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Peter Graver
Biographical Information


June 8 2511



Physical Information




  • 6 feet 2 inches (Pre Augmentation)
  • 6 feet 10 inches (Post Augmentation)


  • 194 lbs. (Pre Augmentation)
  • 254 lbs. (Post Augmentation)


  • SPARTAN-IV Augmentation
  • Spartan Neural Implant
Political/Military Information


  • Marksmanship
  • Reconnaissance


  • Staff Sergeant
  • Sniper Spartan








  • UNSC Marine Corps
  • Spartan Operations
  • ONI Section III


  • 9th Expeditionary Force
  • Bravo-Six
  • Fireteam Phoenix
  • Delta-6 Division


"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Except a SRS99-S5 AM sniper rifle, that will kill you."
―Peter's personal journal (2555).

Peter Graver (service no. 53194-01763-PG) was a UNSC Marines 9th Expeditionary Marines Force and Orbital Drop Shock Trooper who rose to the rank of Gunnery Sergeant before being conscripted into the SPARTAN-IV program. During his career as a Marine and ODST, Peter saw action across the Galaxy and became one of the few ODST that would come back from a battle alive. As an expert marksman, Peter became well known across his Marine Company due to his ability to take down targets. He often looked up to Linda-058 where he would spend most of his time practicing to get on the same level that she was on. Peter is a 24 year veteran of the Human-Covenant War.

In 2552, Peter joined the first SPARTAN-IV class to become a Spartan for Spartan Operations. There he was able to enhance his ability to become a deadlier asset for the UNSC. Originally working with Sarah Palmer and Edward Davis, Peter desired for a team to work alongside. He was assigned to Fireteam Phoenix where he serves as a designated marksman for the group. Hunting Forerunner, Covenant and other enemies that came across his scope, Peter became one of the deadliest SPARTAN-IV soldiers that had been conscripted into the program. In 2561, Peter was recruited into ONI Section III where he would continue his solo missions.

Career Service Vitae


Peter Graver
Spartan Sniper

FULL NAME: Graver, Peter Michael
SERVICE #: 53194-01763-PG

    UNIT: Fireteam Phoenix
    GARRISON: UNSC Infinity

    GENDER: Male
    BIRTH DATE: June 8 2511
    HEIGHT: 6 feet 10 inches
    WEIGHT: 254 lbs.

General Notes

Spartan Peter Graver is a SPARTAN-IV Class I supersoldier who is the designated sniper for Fireteam Phoenix. With over 30 years of combat experience, he is considered a veteran prior to joining the SPARTAN-IV program. He's one of the few SPARTANs who has received training from other SPARTANs.

Service History
  • Harvest Campaign
  • Battle of Vodin
  • Battle of Jericho VII
  • Battle of Leonis Minoris
  • Battle of Kholo
  • Battle of Meridian
  • Battle of Fumirole
  • Fall of Reach
  • Battle of Earth
  • Battle of Dratheus V and X50
  • Battle of Requiem
  • Requiem Campaign
  • Battle of Oban
  • Battle of Atkis IV
  • Created Conflict

Known to be an extremely sound and fundamental sniper, Peter has made himself known as a top sniper in the SPARTAN-IV program. He often goes on solo missions to hunt down enemies that Spartan Operations doesn't wish to send a Fireteam down to take.


Peter is one of the many SPARTAN-IVs that struggle to work with the Sangheili. Spending years fighting them, he has a hard time accept them as his ally.

Early Life

Born on June 8th 2511, Peter Graver was born to Travis and Emily Graver. His father was an electrical engineer for UNSC Frigates while his mother was a writer. Growing up with his older sister, Peter found himself interested in the worlds beyond the Sol System. Excelling in school and sports, Peter liked academics but that soon changed when his father was killed by a Covenant ship in 2526.

Soon after the death of his father, Peter told himself that he would enlist into the UNSC Marine Corp and fight the enemy that killed his father. Protests were met by his mother and sister, but he went through anyways. After graduating from high school, Peter enlisted into the UNSC to become a rifleman for the 9th Marines Expeditionary Force. He shipped off to a training depot on Reach where he would train to become an UNSC Marine.

UNSC Marines Corp

9th Marines Expeditionary Force

Training, Specialty and Assignment


Lance Corporal Graver and Private First Class Stevens first day on Harvest (2529).

At 18 years old, Peter enlisted into the UNSC Marines Corp, training to become a rifleman. During basic training, his drill instructors noticed that Peter was more skilled with a DMR than the others in the group. He was later tested with a sniper rifle where he developed his potential as a strong sniper. After completing basic training, Peter was promoted to Private First Class and sent to become in UNSC Marines Sniper School.

Becoming a designated marksman, Peter worked through UNSC Marine Corps Sniper School where he emerged as the top candidate among his peers. Besides being one of the weaker soldiers to come out, he proved himself to the others. Promoted to Lance Corporal and graduating from the Sniper School, Peter would move on to his first assignment.

Assigned to the 9th Marines Expeditionary Force, 2nd Marines, 2nd Battalion, Delta Company, Fourth Platoon. Peter would be the designated marksman for his platoon and one of six marksman from Delta Company. Being a young Lance Corporal, Peter had no idea what was coming for him. Being deployed to Harvest, would be the first real test of what he would to undergo as a UNSC Marine.

Harvest Campaign (2529-2531)

Lance Corporal Peter Graver deployed to Harvest with his battalion and he was in for a rude awakening. Seeing the ones come back, the reality of war came crashing down on him and it was nothing like the UNSC showcased. In the short nine months that Peter was there, four of the six marksman were killed, one Gunnery Sergeant cracked and committed suicide due to the atrocities that the Covenant were committing.

Losing his spotter and best friend on the third day of Battle, Peter learned to be a marksman without a spotter. He later teamed up with another marksman in his company where the two worked together to get out alive. After learning to be a marksman without a spotter, Peter became very good at close sniper support and dependable when it came to protecting the soldiers on the ground.

Despite the conditions, Peter excelled throughout the campaign. He was promoted to Corporal six months after providing sniper support for Marines pushing into the cities. Constantly losing friends on an hourly basis, Peter developed a deep sense of hatred toward the Covenant and fueled it to take down more that came into his scope. After that one battle, Peter was sucked into the war.

Battle of Vodin (2532)

Coming back for his second deployment, the young Corporal knew just what he had to do to survive. Making one friend with the previous marksman from Harvest, the two worked together to stay alive during the Battle of Vodin. No matter how hard he tried or what he could do, marines and civilians still fell by the hundreds. After the engagement and loss of the planet, Peter received a tryout form from the ODST.

Feeling that he didn't deserve the tryout for ODST, he discarded it for the day but later decided to do it, thinking that he could do more good with the ODST than with the UNSC Marines. He accepted the tryout for the ODST and transferred out of his unit where he would undergo ODST training on Reach. There, Peter would take the next step in his career as a UNSC Marine.

Orbital Drop Shock Trooper

Training, Specialty and Assignment


Peter Graver's modified ODST Armor (2548).

Undergoing ODST training at 21 years old, Peter stood out from the rest of his candidates where he excelled in marksmanship and following orders, regardless of how stupid he felt they could be. Due to his young age, many people felt he was incapable of being an ODST. Peter proved them wrong as he outworked all the other candidates. He graduated lower in the class, but earned the respect of the graduates from his class.

Many instructors noted that Peter had a knack for sniping, he was shipped to ODST Sniper School where he rose through his class as a top candidate. Learning to not shoot with his HUD scope and just the scope on the rifle, Peter became a smarter marksman with lining up his targets and getting ranges right. The teaching allowed him to become an effective sniper even if his helmet were to malfunction during a battle.

Assigned to the 103rd Shock Troops Battalion, Bravo Company and 9th Platoon. Peter would serve as the marksman of a Direct Action team. Consisting of six ODST led by Staff Sergeant Lawson, Peter came in as a replacement for the previous marksman that was killed in their last drop. As a Lance Corporal, Peter would see action with the ODST on Jericho VII before being transferred to Bravo-Six.

Peter was reassigned to Bravo-Six, a four ODST personnel team that would do direct action raids against the Covenant forces. After the Battle of Jericho VII, Peter came in for a replacement after teaming up with Master Sergeant Wyatt Stafford. As a newly promoted Corporal, Peter would earn the respect of Master Sergeant Stafford and serve as his second-in-command for the remainder of the war.

Battle of Jericho VII (2535)

As the Battle of Jericho VII started, Peter had seen the legendary SPARTAN-II platoons that he was to be working with. The battle took a turn for the worse when Peter was separated from his team in the initial drop phase. He later linked up with Master Sergeant Wyatt Stafford who was in command of Bravo-Six. The two worked together to find their teams and get home alive.

Once Peter learned that his platoon was wiped out in the initial strike, he continued to work with Stafford after learning that his team was also wiped out. The two continued on together to run missions behind enemy lines till they were pulled out. Despite the loss of their platoons, Stafford requested for Peter to join his platoon where Peter became the most trusted ODST Stafford could have in his platoon.

Battle of Leonis Minoris (2537)

Now a Corporal, the second-in-command for Bravo-Six and two new replacements. Bravo-Six would deploy to the Leonis Minoris System where they would wage a three planet battle against the Covenant. Providing accurate movement of Covenant forces, Bravo-Six were able to stun the Covenant forces in time for UNSC personnel to evacuate off the first planet before it would be glassed.

On the second planet, Bravo-Six deployed as a Direct Action team and participated in the defense of the colony. Here, one replacement was killed by a Kig-Yar marksman while on a break. Soon after the death of the replacement, Bravo-Six was assigned on a long range reconnaissance mission. Despite their best efforts, Peter was pulled off of the planet and the Covenant were successful in glassing the planet.

On the third planet, Bravo-Six deployed again as a Direct Action team and hit the ground with only two remaining ODSTs. During the flight down, their fellow ODST collided with a Banshee and exploded. With only two ODST left in Bravo-Six, they stuck to exclusively sniper cover. Surprisingly, they were able to win and save the third colony. Despite a victory, Bravo-Six suffered casualties and had to build the team back up.

Battle of Kholo (2539)

With Kholo now under attack and two replacement and promoted to Sergeant, Bravo-Six and Peter moved on the surface to provide cover for the civilians evacuating from the Covenant forces. Here, Peter performed his first two head shot with one bullet. Being forced to evacuate, Peter was determined to stay on the planet and go with it since he felt that he had to. Thanks to his Master Sergeant, he was pulled off and watched the planet get glassed.

Still, it wasn't enough, one ODST from Bravo-Six didn't check his corner and was killed by an Unggoy. Due to the outburst that Peter had towards his fallen comrade, he was forced to take an extended leave. Knowing that the war had gotten to his head, he headed to Reach where he could take a break and find meaning in everything he lost.

Battle of Meridian (2548-2550)

Coming back from time off, new replacements and a promotion to Staff Sergeant, Peter deployed to Meridian where he helped repel the Covenant invasion. At first they were successful, but the Covenant came back only stronger. Soon after coming back, Peter and the rest were forced to retreat off of Meridian. During the two years that he was stationed on Meridian, Bravo-Six was down to three soldiers after the first night.

During the two year campaign, he saw ODST fall by the dozen which forced him to pick which target he needed to kill. By the end of the Battle, Peter began to eliminate higher value targets and gave up on weaker targets. With the shift, the helped take out the officers and force the Covenant forces to be lost without an officer commanding them. Nevertheless, they still lost Meridian and was glassed.

Battle of Fumirole (2552)

In the Battle of Fumirole, Bravo-Six deployed to assist the rest of the 103rd Shock Troop Battalion. Providing overwatch for UNSC Marine forces in the day and taking out targets at night, Bravo-Six was able to deal blows to the Covenant forces. Shortly after NOBLE Team prepared to deliver a nuclear device aboard a Covenant CCS Battlecruiser, Bravo-Six prepared for their suicide run.

As they moved across the open terrain, Peter took positions in buildings and kept moving to stay alive. Weaving between the Marines and using NOBLE team as an anchor, Peter and Wyatt were successful on surviving the day, but lost one ODST to a Needler round in the face. Even with the loss, they were successful on taking down the battlecruiser.

Shortly after, NOBLE Team pulled off of Fumirole and the remaining forces struggled against the enraged Covenant forces. Losing another ODST to a Kir-Yag marksman, Bravo-Six commandeered a Marine platoon where Peter led six and Wyatt led the other. Together, they were able to provide a safe extraction out of the major city from Fumirole. The status of Fumirole remains uncertain as Peter and Wyatt moved to Reach.

During the Battle of Fumirole, Peter saw hope for a sliver of a second when the battlecruiser went down. That quickly vanished when he saw the Sangheili slaughtering their way through the lines. Seeing the enraged Sangheili, Peter was scared of the roar and wanted to get away from them as fast as he could. After the battle, Peter had nightmares circulating around the bloodlust of the Covenant troops.

Fall of Reach (2552)

During the Fall of Reach, Peter and Bravo-Six were dispatched to New Alexandria where they waged a ground war against the Covenant forces. Working alongside the many ODST and Marine platoons, they waged a guerrilla war against the Covenant forces. Forcing the Covenant to work for the city, they were able to devastate the Covenant forces that attempted to take the city.

Working with any ODST Platoon, Peter was desperate to work with more than one person. Unable to connect with anyone, Wyatt took a Falcon and kept an open comm to assist any ODST Platoon that came under fire. They were able to rescue six ODST before being shot down by a Banshee. Back on the streets, Bravo-Six continued to fight until they evacuated before the Covenant glassed the city.

Waging a ground war against the Covenant on Reach, Peter felt hopeless throughout the Battle as he saw Sangheili, Jiralhanae and Mgalekgolo enjoy killing the fleeing civilians. Losing hundred of marines and dozens of ODST, hope and a chance to win became extremely slim. Shortly after the Fall of Reach, Peter knew that Earth was next and he could do nothing to stop them.

Battle of Earth (2552)

Peter returned to Earth, not for shore leave, but to defend it from the Covenant invading force. With a promotion to Gunnery Sergeant, Peter became well known in the 103rd Battalion. There he defended South Africa from being overtaken by Covenant forces and soon after, he was deployed to East Africa to help repel the Flood that had crashed into Earth.

Down to just him and his Master Sergeant, he saw him get infected by the Flood and was forced to kill him. With all the death from the 9th Marines Expeditionary to Bravo-Six, forcing himself to kill his Master Sergeant was the hardest thing he had to do and it broke him. Soon after, he linked up with a squad of ODST and helped them clear out the rest of the Flood on Earth.

After being pulled by from Voi, he watched a Covenant ship glass the area and later learned that the UNSC and Sangheili have forged an alliance. With peace granted and the Covenant's invasion of Earth repelled, it was considered the end of the Human-Covenant War. Though, Peter would never forget what they Covenant took from him. 23 years of human genocide and now he is supposed to work with the Sangheili.

UNSC Spartan Operations

SPARTAN-IV Recruitment and Training


After the Battle of Earth, Peter was approached by Jun-A266 and Sarah Palmer to joined the SPARTAN-IV program. Stating that he had a gift when it came to marksmanship, Peter was offered a spot where he could improve his abilities, protect the ones he loves better and save more lives. With a promise to keep him together with his wife, Peter joined the SPARTAN-IV program.

Spartan Command Trial

With Musa-096 and Jun-A266 looking for a Commander of the SPARTAN-IV Operations, they were looking at Peter Graver and Sarah Palmer. Both were low ranks and had low command experience. Knowing they would need coaching, the two went through tests such as leading a team, planning with superiors and improving relationships with different species.

Peter decided to not continue his training for Spartan Command when he learned that he would have to improve relations between Sanghelios and Earth. Due to his hatred towards the Sangheili, he couldn't work with them, not with the people who ordered the death of his friends. With Peter backing out, Sarah Palmer continued her training to become the field commander of the SPARTAN-IVs.

Training, Specialty and Assignment


Peter in ARGUS-class Mjolnir GEN 2 armor (2558).

Peter underwent SPARTAN-IV indoctrination where he became one of the few that adapted to the augmentation better than the rest. With a head start, Peter was able to start training earlier. After receiving his augmentation, he learned that he could react faster, hit harder and run faster. Due to his upgrades, Peter put his skills right to work and did everything he could to better himself as an upcoming Spartan.

With a specialty in marksmanship, Peter trained with Jun-A266 on becoming a SPARTAN marksman. Peter learned to adjust his scope through his HUD better and perform better at longer distances. He became far better in close quarters and was able to hide himself better, despite being 6'10". He later received training from Linda-058 where she taught him that sniping was an art after being rescued from the Shield World.

Assigned to Fireteam Phoenix, a three Spartan personnel team, Peter would operate as the marksman for the team. The goal of the team is to operate behind enemy lines where they can assassinate targets. Fireteam Phoenix consist of Spartan Danielle Yorks and Spartan Henry Richards. Danielle would be the official leader of the team and Peter would act as the second-in-command when needed.

SPARTAN-IV Combat Operations

Draco III Rebellion (2554)

With Fireteam Phoenix still building up and practicing, Peter was pulled from the team to assist Spartan Sarah Palmer and Edward Davis on Draco III. After the Raid on the UNSC Infinity, the three had developed some chemistry but Peter didn't mesh as well with the three as he did with Fireteam Phoenix. Once deployed on Draco III, the three fought off the United Rebel Front forces that were attempting to overthrow the colony.

While on the planet, Peter started to build more confidence within himself. After being on the receiving end of losing for 23 years, he was able to push back and gain victories of his own. While on the colony, Peter was able to protect civilians and push back enemy forces. Many of the URF forces surrendered when the Spartan team came into contact with them, resulting in few gunfights and multiple prisoners for ONI.

With a standoff between the Captain of the URF and captive of Alpha-Nine, Peter had a shot on the Captain. Sarah ordered him to stand down and allow Alpha-Nine's leader to take care of the situation. Without SPARTAN-IV assistance, the captured ODST was executed and the Captain of the URF forces was executed. After the battle, Peter questioned Sarah's command, feeling that he could've saved a fellow ODST brother.

Skirmish of Terceira (2554)

Terceria is one of the many solo operations that Peter would be sent on to take down Insurrection leaders. With Palmer, Wagner and Davis to cause an explosion and force an emergency meeting, Peter would lie in wait for the leaders to converge together so he could eliminate them. With hopes to bring an end to the Insurrectionist forces, Peter was ready to execute his job.

After executing the four leaders, Peter hiked out of the valley and towards a rally point. On the way, Peter saw wildlife, insects and a land that was peaceful. Compared to a planet exploding, screams of humans and a Jiralhanae's war cry, Peter found the planet peaceful. After 24 years of chaos and walking onto destroyed planets, the change of scenery was refreshing for him.

As a solo marksman, Peter applied the lessons that he learned from Jun-A266 and Linda-058. Rebuilding his technique and mastering the fundamentals of marksmanship, Peter learned to become a deadlier asset for the UNSC Spartan Operations. The skillset that Peter possesses would ultimately lead him to becoming a top marksman among his fellow SPARTAN-IVs.

Battle of Draetheus V and X50 (2554)

The Battle of Draetheus V was the first time that Peter saw combat action with Fireteam Phoenix. Holding up to their name, Phoenix deployed alongside Commander Palmer and decimated the Covenant forces. With the success of the Forerunner technology destroyed and the death of Merg Vol, the Covenant were defeated and pushed out of the System.

With Fireteam Phoenix being the first SPARTAN-IV team to come in contact with Covenant forces, they made sure that the SPARTAN-IV Program was a powerful force for the UNSC. Having 24 years of revenge built up, Peter and Fireteam Phoenix were able to land devastating blows to the Covenant forces. After the Battle of Draetheus V, Peter felt that he had a chance against the Covenant.

Bouncing between X50 and Draetheus V, Fireteam Phoenix spent the entire time on the frontlines. Reinforcing Farabay Base, directing armor, pulling Covenant forces from Spartan Davis position and doing the same for Spartan Palmer, Phoenix became great distractions for Palmer and Davis to accomplish their goals. During Operation: HYDRA, Peter and a team of UNSC Marine Snipers provided cover for the armor in Arid Sea.

It was the first time that Peter felt good after coming out of fight. He was able to go into battle with everyone from his team and walk out with all of them. It was a huge moral boost for Peter because he never experienced what it was like to walk out of combat with his entire team. Peter was thankful to join the SPARTAN-IV program and develop the chemistry he desperately desired during the Human-Covenant War.

Solo Missions (2555-2556)

Spartan Operations approached Peter in 2555 with a proposition to hunt down Insurrectionist leaders along with high value ex Covenant targets. Wanting to get back at the group who hurt his comrades and restore order into UEG space, Peter accepted the mission and prepared for his work. Leaving Fireteam Phoenix for a time, he would work closely with Danielle who would stay his commanding officer but not be on the missions with him.

In 2555, Peter conducted over ten raids across four planets where he tracked his targets and assassinated them. Ranging from Insurrectionist leaders to Sangheili mercenary leaders, Peter became an asset for Spartan Operations to launch attacks against those who were attempting to cause terror. With Danielle in command of Peter, he is able to keep a close connection with someone he trust in the senior command of Spartan Operations.

Continuing on in 2556, Peter continued to conduct missions where he hunted rogue UNSC officers and enlisted soldiers. Able to prevent the spreading of sensitive information, Peter became a valuable asset for Spartan Operations. His value continued to increase each time he would come back with a successful mission. The sniper is able to prove himself every time and never fail an operation.

At the end of his two years, Peter was able to accomplish all twenty missions with a success. Danielle was able to provide spectacular intelligence to the ground and Peter was able to act on that intelligence. Spartan Operations saw the value in the two duo and prepared to bring them back out to do more missions like that in the near future. Once done, the two rotated back into normal Fireteam deployments.

Battle of Requiem (2557)

When the UNSC Infinity crashed into Requiem, Peter and Fireteam Phoenix were assigned with providing overwatch for the Infinity while Commander and Lasky went out. When the Infinity's bridge deck was breached, Fireteam Phoenix assisted in clearing out the bridge and securing decks that John-117 and the rest didn't reach.

While John-117 worked on taking out the Gravity well, Peter and Fireteam Phoenix worked on defending the Infinity ground forces from Prometheans that got too close for comfort. Having Peter as a marksman for the group, Fireteam Phoenix spent their time providing support for other Spartan Fireteams that were deployed. After the successful takedown of the Didact, Fireteam Phoenix prepared to head back for Requiem.

When Captain Del Rio ordered John-117 to surrender his AI and continue to insult him, Peter lost the respect of Captain Del Rio. His fits of anger and outburst were growing rampant and everyone was getting tired of having a child in command of the UNSC Flagship. Once Captain Del Rio stepped down, Peter was glad to have Commander Lasky become the Captain of the UNSC Infinity.

Requiem Campaign (2558)

Fireteam Phoenix was one of the first teams deployed on Requiem where they gathered intelligence on the Covenant Forces, Promethean Forces and anything important that the Covenant were searching for. After finding a device called the "Didact's Gift", Fireteam Phoenix covered Fireteam Crimson as they recovered the artifact to be brought upon the UNSC Infinity.

There, Fireteam Phoenix were tasked with hunting down Jul 'Mdama. Engaging Covenant forces across the world, they were able to gather leads and report back to Spartan Operations. With Fireteam Castle KIA, Fireteam Phoenix stepped up their operations against the Covenant alongside many other Spartan Fireteams that were deployed. Raiding at night, the team was able to disrupt many Covenant plans and supply lines.

Being the first major campaign with other SPARTAN-IVs, Fireteam Phoenix and Peter became respected among many of the other Fireteams for the support they gave throughout the Campaign. With respect among the fellow SPARTAN-IVs, Peter felt at home with everyone he'd been working with. With the upcoming battles, Peter was confident in the other teams to perform better than before.

Battle of Oban (2558)

Launching a counter offensive with Marines and SPARTAN-IVs, Fireteam Phoenix was sent to the planet's surface to assassinate the field commander of the Covenant forces. Hoping to assassinate Jul 'Mdama, they were unsuccessful and took down only a field commander. Despite their original target not being there, the Battle was a victory for the UNSC where they suffered no losses.

Unknown to anyone else, the intended target was to assassinate Dr. Halsey. The UNSC scientist to turned to work for the Covenant, Admiral Osman used the hate that Peter had built up and aimed it at Dr. Halsey. Deployed to the surface, Peter never saw Dr. Halsey but, was successful in dealing a blow to the Covenant forces. Even after, Peter continued to serve as the main hunter for Dr. Halsey.

Working behind enemy lines, Fireteam Phoenix helped with providing crucial intel to the UNSC forces. Due to this, the UNSC forces were able to suffer no losses. Being deep in enemy territory, Fireteam Phoenix became comfortable working surrounded by enemies. Peter was able to land a blow against the Covenant forces and watch them pull out. It was a sight that Peter would never get tired of, watching the Covenant retreat.

Becoming the second battle where the UNSC didn't lose anyone in combat, Peter was now confident and proud for serving with the SPARTAN-IVs. Sticking with the same team for four years, they've developed a chemistry unlike any other fireteam in the SPARTAN-IV Program. Without a doubt, Peter could say that the SPARTAN-IV Program is the best thing that's happened to him.

Battle of Aktis IV (2558)

With the UNSC Infinity trapped in the Aktis System and Roland obtaining strange readings from Aktis VI, Fireteam Phoenix was deployed to the planet to scout, assist and do reconnaissance on what was happening. Soon after reaching the planet, communication was cut between the UNSC Infinity and Fireteam Phoenix. Soon after, Fireteam Phoenix came under fire by Covenant forces.

Once clearing out the area, they noticed a Pelican and Broadsword get shot down. Hoping to get communication back with the UNSC Infinity, Fireteam Phoenix hiked to the location and were able to establish contact. With Commander Palmer and Fireteam Majestic under attack, Fireteam Phoenix moved out to rescue the team.

Seeing Palmer and two Spartans from Fireteam Majestic, Phoenix set up to help the ambush without Palmer's knowledge. After Palmer ran after the Zealot, Phoenix moved in to help the two Spartans against the Covenant forces. After securing the area, Phoenix went after Palmer, took down the Harvester and found Palmer. With Majestic and Palmer secure, Phoenix returned to the Infinity.

While on the way back to the Infinity, Peter learned of what happened to Sarah and Dr. Halsey. Instead of arguing with her and calling her incompetent, Peter defended the Commander and her decisions on Aktis IV. Confronting Fireteam Majestic, Peter squared away the team and made sure they didn't second guess their Commander. Despite their differences, Sarah was glad to have at least one person defending her.

Sanghelios Campaign (2558)

When Fireteam Osiris went down to Sanghelios and left to go after Blue Team, Fireteam Phoenix deployed with Sarah Palmer and things were tense. Peter was against working with the Sangheili after seeing his friends get slaughtered by them. With Commander Palmer and Dr. Halsey missing, Peter had to set aside his differences to save his commander and the doctor using Sangheili help.

With a joint operation, the Sword of Sanghelios and Fireteam Phoenix were successful in rescuing Commander Palmer and Dr. Halsey. After the rescue, the two were forced to work together to take down the remaining Covenant faction on Sanghelios. After the battle, a counteroffensive was launched against them at the Sword of Sanghelios homebase.

During the counteroffensive, Fireteam Phoenix was tasked with protecting Dr. Catherine Halsey. Peter saved two lives of Sangheili and they later thanked him. Slowly building trust with the Sangheili, Peter learned of the regret they carried while purging Humanity. With the arrival of John-117 and Fireteam Osiris, Fireteam Phoenix moved off of Sanghelios to fight the Guardians.

After Sanghelios, Peter started to become a little less xenophobic towards the Sangheili who were aligned with the Swords of Sanghelios. Helping him save a friend and Peter started to slowly respect them, even though he still hates them for their atrocities. Peter began to dislike Dr. Halsey for working with Jul 'Mdama, manipulating Sarah on Aktis IV and dismissing the SPARTAN-IVs because only SPARTAN-IIs can protect her.



Peter Graver's photo prior in his Spartan-IV augmentation (2552).

As a Marine, Peter preferred to be a quiet and strong individual. Not talking much out of combat, he kept things to himself and worked on bettering himself. The trait soon made him a respected Spartan because he was known more for his actions and not his words. Picking his words carefully, Peter became respected among his SPARTAN-IV peers.

Early in the war, Peter learned to trade lives. Saving his Lieutenant and letting a Private die was the hardest decisions he had to make as a marksman. He learned that he couldn't save everyone and had to pick who to save. Later in the war, he learned that if he were to ever go back for someone, he would die. Resulting in him becoming extremely cold and ruthless when it came to deciding who to save.

As a marksman, Peter was incredibly calm and level headed, he never did anything too fast or slow. Once learning that sniping is an art, he became an extremely calm person behind the scope. That soon transferred out into life where he was always relaxed and it was impossible to get him mad. Keeping a cool head allowed Peter to find the perfect time to execute a target and accomplish a mission.

As an ODST, Peter became extremely pessimistic and realistic about what was going to happen during the war. Losing soldiers after each battle, Peter only made friends with his leader and never connected with the replacements, knowing they would be killed soon. After forcing himself to kill his friend and leader, Peter felt that there was no longer a reason to live.

Known to be emotionless during combat, Peter can be depended on for making the right decision. Putting his feelings for someone aside, Peter knows what to do despite the connect he may have with the person. After killing his best friend in 2552, Peter has this ability down a science to where he does it subconsciously. Although people don't want to hear his plans, he usually tells the truth of what will happen.

Becoming a SPARTAN-IV, Peter found confidence, hope and a sense of happiness. With 24 years of losing battles, little wins and losing everyone he knew. Peter was given stability with a team, wins that he craved for over the years and chances to have a stable group of friends. Having things such as this, made Peter a much more optimistic person.

As time passed on after Draco III, Peter began to see Sarah Palmer becoming a good leader and often cornered by everyone when she made a mistake. Being the only one to stand up for her, Peter began to find confidence to do the right thing when no one else wanted to. Knowing that he would make the same mistakes as her, Peter felt it would be a hypocrite to criticize her for the actions she committed.

Even though there was peace with the Sangheili, Peter still resents them and their campaign against humanity. Seeing planets glassed, friends killed and innocents murdered, Peter wouldn't accept the treaty and continued to tell himself to never trust them. After Sanghelios, Peter developed respect towards Thel 'Vadam and their followers for righting their wrongs.

Peter is known to never show off and talk about his service. Unlike many of the other soldiers that Peter is around, he keeps quiet about his work. Never wearing his dress uniform with the medals he's been awarded, Peter avoids the spotlight and sticks to the shadows. He'll never talk about what he did during combat deployments except to his team and wife, the only people he trust.


Assigned to the 9th Marines Expeditionary Force, Peter wore the Marines Battle Dress Uniform with M52B armor. Wearing a urban grey color BDU, Peter was able to blend into the structures around him while operating as a marksman in the field. After time of seeing friends get murdered, he discarded his back armor to lighten his load and allow him to move around faster.

Passing UNSC marksman school, Peter was assigned the SRS99C-S2 AM sniper rifle. Soon after an ODST died, he switched to the SRS99-AM that he picked off in the Harvest Campaign. He later preferred the SRS99-AM due to how much lighter it was. Peter was issued a standard M6C sidearm that he would use constantly when it came to getting up close and personal with the enemy.

As an ODST, Peter would wear the ODST Sharpshooter variant of armor. Allowing him to be much more flexible and lighter. He removed the larger left plate in order to have a better range of motion. Though he was leaving himself more vulnerable, it allowed him to see easier without a large plate. He only brought what he needed and left a lot of useless equipment on the ship.

The only art that Peter left on his armor was the 'No Love' painted across his chest. His Master Sergeant painted it on as a joke after Peter got married. The line stuck with him throughout the rest of the war since he gave no love to anyone else besides his team leader and wife. Many other ODST felt that the line stuck with Peter but never said it around him.

The rifle that Peter became excellent with using was the SRS99-AM sniper rifle. Being more of an urban sniper, Peter put a forward grip on his rifle so he had better control in close quarters. Using the M6C/SOCOM sidearm, Peter was able to stay quiet when he wasn't using his sniper rifle to engage his target. As his career pursed on, Peter became a deadly asset with these two instruments.

After upgrading to Spartan strength, Peter would wear the ARGUS-class Mjolnir GEN 2 armor. With the ability to have better situational awareness, Peter was able to avoid people sneaking up on him. It's the only armor that Peter didn't make an armor modification to. Able to link his scope up to his HUD, Peter became far more deadlier with his ability to see his targets better and further away.

Peter upgraded his rifle to the SRS99-S5 AM sniper rifle, Nornfang variant. Peter has a urban camouflage skin on his sniper rifle. Using a far more powerful sniper rifle that can strike at longer distances, Peter could strike from anywhere and kill anyone. He upgraded his sidearm to the M6H handgun in 2553 and then took the the M6H2 Gunfighter Magnum variant in 2557.

Personal Life

Peter met Miranda Forsinger during shore leave after the Battle of Kholo on Reach in 2540. He learned that she was a medical doctor for the UNSC and they returned to Earth in 2542 after getting worried that the war would end up at Reach. Living on Earth, the two lived together in Australia where Peter fell in love with Miranda and soon proposed to her in 2544.

Losing everything and everyone in the war, he found comfort in Miranda. Being the one person that he could always come to and let his guard down. Due to this, Peter found a sense of purpose and self worth to come back to. No matter how bad things would get out there, he would always have someone there to pick him up and help him.

Miranda is the only person who knows the full extent of Peter and his background. Telling her about everything from combat deployments to deaths, he's built an immense amount of trust in the relationship he has with her. Miranda often encourages him to tell her everything so he gets it out of his system and doesn't let it haunt him. Having this person, Peter had help carrying the burden of war on his shoulders.

The two married in 2545 and three years later, Peter ended his shore leave to go back into combat with the ODST in 2547. There he spent his time communicating with his wife back on Earth. With the war coming closer to Earth, he came back home in 2551 to warn her that the war was going to come to Earth. His family moved in with his wife and they stayed together when the Covenant invaded in 2552.

The two agreed to not have children, the decision brought protests from their family but the two knew it would be for the best of them. Miranda was consumed in the hospitals with wounded soldiers while Peter was fighting on the front lines, bringing a child into the mix would only tear them apart and ruin the relationship that both of them need. They continue to uphold this decision as of 2558.

Peter and Miranda became an issue in 2552 when Peter was selected to become a SPARTAN-IV. ONI, at first didn't want relationships in the SPARTAN-IV program, however they found a way to make things work learning the importance of their relationship. Miranda transferred aboard the UNSC Infinity as a medical doctor where she would be closer to her husband and they could be together more often.

After undergoing augmentation, the two had to adjust to the new body that Peter was in. Aside from the giant he turned into, Peter had to work on making his touch more gentle and not harm her. As a Spartan, Peter felt safer with his wife nearby and did everything he could to come back to her. He was one of the few Spartans that shared a room with their spouse aboard the UNSC Infinity.

As a SPARTAN-IV, his wife noticed the gradual change in his behavior. She encouraged his change of behavior which led him to becoming someone much happier and confident. After knowing him for 15 years, she saw the spark of life in his eyes. Having stability in their lives for the first time, the two are happy with the SPARTAN-IV program and forever thankful of it.