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Prophet of Revenge
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Biographical Information
  • Janjur Qom
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Political and Military Information
  • Covenant

Gravity Throne

  • Prophet (Formerly)
  • High Prophet
  • Human-Covenant War
"We have been looking for a new ring for so long, I feel I have aged so much that I may not be here when we do find a new one."
―Prophet of Revenge 2552

"If you wont help me find a new Halo ring, i'll do it on my own."
―Prophet of Revenge 2552

The Prophet of Revenge was a High Prophet in the Covenant Empire. He foretold of a second Halo ring, The other Prophets considered it, but found that the other ring slipped out of their grasp.

On a quest to find a new halo ring

Battle of New Zesty

Prophet of Revenge thought it would be a good idea to look. He took the Fleet of Righteous Valor in hoped to find this ring. The Prophet decided to board the Saden Night. The fleet entered slipspace heading for a planet called Hayden. the fleet was tasked with doing another slipspace jump to a unknown section, but the UNSC had a base at the planet. The fleet thought it would be easy to wipe it out and go to the unknown section. However the UNSC fired M.A.C Rounds and hit 3 ships. The Prophet told the shipmaster to have some of the ships go to each corner of the city. It seemed like hours later when the Prophet realized that they only had a handful of troops. So the Prophet ordered the fleet to glass the planet. Before they could, a UNSC fleet exited slipspace above the fleet and aimed their front at the Saden Night. Meaning the ships were going to fire their M.A.C cannons.


They got a message from the commander of Day of Revenge saying Take cover or abandon ship. The Prophet did not believe him. It seemed like a Breath before the UNSC opend up on the Saden Night. The Prophet ordered to abandon ship and go to the Solemn Trail, but it was too late. A UNSC ship fired its M.A.C cannon and hit a weakness in the ship and exploding the Plasma Core and created a chain explosion spreading 70,000 ft. the ship was destroyed, and the Prophet with it too.

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The Prophet, assumed dead, survived, By luck, his escape pod launched at the last second, blowing through the debris and ripping through a building. The Prophet was wounded, but would still live.

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