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April, 2553 -


Baal Defense Solutions


Augmented Special Operations


Special Forces




BDS Special Forces Compound, Shinar


MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Buccaneer


Gilgamesh Conflict


Natalya Vinogradova


One of the first of a new breed of supersoldier, one which works for private interested rather than the UNSC, Project APOLLYON was created by the private military corporation Baal Defense Solutions. BDS sought to create their own private augmented commando force to put them above the rest of their competition. Using research gained from over two decades of the SPARTAN Program, BDS created its own offshoot, attempting to reduce some of the cost while keeping the same trademark effectiveness. Being one of the first private entities to field SPARTAN-grade operators cemented BDS's position as one of the top players in the post-war private sector.


After the SPARTAN-II Program went public in 2549, several private organizations were inspired by the existence of these legendary and powerful supersoldiers, wanting to capitalize on the ability to field single operators to replace 10 regular infantrymen. Progress was slow as much of the needed information remained heavily guarded by the Office of Naval Intelligence. After the Human-Covenant War, however, as part of a general declassification campaign, ONI and the UEG began releasing formerly classified augmentation techniques. This, along with acquiring individuals whom had previously worked with the Spartan Programs, allowed several wealthy entities to begin making progress. By the later months of 2553, several corporations, BDS among them, had reached a prototypical phase with their own supersoldier programs. By this time, the Spartan-inspired projects were beginning to field small teams of augmented operatives. By the end of the year, Project APOLLYON had entered Phase One, its first stable-operating stage, allowing BDS to begin the augmentation procedure on select members of its Security and Commando Forces and begin their deployments.

The program exceeded all expectations, producing a number of highly-effective and lethal operators. Soon, requests began to come in requesting BDS services of the supersoldier variety from all over Human space. The ability to contract out their own supersoldiers to anyone with enough money quickly put BDS in the top percentile of private military corporations, enhancing their already impressive image as one of the premier private military forces in Human Space.


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Anya Beckham
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