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Point Blank-class stealth cruiser
Point Blank-class.jpg
Class Overview


Deimos Special Projects Division


Office of Naval Intelligence symbol.png Office of Naval Intelligence


3.21 trillion cR




2517 - present



Technical Specifications


Super-heavy prowler


743 metres (2,438 ft)


2.83 million metric tons


MAMBA-class baffled fusion drives


2 Cathedral Division's #91228-VIPER tritium fusion reactors


30-95 centimetres of Titanium-A2 battleplate






  • 720 sailors (120 officers, 600 enlisted)
  • 120 flight crew
  • 6 "Smart" AIs
Additional Information


"You are one of the lucky few, to get so close to it. The Office has killed others for so much as suspect it exists."
―LCDR Tracey Choi, referring to the UNSC Vanishing Point.

The Point Blank-class stealth cruiser is an unclassified model of capital ship maintained and deployed exclusively by the Office of Naval Intelligence. Dwarfing UNSC destroyers in both size and tonnage, and considered more valuable than larger cruisers in terms of tactical utility, these stealth cruisers are intended as heavy command and support craft for prowler squadrons. As they are fitted with powerful cloaking technologies that can allow them to infiltrate regions even other prowlers could not, and a dangerous armament for their classification, many Point Blank-class stealth cruisers were used as the mobile headquarters for entire wings within ONI.



Tall, long, and thin, with a hint of bulk, the Point Blank-class stealth cruiser is unique among ONI's formidable fleet of prowlers. Although it shares the smooth, angular lines characteristic of stealth corvettes - a feature that redirects incoming RADAR scans to throw off detection - at the time most prowlers were quite streamlined in shape in order to fool observers into mistaking them as civilian private yachts. There are few identifying features across their hull, no obvious turrets and missile pods to hit, and not even the name of the ship is painted on at any point. Its general appearance is quite difficult to grasp in the field, as the camouflaging texture buffers were set at their darkest possible setting.

On the prow of the Point Blank-class is the extended barrel for the ship's Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, which extends roughly two thirds the length of the cruiser. This is surrounded by antennae belonging to its forward communications array and the primary #8129-HEIMDALLR passive high-sensitivity detection suite. An overhanging shroud of stealth ablative plating runs along the outer perimeter of the surface both the antennae and the MAC are mounted on, which helps mask them from enemy sensor scans. Below these is a protruding angular superstructure that holds the four multipurpose munition launchers, two on each side. These are most often used to deploy reconnaissance drones and communications satellites, although they are also armed with a complement of high-velocity fusion rockets for emergencies. Behind these is the primary habitation deck and barracks for the crew and complement, as well as their amenities.


Ships of the Line

Name Hull Classification Symbol Commissioned Destroyed Notes
UNSC Point Blank IX-412 August 22, 2517 N/A Mobile headquarters for the Commander-in-Chief of the Office of Naval Intelligence
UNSC Point Break IX-413 June 16, 2517 N/A Mobile headquarters for ONI Section 0.
UNSC Death Wish IX-414 September 9, 2519 N/A Mobile headquarters for ONI Section 1.
UNSC Last Castle IX-415 December 24, 2521 N/A Mobile headquarters for ONI Section 2.
UNSC Point of No Return IX-416 May 18, 2522 N/A Mobile headquarters for ONI Section 3.
UNSC Vanishing Point IX-420 October 30, 2523 N/A Headquarters and support ship for the Prowler Corps.


  • The original designer for the ship was D4rkSt0rm99, whose work would later be adapted into a model for the Sins of the Prophets mod.
  • All Point Blank-class stealth cruisers are named after action movies of some sort.


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