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Ortus Vita

"Your mission, presuming you'll except it, will take you far beyond Colonial, Alliance, or organized spacial territory Lieutenant. You'll be tasked with the rescue and recovery of one of our operatives, codenamed 'GUNSLINGER.' Complete this mission by any means necessary with whomever you seem fit to tag along. Good luck and God Speed, Lieutenant Cairns."
―Admiral of the Navy Sir Terrence Hood, 2555

Ortus Vita is an upcoming narrative written by CommanderTony in collaboration with a dozen other writers on Halo Fanon. It is the first "interactive novel" to ever take place here on the wiki, where the writer has control over the content of the story and where it leads, while the individual collaborators manage their character(s) in-conjunction with the writer. Ortus Vita is set to begin in early June with the prologue. Anyone wishing to help out can read the "News & FAQ" section seen below the large image above!

Taking place in the volatile post-war era following the Great War, Ortus Vita lands each of our characters in the summer months of 2555 with the escalation of the Jiralhanae Civil War into a full-scale interplanetary conflict and the revitalization of Insurrectionists efforts in Human spacial territories. Ortus Vita follows the main protagonist of this interactive novel, Lieutenant William Cairns, a handsome seasoned veteran of the Spartan ranks who's spent his time in the military as a special warfare operative. His mission in the coming days will take him to sprawling urban metropolises, backwater frontier worlds, and active warzones to the very fringes of the known galaxy. To complete his task, the Spartan known popularly as "Digger" will have to fly under the radar and recruit the best and brightest from the ranks of the UNSC and coerce the lowliest of criminals from the streets.

Without the express support from his superiors and the military as a whole, Digger must work with people from every corner of the galaxy to accomplish this near-impossible mission.



As of this evening on May 29th, i've reviewed each character thoroughly and decided on the best fits for Ortus Vita. Mainly I picked characters on either their complementing of others (such as Simon-G294 and Rory Jammer) or the filling of a particular niche (FWH's Mark Daniels). For those who weren't picked, i'm sorry that I wasn't able to pick you. However, note that I may refer back to your submission in the future for cameo characters!

For those who were picked, i've given my recommendations on how you can fit both into Ortus Vita and the Tonyverse better. However, the majority of the recommendations were rank related though some can deal very directly with the plot of the story. If you have an issue with any of my recommendations, please contact me through my talk page or on the IRC and we'll see what I can compromise on.

I can't wait to start conversing with all of you and beginning to form Ortus Vita together into the first "interactive novel"! Thank you and have a great day!

William Cairns
Lieutenant, UNSC Navy

FULL NAME: Cairns, William Francis
SERVICE #: s/B101-482241/WFC

    Unit: Naval Special Warfare Development Group
    M.O.S.: 1183X Special Warfare and Intelligence
    Specialties: Small-unit assault tactics, guerrilla warfare, Human & signals intelligence and advanced vehicle operation
    Location: Caprica City, Kingston, Caprica

    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia, Earth
    Birth Date: April 29th, 2530
    Enlistment Date: June 6th, 2539


Graduated at the top of his class at Luna Officer Candidate School, and continues to be a solid asset for Joint Special Operations Command — and on occasions, Naval Intelligence. From what i've gleaned at bi-annual psych reviews and previous fitness reports, LT Cairns has had no bad marks on his record as of yet. Even as a Spartan, his record has more redacted material (as per SA-2550 p.2A of course) than any other SOCOM operator i've seen. Though it does leave much to be desired in terms of finding out if this guy is the right stuff for senior officer candidacy, it is of my recommendation that Cairns be fast-tracked for promotion and given command of his own company.


His time on the frontline experience during Reach and at the Great Plains did much to cement his large-unit tactical prowess, however, he has shown a lack of interest in conventional units; much to the chagrin of High Command officials. This was most likely due to his decision to stay with NAVSPECWARCOM instead of follow his longtime <<REDACTED>> teammate, Capt Tony Jackson (see file on: SPARTAN-B312) into the then highly-classified Sabre program. However, this has no effect on his sexual tendencies towards more junior personnel, on countless occasions, Lieutenant Cairns has been seen fraternizing with junior female officers, including the daughters of many high-ranking members of the Admiralty. He is widely respected for speaking his mind on various issues, namely, his belief that some colonies will simply always be a burden for the civilized galaxy and should simply be cast off to fend for themselves.

William-B101, 2555


At the forefront of modern-day galactic politics exists the newly formed Galactic Alliance, an organization which has united the Human, Sangheili, Cillian, Surak, and Kig-yar peoples due to their interest in sharing political, exploration, economical, and defense issues. However, a looming threat hopes to break the bonds tying these nations together, with goals of reforming the once mighty Covenant Empire and carrying out the Great Journey.

Other governments, including the allied nations of the United Earth Government and the United Federation serve the Human interests in the area. The Colonial Republics of Sanghelios, with the aid of the UEG, have formed their first planetary government since the end of the war that led to the Covenant.


To date, there are nine known "galactic conflicts" fought "in-system" to spanning the deepest reaches of the galaxy. This includes the Forerunner Wars fought between the Precursors, Humans, and Flood, to the conflicts that helped form the Covenant and later the United Earth Government. More recently, widespread civil conflicts have become commonplace, including the Colonial Civil War, the Great Schism, and the ongoing situation on Doisac.

The Great War, one of the largest conflicts in recorded history, became one of the most widespread and devastating wars to spread throughout the stars. On one side, the United Earth Government already embroiled in a civil conflict, and the Covenant Empire, a full-strength interstellar behemoth waiting to pounce on it's unsuspecting prey.


Existing throughout the galaxy are hundreds, if not thousands of sentient species. However, for fear of galactic conflict and genocide, many have decided to accept isolationist ideals; and for the right reasons. Most species you'd encounter throughout the Milky Way are quite dangerous and aren't in the market for making new friends.

However, many former enemies have banded together in order to reverse thousands of years of less than perfect behavior. The Humans are accepting their ancient position as Reclaimers and Guardians of the Mantle, while their Cillian brothers try to find their own way into the future. For most Covenant species, the post-war hasn't treated them greatly. Lack of proper leadership and resources has hindered their ability to make anything of themselves.


Trillions of interesting and complex people reside within the confines of the Milky Way galaxy. Some are good, some are bad, some just couldn't care less. Many different unique personalities with varying backgrounds, including soldiers, politicians, workers, entertainers, privateers, and those without a job.

Discovering their own way through the cosmic dust of the galaxy is a group of figures who are well known from Earth to Sanghelios, who have been shaping the foundation of the modern galaxy since the beginning of time. A successor to the long-serving Chancellor Beland is rising to the top, while two unique father-son relationships will be strengthened throughout the coming events. And in the far reaches of our galaxy exists a person who plans to radically change the way we live today...for the worse.