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Sigma Squad is a 14 man squad created as the second generation of Anomalies, intended to rectify the mistakes born from the creation of SPARTAN-000. Sigma team was created and trained between 2579 and 2593 before being fielded against Remnant and Insurrectionist forces. Despite earlier success, unit cohesion collapsed and the unit was generally considered a failure, even if some capable SPARTANS were recovered from the wreckage.


Sigma Squad were put into production four months after Zero began mental and physical acuity training at the tender age of four, making them younger by five years. Given the enhanced physical and mental capacities shown by Zero at such a young age, Sigma were green lighted utilising the genetic codex used for Zero. Within four months, 14 recombinant DNA strands were prepared for production, being spliced between a sperm and egg cells and artificial inseminated being placed into artificial wombs. The embryos, during growth, were adjusted and subjected to genetic adjustment and enhancement.

The 14 embryos were brought to term and birthed into a cold, distant ONI facility. The babies were raised together in this sterile environment, never knowing of the outside. The children were educated in English, mathematics, science, history and more creative studies, citing the lack of development in this area resulting in potential damage to longer term use. At the age of six, they began their proper military training, at first forming into competitive twos, then into two competitive teams of 7. At the age of 14, the SPARTANS graduated in flying colours, proving themselves to be, in every way, worthy SPARTANS.


Unit Development


Unit Roster

Sigma Squad Command Tean
Personal Image Name Rank Role
2994 face.jpg Atticus-B018
Jason statham.jpg Sirius-G223
Sigma Program

Sigma Team Alpha
Personal Image Name Rank Role
Othello.jpg Othello-S001
Jake.jpg Jake-S002
Charlotte (3).jpg Charlotte-S003
Vincent 1.jpg Vincent-S004
Cillian 1.jpg Cillian-S006
Eden.jpg Eden-S007
Sigma Program

Sigma Team Bravo
Personal Image Name Rank Role
Darius 1.jpg Darius-S008
Ophelia.jpg Ophelia-S009
Jennifer (2).png Jennifer-S011
Farrah (2).jpg Farah-S012
Tycho.jpg Tycho-S013
Sigma Program

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