Like those Jackal bad-asses. Which is exactly what they want."

The surgeon was finished, and he gently patted Jennifer's newly-bandaged leg to let her know she could get down. And then go back to duty. Pavlov had his new reinforcements out on the line 24/7, which was a good decision on his part. It let his exhausted men take a slight break from the action, and let the Helljumpers get a feel for the terrain and the type of enemy they faced. She fumbled a bit in her step, and Lydecker offered her his shoulder to lean on. Together, they trooped out of the medical tent, and into the smashed-out lobby of the Tower. Glass littered the floor, catching the early-morning light and refracting it in random but beautiful patterns on the wall. A lot of the troops spent their off time here, enjoying the miniscule entertainment it offered.

As they moved out of the building they ran headlong into Blackheart Platoon's CO, who seemed to be looking for Jennifer. She couldn't exactly place him, but felt that he was familiar in some way.

SPARTAN-091[Admin]UNSC.jpg [Talk] 22:17, 15 August 2008 (UTC)


"Captian Son! Move you're company away from the LZ, I want your LRRPs to scout the area around us and relieve Sarah's scouts." Locklear said into his radio as I Company touched down from dozens of Pelicans. Their landing went off with no interruptions. "Archangel ETA on the next batch."

Archangel materialized before the Lieutenant Colonel. "Twenty-seven minutes for Alpha Company. And an hour and a half for the whole of 1st Battalion."

Locklear looked at a hologram of the surrounding areas. They would need to move soon or else the LZ would get too packed. "Once the LRRP teams are deployed have Sarah start sweeping the streets and clearing this area."

"Lieutenant Colonel Sir!" Sarah's voice broke free from a nearby radio.

"Sarah talk to me." He said as Dove walked up as well.

"Sir, my scouts reporting large movement of Remnants, they've got armor." Locklear listened, he brought his hand up to his mouth and bit at the end of his thumb to think. "They're coming from the East off Wayne Street. ETA is three minutes."

"How large a force we talking here Captian?"

"Regimental size sir."

Fuck. Locklear thought. That was 3 to 1 odds, lucky for him Captian Le Be Son's I Company had the Battalion's Heavy Weapons platoon. "Dove get Captian Son, have him deploy his 1st Platoon into the 3rd Building. Let them scatter around make em harder targets. Have him pull his LRRP teams back, we're gonna need men on the line. Have Colven shift 2nd and 3rd Platoon into this building here." Locklear pointed, the large six story building wasn't one of the original three. It stood away from the perimeter, perpindicular to the 3rd building making it in perfect position for an L ambush. "Sarah can you're scouts paint the targets for an airstrike?"

"Sir if they try I'm afriad they'll just call attention to themselves." Sarah said concerned.

"It's your call than Captian, keep your 1st and 3rd platoons on reserve and ready to move while 2nd platoon goes on the line with I and H Company." Locklear looked out the window and already saw the ODSTs making their way across the LZ into the buildings.

"Yes sir, I'll have the scouts try to paint the targets sir."

"Sir permission to join the line." Dove said.

"Hold your horses I'm going to so just wait." Locklear than moved to one of the nearby radiomen. "Get me plenty of airsupport okay?"

"Yes sir, don't worry sir, we're leading this dance." the radio man said than spoke into the communications device.

Locklear looked around making sure he wasn't forgetting anything. Damnit, he was hoping to get 1st Battalion on the ground before making any large scale engagements. "You with us." Locklear said to a nearby radioman, he got up and grabbed the radio than shifted it onto his back. "Dove also make sure we keep the scouts active in the other areas I don't wanna get hit from the rear in this."

Locklear exited the building with Dove and the radioman beside him who was feeding him information. Soon overhead a small formation of Gull gunships fly overhead, Sarah had risked her scouts to give them some time. Locklear picked up a small crate of grenades and went towards the 3rd building. In the distance he could hear the echoes of explosions.



Aboard the UNSC Essex, in orbit above Kanna.

Major Ross East Jr. was unused to flying off a carrier, being a member of the UNSC Air Force, though he had done it a few times before. Ross' F/I-905 Claymore Fighter flew out of the hangers of the UNSC Essex, along with six other Claymores of the UNSCAF 3rd Canadian Squadron, also known as the Polar Bear Squadron, after the white aircraft they flew during the Battle of Toronto in winter 2552. The squadron, once a volunteer squadron assembled shortly before the Second Battle of Earth, lead by Ross' father, had earned a reputation after Ross East Sr. volunteered to deliver the first antimatter-tipped missile ever used by the UNSC to a Covenant Assault Carrier in the Second Battle of Earth and later fought the Covenant in various UNSC victories late in the war. Now the 3rd Squadron was an elite unit, one of the best in the UNSC Air Force and Navy. Ross and his squadronmates aircraft was loaded with 18 AIM-11 CLAW air-to-air missiles as usual, but it had the usual TALON anti-ship missiles replaced with several BARB and PINCER air-to-ground missiles and four RUIN JDAMs and two DEVASTATION bunker busters. Ross and his squadron were on a mission to clear Covenant forces from two landing zones near Danel city, one on a highway, where Petrel Dropships were to drop off half the 6th Armored Division and 10th Gaelic, and the landing zone on the shore for a the other half of the two divisions, which were to user a pincer manuver to crush the brutes in the city from both sides. The 3rd Squadron flew in over the ocean that Danel stood on the shore of.

"Bear One here, We are approaching the landing beaches. All aircraft commence bombing run, concentrate on super heavy plasma mortars and AA batteries, as well as any Scarabs the brutes might have there.", Ross said through the radio. "Roger, beginning attack run now", Brittni Skylar, one of Ross's squadronmates said. Ross flew his Claymore towards a pair of alien built bunker containing heavy plasma mortars, as well as numerous Shade, Trace, and Soul turrets. The AA guns fired at Ross, but, thankfully all the plasma exploded around him. Ross hit the bomb release and felt his aircraft suddenly lurch upwards as the burden of first one, and then two DEVASTATION bunker busters was lifted. Glancing at his rearview monitor, Ross saw both bunkers explode in balls of fire. Ross turned around and dropped his JDAMs on four AA batteries, when he saw it, coming through a particularly wide path blasted through the city, a Scarab Ultra Heavy Assualt Platform. Ross barrel rolled to the right, swerving his Claymore away from the deadly plasma bolts of the Scarabs AA gun before he released a single BARB heavy air-to-ground missile, sending the missiles explosive-filled penetrator rod straight into the Scarab's core. The Covenant war machine so fear by UNSC infantry was nothing to Ross and his Claymore. The Scarab erupted in blue flames. After several more attack runs, which reduced much of the Covenant prescence on the shore to burning ruins, Ross' radio cracked to life. "Seraphs, 12:00 high, a whole swarm of 'em, chasing a squadron of Petrel Bombers over the city centre.", Jean Robiechaud, Ross' French Canadian squadronmate, said through the radio. "All right ladies and gentlemen, lets take 'em down before they get any of the Axes, Broadswords and Petrel Bombers. As Ross flew towards the city centre, a frantic call was heard over the radio. "All UNSC units, we are being chased by a whole swarm of Seraphs, any UNSC force please assist. Ross got a radar lock on the first six of about eighteen Seraphs. Ross fired six AIM-11s, all of which independently homed in on a different Seraph. Six enemy fighters went up in balls of flame, as did several more, who fell victim to the missiles of Ross' other comrades. With technologies such as independently targetable missiles existing since the 21st century, Ross knew fullwell why in the modern UNSC Air Force, the term "ace", a pilot who shot down five enemies, was bestowed so regularly. Nost pilots didn't consider anything less than 15 kills worth bragging about. Ross, however, had just scored his 36th kill, and he was'nt done yet. 50mm cannons blazing, Ross shot down the last two fighters at extremely close range. "Thanks for the assist", the pilot attacked Petrel Bombers said through the radio, shortly before the Petrel released two ENTHROPY massive fuel air bombs, destroying several Remnant Heavy Plasma Mortars, and everything else in a two block radius. Ross and the rest of the 3rd Canadian flew out of the city, to the second LZ, for the other half of the pincer manuver. Dozens of Covenant Remnant Wraiths, Pummelers, Mutilators, Prowlers, Crushers, Choppers, and Even two Scarabs stood guard on the highway. The radio in Ross's fighter cracked to life again. "Looks like they were expecting us to use this highway", Ross's unusually named squadronmate,Allie "Ditto" Allison, said. "Well they won't be expecting this!" yelled John Archer, yet another pilot of the 3rd Canadian, firing two BARB AGMs into each of two Scarabs. The two walkers both exploded spectacularly. "Nice shot", Ross said, "Now lets mop up the rest of them!". PINCER missiles and 50mm shells flew at the alien armor. Soon the highway below was a sea of burning wrecks. "Look's like were done here", Ross said, "Time to return to the carrier."

FA 712 Scimitar.jpg | SPARTAN119


As Jeremy rushed to the Infirmary, he almost ran straight into Lt. Wolf and Lydecker. He dug his feet in, and ground to a halt, quickly bringing up a salute.

"Ma'am, First Sergeant Jeremy Patterson, ODST 105th, CO of Blackheart Platon, Ma'am!"

"At ease, Patterson." She replied. Jeremy brought his hand down, but remained rather rigid. "What's the situation, you almost bowled over Lydecker and I?"

"Ma'am, we were airlifted by a mercenary unit from a bridge south of here. Along the way, we discovered a massive Remnant assault group, I'd place it well over a thousand. All the dozens of patrols that have suddenly appeared have come from that unit. We believe they are gearing up for an assault on Pavlov's Tower."

"Noted, Sergeant. What do you suppose we do about it?"

"A counter-strike, Ma'am. Take a company, maybe more of ODSTs, engage them before they're ready to deploy. We might be able to rout them with a successful attack. My platoon'll be up for it, I'm sure. I just need to know how much support we'll have behind us if we attempt this."

MasterGreen999 19:47, 16 August 2008 (UTC)


Dragon Squadron opened fire on the newest wave of Seraphs, Gigas and Tarasque fighters, but they were too much. Samuel and Roy had nearly been shot from the sky, and had returned to the Valiant for immediate repairs, while Alice, Joshua, Aaron and Marshall were badly damaged, nearly to the point of returning for repairs themselves. The remaining squad members fought on, taking out wave after wave of fighters, but they were starting to run low on ammo.
There was a break in the fighters, and Nick spoke. "Robert", he said, "How much longer until reinforcements?"
Robert winced. He remained silent for a minute, then said, "Dragons, I'll be honest with you: we might not make it out of this battle alive; the reinforcements are going to arrive for another two hours"
There was silence on the COM lines. It was Jacob who broke it. "Well then, it's been nice knowing you guys; now, if we're going out, then let's go take all these guys with us. Who's with me?"
There was a round of cheers and "I am"'s over the COM line as Dragon Squadron rushed forward, charging the incoming wave. Then, not far from their position, space seemed to glow and ripple. Watching it, Robert was shocked and amazed as the entire UNSC relief fleet appeared, two hours ahead of schedule. Hope filled Dragon Squadron as hundreds of ships poured from the new arrivals, attacking the Brute fighters and ships without remorse. The knowledge that this battle could be won strengthened the resolve of Dragon Squadron, and they fought on with renewed determination.

Keilus watched as Human insertion pods crashed down onto the surface of the planet. Soon enough, they were followed by all sorts of Human air vehicles, including the large Petrel transports carrying in Warthogs, tanks and more. It seemed impossible, that they could defeat the humans only to have them drop in from behind. But Keilus would not let them retake the city of Gimmel; no, such a thing would be humiliating, possibly punishable by death. Such a fate was not one that Keilus wanted, and so he would defeat these humans with his dying breath if necessary.
"Charge the Humans my brothers!", Keilus yelled, "Defeat the filthy scum!"
In unison, at least two hundred Brutes and an army of vehicles swarmed forward towards the oncoming Human army. Choppers surged ahead, and those that survived the tank fire chopped down and squished the marines, only for even these to be quickly killed out.

Dekd Nok watched the oncoming tide of Humans forces on the other side of Gimmel. This would be a pleasurable battle for him. Giving the signal, all of the trees in the field the Humans were passing through seemed to erupt as Kig-Yar burst forth to attack, hundreds of them doing their job effectively. In the midst, Gant'J-Yar commanded his troops admirably, he himself in the thick of the fight as well, not one to stand back and order his troops to do something he would not do himself. The thought that they would feast well that night crossed every Kig-Yar's mind.

--<Lies> Necros Demon|<When Evil Comes> <Heroes Shall Rise> 21:06, 16 August 2008 (UTC)


9th of August, 2607, 16:44 Theta Nero System

A rare smile cracked across Tupolovitch's lips.

"Brute frigate just turned to broadside sharpish, its changing it's lances!" A bridge officer reported

"Move to full speed, sound the collision alarm." He said calmly

"We're going to ram that stupid bastard. I want to make sure all our men are braced for impact."

The bridge crew looked confused for a second before following his orders. Bulk heads sealed, gravity fields increased stability and crew in their seats pulled thier seat buckles across. Tupolovitch retired into his seat and tied himself in. The lights dimmed to red and a low, repeated alarm rang out.

"Impact in five, four.."

"Frigate fired on us!"

"two, one."

The comparitivly little frigate fired a pair of shafts of purple light into the nose of the Ragnarok before it slammed into the little ship, smashing it. The shields glowed pale blue at the nose as they shattered the little ship.

"Turn to face the enemy fleet, open fire with all guns, free aiming, destroy every last bastard!"

The ship immediatly rang with a distinct bell like chime, followed almost instinctly by many more. Ahead of them a cruiser was shattered into four large sections and hundreds of smaller pieces as a Super MAC shell tore through its deck and its prow. More shells lashed out at Frigates and destroyers, shattering them, before the whole fleet followed suit. A wave of white hot shells came out, almost as a singular wave, destroying dozens of ships. The Brute fleet wallowed, confused and disorientated, trying desperately to face two powerful foes. Tupolovitchs smile was wiped away by the ship suddenly shaking. The ships 3D holographic diagram showed a yellow burning outline to the portside of the ship.

"Covenant Battleship incoming, energy project hit confirmed!"

"Give us a broad side, call for fire support."

"Aye sir. This is Ragnarok requesting fire support on Covenant Battleship at five niner seven charlie."

"This is the Storm Bringer, target confirmed, firing."

Tupolovitch watched the spine mounted guns twist to face the battleship. He turned to face a camera facing the battleship, the edge of the Heavy turret. A pair of blasts slammed into the side of the Battleship, the blasts causing knocking it off its intercept course. Tupolovitch smiled on as a broadside of four MACs and a Heavy MAC fired on it, the MACs shattered upon its shield at first, flashing with a silver light. The last two however, were more succesful, one smashing into its nose and the other smashing through its prow/starboard. Smoke billowed from the wounds in it, making the ship list. A swarm of missiles fired off, smashing into the stricken vessel, tearing it open and opening it's wounds. It caught fire internally as mass decompression turned to a fire ball that immolated the struggling vessel. It began to crumble like a paper cup before it simply lost all structural integrity and simply disintergrated.

A screen opened up in the corner of the battle display, showing Gi with a ear to ear grin.

"Seems your late?" He laughed

"Early don't you mean?" Tupolovitch smiled

"Either way, lets finish this quickly."


9th of August, 2607, 16:01 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Holt Village

Warren checked his shoulder mounted 'bunny ear' camera again, spotting the Brutes running down the bridge. Another burst of fire from the machine gun in the bunker covering the bridge set them scurrying for cover or screaming for medical aid. Cannon fire pinned the troops down across the river and missiles struck out at the tanks.

"Fire is getting heavy, when is the armour arriving?"

"Theres wide band radio jamming, doesn't look like we know of any support!" his radio man barked

"Yeah well, at this rate, we're gonna run outta ammo!" Warren shouted

A rogue spike speared the camera stalk. Warren swore and retorted with a burst of fire.

"Hey El-Tee, looks like HOPE pods, up high!"

"Looks like ODSTs, coming in high."

"Jump Brutes, coming in high, looks like they are trying to comprimise the LZ!"

"Screw this, I'm going to go get them."

He ran down the low wall cover the side of the river bank, spirnting faster as he covered gaps in the wall. He turned off and sprinted down into hedgerows that marked either side of the road and headed across the open road to the alotment where they landed. He was interupted by plasma imapct on his shield, forcing him to face the Banshee strafing right down the road at him. He held his ground for a second, as long as his shields could before side stepping it as it went down low at a high speed, coming just abouth a meter above. He rose his free arm and digged all of his power into his legs and leapt up and forwards. His Hydraulic and well armoured arm tore through the Banshee's thin arm like it would a plaster wall. The Banshee span out and dug into the road, skidd several meters on its canopy. Warren turned and fired on it, pumping it full of .50cal rounds. It exploded in a glimmering shower of blue fire. He turned to move down to the alotment but a fuel rod discharge slammed into his back, knocking him onto his face. His armour was charred, his freshly recharged shields failing to full stop the place. Inside he felt it heat up and struggled to raise back up. He saw a Banshee cruiser over head and then turned sharply to come down at him.

"Shit... the bastard has me cold." He mumbled, the previous attack having left him stunned

The Banshee rose up then nose dived down towards him until a streak of silver with a orange tail punched through its midriff, blowing the canopy off from the main body and sending it spiralling down to the ground. Both ends crumbled on impact at the ground before a platoon of ODSTs in black armour came scurrying out of the hedges surrounding the alotment. the fired skywards as Jump Brutes fell to the ground, firing off their weapons. Warren turned his powerful rifle to them as well, cutting many down as they jetted through the sky. One to his right got the jump on him, firing a brute shot at him. The shell knocked him off balance, his shields having barely recharged and knocking the rifle from both hands to one. A cluster of Brutes made landfall right in front of him and batted his weapon away then tried to jump him. This first to rush him had his skull crushed by a almighty punch to the side of him while the second he locked one hand around his head and another onto his chest plate then spun both in different directions, creating a sickening crack. The last fumbled and tried to back off and tripped over a corpse. He leapt up and came down on him with one foot, crushing his rib cage like a fragile cardboard box. He turned back to go for his gun when another trio landed in front of him. They were smarter, they aimed their weapons for him and stared him down. With his shield low and their Brute shots loaded, they would probably tear him to pieces. The centre brute suddenly, mid gloat, froze. The ODST's firing had stopped. He could see the silver end of a combat knife, now tarnished with blood, protuding from inbetween his armour plates. The others both looked at him as a ODST planted their arm around his neck, choking him and forcing the blade a little deeper before twisting it. The Brute gurgled then went limp.

"Die, you fucking ape." The ODST growled, their voice feminine but full of anger and spite. Warren quickly grabbed one of the shocked Brutes by the head, crushing his helmet and skull then tossed him at the other brute, knocking him several feet and crushing him under his comrade. The ODST marched up to his pinned body, placing her boot on top of him then fired a single round into his skull from her side arm.

"I'm assuming your in charge here?" She barked, holstering her pistol.

"Yeah, come on, our fortifications are this way he said. A plasma mortar impacted behind them causing him to duck along with her ODSTs but she remained standing, checking over her M10 PDWS. He lead them back. moving along the wall, to the bridge, the ODSTs firing as they went. Their third supporting Scorpion emerged, firing from a gap in a wall, destroying a Wraith.

"The Wraiths got us zeroed in, had to move!"

The ODSTs moved to firing positions, firing full auto at the enemy, gunning many of the attackers down before they could get close.

"We got a problem, south road, I spot eight Wraiths, moving up, bombarding us!"

Warren moved up behind the guardhouse for the bridge and saw them coming, straight down the road.

"Get to your cover! Artillery incoming!"

Warren and a handful of the ODSTs moved to the cover of a bunker commanding a position over the trenchworks that covered one of the river banks. The Scorpions rose their guns and began trying to blindly bombard the Wraiths with HE shells, explosions shattering all around them. They opened full automatic fire on them, with them replying with poorly aimed plasma mortars, many falling short or over reaching and a flurry of plasma cannon fire.

"Fuck this shit, hold your ground!" Warren roared, standing up and firing full auto on them. One Wraith moved to face right at him then exploded violently, followed by all the other Wraiths down the line. A pair of olive green Raptor Gunships flew over head, spinning to face the Brutes and fire a torrent of rockets, missiles and 20mm cannon fire down on the Brutes. A set of CLAW missiles fired off, annihilating an incoming flight of Banshees, leaving the air clear.

"This is Reaper Four to ground forces. You have the all clear. Diced the bastards into little pieces."

"Thanks for the sweet air cover, chase those bastards down." Warren reported with a smile.

Behind him, the distant thrum of hydrogen engines got closer as a convoy of motorised vehicles turned up, the lead Warthog carrying their officer.

"Looks like the air guys beat us to the punch eh?" The female officer frowned. She was at the wheel of her lead Warthog, leaning over to face Warren who came trotting over, followed by the ODST officer.

"I don't suppose you can give us a lift into town, could ya?"

"You guys just went through hell and you still want to go to the front? you sound like my kind of Marine." She smiled, lifting her field cap and brushing back her short cropped red hair.

"'Fraid I ain't got much room. I got supplies for you guys. Once we get into town we're setting up a LZ, we should be able to airlift you guys in later." She smiled

"Well, we'll see you at the front then. He said, tapping the bonnet of her Warthog to motion that she can go on.

The convoy moved off, driving away, towards the distance pyres of smoke. As Warren backed off from the road the ODST officer came up behind him and gave him a hard knock on his chest plate.

"Hey you smug son of a bitch." She menacingly growled "Open up in there!"

He opened up his chest plate, looking down at her from his cockpit, bemused. The ODST, with a hiss, removed her helmet, revealing a fair skinned face with a vibrantly dyed shock pink close cut hair, in more of a wavey bob than anything else.

"Oh, if it isn't the little rager. Lil, I haven't seen you since boot camp." Ace said with a smile

"Don't gimmie that bullshit Warren you lazy bastard. I can't beleive you even made it to Second Lieutenant." She said, crossing her arms

"Good to see you haven't changed Lil." he smirked before shutting his chest plate "However, looks like we're heading into Gimmel together. Your going to have to bear with me a little while longer."

"Not unless I shoot you first." She said, pouting

"Awww, is Queenie gonna kick my ass?" He smiled, walking away.

(Post in unfinished, I'm gonna get the rest up soon)

<Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax


Jackson looked at the computer monitor, watching a large force of Whale and Orca landing craft, loaded with his troops approach the beach. Already they were under-fire from Wraith artillery. As they approached even closer, they began to take even more fire, the Brutes had this beach defended extremely well, Wraith artillery, trench system with dozens of Brutes and from the look of it about four chaingun turrets set in place. He continued to watch as the ships hit the beach.

The Whale had finally stopped, they must have reached the beaches. As the marines began to precheck their weapons, the Captain began his speech.

"Men, our objective is to secure this beach and set up a base of operations for our push into Danel. The 77th has already landed with pods and the 6th armored is on their way now. As soon as we hit this beach look for any cover you can find and wait for orders to move to the rally point."

And with that the marines let out a cheer.

"Tiocfaidh ár lá!"

The ramp lowered and the marines began to rush out, however spikes began to fly into the craft, slicing the marines shielding. Most of the marines piled out, however many remained onboard, either dead or dying. Callihan rushed for a rock, along with five other marines, their shields flickering from spikes and plasma blasts from Wraiths.

Callihan quickly yelled to the captain "Sir, they got Slashers buried in the sand!"

"I know corporal, we gotta wait for the second wave to drop off armor"

A Wraith blast landed near the rock, sending a marine flailing out of cover, he was cut down by a chaingun.

"We still got to get to them dunes to rally with the others, and we gotta move now!"

The squad rushed for the dunes. They could provide adequate cover from the guns, and wait for the second wave to drop off armor. They ran, one marine getting a spike through his eye, the Brutes didn't relent however, another spike pierced his knee,shoulder, and finally finishing him off with a spike to the throat. The others did make it.

"Alright, everyone we have to wait for armor to destroy those Slashers or we aren't gonna make it."

Another ten minutes passed, Many more marines fell when they poked up to fire. Callihan looked down at the beach, many marines lay dead, one was crawling, but he was just a torso. A chaingun burst ended his misery. Many landing craft also remained, they were either destroyed or too damaged to move. However, more landing craft kept coming, the second wave had finally arrived, rockets from the Orcas hit the trenches, sending Brutes running. They craft hit the beaches, as more marines rushed to the dunes, and the Orcas lowered their ramps.Kangaroos began to drive onto the beach, firing their cannons into the Slashers, sending the Brute inside running, however a round impacted directly into the back of him, putting a hole straight through his chest.

Callihan noticed this, and threw a frag grenade over into the trenches with a resounding "Hell ya!"


The grove outside of Pavlov's Tower had erupted in combat as the ODST relief force was caught in a trap by a massive Jackal group. Though there were several shots fired, there was little choice but to engage in melee combat, where Jackals would have the advantage with their Cutlasses.

Jeremy put his black belt in Tae Kwon Do to use, grabbing a Jackal by his wrist and sweeping out his leg, breaking it. He found the Bird-like alien was actually very light, so he brought it up over him, and smacked it down on an adjacent rock. An outcropping drove through its midsection, killing it as it squawked in agony. He glanced to his left to see Roger going somewhat trigger happy, as he launched his SABRE missiles into the Jackal hordes, killing dozens. When he was done, he drew his knife, and tackled a Jackal, rolling into a nearby melee between Wolf's Platoon and several Brutes.

He turned back to his current situation, as a Brute Captain charged his position. Jeremy opened up with a few BR bursts, but they fell short of a lethal spot, or the Brute had gone berserk and was ignoring the pain. Either way, it was bad for him. As the Captain charged, he shot off a Nailer burst. Most shots missed, but one made contact with his knee, shattering it. He fell to his knees, the pain overwhelming him. But as the Brute came to deliver a blow to the head, he managed to roll away. He saw the Brute was preparing another blow, as a Blackheart, Private Yosemite clambered onto the Brute's back. He propped his SMG to face the ape's head and fired a large burst. The Captain fell dead, blood leaking down the side of his face.

Yosemite helped the Sergeant up, and allowed him to support himself on him.

"Come on, sir" Yosemite began. "We've secured part of the field, I'll get you there." Yosemite began to walk with his CO, trying to stay alive in the killing field that surrounded them.

"Brute approaching at Five o'clock!" The entirety of Second Squad swiveled on its position, and fired BR shots at the Brute, bringing it down before it took a step closer.

"Nice shot, squad!" Sergeant Cullen hollered. "We've only just begun! Jackal Cutthroats! Two o'clock! Draw your knives, boys!"

Second squad shifted to melee combat, fanning into a medieval line formation. As the Jackals charged them, they collided with the first line, exchanging blows. Three Cutthroats fell dead, as did Corporal O'Mally. The second line, however, swung around from behind, trapping the Jackals. Surprised and dazed, they were cut to pieces.

Corporal Marez ran to their position, yelling out a warning.

"New Jackal force! Almost 200 from the east!"

Kindik'Yar trilled in glee as he saw this battle unfold before him. It was a bloodbath, with plenty of room for his lance. He had found the perfect vantage point from which to charge, and had waited for the perfect moment, when the Humans would least expect them. This was that moment. With a throaty trill, he ordered the charge, and Kindikuu bounded down from the ridge, crashing into a squad of ODSTs. They were unable to see them coming, and were completely bowled over as the Kig'Yar went into a blood frenzy. They threw tactics and caution to the wind as each scrambled to make his own kills. They would dive into entire platoons, hacking away mindlessly until they or them were dead. While just as giddy as his troops, Kindik'Yar had a bit more sense about preserving his life. He weaved through the battlefield, finding unwitting targets that had no one to support them. He would kill them in an instant.

He saw many of his Kindikuu blindly charging a group of a dozen of the Drop Troopers, in a line formation. His Cutthroats were among them. "Don't do it!" He yelled, but it was too late. In seconds, they were wiped out by the Humans. Kindik'Yar demanded revenge, and charged their line. He found the best target, their Sergeant, and sprinted towards him, cutlass drawn and Guantlet raised, deflecting the ODST's shots with ease. He leaped through the air, soaring above them, and came crashing down on their sergeant. The entire squad stopped and stared at the beast standing on their leader.

He coughed, and spat out the words, "Hit me with your best shot..." He paused to cough. "you lousy bird!"

"With pleasure." He replied in a cooing voice, somewhat surprising them he spoke fluent English. He raised his sword to the sky and brought it down mercilessly. But then, he stopped. Just short of the sergeant's face. But why? He brought his hand to his back, and checked. A large flow of blood was oozing out. He looked to find the attacker. Several dozen yards away, an ODST was being dragged away by another, his barrel still smoking. He turned to face this new foe, crowing out horrific screeches. Before he could take off, another shot hit his shoulder. His shield arm fell limp. He screeched again, and came running. Another burst hit him in his lower chest. His lowest rib shattered into a hundred pieces, puncturing his stomach and a lung. But he did not slow. Knowing his time was short, he ran full gait, mercilessly bearing down on this fool that dared to fire on him. He leaped into the air, bringing his Cutlass down...

Only to see that it hit the wrong one. The ODST dragging his assailant fell to the ground in a crumpling heap, parylzed by a stab wound to his spine. Desperate to find the assailant's identity, he brough his arm down, smacking off his helmet. He saw the face of a young Human, the equivalent of a recruit in Kig'Yar's time. He was light-skinned, almost pale. He had long black hair that covered his left eye. A small smirk on his face could be seen as he brought his rifle to bear on the Captain's face. In a final act of intimidation, Kindik'Yar screeched as loud as he could, stopping the entire battle for just a moment, to hear the dying cries of a merciless leader of the Kig'Yar. As it reached its peak, the smile on the Human's face grew. He jerked his rifle, jamming it into Kindik'Yar's mouth. Desperate to escape, he began to turn away. But it was too late. He fired, shattering the Captain's skull. Kindik'Yar hit the ground, already dead.

"Bubba" Higgs watched from above as the battle played out. The Kig'Yar ambush unit had proven effective, and had pushed the Humans back ever-so-slightly, but superior physical might and strategy was winning the day for the Humans. However, the remaining Kig'Yar were much more organized suddenly. Higgs had been looking for the cause of it. He found it on a nearby ridge. A Kig'Yar leader was issuing commands through their COMM network. He decided to put an end to it. He swooped down in his hornet, drawing a bead for his missiles.

But the Kig'Yar had noticed him, and anti-tank units got a lock on him. His cockpit flashed red as he received a lock on their Commander, and they locked on to him. As he prepared to fire, he began to think.

There's nowhere to run. I can't reach the ground in time. I'm really gonna die.

He glanced at the battle. The Kig'Yar were pushing back now, gaining an advantage.

I guess it's a necessary loss. I've only got one shot, I'm going to make it count.

He flipped open the switch and fired, as anti-tank Kig'Yar fired their shots. As the missiles speeded towards their mark, he yelled into the COMM.

"Dammit Jeremy, you'd better win this war! I Fracking died for it!"

As his missiles neared their mark, he was denied the pleasure of seeing his work. The Kig'Yar missiles hit first. Higgs died uncertain of whether or not he had changed the course of the battle.

MasterGreen999 13:43, 17 August 2008 (UTC)


9th of August, 2607, 16:52 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Danel City

Pyres of smoke rose up from the intense costal bombardment on the landing beaches. The arrival of armour and Orca support vehicles had delivered torrents of fire onto the Brute defenders and forcing them to retreat. The Gaelic landed on the beaches, with the 6th Armoured crusing up a number of highways into the city to provide close fire support for marines on foot. However, the 77th were having a less fair go of it. The more deeper penetrating and hard pressed ODST and air dropped units had a hard go of things. Despite an aerial dominance, their Dropships only carried so much ordnance. With Brute infantry and armoured vehicles pressing close, it could only be a matter of time before they were overrun and crushed. However, from the surrounding countryside and into the vast metallic canyon, a collection of green plated bug like fyling contraptions flew, spitting missiles, tank popping shells and infantry butchering explosive shells. AV-49D Sparrowhawks bolstered the fight, manouvering into the combat zone.

"This is callsign Rodan, my squadron is on air support. Anybody with a laser designator or a smoke, give us a target." The radio crackled

As the Sparrowhawks arrived, so did the Brute armour, trying to push the armour and beach advancments back while Brutes fought a brutal close quaters war with the Marines, with supporting armour, trying to remove them from their strong points.

Else, where in the city of Gimmel, things fared little better. The 345th regiment and 226th battalion had ground to a halt in their attack, with their officer under bombardment and advanced halted. The ODSTs paving the way were under serious contention, with many of the major bridges leading from the outer suburbs to the city poprer in the area being destroyed before they can take them or the few taken fought back by Remnant tanks. However, in the distance, a small band of UNSC motorised vehicles drove forth. Setting up firebases, Landing Zones for more armour, troops and equipment as they went, before their vanguard broke into urban fighting, taking many of the buildings surrounding the trapped tank and infantry units. Soon, the air came alive with the sound of thunder claps as a ground of Axe Attack Jets began to strafe Brute positions, dropping JDAM bombs, rockets and anti tank missiles, along with armour piercing and explosive shells, supporting both the pinned 226th and 345th then moving ahead, supporting the 101st. Anything they target deisgnated with lasers or smoke was as good as dead.

Elsewhere, the single black armoured demon had sent many of the Brutes running, with the SCU arriving soon to mop up the other two objectives. However, brute armour seemed to curry about the command compound before being struck down by a flurry of missiles, their vapour trails emminating from blank space.

"This is ONI Squadron 80, Seirra-one four four, we have you covered." the radio buzzed in a cool and commanding voice. Owl Gunships kept him covered from the air.

Outside Danel, things were hectic. Occassional bursts of AA fire showed exactly where the major brute positions were. Positions in need of destruction. Now would be the best time to strike. with the drivers and pilots of vehicles still prepping up and soldiers just stirring from their barracks, the unprepared brutes would be easy pray for the elite STO raids. Even in broad daylight their M7 Armour would keep them hidden from site and allow them to get in close for the sabotage and attack. However, if things went bad, they would be seperated from the main forces and air cover. The handful of STO squadrons mobilised for thier coming attack. This would be a glorious strike or a massacre.

At Pavlov's Tower a bitter sniper war broke out, forcing any of the surviving UNSC troops outside back in. As the UNSC snipers defending it seemed to get a control over things, using the unique Ghost to lure attention away and counter fire on them. However, things went from bad to worse. Close enemy AA fire and a bevy of enemy attacks and a wave of infantry assaults storming over the ruins at then no jeopardised the position. Every window, hole punched in the wall, doorway and balcony had a rifle, machine gun, missile or a sniper in it, raining death as the Brutes seemed to edge closer. Even their dedicated fire could only hold them back for so long. However, death seemed fickle today as he rained shells on the Brutes from the heavens. Above them, almost hidden in the deep clouds predicting a heavy rain storm soon, a Petrel Gunship rained 105mm, 40mm and 30mm shells from the sky, decimating infantry and vehicle alike below, causing extreme havok. Pavlov and his ODST aid had not been forgotten. however, a eventual melee would break out in the lobby as the Gunship could only hold this swarm back for so long. Even as fired thundered above, Brute Stalkers emerged in the basement, having knocked throguh adjacent walls or sewer entrances to get in, while Jackl infiltrators, from above and below crallwed into the ventilation pipes, seeking to disrupt the internal defence.

Victory on the Ground still hung in the balance. It The Gimmel and Danel offensives fialed, Brutes could easily strike back at Aleph and retake it. It all depended on a handful of Marines, luck, and a aweful lot of ammunition. <Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax


As the Everest lauched his main fighter force in the battle over the ennemy fleet the battle group was able too hold on enough to create a breach onto the the remanning ennemy force. The Everest was soon able to lauch a salva on Mac round over a ccs cruiser destroying it in only one hit the 77th Naval Squadron was called in rienforcement punching baclk the ennemy line. Soon enought an assault carrier fired several turpedo over the Everest sheild, it was able to sustain the dommage. The everest moved into ship to ship position trying to engage the 5000 meter cruiser,2 time the everest lengh, as the the forward missile laucher fired their heavy ordinance missile over the assault carrier's bride, the everest moved for the second time into position for firing another mac round the assault carrier was doomded. CF001 00:06, 18 August 2008 (UTC)


Dozens of orbital drop pods landed in the ruined city of Danel. One of these ODSTs was Sgt. Sarah East, Ross East Jr.'s younger sister, and member of an elite ODST unit, the 105th regiment of the 77th Airborne. Lindsey's drop pod had landed on the middle of what had once been a main street in Danel City, until the Remnants had destroyed many of the builings in the city. Several of Sarah's comrades, including the platoon leader, 2nd Lieutnant Micheal Price, walked out of the many damaged structures. "105th platoon, this way", Price said, leading them along another major street lined with skyscrapers, most of them with varying degrees of damage, "Those Covie plasma mortars should be a few blocks west of here." Though many of the Covenant Super Heavy Plasma Mortar turrets were destroyed by UNSC aircraft, including one piloted by Sarah's older brother, a considerable number still remanined. "It's quiet... too quiet for a warzone", Price commented as the ODSTs walked through the concrete canyon created by the skyscrapers. Suddenly, a beam rifle shot missed Sarah East by inches. "Take cover, snipers!!", Price yelled as the ODSTs dove behind destroyed cars and massive chunks of concrete blown from the sides of skyscrapers. From a particularly tall skyscraper at the end of the street, more beam rifle and carbine shots flew at the ODSTs. Lt. Price rose his head above the destroyed car he was using as cover and fired a shot with his M-99C Gauss sniper rifle. A small but lethal 5.4mm slug flew at a Kig-Yar sniper on the fifteenth floor of the structure at over 15000 feet per second. The Jackal's skull was shattered instantly. As Price picked off more of the Jackal snipers, a pack of Brutes lead by a Brute Slasher turned the corner. The Slasher fired it's Spiker-autocannon and impaled a couple of ODST on two foot metal spikes, nailing one of them to a wall, as the Slasher advanced slowly, it's two sets of blades spinning lethally. "East, give Satan's Lawnmower a missile, everyone else, deal with those Brutes!", Lt. Price ordered. Sarah placed her M-122 LMG on the ground and removed a M41B2 missile launcher from her back and took aim at the Slasher. The seconds it took to aquire a lock seemed like hours as the blades of the Slasher drew closer. Finally, Sarah got a lock and fired. The SABRE anti-tank missile flew up into the air, before diving into the roof of the Brute Slasher. The Remnant vehicle exploded, sending some of it's infantrey-shredding blades flying. Fortunately for the ODSTs, all the Slasher's blades eitheer stayed attached or flew into the horde of Brutes, slicing through several Remnant Brutes before imbedding themselves in whatever surface they came to a stop on. Sarah lowered her rocket launcher and picked up her LMG, taking down a few Brutes as pair of A-110 Axe attack aircraft fired several PINCER missiles into the tower containing the Kig-Yar snipers, before coming around again to strafe the tower with their 30mm cannons. Sarah and the rest of the platoon walked foreward a few blocks, until they came to a large city park with three Remant Super-Heavy Plasma Mortars, several Batterer and Wraith self propelled guns, guarded by two Mutilator Gravity Assault Vehicles, and countless Brutes. "East, take out the Mutilators, then fire on those Brutes with your LMG. Sarah again raised her M41B2, and fired two SABRE ATGW. Both Mutilators were destroyed before they could bring their lethal gravity generators to bear, those things could crush tanks like beer cans. The two explosions, however, alerted the Brutes defending the area. Spikes, plasma bolts, and fuel rods screamed the ODST's way, cutting down several more men. Sarah replied with her M-122 LMG, as Price began to pick off Brutes with his M99. Sarah cut down a group of a Brutes charging at the ODSTs whiles firing their Spikers wildly as Price brought down a Plasma Axe weilding cheiftain with an expertly aimed shot. The Covenant artillery vehicles turned to face the ODSTs, firing their deadly plasma mortars at the ODSTs. Sarah pciked up her M-41 and frantically reloaded. A plasma mortar shot landed alarmiingly close to Sarah, the force of the blast launching her several feet. Sarah rolled on the ground, before getting up to realize her rocket launcher was gone. Sarah looked to her right, and found the weapon lying mere feet from her. She picked up the anti-tank weapon and took aim only to notice that all of the Remnant SPGs were burning. Lt. Price stood a few feet away, reloading his M99 Gauss rifle. "So it was true", Sarah thought "those things could penetrate tank armor". Suddenly, Sarah heard a deafening bang and loud rumbling sound, she look behind her in time to see a skyscraper collapsing a few blocks away. "SCARAB", someone yelled as the large armored walker walked slowly towards them. "East!", Lt. Price said, "Keep it busy, I'll finish it off". Price then ran off in the other direction, towards to heavy plasma mortar "This better be good!", Sarah thought as she fired a pair of SABRE missiles at the Scarab. The missiles sruck one of the Scarab's legs, dropping it to it's knees. The Scarad turned it's top-mounted turret towards the ODSTs before the alien walker exploded in a sheet of blue flames. Sarah turned to see the nearest Super-Heavy Plasma Mortar turn to destroy the other two plasma mortar turrets, before a figure exited the gun control room and placed an explosive charge on the gun. The figure, which as it got closer, turned out to be Lt. Price, ran towards the ODSTs as the third alien artillery piece exploded.

FA 712 Scimitar.jpg | SPARTAN119


Locklear reloaded his rifle and fired single rounds into the incoming horde. Sarah's scouts had gambled their lives to paint the incoming force and had paid off. The scouts were left undetected and the Remnant had been hit hard and slowed. However they were still pounding the LZ hard. Locklear finally caught glimpse of 3rd Battalion's CO, Major David Grady. The bear of a man was walking down the line with part of his staff following his tail, as he went from position to position he dropped a bandalior of ammunition to the troopers there and moved on.

"Sir! That update you wanted is here!" Dove said as he emptied a clip of his rifle and began to reload. He also pointed behind him to the radio operator who peered over the lip of his cover to fire occasionally, Locklear had ordered him to stay low and keep the radio going.

Locklear moved to the radio operator, he slipped on a piece of rubble but caught himself than knelt beside the young man. "Sir! 10th Gaelic's on the beach!" the radio operator yelled over the earshattering roars of gunfire and explosions.

"How's their progress?" Locklear yelled into the man's ear. He hadn't had a helmet on and now wish he had, he wouldn't have to yell and would be able to communicate easily with the soldier.

"Slowed but they're pushing inland! Also more scouts have reported another Brute force heading towards the beach to counter attack!"

Locklear looked at the radio operator for a moment. "DOVE! Grab Captian Boyce and Major Grady!" Locklear said, than grabbed the radio operator's arm and pulled him up. The five of them than met up on the other side of the building where things were much quieter and much less hetic. "Archangel get me a map upload now." Locklear said as he placed a small black device on the ground between them. It than shined brightly and produced a hologram of Danel City. Locklear spotted his unit and the Brute forces they were engaging as well as the 10th Gaelic on the beaches assaulting Brute fortifications. Inbetween the the 10th and the 77th was the Brute counterattack heading for the beach. The only thing it was lacking was information on the 6th Armoured but that was due to lack of communications at the moment.

"Okay here's the deal, we were dropped here to pull the Brutes away from the beachs." Locklear said as he pointed to the landing parties. "Right now we've got our hands full, if this Brute counterattack hits the beaches the 10th will get slaughtered in the sand." He paused for a moment to let himself think. "Alpha Company wont be here for another twenty minutes, Major Grady I want you to pull Sarah and her Company away from the LZ and set up a quick ambush on this counterattack."

The large David Grady looked at the hologram map. "From the way they're going they'll have to go through this intersection, it's got tall buildings and a lot of open space, perfect for an ambush."

"But Sirs if you take Gamma of the line you'll be taking a third of our forces away. What if the Brutes press harder here you wont be able to hold." Sarah said in protest however both of her superiors shot her a look.

"Captian." Major Grady said, his voice even and unchanging. "Can't you see the plan here."

Locklear looked at his old friend than continued. "The sooner the 10th Gaelic pushes inland and breaks free of the beach the sooner they'll be able to help relieve us." Locklear than rubbed the back of his neck. "If that counter attack gets through we'll be stuck here surrounded."

Behind them the battle raged on, explosions boomed and echoed through the city and gunfire was a constant. Locklear had been lucky when he had quickly planned the defenses. By setting up the L shaped ambush he was not only firing on the Brutes from their front but also from their flank, the Kongs were stuck in a deadly crossfire.

Sarah Boyce looked at her commanding officers with pleading eyes, she didn't want to leave them here. But she put on her mental armor and clentched her fists. "Gamma will move out now Sirs."



(12t Age of Reclamation, Kanna, City in Ruins, Expeditionary Team for the Artefacts/Evoiding the Betrayer...)

"Run!!" shouted the Grunt Researcher as it raised its arms in the air. The Grunts around it followed and avoided the dark route in the city's corner. "Big scary thing...Run!" they shouted.

"Stop you imbeciles!" The Consul ordered as he breathed out loud. His Gravity Belt was almost out of power, after 2 hours of non-stop running. He held out his arms against the walls and rest down. "Have faith in the Stalkers as The Thing has collapsed and returned to its hole," the Consul delivered his statement. "THe mighty Brutes will return...but in the mean time, their sacrifice in battling the Beast has allow us to continue with the retrieval of the next artefact."

The Grunts slowly walked near the Consul and helped him stand. The Grunt Researcher looked at the dark sky and shuddered as a Covenant Battlesruiser flies over them. The gound shooked and several street lights shattered. "Me will lead the Team and claim Holy Artefact," said the Grunt as it held out its Plasma Pistol from its back.

The Grunts cheered and marched with the Consul through the City. From afar, the group took a right turn and slowly entered the Tunnel (Underground Tube/Station).


"Initiate landing procedures!" shouted Dahlia as she float on her holotank. Her appearance was disrupted from time to time, thanks to the EMP dispersal after a bombardment at the UNSC Base. "Maam, we're getting multiple Error Commands throughout the Ship's system," said Sam as he quickly reestablished control to the fire alarm. "Damn, Communication Node is knocked down!"

Jenny works her way through the emergency system, twisting and extending the Communication control to Probe Signatures. Though in static form, the Crew will managed to send out a signal to the Tower. "Station control, this is the Memorial. We're experiencing engine failure along with communication disruption. Replying is void!" Jenny shouts to the speaker as she holds out to the controls.

The UNSC Memorial swooped down from high above with smokes coming out from its engines. The Subprowler passed the other ships battling each other, moving twice the planet's gravity. "Jenny, Sam, The EMP disruption has subsisded. Reestablish control to me. I'll try smoothen our landing," Dahlia requested as she reappeared on the Holotank. Her appearance changed from blue to dark purple. The two ONI Technicians noded and quickly change the control module to the AI. Jenny quickly jumps to her seat at the far back, holding tightly to her seat while Sam held the Ship's keyboard to his chest.

Dahlia turned her head and look at the two ONI Technicians as they held on to their seats. She gave out a sigh and shouted out loud, "Get ready people, this will get a little rough!" The Memorial suddenly bursted its engines, giving a boost to achive latitud. The two Technicians shouted for their lives as the ship dives into the forest...

Little_Missy - Cortana Gif.gif 07:28, 18 August 2008 (UTC)


"Incoming!" A nearby Marine screamed and everyone that heard him immediately flopped down, rather ungraciously, to the ground. A Wraith tank's mortar screamed overhead, tinting evrything a purple-blue for several seconds. Major Kieran Frederick leapt up as soon as the mortar hit the ground.

"Come on! Get up off your lazy arses, this isn't nap time!"

The marines clambered up and offering half-hearted protests, crouched around the Major. He looked at each and every one of them, straight in the eyes, and just that look assured them if what they had to do. they had to secure the district known as Aleph, bring it back under UNSC control. And if anyone was the man that was gonna do it, it would be Major Frederick.

"Now, for your wives, for you children, for Earth, let's go over there and kick some Brute ass eh?"

A chorus of cheers met these words, and with that, the Major spun around, and led the 226th up the hill, towards the Brute forces. Plasma and spikes rained down from the top of the hill. 1 Marine took several of the face. Needler shards rained down like a shower of purple doom. 1 man became impaled by several dozen, then proptly exploded, spraying his blood and body parts all over surrounding soldiers. Just then, Major Frederick thought to himself.

"We might not make it!"



The 226th was already on the top of the hill soon follow by the 345th regiment Lieutenant colonel Huang and is team were with them rescued hours earlier by the 345th. The 226th already sustained medium loss during the combat to advance aleph an Gimmel. Member of the 114th followed the 25th Marine Expeditionary Brigade. It was time to move

"The enemy is at the gate and additionnal troop will follow us."

"But sir we wont made it!!!" protested a marines

"Dont you listenning to me there is about 7,600 marines following us, WE are invencible!! Now move on marines"

The 77th Naval Squadron and the 112th Naval Squadron passed over the convoy."And those fighter will open a breach into the enemy defence destroying every tank brutes Bastard or Motefu** that stand in our way" scremed Davidson "Hooora!!!" responsed the marines. CF001 15:39, 18 August 2008 (UTC)


9th of August, 2607, 10:00 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Mid-Atmosphere

Sergent Major Nick Parker (Sierra 1) shifted in his HOPE Pod. He and his Fireteam were screaming down towards the surface of Kanna. Gripping his M73D Carbine, Sierra 1 checked whether the M899 LAAW strapped to his back was secure, and that his M10 PDWS was loaded. His objectives were to destroy the Brute HQ, Barracks, and Comms center in Danel and to hold against counter attack. His assistant squad leader, Staff Sergent Natasha Volkova (Sierra 2) also held an M73D and M899. They were currently half way down to Kanna, they were to land just on the outskirts of Danel. Sierra 1 had decided to destroy the comms center so the Brutes couldn't call for reinforcements. The other members of Fireteam Sierra were SSgt Mark Shepard (Sierra 3), Sgt Micheal McNeil (Sierra 4), Sgt Alexa Kovacs (Sierra 5) and Sgt Andrew Vatz (Sierra 6).

Sierra 2 rolled into a blast crater and raised her M73D. Scanning the city, she saw no Brute activity, of course, they could have been hiding in buildings. Slowly crawling forward he met up with Sierra 1, 6, 4 and 5.

"Where's Sierra 3?" she whispered.

"He's back at the LZ, he dropped his M12." replied Sierra 1, equally quietly.

Looking over her shoulder, he saw Sierra 3 pick up the SMG and then run towards them, dropping down like the rest were. Altogether the fireteam crawled off the field and into the city, where they stood up and began their long walk to the city center, and the Brute comms equipment. A few minutes later, Sierra 6 got a call on the radio, the call was from SPARTAN-144, he had just taken out the Brute's HQ, and would link up with the fireteam later. This quickened their pace. After a few more corners, Fireteam Sierra found the comms center, the original plan had been to take out all sensitive equipment with a single LAAW. But Sierra 5 spotted a flaw in that plan.

"Holy... We're never gunna take out that much equipment with only a single LAAW missile!" Sierra 5 exclaimed

"You're right, I'll have to get up in that building, and aim for maximum damage, meanwhile, Sierra 4, get your sniper set up in the building, Sierra 4, get your M112 LMG set up too. Everyone else, get ready to charge the Brutes. Once 4 and 5 have opened fire, you three charge in firing, I'll be with you as quick as I can. Alright, move out!" Sierra 1 ordered.

Sierras 2, 3 and 6 hid behind some rubble near the door. Sierra 4 went up with Sierra 1 to the top floor and set up his M1091 SRS. Sierra 5 set up her M112 LMG on the second floor balcony, she had a perfect view of all activity below. Sierra 1 aimed his LAAW towards the largest cluster of comms equipment, and fired. Soon after, Sierra 4's SRS cracked, and Sierra 5's LMG began firing. Sierra 1 ran down the stairs and joined Sierra 2, Sierra 3, and Sierra 6, who were already engaging the Brutes and Jackals. Plasma fire blossomed off the M6B Body Armour's shielding. Bullets ricocheted off armor and shields, and buried into flesh. Sierra 6's M108A1 CAWS roared again and again. Sierra 1 and Sierra 2's Carbines fired in full auto, their suppressors dampening almost all noise. Sierra 3's M12 SMG blew Jackals open and ripped up Brutes.

Sierra 1 pulled out his M10 PDWS and aimed it at the last remaining Brute, who was bleeding from multiple wounds. -PFFFTTT- The PDWS's sound was muffled by its suppressor as the round flew from the barrel and ripped through the Brute's skull and brain. The team proceeded in blowing up, and destroying the comms equipment. Sierra 6 sent a call to SPARTAN-144, telling him that the Comms Center had been destroyed, and that they would be moving out to link up with him.

"Alright team..." Sierra 1 began, but was cut off as three Prowlers flew around a corner and sped towards them.

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"Pull, man! For the love of God pull!" Jeremy screamed in terror. Roger and Jose picked up the pace, dragging him towards Pavlov's Tower, as he faced backwards, firing on the advancing Covenant. A mass of them had been spotted approaching the Tower, and it had turned into a free-for-all to get back to the tower. The rest of the UNSC forces were already inside, watching anxiously as the three remaining ODSTs scrambled for the door, hundreds of Brutes and Jackals less than thirty yards behind.

Jeremy picked up an Assault Rifle as they passed it, and opened up on a Captain. It fell a bloody heap, but three more replaced it. He continued to fire, shouting profanities at the top of his lungs. He expended the last round stopping a Jackal in a mid-air lunge.

"F**k! It's out!" He threw it with all his strength at yet another Jackal, knocking it unconscious. As they got within 50 yards of the door, two Jackal Rangers dropped in front of it, Plasma Assaulters at the ready.

"Sonuvabitch get down!" Jose yelled. He and Roger dragged Jeremy in a ditch, barely avoiding the Plasma shots scorching the ground above them.

Jeremy peeked over the ridge, only for a Spiker round to pass over his head.

"Dammit we're trapped!" He yelled. Before he entered a total mental breakdown, he heard a voice on the COMM.

"Not yet you're not!" it yelled, as half a dozen Viper Hornets flew into the clearing. Their chainguns roared to life, cutting into the Jackals like a knife through butter. They swerved to meet the tide of Brutes coming for the trapped ODSTs. A volley of missiles was fired, scattering the front ranks. The stragglers were cut down by the chainguns.

"Now's your chance!" The Viper screamed into his mic. "Go, go, go!"

Roger and Jose complied, grabbing Jeremy once again, and made their dash for the door. Lydecker and Tech Specialist Lambardo pushed the door open, shouting for them to hurry. The Brutes had noticed this, and Nailer rounds were already pounding the door next to their faces. Panting and huffing, the trio finally arrived at the door, ducking to avoid the Covenant Rifles. Roger and Jose were completely exhausted, and handed Jeremy to the other two.

"Thank you, doorman." Roger managed to huff out to Lydecker. "Take our luggage to the twelfth floor, if you would."

With a hushed remark of "asshole", the two grabbed the First Sergeant, and dragged him off to the infirmary. Meanwhile, Roger and Jose worked their way through the crowd to find the rest of Blackheart.

MasterGreen999 18:14, 18 August 2008 (UTC)


Jennifer had her platoon busy throwing up furniture in front of the windows when the Wraith tanks manuevered up over the horizon and opened fire. Anti-air fire knocked several Vipers down, and forced the rest to withdraw to a safe distance. Under the covering fire, a few of the artillery tanks crept into range and set up their plasma mortars, adjusting the inclines so that Pavlov's Tower was zeroed in. The ODSTs on the bottom floor had just enough time to scramble away from the front wall as the first boiling azure bolt struck home. Debris and molten metal splashed over a group of unfortunate troopers, scything through unprotected flesh or lodging in armor plate.

The following bolts were quick in coming, and a bluish hell kept the ODSTs down under cover long enough for the Brute infantry to gain the grove and part of the car park. Then the Petrel, high enough to stay away from the AA, shifted targets. Wraith tanks popped, their squat beetle-like carapaces exploding under the opressive wave of depleted uranium shells and sweeping away nearby infantry. Hell's table had been turned around.

But the gunship's ammunition was far from infinite, and after a withering barrage, it had to leave its station to rearm and refuel. The Marines in Pavlov's Tower were on their own for a half-hour.


The silence after the bombardment was still ringing in Jennifer's ears when the Brutes barrelled through the meager barracade, fangs bared and mouths slavering. The giants, obviously berserkers sent in to soften up the staunch resistance, screeched battle cries and waded into the stunned shock troopers before most of them could raise their weapons. They were literally torn apart, their armor only holding together different pieces of their anatomy. Blood gushed over matted fur, humans screamed horribly as they died, Brutes roared loud and long, Nailers and Spikers hissed, and assault rifles chattered. Battle was joined. Jennifer flicked the fire selector on her SMG to burst and motioned her troopers down the once-glorious flight of stairs. Firing quick bursts, First Platoon brought down two of the blood-crazed berserkers, and a perimeter was formed at the base of the stairs.

Motion flickered to Jennifer's left, and she spun to find herself face to face with a smaller Brute. His body rippled with muscle and his hands were clenched into hard fists as he ran at her, arms flailing about. Squeezing down the trigger, Jennifer's first shots went wild. Her next burst was well-aimed, but not enough to stop the Brute from knocking her flat. Her weapon went skittering across the tiled floor and came to rest next to a dead trooper. She rolled to avoid the Brute's smashing leg, and managed to gather herself into a wobbly crouch just as the Brute's other leg connected with her chest. She flew back against the marble wall near the stairs, and slid down to the ground, the wind knocked out of her. She opened her mouth to try to call for help, but found that she couldn't make a sound. The other members of her platoon were busy fighting back the fresh wave of Remnant troops that had just arrived.

As she tasted blood on her lips, she almost panicked, but restrained herself. She tossed her helmet off to get more air to her lungs, and weakly got to her feet, pulling out her sidearm. The Brute was on top of her instantly, hands clenching at her arms. Jennifer screamed as she felt her forearm snap, and then grind together. Hyperventilating, she raised her pistol and fired wildly into the Brute's skull.

The thing raged at her, staggering away as it clutched at its head, dark blood running down to mingle with the bright arterial red of the humans it had slaughtered. It lurched forward again, and Jennifer fired again, fired until the pistol was empty. It was only when the soft metallic click sound that she truly began to be afraid. The alien's blood poured from multiple wounds, but it wouldn't stop its progress to her. Just as it reached out a cruel hand, however, its skull literally exploded. Blood and brain rained down over Jennifer as she was curling herself into a protective ball, and she looked up.

Standing on top of the fallen Brute, sniper rifle smoking, grim smile across his face, was Jeremy. Behind him was Lydecker, who moved over to Jennifer and scooped her up, carrying her away from the melee at the stairs. Jeremy staggered after them, the pain from his wound evident on his face.

"How...?" Jennifer asked weakly.

"What can I say?" Lydecker answered. "As a subordinate in rank, nothing I could say would keep him out of the fight." He winked at her, his eyes still concerned. "We saw you go down. I had to juice Top up on the new supplies of PKs so we could move out."

"Remind me to thank him later..." Jennifer said as she slipped into a pain-induced unconciousness.

The three fought their way through a door and six feet down a corridor, through the barely-held perimeter of the Infirmary. Gently propping Jennifer in the corner, Lydecker and Jeremy rejoined the fight at the Infirmary door. Bodies formed makeshift sandbags now, a grisly tribute to the desperation of the fight.

It was a fight that was far from over, but it was going to be the final fight for Gimmel.

SPARTAN-091[Admin]UNSC.jpg [Talk] 21:00, 18 August 2008 (UTC)


First Lieutenant David Kilgore's M-1050 Brown Bear Anti-Heavy Walker Vehicle, along with the rest of the Sixth Armored rolled along the main highway into Danel city. Hundreds of wrecks of Covenant Remnant Wraiths, Batterers, Pummelers, Mutilators, Choppers, Crushers, Prowlers, and Ghosts, and even two Scarabs, not to mention the blackened bodies of their operators lay, pushed to the side of the road Scorpion AVEs, a testament to UNSC air power. David's Brown Bear and the rest of the UNSC column exited the main highway aand drove into the entrance of the Danel City Air-spaceport. Destroyed wrecks of aircraft and small spacecraft, both civilian and military, littered the cratered runways. In addition to the destroyed human aircraft, Remnant Phantoms, Banshees, Gougers, Spirits, and Seraphs the Brutes had based at the airfield lay, destroyed while still on the ground by UNSC bombers. The terminal, hangers, and the large towers for docking, loading, and unloading large spacecraft while they hovered over the airport lay damaged or destroyed. The liquid hydrogen tanks burned at the far end of the runway. But there was no sign of the Covenant Remnant forces. "Where are the Covies?", David heard someone in a nearby vehicle ask. At that moment, multiple fuel rod cannon shot flew at the column. A Scorpion tank at the front of the column was hit and set ablaze. "BRUTES!!! IN THE TOWERS!!!", David heard someone shouting over his Brown Bear's radio. Fuel rods flew from all three of the surviving spacecraft loading towers and the control tower, knocking out several Warthogs and Coyote light tanks. A Goanna Heavy Infantry Support Vehicle fired it's 350mm rocket mortar at the first spacecraft-loading tower that held the Remnant fuel-rod gunners. The 350mm shell struck the tower near it's base. The entire tower collapsed spectacularly, burying the Brutes inside. The second tower was pounded by a barrage of gunfire from the UNSC armor, gun with the range to hit the tower, 12.7mm machine guns, 20mm and 40mm autocannons, 76mm guns carried by Coyote and Fox light tanks, the 90mms of Scorpions and the 105s of Tiger heavy tanks, even 90mm Gauss shells and laser beams from Monitor and Komodo AVPs. The entire top half of the tower was set ablaze as a pair of Sparrowhawks flew in and launched several BARB air-to-ground missiles at the third spacecraft loading tower, causing it to collapse, before they pounded the control tower with rockets and cannon fire. It turned out, however, the fuel rod gunners in the towers were the least of the Sixth Armored's worries. Suddenly, a Monitor anti-vehicle platform was crushed by an artificial gravity field launched from a Brute Mutilator gravity assault vehicle that had emerged from a damaged hanger. The Mutilator was destroyed by a 105mm shell from a Tiger HBT. Several more Mutilators and Wraiths emerged from various hiding spots as two Scarabs smashed their way out of two more hangers. "All right, my platoon, take out those Scarabs", David said. David's command proved an easy task. David fired one of his Brown Bears eight AWM-2 "Improved Scarab-Slayer" Anti-Heavy Walker Missiles. The Anti-Walker missile flew at the enemy walker in a streak of fire, sending the Scarab up in a fireball so large, that it vaporized the vast majority of the alien war machine and sent the top turret flying perhaps fifty feet into the air. Another Brown Bear in David's platoon fired a missile at the second Scarab, annihilating the second walker. The tanks of the Sixth armored then proceeded to mop up the rest of the Covenant Remnant force. The Danel City Air/Space Port was back in UNSC hands, but the battle was far from over. FA 712 Scimitar.jpg | SPARTAN119


9th of August, 2607, 16:01 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Brute Occupation Zone, Sector 9-4, Danels City

Behind a desk which had once served as a visitor information center, Leonid listened indifferently to the sound of gunfire, suppressed, but not inaudible to his experienced ear. As the sound continued, Leonid opened a channel to the SpecOps team supporting him and briefly reported in.

“Enemy forces neutralized in command building. Will link up later. Egor out.” He whispered shortly.

Leonid closed the channel before they could respond. He didn’t care to have a conversation right now—in fact, he didn’t care for conversation at all, not with anyone from the mainstream military.

Leonid waited for several minutes, before the gunfire gradually died down. Over the comm, the voice of one of the other team members crackled quietly. Leonid listened carefully, alert for developments and tactical implications.

“Sierra Six to SPARTAN-144, comm center is down and out. We’re moving out and will link up as soon as we can.”

Leonid didn’t respond verbally, just hit a acknowledgment light in his HUD and clicked off the channel. Soon enough, he would be moving—but now, he was in trouble. As Leonid looked out through a pair of glass double French doors, towards the street, a pack of Brutes and a Wraith tank lumbered around a street corner—straight for him.

Leonid ducked down behind the desk, a long, square like five foot tall marble pedestal which protruded from the wall, and activated his MJOLNIR Mk. VII’s active camouflage. The stairs were to his right, a spiral that cascaded away from him—and the doors were directly in front, thirty meters away. Leonid snaked a fiber optic probe up around the bend of the desk—and watched a Brute squad advance.

Leonid knew they wouldn’t get far. He had placed dozens of mines across the first twenty meters of the room, at two meter intervals. They were layered horizontally across the length of the room—and were set to manual detonation.

Leonid watched through his probe as a Brute squad of seven shattered the doors with a pair of spiker shots and glanced around the room. The aliens were apparently convinced the place was clear, as they entered, but they kept on high alert. Gradually, another eight joined them, half of the total force now, inside the room. They were moving slowly, only at the fourteen meter mark—when Leonid flipped open his gauntlet and keyed the ignition.

In the split second it took for the radio signal to transfer the activation codes to the mines, Leonid grabbed his fiber optic probe and yanked it downward. Moments later, a detonation rocked the building and made a split second hell on earth. Fire enveloped the brutes in the lobby, and overpressure tossed aside them like an invisible fist. Shrapnel cut through those who survived the blasts, and then cut through a half dozen of the apes who were outside, but still shocked by the force of the explosions. Fires lit among the potted plants in the lobby, and the fine red carpet Leonid had placed the mines under glowed red, as flickering flames consumed it.

Leonid attached his probe to his armor and armed the rest of the mines to proximity in one swift motion, as he leapt from behind the desk and sprinted for the stairs. The roar of the other brutes filled his helmet’s audio amplifiers, a colossal bellow of anguish and hatred. Leonid sprinted to the stairs in seconds flat, then jumped up them as spiker fire filled the air behind him with glowing projectiles. The Brutes, seeing him fleeing, were drawn into a bloodlust. They ran through the shattered glass doors and past their comrades, heading for the stairs. Behind them, the Wraith tank open fired, and a glistening orb of sapphire plasma emerged from the fin like mortar and slammed into the second story of the HQ building.

Leonid’s shields flared as he sprinted for the third story. The plasma blast detonated in a cloud of fire and heat, burning through the concrete walls. Glass windows melted and shattered, as equipment, left over from the Brutes, exploded from their close proximity to the detonation.

As Leonid sprinted up the stairs, a half dozen detonations rocked the stairwell, and he staggered and balanced himself on a guardrail, before pushing up the spiral steps. Below, four Brutes were tossed away as the HE mines left a fiery crater. Leonid kept running, counting off the mine waves in his head. Two left.

Outside, Leonid heard a whine followed by a distinct whoosh as the Wraith charged and fired again. Another blue ball of heat slammed into the side of the building, on the third level. The whole building, shook, as if it were ready to buckle. The place couldn’t take many more shots like that.

On the ground floor, another wave of mines exploded and shook the building. Leonid knew it was time to stop running—to face the enemy head on.

Another wave of explosions rocked the building, the last group. The entire former HQ was filled with howls and snarls, as a wave of bloodthirsty Brutes rushed up the stairs, yearning for SPARTAN blood. Leonid reached the staircase to the fourth floor and spun, drawing his combat knife. It was still perfect, even after his extensive use of it—sharp enough to cut through Brute skin with ease.

Leonid saw the onrushing Brutes running towards him, some on all fours. They were moving fast, almost forty kilometers an hour, and Leonid could see slobber drooling from their mouths. From the patches of hair that emerged imbetween their armor plates, Leonid could see sweat glistening, and a putrid stench came through Leonid’s helmet as they closed. The eyes of the creatures were wide, angry at the death of their pack mates, and as they drew near, one of them ripped his helmet off with a howl. Amid all of this, Leonid stood absolutely still in the face of his enemies.

His knife hand twitched.

With movement no normal human could follow, Leonid shot his knife hand out behind him, and flashed his front forward for balance. In a flash, a split second, his knife arm extended from behind his head, and his fingers let the knife go.

The blade sliced straight into the helmet less Brute’s head, between the thick skull, through muscle and skin, and pierced its brain. The brute collapsed as dark red blood dripped from the wound, and it rolled onto its belly, the knife firmly in place. The others roared all the louder, and Leonid roared as well—a howl that deafened even the mighty brutes. He yelled with the pain and hate that his life had spawned, and took a flying leap for the onrushing pack of creatures.

Leonid landed and rolled in front of them, and brought a fist up in a cobra quick jab. The chin of the Brute he had targeted shattered—and Leonid’s fist passed clean through, covered with blood and shattered bone. Leonid rose to a crouch as another Brute tried to roll atop of him, and dodged the monster’s ferocious belly flop, grabbing it’s neck as it passed him. He twisted—and the Brute went limp, it’s head at a nearly 180 angle.

Four of the beasts remained. One had a bandolier of small skulls hanging from it’s neck, from it’s innocent victims, young children from the Gimmel panic bunkers. Leonid didn’t fill with rage as someone else might have, but instead stayed deadly calm. Without conscious thought, he relegated his breathing, to the rate of someone having a pleasant polite conversation.

The skull laden brute bellowed an order to it’s fellows and the savage but ineffective rushing attack was halted. The leader, bandolier flapping, moved straight on, while two others moved to the side. One looked like he was about to try and get behind Leonid—when a blast from the Wraith tank hit the floor above them, and sent concrete raining down on top of him. The trapped warrior roared as he was crushed to death under the contents of a lush hotel room, as he roared in pain and agony.

The two trying to flank Leonid roared and broke ranks. Leonid would have laughed, had he been more inclined—these Brutes were stupid to rage at the death of their pack mate, and the leader was stupid to not control them. Leonid easily sidestepped a charge of the first brute, and drew a spike grenade from it’s belt as it passed. As the brute wheeled to face him, and brought it’s fist up for a blow to Leonid’s stomach, Leonid swung the grenade like a club, straight into the Brute’s face. The creature, a poorly armored Minor, had no protection for his vulnerable face, and screamed loud and long and Leonid plunged the long spikes attached to the grenade into his face, leaving it inside.

The other brute however, barreled into Leonid. Leonid struggled for a moment—then let the beast roll over him even as his shields dropped to a quarter. The brute had been moving to fast, and Leonid to slow, and had passed him completely, and landed on his fellow, who, incapacitated by the spike grenade, was crushed by the ton plus brute.

Leonid rolled from where he had landed when the brute had hit him, and sprinted for the leader. He stopped, and backed up slowly as Leonid accelerated straight for him, afraid. The brute grabbed it’s spiker from it’s belt and fired a quick burst, until Leonid slammed into him.

The burst hammered through Leonid’s shields and dispersed them, and a single golden spike slammed into Leonid shoulder and embedded in his armor. Leonid ignored the pain, as he had been trained to, and tackled the leader, ramming the spike in his own shoulder into the brute’s neck like a weapon. The sharp, porous, still hot spike punctured a whole in it’s windpipe, and Leonid drew away, yanking the spike from his own shoulder, leaving it firmly embedded in the Brute. The creature clutched at the spike and groped for a good grip, madly trying to get a good grip, even as he fell to the ground, wheezing and flopping like a fish.

Leonid turned to see the remaining brute getting up. It roared, but then Leonid heard a low whining—the Wraith charging. Suddenly, he saw how he could work things to his advantage, as the Brute roared and charged once again. Leonid saw he was on the edge of a gaping hole in the wall created by a Wraith blast, and knew that the Wraith, seeing Leonid, would undoubtedly fire. Leonid, without hesitation, sprinted at the Brute who was running at him. Surprise appeared on the Brute’s face, but so did anger. The creature moved faster, determined to paste Leonid against the spiky protrusions from it’s armor.

But Leonid had another idea. When he was a meter away, he jumped forward, high and fast, and flashed over the Brute’s head. It skidded to a stop, just short of the whole in the wall created by the Wraith blast, and turned to Leonid. It roared—and Leonid saw his plan had worked.

Three stories below, the Wraith fired, and a sphere of destruction slammed into the building. The brute was silhouetted in blue fire for a moment, then was incinerated, as meaty wet chunks and red gore plastered the walls.

Leonid felt the building lurch, it’s superstructure pinging. He couldn’t remain in the building, and the hole that had been in the room before had grown to the size of a Scorpion tank. The wraith, undeterred by the loss of it’s ground troops, readied it’s mortar again. Whining of plasma collecting filled the air—and Leonid sprinted for the hole.

The Wraith fired, a level beneath him. The building’s steel supports melted and the building sagged—and then began to fall as steel beams snapped from pressure. Metal fragments pelted Leonid’s back, and he took a flying leap off of the side of the building. The floor fell out from underneath him as he launched into the air—and fell straight for the tank. Leonid spread his arms and legs apart, even as the gunner tried to track him, and drew his M98 compact.

As he fell, Leonid snapped off a shot—and drilled the gunner in the head, killing him. Leonid fell to the ground in the blink of an eye, and landed on the wraith. He found purchase for his boots and raised a single fist, sending it crashing through the canopy. The hatch tumbled away, and Leonid raised the pilot, a rather weak looking Brute, up with one hand.

He drew his pistol and shot it.

As the building collapsed behind him with a roar and a cloud of dust, Leonid jumped from the unmanned Wraith chassis. Blood leaked from his shoulder, where the spike had hit him, and Leonid drew a can of biofoam, inserted the nozzle, and let the disinfectant/coagulant deal with the wound. Attached to his back were still the M1901 and the M2A LAR—both in working condition. With nowhere else to go, Leonid checked his TacMap, coordinated it with his radio logs, and set off in the direction of the Sierra Team.

9th of August, 2607, 16:08 (Revised Tactical Mission Clock), En route to Theta Nero System, Kanna, aboard Zeus-class Super Carrier New York

In the air above Aleph City, Taskforce Arrow battled the Covenant breakaway fleet in a ferocious battle. Plasma lines, MAC rounds, archer missiles, SPARTAN lasers, and pulse lasers crisscrossed the distance between the human and Covenant forces, making the sky dance with fire and light. In between the colossal ships, tiny single craft skittered across hulls and through the open sky, performing strafing runs, and taking out other craft.

On the bridge of the UNSC New York, Admiral James McHenry cursed as a plasma torpedo pair hit his starboard shields. Red fire rolled over the shimmering protective barrier, before the plasma finally parted and dispersed.

“Status!” he barked

Lieutenant Zachary, the shield officer, replied quickly to the order.

“Starboard shield holding sir! Two remnant ships coming about on port flank!”

McHenry glanced at his readouts. So far, things weren’t going super badly. They hadn’t lost anyone yet, but one of the Heimdall frigates, the UNSC Enterprise, had sustained a plasma bolt pair to the mid-decks and was damaged.

“Come about!” roared McHenry without pause “Fire turreted MAC! Send them to hell!”

On the top of the New York, the massive turret containing their second MAC cannon came about to face one of the Remnant ships. It rotated slowly, then stopped, facing the target. Across it’s length, the words “Boom” had been written.

“Firing!” cried the weapon ops controller

A white hot slug lanced from the ship to meet one of the incoming enemy frigates who were approaching them with a scary speed. The round slammed through the shields of the ship and hit it in the port flank, but wasn’t sufficient to destroy the craft.

“Finish them.” Said McHenry grimly “Fire the Archers.”

Across the New York, missile hatches slipped open and spewed rockets. High explosives slammed into the damaged Covenant ship, and it’s skin was covered in fire. It’s hull boiled like the carapace of a beetle on a burning log, and secondary explosions detonated along it’s hull. The ship fell to the ground, slamming into an open plain.

“Other ship is breaking off sir.” Yelled a crewman, and McHenry glanced about his boards.

Taskforce Arrow had spread across the sky. While most remained above Aleph, one of the Heimdalls, the UNSC Catherine Halsey, had taken a place above Gimmel, and was providing fire support. Red beams from it’s Firestorm close in weapons were helping the ground forces, and it was safe, as the majority of the breakaway Brute group had clumped above Aleph. However, the damaged UNSC Enterprise, along with the Baal class destroyer Napoleon, had maneuvered above Danels—and were in trouble.

A fragment of the Brute fleet had broken off and was heading straight for the two ships. The group numbered three vessels in total—two frigates and a destroyer. As the alien craft closed towards Danels, their lateral lines burned with plasma, and the three ships dropped to extreme low altitude, just over two hundred meters. The Enterprise and the Napoleon open fired immediately with a deadly salvo—3 MAC rounds, and hundreds of lasers and missiles. The lead Covenant ship, a frigate, took two MAC slugs in the nose and slammed into the ground, detonating and leaving a two thousand meter circumference crater in the charred landscape. The Covenant ships open fired with their plasma, then missiles and laser pelted through the shields of the destroyer, burning it to the skeleton.

But the plasma from the ships had already taken flight. A pair of energy bolts hit the wounded Enterprise, broke through her shields, and gutted her engines. The Napoleon opened fired as it’s MAC guns recharged, and hit the Remnant ship in the nose, gutting it stem to stern. The ship slammed detonated in midair as it’s reactor blew, but McHenry saw that the fight had not been a victory.

The Enterprise, without engines, plummeted towards Danels. She fell hundreds of meters—then disappeared inside the city’s towers with a roar that McHenry heard even far away. Great clouds of dust and shattered glass rose up as the ship crushed a pair of towers and landed in the streets. Aboard the New York, McHenry turned to his comm officer.

“Any transmissions?” he asked

“Faint sir.” The crewman replied “But they’re alive.”

McHenry knew he had to get his people out quick.

“Get me a link to any forces on the ground in Danels, and tell them that I personally am asking them to get there and secure the wreck.” Said McHenry

The comm officer nodded and ran off.

McHenry returned to the displays, as the Remnant ships swung around to make another swipe at his forces stationed above Aleph. Today was a busy, busy day.

9th of August, 2607, 15:48 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Sector 7-9 , Fleeing Gimmel City

Once the shock of the fleet arriving had worn off, the rag-tag band of survivors had continued on, away from the city. As they had hiked towards the caves, they had seen dropships descend towards the city, more than a hundred Pelicans, Gulls, and Petrel dropships, landing troops inside Gimmel. Thousands of marines had begun to help with the defense of Gimmel, and soon, a huge UNSC Frigate had appeared over the city and begun bombarding brute forces with precision lasers, aiding the troops on the ground in what would hopefully be an utter rout.

At the back of the pack, Desmond kept his M1091 Sniper out and ready. While Maria assured him that the 112th—who had now returned—had cleared this area of Brute forces even before the ground team had set down, Desmond couldn’t help wondering if the Remnant had repopulated the area in the time since.

But things soon changed. In the sky, a Pelican dropship appeared—heading right towards them. Desmond scanned the sky with his scope, and saw the dropship was alone. As it dropped to thirty meters, it leveled out and swung towards the ground. It’s troop bay hissed open, and at two meters off the ground, a squad or marines leapt from the bay, and quickly secured the area.

The evident leader of the marines ran towards the group of survivors. His face was grim, but he managed a quick smile—the sight of Lisa looking up at him with delight was enough to make almost anyone feel a little bit better.

As the marine made his way over, he saluted smartly to Desmond—only to see that he wasn’t a marine. The soldier lowered his hand but didn’t lose the look of respect. He must have spotted the badge of Desmond’s elite police unit, and been familiar with the area.

Maria Williams approached the marine leader looking a bit dry of patience.

“Took you bastards long enough.” She muttered “Who the hell are you guys?”

The squad leader looked at her, and replied.

“Green squad leader from the 485th Regiment off of Taskforce Arrow. We got sent to secure the area, take Gimmel City back.” He told them “We had to find you first though.”

Desmond was quick to question him.

“Can you get us out of here? We’ve been trying to escape.”

The squad leader glanced back at the Pelican.

“Sorry.” He said lamely “Dropship can’t hold everyone. We’ll have to leave my squad on the ground, and at least one of you behind.”

Desmond glanced at Williams. She stepped forward, but Desmond spoke before she could.

“I’ll stay.” Said Desmond “Just get my family and the others out.”

The squad leader nodded.

“I’ll get a troop hog for my boys and me down.” Said the leader

Desmond left the squad leader and moved over to Williams. She gave him a nasty look.

“Don’t be stupid.” He told the young woman “Get on that dropship and get back to your ships. Your more useful up there.”

The pilot looked at him, then the look faded and she nodded.

For the next five minutes, the others were loaded up on the Pelican to be transferred to the Frigate above the city. Desmond was offered a MA6A Assault Rifle, but he kept his T.I.S.C SMG and M1091. Finally, the Pelican departed, and Desmond followed the marines and clambered aboard the hog. Not glad to be going into combat again, but assured that his family was safe, he watched as Gimmel, which he had worked so hard to get away from in the last hour, became slowly larger.

9th of August, 2607, 15:48 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Sector 7-9 , Fleeing Gimmel City

Corporal Henry Gorvanev wondered what the deal was with this new guy. He looked like he’d been to hell and back, but he also scared the shit out of Henry. His sniper was UNSC standard issue, but his cloud patterned green SMG looked strange. The guy didn’t seem to be at all uneasy riding on the back of the hog, or going into the war zone, and Henry was betting that the dude was ex-marine, maybe even a former ODST. Henry wasn’t sure why the guy was even with them, but the squad leader had insisted, and he guessed that the squad might need him. Gimmel was, after all, a living hell.

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Callihan sat on the ledge of a Gull dropship, alongside were around five others, and a couple classic Pelicans. Below, a convoy of Warthogs and Kangaroos. Another dropship laid behind the others, surrounded by some Hornets, it was Colonel Jackson's personally command Petrel. The 10th was heading into Danel for the final thrust. As the group began to inch closer, the air surrounding the dropships began to erupt in anti air fire. A bolt landed near Callihan's Gull, causing it to lose control for a minute, but got back on track. A voice came over the comm, it was the Captain.

"Ok men, our objective is to secure Danel's capitol building. The Brutes captured it and executed the mayor and his personnel. Our reason for taking it back is to set it up for command of the area. We are gonna be dropped off behind it, proceed up. Fifth and Sixth squads will secure a perimeter and hold it for us. Now men get ready, were dropping off in one minute!"

All the men in the gull have off a loud "Sir Yes Sir!"

The regiment arrived closer, the anti air grew more intense and the ground crew began to come under fire. One Warthog exploded as a fuel rod hit the engine, no one ran out of there. They finnaly arrived and the air group split off, one heading east, the other west. Callihan's Gull headed east to the capitol. A pelican and two gulls followed. The Pilot came over the comm

"10 seconds!"

Every marine onboard began to slam clips into weapons, and checking their sheilds. Callihan looked out and saw the Capitol, it was a magnificiant building.

"5 seconds!"

The Gull began to ascend, and the dropship came underfire. Callihan aimed towards a pack of brutes firing on them, driving them back into an ally. Then, the order was given.

The captain yelled aloud "Go go go!"

The marines hopped out, Callihan first in.

Im IndestructibleDetermination that is incorruptibleA terror to behold
- Surviving the attempt.JPG


Omega squad had held the bridge pretty well, considering the fact they were outnumbered 3-1 in most cases. There were several injuries, but nothing serious, and as for the remnant forces, there was nothing the ODST's couldn't handle. The makeshift barricades had proved useful, and had more or less saved many of the squad's live's. Soon the marines would arrive to take control of the bridge and Omega squad would be able to move to their next target, what ever it would be.

"I think we've got more brutes inbound" said Sergeant major Niko. He shifted from his position.

Something was wrong. It was too quiet, they couldn't even hear the wraiths. He heard them powering up again, then turned round to pick up a shotgun shell he dropped. He looked up and their were atleast fifty to seventy brutes, backed up by wraith tanks.

"Shit, we got incoming!" he shouted as the squad turned to see the wraiths firing. They all hopped over the barricades and got back into position.

"Everyone, get your heads down!" Shouted the sergeant major as the wraith's plasma mortars flew overhead. This would be a long battle.

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A Covenant CCS-class battlecruiser flew over Danel city, towards the downed remnants of the UNSC Enterprise, a Heimdall-class frigate. The Covenant warship began to fire it's plasma torpedoes at the already downed frigate, in order to kill any survivors.

A few kilometers away Ross East Jr. lead the UNSCAF 3rd Canadian Squadron towards the cruiser. "Alright, we're approaching the Brute vessel. Jean, Brittni, John, I need you three to distract the Seraphs while the rest of us deal with cruiser.", Ross said. Brittni Skylar, John Archer, and Jean Robiechaud's Claymores banked away from the rest of the squadron, Robiechaud immidiately shooting down a Seraph with one of his CLAW missiles. John and Brittni managed to down a couple of alien fighters no long after that as Ross lead the remaining four pilots towards the CCS-class cruiser. "Wait for the cruiser to fire a plasma torpedo, when it does, it'll drop a portion of it's shields over the launcher. When it does, fire your TALON missiles." Allie "Ditto" Allison went first. After that, Dillon Merton fired, followed by Leslie Baron. The missiles from the three Claymores had set created several hull breaches, but not detonated the cruisers plasma stores. It was Ross' turn now. He locked on to the plasma torpedo launcher just as it was charging to fire. Ross fired his missiles just as the shield went down. Eighteen TALON missiles detonated on impact with the cruiser, including one that went right up the plasma torpedo tube. The cruiser's plasma stores exploded in a flash of blue fire that engulfed half the Brute ship. The CCS-class fell towards Danel City, covered in blue flames. The three fighters from the 3rd Squadron that Ross had sent to destroy the cruiser's fighter cover had successfully downed the cruiser's complement of Seraphs as the joined Ross' and the other three pilot's Claymores on the flight back to the Essex.

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The ODST line was holding strong, Locklear had made the right decision with the L shaped perimeter. With the Brutes at a crossfire it had become a slaughter. Heavy weapons from I Company had taken aim at the vehicles, now only a few remained. Locklear though knew they wouldn't be able to hold for long, he had caught the Brutes offguard, but when they realized the ODSTs true numbers they would attack in force and would easily break through. "Archangel! ETA on Alpha!"

The sweet voice of Archangel threw its contrast as gunfire rattled and echoed around her. An empty shell casing from a nearby ODST had flew right through her shortly disturbing her image. "Alpha will be arriving in five minutes. Also another air unit has been transferred to the 77th, Bravo Company will arrive in ten minutes. Arrival of 1st Battalion is ahead of schedule by forty minutes."

Locklear grinned and thanked God. He needed the reinforcements, on the line here at the LZ Hotel and India Company were up against a regimental size force. Gamma Company had to be moved to ambush a Brute counterattack heading for the 19th Gaelic on the beaches. The two buildings H and I Company were alive with gunfire, windows flashed from weapon muzzles. Locklear watched as the Brutes paused in their assault, this time to come at the line with full force. The whole regiment of Brutes headed towards the two companies. Locklear grabbed for a pouch of grenades and threw one after another until the pouch was empty. He found another and threw those, the eplosions brought down the mounds of fur and muscle but wasn't enough to slow the incoming tide.

The Brutes charged forward, the ODSTs could see their ruined jagged teeth in their open mouths, the matted fur, the outline of pure muscle along the Brutes bodies. An ODST raised up to fire on full auto, half his magazine was emptied until he was cut down. A hail of spike rounds had torn through his body, he fell on his back a nearby ODST had counted the spike rounds embedded in the young man's chest, twenty-four. Another ODST rose to throw a grenade but after it left his hand a spike round went straight for his faceplate. It peirced the glass and cut through flesh and bone until peircing the brain. The ODST fell dead instantly.

Seeing the ineffectiveness of rounds against the coming tide the ODSTs reached for grenades and lobbed them with all their strength. Some threw fragmentation grenades while a few threw gas grenades. The gas would slow and disorient the Brutes that were caught within the hazardous smoke. Locklear emptied his M98 Compact after firing the whole clip on automatic. He calmly reloaded and fired in small bursts. The ODST beside him was hit, a spike round to the shoulder. Dove knelt down beside him to treat the wound, he pulled the ODST up so that he was leaning against something while DOve treated the shoulder. However the Brutes had closed in fast, a Brute came to the lip of their cover and fired a short burst into the wounded ODSTs chest killing him. Locklear and Dove than fired at the Brute, each round blowing off pieces of metal and meat.

Locklear than realized that Alpha wouldn't make it in time.

The Brute force erupted in towers of dust and rubble. With each tower that came the Brutes around it were simply blown to pieces, one unfortunate ODST was hit in the faceplate by a Brute hand. A wall of Jackals were there one moment and gone the next. Locklear looked skywards to see a UNSC Frigate firing down on the Remnant forces. Autocannons fired and cut the force down where they stood. No one had even radioed in the coordinates, the frigate's advanced weapons system had no need. Wraiths were destroyed with pinpoint accurate lasers. A heavy 155mm round impacted at the rear of the Remnant force sending a cloud of dust everywhere. The Remnant and ODSTs were engulfed by the dust, however the ODSTs had the edge. Their helmets. The helmets provided them with filtered or recycled air, and the blinding dust was overcome by the use of thermal imaging. While the Brutes and Jackals stood dazed trying to regain their vision the ODSTs fired with accuracy cutting the enemy down.

Locklear however wasn't so lucky, he and Dove didn't have the helmets and were left coughing for air.

A Jackal watched as death surrounded him, a Brute had ran past him only to be blown to pieces by a grenade. Another Jackal tried to raise its shield to cover itself but the impact of rounds caused the shield to tilt and expose the birdlike head which soon exploded. In pure fear the Jackal rose to its feet and tried to run when it felt an intense pain and tripped. It looked down to see there were no feet, bloody stumps replaced them. The Jackal looked at them in horror the two stumps, he could see the whites of his bones. He reached out a hand for help, another Jackal came and tried to help when it's head exploded in a pink mist, brain matter and pieces of teeth showered the lone Jackal. Not wanting to die the Jackal rose to its stumps and tried to run, it sprinted feeling pain with everystep. The bones were shattered as it ran and he left a trail of blood. A dozen ODSTs watched the pathetic Jackal than took aim, they fired in scattered shots but all hit their mark. The Jackal's torso was blown apart by each impact, a round pieced its neck and severed the head which flopped to the ground, breaking its beak. The two arms dangled on little pieces of flesh before falling as well, they hit and ground and bounced then stopped. The two legs took one more stride before going limp. The death was done.

As the dust cleared the ODSTs cheered and looked up at the frigate that had helped them. Locklear stepped away from the line and headed towards the other LZ, Dove right behind him. "Dove i want you to send a thank you to that captian, I want to buy him a beer personally." Locklear said thankful. "Archangel I want a casuality report, I'll take the names later."

"Twenty-two KIA, thirty-four WIA." Archangel said softly, she began to unfold her wings to full length. "That makes a total of thirty-four KIA."

Locklear thought of his dead, he would personally write the letters to the families. But he pushed that into the back of his mind when he heard the thunderous explosion above them. The frigate was hit, its engines offline as small fires burned around them. The frigate listed to its side and lurched forward. The vessel casted a dark shadow over the LZ than disappeared. The frigate hit a nearby building and crushed it. The building pancaked ontop of itself and sent out another wave of lust. The frigate hit ground and made the earth shake underneath their boots. A thick collumn of black smoke rose into the bly sky.

"Major Grady!" Locklear yelled to the large muscular Major. "I want two platoons from Hotel on that crashsite now!" Locklear yelled loudly.

"Already on it sir!" The Major replied.

Dove turned to Locklear. "Sir, we're gonna be spread pretty thin here. Gamma is..." The sound of gunfire errupted from Gamma's location. "you take two platoons out there we risk losing the LZ to another attack."

"Dove I'm not abandoning that ship after they just saved our asses. Alpha will land in," he looked at his watch "Two minutes, we'll hold the perimeter until the platoons return from the crashsite with survivors. Bravo will be here soon as well, they'll land with Gamma to reinforce Sarah. When Charlie Company gets here we'll start sweeping the area clean. And when 2nd Battalion arrives we clear the rest of Danel." Locklear said moreso for himself than for Dove. He knew that the Brutes and Jackal's especially would be more interested in the crashsite moreso than this LZ. Already the two platoons were making their way across the LZ and heading for the crashsite in a run.

Dove sighed, it was going to be a very costly day.


"Blow 'em to hell, boys!"

Sergeant Wilkoe had worked the remaining 101st ODSTs into a blood-frenzy, and with Blackheart at the head, charged the Brutes head on. As tenacious and stubborn as the the berserkers were, even they couldn't hold back the tide of soldiers storming down the staircase, and were buried in a sea of black armor. As a Jackal attempted to escape, Lydecker sprung from the avalanche of Shock Troopers and brought his rifle down on the bird's head, shattering it in a pink and gray mist of gray matter. Roger was beside him in an instant, drawing his CQB knife, and gutting an unwitting Brute, forcing him to get an up-close view of his own intestines, and then shoving his knife into its head, ending his life prematurely.

Jose watched from a balcony, as he and two other ODSTs watched in mixed excitement and shame. Jose was as brave as any average Human, and would fight, though he was no hero like his friends. He could only watch from above as his squadmates fought in a battle he wished he could experience. But he could only wish.

A single Brute erupted in fury, launching ODSTs every which way, and bringing his hand down on an unlucky soldier. He swung down, and brought his hand up, puncturing the poor soul's armor, and grabbing him by his own ribcage. He was hefted into the air, screaming in pain as the Brute stretched a wicked smile along his face. He placed his massive hand over the quivering soldiers face, and applied pressure. That was the end of him.

Before he could even relish his victory, the berserker was buried back under the ocean, not to rise again.

The young soldier kept an eye on his motion tracker, ever aware of the slowly dwindling number of active dots. The ODST's charge had proven effective, and the Brutes were all but gone. However, Jose looked at a mug of coffee one of the sniper next to him had brought.

A rhythmic ripple shot through the mug. So strong it almost was unnoticeable, with its unprecedented speed. However, Jose got the rhythm down, and watched with curiosity. As he nonchalantly turned away to continue viewing the battle, it struck him.


Before he could shout a warning, two ODSTs reached the door after a grueling melee. The survivors weakly raised their arms to cheer, only to be cut short. The wall burst open with a near explosion of strength. It was only a small hole, not much bigger than a Human's trunk. However, it was what came through that was shocking. A massive arm, coated in Maroon and Black Covenant armor gripped a soldier by his ribs. With a terrifying scream, he was yanked through the wall. The marine on the other side panicked, and turned to run, but the arm struck again, this time grabbing the victim's leg. He tried to run, only to trip and scream for help. Roger and Cullens ran to him, and took hold of his arms. He begged them to save him, but it was too late. He was pulled through just like his lost brother in arms.


"Yeah Cullens?"

"I think we should mo--"

Cullens was cut short as the wall completely vaporized, revealing a horrifyingly large Brute Chieftain. He towered above any Brute Jose had ever seen, easily the size of and girth of a Hunter standing straight. In his right hand, he carried a brutal looking Hammer, covered in blunted spikes and ridges, making it more of a mace than a hammer. In his left he wore a Gravity Gauntlet. Jose couldn't place it, but something looked different about this gauntlet. It was modified somehow, but in what way?

He got his answer when the Brute bent down, picking up a small pebble. He picked it up to examine it. He glanced at Cullens, and shoved his arm out. The glove glowed, a flash of light similar to that of a hammer flashed, and the pebble rocketed forward. Before Cullens could even move, the pebble crashed into his helmet, punching through like a sniper round. The Sergeant went limp, and did a back flip in the air. He hit the ground with a thud. Roger looked toward, the Brute, a rage in his eyes Jose had never seen before blazing. He pulled a shotgun from a nearby corpse, firing it into the Brute. Nothing. The Power Armor completely reflected the bullets as if they didn't exist. He reached out with his gauntlet hand, grabbing Roger by the chest. He hefted the Sergeant into the air, glaring at him. He roared in a vicious manner, the sheer power behind it sent all the soldiers in the room shaking, too afraid to even move to help him. Wilkoe was affected in no such way. He roared back with all the strength Human lungs could muster. The Brute was surprised by this, almost intimidated.


The massive Chieftain brought the Sergeant in close, growling in a deep tone "I will make an example of you for your race, pathetic whelp."

Roger coolly replied, the defiance still undertoned his voice. "Hit me with your best shot, you gorilla sonuvabitch."

"With pleasure" The Chieftain replied coldly. He lifted Roger into the air, as high as his arms could reach. With all the strength a Brute could use, he threw the Drop Trooper into the floor, the gauntlet's burst speeding up the throw. He hit the floor with a deafening crack!, as his bones shattered for all to hear. With every bit of will he had left, Roger fought to keep from screaming. He wouldn't give this ape the pleasure. However, the Brute wasn't done. He brought his hammer to bear, lifting it high into the air.

"Goodbye, whelp!"

"Are you sure you couldn't get someone smarter to kill me? I'd rather die by a Grunt than a dolt like you."

"You shouldn't be making requests. I shall make the demands!" He ended his last word with an emphasis, as he swung the hammer to meet its mark.

Jose watched in absolute horror as the Hammer shamed down on Roger head. With a mix of a crunch and a shattering noise, his skull exploded in a fountain of gore. The Blackhearts in the front ranks were showered in blood and brains.

Everything froze. Jose stopped himself, and thought of what just happened. One of his two best friends had just been killed. Not wounded, to be sent back home with honors. Outright killed in cold blood, with no chance to defend himself. He rose to his feet, preparing to charge the Chieftain. It was going to be him or it, but within the next minute one of them would be dead. But as he placed his first foot to start off, a hand came down on his shoulder. He craned his neck to see Jeremy standing next to him, a look on his face Jose couldn't quite interpret. Was it anger? Pity? Fear? Whatever it was, he had made a decision about something. Then, his lips slowly moved, carefully forming the words, cradling them as if they were a newborn child.

"Stand down, soldier. This one's mine."

The First Sergeant began to walk down the stairway, picking up a rocket launcher and a Sniper Rifle on his way.

"Jeremy!" Jose yelled after him. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!"

"What I have to do!" He replied. Still keeping stride, ignoring the pain in his leg, he raised the Rocket Launcher and fired two shots seemingly randomly into the air. He then dropped it, and broke out into a full sprint, bringing the rifle to bear on the Chieftain.

Seeing Jose's friend coming, the Chieftain attempted to syke him out, using his gauntlet to throw weapons and helmets of his fallen comrades at him. Jeremy ducked and jumped past the shots, never breaking stride. Finally, he reached ten yards of the Chieftain, who readied him hammer. Jeremy charged at him, oblivious to the hammer raised above the ape's head. He brought it down, eager for another kill. None came. Jeremy had stopped within inches of the blast radius, watching with a solemn face as the hammer hit the ground. He sprung from his position, landing on the hammer itself. He struggled to balance himself with his wounded leg, but succeeded, and found his mark. He jammed the Sniper rifle into the Chieftain's mouth, blood trickling out the back from where the barrel had hit soft tissue.

"Say goodnight, bitch!"

Jeremy fired, the shot barreling through the awestruck gorilla's head. It fell straight back, never having a chance to fight back. Jeremy fell off the hammer, hitting the ground with a thud. He was exhausted, Jose could tell. The Sergeant struggled to his feet, and looked outside the door. The surviving ODSTs looked as well, and saw to their horror thousands of Covenant still stood, and had begun to charge the tower. Instead of running back like his friend expected, Jeremy simply stood there, watching them. As they drew nearer, he dropped his rifle, and rose his arms up, preparing to embrace them, it seemed.

"Jeremy!" Techie Lambardo shouted. "Get the fuck back in here!"

"No can do, boys!" Jeremy yelled back. "I won't make it before the ceiling falls!"

Jose and the others looked up, to see he was right. The shots the Sergeant had fired were not random. In fact, he had aimed at the support beams of the second floor. The ceiling buckled, preparing to fall.

"The floor's made of reinforced steel and concrete, Plasma does about as much to it as rain. I figure you'll have one, two hours to regroup before they break through. Good luck boys, God knows you'll need it!"

He turned to face them. If Jose didn't know better, he'd have said there were tears in his eyes.

"Blackheart!" He began, bringing himself to salute them. "WHERE DO WE GO?!"

Blackheart, and by reflex the others, saluted and shouted back. "FEET FIRST INTO HELL, SIR!"

Jeremy lowered his hand, and turned back. The first rank was close now, only a few feet from him. As they prepared to tackle him, the ceiling above finally gave way. It burst, and a gigantic sheet of rock and steel and cement fell on them in chunks. The event could not be viewed, as dust clouded their vision. The entire building roared as an avalanche of material fell on them. Almost twenty seconds later, it finally stopped. As the dust cleared, Lambardo began to scan for any sign of life in the wreckage.

"Well?" Lydecker asked, walking up to him.

Lambardo turned towards the anxious troops, a grim look on his face.

"No sign of life, Human or Covenant. He's gone."

MasterGreen999 01:00, 21 August 2008 (UTC)


Wilhelm fired his sniper rifle killing two brute minors stupid enough to stand back to back,a brute wearing gold armour turned round and pointed to the window he and ordered his men to attack it "Shit,were buggin' out" Wilhelm said as he slung his sniper rifle over his back and took out his M7A Sub Machine Gun and ran downstairs to meet the threat. Sergeant Major McAllastair fired his MA6A ICWS Assault Rifle at incoming brutes killing 3 of them "We gotta link up with the ell-tee" McAllastair said "Go! Across the street i'll cover ya" The stacatto fire of the rifle was continuous and loud. Wilhelm heard the crack of a Nailer Rifle and the Sergeants rifle ceased firing he quickly turned round to see what had happened and he saw the Sergeant falling "Dammit Sarge." Wilhelm said "Go i'll cover ya!" McAllastair said as he pulled out his pistol and killed two advancing Jackels, Wilhelm ran untill he reached an abandoned house "Lt this is Corperal Wilhelm i have bad news...."

"Rodger that." McCallan said with a sigh "What is it sir?" SSgt Callahan asked. "That was Cpl.Wilhelm he's ok but McAllastairs dead" "Damn" "Ok,new orders,Callahan your are to take half the platoon and secure as many of the roads into Gimmel as possible i'll keep the rest of the platoon here and hold for as long as we can." "Got it sir." "OK dissmissed"

Once a man enters his sights,


"Major Frederick! We just received our new orders!" A nervous private reported.

"Well, don't cower their like a little girl! Get your ass over here and tell what they are!" Major Frederick replied.

"Sir, um, our new orders are to rescue an advance team pinned down ahead of us. Their Pelican was shot down and now a Scarab is closing in on their position."

The few marines that were close enough to hear this stoppped midstride.

The Major calmly nodded, then spoke.

"Alright then! Men, get your lazy arses up and get ready to move out!"

Just then, 5 Pelican and 3 Gull dropships screamed overhead, circled around the marines position, then soared down, dropped off 3 Warthogs, 2 Scorpion Main Battle Tanks, and about 70 more Marines.

The Major smiled, which to those that didn't know him, would seem like a grimace.

"All right Marines, let's get our rears in gear, move out, and then kick some Brute ass!"

"Sir yes sir!" The Marines roared out.

The Major jogged over to a 'Hog, got in the driver seat, then sped off in front of the convoy.

Arbiter7290 9:46, 21 August 2008 (UTC)


Sarah East heard a loud explosion and looked up at the sky over Danel City. A UNSC Heimdall-class frigate was struck by a Covenant Remnant plasma torpedo. The side of the frigate caught fire and, seconds later, feel from the sky and crashed into a pair of skyscrapers, completely leveling them. "That crashsite'll be swarming with Covies in less than ten minutes, we've gotta help any survivors", Lt. Michael Price said. Price, Sarh, and the rest of the ODST squad walked the block or so to the crashsite without encountering any resistance. The ODSTs climbed the mount of rubble the downed Heimdall lay on top of. "East and I will clear the ship", Price said, "The rest of you take up defensive positions around the hull breach". suddenly a Covenant CCS-class battlecruiser fired a plasma torpedo at the downed frigate, destroying a portion of the rear of the ship and sending the ODST running for cover. As suddenly as it appeared, the threat of the cruiser was eliminated. Four F/I-905 Claymore fighters fired several TALON missiles into a gap in the cruiser's shields andd detonated the ship's plasma stores, sending down in a ball of blue flames. One of the Claymores flew directly overhead. Sarah thought she saw as white bear paw with red claws on the wings in addition to the UNSC insignia, the emblem of her brother's squadron. "You two", Price said, "with the shotgun and and the SMG, take my sniper and East's LMG and give us your guns!". "Yes, sir!", the two ODSTs as they handed over the weapons. "And we'll be wanting those weapons back in the same condition we gave you them in", Sarah said. The ODSTs saluted Sarah and said "Yes, ma'am!". Sarah walked into the breach in the Heimdall's hull, naw armed with an M108A1 Close Assault Weapon System and Price wielding an M12 Sub Machine Gun. The two ODSTs walked along a corridor, periodically shouting "Anyone there?! Identify yourself". Initially, they recieved no response, but in the armory, they heard the high pitched squawking of several Kig-Yar. "Jackals", Sarah whispered. "I know a bit of Kig-Yar", Price said, "sounds to me like theres a bunch of them arguing over the weapons they've looted fromhe armory. Sarah and Price walked into the room, weapons drawn. A Jackal dual wielding an M33 Revolver and an energy cutlass fired a shot from the revolver at Price, which narrowly missed. Price fired a long burst from his SMG and cut down three Jackals as Sarah blew the head off a Jackal pointing a stolen SPARTAN Laser, probably the thing the Jackals were arguing about, with her shotgun before quickly taking down three more Jackals. More Kig-Yar ran into the room, the first few, which charged with their energy cutlasses were cut down by Sarah's shotgun, but the rest, a mob of about twelve, seized UNSC weapons from the armory and shot at Sarah and Price from behind their Personal Defense Gauntlets. Sarah's shotgun and Price's SMG ran out of ammo. The two ODSTs pulled out their pistols, Price's an M98 Compact machine pistol and a Sarah's an old M-1911 600th aniversery version, a firing replica of a pistol first made in the 20th century that still made a reliable combat weapon. Sarah shot two Jackals with the pistol before the rest of the Kig Yar were shot from behind. "Anyone still alive in here?" "Yes, Sarah East and Micheal Price, ODSTs". "Good to see you, we were in need of a ride out of here", said a man in a UNSC Navy uniform.

FA 712 Scimitar.jpg | SPARTAN119


Member of the Royal 22e Régiment were dropping all over the area about 2,000 soldier. "A little gift from your wife." said a marine Davidson started to talk in french to explain what was the plan. one half of the 226th Infantry Battalion Excalibur had to flank the side of a scarab as the the rest of the brigade had to fire everything they had to destoy it. The city was just over 3km in front of the 25th Marine Expeditionary Brigade the brute would not let the city without a bloddy fight. "Bravo compagny fire over those Banshees cover that flight i dont want to see a brute reinforcement comming from the back." A odst team on a pelican landed on the top of the scarab but were soon all killed by the superior force. The 25th would need a air support if they want to destoy the scarab. The tank of the 345th were soon able to fire over the scarab heavily dommaging it. "sir the cimenty his ahead protected by 2 legions of brute" " About 950 of the Royal 22e Régiment have made their way in the city and asking for help, what should we do?" asked the commander of the Royal 22e Régiment. "Go reinforce their position and join them asap!!" CF001 01:26, 22 August 2008 (UTC)


9th of August, 2607, 15:48 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Sector 7-9 , Fleeing Gimmel City

Corporal Henry Gorvanev wondered what the deal was with this new guy. He looked like he’d been to hell and back, but he also scared the shit out of Henry. His sniper was UNSC standard issue, but his cloud patterned green SMG looked strange. The guy didn’t seem to be at all uneasy riding on the back of the hog, or going into the war zone, and Henry was betting that the dude was ex-marine, maybe even a former ODST. Henry wasn’t sure why the guy was even with them, but the squad leader had insisted, and he guessed that the squad might need him. Gimmel was, after all, a living hell.

9th of August, 2607, 16:17 (Revised Tactical Mission Clock, Theta Nero System, Kanna Atmosphere, aboard Zeus-class Super Carrier New York

As the combat raged in the air, things began to get worse and worse. One of the two Thor-class cruisers of Taskforce Arrow, the UNSC Midway, was attacked by multiple Covenant craft. The great ship launched MAC rounds and fired Archer missiles and lasers, but it was unable to defeat all of it’s attackers. Repeated plasma lines burned through it’s shields and tore away at it’s hull, breaching the reactor. The ship was consumed in fire as it’s reactor detonated, and nothing was left to tumble from the sky.

Above Danels, the remaining UNSC ship, the UNSC Napoleon, detected UNSC ground units following McHenry’s orders and attempting to save the crew of the ship. First, the Napoleon made sure the crash itself was relatively clear, and helped the 105th briefly. Then, as advance elements of the 77th Airborne Regiment closed on the crash, they came under heavy fire from almost three hundred brutes, along with Wraith tanks and Prowler transports. The Napoleon helped out, and open fired. Red beams of energy sliced open Wraith tanks, burning straight through their armored hulls. The majority of the Brute forces were clumped in a entrenched line, and this area received two Archer missiles, which obliterated the enemy troops. Then, as the Brute forces fled, the Napoleon open fired on several surrounding skyscrapers at the foundation, and sent the several dozen story buildings falling onto the enemy troops.

Above Aleph, McHenry ordered his ships to form up on his flagship, the New York. The New York was undamaged—it’s powerful shields had taken a tremendous beating, but kept the ship safe. As the eight other ships settled into a line formation, the New York pulled ahead. The UNSC forces led a charge across the sky, but even as they took plasma and pulse laser fire, they didn’t fire themselves.

On the bridge, McHenry kept his eyes on the readouts.

“Hold your fire…hold your fire…” he muttered over an open channel.

Finally, the Covenant ships came into extreme close range.

“Now!” he yelled

The UNSC taskforce open fired with all weaponry. At close range, MAC rounds that might have missed gouged deep into the purple hulls of the Remnant destroyers, frigates, and cruisers. Archer missiles took almost no time at close range to close, and pulse lasers did not have time to shoot them out of the air. More than ninety percent of the shots fired hit, causing devastation.

On the New York, McHenry smiled. His close range attack strategy had worked beautifully. While his fleet had sustained major damage, and lost one of the Heimdall frigates, the UNSC Japan, the Covenant forces had been routed. Of the original 11 warships, only one was at full strength, and only three total remained, with two trying desperately to run on maneuvering jets.

“Disperse the fleet.” Ordered McHenry “Send the Ruby to deal with those remaining crippled ships, and alert the orbital forces of the live one. Everyone else, split into half and provide ground support.”

(Anyone who wants to, you can call in some kickass air strikes)

9th of August, 2607, 16:17 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Sector 7-9, Re-entering Gimmel City

On the backseat of a M831 Troop Transport hog, Desmond stuck his legs out over the side of the vehicle, stretching them. It felt like they’d been riding for hours, though he knew that it hadn’t even been forty five minutes. The city had gone from a distant spec on the horizon to something close at hand, and as the hog passed through a deserted civilian suburb, the sound of the fighting grew even louder. However, Desmond did not ready himself until the call came from the staff sergeant.

The man, whom Desmond had found out was named Malick Avery, called out “Lock and load!” as the hog steered up a bridge and into the city proper.

Desmond grabbed his T.I.S.C and shoved a magazine inside of it, and yanked the charging handle. Desmond took the mag out of his M1091, inspected it, and reinserted it, readying it as well. As the marines around Desmond put on helmets and clapped each other on the back, Desmond looked skyward. Hanging ominously above the city was a UNSC Heimdall frigate, raining down firepower on Brute forces.

In the sideseat, Sergeant Malick delivered a quick briefing.

“485th is landing in force boys, and helping out anyone who needs it. Bravo-Kilos are pressing hard, but we’re driving them back. First objective is to link up with 1st battalion, but they’re under heavy fire. Word’s come down from command that that Heimdall up there can help us out, but needs coordinates. We’re gonna need to plant a targeting beacon if we want to bail em out.”

By the time the Sergeant finished, the hog had come to a stop. The marines and Desmond piled out, weapons up and alert. Brute forces spotted them, and at almost two hundred meters, open fired. Spikes sizzled past the squad as the marines and Desmond dove for cover, weapons out. Desmond rolled out of the hog and into a crater from a mortar, leveling his sniper at the Brutes. Behind the Brutes, a pair of ghosts accelerated straight for the humans.

Desmond shifted his aim from a Brute soldier to one of the rushing ghosts. It’s plasma cannons spit hissing blue heat, forcing one of the squad members down, and Desmond squinted through his scope, trying to angle for a shot. A spike pair from a burst landed near Desmond’s head, but he ignored it. In his scope, the image of the ghost driver’s head finally appeared. A brute minor roared in pleasure, holding down the vehicles firing studs, and Desmond shifted his aim to it’s exposed face.

“Say hello to hell.” He muttered, and fired.

9th of August, 2607, 16:17 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Brute Occupation Zone, Sector 9-4, Danels City

Leonid had been walking for some time, heading for the other targets. He had received no communications from the Sierra team, and had began wondering if they were alive or not. However, as he rounded a corner and spotted three Covenant prowlers barreling towards the comm building, firing all the way, he knew that they must still be alive.

Leonid immediately open fired with his M2A LAR, something he regretted even quicker. As his rounds panged off the armor of one prowler, it’s gunner turned and roared. Blue bolts of heat splattered over Leonid’s shields, draining them. Leonid dove for an alley as the vehicle spun and roared after him. Leonid ran with adrenaline induced speed as the prowler behind him closed the distance. Bolts of azure superheated gas hit the concrete above him in the narrow seven meter alley, spraying red hot globules of sediment on his armor.

Leonid heard the Prowler close to five meters, and understood the alien driver’s plan. Ten meters ahead was the end of the alley, and the driver was going to try and pin Leonid up against him and crush him, a smart tactic. But Leonid now had other ideas.

With a tremendous leap, Leonid jumped high into the air. He dug a armor gauntlet into the wall as the Prowler sailed past down below him, and slammed into the wall. As the gunner turned and sprayed plasma fire, Leonid activated his active camouflage, and drew his knife. He leapt from his perch onto the prowler, camo still active, and drove his knife into the face of the gunner. The pilot, frightened, reversed the prowler quickly, and sent it flying backwards out of the alley. As it did so, Leonid leapt from the vehicle and rolled, a blur. The gunner was slumped over on the controls, dead, firing the plasma cannon into the sky.

Leonid grabbed a captured plasma grenade from his belt and armed it. The prowler spotted the shinnying blue grenade, and headed straight for Leonid, but as it tried to ram him, he rolled out of the way and side armed the grenade onto the craft. The small explosive fused quickly to the main drive unit—before it detonated with colossal force and sent the Prowler tumbling, fires leaking for the engine.

But as Leonid turned to attack the other Prowlers, something caught his attention. Above, a massive air battle raged between a UNSC forces—and a Heimdall frigate took a direct shot to it’s engines. The massive craft tumbled to the surface and smashed through two looming towers, sending up clouds of dust and shattered glass. With a roar, the ship came to a rest, disappearing under the city line.

9th of August, 2607, 16:17 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Brute Occupation Zone, Sector 9-4, Aboard UNSC Pelican Dropship, Gimmel City Outskirts

Onboard the pelican, Maria silently cursed herself for obeying the police officer Desmond’s orders. When the dropship had left him and the marines behind, she had asked the pilots to go straight for the squadrons Rapier-class interceptors. The pilots however, had disregarded her request. They had instead headed straight for the frigate floating up in the air, which they called the Halsey. And then, they had made the 112th wait around in the ship’s hangar bay for a good twenty minutes, before they had even taken off again. Maria knew her choice to leave the UNSC was the right one: the fools always ended up getting caught fooling around with their chain of command, eliminating any possible efficiency.

Finally, after precious minutes spent waiting, the dropship departed the frigate and returned to the surface. Some marines had asked to come down, but Maria had objected, as they were only trying to get to their Rapiers, and a team of marines would be no use. As Maria gave the frigate one last look, the dropship closed on the cave that the 112th had stashed their ships in, and things became clear they should have headed straight for the ships.

Covenant forces had deployed around the fighters. On the way up, Maria had made the pilots scan the area, and the pilots had confirmed it was clear, but this was obviously no longer the case. Remnant troops had deployed a pair of Anti-Air wraiths around the two entrances to the cave, and infantry could be seen moving in and out of the cave itself.

In the cockpit, the pilot spotted the AA Wraiths.

“Incoming!” he cried desperately.

Fuel rod shots filled the air and the Pelican took a direct hit to the starboard engine. The Pelican spun into a dizzying turn with a whine, and the bay door snapped off. A hurricane gale filled the troop bay, and the 112th grabbed onto anything they could find tightly as the force of the spin threatened to send them flying out the bay. The crew chief of the Pelican was thrown out of the door, and tumbled four hundred meters to the ground, dying instantly as he was impaled by a tree.

The Pelican spun towards the ground, noxious black smoke leaking from the engine and filling the cabin. Maria closed her eyes against the wind, but opened them soon after. She glanced out the bay door, saw the ground coming up to meet the dropship, and closed them again. A thud slammed through the Pelican, and Maria’s head was slammed against the wall.

Spartan 501 01:37, 22 August 2008 (UTC)


Lieutenant Joshua Bast sighed in relief as his first sergeant gave him a helping hand. "Best we send our regards to the Napolean." Bast said taking the hand and pulling himself out of a small crater. He took of his helmet and ran his hand through short stubbled hair. "Get Second Platoon the word that we're moving out now double time. Reguest that Napoleon provide us with artillary and walk it forward until we get to the crash site."

"On it LT." The first sergeant said that went to one of the radios. Lieutenant Bast looked towards the heavens and saw the large silhouette of the UNSC Vessel. He and the two platoons had been lucky, Less than a minute ago they had walked perpindicular to a Brute force. The Brutes had spotted them first and used old positions against them. The three-hundred plus Brutes with armour would have easily ripped throug the two small platoons, a total of sevent-three ODST. If it weren't for the Napolean Joshua wouldn't be going home to see his newborn son.

"Alright First Platoon! The 105th is already at the site, so you know what that means!" Joshua said over the comm.

Replies come overhead. "We don't get the icecream?"

"We get to go home?"

Joshua smiled at his men's smart assed remarks. "The crew is as good as dead! So we're gonna go in and save the day! Show the 105 how the 77th deals things!" Joshua said loudly as his men errupted in roars. They began to move with Second Platoon right behind them. Joshua smiled, he was gonna make it, to go home to his baby boy.

Finally. Locklear said as Alpha Company landed from a wave of Pelicans. Alpha was 1st Battalion which meant marines and not the better trained ODSTs, but Locklear had made sure they trained hard. And they did, the marines in the 77th had gained a reputation of being hard hitters. Locklear was glad to see them as they piled out from the LZ and took up defensive positions in the three buildings. Archangel than appeared in front of Locklear with her wings spread. "Bravo Company will arrive in two minutes on Gamma's position. Charlie company still has seventeen minutes."

"See if command can scrape up some more ships i want 2nd Battalion here as soon as possible." Locklear said, he looked past Archangels hologram towards Dove who was picking up Brute gear and placing them into his bag. Locklear smiled, only Dove would worry about his business on an LZ. "Archangel were is Major Brightman?" Major Brightman was in command of 1st Battalion.

"Major Sarah Brightman will be landing with Bravo Company to assist Gamma."

Locklear looked skywards to see the Gull Dropships coming in with Bravo, "Good luck Sarah."

Sarah Boyce kept low in her cover, spike rounds went overhead and an ODST was hit in the shoulder. She looked at her company occupied in two buildings opposite each other facing the intersection. When the Brutes had come into the intersection and filled it her ODSTs opened fire. It had been a blood bath, as every Brute inside the intersection had been killed off. Their bodies now covered most of the path. But after that it had been a stalemate, the ODSTs had lower numbers but the better position whereas the Brutes had overwhelming numbers but didn't want to waste lives running through the open street. Gamma Company was holding but she had three dead and thirty wounded at the moment. She rose up from her position and fired her rifle, most rounds were ineffective against the Brute's armor but she brought one down.

Suddenly the Brute positions exploded with gunfire, waist gunners on Gull Dropships fired with their chainguns and ripped through Brute armor into flesh and bone. The Gulls would circle, gunners firing with the Marines firing their weapons as well, than stop on top of the two buildings and unload. Major Sarah Brightman of 1st Battalion walked out and went to Captian Sarah Boyce of Gamma Company. "Captian sitrep!" Brightman said over the gunfire.

Boyce briefed her on what had been happening and Brightman nodded. Brightman listened carefully than commanded Bravo to get ready to make a flank. She wanted to end things quickly here and get back to the LZ.



Sierra 4 rolled behind some of the destroyed Com equipment and saw one Prowler peel off of the group and fire into a side street. Confused, he lifted his sniper rifle and fired it at one of the driving Brutes. The round pinged off the controls and smashed into the Brutes chest, collapsing its lung. Grinning, he fired another round at the Prowler's gunner, missing only because the gunner saw Sierra 4 and ducked into the turret cupola. Glancing at the other Prowler, he saw Sierras 2 and 5 flanking around it and firing on the Brutes inside it. Sierra 1 and 3 were engaged in hand to hand combat with one of the Brutes that had jumped off, and Sierra 6 was hiding in some rubble, calling SPARTAN-144 for assistance.

Tossing a frag grenade into the Prowlers engine, Sierra 2 fired another burst from her Carbine into the gunner. The vehicle went up an a large fireball. Turning around, he pulled out her M10 and shot towards the Brute advancing on Sierra 6, who in turn blasted the Brute with his M108A1. She smiled, there were only four Brutes left, and one Prowler that had turned a corner, possibly to ambush the team if they beat the others. Holstering her M10, she ran towards the final Brute that Sierras 1 and 3 were fighting and clubbed it with her Carbine. The Brute was distracted long enough for Sierra 1 to pull out his knife and embed it in the Brutes skull.

"I got nicked" Sierra 4 said as he jogged over

"Where?" Sierra 3 asked

"Side, damn plasma turret took out my shield, then the bugger on the side fired a Spiker burst at me before I could blew his head off. Still go to take off his head though." Sierra 4 replied

Sierra 3 immediately got to work, jabbing a small bio-foam injector into the wound, then placing a bandage onto it. The rest of the Sierras went about making sure that all the Com equipment was destroyed. Sierra 6 called SPARTAN-144 over his radio to ask where he was, and to say there was a Prowler somewhere near the Com Center, only to be told that he had already destroyed it, and would be with them momentarily.

"Well, lets wait till 144 arrives, then take out the Brute barracks." Sierra 1 said.

"Why wait," a voice said "Lets go now"

Turning, he saw SPARTAN-144 phase out of his Active Camo. Grinning to himself, Sierra 1 said, "Alright, lets move." Then laughed.

"Last time I said that, the Prowlers attacked" he explained.

"Well they cant attack, we've destroyed 'em" Sierra 2 said

"Yeah, well, lets move out!" commanded Sierra 1.

Delta-269 [The Marine] [The Ships] [The Tale] [The Team]


Dragon Squadron attacked the waves of fighter squadrons, watching as the UNSC reinforcements managed to push back the Brute forces. It was unbelievable; it seemed too good to be true.
As Jacob watched, he realized he'd been expecting death; in fact, he wondered if he hadn't been wishing for death. He snapped out of the thoughts momentarily to save Nick from being shot from the sky by a Seraph fighter. But, even as he shot down Nick's pursuer, his squadmates turned to fire on Jacob. He had no time to react; all he did was prepare to accept fate.
That fate never came as Samuel swooped in and shot the two ships, both exploding into fiery flowers. Jacob wondered why Samuel always saved him; of all people, why him? Did he not care about what their father's had done, or more specifically, what Jacob's father had done?
Did he want death?, Jacob wondered. Yes, he decided, yes, he wanted death. For death seemed to be the only escape from this guilt, for the sins of the fathers are ever passed on to the sons.

Dekd Nok looked out over the situation. Initially, his Kig-Yar ambush had worked; now, it was failing. His Kig-Yar were dying, Human vehicles were rolling in, more reinforcements were arriving. It was hopeless; this battle was lost.
Dekd Nok looked at the nearby Kig-Yar Captains. "Sound a retreat", he said, "hide in the city; make the humans play by your rules. I will be returning to the Wrath and Fury." With that, Dekd Nok and his personal bodyguards scurried off, killing any humans in their way.

Gant'J-Yar received the order for retreat and quickly pulled back into Gimmel. The city was at least half-way demolished, with plenty of hiding places, both in the intact buildings and in the rubble, all in favor of the Kig-Yar.
Gant watched from his secluded position at the rear of his chosen ambush field, his Kig-Yar scattered about nearby, hiding in various positions, some even in small holes in the road. Oh yes, when the humans arrived, they'd be in for a surprise.

Keilus looked out over his Jiralhanae and the Jiralhanae of the other Chieftains. They were being pushed back; the Humans heavy armor was too much. Keilus realized this could get messy, as the Kig-Yar scum had already been pushed back into the city itself. Keilus knew they needed some heavy assistance, so he did all he could think of: call in a Scarab.

(No, you can not haz Scarab)

--<Lies> Necros Demon|<When Evil Comes> <Heroes Shall Rise> 19:25, 22 August 2008 (UTC)


"Sir, we're approaching the Scarab!" A Marine called out.

"Alright men!" The Major called out. "Get ready!"

Just then the lead vehicles came around a hill, then spotted the massive Covenant vehicle. And then, it spotted them. It fired it's weapons, and several Covenant soldiers on the Scarab fired weapons down on them also.

"Missiles!" Major Frederick called out. "Plant some missiles on that bastard!"

Two 'whooshes' sounded off next to him, and two missiles screamed up to meet the massive vehicle, followed by several dozen others. The Scorpions opened up on the legs. A grenade fell from the sky, and landed on the gunner's Assault Rifle, slung across his back.

"Lose the gun!" The Major cried out, and the Marine desperately pulled the gun up off his back, then tossed it over the side of the 'Hog, not a second to soon. The grenade exploded, frying the rifle. Shortly after, the sound of the Warthog's Chain gun sounded off again.

Just then a nearby Scorpion exploded in a massive fireball, which also consumed a Warthog too close to the unfortunate victim of the Scarab's wrath. Just then, the Marine in the passenger seat cried out.


The concentrated fire from Scorpion's and Warthog's alike had finally taken out one of the Scarab's legs.

"Take us around back!" Screamed Major Frederick.

The 'Hog sped around back, to the now exposed core.

The Marine in the passenger seat sent 2 Jackhammer missiles screaming into the core.

The Hog sped away, and Major Frederick cried out. "Hell yeah!" and as if putting an end to his sentence, the Scarab exploded.


David Kilgore and the rest of the Sixth Armored division had fought their way into an industrial district in Danel City. In the skies above them, UNSC and Remnant fighters and capital ships dueled above the city. A UNSC frigate fell from the air, quickly followed by a Covenant Remnant battlecruiser, several more Covenant and UNSC capital ships and hundreds of fighters came crashing to the planetary surface as David's Brown Bear AHWV, along with the rest of the UNSC armored column advanced through the industrial district. After the UNSC Navy and Air Force easily destroyed several Scarabs and hundreds of tanks from the air, the Covenant Remanants had started hiding their Scarabs and armored vehicles inside large structures such as warehouse, sports stadiums and aircraft hangers, before jumping out and attacking when UNSC forces arrived. The industrial district was full of warehouses and, sure enough, five warehouses crumbled as Scarabs emerged from each of them. What had to have been a significant chunk of the Covenant Renamant armored forces in Danel also drove out of warehouses and factory loading docks. Streams of plasma fired from the main guns of Scarabs burned through several UNSC tanks at a time, as plasma mortars landed everywhere, with gravity blasts reducing UNSC armor to twisted metal. "Get those Scarabs before they kill us all", David yelled. David turned the turret of his M-1050 Brown Bear Anti-Heavy Walker Vehicle at face the nearest Scarab and fired. As usual, the AWM-2 "Improved Scarab-Slayer" Anti-Heavy Walker Missiles did as they were designed, and destroyed the Scarab in one shot. Four more AWM-2s fired by other Brown Bears in David'd platoon took out the rest of the Scarabs. Though the Scarabs has fallen within the first few minutes, the battle raged on for another twenty minutes, in which David and his AHWV platoon could do nothing. Brown Bears lacked and anti-tank gun or missile. Wraiths and Mutilators exchanged fire with UNSC Scorpions, Tigers, Monitors, and Komodos. A volley of Plasma Mortar rounds flew toward's David's platoon. "My platoon, deploy bubble shields now!" All six Brown Bears of David's platoon deployed the bubble shield that were part of the CARAPACE Dual Active Protection System. The blue fireballs of the plasma mortars impacted the bubbles of yellow light surrounding the AHWVs, detonating on the shield, leaving the vehicles and their crew unharmed. Shortly after the plasma barrage, a pair of Komodo AVPs fired their lasers, each melting through three Wraiths and Mutilators. Monitor AVPs and Scrorpion and Tiger tanks unleashed their firepower on the Remnant armor, sending Mutilators up in flames and opening up Wraiths like tin cans. The battle was won, but at the cost of fifteen tanks, and their crews.... 30 men who would never return home.

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9th of August, 2607, 17:05 Theta Nero System, Kanna, 'Pavlovs tower', Gimmel City

While the lower floor had been fought back, the sabotaged, at a great cost of lives, the sacrifice seemed in vain. Just out of site of the Marines and ODST's protecting the tower, a group of improvised, albeit poorly made armour vehicles rolled out. Using Wraiths, captured human transports and lots of plates of armour and metal plating, they had created something akin to medieval seige towers. Large, rolling constructs with a ramp and a folding ramp on the front that would allow them access to the second floor and the ability to rush right in. Rockets and 40mm Greandes probably wouldn't harm these and it would take at least four SABRE missiles to have any hope of penetrating the armour catastrophically. Turrets on each side of the seige towers however, laid down a withering barrage of plasma fire and heavy spiker rounds. However, in the distance, reinforcements seemed to be arriving. Though at a distance it appeared to be a squadron of 13 Raptor gunships, as they neared it became readily apparent these were something different. These were smaller, many times so, at a length of about 9 meters and armed with a minimal amount of arms. As they arrived the lead group firedaway their powerful BARB and PINCER missiles, bursting many of the closest seige engines and began to deliver .50 cal AP gunfire from their nose guns. However, five immediately peeled off and seemed to be on a kamikaze course with the fourth floor. As they sped towards it they smashed throguh the upper windows before their tilt jet engines brought them to a sudden stop before landing and shutting down. A few catious and curious Marines walked up before one checked the large sphere on it's pylon. He unlatched the tube, about a meter long and gently rolled it onto the foor. He pulled a hatch clear to reveal the interior. Boxes of 7.62mm Armour Piercing ammo.

"Open them all up, they've got supplies!"

As the Marines took all the wing mount pods then the materials from the interior storage hold they rushed them out. They had brought enough medical, ammo and food supplies to all them to hold for another day. As soon as the supplies were taken and the marines cleared, the mysterious vehicles lifted off and vacated again, heading off back into the distance. The armed ones stayed to fight longer until they were destroyed or their primary weapon's ammo ran out. It became readily apparent what these strange constructs were now. UAVs. Automated vehicles running off powerful CPUs, though no where near a AI in complexity, they could easily fight, and win, by themselves.

However, of all the Seige towers the Eagle UCAVs had destroyed, along with the ones the sustained fire of the Marines had destroyed, three more still came, eventually getting to range where they could drop the ramp. Almost similtaneously, three heavy thuds shook the building as the heavy ramps landed and deployed a torrent of frenzied Brute warriors, swarming into the second floor of the building from three different directions. Worse yet, in the distance, a spider like figure approached.

(no, you cannot destroy Scarab)

9th of August, 2607, 17:11 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Gimmel City exterior

The outskirts of the city was reduced to a devastated wasteland during the short and brutal fire fight between the armour units of the 25th expeditionary brigade and Brute Armoured vehicles. However, the Scarab had at first, seemed a major problem but in the face of the 345th's tanks, it had been obliterated. Fire from Komodo and Monitor AVPs ahd blasted holes in it and destroyed its weak internal systems, rendering it crippled, allowing the killing blow to be landed later. However, with the 114th pushing up, creating LZs for reinforcements and the 22nd now facing a Brute counter attack, they could be forced back onto the defensive if they aren't careful.

9th of August, 2607, 17:11 Theta Nero System, Kanna, 77th Airborne's LZ, Danels City

(I'm hijacking Archangel, only temporarily)

The 77th could hold for some time against infantry but as Brute tanks moved in, the lack of large amounts of missile ordnance became apparent, until one of their supporting Wraiths was gutted by a anti tank missile. Overhead a unit of UNSC Strike Fighters emerged, gliding softly above them. They lashed out at Brute armour below. The holographic image of Archangel seemed to fuzz for a second before rising slightly from the holographic pedestal, her wings expanding, her body taking somewhat of a crucified shape.

"Interfacing with Wardog UCAV Group Charlie, target designation and relaying activated." She said without emotion, almost taking on the aspect of the lifeless CPU's active in the UCAV's protecting them from above.

All the Marines and ODST's on the ground now had the support of the UCAV's above which, while striking down enemy armoured vehicles and Banshee's, their advance threat detection and analysis units began relaying battlefield information to the War Net, a single powerful battlefield computer system present in every soldiers helmet, scope, tactical map, every pilot, every driver and even up to mighty space behemoths. This linked them all into one battlefield network designating targets from Warships to Brutes. Brutes targets approaching the 77th's position were highlighted by red diamond reticules with the target type, even their rank and armament, along with their supporting vehicles, this targetting information relayed to every marine's HUD.

Now the 77th had full information on incoming contacts and had airsupport that did exactly what they needed.

Now they had enough of an advantage to push the Brutes back.

9th of August, 2607, 17:11 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Industrial sector 3-9, Danels City

The battle for the Industrial sector had been hard fought but with Remannt Armoured units smashed beyond all functionality. Almost the entire armoured force of the Remnant had been smashed in Danel city, leaving them only a handful of Wraiths, Prowlers and other light vehicle. On the beaches, docks and costal area of Danel, the victory had been won, with the Brute's routed by the advancing force heading inland. Even with the 77th's reinforcements, the 10th Gaelic had been able to push in with little resistance, after the 6th Armoured destroyed the majority of armoured vehicles, along with air forces reducing many Brute blocakdes to dust.

9th of August, 2607, 17:11 Theta Nero System, Space above Kanna

To say the Brute fleet was caught off guard was a understatement to say the least. Their fleet had floundered in the firt attack was pushed into a tight defensive ball between Kanna and the appraoching fleet. The defence fleet was now pushing back, moving to meet with the reinforcements who gradually surrounded the Brute fleet. Though Taskforce Arrow may of take casualties during their hasty rush for planetary assualt, casualties were reltively low due to the tactic of cycling the frontline to allow ships the chance to get a breather before returning to deliver fire. The tactic of getting above the reltaively flat plain of the Brute fleet then firing downwards at the Brutes had worked well as well, prevent friendly fire casualties. Now, Tupolovitch moved his hard hitting line breakers into position to to deliver his killing blow. This would be a glorious kill.

9th of August, 2607, 17:11 Theta Nero System, 3km outside of Kanna, Bonson Farm

The Brute looked out across the wide field extending for miles towards the flaming pyres in the distance and then moved away, carrying on with his patrol. Rising from the long grass, a figure daubed in long fibres, amtching the foilage surrounding him. Almost invisible, even when standing, the figure rose his rifle to his shoulder and observed the farm. Through his thermal goggles he observed the Brute walk away and the group of Wraiths begin to heat up in the farm compound. He raised up the target designator to his shoulder and squeezed the trigger.

"This is Shadow three to E Squadron, target details retrieved." A raspy voiced buzzed in his ear.

Above him a number of black rectangles opened up in the sky, deploying a cluster of oval objects. They fell to the ground on top of the farm, levelling it in a series of explosions that devastated the whole area and anything in it.

"This is E Squadron to Shadow three, target destroyed." The soldier in the ghillie suit replied.

"Shadow three, remaining on station."

The soldier turned back and rose his fist and then three dozen soldiers, dressed up to the gills in ghillie gear rose up.

"Spread out, every base you find, target designate. Bravo Troop, your with me, we're going to go target mark from that mag lev station."

They didn't reply but they acknowledged his order and spread out. He headed off, followed by about a dozen troops towards a tall building in the distance, a spire on a 'old style' mag lev station. Time to get into close quaters.

9th of August, 2607, 17:11 Theta Nero System, Gimmel, en route to LZ 'Gumpy'

A fireteam from Swallow Platoon and a fireteam from Hades platoon stared at each other, sitting facing each other in the bay of the Pelican, with it ending in Warren in his Wolf staring at Raina. The journey was more to serve as a slugging match between the two, with a fireteam each there to ensure nobody was stupid enough to realyl start something. Warren turned to one of his soldiers then handed him a little data chip from a pouch on his wolf.

"Order the pilot to put this on. Orders from the LT." He said, pushing him towards the cockpit. He went in and a few seconds later in internal speakers boomed with music, nothing quite like any the marines had heard before.

"What is this Flip shit?!" one of the Marines grunted, covering his ears

"Flip? Flip?!" Ace roared.

"See, this is what I always liked about you Ace." Liliha smiled "You got great taste in music!"

"Hardcore lives!" They shouted over the boom of the music while putting eachothers fists together.

"LZ in sight!" One of the pilots shouted above the music

"What?!" Ace

The music switched off and the voice of a disgruntled pilot came out.

"I'm bringing her down to the LZ now, hang tight."

"Thanks." Ace said, rising to his feet as the doors dropped. He leapt off, followed by Raina and then two more fireteams.

"Well, what we gonna get to now?"

"We may as well go kill some stupid Bravo Kilos." Raina smiled

"Well kids, I hear the Brutes are pushing at some pinned down Marines at the Gimmel Mall." The Lieutenant from the 114th that gave them supplies early said from across the LZ, sitting on top of a box of crates sorting through a supply manifest.

"Yeah, sounds like they need forces there, you coming Lieutenant...." Ace said, wanting her name

"Lieutenant Keller. Nah, I gotta make sure those lazy tankers get all the shells they need. We're the fucking Pioneers, they expect us to go in first, get down the LZs in combat, then keep them supplied! Sonnofa bitches."

"So thats a no then?"

"Sadly, not yet, I gotta sort through supplying some tanks outta fuel first. I thought they had AIs for this crap."

"Well, we'll see you at the mall. Come one" Ace said, patting Raina on the shoulder

"Don't touch me ever again."

The two platoons moved away into the pyres of smoke burning in the distance.

(For you STO girls and boys who may have gotten lost, B Squadron has a target, a supply dump out side Danel. E Squadron has a target, a Brute field headquaters directing heavy plasma mortar against the Gimmel front.)

(Anybody I missed, tell me, I'll make a post for you.)

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(Kanna, Military Calender: 9th August, Beyond UNSC borders)

The Memorial burrowed itself into the ground, lifting the trees off its roots. Tens of animals shriek and ran in fear. From high up in the sky, the massive Shaw-Fujikawa engine dropped and created a huge crater near the river banks. Following the engine were hundreads of metals and debris from the crash. The Memorial has created quite a long trail of destruction in the outer Forest of Kanna. A stream of black smoke continues to develop from the rear layer of the Subprowler.

Inside the Bridge, Sam slowly lift his safety belt and slumps on the hard floor. His forehead was covered in blood, possibly due to the extreme crash he experienced. He regain consciousness and slowly made himself up towards the back of the Bridge. There seated Jenny, still holding tight to her safety belt. She remained motionless, looking down. "Jenny?" he said in a low voice. He rushed to her, holding his arms against her shoulder. "Jenny? Are you alright?" he said once more. He held out two fingers and checked her pulse. Still alive, he said in his thoughts.

Jenny remained motionless, her chest drenched in blood. A metal bar has impaled itself through Jenny's shoulder. "Oh my god! Hold on Jenny." he said as he rushed to the far end of the Bridge and unlatched a Medkit. He quickly pulled the bar out and sprayed a Biofoam on her shoulders. The foam quickly performs its duty, instilling its medicinal properties and also the intense pain. Jenny shouted in shock and tried to get out of her seat but Sam held on to her. "Jenny! You're alright, you're alright..." he said.

Jenny slowly returns to her motionless state and fell asleep shortly after. "Heh...you're quite a woman," he quoted as he transports Jenny outside the Ship. He laid Jenny against a tree and puts several supply kit on the dirt. Don't worry, I'll be back, he said in his thoughts. Now, Dahlia... are you still in there?

Sam walks back into the ship and heads for the Bridge. "Dahlia!" he shouted as he tried to regain control of the ship's module. The main screen was filled with static. No answer. He checked the Holotank and punched in several codes. Slowly, the holotank activated and produced a small image of a woman lying down. Sam looked closely to the image and said, "Dahlia?" The image moved and stood up while clutching its chest. It responded, "Yes, Sam... we've survived the crash..." The AI slowly disappeared and deactivated the holotank. Sam, relieved, taps on a Emergency Code on the control module of the ship and activated the Distress Beacon. He then quickly rushes to the holotank and pulled out Dahlia's data crystal chip.

Outside the ship, Sam armed himself with a SMG and a Magnum, prepared for any attack. Jenny treated herself with the Medkit Sam supplied. "Thanks for saving me." Jenny said in a soft tone. Sam replied as he sat beside Jenny, "Don't thank me yet..."

"Just hold out, you two. We're not out of the danger yet." said Dahlia as she emerged from her crystal chip. High up in the sky, a Covenant Phantom swooped by, patrolling the area. "We've better move to a safer location..." Dahlia suggested as the two ONI technicians stood up.

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Kanna, 77th LZ, Danel City

"Honey was this your gift?" Locklear said with a small smile and looked up to the sky, tens of UAVs fly by providing him and his unit with the most valuable information. He thought of his wife as she looked down at him from Kingdom's Gates. "Archangel get me fire missions on these targets, priority to Gamma and Bravo Company, any other large force heading to the LZ or the Beaches are to be taken out as well." Locklear said with confidence. It truly was a Godsend, already he saw contrails of missiles heading for their targets. Now Danel city would be clear within the hour and the 77th, 10th, and 6th would be open for operations elsewhere.

"Already on it, Lt. Bast of Hotel Company is at the crashsite now."

"Lemme talk to him."

"Yes sir! Things a just a tad hairy here!" Lieutenant Joshua Bast said as he ducked from spike fire. "But don't even thing of wasting the airsupport here sir we can handle it! Not sure the 105th could be we'll take care of things!" Josh said, an ODST form the 105th was beside him and gave him the finger. Josh smiled and pulled rank on the trooper by pointing to his bar on his shoulder.

They had met up with the 105th and had attacked a Brute patrol from the rear quickly massacring the Remnant. Than as they were about to move the survivors they were hit again with an understrength Brute pack. His ODSTs were gaining the uphand as three Brutes were blown into the air by a grenade, shrapnel tore through their bodies and died when they hit the ground. "1st Platoon get the crew on the move!" Joshua yelled waving them.

Sarah Boyce and Sarah Brightman watched with arms folded as UAVs destroyed the Brutes infront of them. "Captain let's mop up the rest and head back to the LZ, your troops must be beat. Bravo will take point till we get there."

With that the Major walked away and left Captian Boyce, she heard a bloodcurling scream as a Brute ran from the rest, fire licked at its fur and engulfed the beast. It rolled on the ground trying to swat the fire out to no vail. The fire worked it way through the skin until destorying the vital organs.

She looked up to see the Pelicans of Charlie Company coming in from the horizon.



Outskirts of Pavlov's Tower

"I'm telling you, Butte! There was a Warthog here before the bombing!"

"No way!"

"Yes! Way! Right before Sergeant Patterson, Wilkoe and Marez got in here, I saw a Hog way over here. Now it's not here."

"Maybe the Covenant blasted it?"

"No way, there'd be scorch marks on the ground. I'm telling you, either I'm imagining this whole thing, or someone drove it away."

Private Butte contemplated this for a moment.

"Maybe the Brutes drove off with it?"

"Doubt it. There were plenty of vehicles to commandeer, they wouldn't be caught dead in one of ours."

"Well, if they didn't take it, who did?"

"I don't know, Butte, but it worries me"...

Captain Burgonus raised his left arm, alerting his pack to stop.

"Stop, brothers! I've found another!"

He crouched down to get a better look at the bloody sight before them. Their pack brother Jurkonus, who had disappeared just an hour before, was now found... a bloody wreck. His body was nowhere to be found, but a few organs, gallons of blood, and matted fur lay at foot of the wall. About six feet up, his head was there, wrenched open into a bloody cry, and nailed to the wall with a Kig'Yar's cutlass. Below was a note, etched on a brick and attached to the wall. Burgonus took a close look. This was the first of their pack they'd found with a note attached.

By nightfall, you'll all wish you were him.

- Demon-spawn

Burgonus rose up, worrying to himself about the threats of this Human. Whoever he was, he had done an efficient job of slaying and removing the bodies of six of his dozen-Brute pack, without any of the others knowing. He was also filled with anticipation, hoping to fight him in open combat. Anyone with that much stealth capability must be a sight to see in combat. He puffed his chest out, reassuring his pack of their dominance. He began to walk the direction they came down the alley, shouting back to his pack:

"Come, my brothers! We shall wait until nightfall, so we may see this foe in action!"

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Remains of the frigate UNSC Enterprise

Six UNSC personnel entered the armory after shooting that attacked Sarah East and Lt. Price the Kig-Yar with with pistols of various models. The UNSC personnel grabbed submachine guns and shotguns from the armory, before a one of them said "We need to get out of here", one of the UNSC Navy men said abruptly, "the Brutes'll be in this ship any minute. "East", Lt. Price said, "radio our men at the hull breach, have 'em call for evac." Sarah grabbed the small radio she carried at her side and called the radioman outside. The sound gunfire was heard from the radio. When Sarah asked about air support, the line went dead for a while, before the ODST radioman said "Negative, fire's too heavy to send a Pelican, we're on our own." "Your not stuck here", said one of the naval officers, who Sarah and Price just realized was wearing a UNSC pilot's uniform. "There's a Pelican gunship in the hangers of this ship, if I can get it working, we can get take out the Brutes avancing on your men and get out of here". Sarah and the six officers walked through a maze of hallways, following the "Hanger" arrows painted on the floor. Near the ship's barracks, a door burst open to reveal a eight brutes, lead by a Chieftain wielding a plasma axe. The Sarah and the other UNSC personnel opened fire on the Brutes. Price's M12 Submachine Gun's micro-rifle rounds cut through a pair of Brutes as Sarah fired her M108 shotgun in full auto, killing two Brutes and deshielding several others, which fell to the shotguns and SMGs of the rescue UNSC naval personnel. At last, only the chieftain remained. Bullets and buckshot bounced off the shields of the Jirilhanae. Eventually, the hail of lead proved too much for the shields of the Chieftain, but the great mass of the Brute meant he still wouldn't go down easy. At last, a shotgun blast from one of the crash survivors knocked the plasma axe backwards, out of the Brute's hands as it raised the blade to strike. The Brute Chieftain instead seized Sarah by the arm, but Sarah was to quick for him, she did a sort of backflip. Sarah pushed off of the Brute's head with her hand while she was upside-down in mid-air and landed, cat-like on all fours. Sarah siezed the handle of the Plasma Axe. The axe was heavy, but she thought she could manage one good swing. Sarah swung the plasma axe horizontally, holding down the button that activated the plasma edge on the blade. The axe sliced the Brute clean in two at the torso. Alien blood splattered everywhere, including Sarah and all of the other UNSC personnel. A blood-stained Lieutenant Price said "Excellent work, Sergeant East". "Thank you, sir", Sarah said, before the two ODSTs and six survivors left the grisly scene behind. Sarah and the others reached the ship's hanger with no further opposition. Inside the hanger, a Pelican Gunship waited for a pilot, fully loaded with guns, rockets and PINCER missiles. The UNSC navy pilot entered the pilot's seat of the craft, with Sarah and her comrades entered the back troop bay, with Sarah manning the M49 Automatic Grenade Launcher the aircraft had for a doorgun. The Pelican took off, and exited the hanger before coming around to the other side of the downed spacecraft. Near the hull breach Sarah's comrades fought with a large group of Brutes, including three Wraiths, some of the few Covenant Remnant tanks left in the city. One of the Wraiths had already been destroyed by one of the ODST's rocket launchers. The UNSC Navy pilot flying the Pelican fired a pair of PINCER air-to-ground missiles at the two Wraiths, sending both tanks up in flames. The pilot then turned his attention to the two skyscrapers still standing near the crashsite, both of which had Jackal snipers positioned inside. The pilot fired a dozen TUSK rockets into the towers and raked them 20mm and 30mm cannon fire. The towers still stood, but most of the walls had been blown off in the upper sections, revealing the structures' steel framework. As the pilot attacked the Kig-Yar in the two skyscrapers, Sarah fired the M-49 grenade launcher at the horde of Brutes below. The alien's bodies were mangled by the barrage of 40mm high explosive shells. Those Brutes left standing from the Sarah's grenade launcher fire were soon cut down the pilot, as he made a final strafing run before landing the Pelican. The rest of Sarah's squad piled into the rear of the Pelican. "Sergeant East", an ODST said, "I believe I need to return these to you", it was the soldier who lent Sarah his shotgun. Sarah gave him back his shotgun and got off the M-49 mount as the Pelican cargo bay door closed. Sarah took her M-122 LMG and M41B2 missile launcher and stowed them under a seat in the Pelican's troop bay before sitting down. The Pelican flew upwards, into space, landing aboard the UNSC Essex.

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Nevada two dived behind the barricade and opened fire on two brutes who were slowly walking forwards, they both fell and she took aim on a group of jackals and squeezed the trigger on her BR09. The Jackals fell, and more brutes stepped up in their place.

Lance corporal Rutis (Apache 3) hefted his GPMG and pulled the trigger. The rounds tore through several jackals, leaving bloody heaps on the floor. He dropped back to the ground and watched as spikes flew overhead, barely missing Apache 1. He took a look through a hole in the tipped over car and saw brutes running towards him. He jumped up and before the brutes had chance to raise their weapons, the rounds tore them to pieces, and he continued to fire at several brutes further back. Suddenly, he was knocked over backwards when several spiker rounds hit him in the shoulder. He fell to the floor, and Apache one ran towards him.

“Ahh, shit, we got a man down!” shouted Apache one.

He pulled Apache 3 to a car that was on its side and left him behind it.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine”

Apache 1 ran back over to the barricade just in time to see Tsunami 3 fire a LAAW at one of the wraiths. It exploded and several by standing brutes were catapulted off the bridge. The wraiths began firing over the top of the barricade, and the brutes began charging forwards.

“Sergeant, we can’t hold them much longer!” shouted Apache 4 as he opened up on the remnants as they pushed forwards.

“We have to try! We lose this bridge, the brutes can get to our reinforcements!” Replied Omega Lead as he pumped his shotgun and blasted a hole in the chest of a brute that was climbing over the barricade.

“I have an idea!” shouted Nevada two over the sound of explosions and bullets.

He ran and grabbed the radio which was lying on the floor. He threw it to Omega lead who caught it and dropped behind the barricade. He turned a switch and pressed a few buttons.

“This is Sergeant Major Niko of Omega squad, 105th ODST, requesting air support, danger close, enemy armour, targets 100 meters north from friendlies’ and closing, requesting from west, Over.”

Suddenly, a plasma blast impacted on the car, and Omega lead dived away, but left the radio. He looked at the fried remains of it.

“Lets hope someone got that”

He stood back up and continued firing at the brutes.

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(Kanna, Military Calender:August ??, Status:Failing)

The Phantom swoops over the forest, its howling engine roared the forest, scaring away the animals away. The ONI technicians, Sam and Jenny were still running away from the gunship, searching for a place for cover. Armed with two Magnums and a SMG, they know that they wouldn't be enough to fend off the Brutes. "Sam, get somewhere open. We need to send a clear transmission to Main Base. The woods are too thick for such signal to be achieved!" shouted Jenny as they sprint through the dense forest. "She's right. Luckily you've opened the distress beacon at the ship. That should give us some time." Dahlia added through her crystal chip.

Jenny struggled to keep up with Sam's pace, but slowly reduced her speed to walking. Panting rough, she requested, "Sam, we can't keep this up forever." Jenny clutched her shoulder with her right hand, while the other hold up against a tree. Sam stopped and ran up to her with his backpack opened. "Come on now, we need to get to an open field. I believe it is just a few yards from here." Sam said as he sprayed a Biofoam at her shoulder. Jenny stared at the canopy and said, "You know, I could never survive this without you."

Sam, dumbfound by her statement, replied, "Oh...well, its nothing really. You would've done the same with..." The conversation stopped as a Brute howl echoed through the forest. The two Technicians looked around for any movement and got up. Dahlia appeared on her crystal chip and warned, "Warning, I'm detecting movement across the forest floors, about 200 metres from here. We've better get going." The two Technicians nodded and soon continued on sprinting through the woods.

Bushes after bushes, trees after trees, they manage to evade detection. After an hour of nonstop-running, Jenny soon let out a shout and fell on the grassland. Sam quickly assisted her and searched for a rocky hill. "We need to get to the highest point. That way.." Dahlia reminded. Sam, carrying Jenny on his back hesistantly replied to the AI, "I know I know. I'll set up the communication node. You give the relay code and coordination." Dahlia nodded and dematerialises from her crystal chip.

Nightfall covered the entire region with the moon rising from the horizon. Sam, tired of running soon collapsed and breath roughly with his arms open wide. Jenny slumped on the grass and began crawling to his backpack to deploy the node. "Dahlia, I'm setting the node... we don't have much time. Get the closest probe and send information through it." Jenny muttered as she slowly unfolds the communication node out of its package. Dahlia appeared and closed her eyes. Her body changed colours from blue to green, confirming the transfer of coordination and information. As she transfer the information, she muttered, "This is Dahlia, UNSC AI DHA-1991-1, Support AI of the UNSC Memorial. We've crash landed somewhere in the east of Kanna's forest and now confirming our location. The nearest city in sight is Danel, though it is possible that the Brutes may already occupied the area. To any UNSC forces left available, please respond."

"I'll keep the message rotating across the cyberspace, though I can't assure that the Brutes may intercepted it." said Dahlia as she relieves herself from the communication node. The AI soon dissipated and left a message on Sam's Tech Pad, I'm going into hibernation mode, hot-transfer was not achieved as the probe did not qualify for carrying such AI. Proceed to the Safe Protocol.

Jenny looked at the pad and gave a low sigh. Sam soon rised up and laid his arms around Jenny. He slowly said, "Don't worry. I'm sure we'll get out of here alive." Jenny stared at him and slowly cuddled down on his chest. Both Technicians watched the sky as the battle expands through the forest...

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Archangel scanned and reviewed every bit of information that passed her, battle updates, requests of airsupport or supplies, intercepted Brute transmissions. She learned it all and catagorized it in less time than a milisecond. Than one transmission came, from an AI. A ditress signal. She scanned it and immediately put it through to the Lieutenant Colonel. "Locklear." Archangel said softly.

"Yeah." Locklear said as Charlie Company was making a decent onto the LZ. Their Pelicans covered the skies before circling to land.

"You should listen to this."

"Play it." Locklear said turning his attention away. His eyes emptily watched Dove make a small cup of coffee. "This is Dahlia, UNSC AI DHA-1991-1, Support AI of the UNSC Memorial. We've crash landed somewhere in the east of Kanna's forest and now confirming our location. The nearest city in sight is Danel, though it is possible that the Brutes may already occupied the area. To any UNSC forces left available, please respond."

Locklear thought for a bit, he hadn't seen a ship go down or felt the ground move from an impact. But than again he couldn't exactly disinquish the difference from a plasma mortar and a rocket hitting the ground. "Dove how far out was that forested area near this city?"

Dove sipped on his coffee, terrible he could never make it very well on the field compared to in a kitchen. "Uh...I'd say about 20 miles, maybe twenty-three?"

Locklear thought for a moment, he wasn't sure how many crew there would be but hopefully a small number. In heavily forested areas small teams moved best. "Captian Son! Come here!" Locklear yelled. He quickly briefed him on the situation. "I want you to get a LRRP (pronounced Lurp) team on one of those Pelicans and drop em off near that signal. Simple mission Captian, find the crew, get em out of there."

"Sure have been saving a lot of those flyboys." Dove said finishing the cup.

Locklear nodded as Charlie Company was on the LZ now, on the other side he could also see the outlines of Bravo and Gamma Company making it towards the LZ on foot. A transmission was coming in from Lt. Bast about bringing in the survivors from the frigate and how he complained about a Pelican lifting off from the ship without bothering to extract the others on the ground. Locklear asked on casualties of the two platoon and the number of survivors. The tally came out: three ODSTs WIA, sixty-eight crew, thirty-one of which were WIA.

"Major Brightman! Good to see you, I need 1st Battalion on street sweeping detail now. UAVs have cleared most of the Brutes but small packs are moving around the streets." Locklear said over the comm. It felt good having 1st Battalion on the ground, he'd be able to handle more things without risking overdraining the ODSTs. Though 1st Battalion weren't ODSTs but regular Marines they were good, trained hard leathernecks.

Locklear slapped Dove's back lightly, "Let's hurry up and get the fuck out of this city."

Dove jokingly replied, "Aw but I still want to see the sights." As if on cue a UAV fired a missile, the explosion sent a fireball into the sky and shook the ground.

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9th of August, 2607, 16:25 (Revised Tactical Mission Clock, Theta Nero System, Kanna Atmosphere, aboard Zeus-class Super Carrier New York

Alone as the only one standing on the bridge, McHenry paced back and forth in front of his main view screen. The surface battle was getting better, and forces in the air had been routed, and infantry were already at the Enterprise’s crash site—but he was still anxious. With no one to fight, he began to wonder if he should send his ships up into orbit. But no—they could still provide fire support.

“Status on the E!” yelled McHenry, as he glanced at his view screen.

“Sir,” replied his sensors operator “105th Infantry teams have entered and rescued the Captain and a small amount of crew via a Pelican dropship, docked to the UNSC Essex. Substantial crew, mostly non-command personnel, remain. Forces from the 77th are attempting to relieve these personnel via the ground.”

McHenry glanced at his board, satisfied.

“Good.” Said McHenry “Tell the Napoleon to keep giving them cover, and reroute the First Strike to give additional—”

One of the crewmembers looked up from his station, alarmed.

“Sir, transmission from surface, priority ground transmission sir. Almost didn’t pick it up, signal unit cut off at the end of the packet.”

“Patch it.” Ordered McHenry

“This is Sergeant Major Niko of Omega squad, 105th ODST, requesting air support, danger close, enemy armour, targets 100 meters north from friendlies’ and closing, requesting from west, Over.” Came the static filled and barely decipherable voice.

McHenry spun and faced his navigation officer.

“Full speed to their location—shock vector.” McHenry ordered. “Arms, prep me five archer missiles and warm up the point defense systems.”

The New York sluggishly accelerated and turned, heading for the source of the transmission. McHenry could have sent another ship to do the job, or even a squadron of fighters, but wanted some action for himself. And he had something a bit special cooked up for this fight—he had sent his ship in a “shock vector”, or a path that put them right above the troops, so that they blocked out the sun. Always a nice touch to your hellish barrage of destruction.

9th of August, 2607, 16:25 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Brute Occupation Zone, Sector 9-4, Danels City

Leonid couldn’t say he like the Sierra team much, but then again, he didn’t like any normal UNSC personnel. The team had tried to cajole and banter with him after he had met up with them, but his stoic silence had proved their efforts futile. They had settled for a trek to the barracks in silence, with Leonid acting as a scout and using his active camouflage and natural talent for stealth to assassinate the sentries who could have exposed their position.

It hadn’t taken them to long to get themselves to the perimeter of the barracks, but when they did, they found themselves at a loss for action. The barracks was encircled by rings of rapid firing stationary plasma cannons, and stationary shields dotted the perimeter, guarding Brutes and Jackal infantry. At the top, Leonid spotted silhouettes moving on the roof of the barracks building, five stories in the air, and increased magnification on his visor and spotted Jackal snipers prowling, their beam rifles clutched tightly. A pair of ghosts escorted a Wraith tank as it settled into the perimeter, then departed for their own places. Enough firepower to hold down a platoon of marines—obviously, the Remnant troops had heard of the destruction of their other three key areas and were nervous.

Rightly so. As the defenses came into full view, Leonid fell back inside a bombed out bank where the Sierra team had taken cover. After entering the vault, he explained the forces to them.

“Snipers at top, armor and guns on the perimeter, reinforced by infantry.” He explained coldly

Sierra one nodded, and turned to his team. Slowly, he began to explain his plan.

9th of August, 2607, 16:27 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Sector 7-9, Re-entering Gimmel City

The round from the M1091 Sniper Rifle cut through the Brute’s head like a hot knife through butter. The creature roared and the ghost swerved, slamming into a overturned car and detonating. The fireball consumed three more Brutes—but then Desmond’s luck ran out.

Seven brutes, the remains of the infantry company, were commanded by a single Brute chief who hefted a fuel rod cannon. The chieftain roared—and the force all in unison armed spike grenades.

“Grenade rain, take cover!” yelled one of the marines

Desmond broke from his cover as four grenades landed where he had been. Superheated spikes ricocheted inside, which would have shredded him to bits. Two of the grenades landed on the cover and detonated, doing little damage due to the conical nature of the explosive. But the third landed in the midst of Green Squad—and hissed, preparing to explode.

As Desmond turned and watched, the squad leader leapt from behind an overturned LRV and jumped onto the grenade. As he landed, it detonated—and the man was instantly skewered. His body went limp and he rolled over, his chest a tattered mess. One of the squad members screamed, but Desmond knew he had to ignore the casualty. Time for revenge.

Desmond dropped to a crouch and in one swift motion, fired his M1091 at the remaining Ghost. The round hit the fuel cell, detonating the plasma reserves. Blue fire consumed the craft, and it blew skyward, tumbling through the air. The seven brutes were angered by their loss of armor, and the Chief roared and sprinted towards Desmond, drawing a spiker and ejecting the mag.

Desmond dropped his M1091 and drew his T.I.S.C SMG. Firing on full auto, he watched as all sixty 4.8x32mm M110 FMJ rounds peppered the creature’s armor. The mag clacked empty as the Brute closed, even as it’s shielding popped and crackled. Desmond reached for another mag, ejected his current one, slapped it in, and continued to fire. Rounds kept hitting the chieftain as it came closer and closer—until it’s shields popped and failed. However, Desmond saw it was now too close—he couldn’t finish it in time.

But then, the crack of a M99C Sniper Rifle filled the air and a round tore the Chieftain in half. As it slumped to the ground by Desmond’s feet, the Green Squad sniper smiled. Desmond gave him a thumbs up, inserted a new clip into his T.I.S.C., and set to work on the remaining Brutes.

9th of August, 2607, 16:30 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Brute Occupation Zone, Sector 9-4, Aboard Crashed UNSC Pelican Dropship, Gimmel City Outskirts

Surrounded by darkness, Maria felt a hand on her shoulder. Dimly, she heard a voice yelling, and then, even as she tried to will herself to move, she felt someone shaking her. Slowly, the world faded into view, and people around her seemed to come into focus.

Groggily, Maria listened as Demon 3, Sarah Cramer, issued orders.

“Someone grab lead, we gotta move. Matt, take the point.” She said

Maria watched through half opened eyes as Demon Ten, Tanner Grace, moved through the dropship bay and hoisted her onto his shoulder. The burly pilot hefted his M73D Carbine with one hand and tried to slide Maria over his shoulder with the other—but failed as she punched him lightly in the shoulder. He dropped her, and she got to her feet, taking a M2A LAR offered to her by someone she didn’t recognize, probably one of the Pelican pilots.

“Lead’s vivid.” Muttered Tanner as Maria glanced about her surroundings.

After crashing, the Pelican had flipped, with it’s belly straight up in the air. They had crashed in a wooded area, but not far beyond, around a klick, a desert like area dominated the terrain. As Maria glanced out the open troop bay door, she spotted a small gravesite marked with a beacon—who she saw must be one of the pilots of the dropship. Her team wasn’t worse for wear, and they were all alive. Jacki had crawled on top of the Pelican and was watching the surrounding area through her sniper scope, while the others were mostly milling around on the ground, gathering spilt gear.

“Good to see your awake.” Muttered Sarah as Maria emerged from the troop bay into the daylight. “Was afraid we were gonna have to haul your ass back to the ships.”

Maria scowled, and wiped a trace of blood from a cut on her forehead.

“Lets get moving.” She told Sarah “Everyone, fall in.”

The pilots of the 112th gathered around her for a brief conference before they departed.

“Ma’am, what’s our objective?” asked Matthew David, Demon 9

“The fighters.” Replied Maria “They’re our only shot out of here.”

“They looked heavily guarded.” Commented Sarah Cramer “How we going to get passed them?”

“We’ll see.” Maria told her

With that, the pilots fell into place, and the 112th and the lone dropship survivor moved out. They headed for the caves where they had parked their fighters, weaving in and out of trees—hoping to find a way out of this mess and into space.

Spartan 501 18:24, 26 August 2008 (UTC)


"First, I want Sierra 4 in that tower." Sierra 1 began "The rest of us Sierras, set up positions around the barracks. SPARTAN-144, this operation is riding on you. We need you to use your Camo, sneak up, then toss a few grenades towards the nearest Covies..."

"Fine" he interrupted, but Sierra 1 ignored it

"... once those shields are down, whoever is on the other side of the base throw some grenades towards the Covies or one of their buildings, nearest to you. That should mess 'em up a bit. Once that's done, Sierra 6 will call in an Owl strike, after the strike, I need Sierra 4 to silently take out the snipers and some guards. Then, the rest of us mop up the survivors. But don't do ANYTHING until Sierra 4 calls in, got it?"

"Yes, sir" came the response, but SPARTAN-144 added, "This is idiotic" under his breath.

Climbing to the top of the tower, Sierra 4 pulled a silencer out of his pack and threaded it onto the barrel of his M1091. He reached the door to the roof, and opening it he saw a pair of Jackal Snipers. "Oh, shite" he thought. He didn't have time to grab his M10 PDWS, so he lifted his sniper and fired twice. The rounds ripped through the Jackals, and the window beyond.

Activating his team COM, he screamed "They had Jackals in the building! I had to fire! Get the Owls here!"

Sierra 2 heard Sierra 4's yell over the radio and shook her head. She pulled a grenade off her belt, armed it, then lobbed it over the low wall. She repeated this with her last two grenades, and heard 144's grenades going off. Over the radio, she heard Sierra 6 yelling for an Owl strike.

She shook her head, "Things were bound to go wrong" she thought. Remembering she had a pair of Plasma Grenades from the Comms center, she armed one and tossed it over the wall. She suppressed a laugh as a Brute yelled "THE HERETICS ARE ATTACKING!" Glancing over the wall, she noticed an opened crate filled with blue spheres. More grenades. Arming her grenade, she tossed it as hard as she could. It landed by the crate and exploded with a massive ball of blue fire.

Seconds later a pair of Owl stealth gunships streaked by, unloading TUSK, TSAM, INCISOR, and PINCER missiles and 20mm cannon shells through the barracks facility. The missiles streaked into buildings, vehicles, and infantry. The 20mm shells shredded infantry, and tore through walls and into resting Brutes.

Sierra 4 watched in awe as the Owls flew through the barracks destroying everything they passed. Then he looked through the scope and attempted to shoot at whatever was left alive. Through the scope he could see the other Sierras, along with 144, wander though the wreckage, shooting every once in a while. Sierra 4 packed up his gear, them climbed down the tower to assist his teammates.

Sierra 6 sat down on a stable pile of rubble and activated his M101 Radio Pack and called the team's Battalion Commander.

"Sir, this is Sierra 6 of Fireteam Sierra. We have completed our mission and are awaiting further orders."

"Excellent job Sierra team," came the reply "We need you to hold position in the city, and hold against all Covenant reinforcements."

"Yes, sir. Sierra 6 out." he said

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On the Assault Carrier Golden Retribution; A Brute Captain walked up to the ships Cheiftain, "Sir, we intercepted a human transmission, we have gained that a human space craft crash landed there." Lykargum responded, "Send Lepigok to secure the wreckage, there might be salvagable items." The Exectutive Chairman Contact Me My Investments


9th of August, 2607, Theta Nero System, Kanna, Outside Aleph City

Novus stopped totally out of breath. He couldn’t carry on. The assault had been a trap, one which they had foolishly entered without a second thought. He saw explosions and bullets still engulfing the air, which he was still in range with. He dropped to all fours, out of exhaustion and prayed that he would survive.

“GET UP!” He heard from a close distance then, before he could fully turn his head around; he saw Drakos, the pack chieftain, picking him up by the arm and onto two feet again.

“LETS GO.” He raored at Novus. He carried on and Novus painfully followed. So many dead and slaughtered. This was a fight, which they weren’t going to win. He wanted to die right now, rather than watch his friends fall and then be pushed to the pinical of bodily exhastion and pain. But he had to carry on. He ran with the last ounce of adrenaline, left in him, to catch up with the Chieftain.

He only had a Spiker Rifle left but had no intentions to stand his ground and fight. There was being a hero and then there was being a suicidalist. The fine line, which cut the two had been crossed too many times that day. Novus had had enough. Then salvation appeared. A Prowler zoomed up to them and stopped just in time for Drakos to jump onto the side. The gunner shot furiously at many targets, behind Novus, while the chieftain and driver shouted at Novus to hurry up.

Finally he got on and they sped away. Choppers and other Prowlers joined them but were destroyed by missiles and plasma bolts. The Remnants were falling badly. He wanted to go back and kill the Humans but he knew he couldn’t. The Prowler zoomed over the rice paddies and splashed up the water. They where retreating quickly but not quick enough. He heard Drakos shout over the roar of the engine:

“WHERE ARE WE GOING?” Novus also wondered the same.

“INTO THE HIGHLANDS. WE’LL BE PICKED UP BY DROPSHIPS AND WILL HEAD TO THE NEAREST BRUTE RETREAT CAMP.” The driver shouted back. They were going to re-arm again? This was crazy, they needed more air support to rival the Human’s, not another ground-side bloodbath. A few Dropships were already swooping down to pick up survivors, and even fewer were making it back into the skies before they were obliterated by enemy artilery or heavy support.

One touched down to the side of them but before Novus could turn to tell the driver, he was thrown off the side of the prowler with colosal force. He felt heat and pressure smash against him like a giant fist of fire to the face. He hurtled through the air and hit a rice paddy with a cold splash. He rolled end over end a few times until he layed still in the cold water. Despite it’s freezing temperature it probably saved him from breaking any bones.

Somehow he got up. With what strength; he didn’t know, but he made it and turned to see the wreckage of the Prowler. He was lucky to be alive. The front end still remained with a grotesquely twisted body of the gunner laying lifelssly on the top of the destroyed vehicle. The back was gone. Then he realised something… Drakos.

Some voice from behind shouted at him to get in. Probably the Phantom. He tuned and shouted back: “WAIT! I’M GETTING THE CHIEFTAIN.” Novus ran so quick, he was supprised that he hadn’t fallen over. He saw Drakos on the floor, rolling around slightly with most of his armour missing. He ran closer and then saw the horror. He had lost an arm and probably broken all of the other limbs. His armour was stripped oddly with only a few plates left, twisted and scraped. His face was bloody and bruised.

Novus picked him up and co-operatively Drakos put his remaining arm around Novus. Then ran together, but of course slower. The Dropship was still there and the soldiers inside had worry and doubt in their eyes. The pair ran closer, with Novus facing the enemy; protecting Drakos. The air was still lit with explosions, bolts of plasma and trails of missle exhaust. The area was a grave now; a grave which closely resembled hell.

Novus took a few hits, but carried on, as his armour stayed intact. He tried to run quicker but seemed to to take more shots. Then a bullet hit him in the leg. He sucked up the pain and carried on. More hit, with a few slicing into him. He staggered as more pain rippled through him He held it in and finally got the dropship. The engines started to rise in power. Novus chucked Drakos onto the ship, with the help of another Brute. He clambered on himself and dropped to the cargo hold floor. The dropship rose quickly, turned and then accelerated away.

Drakos was swarmed with medical equipment and a few Jackal medics. They worked furociously to patch him up and to stop the bleeding. Novus shared the pain mentally. He got up and stumbled to Drakos’s side. The Dropship shook from tubulance but carried on, while the explosions and wizzing of fatal rounds suppressed into the fading distance. He looked into Drakos’s bloodshot eyes.

“You’ll make it Chieftain, I assure you.” Novus trembled in solem grief. He had to save Drakos, as Drakos did to him. He was like a second father, one he didn’t know too well but all the same; he had saved him.

“I’ve fought honourably through my life and now my time has come.” He coughed violently and spluttered out blood. He spluttered out more of his already fading life. “Don’t feel in debt. Just carry on and do the right thing.” He coughed some more. Novus nearly had tears dwelling in his eyes.

“NO, I won’t let you die. Enough of our friends have died today. Just hold on… please.” The cargo hold was silent for a, very long, few seconds. Novus knew the truth but could not accept it.

“You’ve earnt yourself a promotion brother. You will rise and eventually command like me.” Drakos was slipping away.

“No promotion is deserved if you do not live Chieftain.” Novus was lossing faith too but still held on and pushed out the inevatable.

“You’re an honerable and strong fighter. You’re bred and built for war. Now you must go and live up to it.”

“Cheitain just stay with me. We can fight together. Along side maybe.”

“No… you have my thanks… but I won’t make it…”

“No, stay.”

“Novus… be strong…” He exhaled the last of his life into the cold bitter air and drifted away silently. Novus knelt there; his eyes watering slightly and his mind in frozen pain. He couldn’t believe it. Thousands had disembarked on their revenge today but only a few hundred had survived. The battle was truly lost.

Novus leant back and sat their thinking of absolutely nothing except the burning memories of the last few hours. He sat there in sorrow and pain. He felt dead too. The Phantom flew away into the horrizon, leaving the dead and the victorious behind. No-one was alive.

Something had died in every Remnant that day…

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"We got to reinforce this sector the 22nd has been complitly outnumbered and they need our assistance." A large part of the gimmel city is still under the controle of the brutes the 25th Marine Expeditionary Brigade with the help of an other regiment have to retake the city. number of marines from the 22nd regiment are blocked in the city. After retaking aleph, destroying a scarab, cruching 2 legion of brute this mission was the most dangerous mission ever given to the Brigade and General Davidson realized how dangerous it would be to retake Kanna. CF001 00:29, 29 August 2008 (UTC)


The arrival of the relief forces and the rescue of his trapped pickup unit had passed before the eyes of Lt. Commander Puller in a blur of gray, his sleep-deprived mind worn by almost two days of constant action, a mind now torn by loss and tragedy. His uniform hanging in shreds from his shoulders, his armor punctured and sagging, M73 carbine hanging limp in his hands, the ONI man staggered wearily through the rubble of what had once been one of Kanna's largest cities.

Once the leader of an elite team, Puller could now command no one but himself. It was all gone...the flash...the screams...the roars...the cackles...the crash...the blast...then nothing finding himself alone, among the mutilated bodies of his team, their bodies devoured by the starving Brutes...the sight of Ensign O'Brien, his limbs gone, his young face contorted into an eternal scream...the horror...the memories burned into mind forever...forever...forever...

It was only after several hours of despondent trudging that Puller's anguished mind realized the presence of another being next to him. It was Lipton, the Marine sergeant Puller's team had rescued just those few hours ago.

Their minds blotted out by the shock of war, the two men limped together, down the rubble-strewn avenue...the past behind them...no future ahead...



"Chieftan! We have arrived and are only a small distance away from the fleet." A Jiralhanae name Rokarus reported.

"Good." Zorenus said.

"Cheiftain, a ship is hailing us. They wish to know why we are here." Rokarus reported again.

"Send them the files." Zorenus ordered.

As Rokarus sent the files, the Cheiftan checked a small screen next to him. A small symbol shined bright, confirming his orders.

"Sir, the ship has acknoledged the files, and askes that we take our position in the fleet's formation. The ship reports that there are many causulties on both sides, and many cities are still controlled by the humans. However, several cities are either destroyed or under our control. I regret to inform you that our delay has caused us to miss much of the action." Rokarus reported.

"Good. It is exactly as we planned." The Chieftan said, then, he continued, his volume increasing as he spoke. "Tell them, the Ultimate Transcendence has arrived, and that the human's destruction is the will of the gods!".

Fully loaded with tens of thousands of Covenant warriors, hundreds of fighters, thousands of vehicles, and several high ranking Chieftain's in their ranks, the Ultimate Transcendence was a force to be reckoned with.



(Kanna, Military Calender: Unknwon, Jammer Activated)

The sky was filled with Covenant Cruisers swooping through, firing their beams at the UNSC ships. A thunderous roar raged across the grassland, raising it to a near tremor. The Covenant seemed to be winning the war, in terms of ships though. From high above, a Covenant Cruiser began launching something towards the city.

"Sam?" Jenny sofly whispered over Sam's shoulder. Her chest felt sore, with the shoulder encased with the foam. She looked behind her and took a glimpse of the forest. The Covenant were still searching for them in the woods. "Sam... wake up," she said as she stood up on her knees. The morning bird swoops by and stopped beside her, chirping cheerfully. Jenny smiled, for once, there is still hope..., she thought. She then took out her backpack and replaced her uniform.

Sam steadily rose from the ground and yawned. "You're awake already..." he said. Jenny smiled at him as she puts on her uniform. "Well, we better get moving." insisted Sam as he performed a little exercise. As they packed up their gear and recheck their armaments, they head on, moving north.

"The Covenant just blew through the UNSC's blockade," she informed Sam. She then stared, looking at her flash backs. The Covenant Cruisers were able to reestablish formation and crush the main line. Raining down were metal debris and something... the flash backs ended. She closed her eyes with her hands. Sam just stared at her. "I..." he staggered as he held out his hands on her shoulders.

Nearing the forest, the two Technicians hold out their SMGs. Knowing that the weapons won't be a match against the Brutes, a good burst would be able to scare them off, giving them a chance to escape. The forest was untouched by the war, purely clean and free from destruction. Jenny quickly blend herself with the environment with her small figure. Sam, holding the backpack, pulled his COMPAD. Although they wouldn't be able to send any signal, the COMPAD would be able to receive anything. Sam focused at the device, puzzled. The technicians stopped, and quickly got down on the ground. "This is not making any sense. If my calculations are correct, we're..." he whispered as he showed Jenny the COMPAD. Slowly rising up, Sam became dumbfound. They were back at the Memorial!

"Oh my god, how did we?" Jenny asked as she walked backwards. Sam, staggerred by their position, dropped the COMPAD and SMG and slowly walk towards the crash site. He fell to the ground and cried, "How the fuck did we get back here again?!!" Jenny walked up to him and tried reply when suddenly, a sudden sizzle swoop across their surrounding. Sam quickly got up and hold out his Magnum. "Careful, we're not alone..." he whispered to Jenny. From afar, the forest was still untouched. At the corners, a slight disruption of light occured. Sam quickly shoot his Magnum at the figure. The figure uncloaked itself, revaling to be a Brute Stalker. The Brute roared, going berserk as its equipment malfunctions. Sam, quickly pulled the trigger, shouted "Run Jenny, run!". Jenny, loosely minded, stared at the Brute. The Brute quickly rushed towards Sam, in position of headbutting him. With quick reflex and adrenaline passing through, Sam side-stepped and launched a strike at the Brute's neck with the Magnum. Knocked out cold, Sam quickly charged into the ship. Jenny, still stunned by the Brute's appearances, slumped back on the ground.

All of a sudden, the ship began beeping: "This is the UNSC... <static>... this<static>...". Sam, emerging from the bridge quickly drags Jenny and ran straight into the forest. The Brutes' growling soon became apparent; they were near. After running nonstop, Sam suddenly dropped on the bushes, grasping his back. "Ahh, something.... in my back.." he shouted in pain. Jenny quickly pulled his uniform and gasped. Potruding from Sam's back was a long Spiker nail. "This is bad," she stated as she tried to pull out the nail with the foam sprayed on. Several Phantoms then flew above the canopy, no doubt another pack of Brutes coming in to the ship. Sam laughed as he watched the Phantoms gathering around the crashed ship. "Fools..."

Little_Missy - Cortana Gif.gif 20:48, 29 August 2008 (UTC)


Staff Sergeant Hunter Evans sprinted for cover, seeing a fallen log he made a beeline dash and quick slid on his knees behind it. The rest of his team quickly followed. He looked at them, unable to see their faces behind their helmets. As they kept for their cover the Pelican behind them finally lifted up and flew away, it made a quick fly by of the crashsite in hopes of drawing away some of the Phantoms. It had worked, two followed but were losing the prey.

Hunter looked back into the forest ahead of them, this was their element. As ODST LRRPs (Long Range Recon Patrol) they worked best in small teams and in the jungle, their BDUs even reflected that. Unlike other ODSTs with the urban camo, the LRRP teams had jungle colors. He and the four others though were doing something different, a rescue mission. Crewmen of a UNSC ship were out here somewhere and fleeing from Brute patrols. In a low harsh whisper Hunter raised up slowly, "Let's get going. Archer, you're on point."


Hunter and the others laughed softly inside their helmets, Archer was always on point. He simply was the best at it, but he hated every moment of it. They began to move when they heard the bark of a pistol followed by the echo. More shots rang out. "Archer, move quickly." Hunter said as he leveled his carbine. "Rock, try the radio just once. Ask for some kind of signal to help locate their position."

One of the others, Thumper, how carried the team's machinegun whispered. "We already know where they are we just heard the gunshots."

"Man Thump think dude. Them crew dudes would be buggin out away from a fight man." said Red.

Hunter looked at the back of Archer who kept his rifle at the ready, his trigger on the finger ready to fire on full automatic. He listened to Rock whisper into the radio. "Crew of the UNSC Memorial, this is ODST Wing One," Hunter listened, his friend would soon screw the formalties. "Give us some kinda signal, big flare or sign saying here I am, I'm not one for hide n seek. Out."

Lieutenant Colonel Chris Locklear sipped on a canteen of coffee Dove had made, wasn't very good. Major Sarah Brightman and David Grady stood beside him as they debriefed him on the situation. "Alpha and Bravo Company are clearing this section of the city, pretty quickly too. They're now hitting the rear of the Brutes on the beaches. Charlie Company is heading towards the outskirts, they've cleared everything so any human survivors they found were able to stroll on back this way." Sarah said pointing to a large group, over a hundred civilians looking scared as they made their way through their destroyed homes. Charlie had found two underground bunkers, one filled with survivors, the other had become a butcher for the Brutes. When Charlie company had discovered the mutilated bodies and the bite marks they had done the same to the Brute bodies. Civilains had walked past many Brute bodies, arms and limbs cut into pieces. One had seen the lower half of a Brute on one city block end and the upper half on the other end, both connected by its intesines. A second had seen a totem pole of Jackal and Brute heads stacked fifty high using spike rounds to connect each head.

"3rd Battalion is ready to move out now. Gamma Company will be heading towards the industrial areas to meet with the 6th, Hotel will have Gamma's left flank. India will send out LRRP teams to scout ahead and the Heavy Weapons will be ready for quick redeployment." David Grady said.

"Alright sounds good." Locklear said, in the distance he could make out the two platoons from Hotel Company making it to the LZ with the crew of the UNSC frigate. "Get the wounded out first, then the civilains, Navy boys and girls go last." Locklear looked at a small holographic map, the 77th had most of Danel taken.



The Covenant forces holding Danel were flattened. As David Kilgore's M-1050 Brown Bear AHWV rolled through the dilapidated streets of Danel, along with the rest of the Sixth Armored Division survivors of the alien attack. Everywhere, the city's surviving inhabitants emerged from destroyed buildings. They all cheered, some of them fired scavenged Covenant weapons with which they fought a guerilla war against the invaders into the air. Several girls actually kissed David. Even amidst the celebration, David knew that, though the UNSC had won the battle, the war with the Covenant Remnants was far from over. FA 712 Scimitar.jpg | SPARTAN119


But Novus wished it wasn't.

He sat with his back to the cargo hold wall and his head down. No-one spoke or even looked at one and other. Especially not at Novus. He’d failed his suerior, a sin not easy to live with. In his eyes, he knew it was the fault of the higher officers. They had sent an assault blinding into the enemy lines with no care or consideration of the precussions. He still wanted to fight though, even after being shot. A Jackal had started to help dress the wounds and the poor scrorney thing had been lucky to get close to Novus. He wanted to pass on the pain, but he too, was getting weaker.

The injections were suposidley kicking in and the pressure should’ve stopped the bleeding; but Novus didn’t feel so. The ship started to asscend rapidly. Novus’s ears felt the change in pressure and so did his stomach. He looked up and, for the first time, everyone was looking at each other, quizzically. Then over the speakers the pilot explained:

“We’ve been given new orders. Some of you may be angry but delighted to hear them.” He paused. “They’re asking us to retreat. From what I can tell it’s not a lot, I’m not getting any other allies on the radar and so I think it’s a ship order. However I’ve got my ranks and so it looks like we’re heading home brothers.” The com statically buzzed off. Novus felt the first sign of happiness and then regret. Then guilt. Then pain.

And then revenge.

He lept up and swiped the Jackal to the side with his fist. It screetched as it made a hard thump on the cargo hold. Novus stood intimidatingly tall against the kneeling allies. He roared in sorrow and emotional pain. Then shouted: “Is this the fait of all of us?” He pointed to Drakos’s covered body, and swelled anger in his eyes. “All we do is cower and run? For what may I ask? You lot don’t realise do you? This empire is filth. The filth, we’ve been so longing to fight. We were blinded and starved, and that’s why we lost.”

There was silence ammist the ship. Even the pilots would’ve heared. “If we loose again, or die until every once of pain is stolen away from us again, then…” He didn’t know what to say. This anger had blinded him? What was he talking about? He was going against his own morrals.

“Then what Novus?” Another Minor stood and looked at him sympathetically in the eyes.

“I don’t know.” He turned away.

“I really don’t know…”

Five Remnant ships tuned from the back of the battle group, and accelerated away from the battle. They sped away quicker, well out of firing range. The rest of the Remnant ships stood ground and fourght hopelessly against the victorious Humans.

Too many had died today, and so many more would die. The five Brute ships accelerated and ignited their slipspace drives. A gigantic light filled the empty speck of space with brilliant white light, which blinded the surrounding area. The lighted faded into a hazey blue, which eventually evaported completely. The ships were gone.

And so was a Remant victory…

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Burgonus and his pack stood in a small clearing, the ruins of a cathedral before them. He watched with his pack, baiting their breath as the sun went down for the last time, for them. Burgonus had tried to assure them thatthey would be safe, but they were not trusting when it came to dealing with enemies such as this. Even Burgonus, now, feared for his life. Where or when this foe would strike, no one knew. All that they were sure of was that he would strike, and their lives would end.

A minute passed, then five, then ten. Burgonus watched as the star fell from the sky, and darkness descended on the city. They were safe. The Human had been bluffing. His pack simultaneously sighed a sigh of relief, and began to spread out. Nubranus began to walk towards an alleyway, yelling jokes of how cowardly Humans were to his friends. Burgonus watched him, calm at first. But as he approached the threshold, the Captain was hit with a sense of sheer dread.

“Nubranus, no! Don’t go near it!” He yelled. But it was too late. As he took the first step in, a figure darted from behind a dumpster, and stabbed the Minor with a sharp knife. The raw recruit fell onto his back, still alive, but unable to move as his lifeblood flowed from his heart. He screamed for help, but it was too late. Burgonus, however, would not let this go. He darted past the dying brother as others moved to help him. But before he could enter, his cousin Ragnarus cut in front, and rushed in before him, baying for the Demon Spawn’s blood. He caught a glimpse of him jumping over a wall, and tried to follow. But as he did, a makeshift axe swung out from the alley, chopping off the Major’s legs at the weak knees. He fell to the ground, landing unfortunately on a large spike the ambusher had left for him. It impaled his forehead, ending his life with a wet slink of metal on flesh.

Burgonus looked to his remaining three Jiralhanae. Fearing for his life, his last remaining Major attempted to duck behind a large wall for some cover, but found a mine waiting for him. The blast erupted from the ground, sending rock and earth through their organic obstacle with little effort. The Major landed with an appearance similar to a cheese Burgonus’ Kig’Yar had discovered on their last raid. His two Minors ran for him, attempting to find strength in numbers, but instead only found they were easy targets. Two sniper rounds violently cut into their spinal cords, paralyzing them, and leaving them immobile. Their eyes shifted to look at their Captain, a pleading look on their eyes, begging for help. But Burgonus knew there was nothing he could do. They were dead, and he would be too if he didn’t run. He began to dash out of the courtyard, but remembered too late that the Demon Spawn had planted mines. He stepped on one in mid-stride, blowing off his right leg. He was sent careening into a nearby potted plant, and smashed into it. Pieces of the ceramic pot punctured his eye. He was half-blind, and unable to walk, so he began to crawl for safety. But it was too late.

He shifted his gaze to the exit of the courtyard. A sole Human stood there, bloodied and covered in grime from what appeared to be constant battle. His long, wisp-like hair was the cover of night, and suitably shrouded his face. All that could be seen was a single brown eye, and a smirk on his face that Burgonus felt a primal need to rip off. The Human approached, an extremely noticeable limp burdening him. He half walked, half stumbled towards the Captain, beginning to talk as he approached.

“Well, Cap, what did I say? You’d all be dead by sunset, and the last glimmer of sun is just beginning to dim as we speak.” He stopped to glance at the sun. It was true, the last of the light was fading just now. “I suppose the last thing to do, is to put the last nail in the coffin.” He lifted his sniper rifle, and aimed it between Burgonus’ eyes. Focusing to correctly pronounce the words, the crippled Captain growled back a response. “This is pathetic. You are the Demon Spawn? You are closer to death than I am!”

The Human leaned in very close, the only part of his closer to Burgonus’ face than his face, was his rifle’s barrel. The smirk slowly stretched and grew as he spoke the last words the Captain would hear.

“Well, look at it my way. It was either that, or Spartan Kid, and that just doesn’t have the same ring to it.”

He fired.

MasterGreen999 23:46, 1 September 2008 (UTC)


The men of the 22nd were lauch in a desesperate fight to retake Gimmel for hour the unit giving is best to retake meter after meter. But they were soon outnumbere by the ennemy supported by armour unit. During this time the other part of the 25th Marine Expeditionary Brigade were approching the city helping the 22nd to retake the city. A large part of this fight was a guerria battle wehre the marines had to fight in building or on the city street with only their rifle, shotgun ot chaingun. The supperior tatical skill of the UNSC unit helped the 25th to retake the city.

In space the Battlegroup Everest supported larger unsc unit to punch back a wave of Kig yard ship. As Vice admiral Davidson watched the view from her bridge a plasma torpedo exploded directly on the ship nuclear arsenal killing 39 crewmen intantly and making a massive breach on the ship reator fusin drive. "This is Vice Admiral Davidson we need imediate assistance my ship has been hit dommage on the reactor..need imediate assis.." On the UNSC Close to Heaven bridge the only thing we could heard was silence and static. From the bridge the everest senn to be intact but the be if we were able to pay attention we were able to see the scratch on the hull of the ship. Only time could tell if the everest cew would survive. CF001 01:14, 2 September 2008 (UTC)


Dragon Squadron swooped in for a final run on the nearby Brute frigate, taking it out with several directs hits to the engine while a few of the warships' MAC cannons laid down heavy fire. This was it. The battle, at least in space, was practically over. The members of Dragon Squadron couldn't believe it, but still, here it was. They'd won.

Gant'J-Yar saw what was going on. His troops were being massacred. He himself was already gravely wounded, blood pouring from his leg and shoulder, dead bodies all around. As quick as he could, he limped away from the place. Gant was no coward, but he had no wish to die either.

Keilus looked out over his devastated pack. It was time to retreat. Their vehicles, even the Scarab, were destroyed, and the Human forces were closing in on him.
"Brothers, retreat!", he yelled, "We are no good to the Holy One dead."
With that, Keilus and his remaining Brutes retreated to the nearest Phantom, returning to their awaiting ship.

--<Lies> Necros Demon|<When Evil Comes> <Heroes Shall Rise> 01:29, 2 September 2008 (UTC)


"Whar the hell is going on?"
"We have been hit by a plasma torpedo when our shield was down."
"the space battle is over for us and on the ground hundreds of Brute and Kig-yard are surending."
"what our status?" "we drifting, our reactor are offline we only need to restart them."
"Wow the entire brute armada is destroyed." The Everest hull did his job protecting the heavy reactor core from the torpedo. The Battle group suffered only of minnimal loss several squadon and 3 ship heavily dommaged but the rest was safe.

On the ground the 25th Marine Expeditionary Brigade made it to Gimmel suffering of medium loss 2 compagnies and 13 tanks And now the brute were retreating the battle was almost won. 3 Hornets and 5 pelican passed over Davidson head bringing medical equipement for the injured marines and odst. General Davidson was able to contact his wife onboard the dommaged Everest taking news from the space battle. Their Battle for Kanna was alomst over but this conflict would only be the begginning of the end.CF001 20:19, 2 September 2008 (UTC)


Callihan placed his boot in the chest of a Brute that had been ambushed, he was alive but barely. The captain had ordered him to be killed. He looked into the eyes of the beast, so full of hatred and pain, he was still trying to understand why these beasts were waging war with humanity. But he didn't let it get to him, he fired a quick burst into the creatures skull, ending its existence.

"So sir, seems quiet, is the city taken?" Questioned a marine corporal to the captain.

"Seems like it son, the 77th secured their locations and the 6th armored is rolling through, all we have to do is wait for the offical word from big guy up there." he said, pointing to The Colonels command ship.

So the town was won, the battle almost complete, but the war ahead would be long and costly, some of these men would not make it, he remembered the marine on his boat, the horror of seeing him jump into the water to his death. He had been battle-hardened, but he felt as though something even more horrible is coming. Something no one would expect, or survive.

In Jacksons command ship, the AI Abbaddon appeared on the pedestal next to Jackson. The AI looked like a demon straight from Hell,chains bounding his soul to the damned world. His eyes, two glowing slivers and his teeth, jagged and yellow.

"Sir, squad leaders are reporting the district secure, the 77th and 6th have also secured their positions. All in all, Danel is secure and Brute resistance is either mopped up or retreated."

"Good,good, thank you Abbaddon, all that remains is for the other commanders to completely secure this planet and this battles over. A well fought one and earned. You are dismissed Abbaddon." Said Jackson coldly.

He looked out a window to the town. Trails of smoke wisping up through the skyline. A burning UNSC ship in the center landed near his men, he hoped the area there was secure. But for now, all that remained was where the Remnant would strike next.

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Hunter listened to the environment, the radio hadn't worked at all. They had recieved no word from the crew of the Memorial. He and his team moved slowly, they had just taken a five minute break after making a stealthy but grueling pace which was slowed when a Brute patrol had passed by without noticing the five.

Archer still on point took his hand away from his rifle and stuck it in the air, they halted. Slowly he brought the hand down motioning for them to get low. Hunter slowly made it to his position. "What's up?"


Hunter concentrated, Archer was right. Damnit he hadn't noticed before. "They're bound to be here somewhere." It was the biologics, a lack of chirps and calls. Birds especially those on Kanna were extremely cautious, if someone or something came nearby they would stop their loud echoing chirps. "Alright, eyes open boys." They began to spread out, the crew had to be close.

"Hunt, got a small blood trail." Thumper said kneeling down, small spots of blood were darted along a small path and along leaves. Now that he looked at it he could easily track them. The way the plants were twisted and trampled, the small imprints of boots against the jungle floor. "Looks like there's only two of em, one's injured. A male and a female by the boot prints." Thump whispered quietly into his comm.

"Alright, converge of Thump, let's find em quick." Hunter said making a turn.



9th of August, 2607, 16:25 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Brute Occupation Zone, Sector 9-4, Danels City

As the Sierra Team leader explained the plan to him, Leonid listened mostly in silence. At one point, Leonid interrupted, which was ignored, but this was more of an effort to get things moving than to be rude. However, by the end, his patience had expired, and he muttered quietly to himself, so that no one could hear. However, he was not all unhappy—they had Owl stealth gunship support.

As part of the plan, Leonid activated his camo and moved silently towards the enemy. He avoided confrontation with the guards of the barracks and slipped behind the stationary shields, then snuck inside. He dodged a pair of weary Jackal soldiers, and emerged onto a balcony on the first floor. From there, he watched through a window as Sierra Four climbed an adjacent tower, and saw the others of the team sneaking around and preparing to assault the perimeter.

Leonid checked his M2A LAR and made sure it was good-to-go, and drew four grenades from his hips. The M9 frags were more powerful and effective than the ones he had used during the war—they could kill off a brute with a single explosion. Leonid was calmly waiting for the signal, a “go ahead” transmission from Sierra Four, when the sound of a sniper shot pair filled the air, and the dying screams of two jackals keened loudly.

Over the comm, Leonid’s signal unit picked up a transmission from Sierra Four, who sounded strained.

“They had Jackals up here! I had to fire! Get those Owls here now!” he yelled

Leonid armed his grenades, all at once, and tossed them into the covenant ranks. Two landed next to shade stationary turrets, one bounced into a ghost, and another rolled next to a pile of plasma cores that were refueling infantry weapons. From his perch, Leonid watched as the Covenant forces saw the grenades land—and tried to run. But there was no time. With a colossal roar, the grenades detonated, and fire and shrapnel destroyed infantry and turrets with ease. The plasma cores detonated with a blue-white fire that blew away a Brute, and then Leonid open fired with his M2A Light Assault Rifle, spraying gunfire on his enemies.

As he did this, he heard the roar of the friendly grenades, and heard Brute forces converging on him. He glanced behind him and saw a jackal pair and a brute shot toting Major rushing towards him, and leapt backwards off the ledge. Mid-air, he spun, and he rolled as he hit the ground and came up firing. Bullets cut through six Jackals, who were surprised—then Leonid dove as a plasma grenade landed near him. Stray plasma pistol shots hit him and revealed his position as his shields glowed orange. But Leonid glanced skyward, and saw something gliding in over the skyline.

Two Owl stealth gunships came into view and released a flurry of missiles, rockets, and 20mm rounds. Leonid ran at top speed away from the barracks, as the infantry near him were cut to pieces. Repeated shells cracked the Wraith tank in two, a rocket destroyed the nearby ghost, and missiles streaked into the main barracks building. Fire erupted and burned away enemy forces, and the barracks building collapsed, crushing dozens of soldiers as it fell.

Then, the Owls passed, and everything was silent. Leonid turned to face the barracks, and saw only a ruin. Some forces were injured and shocked, trying to crawl away from the wreck, and undoubtedly, more were trapped. Leonid moved slowly back to the barracks and drew his M98 compact, delivering execution shots to the survivors of the air strike. This lasted for some time, and over the radio, Leonid heard the Sierra team’s orders, to hold the position against any Remnant counter strikes. However, Leonid knew he would have new orders. He chinned his mike, and sent a request up to the ships in orbit for a priority link.

“Sierra 144, requesting orders.” He said into his comm unit, his voice cold. “Repeat, requesting orders. All targets neutralized.”

There was a brief wave of static, then the line cleared.

“SPARTAN-144?” asked a formal sounding man, Leonid’s controller

“Here” replied Leonid patiently

“Good to hear from you.” Said the controller “We’ve got a high profile mission for you, if you’re up to it.”

“I am.” Said Leonid coldly

“Good.” Replied the controller “Your mission is to eliminate the Brute Chieftain Barabus. We’ve intercepted non-secure Remnant transmissions detailing his location and status. He is also the one responsible for the attack on Aleph. I’ll send you our intel files now.”

Leonid saw a handshake protocol appear on his HUD, and let the signal in. Data immediately filled his comm buffer—intel on the mission. Defense strength, location, target data, GPS maps, and a host of other data.

“Understood.” Confirmed Leonid

The comm channel vanished, and Leonid scanned the info. The brute was thirty miles away from Aleph—a two and a half our drive from Danels, minimal. Considering the route was heavily damaged and likely patrolled by Covenant forces, Leonid concluded that moving with a hog wasn’t the way to go. In addition, intel showed a Covenant dropship, escorted by a Seraph fighter pair, inbound for the Chieftain with an ETA of fifteen minutes. Leonid looked across his map and saw something he could use. A battle update detailed a marine squadron capturing an enemy airfield—which included a Seraph fighter. If he could take control of that, he knew he could use it to get to the Chieftain and enact revenge for the casualties at Aleph. He spotted a route he could take to get himself to the Seraph, and left to find Sierra One. He had to get out quickly.

The soldier wasn’t hard to find. He was overseeing the placement of defensive structures, and turned as Leonid approached.

“I have new orders, I must leave.” Said Leonid briskly, and Sierra One, predictably, objected.

“I can’t have you leave right now!” yelled the special forces trooper

“I have orders from HIGHCOMM.” Said Leonid, without remorse. “Goodbye.”

The squad leader started to object again, but Leonid turned and left the area behind. He couldn’t help being rude—he had to move quickly now. He left the destroyed wreck of the barracks behind and jogged for almost two miles, before arriving at the airfield. It was the emptied parking lot of a shopping mall, and prefab Covenant landing pads had been placed over it’s surface. Ten banshees, three phantoms, and a single Seraph were all landed on the airfield, but it was obvious the Remnant no longer controlled this area.

A ring of electrified razor wire encircled the air pad, reinforced by machine gun turrets at regular intervals, all crewed by armored marines. Metal defense barriers had been placed behind the ring of wire, and a gate was formed by a whole in the circle, which was fortified by two automated gun turrets and a single, uncrewed AIE-486I Heavy Machine Gun. In addition, heavily armed marines were stationed behind the protective barriers, and even more, Leonid spotted a sniper team on the mall with his enhanced position. A fairly defensible position, to be sure.

As Leonid approached, the marines stood still, incredibly so. They were apprehensive no doubt—SPARTANs were a rare sight. However, a single one seemed relaxed and nonchalant. One marine stood in the middle of the “gate”, his MA6A held low at his side. A cigar dangled from his lips, and his head bore not a helmet, but rather a baseball cap. The soldier was obviously the Sergeant—and was obviously more than comfortable with Leonid’s presence.

Leonid held his M2A LAR across his chest and approached the gate. As he came near, the Sergeant took a long puff from his cigar and opened his mouth to speak. Leonid cut him off.

“I need that Seraph.” Said Leonid, attempting to brush past.

However, the Sergeant was not keen on this. He put his hand up and stopped Leonid. Leonid could have easily moved through—but he didn’t see the need. He would wait. For a moment.

“Hold on just a second there.” Said the Sergeant, eyes scanning Leonid’s jet black MJOLNIR Mk. VII suspiciously “You got authorization for that?”

Leonid sighed inside his suit. He keyed on his helmet speakers, and spoke.

“My authorization,” said Leonid “Is right here…”

With a series of rapid coordinated eye movements, Leonid accessed the ONI Section III top secret files and requested a top-priority data linkup. The computers in charge of the databases’ checked Leonid’s profile and let him in in an instant, and Leonid moved quickly through the channels. He retrieved a top-level, all clearance code, reserved for the highest ranked of the navy. A stretch to be sure—but he needed the interceptor quickly. Leonid uploaded the authorization code sequence into his helmet’s comm buffer, and sent it to the Sergeant. Leonid saw the man’s eyes widen as he stared at the information flowing across his HUD—and then the Sarge dropped his hand and stepped aside.

Leonid moved past the perimeter, inside the airfield. He headed straight for the Seraph, and climbed over it’s hull, towards the open hatch. Leonid inspected it as he stepped into it—it was narrow, and would be a tight fit. No sweat, however.

Leonid climbed inside and glanced about. He had used Seraphs before, on missions with the Covenant Separatists, and then the USR. He noted however, a few differences in the ship—the cockpit was larger, though not much, and the controls were dramatically bigger. Not surprising, considering the Brutes’ size. Leonid keyed the ignition and activated the view screens and the stasis field to keep him in place. He glanced up and saw some of the marines moving away from their perimeter, creating a loose circle around the Seraph. While the troops had been assigned to guard the ships in the airfield, they likely could not drive them. More than likely, they weren’t even certified in standard issue UNSC craft—much less Remnant fighters.

Leonid hit the grav-lift stabilizers and the Seraph rose. Leonid glanced down at fifty meters and saw the marines dispersing, looking disappointed and disenchanted. Leonid didn’t care in the least bit, and concentrated on flying. When he rose to two hundred fifty meters, well above the skyscrapers, he keyed his engines. Blue light engulfed the back of the ship as the engines charged. Sapphire fire built in the engines themselves—then Leonid hit the throttle forward and sent the ship exploding forward. The Seraph accelerated to Mach 5, it’s maximum atmospheric velocity, and Leonid’s ship hurtled towards the outskirts of Aleph, and the target.

9th of August, 2607, 16:29 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Sector 7-9, Gimmel City

Desmond cursed and ducked behind cover as porous superheated spikes filled the air above him. He crouched behind a crushed concrete block—then rose up as the fire stopped. The Brute, who had decided to attack at close range, and in the open to boot, was not much threat. Desmond emptied his clip of the T.I.S.C into it’s flank, and blood poured from two dozen whistling holes in it’s tough hide. Desmond ejected his mag, and inserted a new one and slammed the bolt forward in one swift motion. Then, he held the trigger and continued firing.

The Brutes were pressing hard. Event though the marines had had some early victories, the Brutes were regrouping and attacking. The enemy forces moved in, taking cover behind wreckage and burnt vehicles, trading fire with the marines, but advancing with suppression fire as cover. Green Squad had been forced back, and now, things were getting ugly.

Desmond watched as a Brute pair popped out from cover and attacked. Desmond lifted his T.I.S.C to his shoulder and let loose a burst, but it was too late. A cluster of spikes tore into one of the human soldiers, and the trooper fell back, his chest covered in cooling rounds. A group of three Brutes advanced, spikers spewing golden projectiles. The creatures quickly overran the human lines, and one roared and rushed towards Desmond.

“We’re being overrun!” yelled the Corporal who had saved Desmond.

Desmond ducked up from cover and put thirty some rounds into the rushing Brute. Then he realized that the Brutes had gotten in close—almost three meters away in some cases. No hope now. None.

Then, suddenly, darkness covered their section of the city. Above them, a UNSC Frigate slid into place, blocking out the sun. The ship was low, almost brushing the buildings, and it looked angry. Red strobes covered it’s hull—laser batteries preparing to fire.

“Get down!” yelled Desmond

Bright red beams flashed from the underside cannons of the ship and slammed into the ground. Brute forces were flash vaporized as energy beams hit them with exacting accuracy. Heat left only clouds of blood and tiny bits of bone behind—and then Desmond closed his eyes and ducked down behind cover. Heat washed over him from a shot targeting a Brute only a few feet away, then passed.

Desmond opened his eyes and emerged from cover. What had been an already charred landscape was even more destroyed. Blackened craters dotted the area, the only remains of the Brutes.

Desmond looked to his left and heard the Corporal who had saved him screaming into a mike. The soldier was now the de-facto leader, with the death of the Sergeant.

“Close air support!” screamed the soldier “That was goddamn two meters! What the hell was that!”

Over the radio, Desmond heard the frigate’s gunnery officer laugh.

“Complain later dipshit, we just saved your ass.” Said the officer

Desmond resisted the urge to laugh himself. The corporal was most likely raw, and was undoubtedly intensely freaked out by the close range bombardment. He was masking his fear with anger, something Desmond had abandoned a long, long time ago, thanks to Lieutenant Ambrose.

Desmond picked himself up from his cover and quickly checked on the marine squad. The corporal and the gunner kept arguing—until a new voice over the radio came on.

“Green squad.” Said the voice. The voice was easy to recognize—Desmond identified the voice as that of a Captain—someone who knew the ins and outs of keeping his subordinates under control. Most likely, the Captain of the ship above.

“Yes sir?” asked the Corporal—he hadn’t missed the Captain either

“I have orders for you boys.” Said the Captain “I’ve observed from my ship a Remnant motor pool. And while it goes outside the standard chain of command, you’re the closest squad. I need you to take out or take over the Remnant vehicles in the motor pool. It’s two clicks from your location. Get on it.”

“Y-Yes sir.” Said the Corporal, stammering in shock. “We’ll g-get it done.”

The channel clicked off and the others looked at the Corporal expectantly.

“Time to move.” Said the Corporal “SWAT guy, you got point.”

9th of August, 2607, 16:40 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Brute Occupation Zone, Sector 9-4, Fleeing Crashed UNSC Pelican Dropship, Gimmel City Outskirts

Maria led her ragged squad through a thick tropical forest. Kanna was an agriculture world primarily, and thus, very hot and humid. Already, the complaining had begun against the heat as the day grew warmer and warmer, and now Maria was having to cut people off to keep them from bitching. It took a decent while, almost twenty minutes, but the squad, weary and tired, finally arrived at the outskirts of the trees and Maria moved ahead to observe the state of the rock mesa that contained the cave hiding their fighters.

Or rather, the cave that had once hidden their fighters. Now, Maria confirmed what she had seen on the Pelican through a sighting scope—Covenant troops, in bulk, guarding the ships. Two anti air Wraiths guarded the cave, at the single entrance, lumbering about, their weapons glowing a sickly green. Remnant forces patrolled in and out of the cave, but on closer inspection, Maria saw that these weren’t standard troops.

No Brutes were present among the occupying force, only Jackal skirmishers. Maria guessed that the bird-like aliens had been part of the initial assault on the planet, and had gone pillaging and found the fighters. This made Maria worried. While the Brutes might have left the fighters alone, save guarding them, the Jackals would have most likely pilfered them of their contents. More than likely, it was the only reason they were still guarding the things.

Maria’s squad had been left at the edge of the forest, while she had crept up ahead. Dismayed, Maria retreated back to the forest and opened a comm channel to her forces.

“Sir, what’s the status?” asked Sarah, and Maria sighed.

“Buzzards took the damn cave, looks like a lot of em.” Maria told the 112th members

“We have to get in there, no matter what.” Said Jacki, and Maria nodded

“Any suggestions?” asked Maria

“We could attack the base.” Said Abran Diego, Demon Six, said hopefully

“No,” replied Maria “They’ll mow us down.”

“I’ve got an idea.” Said Sarah, and Maria glanced at her.

“What?” asked Maria

“We can call in the others.” She said, looking somewhat annoyed, as if stating the obvious “Adrian’s still in the air, I’ve seen them. And no word has come that they’ve been shot down.”

Maria’s mind clicked with an idea. With air support, along with a bit of infiltration, they had a shot at taking back their ships.

“Alright, good thinking.” Said Maria as the plan she had thought of took shape “Sarah, get on the horn with Adrian, he’s in command of the airborne group. Everyone else, here are your orders. Jacki, post at the edge of the forest and get a good line of sight on the caves. Everyone else, with me, we’ll get near the caves with stealth, we’ll plant a beacon for the air strike. Abran, you get inside the cave itself and check out the ships. Move!”

Out of breath, Maria scrambled to lead her group. They needed to move as fast as possible—if the fighters were still intact, they wouldn’t be for long.

Spartan 501 04:58, 3 September 2008 (UTC)


(Kanna, Emergency Evacuation, Time Left till Memorial Detonation: 00:00:05:59)

The ONI technician Sam tried to hold up against the pain he's experiencing. The Spike has impaled his left shoulder, not only dislocating it but detered it to being a burden of agony. "Fuck you! I hope you like our present!" he shouted as Jenny dragged him through the forest.

The Brute Stalkers' roared across the forest, instilling fear and havoc. They're not so far! Jenny said in her thoughts. All of their radio communications were left at the crash site, along with medical and survival supplies. If they keep this up, they will be exhausted and soon, ravaged by the Brutes. There won't be any mercy if they were to be caught.

Sam, pulling out the Spike at his back, manage to catch a distortion of the Brutes Camouflage technology. Imperfected, more of an imitation of the Elites. He quickly got off Jenny and shouted, "Get out of here! Run!" He waved his arms away from Jenny, throwing her off into the bushes. Armed with his Magnum and the last Grenade, he roared for a final fight. "Come out you gorillas! Face me!" Slowly from the far side, the Brutes deactivated their Camouflage technology and shrugged. In its Jiralhanae language, it murmured. Sam, without the assistance of his neural implants, made out some of the language. "Foolish Human, you can't hope to get away..."

Jenny, about 400 metres away from Sam's last known position, cried with her eyes closed. Stupid Sam... she whispered. Back to Sam and the Brutes, he quickly aim his Magnum and pulled the trigger. The Brutes, unimpressed, stomped their way to Sam with a ravaging roar. "Die!" he shouted as he released his last 4 bullets. One of the Brutes caught the bullet and slumped down on the ground, the others continued. Sam, throwing his M6D away, started running towards the Brutes. Behind his back, he pulled the Grenade Pin and tossed at the Brutes. As the Grenade soared in the air, Sam experienced his final seconds. Goodbye Jenny, goodbye world. Mom, Dad, I'm coming...

A thunderous explosion echoed through the forest. Jenny stopped in her tracks and turned her head. Could it be? "Sam..." she muttered. Crashing down against a tree, she couldn't bear seeing another dead friend. On her COMPAD, Dahlia transmitted a message: He sacrificed his life for you. Maybe... maybe its for the best. He wants you to carry on. Jenny looked at the COMPAD, pale looking. All of a sudden, a figure jumped out of the forest canopy, soaring from one end to another. The Female Technician stood up and laid her backs against the wall, hiding herself from being detected. Not again... she said in her thoughts. A growling then developed above her head. Looking up, she shouted...

Little_Missy - Cortana Gif.gif 20:24, 5 September 2008 (UTC)


Hunter and Archer instantly looked at each other, as they heard a male yelling. Soon there were gunshots and well as an explosion. "ARCHER MOVE!" Hunter whispered harshly, "Team Weapons Free." he whispered in a less harsher tone, they moved quickly no longer bothering to keep themselves hidden. Hunter ran with his carbine at the ready, he hurtled over a fallen log like he had before in highschool track. Archer and Rose were behind him keeping up with his pace, Rock and Thumper were only shortly in the rear. Hunter threw his weight forward and went bashing through a thick bush of green lush leaves. On the other side he raised his weapon and fired a quick burst.

The Brute stood above the woman, she dropped to her side in fear as it branished a weapon towards her. The Brute grinned showing a row of rotted brown teeth, easily capable of taking out large portions of flesh. The Brute reached down with its massive palm when its neck burst. Hunter's first round had missed but the second round hit the neck dead center, the third fourth and firth round hit its shoulders knocking the Brute back. With a thump the Brute hit the ground back first, tried to get up but Hunter was faster.

Hunter ran past the woman towards the Brute and stopped, standing before the Brute Hunter quickly emptied half of his clip into the Brute's stomach than worked his way up to the chest. The rest of the team arrived as he put a final round into the Brute's head. As he was about to turn towards the woman when trail of spike rounds grazed his shoulder. Immediately Hunter dropped onto his side uninjured, simply wanting to be clear of the fire. When it stopped her grabbed his carbine and searched for a target but saw nothing except for the jungle. Within half a second he noticed a small patch of disturbed brush, wondered if the first Brute had caused that or not, than he saw a small shimmer of light in front of him. Hunter was tossed into the air, he felt the wind knock out of him, he dropped his weapon and landed hard against the ground. He looked to see a Brute standing where he had once been, it roared and came at him once again when Thumper and Rose opened fire on the Brute.

Thumper hadn't seen the Brute until it was too late, Hunter had been hit with a Brute punch straight in the chest and was thrown back. He had a clear shot and he fired a long controlled burst, than Rose joined in . Together their fire literally cut the Brute in half.

"Fuck." Hunter said as he coughed for air and wrapped his arms around his chest. He gasped for air in his lungs and felt pain, he had at least a two broken ribs now. Feeling like he wasn't getting enough air through the helmet he threw it off and inhaled the surrounding air. "Fuck." He breathed again as Archer came up beside him.

Archer knelt down next to his team leader, saw that he would be fine except for a few broken ribs than checked on the woman who had stayed in her spot, wide eyed and shaking. "Ma'm?" Archer said kneeling down beside her, "Ma'm are you okay?"

Hunter breathed heavily now, "Fuck that was stupid." He said regretting that he had run into the open like that. He got to his feet as Rock came to him to see if he was okay. Hunter waved him off. "Rose, Thumper, Rock pull security we're buggin out in one minute." He walked towards the woman and Archer and knelt down beside her to talk.

"'Cuse me sir?" a man said to Locklear as he was talking to Major Brightman and Dove.

Locklear turned around to see a man in civlian clothing, behind him were four other women and men. "Yes sir?" Locklear said, Dove and Brightman looked at them as well.

"Yes, we're doctors here, we'd like to know if we could help your wounded." the man said.

Locklear smiled, "That'd be fantastic sir, only problem is we dont have any equipment other than what the medics are carrying."

"That's okay there's a hospital near here, we could get some supplies." Another doctor said from behind him.

Locklear looked at them for a moment, "Okay, Dove go to India Company, have a squad escort them to the hospital." Locklear said, Dove nodded than turned around to go fetch Captian Le Be Son. "I'm sorry but than I'm gonna need you all to stay with us than." Locklear said as a Pelican came down, picked up a load of civilians than took off.

"That's fine."

Locklear turned around again as the doctors left. "So, now what?" he said jokingly to Major Sarah Brightman who only smiled lightly at him.



The Frigate UNSC Everlasting Memory

Commander Albert Yankovic awoke suddenly, in pain, covered in blood, and realizing immediately that he was weightless. The bridges lights were out, and he was still strapped into his command seat. He realized his collection of 'Weird Al' music was no longer playing, giving him cause for concern. Yankovic, a descendant of the famous 'Weird Al' Yankovic, liked all 457 of his great(74 'greats' required) grandfather's songs. He reached up to his face and felt a little blood. He looked down at his uniform and saw that the uniform had absorbed the blood from his wound. He looked around and saw, to his sadness, that all of the Everlasting Memory 's bridge officers were dead, killed by...by what? Yankovic unbuckled his seat belt and floated free of his seat. He pushed off a bulkhead and bounced his way to the armored view port. The Frigate was rotating clock-wise at a few degrees a second and the front of the ship was smashed, then he saw it. 'Holy crap!' he said in disbelief, reaching for his M7 SMG and checking that his old .45 was still there. It was old, a gift from his father, whose father got from his father. Etc. but it still killed like a champ. He pushed off the window, and floated down towards the entrance to the bridge and towards the lifeboats. Then he had a realization. The crewmen on the bridge were probably shot and killed. He checked ones head, and, sure enough, there was plasma burns. He must have look so blooded that he had to have been dead. The Covenant had taken over the ship. But they could not have killed ALL the crew, Marines, and the few ODSTs he had assigned on board the Everlasting Memory . Not all 400. He started heading aft, pausing only to pull the Emergency disaster/situation tab for...well, any kind of Emergency. Help would come. He prayed and then he continued on his trip down the hallway, towards the crew quarters, and the Armory. SPARTAN-118


9th of August, 2607, 17:43, Danel City, City Hall

The Brute Chieftain roared in defiance, his roar echoing over the sound of gunfire that lashed through the air. His call seemed to beckon the UNSC forces to challenge him into a personal duel. He stood in front of the blasted and ruined City Hall, their last strong hold in Danel, is Brutes holding a thin line of half bothered defences. He pulled himself up to the parapet and roared again. He whipped back off the parapet suddenly, an object hitting him square in the chest. It burrowed in every so slightly, crushing his armour and his rib cage, his roar and breath suddenly escaping him, along with a thin trail of blood from the corner of his mouth. From the point of impact, the contents of the canister spilled out, a grey dough like material that pillowed out into a 'pat' on his chest before a millisecond later it exploded in midair, above the defences, eating a section of it in a ball of fire. A Scorpion AVE ploughed through the defences with ease, the dozer blade sweeping away the defences, rubble, corpses and still living defenders. The turret began to traverse, facing a pair of Brutes struggling to reload their single fuel rod gun. There was an epic bang, sending limbs high into the air. It was firing HESH shells at close range, the plastic explosive filling decimating them. The forewarn machine gun turret chattered, cutting down the Brutes as they tried to flank around the turret. A long gout of flame wavered across the battlefield, incinerating many Brutes. The flames clung to their matted hair and burnt them the fires feeding on the intense pressurized gas mixture and their hair. They scream but the flames only continued. Marines swept in behind the tank offensive, cleaning up. They moved up, past the tanks, storming the city hall. The demoralized Brutes were weakened by constant fighting and low on ammo, resulting in them being butchered in the following close quarters fight. Almost twenty minutes after they entered the building, an image of a stylised falcon over a planet with 'UNSC MC' emblazoned under rose on a tattered flag. Danel was in human hands, once again.

9th of August, 2607, 17:49, Gimmel City, Pavlov's Tower

As the lower floors were swept by Brutes, Wraith artillery began to bombard the upper floors. A stream of green plasma cut through the fourth floor, gutting it, followed by a stream of super heavy plasma bolts. The Scarab strutted beside the tower, confident in its invincibility. Its forward fuel rod cannon charged to deliver another blast but it suddenly stumbled from the force of a blast near its nose and another on its left forward leg. It stumbled and turned to face its new threat, its fuel rod gun recharging.

A vehicle, of similar size to the Elephant at the base though much more closely resembling a Scorpion tank in configuration rushed to the Brute forces, travelling from across the rubble and corpse strewn industrial wasteland to it. Reaching almost 40 kilometres per hour, the monster smashed through walls, half wrecked brick buildings, down a small drop of 1 meter and over an unmanned Prowler, crushing it but these barely slowed it down. The Scarab fired a burst from its fuel rod cannon but the stream didn't halt the rolling beast. Though its armour was slagged where it had hit, it had lost none of its potency. It halted and its turret turned to the Scarab and both its 105mm turrets fired. Its front right leg was torn to pieces, making it collapse. Behind the M1000 Tiger Heavy Battle Tank a vast echelon of armoured units rolled in behind it, tank shells spewing into the vulnerable rear of the Brute forces. Groundhog APCs and Kangaroo IFVs rolled up, delivering fire to the soft infantry and deploying scores of UNSC troops to the ground. Trapped between the determined forces of the ODSTs and Pavlov's men along with a charging force of fresh Marines the Brutes were massacred. Soon Pelicans armed for air lifting the wounded and Cheetah and Warthog ambulances for evacuating them to field hospitals arrived, bringing an end to the siege.

9th of August, 2607, 17:53, Gimmel City

The Brute forces in Gimmel had fallen back, with a distinct line forming, pushing them back against the Vraks River, the bridges on the river destroyed by the Brutes and UNSC during their attacks. With their backs to the water and tanks and infantry pushing forward, the Brutes had a choice of die at the UNSC or drown trying to escape.

9th of August, 2607, 17:58, Kanna, forestry zone-4, Time Left till Memorial Detonation: 00:00:01:52

As the LRRP team moved to recover the remaining ONI tech, having defeated the Brute Stalkers, the rest quickly converged on their position. Chieftain Barakus lead his stealthed team forward, creeping forth, observing the seemingly victorious Marines. Barakus roared an order and the Half a dozen Stalkers rushed forward.

"I want them alive!" He barked as the Brutes rushed at the LRRP and the Tech who had their backs to a cliff dropping almost twenty meters into the forested area below. The Chieftain in the lead of the group smashed the human who lead them with his hammer. He didn't have its gravity abilities online, mostly to avoid him potentially damaging his objective. However, it was still a rock hard block the size of a baby. He tossed him over the side of the cliff into the trees before and while the other LRRPs were still shocked by the recent stealth charge. He batted another LRRP with the staff of his weapon, pushing/hurling him like a toy to the cliff edge before kicking him over the edge. The other Stalkers had swarmed over, disarmed and pressed the LRRPS to their knees, Spikers pressed to their skulls. He picked up the wounded technician by her arm, straining the severe wound more. The number and stealth abilities of the Stalkers had allowed them to get the jump on the Marines, along with the firm leadership of Barakus. He was unusually stealthy and cunning for a Brute.

“This is the one we are after.” He growled, his yellowing teeth forming a smile. Her pulled the COMPAD from her hand and grinned. “This is what we seek.”

“Shall we feast on them now?” Asked a Brute, salivating, long strings dropping from his mouth onto Rock’s helmet.

“No!” Barakus growled “These humans belong to me. I promised my children I’d bring back a pet from this raid. The others will serve as entertainment and food if we get hungry on the journey back.” He ordered, the other Brutes following his order.

“And that one?” One of his men said, pointing his hatchet gun at Jenny.

“We’ll find what she knows. After we’ve got what we wanted. She’s mine to toy with.” He growled, bringing her face close to his snout “Though first we’ll have to patch her back together.” He laughed

The Brutes bound the hands and feet of the LRRPs with energy manacles, with them knowing of the reputation of some Marines for their tenacity even under capture. Above them a shaft of purple light erupted, as if from thin air. A Stealth Corvette above them activated its gravity beam. They tossed the struggled LRRPs into the beam, followed by the Stalkers before Barakus joined them, dragging Jenny by the scruff of her collar through the mud beneath him. However, almost 20 meters below where the LRRP team and Jenny were captured, the last two members survived. Protected by the energy shield and resilience of their armour, along with the trees, they would have been battered bruised, perhaps broken, but nonetheless, alive. On the ship, horrors awaited the prisoners. The walls were adorned with skulls, bones and spines of various creatures, humans, elites, jackals, and grunts and otherwise. The COMPAD was handed over to the corporeal image of a hooded hologram that seemed to float away with it. Behind it a shadow flitted, following it, leaving the crew unaware of the ship unaware.

“Take the humans to the holding pens. And take this one to be patched up for interrogation.” Barakus said, tossing Jenny into the arms of one of his subordinates. The Brutes had become incredibly adept at keeping humans alive for prolonged torture, a lesson learned from torturing and eating them for over fifty years. “And don’t harm them. Not yet. I want to toy with them first.” 9th of August, 2607, 17:53, air above Kanna

Barabus spied his transport coming down, covered by a thick fighter escort. In the distance, a single Seraph approached towards in, the defenders unaware of its demonic cargo.

9th of August, 2607, 17:59, Kanna, Gimmel City, Gimmel Mall

The camera stalker on the Dire Wolf leaned around the corner, observing the interior. The loading bays had two Brutes guarding it but were getting lazy in their duties.

“Two contacts, lazy.” Ace smirked

“Take them out, nice and loud.” Raina rasped

Both of them leapt out and gunned down the two sentries. They moved up, their platoons following them.

“We still got men pinned down in here?”

“Still blaring loud sir.”

“Then let’s get in here!” He growled

They moved through the loading dock and through the back of a shop, the top of the Wolf skimming the rough before they charged out into the mall. They were at the top of a slope, with a group of marauding Brutes to each side on their L shaped position.

“Fire down on them, firing positions!” Raina roared, shocking Ajax into action. The ODSTs and Marines fired down the slope, using planters, benches and bins as cover. Spiker and plasma rounds filled the air around them but the return fire began to silence them quickly.

“Keep up the fire!” Ace shouted, Spikes crumbling or bouncing off his rounded armour.

A torrent of fire and a handful of fragmentation grenades finally ended the fire fight. After the end of it the quickly took their chance to reload and take care of their casualties. Four wounded and an ODST dead.

“Here’s the plan boys and girl. We’re gonna move from section to section, at each intersection we leave a Fire Team. Once we get the survivors, we regroup and leave.” Ace ordered

“Yeah, what that stupid bastard said.” Raina supported

They moved up, securing the mall intersection by intersection, playing it by the books until they came towards the centre of the SOS signal. It was being projected from a wide, open area strewn with temporary barricades.

“Fuck this... That’s obviously a trap.” Ace said his tone serious

“The apes are too shit stupid to make a trap. C’mon, let’s take it.” Raina said, pressing her squad of ODSTs forward, though even they knew better as well.

“Raina, NO!”

As she trotted up there was a roar and an almighty smash as a Brute chieftain smashed through a pillar. Suddenly Brutes rose from the defences, spikes scything through the air. Raina was immediately on her ass, having been hiding behind the pillar. Ace rushed at him as he raised his hammer to crush Raina. He tackled him full speed, pushing up back and lifting him up before Ace brought him down onto his knee, snapping him like a child’s toy.

“Fall back!” Ace bellowed, moving back in a half crouch, firing his gun one handed from his hip, shielding the others. Both the ODST and Marines fell back, including a shocked Raina, gathering their teams before the rushing horde of Brutes.

“All teams push to the entrance!”

“Negative sir, there’s a chieftain there!” One of his sergeants replying

Ace rushed ahead, his Wolf allowing him to run faster than his comrades to the entrance. The marines were huddled around the top of a staircase and escalator combo and Ace skidded to a stop at the top, just in time to hit a bolt of fuel rod plasma. The front plate of his armour slagged and the front plate crumbled in, almost crushing him and sent him toppling onto his back. When the rest of them caught up Raina looked directly down at his ‘eyes’ on his ‘head’.

“Having fun?”

“Stop laughing and help me up!”

The marines pulled him clear and pushed him back up to his unsteady feet.

“My equilibrium is off a little. My forward sensor systems are partially blinded...bastards.”

“Less whining, more firing!” He began to unsteadily fire at the Brutes below them as they kept to their cover. The Chieftain wielding the fuel rod cannon rose up, roaring. If anybody got his attention they’d be blasted to pieces. There was the distant sound of engines before 3 tonnes of warthog smashed through the doors and crushed the chieftain under its bonnet. The horn sounded and a young female officer sat up out of the seat.

“Sorry I’m late, you get those Marines out?”

“Negative! It’s a trap!” Ajax shouted, leaping down the stairs onto a startled Brute

“Okay, get out, prepare for evacuation!”

Chain gun rounds tore through the doors, cutting down the survivors before the ODST and Marine platoons rushed down and outside. Several trucks and Warthogs waited, allowing the Marines to mount up, with the Wolfs gathering onto the back of flat bed warthogs.

“Why the sudden evacuation?” Raina asked “I wanna stay and beat up Brutes.”

“Negative, command got wind of Brute forces here, a lot of them. They can’t be bothered for another fight. They are gonna bomb them.”

“With what, a nuke?” Ace joked, holding onto the Warthog’s roll cage

“Close enough a Massive Fuel Air Bomb!” She said, pulling her warthog out of the mall before sending it thundering off down the road. The rest of the Warthogs, Boars, Armadillos and Pangolins sped off down the road. Ace held down, his vision stripping away the interference caused by the dust of the warthogs up above and observing the Broadsword moving at them at high altitude towards them. It passed over their heads and delivered a large bomb to the mall. As soon as it hit the ground there was a massive explosion that forced most of the Warthogs out of control with the long reaching shock wave. Behind them the mall was incinerated, replacing it with a deep, burning crater. The surrounding area had been obliterated as well, leaving wrecked buildings for six hundred meters.

“I think we over did it.” Ace laughed, hanging off the back of the Warthog.

“Tell that to the Brutes!”


9th of August, 18:00, space above Kanna

Tupolovitch watched with a grin as the Brute ships floundered, confused and alone, being picked off by superior UNSC fire. In the centre a Brute Super Carrier waited, frightened and still. A breakaway group, now just hiding in orbit, eluded him, but such escapees could be accepted. He wanted to crush, demoralise and annihilate those stupid enough to stand and try to stop them.

(Post up your 'clean up' and endings. Then I will call this to a close :D) <Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax


"Well guy we only havee on remainning thing to do before the end of our mission, massacre those brute show them no mercy just like they did during the great war." Has the reinforcement of 5 pelican touch down, Davidson called a carpet bomb over the retreating Brute killing them instantatly. Thoulsand of marines fired over the Kig-Yar force. A addition force of one platton of marines arrived to clear the remainning sector of Gimmel. "Konzentrieren das Feuer auf das Macht-Tank!" ordored Davidson to a german regiment. Like a relentless Hurrican the unsc force destroyed every brute resistance they could meet. "My brother they are unstopable fall back this isnt our day" screamed a brute captain. CF001 23:58, 10 September 2008 (UTC)


"Archangel. I'll take the names now." Locklear said somberly. In front of him lay the bodies of his dead ODST and marines covered in body bags. The wind from approaching Pelicans wiped at the bags and Locklear's fatigues.

"Seventy-nine KIA. Ninety-two WIA. Three MIA probable KIA." Archangel said then unfolded her majestic wings. "Staff Sergeant Harris Bedford, Private Andrew Cole, Corporal Timothy Lee..."

The names went on for ten minutes as Archangel said the name and rank of the dead. Dove watched his commander, the man was always strong, but now he was at his weakest. Locklear dropped to a knee as the tears rolled down his face leaving streaks across his cheeks. He wiped his eyes than bit down on his knuckle, so many had died and his regiment had been better off than most. Once Archangel finished he ran a wet hand through his short hair than walked to two injured ODSTs, their green camouflaged BDUs telling of their roles as LRRPs. As he left marines and ODSTs grabbed the bodies of the dead and loaded them into the Pelicans.

"How you boys doing?" Locklear said kneeling down, both had their shirts off, bandages and biofoam covered large portions of their chest. The team leaderlifted his head with red watered eyes, the other put a hand on his back and tried to comfort each other.

"They took them." Hunter said thinking of his team, his family. "Thumper, Rose, Rock. They have em." Locklear put his hand on the man's head and patted lightly. Another LRRP team had found the two badly injured with broken ribs and some internal bleeding, what surprised him the most was what they had been until the other team had found them. The two had been going through the jungle and killed everything in site. The two had hunted down the Brutes in their small patrols and killed at least twenty-three from their helmet footage. When the other team had reached the two, Hunter and Archer had simply asked for more ammunition and to be left alone. "Sir we've got to get them back." Hunter said desperately.

"Let go soldier, you've got to let em go." Locklear said softly.

"Sir, there's got to be something we can do." Archer said as the tears fell, he no longer cared about hiding his emotions. "We can't leave them."

Dove approached them with four canteens of coffee, this time he hadn't made it. Captian Sarah Boyce had instead. He handed the canteens to the two ODSTs and one to Locklear. "Drink up." He said comfortingly.

Locklear took the canteen than turned away from the two for a moment. The 77th had done it. Better than anyone else could have. By the time 2nd Battalion had landed Danel was clear, 2nd was sent to the city outskirts to sweep everything up while the 1st and 3rd began to take care of the civilians and wounded.

Dove and Locklear stood and looked out at the broken city. A squad of ODSTs lined up a mob of Jackal prisoners against a wall. The loud chirps and squaks were to no vale as the ODSTs fired on the birds unmercifully. "Helluva thing." Dove said as the ODSTs reloaded their weapons than lined up the next batch of Jackals.

"Sure is." Locklear said. "God it makes me feel old." He said with a sigh.

"You are old...respectfully sir." Dove said trying to lighten the situation and the somber mood of his commander.

"To old for this."

"You think this will end it?"

"Not a chance in hell." Locklear said watching now as the body bags were loaded onto a Pelican. "We only started this dance."



(Kanna, Location: UNKNOWN/Memorial Detonation:: 00:00:00:10)

The Brute Stalkers continued to linger outside the fallen UNSC Memorial, awaiting the command of their Brute Chieftain, Orpheus. Lying on the ground, growling hard, the Brutes played a little game of wrestling. Four joined the play while the other two watched the crashed ship. "Our Chieftain is not back from his duty. We need to..."

The two paused as the ship began beeping. The other Brutes stopped and quickly pulled out their Spikers. "Check it out. Might be a trap." ordered the Brute Stalker to his companions. The Brute Stalkers formed a full circle, a blockade to prevent any potential escapees. Seconds after seconds, the beeping grew intense and annoying.

"Check out that noise!" shouted one of the Brutes. Still forming a circular wall, the Brutes growled and pushed one another to take a peek inside. One of the Brutes slowly walk off from the formation and walk inside the ship. As the Brute journeyed within the ship, the noise gets louder and louder, each volume increased. "Argh! Stupid Noise!" complained the Brute, covering its ears. He activates his cloaking device and ran through every chamber of the ship. Finally, the Brute came to an end, reaching the Bridge. "Mighty Orpheus?!!"

The Chieftain stood against the corner, his back facing the Brute Stalker. His armour was intact, no physical damage. However, there is an odd machinery attached to his head. The Brute Stalker took a step forward and asked, "Mighty Orpheus, are you all right?" Reaching out, the Brute Stalker shook the Chieftain's shoulder. The Chieftain fell to the floor, dead, still grasping its Gravity Hammer.

The Brute Stalker growled and roared, the Cheiftain's eyes were bright red, similar to those description of the Demon. Suddenly, the ship's modulation control beeps louder once more. On the main monitor, the timer appeared in static form (00:00:00:10) Shocked, the Brute Stalker fired his Spiker at the controls. (00:00:00:08) Behind him, the dead Chieftain rose up, grasping its Gravity Hammer tight, and said in an autonomous tone, This is the UNSc Memorial, the latest Oracle Subprowler designed by ONI with collaboration of the UNSC. If one of you wore this headset, please be forewarn that it will vaporize the brain, leaving it to nothing. To the Covenant uglies that might be listening, you have a few seconds to pray to your damned heathen gods. You all have a nice day in hell...

The Brute's translator took several seconds to translate the alien language. (00:00:00:07) Not able to interpret everything, seeing the countdown in red instill fear in the Brute. (00:00:00:05) The Brute threw its Spike Grenade at the bridge's window, unshattered. (00:00:00:03) Needing a way to escape, it roared at the top of its lungs to warn the others. (00:00:00:02). Outside the ship, the Brute Stalkers jumped from their position and tried to locate the roar. (00:00:00:01). The Brute within the ship covered its face, peeking through its arms at the blinding light. The light was glorious, everzealous. Around him, time slows down. Slowly, he held out his arms and tried to wrestle the light.

From afar, the Memorial exploded, releasing a shockwave strong enough to cause a 10 on the Richter Scale. (Anyone near Gimmel should feel the shockwave, EMP burst, and also the 10 Magnitude on the Richter Scale).

(Kanna, The Covenant and Remnant Expedition) "Run!" shouted the Grunts as they ran sluggishly towards the ship. "Consul is dead! Brutes is dead! All is lost!" they shouted again.

Nearing the ship, the Grunt pack gets smaller and smaller. "Big scary thing! Help us!" shouted the Grunts yet again as they closed the doors of the ship. The Jackal let out a sigh, unimpressed. The Jackal acticated its shield and held out a Plasma Rifle.

Slowly, the Jackal peered out of the ship. The surviving Grunts kept a look out at the ship's viewscreen. All of a sudden, plasma fire was heard and a huge thud followed. Cheering, the Grunts took out their Plasma Pistols and Needlers, trying to shoot the corpse of the Monster. Out in the open, they shrieked at the sight of the Jackal being torn apart by the Monster. "We go off this planet now! Seeker, we need your help!" the Grunt Researcher ordered. No answer was given. Through the ship's speaker, the AI spoke in a static transmission:

Welcome, creatures of the Covenant, to the new dawn of time. I am the Ascension, the Nebulous, the Delta AI. Bestowed upon you is the reclamation of the ancients. Forged through time and metal and space, they will return to you, and bring out the truth. Anyone receiving this transmission, I would gladly ask you to pray to your gods, as I have control of the craft.

In fear, the Grunts tried running out of the ship. Too late, the ship's core exploded furiously. (Thus ends the operation of seeking the Forerunner Artefacts and also the Expeditionary Team... Everything went KABOOM!!)

Little_Missy - Cortana Gif.gif 06:50, 11 September 2008 (UTC)


Omega lead ducked behind the smouldering remains of a car, narrowly avoiding spikes. He primed a grenade, then lobbed it over the top. He heard a small explosion, then brutes screaming. He looked over the top and saw the brutes coming forward. They couldn’t them all off, and if no one received the distress signal, they were screwed.

“This is Omega lead, everyone fall back to the ropes.” He said over the comm channel.

Everyone scattered backwards towards ropes that were put up for emergencies. They hung down off the sides of the bridge, and they’d be perfect for his next plan. He ran and grabbed the nearest vacant on, and slid down about 10 meters, where he stopped, as did everyone else. They could hide here until reinforcements arrived. If anyone had heard the message. Suddenly, he remembered something.

“Apache 3!” He shouted over the comm.

“Damn, we left him behind” said Nevada 4, as he looked to Omega lead.

“We’ll just have to go back and get him. In our own, special way” Said Tsunami 1.

Omega lead climbed back up the rope, but waited at the top. He looked through a hole In the bridge, and watched as brutes climbed over the charred remains of the barrier, followed by wraiths, pushing through the cars. They spread across the bridge, and he noticed one brute walking to a car. The car where they left Apache 3.

“Look here chieftain!” shouted the brute.

“What is it?” replied the chieftain as he hefted his hammer and walked towards the car.

“We have Vermin!” He shouted as he picked up the wounded human.

“Give him to me, now!” said the chieftain, and the other brute threw the human to him.

He didn’t bother catching it, he wanted to see the human suffer before he died. The other brute walked off towards the side of the bridge whilst the chieftain began interrogating the human, as he lay on the floor.

“Damn, they found him” said Omega lead over the comm, and everyone began to climb up their rope, towards the top.

Suddenly, a huge foot blocked Omega lead’s view as a brute stood right in front of him, its hands over the side. He grabbed the brute’s hands and hauled it over the side, and it fell screaming, all the way down to its death. Another brute heard something and walked over towards Omega lead.

“Uh oh”

The brute stopped and looked over the side of the bridge, before turning round to walk back. As the brute turned its back to the side, Omega lead noticed they were about to execute Apache 3. He jumped up, over the side, and kicked the brute in the back of the head before finishing it off with a blast from the shotgun. As the other brutes turned to him, the chieftain dropped Apache 3 and faced him.

“Hahaha, you are foolish to challenge us!” shouted the chieftain.

Suddenly, eleven more ODST’s jumped over the side, and opened fire on the nearest brutes. Omega lead ran at the chieftain, who seemed confused, and kicked in the face, the chieftain turned to him and attempted to smack him with the hammer, but missed. He spun round and grabbed the chieftain’s arm, then pulled his shotgun round the chieftain’s neck. It began to splutter, then it spat blood all over before falling to the ground. He stood up and opened fire at the next brute he saw. It was chaos.

The wraiths had no room to move, and were continuously running down other brutes. Omega lead had managed to grab Apache 3 in the midst of the chaos, but the ODST’s had limited moving space, as they were still attached to their ropes. They began to fall back to the sides of the bridge again, to jump off. Even with their element of surprise, they couldn’t win, but they weren’t going down without a fight. Omega lead, clutching to Apache 3 with one hand and his shotgun with the other, jumped backwards off the side of the bridge, and the others followed. He jolted as the rope stopped his fall, and he hung on to Apache 3. The brute's fire stopped, and they listened to the footsteps on the bridge. He looked down, and saw the large drop that could easilly kill him. HE began to debate with himself. The brutes, or the drop.

TALK CONTRIBUTIONS — Thursday, December 3 2020 (Greenwich Mean Time)


Lepigok walked through the pitch black ruins of the crash site, looking for anything of value.

‘’Nothing’’ he spat, and continued to search. Though he began to falter, wondering with a hint of anger why none of his Brutes had reported.

“Pack brothers, report!” He howled. Nothing but silence. Lepigok was furious now, that they would be such insubordinates as ignoring a direct order. He marched down the corridor, knowing for a fact two of his pack were in this hallway. He began to shout at them before he turned the corner.

“Insubordination is a crime of the highest caliber! I shall personally tear you to ribbons if you do not—“ He was cut off as he turned the corner, finding his pack brothers lying in a bloodied heap, as if they had been killed without ever leaving their original point. He wondered what could kill his men so fast, and sent out a long howl to alert the rest of his pack. There was no response.

Now suspecting either treachery or an ambush, Lepigok drew his hammer and began to back out the way he came. He turned to see one of his soldiers standing there.

“About time I found one of you!” He growled at the subordinate. “How dare you disobey direct orders?”

No response. Lepigok tried again. “I said, ‘’’how dare you disobey direct orders’’’?! That’s an order, respond!” Nothing. He went up to the small Brute and hefted him into the air.

“Are you trying to test my patience?!” He yelled. But nothing. However, now the lights in the corridor flickered on for the first time, and Lepigok saw the soldier’s face. It was a mess, twisted into an agonizing scream. Lepigok turned him around, and found massive Nailer spikes shoved into his spinal cord, blood still oozing from it. The chieftain now realized the trap for what it was, and began to run for the exit. But the trap had already been sprung. As he exited, he saw a shadow fall from the ceiling above…

Jeremy landed right on top of the Chieftain. He was at both his wit and stamina’s end, exhausted from taking on the pack earlier, and the small force here. He had hoped with all his heart that a single thrust could bring this monster down to avoid direct conflict for more than an instant. Keeping that hope held close, he brought down the Spiker round he had scavenged into the Brute’s back, hopefully at the spinal cord.

A face of shock entered the Brute’s face, sending an air of pride through the young ODST. But it was overridden by fear when the Brute began to laugh.

“You fool,” he growled in his gravelly voice. “that trick may have worked on the simple Minors of my pack, but you shall find me” he paused to grab Jeremy by the shoulder. “a more worthy foe!” He tossed the First Sergeant through the air, colliding with an adjacent building. Patterson felt a shiver of sharp pain go through his body, and feared for his spine. But with some half a cheer, he discovered only his rib was shattered. The Brute was still holding onto him, however, and tossed him again, this time letting go and allowing him to fly into a pile of rubble. Jeremy landed, his helmet jarring his brain on impact. He glanced to his left to see a dead marine, a sniper rifle clutched in their hand. He grabbed it, another idea formulating in his head.

The Chieftain glanced at his hammer, but decided against it and drew his Spiker. Apparently Jeremy wasn’t worthy of being crushed, only sliced. The Chieftain charged him, and Jeremy responded in kind. The massive Brute Lepigok brought his Spiker down on Jeremy, who lifted his own rifle, and its long barrel served as a pole, parrying the blow. However, the force of a Brute is not to be underestimated, and the shock of it sent the Helljumper to one knee. Lepigok tried a blow from the right side, but Jeremy parried again, being sent rolling down an alleyway. As he recovered, he fired a shot. It missed by a wide angle, but hit a trash can and reflected, knocking off a modest chip of the Chieftain’s pauldron. But this did not faze the beast, and he continued to charge. Jeremy backed off, getting a look at his equipment for the first time in a while. He still had one grenade left.

Begging for his idea to work, he ran out into a courtyard, the Brute in hot pursuit.

Jose walked with the remaining twenty men of Blackheart Platoon through the streets. They had been offered an airlift, but a vote had decided they would stay behind and mop up any Brute left in the city. With the death of the CO and both of his XOs, Corporal Glomburg had been promoted to Staff Sergeant, and given control. He was a tactical thinker, graduating top of his class in the strategics section, though he was not as creative as Jeremy had been. He was also nowhere near as charismatic as Roger, or determined as Cullen. He was a run-of-the mill soldier who would never admit it, and he kept that secret by leading with an iron fist.

The last time he was in charge of a squad, his faulty logic had gotten them all killed. This had gotten him a demotion, and a transfer to Blackheart, in the hopes Jeremy could straighten him out. Jose sighed. It was too great a task, and he doubted anyone could. As he pondered this, he heard a noise. It sounded like a Brute.

“Sir!” Jose called. “I think I just heard a Brute!”

“Don’t care!” Glomburg replied. “When I see a Brute, there’s a Brute. And I don’t see a Brute! Keep marching!”

Jose and the others continued, but then Jose heard something else. A distinct shout. A distinct tone, that only one person would use when cussing at death:

“Staff Sergeant Glomburg! I just heard Jeremy!” This call got the attention of the entire platoon, who stared at him with hopeful expressions. The call rang out again, this time not to be drowned out by boots on gravel.

“Glomburg!” Lambardo said. “I heard it too.” The entire platoon agreed, and began to turn to head in that direction, when Glomburg stopped them. “I don’t hear nothing! As far as I’m concerned, that’s proof that you’re just hearing things! Keep marching!”

Lambardo shifted his gaze towards him, and brought up a sole finger.

“With all due respect, sir, you can kiss my ass.” He drew his rifle and began to run after the direction of the sound. Within an instant, the entire platoon was following after him, hoping they were not wrong.

By this time, Lepigok had pulled out the Hammer, and Jeremy was barely dodging the blows. He had horribly miscalculated this Brute’s abilities, and now he was paying for it. With every strike, the hammer ring got a bit closer, a mere centimeter closer towards certain death. Finally, Jeremy could move no more. He knees buckled, and he fell to the floor right as the hammer got in range. He was hit, flying twenty feet into a wall. Another snap. That one might have been his spine. He fell down into a sitting position, no longer able to move. The Brute was angry now, and charged towards him, ready to finish him for good. Jeremy lifted his hand, and grasped the grenade on his chest. He began to tug. If he was going to die, he was taking out one more Brute with him.

But as he prepared the final tug, and as the Brute raised his hammer high for a final blow, a bullet ricocheted off of the beast’s abdomen. Both Brute and Man looked to the side simultaneously, to see Blackheart Platoon charging into the clearing, shouting both jeers and orders.

“Someone move on the right! I’m going center!” “Fire Team Alpha moving in with shotguns, give sniper support.” “Snipers set up at the edge of the courtyard beginning first volley.”

As the other Blackhearts got close, a volley of sniper rifles hit the armor of Lepigok, a single bullet managing to puncture his armor. The blood flowed out, as the Brute went into a berserk rage, completely forgetting about his prey, laying before him. As he charged the nearest Blackheart, a single BR round hit his vulnerable knees, putting a slight limp in his step. As the first target drew close, he uppercutted the unfortunate soldier, breaking his jaw and sending him away from the red zone. Another shot his back, the flak putting wounds in many spots. He twisted around with his spiker, and cut the jugular. And as he fell, he brought his hammer up, and sent many of the Humans flying. But as the battle dragged on, the Humans found his tempo, and how to dodge his strikes. What began as a casualty a strike became a wound every five strikes. Then ten. Then they just stopped being hit. Working as a unit, as Lepigok tried to attack one, two more were firing on his backside.

He grew impatient, and decided to end with one more kill. He turned back to Jeremy, roaring in a terrifying manner. He charged the ODST, the ground shaking with every step. As he reached him, he brought his fist in, only for it to stop inches away. A single bullet had penetrated his temple, completely obliterating his brain. With a pained groan, the Chieftain fell to the ground. Jose Marez marveled at his amazing kill as Lambardo and McFinnigan went to retrieve their Sergeant. As they left the courtyard, they were exchanging banter and wit as if Jeremy had never been gone.

“Hey, sarge.” A soldier called. “We showed those Brutes good. Kicked their behinds all the way back to their space, eh?”

“I guess we did, Blackheart, but at what cost? Almost half our number are dead, including two of the best damned NCOs in the whole of the UNSC.”

“Well, Jeremy,” Jose began. “like you said, they were pretty cool guys. They wouldn’t want us crying over their graves as long as there’s Brutes to kill.” With that remark, the Blackheart’s tone lightened a bit, going from jokes of spite at the Brutes, to jokes and memories about the friends they had lost that day.

At some point, Jeremy stopped them and asked, “You know, considering I’ve been KIA since yesterday, who was the new CO?”

“Oh, yeah.” Lambardo sighed. “They actually put Glomburg in charge. Go figure.”

“Huh.” Jeremy replied. “I guess he won’t be getting a ride home then.” His platoon laughed once more, as they had before, and would after. As the sun rose on the third day, the Platoon entered their ride, and left Kanna for good. Their part was done in the Battle for Kanna, but they would have a long fight ahead of them in the war. Longer than any of them could ever imagine. MasterGreen999 21:47, 12 September 2008 (UTC)


Gunnery Sergeant Gordon Lydecker limped from the ruins of Pavlov's Tower, towards the waiting Pelican. The three spiker rounds that had been in his leg had come out clean enough, but they still hurt like hell. He had made sure that his platoon- what was left of it, at least- was loaded up before-hand, and he was moving to join them on the second-to-last bird out, his responsibilities at the Tower taken care of. Behind the pain of walking, somewhere at the back of his mind, he felt that something was vaguely off, something wasn't right about this whole situation.

He shook his head to clear it, and wondered absent-mindedly where Jennifer was. Had she come out yet? He couldn't remember, so he stopped, called one of his ODSTs off of the Pelican to help him, and began a slow trudge back to the Tower to look for her. The crew chief of the bird shouted that the two troopers would miss the flight, but Lydecker waved him off, saying that he and Lennox would just catch the next one.

The crew chief shrugged, and closed the hatch shut, motioning for the pilot to go ahead and take off. With a whine of turbines charging, the big aircraft lifted off, winging its way into the distance. Lydecker didn't notice anything until Lennox tapped him on the arm.

"Sarge, um... look."

Gordon turned slowly, wondering what Lennox had seen. Then, his eyes widened involuntarily. The Pelican was streaming smoke from it's jet-rotator mechanisms. In silence, the two watched as it plowed quietly into the ground, and an explosion blossomed like a perverse hell-flower from the crash site.


"I know."

The two ODSTs stood in silence for the longest time, stunned by the fact that, after surviving the most brutal fight since Reach and Harvest, their platoon's lives had been claimed by random chance, by a minor failure in a tiny part long past its replacement date. After an eternity, Lydecker turned again to the Tower. He had to find her now, just to assure himself that he and Lennox weren't the only two left.

Barnes, Almeda, Fulari, Valatikovich, all of his boys and girls... gone? No. No. No...

He sped up his pace, ignoring the pain in his leg. He had to know. He had to. As he turned the final corner into the almost-evacuated Infirmary, passing the soldiers who were using defoliant projectors to burn piles of Brute and Jackal corpses, ducking under a collapsed support, he saw her. Blood crusted her lips as she smiled a small grin at him, and her hair was matted by dust and blood, but she was alright. His heart regained control of itself, and he let out a short breath of air. He couldn't tell her about... what had happened. Not now, not while she was in the balance. Save it for later, he thought, as he knelt by her stretcher.

We won, he told himself as she wrapped her hand around his. We won. But, God damn it! Why did we lose as well?!

SPARTAN-091[Admin]UNSC.jpg [Talk] 02:54, 13 September 2008 (UTC) 02:46, 13 September 2008 (UTC)


Hiroji Kira sat in his military hospital bed, finally awake. He examined his surroundings. Dark grey was everywhere along the walls, with rather boring news on a holo-channel. Hiroji always thought hospitals would be exciting, filled with the stories of grizzled veterans and injured diehards... but the place was extremely dull. However, Hiroji came out of his trance when he saw a doctor enter his vicinity.

"Gave us quite a scare, you did. Plenty of some terrible cuts and bruises, and you were gushing blood on one of them. Not to mention, you broke your arm and several fingers," the doctor explained to Hiroji. Hiroji glanced at his arm. On it was a cast that he hadn't noticed before.

"Sir, I need to ask you something. Was a journal on my person?" asked Hiroji, lying back down his bed. The doctor simplied pointed lazily at the desk next to Hiroji, which had a journal on it. "Thanks sir... also... have we won?"

"It's funny that you should ask that... especially since it seems we have. Actually, speaking of victories, your cast should be off in a few weeks," was the doctor's reply.

"Sir... why exactly do you help people like me?" asked Hiroji, whom was wondering at the doctor's odd face. Just like the hospital, he seemed boring; not the kind of person that would want to dedicate their lives in thrilling attempts to save military men's lives. His only noticeable feature was his facial hair.

"I needed to explore and do some... good, plus, I had something run away from... something rather embarassing," explained the doctor.

"So, sir... what's your name?" asked Kira, genuinely curious.

"Well, I generally don't like answering that for my patients, but you're interesting enough. The name is David Pliskin. Can't wait for a little longer..." said the doctor.

"What happens later?" asked Kira.

"My tour of duty ends... and I can go to Earth for a new life, a better one... helping more people..."

--Canis Lupus Wolf paw.jpg -The Pack- -Kill- -[[Join the Pack]]- 03:35, 18 September 2008 (UTC)

(I realize that guy is from Earth, I wanted to make a passing reference to him before he goes to Earth and becomes a serial killer in a non-Necros-related plot)


Zorenus watched the scenery as the dropships flew towards the dropsite. Fortunately, the relic hadn't been moved. Unluckily, the humans controlled the area where it was. Small arms fire came up from the ground and impacted their ship harmlessly.

"Execute bombing run now!" Zorenus yelled into his com-pad.

Five lances of plasma came down from the sky, hit the ground, and transformed the area into a hellscape. Dozens of dropships rained from the sky. They formed up, and followed the first ship into the battle. A dropship nearby exploded, showering the area around it with debris, wreckage, and bodies. The dropship above Zorenus took weapons fire, dropped and clipped the top of his ship. Zorenus thought it was minor at first, then the ship began to plummet. The target building was in front of him.

"I've lost control!" The pilot screamed, and then, Zorenus was sent flying into the ceiling, sending a spliting pain through his head, then everything went black.


9th of August, 2607, 16:49 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Sector 7-9, Gimmel City

Desmond ducked his head over a small three part covenant barrier, looking through the open sections. Behind him, the squad of marines slid into position. Their rifles were dented, battered, and scratched, the armor had been burned and in some places, broken from the hard day of fighting.

“Point to marksmen,” said Desmond over a tight beam comm line, directed at the skyscrapers above him. “Targets confirmed, two Brute minors, ten grunts. Enough Ghosts for all of us.”

Desmond racked his T.I.S.C., sliding a round into the chamber. One of the Brutes was heading towards the team, sniffing the air, spiker relaxed at it’s side.

“Retarget sniper team: single Brute minor heading for our position.” Desmond whispered frantically into his comm. “Fire now, I repeat, now!”

9th of August, 2607, 16:49 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Sector 7-9, Gimmel City

Through his augur scope on his M99C Sniper Rifle, Henry Gorvanev listened to the reports of the point guard. Henry wasn’t frightened at the man anymore, just amazed. He was a police officer, but he was a better fighter than anyone in the squad. Henry had put him on as point man, but he might have made a better sniper than Henry.

Beside him, his spotter whispered firing directions in his ear. From a range of about 600 yards, half vertical and half horizontal, this shot had to be close.

“Adjust, wind right one knot, gravity two twists.” Whispered the spotter, sighting in through his more powerful scope.

Henry twisted a pair of knobs on his scope, and then readjusted his aim.

“Send it.” Whispered the spotter

Henry’s finger tightened around the trigger. He squeezed it gingerly—then his world turned upside down.

A massive shock wave from a titanic explosion roared through the city. Dozens of miles away, a crashed UNSC prowler’s self destruct sequence was triggered by UNSC personnel—and in Gimmel, everyone felt the consequence.

Henry twisted and fell to the ground awkwardly, firing his rifle on the way down. His spotter toppled forward, over the building—to certain death. A lone round from his rifle flashed into the motor pool, ricocheting off of the cement ground.

“Oh shit.” Breathed Henry

9th of August, 2607, 16:49 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Sector 7-9, Gimmel City

As the shockwave rolled in, Desmond knew immediately that things were about to take a turn for the worse. The sound of the sniper shot filled the air—and the brutes roared and fired at the tower. Desmond crouched to absorb the shockwave—then gave the go ahead signal.

“Attack!” he yelled

The half dozen marines of the squad jumped over their cover and open fired. Bullets pinged off the shielding of the minor nearby, and it’s shields sparked, hissed, then gave way under an onslaught of rounds. Cyan plasma vented from flaps and bullets cut through the Brute’s thick hide. The beast bled red blood, then toppled to the ground, roaring.

“Move it up!” he yelled, firing off his clip and replacing it within seconds. “Charge the bastards!”

The marines ran top speed towards the enemies, firing all the way. Rounds bounced off the armor of the ghosts and the cement as the marines aim shifted and bounced with every step. Desmond locked his arms and kept his fire focused, using his extensive training and experience. Beside him, a marine took a plasma bolt to chest, then spun, crying in agony. The remaining brute fired half it’s clip of spiker—and the marine flopped to the ground, gurgling, blood pouring from his mouth, his back like a golden porcupine.

Desmond spotted a grunt, charging it’s plasma pistol, it’s sights fixed squarely on him. The bolt of heat grew to an orb of hazel—Desmond rolled—the bolt flashed past him—heat fried the hair off his wrists—he came out of the roll in a crouch and fired.

The grunt’s head disappeared and it spun backwards, rounds tearing apart it’s torso. Desmond stood from his crouch and ran forward. The brute remaining fired it’s spiker wildly, and another marine went down. Golden spikes cracked through armor and pierced flesh, killing instantly.

Desmond primed a M9, cooked it for a half second, and threw it. It skidded to a halt in the center of six grunts, who ran in a panic. The explosion tore apart their orange armor and rained blue blood over Desmond, as his fatigues instantly soaked. The brute roared and fired the remainder of its ammo, then dropped it’s rifle and sprinted straight for the marines and Desmond. In it’s hands it held an active spike grenade—a suicide run. Desmond took the situation in in a millisecond.

The brute was moving fast. By the time the marines took it down, it would be moving to fast to stop it—momentum would carry it forward. Fleeing wouldn’t do any good either—the Brute was faster. They were all out of options.

9th of August, 2607, 16:50 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Sector 7-9, Gimmel City

Henry saw the grenade in the hands of the Brute, and acted without thinking. It was an impossible shot—but he was willing to give it a go. He sucked in his breath, paused a split moment, and pulled the trigger.

9th of August, 2607, 16:49 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Civilian South, Sector 7-9, Gimmel City

Desmond heard the crack of the sniper and the grenade disintegrate. A detonation rocked the ground as the Brute was thrown backwards. All was silent for a moment…then cheering erupted.

“Whoo!” yelled the marines over the comm

Desmond glanced at the tower the marksman had fired from. 600 yards, probably. One a spike grenade sized target—a one in a million hit.

“Nice job.” He said into his comm

After a minute of celebration, the elation died down. The remaining marines moved towards the ghosts of the motor pool. They separated the ghosts they needed and the other vehicles they didn’t, and disabled anything of no use. Desmond instructed the others briefly on how to use the hovercraft—it wasn’t hard, as the vehicles were designed to be easy to use, in case of “lower races” needing to use them.

Within minutes, three marine piloted ghosts were hovering about. When the sniper joined them, a fourth was added to their formation. They roared down main street in the captured hovercraft, hooting and cheering as they flashed past friendly marine units. They flashed away from the street, riding on boosters, and swerved in and out of neighborhoods. They had a target now: the Remnant forces had fallen back to the city limits and were fleeing in a convoy. Leading the pack, Desmond glanced through his armor’s integrated 4x zoom and spotted a group of shadows on the horizon.

“On em guys!” he called into his chin mike.

Behind him, the others accelerated and flashed into the heart of the enemy lines. They slammed down their firing studs, burning away at the fleeing Covenant. Shadow fuel tanks detonated, and the marines emerged from the other side of the convoy, heading away. Their job was done for now. They circled slowly back towards the city, en route to a command center. Things were over for them, and since his family was on the hovering fleet, Desmond would need to join them in space.

9th of August, 2607, 16:45 (Revised Tactical Mission Clock, Theta Nero System, Kanna Atmosphere, aboard Zeus-class Super Carrier New York

McHenry smiled as his cruiser closed towards the target. On his boards, a timer scrolled down from ten—time until in position.

“Sir, in position in three.” Yelled a crewman from his station, and McHenry clicked on his screen and highlighted the target area.

“Revise firing orders.” He said “Time-on-Target, all batteries.”

Aides scrambled to comply, preparing coordinate targeting data for a fire mission that would fire all weapons at once. Below, McHenry watched the Brute forces, moving to the ends of the bridge to finish the marine forces, stare at the sky as shadow covered them. The massive New York slid into place over the sun, and the Brutes were plunged into darkness.

“Fire.” Breathed McHenry

In exact synchronization, almost two hundred weapon emplacements fired. Red and blue streaks of fire flashed from batteries along the New York, and slammed into the bridges occupants. Wraith tanks were cracked in two, Brutes were incinerated, and in seconds, no survivors remained. Steam rose from flash fried corpses, and McHenry nodded in satisfaction.

“Status?” he asked

“Sir, Danels city has been retaken.” Said one of his officers “Gimmel is almost completely subdued, and the Enterprise’s entire crew has been recovered by the 77th and 105th.”

McHenry nodded.

“Very well.” He told them. “Get me a course over Gimmel. Send our Pelicans to recover any and all injured troops and get them up here ASAP for emergency medical care. Then break for orbit and plot a slipspace vector. We’re leaving Kanna.”

9th of August, 2607, 16:45 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Brute Occupation Zone, Sector 9-4, Danels City

From the moment he had taken off in the Seraph, Leonid had felt uncomfortable. The ship was cramped and tight, and the controls were awkward and hard to use. He had spent considerable time in the interceptors before, and not all of his memories of them were good ones.

So, when he found himself closing towards the target, he was on high alert. And for good reason.

Leonid watched as a single phantom headed down through the atmosphere, covered by a swarm of other Seraphs. Leonid was no pilot—so he couldn’t even begin to attempt to try and dogfight. He had to get in and out. And he knew just how.

Over his comm, a brutish roar came through. Translation software in his helmet churned out a decipherable question instantly.

“Unidentified Seraph fighter.” Roared the voice “Please state intentions.”

Leonid would state his attentions loud and clear.

He slammed the firing studs down. Plasma torpedoes lanced from his ship, and were followed up by rapid laser fire. Enemy fighters burned and fell from the sky…then the others turned to face Leonid’s ship.

Time had ran out.

Leonid dove for the surface as lasers flashed past him. He roared over the ground, straight for the target. The phantom swooped down and landed, and the chieftain Barabus roared and ran for it. Leonid skimmed and landed forty meters away, then leapt from his ships cockpit and sprinted for the Chieftain. One handed, he fired his M98 Compact, and rounds bounced off the Chieftains armor. The Brute roared and leapt aboard it’s dropship.

Leonid sprinted forward and leapt into the air. The dropship was four meters up, and Leonid’s armored hand clamped onto the open troop bay doors. Leonid climbed aboard and the Chieftain whirled to face him. The creature swung it’s hammer, wide and low, and Leonid leapt over the blow and drew his knife. He stabbed the Chieftain in the eye—then took a punch to the gut. A Brute minor roared and hit him square in the chest, and Leonid toppled out of the phantom. He fell twenty meters and landed with a thud, and watched with cold anger as the dropships Seraph escort formed up on it and the phantom departed for orbit.

Leonid gazed at the departing dropship for a long time before radioing for pickup. He boarded a transport and was shuttled up to the New York—and then found himself being once again subjected to cryo storage. He would be ferried back to Acturas soon—and would continue training the SPARTAN-IV prospects.

9th of August, 2607, 16:50 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Brute Occupation Zone, Sector 9-4, Fleeing Crashed UNSC Pelican Dropship, Gimmel City Outskirts

Maria swore and dove behind a rocky outcropping, flattening herself into a narrow space between two boulders. Only inches away from her on her left, a Jackal strode calmly across the rocky ground, clacking it’s jaws and slapping it’s plasma pistol across it’s side. Maria hissed in a breath, watching as the Jackal departed.

As it slowly walked away, Maria called up her GPS map.

The cave entrance was two hundred yards in front of her, and sixty to the right. The first a hundred fifty yards or so had plenty of cover, but the last fifty were in the open, and that had Maria worried. Nevertheless, they had to press on.

Maria raised her hand to signal her squad forward, when her comm crackled with Jacki Stort’s voice.

“Lead, down, now!” she yelled

Maria flattened on the rock again, as another Jackal walked past her hiding spot, hurrying to catch up with the first.

“All clear?” she asked

There was a pause, as Jacki checked her scope’s combination of thermal, radar, motion, and bio-detecting instruments. The scope had been hand built by Machina shops, and was very, very expensive.

“Your good Lead.” Whispered Jacki

Lisa rose to a crouch and waved her squad forward.

“Go go go.” She whispered loudly

Maria sprinted forward, dodging from cover to cover. Her squad moved in a bouncing cover formation, with half moving at once while the other half covered, then reversed. Maria scanned with her reflex site, making sure to keep all possible targets in her sights when she wasn’t sprinting over the cracked matte brown rock.

At fifty yards, Maria and her squad halted. They were near the edge of the Jackal patrol lines, and the cover ended here. Twenty meters away, an Anti-Air Wraith lumbered along, gravity lift humming. The vehicle bumped up and down over the uneven ground, and then reversed direction. Maria slowly hand-signaled orders. Her squad branched into two groups, each heading for a different side of the cave. After five minutes, her squad crossed the one hundred yards, to the opposite end of the cave.

“Demon-12 to Six, status report, now.” She whispered into her radio

With a wash of static, Abran’s voice filtered through her helmet mike. He sounded stressed, but Maria knew he had good reason. His assignment had been to infiltrate the cave and ascertain the location and status of the fighters—and he had succeeded. He was already inside the cave, in close proximity to the already watchful and alert Jackals.

“Fighters are in bad shape sir.” Abran whispered “Looks like they’re down for the count.”

Maria sighed, her fears realized. They still had lots of tech and equipment in the ships, so they would need to recover them—so the mission would proceed as planned.

“Got it.” Said Maria, “You ready?”

“Affirmative.” Said Adrian “Plant the beacon.”

Maria lifted her hand into the air, twirling it counter clockwise seven times.

A sniper shot rang out through the mesa and the gunner of one wraith fell into his seat, missing the right half of his face—and the battle began.

Maria rolled from cover and emerged into a crouch, staring at the cave. Behind her, gunfire erupted, and Jackals scrambled to take cover behind their shields, many to slowly—losing their lives in the process. Maria flicked on the targeting laser of her rifle, painting the forming Jackal shield wall with a targeting beam—as a member of the squad on the opposite side activated his and “painted” the fully crewed Wraith.

“Targets painted, engage, engage!” roared Maria as the Jackals retaliated, and plasma bolts burned through the rock around her.

A sonic boom exploded behind her, then another, then another, and then several more. The airborne squadron members swooped past, firing cannons and launching missiles. Detonations ripped through the Wraith armor, and oversized rounds drove straight through Jackal arm shields and turned the bodies behind them to violet mush. Clouds of orange and red ballooned up in front of the cave, and Maria ducked as pellets or rock rained past.

“Move!” she cried as the anti-air Wraith swung to face the retreating human fighters.

In unison, her squad broke from cover, firing while running, sprinting towards the Wraith. Bullets peppered it’s armor—but it wasn’t going to be enough.

“Sarah, on the Wraith!” yelled Maria

Demon Three, Sarah Cramer, carrying a M2A LAR, sprinted ahead of the main group and climbed aboard. Scrambling for purchase, she lifted her rifle with one hand and fired her clip off into the hatch. It bent and deformed with each impact, and finally, she had a shot. Straightening to a full stand, Sarah open fired and cut the driver inside to bloody pieces.

The remaining Jackals fell back for the cave, forming a shield wall facing outwards—but the humans were one step ahead. Inside the cave, Abran attacked with a weapon he had scrounged from the downed Pelican: A M389B GPMG. Abran’s gunfire filled the air and lit up the cavern with a orange muzzle flash glow—he carved them up and the few that survived the initial ambush were instantly put down by sniper fire as Demon Four, Jacki Stort, added six more kills to her body count. As the battle came to a close, Maria breathed a sigh of relief and moved towards the fighters, anxious to see their state with her own eyes.

9th of August, 2607, 16:58 Theta Nero System, Kanna, Brute Occupation Zone, Sector 9-4, Fleeing Crashed UNSC Pelican Dropship, Gimmel City Outskirts

Maria whistled a somber tune to herself as she walked out of the caves, towards a waiting dropship. The fighters were ruined—the Jackals had torn apart the engines, weapon systems, and most of the sensor equipment in search of loot. While some weaponry had been recovered—they weren’t even worth their weight in scrap. Not that the 112th needed the money. Their help at Kanna would most likely fetch a hefty sum.

The 112th had contacted a local dropship doing pickup and were to be returned to their carrier, where the others waited. Maria’s soul was dark, despite the lack of human casualties in her squad. The battle had been the hardest in a long, long time. And if it was a sign of things to come, it would only get harder.

//Your screams blacken my soul// //I am shadow, I am death// //I am alone in the dark, but not afraid//


9th of August, 18:34, above Kanna, UNSC Dreadnaught ‘’Ragnarök’’

"Bring up battle group Osiris on our flank, push the assault!" Tupolovitch roared, now standing up from his command chair. The brdige crew and the ship AI responded with fervor, furiously operating at their positions.

"This is the Gamera, we have your flank, pressing the assault!" The ships commander reported

The Ragnarok lumbered forward, spitting out white hot slugs of ferric tungsten, smashing enemy ships apart. The last of the Brute vessels formed a defensive circle, pressed between the defenders and the oncoming fleet. Tupolovitch looked over the battle and smiled. It was glorious. Brutes died in thier thousands as their ships were smashed from the skies, their weapons inneffective, their tactics flawed, their hope gone. Lifeless and burning hulks drifted amidst the still surviving vessels, making targetting difficult, but it didn't matter. They aimed to crush the Brutes through sheer weight of fire. Missiles and MAC slugs tore at them, while fighters and interdictors crippled those who tried to break out. Tupolovitch could hear Wagner's ride of the Valkyries in his head, adding to the moment. He got goose bumps under his uniform and shivered.

"And so empires fall."

Far to the 'west' of them, a Brute detachment finally broke out, using the burning hulk of a carrier to shield them from fire, unusually smart for a Brute.

"Sir, we have a break away group, shall we dispatch a group to retrieve them?"

Tupolovitch leaned back into his chair, stroking his short beard. His adrenaline had passed.

"No. Let them go. Harass them but let them go. Attach a recon probe to one of them."

"But... why let them go... sir."

"So the Brutes can know what happened here today. So they can know what the UNSC did to them." He said, grinning widely

"Roger that." The pursuing captain replied. There was some moment of silence on the command deck before the reply came. "Probe attached, their jumping to slipspace."

"Good, now, press onto this last group!" Tupolovitch smiled

9th of August, 18:34, above Kanna, Covenant Remnant Super Carrier ‘’Glorious Redemption’’

Lakvanus stood quietly as the ship lurched, fires ranging across the command deck, Brute operators trying desperately to put out the fires, operate their consles and remove bodies from blocking them.

“Chieftain, we must leave!” his second in command shouted over the sound of the deck on fire

Lakvanus was quietly and stared emptily at the bridge’s main screen. His grandfather had died fighting on Earth, his Father died fighting on Attican IV, his younger brother died raiding Kanna, his elder brother died battling the Sangheili, his sister and his three nieces and his four nephews died at Fantor in a human attack, his son had died above Kanna, his ship destroyed while trying to raid convoys and now he would die. The last of his family would go down, surrounded by humans, scared and alone. His second in command gripped his arm, trying to shift him to the escape pods but he remained steadfast. He would die in the orbit of this verdant but destructive world. Tens of thousands of Brutes died over the years trying to take and raid this world and now his whole Armada would fall at this world. All for one single planet. In a brief instant a sudden sonic boom tore through him, reducing his internal organs to mush and flaying his skin and muscle from bone before it shattered his body into thousands of pieces of bone and flesh. A MAC slug tore through the ship, just behind the bridge deck, gutting the super carrier. The ship floundered for a few seconds before it simple collapsed, its structural integrity compromised. The last of the brute ships surrendered, escape pods entering into the void.

“Brutes are requesting that we accept their surrender. Would you believe this, their trying to cite a clause of the Geneva Convention and the Tantalus Convention?” His communications officer laughed

“Surrender? Mercy? Brutes set fire to whole worlds, eat people like cattle, murder children, rape, pillage, enslave and torture.” Tupolovitch said, remembering the theatres of war he had passed. “Kill them all.”

There was a resounding reply of confirmation, with the UNSC ships happily cutting into the surrendering Brutes, like the Brutes had to the surrendering UNSC forces so many times.

9th of August, 18:34, Gimmel City, Industrial Sector 2-3

Ace leaned out of the wolf’s cockpit, the front plate lifted up above the head. He padded his chest pocket and pulled out a rubber covered camo coloured zippo. He pulled out his packet of sweet wilia cigars from his opposite chest pocket and opened it up, handing one to Keller and Raina. He took one himself, lighting all of them.

“Its good to see us winning for a change.” He said, looking from the hill coated in rubble they stood on, facing over the smoking city with the sun setting behind the skeletal remains of the city. Above them a number of thunderous booms signified the death of another Covenant ship. The ship hurlted through the atmosphere, crashing some distance away, outside the city. The marines cheered in victory.

“I get the feeling... this isn’t the end.” Raina said, quietly taking a long drag of the cigar before she began to cough and hack.

“Don’t tell me you actually breathed that in?” He laughed, patting her back.

“You bastard.” She coughed, clearing her lungs.

Ace smiled as Raina berated him but his attention went back to the sunsent, partially obscured by the steel supports from destroyed buildings and pyres of smoke. This war could only intensify. Of course, if the Brutes kicked it up a notch, so would the UNSC. Just beyond the cloud line there was a brief flash of light. A Covenant ship entering slipspace at low altitude, a small one at that.

9th of August, 18:34, in slipspace transit, Covenant Remant Stealth Frigate ‘’Black Promise’’

Barakus was silent, kneeling down in his personal chambers in front of the holographic form of the Prohpet of Deliverance and Cassius.

“What is your report?”

“We hunted down and captured one of the crew and artificial intelligence of one of their spy vessels. The information stored within both of them should be a brilliant gift for you.” Barakus said, his head almost touching the floor.

“Excellent. And of the Seeker of the Covenant? You mentioned in your first report that there was something unusual with it.”

“Yes... we lost all contact with the reclamation team, and their ship, but the Seeker found its way to my ship. What worries me more is... I have the feeling something came with him. A shadowy entity came with him. A being none of his can see but... we can smell him... we can feel him. I do not know if you will understand mighty Prophet.” Barakus said, genuinely worried

The Prophet was silent for a moment before he responded, his voice dead serious.

“Remain on guard, be vigilant. I do not trust Seeker either. Make sure the human AI remains unscathed. Allow him to only probe it. What of the captured human spy? If you harm it, I wll make sure the next thing the Seeker probes is your mind.”

“My crew are loyal to my orders. They know the punishment for disobeying orders.” Barakus said confidently

“Leave it intact until your return to Azaria. No physical harm. Make sure it is well looked after.”

“I will make sure she is delivered unharmed.”

“She? Barakus, make sure none of your crew decide to torture her in a ‘’different manner’’.”

“The punishment will be death.” Barakus growled, more at his crew than Deliverance

“I look forward to seeing your return.” Deliverance said, his head stooping and his fingers coming together.

“I look forward to my return also. Prophet... if it is not too much to ask, can you send a message home to my home pack? I am bringing them a gift.”

“Consider it done Barakus.”

The hologram of Deliverance and the constantly snarling Cassius faded out, leaving him alone in his darkened chambers. He stood up, his gold and black stealth armour creaking before he left his room. He left and headed through the darkened corridors, the ship being dimmed to conserve power to allow them to continue through slip space. He paced to the brig and opened the door to it just as one of the captured Marines went hurling across the room. He hit off the wall, his armour protecting him from smashing like a childs play thing. He left a dent on the cough and was coughing on the floor. One of the Brutes came over to stamp on him when Barakus growled. The Brute froze and the lifted the dazed human up by his shoulder guards and restrained him.

“Sorry Chieftain, the humans have been resistant. We should of grabbed some of the civilians before we left.” He said, upset that his meal was struggling

“No, we didn’t have the time. Besides, we can just buy some off the Kig-Yar Pirates trying to sell some on Azaria.”

“But they always sell off the old, useless ones and keep the useful and tender ones for themselves.” The Brute whined

“Pah, twist and break enough arms and they’ll show you the good stock!” A Captain laughed

“ Thats enough now.” Barakus barked, silencing their friendly arguement “What of these ones?”

“I think their ‘’Oodests’’ going by their uniforms and their willingness to resist for this long.” The captain said, keeping his arm around a struggling member of the LRRP’s neck, using a choke hold to deprive him of just enough oxygen to prevent him from being a danger. Bits and pieces of his armour lay torn off, dumped in a collection of UNSC gear retrieved by the Brutes in past battles. One day they’d be used for a number of trophy racks. The other was the only female of the captives but had provided the most fight, with three Brutes required for her, two to keep her pinned by each arm and leg and the other to try and keep her still and try to remove her armour. She already had a black eye from one of the Brutes back handing her after she kicked him in the groin. They had only managed to get her helmet off and her gauntlets, making the Chieftain chuckle. The other human was now pinned on the floor, a boot on his chest, keeping him pinned.

“Which will it be mighty Barakus?”

Barakus walked past the three of them before wrapping his hand onto the female’s jaw and rasing her face to meet his.

“My children killed the last one because he wouldn’t play with them. I think one with just enough fire in their belly will be perfect.” He sneered before the Brutes returned to trying to relinquish her of her armour, with her screaming obscenities at them. The other two were dealt with as well and eventually all three were thrown into the brig cells.

Barakus left to continue his journey, ending up in the interrogation room, a foul smelling, blood stained room, every surface covered in blood from some creature, mostly human and Sangheili. Racks of cleaned knives, most curved to cause tremendous injury, pain or useful for scalping. He turned to the gravity field in the centre, which in its purple light held the form of the human tech they had captured from that ship. He hated that ship, it killed one of his under chieftains. Orpheus, a good warrior, not deserving of such a fate. She had been relieved of her tattered and blood stained jumpsuit and was now in what looked almost like a potato sack, a dress like piece of clothing made from a horrendously rough material and she was badly bandaged to cover her wounds and injected with pain killers meant for just numbing the pain of Brutes but now pushing her in and out of consciousness because of its strength.

“Ha, once you get to Azaria... you will beg for death.” Barakus laughed, making sure she heard before he left the tall darkened chamber, the door shutting flush behind him. Above the door, in the darkness, something moved. It crawled down the wall above the door and over the door, its arms twisted back in a pose that would require a human to disclocate their arms. The creature was sickly looking, thin, sinewy, skinless and its faced obscured by a metal plate that contained a vast hive of eyes. It walked to her in a hunched form, scanning the room carefully before it finally got to the edge of the gravity hold. It disabled it, letting her slowly trying to the ground before it hunched over her. It seemed to rasp like a aged emphysema patient but it sounded more like a malicious monster sniffing her before it pulled her up, the pain killers wearing off from her now.

“Beg for death? No, you will not die, not ever child. Not when you are in our embrace.” It said, its voice whispered through a synthesiser. Despite the monotone and computerised nature of it, it was laced with hatred and evil.

As Jenny came round to see the horrific creature above her, her screams were stifled by a hand squeezing on her neck, choking her of air. It lifted her off her feet, high above him and then put her back down, careful to arrange it so she fell into a kneeling position. It raised its free hand up and a spike shot out of its wrist at a horizontal angle to its arm. Spike was the wrong word for it, needle was more correct. The Needle extended the distance of its hand and glistened slightly in the dimmed blue light at the centre of the room. The needle receded before the creature planted its hand to the top of her skull. Suddenly the neelde shot out once again. With pin point accuracy it passed in the space between the right and left cerebral hemispheres before the tip of the needles branche out, near microscopic wires branching out into the brain.

“Brain scan in process. Scan complete.” It said, much like a computer undergoing maintenance. It pulled the needle back out, leaving her in a daze. Brain scans were traumatic, it was essentially a minute shock through the brain, not enough to kill it though, but it would disorientate them for some time. The creature freed its other hand from her throat before place that to her brain, another needle penetrated through the tiny hole made by the previous. It delivered a tiny chip to her brain and a swathe of protein based nano machines. They began to expand through her brain, creating new neural pathways slaved into this chip.

“Sleep child, and when the time is right, we will call and you will be welcomed back into our dark embrace.” The Vanguard of destruction rasped, pulling its hand free and reengaging the gravity field around her. It backed up from the field before it quickly sprinted back to the darkness at the edge of the room and crawled up the walls, creeping up the wall. As quickly as it had come, it was gone.

9th of August, 18:34, in slipspace transit, Kig-Yar Frigate ‘’Dark Omen’’

Bok Kar was lucky. After a quick loot and dash they’d made it to orbit, just as the humans started fighting back. He had been forced to use all his Seraphs and their pilots as bait to lure the UNSC interdictors and fighters away from his frigate. Even then he’d only jsut escaped the failing Brute fleet buy using the hulk of a carrier as protection, other Brutes following suite. However, this loot had been worth it. If they made it back to Azaria they’d probably be which enough to replace all those wasted Seraphs twice over. Maybe even enough to get himself another ship and perhaps even challenge Dekd Nok. After all, Dekd himself wasn’t gaining any money, he kept killing and destroying all of his loot. Only his underlings were getting any, and as if he ever got a share of that. However, Bok had done well, he’d looted two food warehouses, clearing every vegetable, grain, fruit and meat out of it and had broken into one of the civilian bunkers. He’d gotten almost 1000 humans out of that bunker. There were no guards at all, it had been easier than he imagined. Bok only had a crew of around 200 but they were well trained and smart enough to know how and when to use their numbers. Now, they were busy taking their pick of the loot, picking slaves and meals for them selves. Hopefully, he’d still make a profit out of the humans selling them back on Azaria, were there was a booming trade for it.

9th of August, 18:41, Serpentine System, Azaria, Tower of Redmpetion

“Mighty Deliverance, you should never of sent that whelp Lakvanus. He was weak and stupid.” Cassius complained “He wasted one of our largest armadas.”

“Do not fear Cassius. Lakvanus was but one of the tools at our advantage.” Deliverance said, floating through the hall ways of the tower “Besides, did you doubt ‘’his’’ guidance?”

“No... I do not doubt him mighty Prophet but... it seems our previous glories have faded. They are getting wise to ‘’his’’ tactics. The humans get more and more powerful every day, while we grow weaker. The Sangheili are ready to strike back as well...”

“Do not worry about the heretics. Chieftain Longinus and his marauders have been pummelling the heretics for some time. He knows their tactics, and of their jaded sense of honour. They stand no chance of defeating him.” Deliverance said, finally coming to a sealed bulkhead. He placed his palm to a panel beside it. A beam of light crept up the side, scanning his palm before giving the all clear. There was a number of clunks and the sound of gears twisting before the door opened up , gradually revealing the glory inside. Cassius immediately fell to one knee, bowing in reverence while Deliverance hovered inside.

“Do not doubt ‘’his’’ divine glory Cassius.” Deliverance said, looking back to cassius before focusing back to the object at the centre of the room.

“What have you disturbed my mediation for?” a metallic, forceful voice intoned

“Mighty oracle, we seek your guidance. The offensive at Kanna has failed, what should we do now?”

A machine, cast in ancient but still gleaming metals with long curving wings extending from its metal casing which was engraved with ancient glyphs. The internal section of its near spherical casing was a dim red, caused by the red light of its single eye, a segmented section with a baleful glow.

“Send your marauders to attack Vespera. It is a weak link in the heretic’s defensive chain. From there, you can push to their capital worlds. Go and destroy them and protect the journey.” Its voice boomed

“Yes mighty oracle. Your will be done.”

“The great journey will continue, at any cost.”

9th of August, 18:55, Sol System, facility X14 in orbit above earth, office of Major General Romanov, head of ONI

Alexia Romanov read over the last of the early combat reports from Kanna, delighted at the news.

“Brutes did just as needed.” She said with a sly smile

On her well furnished oak desk a small hologram appeared. It was a handsome man in a tuxedo, with dark hear and chisled features.

“Ma’am, Mr. Senitus is on reserved line one, shall i patch him through?”

“No Bond, I’ll do that, you’re going into autistic mode now.” She said, reaching over to her AI control panel. Bond frowned as she effectively but him into sleep mode, where he couldn’t listen to what was about to transpire. She thumbed the phone, pressing the holographic projector setting into life.

“Senitus, your clear.”

“Excellent.” The metallic voice boomed

The hologram of a metallic construct, none too different from the oracle that had conversed with Deliverance, though much more advance in decoration, with floating appatures and a recoiling tail section, appeared before Romanov, filling up almost the entire room, though she knew in reality, he was larger than this.

“So what news do you have Ancient Watcher?”

“Kanna was a success. Though the cost was high, my gambit worked.” He said, his voice almost smug

“You know, you should give us a warning next time you want to do this.” Romanov scowled

“Time was of the essence.”

“You’re lucky we got there in time.”

“Luck? I created a slipspace anomaly to slingshot your ships forward. Besides, this arguing is petty, to the matter at hand.”

“What do you mean?”

“Patient Hunter has directed the Remnant to Vespera, in USR space.”

“What good will that do?”

“Vespera is a major military staging point, though the Remnant have no clue of that. I’ve directed their marauder there to trap him.”

“The Marauder? You know for a fact Longinus will just defeat or evade the trap. Theres a reason the Sangheili haven’t pinned him down yet.”

“I’ve already gotten into talks with the war council. They will be prepared.”

“No amount of preparation will ready them for a Brute that knows how they think.”

“No. I got them to send somebody to personally destroy Longinus.”

Romanov stared at the translucent hologram for a few seconds before he yielded the answer.

“We’ve sent Kasr 'Revak to deal with him.” He said in a dead pan voice

“Hah. Then that marauder is as good as dead.”

“Soon, the plan will come to fruitition...” Watcher began

“And we will all be saved. Yeah, yeah, I know the story.” Romanov continued “Send my wishes of good luck to them.”

The hologram of Ancient watcher began to fade but halted and reknewed its presence.

“I have another question. What of the Revenant?”

“He’s safe. He’s helping create the next generation of SPARTANS. They should be operational within 3 years.”

“Good.” He replied, no emotion to his voice

“Wait Watcher... why is he so important to your grand plan?” Romanov asked with genuine curiosity

“Because his appearance was foretold by the Last Prophecy by Didact. Because he’s going to guide us through the coming darkness.” He said, his voice growing in intensity

“You really think he’s the one Didact foretold?”

“I hope so, otherwise we may not survive.”

“Hah, thats what they said with the Covenant. Look what happened there.” Romanov laughed

“Do not take this lightly Reclaimer. They are coming. And no matter what arms, soldiers or ships we have, he may be our only hope.”

“I’ve heard that before about a SPARTAN.” Romanov said, but the holographic image of Ancient Watcher had already faded. She pressed a button on her AI console, re activating her assistant, Bond.

“Send a message over to Arcturus. Straight to Camp Sparta. I want a status report on the training situation. And a mental report on 013.”

“Yes ma’am.” He responded immediately

<Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax



Many military analysts in the AUR factions consider the Battle of Kanna ones of the many turning points in UNSC military history, signifying the 'awakening of the sleeping UNSC giant'. Up until this point in the war against the Covenant Remnant, the UNSC had only achieved, at best, bloodied draws against Brute raiders. Now, in the face of a numerically superior military force, they achieved victory through superior technology and superior tactics. The UNSC proved at Kanna that they can outgun, out manouvre and out think Brute forces, producing a startling victory. Facing almost 255 Brute ships, along with sixteen Jackal pirate ships, along with almost 9000 ground troops, the 42 assorted defending warships, pluse 13 gunboats and the three regiments, numbering 5400 soldiers in total, managed to hold the line until a number of fleets from the fleet centre at Gundark relieved them. In what had been described as a 'whirlwind victory', the UNSC relief destroyed the fleet and ground forces within two and a half hours. One of the largest Remnant fleets to have ever attacked UNSC systems was destroyed effectively, with only a handful of surviving ships escaping. The Brute attacking fleet was made of dozens of smaller raiding groups, used to raiding across a wide area of the 'Remnant front' and as a result of their destruction, their ability to launch large scale raids in UNSC space had been seriously hampered, with their only other major offensive being the occupation of Hannibal-III, over 3 years later.


Covenant Remnant

Navy:11 ships survive of 255 strong fleet, all damaged
Army:Of the 20,000 ground forces deployed, around 1900 survived, no prisoners

Jackal Pirates

Navy:of the 16 warships, five survived
Army:Of the 1000 troops deployed, around 300 survived, no prisoners

UNSC Defenders

Navy:Of 42 warships, 19 survived, all damaged, a further six crippled
Army:Of the 5400 soldiers defending, around 2000 survived, 1500 casualties, 1100 KIA, 800 MIA (Possible up to 300 captured)

UNSC Relief

Navy:Of the 247 ships, 211 survived, 16 crippled
Army:Of the 12800 Marines who attacked, 8000 survived, with 1500 casualties, 2400 KIA, 900 MIA (less than 100 believed to be captured)


Of the 2,520,000 civilians, 1,205,000 survived, almost 700,000 casualties, 600,000 killed, 15000 missing (possible up to 10,000 taken prisoner)

Coming soon to a Warzone near you!

The Battle of Vespera


(Feel free to add Epilogues, but action on Kanna has now ended.)


Zorenus awoke among the wreckage and bodies of what used to be his pack and dropship. Dozens of others were scattered around. He had failed. The artifact had not been recovered. He had failed. Just then, he heard footsteps approach. Two humans approached, looking for survivors. Perhaps he still had a chance. He acted like he was unconscious.

"Looks like this one's still alive!" The first said.

"Alright." The second responded. "Patch him up and call in a dropship. This guy is a Chieftan. He might have important information."

Zorenus grinned. He still had a chance. But if he failed, all would be lost...

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Kieran sat up, woken by a bad dream, and his fellow soldier, Private Tommy Davis.

"Sir, we're almost to HQ. Some scientist is there to debrief you or something like that."

"What's his name?" Major Frederick asked.

"Her name," Tommy paused, "Is Diana Rose. She's there to debrief you, and I also heard a rumor she's taking you to Earth to help her with some project."

Kieran frowned. He'd dealt with Dr. Rose before, and knew if she was involved, it was definately a black op, ONI project, or something of the sort. He sighed explosively, then slammed his head back into the headrest of the Warthog.

A few minutes later, he was walking through the double doors of a debriefing room. However, unlike the usual, the lights were on, and one person, Dr. Rose, sat behind a small desk.

Her graying hair was tied back in a bun, but her eyes shown bright with a wealth of knowledge.

"Kieran." She acknolwedge his presence with a slight nod.

"Ma'am." He replied. "What sort of scheme have you pulled me into this time." He asked.

"An observation, then recruitment, then training program." Dr. Rose replied, almost nonchalantly.

"What, a SPARTAN program?" The Major asked.

"No, Major. Nothing of the sort. This squad has already had experience dealing with war, fighting, slaughter." Dr. Rose replied.

"They are going to serve myself, and myself only, under the juristiction of ONI of course." She continued. "And they will be much more effective and ruthless then Katherine's 'SPARTAN's' ever were. Now come, we have much to do." She finished, rose, and holding her laptop, led him from the room.

As he left, Kieran knew that after this was over, he wouldn't be the same person he was before it began.


"We did it boys!" Lt.McCallan said to his remaining troops it had been a hard defense of the city of Gimmel,he had lost a good Friend and many Men but he was pleased at what he and his men had achieved. They had survived countless assualts on there outpost as they had held there defense for the rest of his boys to open the city gates. There determanation had paid off as the Armoured Division crusied on through. "Gather round men.!" He called he waited till everyone who wasleft was near him "Ok,Boys today we achieved a great feat! We defended this city from countless assaults from battle hardened troops! We killed chieftens,jackels brutes all wanting to crush us! But no! We didn't let them anywhere near us! They were cut down before they even knew we where there! Yes they killed some of us but that did not stop are reso