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Class overview

Orion-class assault carrier


SinoViet Heavy Machinery



Preceded by

Iliad-class supercarrier

Succeeded by

Svalinn-class assault carrier


38 (2526)

General characteristics



2,220 metres (7,283.5 ft)


610 metres (2,001.3 ft)


660 metres (2,165.4 ft)


28 million metric tons

Engine unit(s)
Slipspace Drive

Kawanishi Engineering's SED-2494B SFTE

Slipspace velocity

1.89 lightyears/day

Power plant

Orphios Energy Systems' Uranus-4 Deuterium fusion reactors (2)


0.9-1.75 metres of Titanium-A battleplate

Navigation system
  • 1,450 sailors
  • 1,200 flight crew
Additional information
  • Expeditionary assault craft
  • Carrier
  • Flagship
"If you see one of those things in the skies of your colony, you can say goodbye to your rebellion. Those damned carriers are in it for the long haul."
―Anonymous Insurrectionist

The Orion-class assault carrier (hull classification symbol: CVA) is a purpose-built planetary assault vessel that is utilised by the UNSC Navy. Introduced during the formative years of the Insurrection, the Orion-class is built to fulfil the critical issue of supporting massive peacekeeping campaigns that would later become characteristic of the conflict. It is considered poorly armoured compared to carriers which came after it, and armed well enough to only fend off a moderate attack. However, its vast internal factories, the same type utilised on some models of colony ships, and hoards of armoured ground units sees them having no equal when performing planetary invasions.

The first Orion-class assault carrier were first deployed within the first five years of the civil war. Mass-produced to support offensive operations against the badly-coordinated "bushfire wars" that would make up the early Insurrection, their success during this crucial early period would see the Orion-class become a harbinger for the UNSC's inevitable victory. Unfortunately, the beginning of the Human-Covenant War would see these carriers taking atrocious losses during the war. With little in the way of defences and many ground battles ending once space superiority was lost, as well as the class being spread throughout the Outer Colonies, the Orion took the highest number of casualties compared to any other capital ship during those first five years of war. Few carriers which escaped this fate would be either pulled back into the Inner Colonies to support sustained sieges, or used to form the core of expeditionary fleets to attack Covenant logistic sites.

Only a handful of Orion-class carriers would survive the war, mostly those relegated to support manufacturing bases to replace much of the material lost at several 'last stands'. As the largest class of factory-ships available to the UNSC, they were retasked with recolonising planets whose biospheres were still habitable and locating lost human colonies, and with many being reassigned under the newly-formed UNSC Frontier Command. However, whenever destroyed through sabotage, battle, or simple decommissioning, no Orion-class carrier would survive past the Created crisis.

Ships of the Line

Name Hull Classification Symbol Commissioned Destroyed Notes
UNSC Orion CVA-028 May 4th, 2497 Lead ship of the class.
UNSC James F. Adams CVA-241 March 13th, 2523 N/A Captained by Giovanni Betancourt.
UNSC Themistocles CVA- 2498 2558 Captained by Commander Daiichi Kimura, recovered the candidates of Gamma Company, destroyed during the Created crisis.
UNSC Fifth Winter CVA- Participated in the Human-Covenant War, later conducted a personnel transfer to Station-Bravo-Lima.
UNSC Gilded Cage CVA- Assigned to the Sixth Fleet, First Battle Group. Participated in the Imperial War.
UNSC Harridan CVA- 2558 Commanded by Captain Richter, assigned to the Sixth Fleet, First Battle Group. Destroyed over Montak during the Imperial War.
UNSC Shiroyama CVA- Assigned to the Sixth Fleet, First Battle Group. Participated in the Imperial War.
UNSC Hard Luck CVA- Assigned to the Sixth Fleet, First Battle Group. Participated in the Imperial War.


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