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Palvir is a terrestrial dwarf planet located within the habitable zone of the 1619 Helenai System. The planet was colonized in 2483 by Humans of the Unified Earth Government.

During the First Great War, it was assaulted once by the Covenant Empire, an engagement later known as the Skirmish over Palvir. The result was a Pyrrhic victory for Humanity, a typical Human-Covenant War outcome when Imperial forces were not overwhelming.

Aside from interspecies contact, Palvir is a hotspot for Human civil wars and uprisings. The largest sustained engagement was the Palviric Uprising of 2578, which took the lives of thousands of civilians and soldiers. Also worth noting is the fact that, at certain points in this mini-insurrection, the UNSC Defense Force had employed more private contractors than its own military personnel, a move which had not been seen since the Vrakutic Civil War of 2341.

Behind the Scenes

  • The name Palvir was chosen to give the planet a more exotic feel, in addition to referencing its neo-Indian traditions.