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Project ORION
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Naval Special Warfare Group One


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  • Orions
  • ONI's Hounds


"ORION, in its current form, has ultimately failed to address its ultimate goal of usable biomechanical upgrades and ensuring stability in our society. However, I have no doubt that it may yet lead to greater things in the future, if we give our makers the right push..."
"Smart" AI Zenith, addressing the Assembly.

Project ORION, later retroactively renamed the SPARTAN-I Program, was the UNSC's first serious attempt at creating a viable unit of augmented supersoldiers. Founded during a time of colonial instability, Project ORION was activated by the Colonial Military Administration to create a group of elite soldiers who could be inserted behind enemy lines and destroy secessionist factions before they could become a threat. Put through the single-toughest training regime ever conceived at that point, ORIONs would become one of the UNSC's most feared and celebrated weapons against the early Insurrection.


Operational History

First Iteration


"If Carver is right - and I have the full confidence that he is, take that as you will - then we will face a war that would not fail to bring the UEG to the brink, one which analysts know will be worse than the Inner Colony Wars less than a century ago. We may win the direct confrontations, but what of the guerrilla strikes? What if they gain the momentum they so badly need? My solution is a pre-emptive strike, consisting of a small group of enhanced individuals which can be deployed at any trouble spot, and silence any uprising before it begins. As... Controversial as I know the committee will find this, I am proposing the reactivation of ORION."

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Hector ThornhillGladys SwansonSieghard SchuchardtFelix MartelAnton LaMarcheRichard MackEllison SuarezJess MorleyBartosz SówkaORION toprankings
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Phase 1's top-ranked candidates, 2491.
ORION Personnel
Phase 1 Kian BekkarTobias CrowleyGalo EscárcegaAndrew JohnsonFrederick KingRoy KoelAnton LaMarcheArnold LewisRichard MackFelix MartelJess MorleyThomas PershingJerrold Pershing Sr.Sieghard SchuchardtBartosz SówkaEllison SuarezHector ThornhillLouise WilliamsHank Wimbleton
Phase 2 John AcktonErin ConeyDaniel ContrerasRiley FranklinSteven HawkinsMarion HollisterRichard JonesTeresa MorrisonViktor PerrinHarold Redford
Phase 3 Grant AndersonCodename: DRACULADean JacksonNoah Sówka
Phase 4 Nolan ByrneAshley CoemanAvery JohnsonJoseph KovacsCarmen OcampoCarissa ZhengDaniel Mathis Sr.Marcus Buchanan
SPARTAN-1.1 Julius Bruening IIIKane Hollister-KingRen T. JonesRichard Mack JuniorDaniel Mathis Jr.Alexander RedfordJace WilliamsJackson Williams
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