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Project ELERI was an advanced armor and robotics development program under the Office of Naval Intelligence and Naval Special Weapons, managed by Codename: DRACULA, a high-ranking official within ONI and active opponent of Operation: VORAUSSICHT. The project's assets and staff had close connections with numerous other projects and programs under DRACULA's management, such as VERONA, MARISKA, JAVELIN and GREY, and some of its personnel reportedly also managed to infiltrate and siphon assets and resources from other programs - including GUNGNIR, THERMOPYLAE, VAJRA-II and TEMERITY.


The project was started in January 2525 by DRACULA to complement his JAVELIN Project, by collecting and reinitiating development on the KATANA Powered Assault Armor. Partly due to research acquired from Project MJOLNIR and expert assistance from Codename: IAPETUS, the project succeeded in upgrading and countering some of the drawbacks in the Katana suits, thus allowing them to be used effectively in the field by the JAVELINs.

Over the years, ELERI gradually branched out into numerous sub-cells for different purposes. While one cell continued to develop armor technology for the JAVELINs (development which later resulted in the ELERI/GUNGNIR armor), others began to pursue other avenues of such technology (including attempts to create efficient exoskeletons usable by non-augmented humans, similarly to VAJRA and CYCLOPS), and yet others entered the field of robotics after successful infiltration of Project THERMOPYLAE (said research culminated in the development of the GOLEM and REAPER Drones).

In addition to the KATANA refits, ELERI was also responsible for the creation of many upgrades and accessories for the MJOLNIR armor (including the UA and Collar attachments), and also developed a few of the so-called "Armor Abilities" - more specifically, the "Sprint" and "Evade" modules (enhancing speed and agility for a limited time, respectively), as well as a "Muscle" variant (increasing strength considerably for a short time).

It continued to run even after the Human-Covenant War, but like most of DRACULA's projects, it came under threat of shutdown by VORAUSSICHT once DRACULA came to blows with the leader of the investigation, Codename: SHOGUN. During this time, the project was tasked to develop powered armor for the new GREY Commandos, working closely with VERONA in this endeavour.





HAWK Exoskeleton



Powered Armor/Speed Enhancement Module ("SPRINT")

Powered Armor/Agility Enhancement Module ("EVADE")

Powered Armor/Strength Enhancement Module ("MUSCLE")

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