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Outpost Station Rio.jpg
Production information



The technicians of the UNSC Fearless

Technical specifications
Power plant

Twin Fusion-Corex Reactors in the heart of the mountain




Several Hundred Different Firearms stored in it's armory.


1 Station AI


Satelite Network Monitoring Station



Present for battles/events

Battle of Installation X


UNSC, UNSC Fearless, AI Andrea, Michael Harrington

Known crewmembers

AI Arthur, AI Andrea (No longer activly serving)

Known commander(s)

Michael Harrington


Outpost Station Rio was a sattelite monitoring station in 2536-7 on Installation X. It was located atop a high mountain, and was tasked with monitoring sattelites from a network of almost 200, as well as serving as a focal point in the events on Installation X. It was established in 2356 to monitor the sattelite network, and was given a Station AI, which later became Andrea, to monitor it. However as the network grew, it became obvious it needed to be manned. When the Fearless left Installation X on a year long voyage to retreive supplies, Commander Michael Harrington was left behind to manage the outpost. Once he took control, he began giving the the station AI more processing power. This allowed her to expand beyond the normal parameters of her kind. She grew in intelligence and strengh and soon became a new breed of AI.

When the Fearless reentered the system, and Harrington and the AI set off, the station was left abandoned for sometime. However, it was visited by a marine engineering team, who downloaded the records. The team left promptly afterwards, and the station was left alone once again. However, though it was mostly forgotten during the Battle of Installation X, it was reinhabitted by Harrington and Cheif Petty Officer Alex Hicks, as well as a new AI Arthur, who expanded much like his predcessor, who was so evovled that she could no longer properly run the computer systems; her code had changed so radically that she could now not interface with it for long periods of time.

However, after several months, Hicks was evacuated along with most of the people down on the ring when three Covenant pickets arrived insystem. Harrington left and did not return for several days, but when he did, the crisis was over, and the outpost had gained a new group of people, several squadrons of ODSTs. Hicks was brought back to the Outpost, and life returned to normal.

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