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Quris Tural 'Nephytyree
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  • Human-Covenant War
  • Rebuild Era
  • Covenant Separatists
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Quris Tural 'Nephtyree is one of many sons of the last Arbiter of the Covenant, Thel 'Vadam. A highly competent fighter, he gained his father's skills in combat, but due to his brash nature he was never as good a leader as his father.


Early Life

Supreme commander Orona Naram

Born in 2521, his father was merely a Ultra at the time, but still a highly respected one for his post: Quris never knew his father, as his mother was from the State of Nepthyr, and became impregnated by Thel 'Vadam during a period of military respite there. Quris grew up like most other Sangheili, learning the ways of honor and war within the Nephtyr common house, and went to the state war academy once he was of age. Joining the Human-Covenant War, he fought for years against the Humans, managing to ascend to the rank of an Ultra concurrently with his father's ascension to the rank of Supreme Commander.

Later Life

In the later half of the Human-Covenant War, Quris helped out a special forces group called the Lance of Unrelenting Reparation several times, nearly even gaining Ketynic 'Ilwol's hand in marriage twice, though Jemsal 'Emvadson was an old friend.


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