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Oru 'Vanuxee
Biographical Information





23rd Age of Doubt (2479)



Physical Information




2.4 meters (7ft 10in)


149 kilograms



Political/Military Information


Naval Command



  • Infantry (Formerly)
  • Navy (Formerly)



"I have worked through the ranks of the Covenant for decades, and when I finally achieve true power, the Great Schism began! I have no honor anymore, but I will serve as a Herald for 'Skivich's Fire if it does me good!"
―Oru 'Vanuxee

Oru 'Vanuxee (Oracle Code S2-T2332-117) is a Sangheili that came from the powerful Vanux clan on Sanghelios. After serving a long career in the Covenant Empire, Oru climbed the ranks and was bestowed the position of Fleetmaster in the Fleet of Raging Dominance. Soon though, Oru 'Vanuxee became a mercenary of the Flame during the Great Schism. He was eventually promoted to a Herald of Fire, and serves the Flame's leader 'Skivich with distinction, while leading his own mercenary gang. Oru still currently works for 'Skivich.


Early Life

Born Oru 'Vanux, the eventual Herald of Fire, grew up in the Powerful 'Vanux clan, which was the leading family of the powerful city-state of 'Vanux. Born during the 23rd Age of Doubt, Oru had a large family with many cousins, and as 'Vanux was the biggest state on the Sanghelios continent Tolvuus, had much influence over Achoem Weapons. Oru was raised in a large common room with many other 'Vanux children, and was one of the four nephews of the esteemed Kaidon N'hraga 'Vanuxee, who was the well-known Supreme Commander of the Second Combined Fleet of Unwavering Devotion.

Oru 'Vanux lived a well-off life compared to most Sangheili, eating nutritional food and attending classes under prestigious tutors. Oru aspired to become a great Covenant commander like his uncle, and was the best in sparring classes, constantly beating his cousins and the other children. Eventually Oru became popular with his skills and intelligence, along with his standing as the nephew of the Kaidon. Oru would be often seen roaming the playing grounds with his many friends, and often was the center of attention, being the most valuable player in many sports. Oru was also celebrated for his intuition, once having solved an Arum.

At the age of thirteen, Oru had accepted a challenge given by one of his tutors. The challenge was to travel to Qish'tani to kill a Helioskrill, as many were common there. Little known to Oru, the tutor had actually grown tired of Oru's skills, and wanted to replace him with their own nephew as the top student. The tutor knew that the Helioskrill would be impossible to kill without proper weapons, so Oru was given only a spear to kill it with. Nonetheless, Oru was determined to kill the Helioskrill. Arriving at the face of the mountain, he encountered a young Sangheili hunter who helped him slay the agile beast, with Oru bringing its head home.

Arriving home a week later, Oru found out that the tutor's plot was discovered, and that he was executed by N'hraga 'Vanuxee. The Kaidon had then ordered the massacre of the Sangheili's bloodline, for having no honor. Oru was praised when he presented the head to N'hraga, and he was given his own blade, to use in sparring matches against the adolescents. Rumors spread throughout the family that Oru was likely to be N'hraga's successor as Kaidon, and maybe even surpass the Kaidon's rank in the Covenant military. Oru was ambitious for this, and took the opportunity three years later.

Covenant Military Service

"The Covenant is all. The Covenant is the Path."
―Oru 'Vanuxee reciting a Covenant proverb.

Upon joining the Covenant, Oru was conscripted into the newly created Fleet of Raging Dominance, commanded by the Minister of Fervent Intercession. The Fleetmaster was a skilled Sangheili named Hestovos 'Bagozee. Oru was inspired by 'Bagozee, and vowed to join the ranks of the Fleetmasters. Many of his comrades would have laughed at this, if not for the stories of Oru's bravery, and his high standings. Oru was placed in a large lance with another Sangheili Minor and many Unggoy, lead by a Sangheili Major. Due to prior combat experience at 'Vanux Keep, Oru was unofficially made the second-in-command of the lance.

While gearing up for a campaign against a Heretic group, the Fleet was infiltrated by a Heretic assassin. The assassin struck without mercy, ravaging the CCS-Class Battlecruiser Keeper of Light that Oru's lance was stationed on. However, when the Heretic arrived in Oru's dorm, he anticipated it coming and drew his pistol, firing at the assassin. The Sangheili fell down, and Oru brought it to the Shipmaster who promptly executed the traitor. Soon the Fleet prepared and journeyed into Slipspace.

Arriving at an uncharted planet, they discovered the Heretics to have obtained a DDS-class heavy carrier somehow. With the ships promptly maneuvering around the Carrier surrounding it. With their combined firepower, the Heretic's carrier was destroyed. Preparing for the ground campaign, Oru's lance was deployed groundside to assault a Heretic base while the fleet glassed another. Arriving at the base, the lance killed many of the unsuspecting Heretics, and the Legion left the base in the rubble, having captured the Heretic leader. The Sangheili was condemned to holy execution by Hestovos 'Bagozee, and Oru was promoted to Major for his feats, put in charge of a lance of three Kig-Yar and a Sangheili Minor. The fleet eventually returned to Covenant space.

Oru fighting a Heretic Minor on the unknown planet.

As a Major, Oru helped commanded his troops with valor when the rare opportunity of a Heretic uprising arose. Due to many being devout, or too cowardly to rebel, Oru would spend much of his time doing military watch for the Keeper of Light. An opportunity would soon arise in 2507. A Heretic group had infiltrated a Forerunner structure and threatened to cause harm to it. Under orders from the Hierarchs themselves, the Fleet traveled to the planet under occupation where a CPV-class heavy destroyer called Gauntlet of the Ancients deployed it's Legion stealthily into the structure, killing all the disbelievers. Oru would stay on the Keeper of Light until the main operation was done, then being dropped off on the planet to fight. Two Kig-Yar would die during the battle, along with the Sangheili Minor being severely wounded, but Oru would be promoted to a General for rooting out the assassin. He then gained the title of Shipmaster of a CRS-class frigate called Extinguished Sin.

'Vanuxee reveled in his new position, quickly turning the mess of a crew from the previous Shipmaster into one worthy of a Fleet Master's envy. With permission from Succession, Oru would also outfit his vessel with new upgrades, the finest allowed on ships of that stature at the time. Oru contacted his family about this new achievement, earning respect from the majority of his uncles and cousins alike, along with the favor of N'hraga 'Vanuxee, who had recently retired from his position of Supreme Commander to attend to his duties as Kaidon. during the next two decades, Oru would serve with valor, becoming the prized Shipmaster of the Raging Dominance. He would be prepared for any challenge to come his way, especially one of great difficulty that would mark the end of an age.

Human-Covenant War

"Humans? If they are vermin, I will kill them in the name of the Great Journey."
―Oru 'Vanuxee wanting to kill humans.

During 2525, A small Jiralhanae cruiser discovered a planet called Harvest, which was populated by a strange species called humans. The Hierarchs ushered in a new age, beginning the Ninth Age of Reclamation. They declared humanity affronts to the gods, and proclaimed that the humans were a filthy parasite that should be wiped from the galaxy. The Fleet of Raging Dominance would be heavily influenced by this, due to their ranks being commanded by a San 'Shyuum, igniting Oru's religious fervor. He, like many others in the fleet thristed for battle with these new threats, but alas, it was not meant to be. The fleet would be held back to patrol the Covenant fringes, only encountering a group of Heretics once. They were quickly eradicated by the Extinguished Sin and several other ships, bringing up Oru's status in the fleet.

This lack of battle would bring Oru's spirit's down, but his soul would always try to keep him afloat. The Shipmaster would find solace in tactical war games played by commanders, using them as a way to keep his skills sharpened, winning against most Shipmasters, but losing against three particular beings- A fellow Shipmaster named Sorv 'Tunostee, Fleet Master 'Bagozee, and the Minister himself, who surprisingly had an affinity for these kind of challenges. Oru would not get to fight for almost two decades after the war started, although he would take assurance for an upcoming promotion.

Fleetmaster Career
"You are now Fleetmaster Oru 'Vanuxee of the Fleet of Raging Dominance."
―The Minister of Fervent Intercession promoting Oru 'Vanuxee to Fleetmaster.

Although he would not battle the infidels that the war was declared on for a long time, about a decade before his first battle in the war, Oru would be put up for a higher position as General. The waning Fleet Master Hestovos 'Bagozee had recently retired to his keep on Sanghelios, and the Minister of Fervent Intercession was choosing likely Shipmasters to be his successor. Normally, one would have to do a great deed or action to gain the tilte, but because they had not been sent into the war, instead the Minister decided to choose one for the title himself. Of the three Shipmasters chosen, Oru 'Vanuxee was one of them, along with 'Tunostee and another unfamiliar Shipmaster that had done great deeds.

The most latter of the three was passed over for being two lenient on his crew, while Oru and Sorv were kept. The Minister would admit that Oru was a fabulous Shipmaster, but in the end, 'Tunostee had more experience. The day of the Fleet Master coronation however, there was a very different turnout from what was expected. The ceremony was interrupted by a San 'Shyuum High Councilor, who had a message from the Hierarchs decreeing that no Shipmaster that commanded a CPV-class heavy destroyer could have their title be replaced as a Fleet Master, as was custom tradition. 'Tunostee and Succession tried to argue that Sorv was an honorable commander assigned to that for reasons, but the Councilor would have none of it.

In the end, Sorv would lose his reputation as the successor of the fleet, and Oru himself would attain the role of Fleet Master. This made 'Vanuxee the tactical commander of the Fleet of Raging Dominance, and the second-in-command of the Minister, granting him great power and a new set of armor. He would contact his family once again at this achievement, earning himself a higher place on his Keep's clan wall, impressing the new Kaidon, one of his other uncles. Oru also learned that a year previous, N'hraga had succumbed to age and passed away peacefully in his sleep. This would bring Oru great grief at losing an uncle, and not having the chance for N'hraga to know about Oru's most recent accomplishment.

Oru 'Vanuxee in his Fleet Master attire.

For a whole decade, Oru would spend time assisting the Minister in duties attending to the fleet, also warming up to his new position. During this time Oru would see fit to replace several slacking Shipmasters with more competent ones, also growing bonds with his other fellow Shipmasters to build trust within the fleet. Oru particularly became close friends with the Shipmaster of the Keeper of Light, and Sorv 'Tunostee, who seemed to have forgave him for what had happened many years before. With his alliances secured, Oru had proven his worth to Succession as a worthy successor to Hestovos 'Bagozee.

In 2542, Oru and the majority of the Fleet of Raging Dominance would be enthusiastic when they were ordered by the Minister to make a slipspace jump to human territory. For Oru, this would mark the beginning of his decade-long campaign against the infidels. While on the short journey, Oru would be informed by the Minister and brief his Shipmasters on their mission. The Fleet of Particular Justice, commanded by fellow Fleet Master Thel 'Vadamee, had been assaulting the planet Alluvion for over a month, quickly losing troops as they tried to defeat the encroaching human forces. Raging Dominance would serve as a backup fleet due to their small stature, mainly being utilized as support and defense for the regrouping ships from Thel's fleet.

After arriving at the scene of the battle, the fleet would quickly expand to their duties, with the majority of the fleet distributing supplies to the Fleet of Particular Justice, as the Intercession's Wisdom, which 'Vanuxeewas the Shipmaster of, would serve in its first duel against the humans, easily destroying a light cruiser thanks to Oru's strategic prowess. While the Wisdom defended 'Vadam's flagship from enemies, the Gauntlet of the Ancients, commanded by Sorv 'Tunostee, would go down to the surface to launch ground troops. They sustained minor casualties, even killing a mythic enemy known as a Demon, and also scouring several cities before retreating back to the Gauntlet. Oru would congratulate their promising Zealot Field Master Zholos 'Fenossee in person, commending him for his success.

Towards the end of the battle, several high-ranking officers from the other fleet would be assassinated by Demons, before the humans finally retreated and the planet fell. When the final skirmishes had ended, Oru and Intercession would pay a personal visit to Fleet Master 'Vadam, who thanked them graciously for their support. The Minister praised Thel on his actions before leaving, with Thel and Oru talking over tactical strategies for several minutes. The Fleet of Raging Dominance would then depart from the abandoned planet, finishing their first campaign of the Human-Covenant War.

Over the next four years, the fleet would mainly be on garbage duty, mopping up any human presences detected in empty systems. In 2546, Oru expanded upon the fleet's training methods, adding a Warrior Creche on Sanghelios. The Fleet traveled to the Sangheili homeworld, with many Majors training new recruits eager to join the ranks of the Dominance. While they trained, Oru would visit his family for the first time in decades, greeting his uncle with and family with glee. Oru soon said his goodbyes and return to his post, departing from Sanghelios with the Minister and a new batch of warriors for the hardships to come.

Arriving at a planet called Carchar by the humans, Oru would be briefed by his intelligence officers on the known attributes of the rocky place. It was covered in large, boulder-like mountain ranges, also being host to a small population of humans. After Field Master Zholos sent down a scout team to the surface, he discovered that the humans had hid in well-protected bunkers in the one particularly large mountain range. Zholos would then lead the Gez'dar Assault Legion down to the surface to eradicate the presence there while Oru ordered the fleet to glass the planet from above. While in the process, a trio of small human ships arrived, one being destroyed immediately, while another heavily damaged the Gauntlet of the Ancients with a salvo.

The third took advantage of the distraction, evacuating a small portion of humans and escaping while the gravity lift of the Gauntlet was temporarily disabled, causing hundreds of troops to fall to their death. The second frigate then destroyed a light cruiser to insert Demons into the Intercession's Wisdom, aiming to assassinate the Minister and 'Vanuxee on a suicide gamble. The Honor Guards of Intercession gave their lives to down one Demon, while Oru personally slayed the other. The ground campaign would soon come to a close with the Covenant victorious by a landslide, and the fleet would then depart to slipspace for High charity, the capital world of the Covenant.

During their voyage, slipspace problems would occur, and the fleet was pulled out of slipspace to the abandoned human planet, New Harmony. Fortunately, the Luminary on the Wisdom detected a Forerunner artifact of great reverence, igniting Oru 'religious fervor once more. He ordered the relic to be secured as quickly as possible, and sent Zholos 'Fenossee and his trusty Gez'dar Legion to claim it. It was quickly revealed to be a trap by humans however, and the Legion took heavy casualties, eventually managing to neutralize the enemy forces. the Relic, which was an Oracle of the Forerunners, would then be taken into custody by the Minister, who had plans to give it to the Hierarchs for religious purposes and a higher political standing. They took leave for High charity as soon as possible.

Life on High Charity
"The Holy City. More glorious than Sanghelios itself."
―Oru 'Vanuxee marveling at High Charity's decor.

When the Fleet of Raging Dominance arrived at the holy city, the Minister would be welcomed warmly, having been a previous citizen of High Charity. Due to him being Oru's commander, Oru stayed in a luxurious dorm across a light road from the Minister's. Oru took note of when the Minister met up with Zholos 'Fenossee, a Sangheili Minor, and a Major, and discovered through his informants that it was a promotion ceremony. The Minor became a Major, while the Major was promoted to Ultra. Zholos accompanied them because they were in his Legion, and he himself was on the verge of being promoted to a Field Marshal.

During his stay on High Charity, Oru would meet up with many others who held the title of Fleet Master from the expanse of the Covenant Empire, discussing battle strategies and glorious victories against the human forces. He even met up with Supreme Commanders, reuniting with Thel 'Vadam, who now was one. Oru would hear tales of days gone by from these commanders, and even hear about their conversations with the Hierarchs. Unlike many, Oru was glad that the Imperial Admiral Xytan 'Jar Wattinree had been banished to the fringes from High Charity. The reason for this was, N'hraga 'Vanuxee had once been competeing with Xytan for the prestigious rank when they were both a Supreme Commander and a Fleet Master. N'hraga would have won, but had to let Xytan take the rank when unrest arose in 'Vanux.

Oru was present at a military meeting on politics in 2550 about a Sangheili High Councillor that was assassinated, leading to dissent among the Council. A mere Major has killed him, and many were skeptical of one another. Later, Oru would visit a ceremony where the Hierarchs promoted the new Major from a few years before to Ultra. Oru now finally knew the name of this Sangheili: Grono 'Yendam. Oru was surprised at his growing skills, and that Grono was only using his talents as a pawn for the High Councillor Qav 'Bagozee rather than for his own welfare. Despite this, Oru had a growing interest in 'Yendam to make him a useful asset and commander for the Fleet of Raging Dominance.

Oru conversed this over with the Minister, and set his sights on this young, potential Sangheili, hoping for a worthy successor in the case that one like Zholos would fail. 'Vanuxee also had a meeting with his Shipmasters and Field Masters, briefing them on the next planet they would assault. It was Sigma Octanus IV, one of humanity's last bastions. Oru and the Minister gathered the fleet, and in late 2551 left to slipspace for Sigma Octanus, along with a two more larger fleets of Covenant. Oru's four-year stay on High Charity had come to a close.

Battle of Sigma Octanus IV
"Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee told me that this map leads to the rings themselves, so it is of utmost importance that you secure it."
―Oru 'Vanuxee telling his Shipmasters their objective.

Due to rare slipspace problems, when the Covenant arrived at Sigma Octanus IV, they realized they had a wrong trajectory. Only the Intercession’s Wisdom and three ships from the other fleets made it. They encountered a lone human destroyer guarding the whole planet, and thought it would be an easy kill. The destroyer charged and launched a nuke though, and the Wisdom was the only ship to survive. Luckily, Oru's DDS-class heavy carrier had deployed its several Legions to the surface, starting the ground assault on the city of Côte d’Azur.

Prior to arriving, Oru and the Minister of Fervent Intercession had received a transmission from Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee, telling them of a map in the city on Sigma Octanus that might lead to the rings themselves. Oru relayed this information to the fleet, and soon there was a common goal in mind. Under Oru's command, the Wisdom kept the Destroyer at bay, waiting until the ground forces could get the map. Oru and Fervent Intercession were very excited, showing their fervent devotion to the path clearly as they neared the map. But just as it was in their grasp, a human reinforcement fleet arrived, causing Oru great anger as he retreated into slipspace unconventionally.

Many hours later, Covenant reinforcements had not been able to defeat the enemy forces, causing the Fleet of Raging Dominance, which had finally achieved its destination, to retreat back with the Wisdom. Oru would learn of a cowardly failure on Grono 'Yendam's part, fueling his anger. Grono had passed up the chance to fight Demons in the city, rather opting to make a cowardly retreat and let the map fall into enemy hands. 'Yendam had even let a whole Legion be destroyed. Oru lost his faith in Grono as a successor, becoming disappointed in the Ultra. On orders from the Minister, Oru gladly demoted Grono to Major, and assigned him to lead a penal lance back on the Gauntlet of the Ancients. Although he was disappointed, Oru found solace in the fact that a human planet named Reach had been found, and the Raging Dominance would attack it along with several other fleets, including Thel's Fleet of Particular Justice.

Fall of Reach
"Kill the humans, all of them!"
―Oru ordering his fleet to attack.

Thanks to the tracking device placed on the human ship, the Covenant easily found the human fortress-world, Reach. A CSO-class supercarrier that had been part of the initial attack forces was destroyed, but the Fleets of Raging Dominance, Particular Justice, and others pushed back the defense fleet to the brink of the planet. The Wisdom destroyed two ships with Oru commanding it, and the fleet would also inflict heavy casualties upon human ships as well. Oru met up with Thel 'Vadamee once again, taking part in a joint effort with Particular Justice to take a large city on Reach. The Keeper of Light then glassed the city, as a Field Marshal leading the ground forces from another fleet killed a Demon. Oru and Thel were impressed by this, as they kept their campaign going.

Reach was eventually overrun, and the Covenant would begin mopping up the remaining forces. The same Field Marshal from before perished when a Demon killed him, and a human ship called the Pillar of Autumn prepared to escape. Desperate to stop this, Oru sent in the Keeper of Light to destroy the vessel, but a human MAC emplacement severely damaged the Keeper, causing it to retreat and freeing the Autumn to escape. Oru planned to pursue it, but was held back by 'Vadamee, who said he would take the ship himself. The Fleet of Raging Dominance would stay on Reach with the other fleets while Thel's forces chased the ship into slipspace.

Eighteen days later, the fleets received a transmission from Thel 'Vadamee that they had found a Halo. Oru and the Covenant rejoiced at the prospect of the Great Journey finally beginning, but it was also said that a Demon had destroyed the Halo to stop an outbreak of an ancient parasite called the Flood. The fleets were then called back to High Charity, where Thel’s trial would be for his failure at to protect the Ring. Oru and his fellow Fleet Masters were infuriated at 'Vadamee for letting the Installation get destroyed, and Oru lost all respect he once had for the Supreme Commander.

Installation 05
"The Great Journey will soon begin, and I will ascend."
―Oru believing in his fervor of the Great Journey.

Arriving back on High Charity, Oru 'Vanuxee watched the trail of Thel 'Vadamee from a holo net. Thel was found guilty and sentenced to receive the Mark of Shame, lose his Supreme Commander rank, and finally be executed. Oru and the Minister sat on a high balcony overlooking the Covenant underlings at the time for the Mark of Shame, and watched with disdain as the Jiralhanae Chieftain Tartarus branded Thel. After Thel was taken to the Hierarchs for further judgement, the High Prophet of Regret journeyed to a distant planet called Erde-Tyrene with a small fleet.

Oru eventually discovered that Thel was made an Arbiter instead of being executed, and although he was truculent, he did admit that Thel was skilled in combat and worthy of the job. Oru met with other Fleet Masters on High Charity and discussed with them about Thel's fall from grace and status as an Arbiter, and many agreed with his opinion. Soon, the Covenant would receive a transmission from Regret, saying that he had found two things: The first, was that erde-Tyrene for an unknown reason was the human homeworld Earth. The second, was that after retreating from Earth Regret had found another Halo, and planned to activate it. He sent the coordinates of both the human planet and the Ring to the other Hierarchs, and the mass of the Covenant forces entered slipspace to meet with Regret.

Upon arriving there, Oru learned that they were too late, and that Regret had been assassinated by the same Demon that destroyed the first Halo. The Sangheili race was dishonored for their failure to protect Regret, and were replaced by the Jiralhanae, losing Honor Guard and commander positions to the brutish creatures. Luckily, 'Vanuxee kept his position due to the Minister's influence, but soon the Flood would return to invade High Charity. Retreating from the Holy City, Oru was stricken with surprise when the unbreakable Covenant split.

Great Schism

"Jiralhanae?!? Kill them before they even taint one of our ships!"
―Oru 'Vanuxee defending the Fleet of Raging Dominance

When the Thel 'Vadamee found the Index, the Hierarchs ordered the extermination of the Sangheili. All across the ring, fleets were turning against each other. Raging Dominance was not left out. A Jiralhanae fleet attacked, destroying all the small ships. A pack of Jiralhanae lead by Chieftain Gorvanus then infiltrated the Gauntlet of the Ancients, and attacked the bridge, killing Shipmaster Sorv 'Tunostee. Gorvanus escaped and infiltrated the Wisdom, despite Oru's attempts to stop his ships.

20180601234227 1.jpg
The Succession's Wisdom, shortly before its destruction.

Oru tried to rally his troops under the banner of Sangheili, even listening to a net-wide proclamation from Imperial Admiral Xytan 'Jar Wattinree to find out what to do. Eventually, Gorvanus would break onto the bridge, slaughtering most of the crew. Desperate to get help, Oru did the most cowardly act he had ever done in his life-he ran. Oru fled in the Minister's personal lifeboat as Gorvanus and his Jiralhanae abducted the Minister to bring to the San'shyuum. Oru had great doubt in himself for a long time after this, considering his honor lost.

Mercenary Career

"I was Fleetmaster Oru 'Vanuxee, and now, I offer you my services."
―Oru offering his services to 'Skivich.

When the life boat landed using its slipspace propulsion drive, courtesy of Fervent Intercession, to escape the onslaught, it crashed in a barren area on the planet Venezia in the Qab system. Oru exited, finding himself among a Sangheili and an Unggoy. The Sangheili was a Minor named Boro 'Vasaan, while the Unggoy was an insane Heavy with Battle Disorder named Dipdip. They seemed to have bad blood, and Oru had to break up a brawl they would have. Disgruntled by the fact of an Unggoy defying a Sangheili, Oru keft with Boro 'Vasaan to the nearest city, marooning the Unggoy.

Oru and Boro did not know they were heading the wrong way from the closest city, New Tyne, for a long time. By the time they did, it took them a month to traverse through the wilderness, living off the wild life. Arriving there, Oru and Boro received strange looks from many, due to there being very few Sangheili on this part of the planet. They could find no transportation, until they were approached by a Spirit dropship piloted by a very familiar Unggoy. Dipdip offered them a ride off-planet, and the Sangheili accepted, not them or Dipdip knowing it had no slipspace drive. Dipdip also forced them to apologize for abandoning him, and as they flew off-planet they detected signals. Before they could do anything, a squadron of Phantoms surrounded the Spirit.

Sangheili and Kig-Yar would reclaim the stolen vehicle from the trio, stating that they had crossed the newly arisen criminal empire called the Flame. Oru and his cohorts were brought aboard the Lich and taken to a fortress city in the middle of a desert far from New Tyne, where they were brought into a large fortress dubbed by their guards, the Burning Keep. In the throne room, they met a Sangheili by the name 'Skivich. The crime lord said that he had given the Sangheili a small yet strong foothold in the criminal underworld alongside humans and Kig-Yar. He prepared to have his Sangheili execute them, when Oru announced he was had the title of Fleet Master, desperate for any way to escape such a dishonorable death.

Interested, the crime lord asked Oru if he wanted a position as a mercenary in the Flame. Because he was Sangheili, he'd have a high position. Oru agreed, on the terms that Boro and Dipdip would be freed and put under his jurisdiction. 'Skivich reluctantly went with the terms, and the trio was freed. They were returned to the Spirit, which had been heavily modified with a compacted slipspace drive. 'Skivich did not go easy however, and immediately ordered them on their first mission. The objective was to attack a Jiralhanae supply convoy in New Tyne to steal goods from a rival, Jiralhanae crime Chieftain Jagratius. Oru would agree, prepared to command his two remaining men.

Piloting the Spirit, Oru would spot a triumvirate of Shadows barging through local traffic soon after they arrived. Commanding Dipdip and Boro to jump on his signal, Oru inserted them onto the convoy before swerving up. After Boro was finished with his carrier, he jumped into the vehicle, narrowly avoiding fire from the other vehicles. He then lowered the dropship so Dipdip could board with cargo and a fellow Unggoy. Oru soon retreated after the convoy was destroyed. Under heavy pleas from Dipdip, Oru would allow the Unggoy slave, whose name was Hugpy, to join their gang. Oru reported to his new master about the success, and a month later, Lord 'Skivich sent them on a mission to capture a CRS-class frigate to bolster the Flame's firepower.

Arriving at Sanghelios under the guise of merchants, Oru and his gang sneaked aboard a frigate under their sensors, easily killing the surprised crew. His gang then took the CRS and the Spirit into slipspace, arriving back at Venezia. They camouflaged the frigate to keep the Venezia Militia's suspicions low, and presented it to 'Skivich at the system's edge. 'Skivich was pleased, rechristening it Rogue Destruction, and promoting 'Vanuxee to a Herald of Fire, one of the Flame's prime enforcers. The dictator gave Oru the chance to be its Shipmaster, but the former Fleet Master declined, believing his time of commanding ships had passed. During this time, Oru 'Vanuxee christened his new Spirit the Criminal's Faithful. He also opted to keep his "-ee" suffix while Boro ditched his, as a reminder of what had once been.

New Additions to the Gang

"New additions to my group are welcome."
―Oru welcoming Roopum and Vike Vok to his group.

By 2554, the Flame had made a name for itself alongside other factions. Oru 'Vanuxee's gang had started to gain notoriety too, gaining two rivals in the process- A Kig-Yar mercenary group nicknamed the Screechers, and the Venezian Militia, which had failed countless times to stop the Flame's antics. One day, while returning from a mission, the Criminal's Faithful was intercepted by the Screechers' DAS-class storm cutter. Oru and Hugpy were taken hostage by heavily armed Kig-Yar, while Dipdip and Boro were not to be found.

The pair were brought to the bridge, where Oru finally met the Screechers' leader, a Ruutian named Fak'U-Lar. Lar prepared to execute the two, but was interrupted when Dipdip and 'Vasaan came to the rescue, causing a distraction. Desperate for her Unggoy slaves not to be freed, Lar killed two before she was subdued. Oru and his gang would then proceed to kill most of the remaining Kig-Yar, leaving only an Ibie'shan and Lar alive with a single Unggoy slave. Now at an advantage, Oru decided to give them a chance to join his crew. The slave happily agreed, while Lar expectedly refused. The Ibie'shan pondered it though, and agreed to the terms, stating his dislike for the Shipmistress over a prior tussle.

Oru had one condition however. Since the Ibie'shan was apparently a former commander of the group, he would have to prove his loyalty, in a certain task. The Kig-Yar happily suggested a proposal; He would kill Fak'U-Lar. Lar was surprised at this, but she had it coming for her for a long time now. The avian would fall at the hands of her own men, struck down by the Ibie'shan's signature energy axe. They returned to the keep with the storm cutter, and Lord 'Skivich was very grateful, commending 'Vanuxee and christening the vessel Burning Deception. Oru soon learned that the new Unggoy was a former Deacon named Roopum, with an affinity for knowledge and battle tactics- Something Oru appreciated. The Ibie'shan was named Vike Vok, and was Lar's former second-in-command before she cast him aside, contributing to his willingness to kill her. Now with new members, Oru could complete his missions with more ease.

Fall of the Storm Covenant

"You are alive? And I thought the great Fleetmaster Oru 'Vanuxee had died in battle. No. You are a mercenary, and at that I see my old friend Dipdip has joined your gang. Very well. This is a changing galaxy. There are many unusual things out there."
―Oru 'Vanuxee nastily greeted by the young Sangheili Grono 'Yendam when they discovered the other was alive.

In 2558, shortly after Jul 'Mdama's death, Oru 'Vanuxee's gang was ordered to steal supplies from the Storm Covenant. The Jul's remnant had once been a strong ally of the Flame, but after seeing it pummeled by the UNSC and Swords of Sanghelios, 'Skivich had pulled the plug. 'Vanuxee and his crew infiltrated a CAS-class assault carrier under the guise of soldiers, wearing Hesduron uniforms and using the Criminal's Faithful. They had loaded several crates into the Spirit when a Sangheili Zealot caught them in the act. Oru found something peculiar about the Zealot while they berated his crew for being filthy mercenaries, when he recognized the young Sangheili as Grono 'Yendam, the disgraced Major.

The disgraced Sangheili, Grono 'Yendam.

Inside, Oru was dumbstruck that the cowardly traitor was now a Zealot in Jul's Covenant, but on the outside, he remained calm. Oru introduced himself to the hotheaded Sangheili, and then his crew. Grono was flabbergasted at the fact that Oru was alive, and also knew Dipdip, who was on of his men back during the Human-Covenant War. 'Yendam expressed extreme disdain for all them though, especially Oru in particular. Grono called Oru a bigger coward then himself for turning to a lowly life of scum, and prepared to kill them. With quick thinking though, Oru convinced Grono that the Storm Covenant was far too gone, and the Zealot helped them escape.

On the trip home, Oru revealed all that happened to him in the past few years to 'Yendam, and told him their location, Venezia. They returned to the planet and escorted Grono throught eh Burning Keep, taking him to 'Skivich's throne room. 'Skivich greeted Grono 'Yendam and had Oru's group leave, so they could talk in private. Soon after, Grono told Oru that he was now a rogue mercenary, and would work for 'Skivich and other crime lords alike. Oru envied this, resenting the fact that he was bound to 'Skivich, who he was starting to despise for his cruel ways. But that was a trifle compared to Oru's next big obstacle: The Created.

Created Crisis

"You humans never learn."
―Oru 'Vanuxee upon capturing a human smuggler.

Shortly after Jul 'Mdama's death and the Storm Covenant's defeat, a new enemy called the Created rose to power. They were former UNSC AIs, having control of monstrous Forerunner war machines called Guardians. The Created quickly conquered many systems, forcing the UNSC and Swords of Sanghelios to retreat from many locations. Lord 'Skivich took advantage of this, stating that the criminal factions had more freedom with the suppressed governments, and that it was a new day for the Flame. The gang would do many missions in these months, even working alongside Grono 'Yendam at times.

In early 2559, Oru 'Vanuxee and his men had captured a human smuggler that had double-crossed 'Skivich, leaving her in a hangar to be killed by Hugpy and Dipdip while Oru recovered the Flame's supplies. After he returned Oru discovered Hugpy dead and Dipdip nowhere to be found. forcibly gaining access to the security cameras, 'Vanuxee found out that a Spartan had taken Dipdip and killed Hugpy, even freeing the human.

Vowing for revenge, the mercenary started a manhunt for the Spartan, but doing it without Lord 'Skivich's consent. Oru was determined to bring justice to this Demon and recover Dipdip, no matter the cost. Discovering that the Spartan was hunting for Grono 'Yendam, Oru painstakingly tracked the Sangheili mercenary across the galaxy, finally finding him on a passenger convoy on Sanghelios. After helping Grono fight off the Spartans, Oru informed him that ONI was hunting him down, and that they could offer him help. Grono declined, and the two went their separate ways, with Oru returning to working for 'Skivich.

The Flame also worked more closely with its other criminal allies, resulting in one particular mission in late 2559 where Oru's crew helped the master criminal Kyle Craig escape from the clutches of a detective named Jason Miller, slaughtering his police escort in the process. They then brought Craig to a secure location he requested in their Spirit, before being paid and returning to the Burning Keep. This would eventually culminate in Oru's recommending of Grono 'Yendam to accept an invitation by Craig to partake in a well-paying assassination mission.


"Many things change over time, and your view on the galaxy can be one of them."
―Oru 'Vanuxee commenting on his change of perspective on the galaxy over time.

When he was a youngling, Oru was very headstrong and sure of himself, almost never lacking confidence. Although this was a weakness that could be exploited by enemies, the child would never back down from a challenge, resulting in his accepting of the bjective given to him by his tutor. Oru was also very resourceful and crafty, using traps to capture many animals that he prized. 'Vanuxee was good at figuring out opponents' moves in combat, winning often to his peers.

When he joined the Covenant military, Oru used what he had learned, ranking up easily in his first years of combat. The Sangheili learned to hate Heretics during his early times, seeing them as nothing more than filth that had to be exterminated. Oru had been taught the Covenant religion from an early age, and knew that the Heretics defied the pillars that upheld the Covenant. Oru was very eager and would rush headlong into battles many times, still being young and wanting nothing more than to fight. 'Vanuxee was very ambitious, aspiring to obtain the rank of Supreme Commander, to impress his uncle, N'hraga 'Vanuxee.

When the warrior was promoted to Shipmaster, Oru forcibly changed his attitude on combat, training himself to become more patient as a commander. He also learned battle tactics to prove he was a good commander, winning over the favor of many of his crew. Through all this, Oru still dreamed of being a Supreme Commander, now closer to his goal than before. When the time came for a new Fleet Master to be chosen, Oru lost his patient demeanor many times, giddy for the chance to be promoted. At the ceremony for his promotion though, Oru managed to keep a straight face and accepted his new rank with pride, closer than ever to becoming a Supreme Commander.

As a Fleet Master, Oru was very strategic in battles, often listening to the Minister of Fervent Intercession's orders to attack or defend. 'Vanuxee was still very capable on his own though, formulating attack strategies in the Minister's absence. Politically though, Oru was unaware that he was just the Minister's puppet, used to bolster the San'Shyuum's own position. Oru still felt that they were equals though, until the Great Schism, where the Minister did nothing to stop the Jiralhanae from attacking. Oru's already existing hatred of Jiralhanae was fueled, and he did something he regretted for the rest of his life. Oru let himself down when he chose to flee from the enemy instead of dying gloriously, breaking the way he thought about himself forever.

As part of 'Skivich's Flame, Oru would come to terms with himself and decide that he had no honor left, retreating like a coward and being in service of a crime lord. He still put his skills to good use, fighting enemies and commanding his mercenary crew, although 'Vanuxee had no love for his life. The only thing 'Vanuxee appreciates currently is his crew, who always stick by his side, despite what they may say. 'Vanuxee was surprised when he encountered Grono 'Yendam again, but they became good friends and partners, on good terms with one another. However, Oru still holds a deep hatred for one thing- Lord 'Skivich, the one who threatened his life and made him the way he is. Oru has never stopped hating the crime lord since.


Grono 'Yendam

"You were once the light in my darkness, the one I looked up to. Then when you stripped me of... my honor... I saw that you were no more than a puppet to a higher force. How can I believe that you are not still one?"
―Grono 'Yendam commenting to Oru 'Vanuxee about his position when they meet each other again.

Oru 'Vanuxee's relation with this former soldier has been a strained one. Oru did not know 'Yendam for a long time, not knowing he was one of many that looked up to the Fleet Master like an idol. When Oru did take an interest in Grono after he massacred a band of heretics, Oru saw him as a potential successor, admiring his raw, untamed skill. However, after Grono 'Yendam's cowardly retreat during the battle of Sigma Octanus IV, 'Vanuxee lost all faith in the Ultra, gladly demoting him to Major on behalf of the Minister of Fervent Intercession.

The Fleet Master no longer saw Grono in any light, and thought little of him in the last few months of the Human-Covenant War. When 'Vanuxee made a cowardly retreat from his fleet to escape certain death, he never imagined that he was now on the sunken level of 'Yendam, instead trying to focus on pleasing Lord 'Skivich. When they reunited, Grono was originally truculent, scoffing at the notion of Oru sinking down to the level of a mercenary while Grono was now a commander finally. However, Oru helped Grono escape the coffin of the Storm Covenant, and they would reconcile, becoming good friends that remain to this day, as 'Yendam is now a mercenary as well.

Oru 'Vanuxee's Mercenary Gang

"Even though they may be at each other's throats, they stay by my side nonetheless."
―Oru 'Vanuxee on his mercenary crew.


"Of course it is not my will to serve him. It is his, undoubtedly. I am just forced to follow him where he goes, like a Colo on a leash."
―Oru 'Vanuxee telling the truth about 'Skivich to Supreme Commander Andromeda 'Vadum.

Minister of Fervent Intercession

"He had my undying loyalty. Then he used me like a puppet."
―Oru 'Vanuxee commenting on the Minister's betrayal.

Andromeda 'Vadum

"I would accept your offer with much gladness, but I am forced to serve that dictator, 'Skivich."
―Oru 'Vanuxee wishing he could join Andromeda 'Vadum's Sangheili Alliance.


"An exceptional warrior is one equally skilled in all areas, not mastery of one."
―Oru 'Vanuxee

Oru 'Vanuxee is medially trained in all types of weapons, as per his Covenant training. This also comes to an advantage in his mercenary life, where the Sangheili must rely on whatever he has available. Oru is an exceptional sniper, allowing himself to be taught by crew member Vike Vok, who has an excellent talent for long range combat, and is a master of the energy sword, returning the favor to Vike by teaching the Kig-Yar how to fight in close range combat. Oru is also skilled with rifles and small arms, often using a Storm Rifle as one of his secondary weapons. Oru can use heavy weapons with ease, due to his size as a Sangheili, and can take out a mobile tank with a fuel rod gun to prove it. However, Oru prefers to leave this to his heavy weapons specialist Dipdip.

Out of all these weapons, Oru is most skilled with rifles and melee combat. He often uses a carbine and a storm rifle to defend himself at a distance, and has deadly precision with the two guns. Oru often uses his carbine for quick headshots on targets, but when fighting shielded enemies or hordes, resorts to his storm rifle to cut them down or break their shields. He will then return to the Carbine to finish his foes off. In terms of blade combat, however, Oru only uses the most basic form, not having an interest in more unique styles. Albeit, due to only having one form, Oru has mastered the basic style, easily defeating other enemies in close combat. In the case he encounters one with experience in other areas of the energy sword, Oru often utilizes Boro 'Vasaan and Vike Vok to help him, due to them both having energy weapons as well. Over the years as a Fleet Master, Oru's combat skills would rust as he did tactical ship command, but as a mercenary 'Vanuxee has regained and improved these skills heavily.


"Lord 'Skivich supplies my crew with a large assortment of gear. I'm not saying it's in prime condition though."
―Oru 'Vanuxee on his mercenary gang's equipment.

Oru 'Vanuxee has used a multitude of Covenant weapons and even some human ones during his long life. In the Covenant Empire he used plasma rifles as a Minor and a Major, having used the issued standard weapons for his first decade of service. As a Shipmaster and Fleet Master, Oru did not require these things, as he was not on the frontlines anymore. But Oru was permitted with an energy sword for shipboard combat and kept a plasma pistol on him at all times, just in case.

As a Herald of Fire, Oru has access to a vast repository of the Flame's weapons, and can get almost anything he wants. Oru wields a modified carbine with a shorter range and no scope, but it is equipped with a human suppressor and a grip to reduce recoil. He also wields a standard Storm Rifle, using it as a secondary weapon, and uses a common, easily replaced energy sword in close range combat. Oru has seen fit to give his crew the proper equipment, ranging from heavy weapons and pistols, to melee weapons and long range guns. 'Vanuxee is also in command of the heavily modified Spirit, Criminal's Faithful. This dropship has a light slipspace drive in place of the cargo clamps where vehicles would normally be carried, and two extra plasma cannons placed in the troop bays to be manned by gunners when dropping off his mercenaries. It even has surplus armor, making it almost indestructible to small arms fire. The mercenary was once given the chance to captain the CRS-class light cruiser Rogue Destruction, but he declined.

Ranks and Positions

Covenant Empire

  • Minor (2495-2496)
  • Major (2496-2507)
  • General (2507-2552)
  • Shipmaster (2507-2532)
  • Fleetmaster (2532-2552)


  • Mercenary (2552-2553)
  • Herald of Fire (2553-2559)

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