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HWF Render DAS-ClassStormCutter
Predator-class Storm Cutter
Production information
Technical specifications

226 metres


41,000 tins

Engine unit(s)

Repulsor enginers



Sensor systems


  • Active Jammers
  • Deception Field Generator
  • 4 Emri-ka-pattern light plasma lances
  • 4 Enteros-pattern plasma beams
  • 4 Phot Et-pattern pulse lasers
  • 11 warriors
  • 1 officer
  • 15 crewmembers
  • Harassment
  • Pursuit
  • Scouting

Swords of Sanghelios


"On today's honour rolls is the crew of the Scar of Kalmora, who brought back sixteen trophies from three enemy raids. Far from safety, they brought the fight to our enemies, and for this we honour them."
―Ascetic Fida 'Lhamor

The Predator-class Storm Cutter is a lightweight warship used by the Swords of Sanghelios in a support role. Successor the DAS-class Storm Cutter, it skirts the edge of the battlefield, searching for easy prey, or performs scouting mission, searching for, then shadowing the enemy. Ideal as both a pursuit ship, and tool for harassment, many of these ships are in the hands of Kig-Yar and Jiralhanae allies, and in both cases the Sword work hard to keep their loyalty, resulting in a mercenary mindset amongst their crews.

Though small, the vessels are a vital elements of the SOS Navy, acting as scouts, pirate chasers, or harassing enemy formations during fleet actions. Because of their low observable design, and stealth features, they also make excellent raiders, and blockade runners, ensuring the foes of the SOS never truly feel safe from them.


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