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Biographical Information
Full Name

Oriana Lena Frommenwiler

Spartan Tag



Eridanus II (Ny Alta)


November 19th, 2526 (UNSC Military Calendar)

Physical Description

Human (Augmented)




6 ft. 4 in. (Unarmored)


232 lbs. (Unarmored)


SPARTAN Neural Interface

Political and Military Information

Unified Earth Government



  • Team Vulture (Former)
  • Red Team (Former)
  • Team Osage

UNSC-N Lieutenant.png Lieutenant (O-3)


Listed Missing in Action; Active

"We have our fair share of arguments of how to handle tactics in the field. Both of us have lost a lot and found little in return. She's in a position she didn't want, but made the best of it given the circumstances. Can't argue when she says she no longer wants to do this anymore. I don't blame her, we all have our breaking points."
―Samuel-B256 on Oriana following the Human-Covenant War.

Oriana-A058 is a SPARTAN Officer for the UNSC Navy and Office of Naval Intelligence. She was conscripted into the SPARTAN-III program where she was apart of Alpha Company from 2532 to 2537. Labeled a Cat-2 candidate, Oriana was reassigned to a non-company team known as Red Team.

Serving as the Troop Commander of Red Team for the remainder of the Human-Covenant War, Oriana led her team through numerous combat operations and missions that marked her as an excellent officer. Serving within the Unified Special Warfare Command, Oriana was known for being a leader that was willing to undertake any mission. By the end of the Human-Covenant War, Oriana went into the Spartan Reserves.

With the SPARTAN Reserves from 2553 to 2557, Oriana battled with Post-Traumatic Stress and many other mental health issues. She married Clayton Frommenwiler after the years of being together. After spending four years in the Reserves and getting squared away, Oriana elected to return to active duty as a Special Warfare Officer for the Office of Naval Intelligence. Creating her own team in 2557, Oriana took command of Team Osage.

As the Troop Leader for Team Osage, Oriana worked with the Asymmetrical Action Group within the Beta-5 Division. Participating in numerous missions through the Post-Covenant War conflicts, Oriana distinguished herself as a veteran officer. Throughout the Created Crisis, Oriana to commanded Team Osage against the Created and its allies.


Early Life

Oriana-A058 Homeworld.png
Homeworld of Oriana, Eridanus II.

Born on November 19th, 2526, Oriana was abandoned by her biological parents on Eridanus II. Kept at an orphanage, Oriana became an attraction for parents who wanted to adopt. A week later, Erin and Claire Osterberg adopted Oriana Lena Osterberg and took her home to Ny Alta. Erin Osterberg worked as an Eriandus Smokejumper while Claire found her line of work in accounting. Growing up in Ny Alta, Oriana envied Erin for being someone fearless and jumping out of a dropship to fight fires. Being an outdoors family, the Osterbergs spent their time camping, hiking, kayaking, climbing, and, sightseeing across the planet. Even at a young age, Oriana envied the nature that she surrounded herself with daily.

In 2527, Oriana met her younger sister, who was adopted as she was. Daphine Yvette Osterberg was only a few months old, and Oriana was taught to protect her at all costs. Oriana slowly saw Daphne looking up to her on things to do, and she helped her younger sister with tasks. While Oriana did play pranks on her sister, she was the only one who did. There were numerous incidents where Oriana had to be separated from other children due to her protective nature. Daphne continued to envy her sister even though she continued to get picked on.

The Covenant Military invading Eridanus II in 2531.

By 2531, the threat of a Covenant invasion was hindered to the public to prevent mass panic. But the reality struck hard when the Covenant invaded and began their assault on Eriandus II. Oriana and Daphne were separated from their parents when the invasion happened, and both evacuated safely. However, Oriana and Daphne were listed as orphans when they were transferred over to Miridem for safety after the Battle of Eridanus II. Oriana and her sister resided inside of an orphanage, thinking their parents were dead while their parents were grieving the loss of their two children.

Things turned worse when Daphne was adopted, but not Oriana. Splitting the family apart, Oriana was forced to stay on Miridem while her sister traveled to Reach with her new family. Later, Daphne was found by her original adopted parents, and they won a custody battle to have their daughter back. Oriana remained the unknown factor and was still stuck on Miridem hoping to join her family or get out of the orphanage. Later that week, an Office of Naval Intelligence team showed up to recruit for a group that was hoping to bring orphans on a unique adventure.

Oriana-A058 Onyx Star Chart.png
A Star Chart indicating the system where Onyx was.

Recruited by the Office of Naval Intelligence, Oriana was taken away, and her records indicated that she died of a chronic illness. Her parents and sister never learned what happened to Oriana until later. On a Prowler, Oriana was transported to the UNSC Agincourt where she then was moved to Onyx for the next step of her unique adventure that the ONI team told her about at the orphanage.


Initial Training

Oriana was one of nearly 490 SPARTAN trainees, and there were going to be many trainees that were not going to make it past SPARTAN Indoctrination Course. Severe physical and mental activities were pushed onto the SPARTAN trainees to see who were capable of being a SPARTAN for Alpha Company. In 2532, training for the SPARTAN-III program kicked off, and Oriana was right in the middle of everything happening to the various trainees around her. Once Oriana passed the Indoctrination Course, she moved onto Assessment and Selection, where she was determined if she was capable of becoming a SPARTAN.

"490 started out, or something along those lines. There were a lot, then about 100 left. They weren't good enough, then another 90. They were weeding out the ones who couldn't be taught. I made sure I was teachable."
―Oriana-A058 on passing through her initial training.

Passing Assessment and Selection, Oriana went on to academic classes where she was given courses over a variety of subjects as well as military tactics. Identified as a potential team leader early on, Oriana was placed into classes that enhanced her ability to become a better leader within her team. Excelling in science and history, Oriana enjoyed the lessons about how war officers used their gut and gambling tactics to determine the fate of a battle. She remained in academic classes till her graduation in 2536, where Oriana became fell into the average range of her trainee pool.

Along with academic classes, Oriana began her training, where she learned how to be an assaulter. Originally, Oriana was meant to become a reconnaissance troop assaulter but quickly transferred to a direct action troop assaulter. Oriana enjoyed being on the frontlines with her peers as well as drafting up plans to beat out her opponent. Becoming a direct action team leader assaulter, Oriana was one of the many leaders that were prepared to lead fellow SPARTANs into combat in the future. Graduating from Individual Training in the early months of 2536, Oriana also was marked for being an average SPARTAN.

Company Training

"Alpha Squadron, the command team is Vulture and headed by Oriana-A058. She has had her fair share of leadership opportunities and excelled in just about all of them. Think she can become one of those?"
―Springs Eternal referencing the Cat-2 designation to Lieutenant Commander. Kurt Ambrose.

Undergoing Company training in 2532, Oriana was assigned to command Team Vulture which held three other SPARTAN-III, trainees. Oriana acted as the team leader through the various team exercises they were forced to go through. Team Vulture became a rare group due to their ability to perform exceptionally as a unit. By 2533, Team Vulture began to produce some of the top results in all of Alpha Company despite being marked originally as a team that was not going even to crack the top ten teams. Oriana was able to help produce results by working closely with each member of her team, proving that she was an excellent leader in many scenarios.

Due to Team Vulture's ability to perform in the field, Oriana was the first team placed into Alpha Squadron by 2534. With Alpha Squadron, Oriana met a variety of assault, reconnaissance, sniper and, support teams she was going to operate alongside shortly. Oriana and Alpha Squadron consisted of roughly 40 SPARTAN-IIIs and competed with the seven other Squadrons. During Squadron training, Oriana was quickly elected to become the Squadron leader who pushed Team Vulture into the command squadron team. Leading the assaulter teams, Oriana was able to showcase her ability to adapt and improvise to the many situations thrown at both her unit and squadron.

"If you want to do better Oriana, you'll have to beat out Carter-A259 of Beta Squadron! We do not accept second place here!"
―A SPARTAN Instructor in 2536.

During Company Training, Oriana and Alpha Squadron came in second place to Carter-A259's Beta Squadron in many exercises. Throughout the rest of 2534 and to 2536, Oriana and Team Vulture continued to prepare for combat deployments. Despite being the second-best, Oriana refused to settle for her position and continued to battle Carter-A259 for being the best Squadron in Alpha Company. Along with Company Training, each squadron was deployed to conduct real-world wartime insertions. At the end of 2536, Oriana and her team graduated from Alpha Company training. Quickly put on alert status, it wasn't long till Oriana got her first operation.


Once securing her spot as a SPARTAN, Oriana was brought aboard the UNSC Hopeful where she was to undergo Project CHRYSANTHEMUM. Due to the success rate of the medical procedure, Oriana prepared herself for the invasive operation that was going to transform her from a healthy person and into a SPARTAN.

The following drugs were given to Oriana:

  • 8942-LQ99 - "carbide ceramic ossification catalyst" drug.
  • 88005-MX77 - "fibroid muscular protein complex" drug.
  • 88947-OP24 - "retina-inversion stabilizer" drug.
  • 87556-UD61 - "improved colloidal neural disunification solution" drug.


Oriana found herself being a dedicated and focused SPARTAN who took on tough assignments that helped her build a successful career. Early on in her SPARTAN career, Oriana strongly believed that SPARTANs were invincible, and no enemy was capable of stopping the force created. Due to the beliefs Oriana held, she often found her SPARTANs to be far superior to what the UNSC Armed Forces had to offer. The selfish nature that Oriana built made enemies and friends across the many branches she deployed alongside. However, Oriana only heard about Operation: PROMETHEUS and never saw the fate of her friends and peers that fell to the Covenant. Oriana felt she had the best SPARTANs under her command, and other NCTs were unable to compete with her team.

After the first deaths inside of Red Team, Oriana learned her SPARTANs were not invincible and that she had been lied to by drill instructors. Her resentment against the Covenant grew further as new members filled the spots of the fallen. Along with the attitude shift, Oriana began to dislike the position of being a leader. Frustration within leader channels made Oriana think hard about her desire to continue leading, but her pride to lead Red continued as the sole benefactor she continued. Problems began to arise within Oriana, where she often had vivid flashbacks to Eridanus II during the glassing along with being taken away by the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Following the end of the Human-Covenant War, Oriana had lost all but one of her team and mentally broke. She found command to be meaningless and that the SPARTANs were all but a lie to give her a chance to an early death. Rotating into the Reserves, Oriana suffered from a variety of mental health issues that she worked on with her husband and Colton Bryson. Oriana's anger towards the SPARTANs turned differently, and she wanted to serve with the SPARTANs again to help the new generations with the up-and-coming dangers the Post-Covenant War held. Her decision to rotate back into the active-duty caused conflicts within her personal life. Being with the SPARTANs, Oriana hoped to be a valuable officer to those she commanded.

Oriana's pride and ego built as a result of the success that Team Osage shared in the field. By the start of the Created Crisis, Oriana felt that Team Osage had matured exceptionally well under her command. During a rescue mission on the UNSC Twelfth Man, Oriana watched her biological sister and teammate turn into a Flood parasite. Unable to kill those she helped so much, Oriana found herself spiraling down the same path she had just gotten out of years ago. Oriana immediately regretted her decision to rejoining the SPARTANs and relieved command of Team Osage to Samuel-B256. Oriana found herself struggling with the nightmares and decisions that had come over her and didn't have the immediate support she did back home.

Returning back home from the Created Crisis, Oriana received a medical discharge and moved with her husband out to Sundown. There, Oriana worked on getting her mind back into the right position and regretting the decision that she ever became a SPARTAN. Her frustration with the issues she had only made matters worse as her life continued to struggle since breaking free of being a SPARTAN. Oriana later found her purpose helping other veterans while staying away from the UNSC Armed Forces. It took an extremely long time for Oriana to accept and live with the decisions she made as a SPARTAN, building upon her life as a means to understand the importance of decision-making in a crisis situation.


Clayton Frommenwiler

Clayton Frommenwiler TPF.png
Oriana's husband.

Clayton Frommenwiler is Oriana's husband, only friend, and biggest supporter. Initially, Oriana met Clayton during the Human-Covenant War while he served within SPECWAR Group 3 as an Operations Officer for Red Team in 2551 and 2552. As Oriana's command suffered throughout the Battle for Earth due to the death of her team, Clayton worked with an Office of Naval Intelligence psychologist to relieve her of command before situations grew worse for the SPARTAN officer. Once Oriana got removed from command, Clayton worked with ONI officers to get her assigned to reserve duty. Once Oriana left active duty, Clayton took it upon himself to oversee the well being of Oriana.

Throughout the Post-Covenant War conflicts, Clayton worked with Oriana on getting her mental and physical health back in line. He became the shoulder to cry on while Oriana poured her heart to him while also being the one person she trusted the most since the Battle of Eridanus II. What started as a caring relationship, turned romantic, and the two fell for one another while Oriana continued to search for stability in her life. Clayton became the foundation of security when the two married in 2556, three years after she left active duty.

In 2557, Oriana felt she needed to return to her duty for being a SPARTAN, one that worried Clayton. He voiced the concern that all their work was going to get untangled due to her being thrown back into an infantry position. Oriana welcomed the worried responses from someone she trusted, yet still felt she had an obligation for being a SPARTAN. Clayton struggled with accepting that Oriana decided to work for the Beta-5 Division, citing that she was bound to go Missing in Action and never see him again. Oriana proved him wrong by seeing him in-between rotations.


Samuel-B256 2559.png
Samuel-B256, Oriana's second-in-command.

Samuel is Oriana's former teammate from Red Team and Team Osage; he became of the more respected non-commissioned officers that Oriana served with during her time as a SPARTAN. Samuel made a name for himself within Red Team as the only SPARTAN who used SPI and came from the Headhunters. Oriana and Samuel connected on the fact that SPARTANs were never invincible, and losing fellow soldiers brought a burden on the person in the leadership position. Throughout the remaining years of the Human-Covenant War, Samuel survived while the rest of the NCT died, making him the only survivor of the team aside from herself.

Throughout the Post-Covenant War crisis, Oriana knew extremely little about Samuel's activities once she returned to active duty. She knew he had become an operative for the Beta-5 Division, but unsure of what happened to him in the four years she spent outside of active duty. The two reunited in 2557, where Oriana took command of Team Osage and offered Samuel a position as an enlisted team leader. Once he accepted the job, Samuel and Oriana deployed together under a new name.

Team Osage

Team Osage became Oriana's team she took command following her return to active duty in 2557. Under the command of Vilda Stenbeck, Oriana recruited the personnel of her team from a Gamma Company team that operated within Spartan Operations and then Samuel-B256. Throughout the Post-Covenant War conflicts, Oriana proved herself to be an excellent team leader that conducted missions for the Beta-5 Division and Asymmetrical Action Group. Since Oriana's breakdown within Red Team, she proved herself to be an effective leader that broke all the concerns ONI officers.

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