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"And the truth...the truth shall set you free."
―Ending sentence of the manifesto attached to the dump of ONI files

The Outer Colonies Crisis was the overall name for a series of events that occurred from mid-2564 to early 2567 after a massive dump of data by a shadowy group regarding the many crimes against humanity committed by the Office of Naval Intelligence, from the child soldiers of the SPARTAN-II and SPARTAN-III Program, to the massacres of Insurrectionist officers from the Victorian Independent State and Gilgamesh Free State in the mid-2550s, and many others.

While ONI attempted to keep the information from spreading, the hackers had put contingency plans in place, and the information made its way to the general public. With massive riots and mutinies among United Nations Space Command units, including some planetary garrisons, the Unified Earth Government was facing down a full-scale civil war. While all available resources were diverted to subdue the rebellions, the sheer number led the UNSC to be unable to subdue all of them.

As time went on, with an inability to control the situation, and more importantly, with the Inner Colonies being deprived of precious resources that they needed from the Outer Colonies, UNSC commanders began looking at alternative solutions. Eventually, it was privately decided by most officers to order all ONI agents to be apprehended for trial, hoping that it would calm the revolt. The order to do so was given in June of 2566, and until February of 2567, all efforts were focused on hunting down ONI operatives, with rebel units even cooperating with the UNSC in this endeavor. To further appease the rebellious populace, the UEG promised to pass the Commonwealth Act once the crisis had ended so long as the rebels laid down their arms.

Finally, in February of 2567, the Unified Earth Government, believing that enough ONI agents had been apprehended, passed the Commonwealth Act. Holding up their end of the bargain, most rebel units laid down their arms. However, some units continued their fight, wanting total independence, but these were few and quickly put down by pro-Act forces.


'Forbidden Fruit'

―The manifesto attached to the information dump

Initial Riots


Rioting in the streets of New Belgrade on Gilgamesh

"For truth and freedom, a new order!"
―Slogan adopted by many groups from HIGH CASTLE's manifesto

Civil War

"It was even worse than what Carver warned us about. The local police and militias either defected, Army garrisons couldn't stop it, Marine expeditionary forces couldn't even concentrate themselves to effectively fight, and the SPARTANs could kill leaders, but if the Insurrection was like a flamethrower that would stop when the men behind it was killed, this was like a thousand tire fires. Killing leaders made them martyrs, proving to them that they were right and just, and only led to more anger, more death, more destruction. We couldn't stop it."
Lord Terrence Hood

Negotiations and Peace

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