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"Spartans are not an infinite resource. Combat casualties will wear down our numbers, psychological issues will reduce their effectiveness, age and wear will grind their abilities down. The Spartan-III program is not an effective replacement, and I feel the planned IV program will not be sufficient. If we want effective Spartans, we have to distil everything that made the twos incredible, and refine it. We can't possible find as many recruits as good as Halsey's batch, but we can make our own."
―Vice Admiral Makhmud Azat

Project EINHERJAR was an attempted 'proof of concept' for a next generation Spartan program, designed to be less manpower intensive, and less expensive than the Spartan-II program, and serve as it's eventual replacement. Using advances in genetic engineering, DNA from existing Spartan-IIs was harvested and altered, attempting to distil what separated a Spartan from a normal human. Refining the necessary advances in genetic engineering and artificial reproduction, much of EINHERJAR's advances would inform later programs for producing genetically engineered Spartans.

One Spartan was created using this program. Carrying the callsign of 'Spartan-000', her development and initial assessments were successful enough that a 'full run' was approved, creating the later Project Spartoi. Secondary programs were authorised to further explore the concept, including Project DIRAE, Project SHROUD RED, and Project STRATUM BREAK. The program ran in direct competition to Project VARANGIAN, but it's lacking performance saw EINHERJAR selected for upcoming Spartoi program.

While the program was a success, after the successful deployment of Zero, the program was officially closed an all assets moved to Spartoi.

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