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Class overview

Pikeman-class light frigate


Aerofabrique SA

General characteristics



540m (1771.7 ft)


124m (406.8 ft)


105m (344.5 ft)

Engine unit(s)

Deuterium Fusion Engines

Slipspace Drive

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine

Power plant

Deuterium fusion reactor




60 centimetres of Titanium-A battleplate

  • 150 Naval Crewmen
Additional information
  • Escort
  • Troop Transport
  • Planetary Defense

The Pikeman-class Light Frigate is a type of escort ship in use by the United Nations Space Command's Navy as the final instalment in the line of post-war frigates. With the intent to replace the Stalwart over time, the Pikeman is expected to have over a decade to perfect its model and should experience multiple fine-tuned adjustments before a complete overhaul is announced.

Similarly to the Stalwart, the Pikeman balances the roles of troop transport and fleet support, however, with the multitude of advancements and lessons learned acquired from the Human-Covenant War. While lacking a compliment comparable to the Deliverance-class or an armament on par to that of the Strident-class, the Pikeman shines in its versatility as it's armed enough to perform screening for larger ships, and a carrying capacity necessary to make a difference on the battlefield. Similarly to Pike men of the late Roman Empire, the Pikeman-class excels in defensive positions, preferring colonial defense and colonial fleet escort duties.

Design Details

Measuring at 540 metres long, the Pikeman is the smallest of the 'post war' line of frigates. As a replacement to the Stalwart, its smaller size seems fitting enough to engineers. Similarly to the Deliverance and Strident the vessel features port and starboard wing hangers sealed with energy shield doors. Its highly streamlined and stripped silhouette is reminiscent of a bare bone Strident-class, and this is no coincidence. Expected to be the filler frigate class for mass escort and planetary defense fleets, the Pikeman needed to be highly affordable while not drastically sacrificing performance. Paired with Gladius-class Heavy Corvettes, the Pikeman makes for the ideal defensive asset for colonies of the UEG.

The Deuterium- and Shaw-Fujikawa-powered vessel is considerably faster than its sister classes of the post-war line. While carrying only the essential vehicle complement to aid in a ground campaign, the light-weight Pikeman can quickly engage enemies, create screens for larger capitol ships, and deploy over three hundred Orbital Drop Shock Troopers via SOEIV bays located on the ventral-mid-section of the ship below the Hanger. While holding considerably more cargo and complement than the Strident, the Pikeman doesn't come close to delivering the payload of the Deliverance-class. The Pikeman holds a fully loaded crew of six hundred, with half of that dedicated to Marines, another hundred and fifty for ODST's, leaving the ships naval crewmen and engineers occupying only one hundred and fifty slots in the Pikeman's billet.


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