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Pious Fervor
Production information

CAS-class assault carrier



Technical specifications

5,347 meters (17,540 ft)


2,118 meters (6,950 ft)


746 meters (2,450 ft)


2.7 billion metric tons

Engine unit(s)

3 Raphyus-pattern repulsor engines

Slipspace Drive

Primus-pattern borer

Power plant

Pinch fusion reactor


Tantalus-pattern dispersal field generators


Nanolaminate hull plating

  • 1 Infernus-pattern superheavy excavation beam
  • 2 Urpeon-pattern superheavy plasma lances
  • 8 Luxor-pattern heavy plasma beam emitters
  • 24 Mictix-pattern heavy plasma torpedo silos
  • 700 Ferriel-pattern pulse lasers
  • Human-Covenant War
  • Post-War
  • Ship-to-ship combat
  • Fighter/interceptor deployment
  • Atmospheric fire support
  • Command and control
Known commander(s)

Shipmaster Civa 'Vrama


Pious Fervor is a Esgem-pattern CAS-class assault carrier of the Forsaken Navy that was formerly apart of the Covenant fleet. Commanded by Shipmaster Civa 'Vrama, it served as the flagship of the Fleet of Eternal Conviction during its service in the Covenant and at the outbreak of the Great Schism.


Human-Covenant War

Commissioned from the shipyards of Glyke during the Human-Covenant War, the Pious Fervor was quickly placed into the frontlines of the conflict and first engaged the UNSC at Minab. The Pious would participate in the glassing of the planet after UNSC forces were destroyed or routed.

Great Schism

Having served in the Fleet of Eternal Conviction during the onset of the Great Schism, it fell victim to the infighting of the Sangheili-Jiralhanae as the civil war began and took heavy casualties among the Sangheili crew but eventually came out victorious.

The Forsaken

Joining the Forsaken, along with Glorious Justice and Sovereign Heart, the Pious Fervor began to serve as a critical warship within the early Forsaken fleet. In 2554, as Alakav Forges began to churn out new warships, Pious Fervor began to serve as the flagship of a fleet to invade and raid the enemies of the Forsaken.


Although most of the ship's crew has been largely replaced by Tratum Drones, the organic crew members are still operating in critical positions and positions of command.

  • Civa 'Vrama – Shipmaster
  • Bakan 'Ludam – Major and CO of local starfighters
  • Azo 'Rentak – Commander of the Cyd'Taha Legion
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