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"Any yahoo with the right geneticist can make some recombinant creature and claim its a Spartan. But What really makes the difference between that genetic marker and a Spartan, is how we bring that child up."
―Codename: COLD SEA

Devised as a test bed for the next generation Spartan, Project VARANGIAN was one of two opposing programs were run, that would become Project Spartoi. Running opposed to EINHERJAR, it used the same genetic samples, but plotted an alternate development program. Rather than being born and raised in a sterile environment, the three children born through the program were instead deposited in varying familial situations, to determine 'nature or nurture' as an element in Spartan development. All three Spartans were collected at age 6 for training, augmentation, and deployment. The program was ultimately considered a failure, and of the three, two have since been lost. The only surviving prototype is Codename: SILVER. The other two, referred to as MERCURY, and ARGON, are missing.

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