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"Under One Banner, Under One Cause"

--Pantheon II's motto (2470-2520)

Pantheon II is the smallest of ten planets in the outer Calypso System. Being an Outer Colony, it has it's

routes as an extremely anarchic, Insurrectionist controlled battleground. After fifty years of anarchy it was eventually liberated by the United Nations Space Command in 2520.



In 2470 the UNSC Colonialism, a government transport ship, had accidentally encountered it while attempting to return to Garner Station. After realizing that this planet had not been discovered, the Colonialism decided to venture onto the planet and found out that it was perfectly livable. The ship reported this along with the planet's location before returning to their main objective.

Arrival of Insurrectionists

A few months after it's discovery, Pantheon II would encounter it's first Insurrectionists. Entering the planet using the ULF Minotaur, they would colonize the planet's entire western (albeit small) hemisphere. They then began to move east and quickly overwhelmed the small amount of UNSC Marines. The UNSC occupation ended with the destruction of the UNSC David, the planet's main source of defense.

Pantheon Armed Government

After their conquest of the planet the Insurrectionists had formed the Pantheon Armed Government to hide their occupation. Because of the lack of knowledge of the Insurrectionists that occupied the planet, many colonists arrived and had built massive cities. The ULF Minotaur would then be renamed to the PAG Minotaur.

Travel Ban of 2489

In 2489 the Pantheon Armed Government ordered the Travel Ban of 2489, which denied entrance and exit to and from the planet. This sparked global outrage

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