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Oriana-2552-Mark V


Biographical Information
Full Name

Oriana Lena Osterberg-Frommenwiler

Spartan Tag



Eridanus II (Ny Alta)


November 19th, 2526 (UNSC Military Calendar)

Physical Description

Human (Augmented)




6 ft. 4 in. (Unarmored)


232 lbs. (Unarmored)


SPARTAN Neural Interface

Political and Military Information

Unified Earth Government


Unified Special Warfare Command (Former)



UNSC-N Lieutenant Lieutenant (O-3)


Special Warfare Officer



"She's a natural leader, you know. One of those who knows how to do it, I'd follow her anywhere. I will tell you one thing, if you told me that she was going to be the leader she is today, I would've laughed at you. She's different than the rest, there are many good ones, but she is a great one."
―Emilia-A049 on her commanding officer in 2551.

Lieutenant Oriana-A058 is a Special Warfare Officer for the UNSC Navy and Office of Naval Intelligence. She was conscripted into the SPARTAN-III program where she was apart of Alpha Company from 2531 to 2536. Labeled a Cat-2 candidate, Oriana was reassigned to a non-company team known as Red Team.

Serving as the Team Leader of Red Team for the remainder of the Human-Covenant War, Oriana led her team through numerous combat operations and missions that marked her as an excellent officer. Serving alongside the Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps, Oriana was known for being a leader that was willing to undertake any mission. By the end of the Human-Covenant War, Oriana went into the Spartan Reserves following the loss of all members in Red Team.

From 2553 to 2557, Oriana married, served as a consultant for the SPARTAN-IV program and, an MJOLNIR suit tester till she reinstated. Taking command of Team Osage, Oriana began to focus on the threats in the Post-Covenant War conflicts while having a focus on Forerunner threats. Assigned to the UNSC Twelfth Man as of 2559, Oriana continues to lead her fight against the Created and its allies.


Early Life

Oriana-A058 Homeworld
Homeworld of Oriana, Eridanus II.

Born on November 19th, 2526, Oriana was abandoned by her biological parents on Eridanus II. Kept at an orphanage, Oriana became an attraction for parents who wanted to adopt. A week later, Erin and Claire Osterberg adopted Oriana Lena Osterberg and took her home to Ny Alta. Erin Osterberg worked as an Eriandus Smokejumper while Claire found her line of work in accounting. Growing up in Ny Alta, Oriana envied Erin for being someone fearless and jumping out of a dropship to fight fires. Being an outdoors family, the Osterbergs spent their time camping, hiking, kayaking, climbing, and, sightseeing across the planet. Even at a young age, Oriana envied the nature that she surrounded herself with daily.

In 2527, Oriana met her younger sister, who was adopted as she was. Daphine Yvette Osterberg was only a few months old, and Oriana was taught to protect her at all costs. Oriana slowly saw Daphne looking up to her on things to do, and she helped her younger sister with tasks. While Oriana did play pranks on her sister, she was the only one who did. There were numerous incidents where Oriana had to be separated from other children due to her protective nature. Daphne continued to envy her sister even though she continued to get picked on.

The Covenant Military invading Eridanus II in 2531.

By 2531, the threat of a Covenant invasion was hindered to the public to prevent mass panic. But the reality struck hard when the Covenant invaded and began their assault on Eriandus II. Oriana and Daphne were separated from their parents when the invasion happened, and both evacuated safely. However, Oriana and Daphne were listed as orphans when they were transferred over to Miridem for safety after the Battle of Eridanus II. Oriana and her sister resided inside of an orphanage, thinking their parents were dead while their parents were grieving the loss of their two children.

Things turned worse when Daphne was adopted, but not Oriana. Splitting the family apart, Oriana was forced to stay on Miridem while her sister traveled to Reach with her new family. Later, Daphne was found by her original adopted parents, and they won a custody battle to have their daughter back. Oriana remained the unknown factor and was still stuck on Miridem hoping to join her family or get out of the orphanage. Later that week, an Office of Naval Intelligence team showed up to recruit for a group that was hoping to bring orphans on a unique adventure.

Oriana-A058 Onyx Star Chart
A Star Chart indicating the system where Onyx was.

Recruited by the Office of Naval Intelligence, Oriana was taken away, and her records indicated that she died of a chronic illness. Her parents and sister never learned what happened to Oriana until later. On a Prowler, Oriana was transported to the UNSC Agincourt where she then was moved to Onyx for the next step of her unique adventure that the ONI team told her about at the orphanage.


Initial Training

Oriana was one of nearly 490 SPARTAN trainees, and there were going to be many trainees that were not going to make it past SPARTAN Indoctrination Course. Severe physical and mental activities were pushed onto the SPARTAN trainees to see who were capable of being a SPARTAN for Alpha Company. In 2532, training for the SPARTAN-III program kicked off, and Oriana was right in the middle of everything happening to the various trainees around her. Once Oriana passed the Indoctrination Course, she moved onto Assessment and Selection, where she was determined if she was capable of becoming a SPARTAN.

"490 started out, or something along those lines. There were a lot, then about 100 left. They weren't good enough, then another 90. They were weeding out the ones who couldn't be taught. I made sure I was teachable."
―Oriana-A058 on passing through her initial training.

Passing Assessment and Selection, Oriana went on to academic classes where she was given courses over a variety of subjects as well as military tactics. Identified as a potential team leader early on, Oriana was placed into classes that enhanced her ability to become a better leader within her team. Excelling in science and history, Oriana enjoyed the lessons about how war officers used their gut and gambling tactics to determine the fate of a battle. She remained in academic classes till her graduation in 2536, where Oriana became fell into the average range of her trainee pool.

Along with academic classes, Oriana began her training, where she learned how to be an assaulter. Originally, Oriana was meant to become a reconnaissance troop assaulter but quickly transferred to a direct action troop assaulter. Oriana enjoyed being on the frontlines with her peers as well as drafting up plans to beat out her opponent. Becoming a direct action team leader assaulter, Oriana was one of the many leaders that were prepared to lead fellow SPARTANs into combat in the future. Graduating from Individual Training in the early months of 2536, Oriana also was marked for being an average SPARTAN.

Company Training

"Alpha Squadron, the command team is Vulture and headed by Oriana-A058. She has had her fair share of leadership opportunities and excelled in just about all of them. Think she can become one of those?"
―Springs Eternal referencing the Cat-2 designation to Lieutenant Commander. Kurt Ambrose.

Undergoing Company training in 2532, Oriana was assigned to command Team Vulture which held three other SPARTAN-III, trainees. Oriana acted as the team leader through the various team exercises they were forced to go through. Team Vulture became a rare group due to their ability to perform exceptionally as a unit. By 2533, Team Vulture began to produce some of the top results in all of Alpha Company despite being marked originally as a team that was not going even to crack the top ten teams. Oriana was able to help produce results by working closely with each member of her team, proving that she was an excellent leader in many scenarios.

Due to Team Vulture's ability to perform in the field, Oriana was the first team placed into Alpha Squadron by 2534. With Alpha Squadron, Oriana met a variety of assault, reconnaissance, sniper and, support teams she was going to operate alongside shortly. Oriana and Alpha Squadron consisted of roughly 40 SPARTAN-IIIs and competed with the seven other Squadrons. During Squadron training, Oriana was quickly elected to become the Squadron leader who pushed Team Vulture into the command squadron team. Leading the assaulter teams, Oriana was able to showcase her ability to adapt and improvise to the many situations thrown at both her unit and squadron.

"If you want to do better Oriana, you'll have to beat out Carter-A259 of Beta Squadron! We do not accept second place here!"
―A SPARTAN Instructor in 2536.

During Company Training, Oriana and Alpha Squadron came in second place to Carter-A259's Beta Squadron in many exercises. Throughout the rest of 2534 and to 2536, Oriana and Team Vulture continued to prepare for combat deployments. Despite being the second-best, Oriana refused to settle for her position and continued to battle Carter-A259 for being the best Squadron in Alpha Company. Along with Company Training, each squadron was deployed to conduct real-world wartime insertions. At the end of 2536, Oriana and her team graduated from Alpha Company training. Quickly put on alert status, it wasn't long till Oriana got her first operation.


Once securing her spot as a SPARTAN, Oriana was brought aboard the UNSC Hopeful where she was to undergo Project CHRYSANTHEMUM. Due to the success rate of the medical procedure, Oriana prepared herself for the invasive operation that was going to transform her from a healthy person and into a SPARTAN.

The following drugs were given to Oriana:

  • 8942-LQ99 - "carbide ceramic ossification catalyst" drug.
  • 88005-MX77 - "fibroid muscular protein complex" drug.
  • 88947-OP24 - "retina-inversion stabilizer" drug.
  • 87556-UD61 - "improved colloidal neural disunification solution" drug.

Human-Covenant War

Operation: TRIDENT

Colonel James Ackerson was eager to deploy his Alpha Company once seeing they were ready for combat deployments, his desire to deploy them against the Covenant was quickly put down by Margaret Parangosky due to many unknown factors. Oriana was practicing her pistol marksmanship when she got the green light for deployment. In a mission briefing, Oriana learned about an Insurrection Uprising on Mamore that Alpha Company was dispatched to handle the enemy forces. Deployed in December of 2536, Oriana prepared Team Vulture and Alpha Squadron for their first combat operation, Operation: TRIDENT.

"Insurrection, Covenant, or anything. I needed to prove to myself and the others that I am a good leader."
―Oriana thinking to herself before the start of the operation.

Once on Mamore, Oriana wasted no time getting her assaulters ready for combat. Hiking to an enemy's staging area. After sending teams forward to conduct forward reconnaissance, Oriana began her assault alongside Alpha Squadron on the enemy staging area. Unleashing 45 SPARTAN-IIIs, Oriana was able to sweep her way through the staging area and effectively engage the enemies that showed hostile intent. Cutting their way through the first target, Oriana and Alpha Squadron took a quick break to assess their injuries and moved onto the next target. Oriana and Alpha Squadron were riding high on their adrenaline as they came up to their next target to assault.

From bases to a fortress, Alpha Squadron was able to punch their way through a variety of targets with only minor injuries. Insurrectionists retreated to a mountainside which was the bane of many UNSC campaigns in previous years. Oriana linked up with Gamma Squadron, and the two worked together to assault the mountainside. Alpha Squadron came over the top while Gamma worked on pushing from below, hoping to pinch the enemy and refusing them the chance even to fight an even battle. Once the assault kicked off, both Alpha and Gamma were able to crush the enemy without allowing them to retreat or fight back. Securing the mountainside, ONI informed Alpha Company of the leader's position and where he was bound to make his final stand.

"The leader was going to make his last stand against us and fight. I am not sure if that is tactically smart or completely stupid."
―Oriana after hearing what ONI said about the leader's intention.

Alpha Squadron went after the leader while the remaining Squadrons took care of the uprising. Assaulting the compound, Oriana was able to push her way through numerous buildings and reach the leader. During a room assault, Oriana came upon the leader who was using a civilian as a shield and engaged the leader to ensure she did not misfire. With the leader dead and area secured, Oriana learned that the Mamore Uprising was crushed effectively. Operation: TRIDENT was declared a success and Alpha Company moved off of Mamore and prepared for their next deployment.

Operation: HWACHA

Oriana got word that the Bonanza Asteroid Belt was under siege by the Covenant and learned more about the situation before her deployment. At the turn of 2537, Alpha Company had been waiting for an operation after their success at TRIDENT a week ago. Oriana wanted to keep Team Vulture and Alpha Squadron ready in case anything was bound to happen, meaning that she had to find ways to keep troops prepared for combat. Thirty minutes after hearing about the asteroid belt, Alpha Company was immediately deployed to combat the Covenant forces.

"It was time for us to engage the Covenant. Our first time, I was nervous and excited at the same time. I didn't know what was going to happen to me or my squadron."
―Oriana expressing her concern over Operation: HWACHA.

Upon arriving at the Bonanza Asteroid Belt, Oriana and Alpha Squadron were deployed to their asteroid where Covenant activity was located. Taken close to the area, Oriana conducted standard operating procedures, which led to her gathering information about the flaws in the Covenant security. Exploiting the situation, Oriana used Alpha Squadron's snipers to pull enemies away from her desired entrances and soon she led a four corner assault on the base.

Ripping through the Covenant base, Alpha Squadron was able to catch the enemy by surprise, kill, then vanish. Oriana was able to turn the Covenant in so many directions that they were unable to respond to the overwhelming force that was swarming their location. Once the first base went down, morale was high, and Alpha Squadron started their next assault on the enemy. Continuing to assault bases for the remainder of the month, Oriana showcased her ability always to bring a new plan to the table. Every step of her mission remained extremely fundamental, which allowed a variety of people to understand what their tasks were.

"It was easy, almost too. I wonder if they were not ready for us or the instructors had lied. Either way, we executed our task to the best of our ability."
―Oriana on the success of HWACHA.

The Asteroid Belt was secured after Alpha Company unleashed themselves on the Covenant. No Covenant survived the Alpha Company assaults, proving the effectiveness of the SPARTAN-IIIs against the enemy. Later learned that the Covenant was entirely off guard, it became the first mission that the SPARTAN-IIIs were excited they had executed. Oriana took the win and continued to prepare for her next deployment, hoping to push her squadron into the spotlight as the best in Alpha Company.

Operation: MARATHON

Alerted for another battle against the Covenant, Oriana was given her promotion to Petty Officer Second Class due to her actions in previous battles for Alpha Company. Learning about the Far gone colony platforms, Oriana and Alpha Squadron were tasked with conducting the initial assault against the Covenant. A focus on close-quarters combat and speed, Oriana was prepared for Operation: MARATHON and what it was bound to bring. Wasting no time, Oriana quickly deployed with Team Vulture and Alpha Squadron to greet the Covenant on the Far Gone Colony Platforms in 2537.

Arriving over the colony platforms, Oriana was able to get her teams on the ground to asses what the situation was along with where to assault. As her forward recon teams came back, Oriana was able to learn of the Covenant command post that was being used to organize battles within the city. Dispatching her teams, Oriana led a star style assault on the enemy where she had her various assault teams covered by sniper and heavy weapons fire each time they pushed forward. Quickly eliminating the command post, Oriana gave the green light for the remaining Spartan Squadrons to join in the fun that Oriana was already involved in developing another mission.

After establishing a base of command, Oriana and Alpha Squadron began to assault their way through Covenant-held targets using their speed and element of surprise against the forces. Conducting missions during all hours of the day, Oriana pushed Alpha Squadron along with Team Vulture to showcase the power that she needed her troops to showcase. But Oriana began to understand that her troops needed a break and was one of the first SPARTAN troop commanders to request a break in all of Alpha Company's combat deployments. Given a day of rest, Oriana allowed Team Vulture and her Squadron to catch their breath and prepare for their next campaign against the Covenant.

Knocking the Covenant off of the platforms, Oriana and Alpha Company showcased their ability to perform and defeat the Covenant yet again. As for Oriana, she was praised for deciding what to do best for her troops to ensure the success of the mission. With another win against the Covenant in 2537, Operation: MARATHON was considered a victory for the UNSC. Covenant forces were struggling to make their way into the Inner Colonies, and Alpha Company was proving to be an extremely useful buffer.

Operation: IRON GREAVE

The UNSC and Covenant were head to head in the Battle of New Constantinople, but Admiral Danforth Whitcomb knew that he was not going to last much longer without a planet to fight for by the time he wins in space. Requesting for support, Colonel James Ackerson brought Alpha Company up to alert status 48 hours after their previous operation to defend New Constantinople. Briefed on the way to the planet, Oriana began to coordinate with the UNSC Marine Corps for vehicles her Squadron were going to use to stop the Covenant ground invasion. Once landing, Oriana and Alpha Squadron began their assault against the Covenant ground forces.

On the ground, Oriana began to identify many Covenant tank and anti-air batteries that were causing issues for the UNSC to punch through. Using her vehicles as a means to distract and flank, Oriana and Alpha Squadron were able to destroy their way through the Covenant lines as well as knockout Anti-Air turrets. Oriana began to coordinate with the UNSC Air Force to secure airstrikes along with orbital bombardments on heavily fortified Covenant positions. Securing more ground, Oriana's vehicle squadron continued to push forward to acquire land that the UNSC had lost to the Covenant before.

As the Covenant began to fortify their positions against the UNSC, Oriana and Alpha Squadron worked on cutting off reinforcements to the ground troops by navigating behind enemy lines. Encircling the enemies, Team Vulture, along with other teams, began to call in orbital bombardments that were deadly against the Covenant. The Covenant began to retreat from the colony which marked yet another victory for Alpha Company and the UNSC in the Inner Colonies. Securing the rest of the settlement, Oriana soon learned she was going to be reassigned for another mission.

Oriana along with Draven-A284 of Team Vulture reassigned to a non-company team named Red Team. Oriana was promoted to Ensign while Draven, Emilia-A049 and, Omar-A442 joined her as well to create the four SPARTAN team. As a non-company team, Oriana transferred out of Alpha Company where she began to take orders for the Naval Special Weapons Applications Unit. Learning that she was no longer going to deploy along the rest of Alpha Squadron and Team Vulture, Oriana was frustrated that she was selected to be taken away from the troops she grew up to train and fight with throughout her career as a SPARTAN.


Reassigned within Naval Special Weapons, Oriana learned about the type of missions she was bound to conduct and began to prepare her team for them. Learning that the United Rebel Front was planning to take more ground on Draco III, and Red Team was needed to deal with the Insurrection threat before having to divert more UNSC resources to the terrorist threat. Deployed in late 2537, Oriana and Red Team began their first mission as a non-company team for the UNSC Armed Forces.

Deployed with an ODST Special Operations Team, Oriana and the ODSTs began to conduct forward reconnaissance on the base they were tasked with hitting. Oriana worked closely with the officer on building a plan to assault the base. Having eighteen total operators, Oriana talked about splitting the teams into two and then engage the compound with speed. Her idea was shot down at first but later approved as the ODSTs saw no better idea. Once Oriana was able to identify two exceptional entries, she worked with her team to surprise and ambush the enemies below.

Conducting the assault, Oriana was able to push her team through the enemies that stood in her way with no problem. Securing the compound, Oriana learned about two other bases that the URF was using to gain a foothold in the region. Moving out with the ODSTs, Oriana continued to hunt down the enemies using a variety of assault tactics that she had learned apart of Alpha Company. Able to adapt and continue to hit the URF without giving them a chance to bounce back, Red Team was capable of wiping out a cell of fighters that were attempting to bomb a valuable UNSC factory.

Returning to a UNSC Firebase, Oriana was transferred to Reach where she learned about passing the test that ONI had set up in Operation: DREAMSTATE. Oriana proved herself as an exceptional ground commander that was able to conduct a variety of successful missions. But Oriana soon learned that DREAMSTATE was one of many tests to see if she was capable of being a SPARTAN officer for a non-company team. Not long after, Oriana learned the fate of her fellow SPARTANs in Operation: PROMETHEUS. Even though Oriana felt distraught about what happened to her peers, she was happy that they took a lot of Covenant soldiers with them.


ONI and the Prowler Corps were tracking a Covenant excavation team that was moving around the Outer Colonies. By 2538, the Covenant had stopped in Inner Colony space where they began to conduct operations on an asteroid. The UNSC saw it as the perfect time to ambush the Covenant for trying to set up shop in UNSC space. Doing more analysis, ONI was able to conclude that the Covenant were trying to build up a shipyard for their ships to refuel and rearm before pushing further into UNSC space. ONI pulled Red Team and an ODST Space Assault Company together to deal with the threat before it was too grave.

The operation began to build as a means to sabotage communication towers to prevent the Covenant from calling reinforcements and the demolition of the area. Oriana was tasked with cutting communications while the ODSTs were tasked with conducting the demo, she offered some of Red Team to assist with the demolition, but the ODSTs declined. Launching against the Covenant, Oriana began her assault against the enemy and was successful in severing the communications. Due to an error, she learned of a legion being stationed on the ground and tried to abort the mission, but the ODSTs were already conducting their operation.

Improvising, Oriana blew up the communications tower and began to divert the massive Covenant force towards her. With limited knowledge of the area, Oriana developed the situation and split her team into elements which ran to weapon caches. With their successful diversion, the ODSTs were able to move into position to place demolition charges before destroying the shipping yard. Oriana was busy running away from the base as a large amount of Covenant were chasing after her. By the time the other element had reached the ODSTs, the group had begun to create an ambush against the Covenant.

Oriana and Emilia began to run towards the ambush location, hoping that the plan was going to work. By the time she reached the area, the ODSTs and SPARTANs were able to unload an impressive amount of firepower into the enemies as the Prowlers provided close air support. The Covenant began to retreat which gave the glimmer of a chance for Oriana and the rest of the ODSTs to load onto the Prowlers. Reaching the Prowlers, Oriana was able to escape from the Hornet's Nest and secure another victory against the Covenant, which was her first since she had become a Non-Company Team troop commander.

Operation: CLOVER ARROW was a success, but came at a cost. A majority of the ODSTs were injured in the battle along with a considerable amount of deaths. Oriana was informed of the numbers and asked if it was still worth it, which she replied yes. After the debriefing, Oriana didn't know that the amount of death was going to skyrocket as her career continued. Operation: CLOVER ARROW was going to be the foundation of pyrrhic victories where Oriana stood on the piles of dead bodies at the end of each mission she took on for the remainder of the Human-Covenant War.


Joining Operation: KINETIC INQUISITION in 2539, Oriana began to conduct operations against the Covenant who were still invading Outer Colonies. Oriana commanded of a NAVSPECWEP Task Force called Wolverine which housed half of a Space Assault Company and a Prowler Squadron. She was working alongside another Cat-2 officer who was in charge of Task Force Avenger and the other half of the Space Assault Company. Launching in late 2539, Oriana was going to lead a covert ground campaign against the Covenant to stall their efforts on the ground. Keeping the Covenant in the Outer Colonies allowed the UNSC to reinforce their defenses within the Inner Colonies.

Arriving over Vernet, Oriana deployed onto the ground with Task Force Wolverine where she coordinated attacks against supply vehicles as well as seek out a well known Sangheili General operating in her sector. As her teams continued to launch ambushes against the enemies, Oriana set up Emilia with a shot on the Sangheili General that she did not miss. Weakening the Covenant's ground morale, Task Force Wolverine was quickly pulled off the planet after the Covenant Navy began to glass essential areas.

Vernet proved to be a productive area for Task Force Wolverine, which quickly deployed to Sansar next. Moving to secure UEG and CAA leaders, Oriana showcased her ability to perform exceptionally in close-quarters combat as well as keeping high-value personnel protected. Once the leaders were secure, Oriana continued to assist with diverting Covenant forces across the area to prevent them from massing a strong force against the remaining UNSC ground forces. Delaying the Covenant's ability to strike effectively, allowed the UNSC to conduct evacuations with less stress. As Oriana and Task Force Wolverine pulled off Sansar, it delayed the Covenant yet again.

Arriving over Ruthersburg, Oriana watched as the Covenant spent a small amount of time going after orbital defenses then immediately to glassing the planet. Oriana noticed that the glassing had stopped and a large amount of Covenant ground forces were moving to a specific location. Coordinating with Task Force Avenger, they were able to lock in on a Forerunner artifact. Task Force Avenger eliminated the Minor Minister while Task Force Wolverine swooped in to steal it. Enforcing the Cole Protocol, Oriana worked on securing the unknown artifact before bringing it aboard a UNSC Prowler. Escaping Ruthersberg in early 2540, Operation: KINETIC INQUISITION came to an end.

The short campaign against the Covenant proved to be effective by holding back the Covenant Navy as well as diverting forces from the Inner Colonies back to the Outer Colonies. Oriana felt it was worth it in the long run, which allowed the UNSC the chance to defend better against the Covenant in the coming years. However, the losses that the Space Assault Battalion told Oriana a different story. But, Oriana was transferred out of the UNSC Navy's command and to the UNSC Marine Corps, where she began to operate with the Unified Special Warfare Command.

Battle for Alluvion

Once Alluvion was under siege, Unified Special Warfare Command dispatched Red Team and an ODST Shock Troops Company to assist with pushing back the Covenant ground forces in the Battle for Alluvion. Getting a lay of the land, Oriana learned about where the Covenant were setting up and what needed to be done to ensure the ground battle was going to be in favor of the UNSC. Getting information about nuclear devices, Oriana put Red Team in the spotlight for getting their hands on a nuclear weapon to use against the Covenant. A significant strike force was massing around Alluvion's Central Command, and Oriana's band of operators were going to conduct a WMD operation to ensure the delay of wiping out the Command Center.

Once planetside with the Helljumpers, Oriana began her idea of conducting a distract and deceive assault against the Covenant. Covenant forces were going to deploy a massive amount of troops if they were to see a SPARTAN, so Oriana planned to use her image as a means to divert a large amount of Covenant forces into an ambush while a small team infiltrated their way in to secure and detonate a nuclear bomb. Setting up mines and traps, Oriana was successful in luring out the Covenant while a small team moved in and destroyed the Covenant strike force. Moving onto the next task at hand, Oriana was forward deployed into a canyon where she began to conduct operations that were to deceive the Covenant in a massive force attempting to flank them.

"I always hated the SPARTANs since they killed our brothers in arm. When they step into battle and start fighting, they are the best morale booster. We were winning against the damn Covenant for once. Haven't seen that since Harvest."
―An ODST Master Sergeant.

Taking a Marine Tank Company, Oriana and her Helljumpers began to move throughout the canyon which scrambled the Covenant sensors. As she anticipated, the Covenant began to move a large number of their ground troops into positions to stop the advance. Moving the tanks into ridges and carving out fighting positions, Oriana prepared to ambush the Covenant and their forces using the canyon to their advantage. With the Covenant unable to use their superior air force, they were forced to fight it out on the ground where Oriana continued to work on screwing up Covenant forces. As more troops were diverted into the canyon, Orian and Red Team worked on gathering more assets to strengthen their defense.

While the Covenant were planning their offensive strike, Oriana launched their attack against the unprepared Covenant forces and was capable of breaking through the frontlines. With a Tank Company behind enemy lines, the UNSC began to coordinate missions to Oriana that she was to conduct and ensure that specific areas were taken out. Oriana and Red Team moved from target to target, where they were capable of ripping out the floor beneath the Covenant. But, the UNSC was not able to sustain orbital dominance, and the Covenant began their orbital bombardment. Leaving Oriana out in the open in a free-fire zone for the Covenant, she began to disperse her teams into smaller groups, so they were capable of doing more damage against the Covenant.

Oriana: "We have to go back for the others!"
Pelican Pilot: "Ma'am, there are no others! What is back there is all we were able to get!"
―Oriana learning her companies were wiped out.

However, the bombing started, and groups fell. Oriana was ordered to retreat but had nowhere to go. Carving out a landing zone for a Pelican, Red Team along with the team of ODSTs escaped and were able to get away in time. As Oriana ordered the pilot to circle back for the survivors, she was informed that whoever was in the back were the only survivors. The Covenant continued their rampage against what remained of Alluvion, but Oriana was able to do nothing more than watch. From a window on a ship, Oriana watched her first planet get glassed by the Covenant. All she had done was ripped out from beneath her due to the Covenant's ability to assert their dominance above the orbit.

Battle of Miridem

As the Battle of Miridem kicked off, Oriana and Red Team were to assist with diverting Covenant forces away from the frontlines. Meeting up with a Marine ODST and Force Reconnaissance Company, Oriana was going to conduct an amphibious landing then push her way through the Covenant lines. SPARTAN-II teams were already drawing an immense amount out Covenant forces, which gave the gap for Oriana and her task force to slip through. Once launching from a Seaborne Aircraft, Task Force Spear moved onto Covenant controlled land where they planned to use a variety of Warthogs to conduct unconventional vehicular warfare against their enemy. Once on the ground, Oriana initiated the ground game for Task Force Spear, and they began their assault.

Gathering a list of targets to hit, Oriana assigned her vehicles into groups that were tasked with conducting specific missions during an assault. Launching attacks, Oriana, and the rest of Red Team were able to fill in the gaps where the attack needed the support. Securing the first victory against a communications tower, the Covenant got wind of a UNSC ground force that was operating behind their lines and began to conduct missions that were going to weed them out. Dispatching their vehicle groups, Task Force Spear was able to get the upper hand on the Covenant movement and prepared to ambush the enemy in a nearby forest.

Covenant forces moved into the forest and were slaughtered due to Red Team's ability to navigate around the forest better than the enemy. Once the enemies were wiped out, Task Force Spear continued onto their next target where they were able to wipe out a temporary storage facility. The Covenant were forced to divert more forces away from the frontlines, which allowed the SPARTAN-IIs to launch devastating missions against the weakened ground forces. Pulled in two directions, the Covenant were struggling to fight a two-front war against the UNSC until they were able to capture Dr. Catherine Halsey. With the capture of a UNSC doctor, many of the SPARTAN-IIs were pulled from the frontlines to assist with the rescue of Dr. Halsey.

With fewer SPARTAN-IIs on the frontlines, the Covenant were able to mount a robust frontal assault against the UNSC while Oriana began to struggle against the hunter-killer units that were tracking her and Task Force Spear. Speed and surprise continued to play into their advantage, but Covenant air support began to slow down the activities. The Task Force slowly teetered out, and Oriana along with the rest of Task Force Spear was pulled back to UNSC controlled territory where they were tasked with reinforcing valuable orbital defense sectors. If the defense sectors fell into the hands of the Covenant, Miridem was bound to be lost. Setting up defenses, Oriana had a gut feeling that things were not going to go in her favor.

Covenant ground forces launched an all-out assault on the sector and overwhelmed all defenses that Oriana had setup. Struggling to hold back the sheer numbers, Oriana and Red Team worked on detonating explosives to thin the enemy's forces. ODSTs flanked the Covenant but failed when they were overrun, immediate support was called on Oriana's position, and nearly every fighting force in the Area of Operation was called to assist with the defense. Reinforcing the areas that had fallen, Red Team was able to hold out for a time. The Covenant Navy and Air Support began to target the base and slowly wipe out the UNSC resistance. Red Team was ordered to do a sensitive site destruction of the area and deny the Covenant information. Once securing the sensitive material, Oriana was ordered evacuate and return to a UNSC destroyer. The Covenant were successful in taking Miridem not long after.

Arriving on the ship, Oriana noticed that there were only eleven ODST survivors of the forty she deployed within Task Force Spear. Almost all Marines, Army and, Navy personnel who participated were killed by the Covenant as well. The Covenant were victorious on another planet, forcing Oriana to add another loss to her chart. Arriving at Reach after some time, Oriana and Red Team were transferred to the UNSC Army where Red Team grew to eight SPARTAN-IIIs. Reagen-B142, Carson-B260, Tucker-B069, and Lynn-A392 were the most recent additions to Red Team while Oriana was promoted to Lieutenant earlier in the month. Red Team was considered one of the largest SPARTAN teams that remained organized under one single unit. Apart from the UNSC Army, Oriana and Red Team were deployed onto another mission to support UNSC Army forces that were operating against the Covenant.

Battle of Actium

Arriving onto Actium, Oriana and Red Team began to work with UNSC Army Rangers who were conducting Advance Force Operations for armored battalions and other forces to push forward. Splitting Red Team into two elements, Oriana took command of Red Team Alpha while Draven commanded Red Team Beta. Oriana began to focus on carving a way through the Covenant's lines, so the ground forces were able to halt the Covenant's ground game. The 53rd Armored Battalion was already prepared for conducting operations; they needed someone to conduct forward surveillance to ensure the path that was taken, was safe. Oriana put herself and the small number of teams she had up for the tasks, armor had helped Oriana win battles, and she knew the same thing was going to be the same on Actium.

On the ground, Oriana pushed forward into the forest of Actium where she began to assist with guiding the Armored Battalion towards their first target. Providing overwatch and surveillance, Oriana and Red Team Alpha was able to secure safe passage for the Battalion to roll onto the Covenant strike force camp. Oriana assisted with the destruction of the strike force camp by utilizing UNSC orbital bombardments and precise air support. Once the nuclear warhead detonated, the UNSC was able to destroy their first strike force camp on the planet. Moving to the next one, Oriana continued to provide support for the next assault the Armored Battalion was going to conduct.

More Covenant strike force camps fell to the UNSC and the small ground element that carving the way for them to knock out Covenant troops. The UNSC Navy was proving itself as they held out against the stronger Covenant Navy but were losing the support they had. The Covenant were able to overwhelm the UNSC Navy and established their orbital dominance over Actium. With a final effort from Oriana and the 53rd Armored Division, they worked on pushing their way through one more strike force camp. Covenant ships started their orbital bombardment which led to Red Team and the Rangers being cut off from the Armored Battalion. Not long after, Oriana was pulled off of Actium in a desperate attempt to recover any ground forces before the planet was glassed. Oriana watched as the 53rd Armored Battalion was decimated in an orbital bombardment by the Covenant Navy.

Actium became yet another location where Oriana watched a massive amount of Covenant fall again, and lose the planet due to the superior Covenant Navy. Despite the loss, Oriana was congratulated for her actions throughout the battle that showcased her as a brilliant commander and tactician in the field. Red Team proved themselves as a competent and powerful team that refused to quit even when they were near-certain death. Along with losing quite a few Rangers, Oriana prepared for her next deployment and took a new group of Rangers that she did not expect to come back with after the implementation.

Battle of New Llanelli

Covenant forces began to invade New Llanelli, and Oriana deployed with Red Team to slow down the efforts of the Covenant in 2546. Red Team joined the Battle of New Llanelli along with UNSC Army Rangers who were going to assist with the defense of the colony's frontline defenses. Oriana and the Rangers were going to attack Covenant supply vehicles as well as slow down reinforcement making their way to the frontlines. Using whatever tactics, Oriana was told to stop the Covenant. Deploying behind enemy lines, Oriana began her missions on New Llanelli.

Behind enemy lines, Oriana and Red Team along with the Rangers, were able to track down where the Covenant were moving their supplies to support their ground forces. Launching raids against the convoys, Oriana was able to stall enemy forces from getting valuable supplies onto their frontlines. Pushing further back into Covenant controlled territory, Oriana was able to gather information on a Covenant Strike Force camp and what she needed to do to ensure the destruction of the location. Conducting an assault, Oriana was successful in destroying the target with a nuclear warhead. Covenant reinforcement arrived at where Oriana was, and she continued to divert enemy forces away from the frontlines.

The Covenant were able to figure out where Oriana was located and began to push her back to the UNSC frontlines without losing their troops. Losing the progress that Oriana had made, Red Team and the Rangers attempted to make up for it by launching a counterstrike against the enemy. Picking the wrong time, Red Team suffered minor wounds while the rest of the Ranger element was wiped out by the Covenant. Oriana had no choice but to pull back to the frontlines to support the conventional troops. Setting up in a city, Oriana broke Red Team into groups where they worked to assist with weakened forces that had been struggling to hold their sector. Covenant forces learned where Red Team was taking their position and began to amass a massive assault force on the city.

Once Oriana noticed the large assault force, many UNSC assets were diverted to protect Oriana's location, which opened up gaps for the Covenant to break through the UNSC's lines. Holding off the initial assault, Oriana and Red Team became a morale booster for the Army soldiers that struggled to gain a win. However, the Covenant flanked the entire city and began an assault that the UNSC was not expecting. As Covenant forces continued to collapse the UNSC lines, Oriana struggled to manage the battle and was forced to call her SPARTANs back to protect the field officers. Calling in orbital and airstrikes danger close, Oriana was able to hold off against the Covenant till she was extracted with the leadership and what was left of the Army troopers. Losing the city to the Covenant, the UNSC was unable to hold the lines, and Oriana was pulled off of New Llanelli before the planet was ultimately glassed.

Losing all her Rangers and nearly an entire battalion, New Llanelli proved to become another bloodbath for the UNSC Army. Sitting on a ship, Oriana noted that the Covenant outmaneuvered her. A decision to divert more forces to her was a mistake due to the Covenant's ability to get behind the UNSC and collapse the lines. Despite the struggling battle, Oriana proved herself to be a commander in the field that refused to quit where she battled against the Covenant for a week before the UNSC was able to send more support. Oriana also learned that her SPARTANs were viewed as morale boosters even when there was no chance to have morale.

Battle of Skopje

Not long after the Battle of New Llanelli, Oriana and Red Team deployed to Skopje where they supported the Battle of Skopje. With Rangers and an Air Force attachment, Oriana and Red Team began to assist with hunting down Covenant leadership in a city they took command within. Able to gather a targeting list of who to hit, Oriana and her Rangers began to conduct missions that were going to wipe out Covenant leadership on the ground.

Launching direct action raids against the Covenant leadership, Oriana was able to target and engage the leaders that were supporting operations. Wiping out the Covenant ground leadership led to a halt in the progress of action for the Covenant's army, other commands were pulled back from the field to figure out a solution to the problem which gave a chance for the UNSC to go offensive. Oriana and Red Team conducted an assault on a city and were able to take it back from the Covenant.

Oriana continued to prepare for defending against the Covenant until she was pulled back for covering shipping containers with supplies for warships. Oriana learned that the city she left quickly fell to the Covenant, and grew frustrated with leadership for their desire to reassign her to another location. Not long after, Oriana and her Rangers were attacked by Covenant forces where she began to defend the valuable equipment. Securing firing and flanking positions, Oriana was capable of wiping out the Covenant assault force before they were able to take out the ship equipment. Once ensuring the shipping equipment, Oriana and Red Team were pulled off of Skopje for a mission that was going to define her career.

Transferred back to Naval Special Weapons, Oriana learned of an operation she was going to assist the Asymmetrical Action Group during the Battle of Skopje. Meeting with an ODST Space Assault Battalion, Oriana and Red Team were able to gather information about the target and what was going to be done to ensure the success of the operation. After getting her mission and directive, Oriana deployed with her ODSTs and Red Team to conduct an assault on a Covenant carrier.

RL-54 Incident

The UNSC began to work on diverting a single ship away to ambush and board with UNSC troops. Oriana learned that her team was going to secure the engine and weapon systems room with Red Team while another NCT was going to take care of the bridge. As the ship came into view for Oriana, she prepared Red Team for their tasks aboard the ship. As forces began to board the Covenant ship, Oriana and Red Team were broken up into two teams where Oriana assaulted the engine room while Draven assaulted the weapon systems room.

Aboard the ship, Oriana and Red Team Alpha engaged forces across their area of focus in close-quarters combat. Oriana used the element of surprise and speed to gain the upper hand on the enemies that were nearly the hundreds once they were found aboard. Using everything to their disposal, Oriana worked with those alongside her to secure the engine room until a UNSC AI was able to vent the ship. Securing the ship and the forces aboard, Oriana and Red Team linked back up to assist with clearing out the remaining of the ship.

As Oriana cleaned up the rest of the ship, she spent her time keeping areas in check as the UNSC Navy and Office of Naval Intelligence moved the ship around Covenant controlled space. Once getting caught, Oriana and Red Team held off the initial boarding teams which allowed for Navy personnel and other assets to vacate specific sectors. A SPARTAN-II Class-II squad linked up with Red Team in the hangar where they were able to keep a variety of enemy forces from destroying their Prowler and means of escape. Once Oriana boarded the Prowler with Red Team, they vacated the Covenant ship and returned to UNSC controlled space not long after.

Following the success of the RL-54 Incident, Oriana was transferred back to the Unified Special Warfare Command where she began to participate in operations for the UNSC Air Force. The Covenant soon attacked the Parisian Front, Oriana and Red Team were deployed to assist with the defense of the Parisian Front colonies that were quickly under attack by the Covenant.

New Beijing Campaign

Assigned to the Air Force Special Operations Command, Oriana and Red Team began to assist operations alongside the 724th Special Operations Wing. Deploying with Special Tactics Teams, Oriana and Red Team were able to have combat enablers alongside them in a ground war. New Beijing became another colony under siege by the Covenant which launched a nearly two-year campaign against the Covenant on the Parisian Front. Oriana and Red Team wasted no time as they prepared for combat action against the Covenant. Deployed with the first rotation of troops onto New Beijing, Oriana and Red Team began their work to stop the Covenant.

Oriana began with assessing areas that needed attention and moved into position with Special Tactics Team and Red Team to support UNSC defenses in the area. Securing orbital and air support, Oriana was able to coordinate strikes that protected UNSC forces as well as give them the chance to attack the Covenant. Using airstrikes to her advantage, Oriana and Red Team were able to push back Covenant forces who were not able to establish air dominance. Once securing the first major city, Oriana continued to other cities where she continued to use air and orbital strikes as a means to push back Covenant forces. Once securing the majority of cities on the continent Oriana was operating on, she moved on to push an offensive against the Covenant.

Red Team moved with Special Tactics Teams to setup better locations for the UNSC to use air assets in the area. Conducting Advance Force Operations and close-target reconnaissance, Oriana was able to clear out pockets for the UNSC to set up firebases as well as to conduct patrols in the area to prevent Covenant ambushes. Getting a lead on Covenant forces building up, Oriana and Red Team moved with their Air Force detachment to engage the enemy. Arriving on-site, Oriana saw that intelligence was wrong and ran into an ambush by the Covenant Special Warfare Group. Cut off from air support; armor support was used to reinforce the position Red Team was trapped in, but was destroyed as Oriana retreated with Red Team and what was left of her Air Force detachment. Covenant forces launched an offensive which surprised the UNSC and forced Oriana to defend.

Covenant forces swarmed UNSC bases with tactical strikes and were able to push back the defense forces at a staggering rate. Oriana and Red Team were tasked with defending an ONI base which only proved to be a struggle due to low morale of the troops assigned to Oriana's command. Holding off the Covenant forces for as long as she could, Oriana was able to buy the time ONI needed to escape. However, it came at the cost of almost her entire detachment of troops. An element of four airmen from a Special Tactics Team remained as she pulled off of New Beijing. As New Beijing fell to the Covenant during a nearly two-year span, Oriana and Red Team reassigned to another battle on the Parisian Front.

Siege of Paris IV

Arriving on Paris IV, Oriana and Red Team got situated and prepared to assist with operations on the planet. Gathering information, Oriana and her Air Force detachment deployed as an AFO group to support conventional forces in their push against the Covenant. Once on the ground, Oriana split up her team into four elements with an Air Force element to help. Once deployed, Oriana took the lead on providing forward reconnaissance for the armor and air support as other details worked on securing safe passage for the UNSC to surprise the Covenant.

During a mission, Oriana learned that one of her AFO elements were not updating. Oriana and Red Team moved to investigate what happened and discovered that two of their SPARTANs were missing. With no information of where they were, Oriana and Red Team launched their rescue mission to save their two comrades. The Air Force detachment was found dead along a path, and Oriana began to investigate the way where she found more Covenant bodies than her own two SPARTANs. Oriana ceased all AFO missions and regrouped to plan on how to handle the remaining six SPARTANs under her command. She split her teams into three personnel rather than two and enforced hourly updates rather than when they felt it was necessary. The Covenant began their attack against the UNSC and Oriana pushed to the frontlines to assist with UNSC troops flanking the Covenant offensive.

Guiding UNSC forces to cut off Covenant reinforcement, Oriana was able to build up a stop against the Covenant as well as push back. With Oriana's efforts, the UNSC was able to secure their front and moved Oriana to the north where she began to assist with hunting Covenant leadership. Getting an edge on the Covenant, Oriana, and Red Team were able to engage many elite units within the Covenant. Weakening the command on the ground, Oriana was able to stall Covenant activities in the north which allowed the UNSC to put pressure onto critical areas. However, the southern hemisphere was slowly losing its ability to hold the Covenant, which forced Oriana and her team to relocate. Moving to the southern hemisphere, Oriana quickly found herself unprepared.

The Covenant were unleashing a brutal air and ground campaign that the UNSC was unable to stop. Oriana and Red Team worked with combat control teams to slow down the ground but were unable to have sustainable air support. Orbital support was out of the equation due to the Navy battling the Covenant Fleet, and Oriana resorted to pulling the Covenant into a forest she lit on fire. Oriana and the remaining UNSC were able to escape and evade to safety where they planned their next offensive. But, the Covenant were able to win over orbital superiority and began to use carriers to push back the UNSC forces to a small spot on a continent. Oriana and Red Team were able to escape with their Air Force detachment while the remaining troops were stranded on the planet.

The two empty spots of Reagan-B142 and Carson-B260 were quickly replaced with Riley-B192 and Isaac-B302. Oriana lost her first two SPARTANs in 2549, which was a feat of itself due to her ability to keep fellow SPARTANs alive for a much longer time than other non-company teams. After the fall of Paris IV, Oriana watched as the Parisian Front fell to the Covenant. Covenant forces continued to swarm Inner Colonies and Oriana was deployed to many other colonies to ensure a defense of the people that were trying to escape.

Battle of Ballast

Oriana and Red Team responded to the Battle of Ballast in early 2551 to reinforce UNSC Armed Forces who were already engaging the Covenant troops. The UNSC already had the Covenant locked into a location they were unable to escape from, Oriana arrived with her SPARTANs to finish off the Covenant in the small city while the remaining Covenant ships and troops were unable to support their forces on the ground. Landing with an Air Force detachment onto the planet, Oriana began to prepare for her assault against the Covenant troops that used the city as a means to hold out. Using civilians as protection, Oriana practiced for hitting the Covenant in door-to-door attacks to root out the enemy. Working with a UNSC Marine Corps battalion, Oriana conducted her operation of engaging the Covenant.

Breaking into houses, buildings, and, other structures, Oriana used her speed and team to advantage against the waiting enemy. Oriana found herself working in close-quarters which showcased her rare ability in pistol marksmanship. Taking out enemies who used civilians as suicide shields, Oriana prevented the death of many innocent beings while ensuring the end of the enemy. Oriana continued to push into the city where the Covenant turned into panic mode and purged the remaining human population. Red Team learned of the situation and increased operation tempo to ensure that they were to save the remaining humans who resided inside of the city.

During a house assault, Tucker breached in behind Oriana and shielded a child from an energy sword which he took the swing from in full force. Oriana engaged the Sangheili and moved Tucker to an Air Force Pararescue where he went to work. Securing the house, Oriana walked out to see that Tucker had died from his wounds and ordered his body to be taken hidden from the rest of the forces. Seeing a dead SPARTAN was bound to wound the morale of all UNSC forces who were working with Red Team, Oriana informed Red Team of the death and moved on with her assaults to avenge the death of Tucker. Engaging the remaining targets in the city, Oriana secured the area and moved to another small location where the Covenant had an Armored Battalion that was refusing to quit.

Deploying to the region, Oriana utilized her Air Force detachment which decimated the Covenant armored battalion. Continuing a ruthless air campaign, Oriana forced the Covenant into a forest and proceeded to firebomb the area. Burning down the forest and all occupants inside, Oriana watched as the Covenant burned to death in their futile attempts to escape. Red Team found themselves worried for Oriana due to her recent hatred and brutality against the Covenant; something ONI took note of in their recent psychological evaluations. Ballast was secured, and the Covenant were pushed out of the sector, marking it one of the rare victories that the UNSC had. Oriana felt it was another crushing defeat due to losing another SPARTAN under her command for the mistakes she made in the field.

Returning to Reach, Oriana underwent an extensive psychological evaluation where she tested for whether she was fit for command. Oriana navigated around the maze ONI had set up for her, and was cleared for duty shortly after. By 2552, Oriana and Red Team reassigned to the UNSC Army under SPECRWARGROUP Three. Oriana spent the remaining of her time under the UNSC Army command for the Human-Covenant War. Another notice Oriana received was that she was not getting a replacement for Tucker's death, weakening Red Team to only seven strong SPARTAN-IIIs.

Battle of Fumirole

Responding to the WINTER CONTINGENCY on Fumirole, Oriana and Red Team joined fellow Cat-2 team, Noble Team, to suppress and eliminate the Covenant. While Noble took to the northern hemisphere, Red Team engaged in the southern hemisphere where the Covenant were using ground troops to try and secure a valuable Forerunner site found on the planet's surface. Oriana deployed alongside an Army regular regiment to suppress the Covenant's ability to achieve their goal. Once on the ground, Oriana reinforced the already depleted force and began to take command of the area. Army Rangers strengthened the position with Oriana and began to conduct scouting missions with Red Team to gather more intelligence on the Covenant troops and what they planned to execute.

Setting up her defenses, Oriana learned that the Covenant were able to eliminate the Army Ranger scout teams along with forcing back Red Team. With little intelligence on what was coming, Oriana prepared for a frontal assault with the remaining force. Covenant troops encircled the area, Oriana knew that she was trapped and prepared for the assault coming down the small chokepoint she had set up. Covenant troops blasted their way through numerous areas and flanked the defenses that Oriana set up, causing chaos in a plan that was not going to work. Adjusting to the situation, Oriana dispatched Red Team to deal with the intruders and protect the artifact at all cost. Army troops held their ground against the Covenant for moments till they were overrun by sheer numbers. Oriana reinforced collapsing sectors and pushed the Covenant back out, making them lose their progress.

Covenant troops launched another all-out assault that Oriana was able to repel and destroy the remaining forces that fled from the battlefield. Once securing the artifact for ONI, Oriana moved to another location where the UNSC Marine Corps were launching an offensive against a Covenant strike force camp. Oriana and Red Team assisted with being a decoy group to pull more Covenant troops away from the ground assault; the Rangers began to prepare for another mission behind enemy lines despite losing many of their friends in the previous battle. As the assault began, Oriana was able to divert many Covenant troops away from the main attack, but at the cost of her Ranger detachment. Seeing that the Rangers were dead, Oriana continued to work with Red Team and assaulted the strike force base where they eliminated leadership.

Learning that Noble Team had been pulled from the field, Oriana and Red Team reassigned to the northern hemisphere where they picked up what Noble left. Oriana took command of the situation and worked on developing a plan that was going to give the UNSC a chance to capitalize on the carrier's destruction. Using Red Team, Oriana pushed back the Covenant lines but ran into another assault force where another carrier moved into position. Forced to retreat from the area, Oriana lost the ground that Noble gained along with many of the troops assigned under her command. Making it to a military fort, Oriana set up defenses to stop the Covenant from pushing any further. Her attempt proved futile as the Covenant used the carrier support to their advantage, which forced the evacuation of Red Team. Pulling off the planet, Oriana watched as more evacuation shuttles were shot down by Covenant air and orbital support. Aboard a UNSC ship, Oriana and Red Team left the system while Fumirole fell to the Covenant.

The status of Noble Team remained unknown to Oriana for some time; she was furious that the SPARTAN team was pulled from the field for one death and injury. Oriana cited that she had lost SPARTANs of her own, but did not give up. Learning that the orders came from Colonel Holland, Oriana felt that her team was being put down below Noble and other Cat-2 groups that continued to deploy against the Covenant. Frustration continued to mount for Oriana as she heard that Noble Team was getting another SPARTAN despite her request for one standing since January of that year. Red Team remained ready for battle with still only seven SPARTANs and no replacement in sight.

Epsilon Erandi Campaign

Receiving news that the Epsilon Erandi system was under attack, Oriana and Red Team responded to Circumstance first to support a UNSC Army Garrison in the Battle of Circumstance. Oriana deployed alongside Echo Team, another Cat-2 team where the two collaborated missions and how to engage the Covenant that was taking positions to engage valuable military targets. Moving with her Ranger detachment, Oriana prepared locations to ambush the Covenant troops as well as buy time for the evacuating civilians on the planet. Oriana needed to set a buffer between the civilians and the enemies, making it her top priority to limit civilian casualties as well as the remainder of the colony. As Oriana saw the Covenant, she prepared for her defense against the enemy.

Engaging Covenant troops, Oriana began to build a wall she intended, along with using a limited amount of resources. Reinforcing positions that were growing weak, Oriana turned into a battlefield commander who understood what she needed to do to win against the Covenant troops that were advancing on her position. Once her defense proved sound, Oriana began offensive missions that pushed the Covenant troops back. Giving civilian transports the time they needed, Oriana allowed for civilians to escape with little cost on her end. Red Team proved themselves useful as they lead attacks against the Covenant troops to boost the Ranger's confidence against the struggling enemy. Oriana denied the Covenant their chance to occupy a valuable city, which gave the UNSC garrison an ability to settle in and prepare better defenses once the civilians evacuated.

Following the arrival of another fleet over Reach, Oriana and Red Team reassigned to Reach, where they engaged Covenant troops in the city of Quezon. Oriana managed the battlefield by dispatching parts of her team to fight the Covenant, allowing her to use the SPARTANs as a resource to support the frontlines. Covenant troops were able to overrun areas that her SPARTANs were operating in, losing Isaac-B302 and Riley-B191 to small arms fire. Despite losing two more of her SPARTANs, Oriana deployed into the field and assisted her remaining five SPARTANs in holding the Covenant at bay. The arrival of Covenant starships in orbit forced the UNSC to evacuate the area as the Covenant glassed the city. Red Team reassigned to protecting civilians as they fled the colony. Oriana quickly acknowledged that Reach was going to fall and put Red Team into a position to deny the Covenant from setting up Anti-Air turrets to shoot down civilian transports.

Launching a ground assault, Oriana and Red Team caught the Covenant off-guard who were transporting up Anti-Air Turrets. Taking out the convoys, Oriana bought the transports a reasonable amount of time and used the already attacked Anti-Air turrets as a trap against the Covenant. Luring more Covenant troops into her position, Oriana and Red Team continued to delay the Covenant in their goals. During a gunfight, one of the Fury nuclear warheads was damaged that required a manual detonation. Lynn-A392 ensured the detonation of the warhead and ensured the death of the Covenant troops within the vicinity. With Lynn's sacrifice, Red Team pulled off of Reach with what they had left and nearly all transports secured. Moving onto a ship that was leaving the Epsilon Erandi system, Oriana and Red Team were back to their original composition with nowhere left to go but to Earth.

Reach was lost to the Covenant, and Oriana knew what was coming next. Losing her Ranger detachment and three more SPARTANs to the Covenant, Oriana began to doubt if she was qualified to lead Red Team anymore. Learning the fate of Noble and other Cat-2 teams, Oriana found herself being one of two leaders left alive. The other leader for Echo did not pass their psychological test and removed from command, made Oriana worried that she was no longer going to fight alongside Red Team. Passing her psychological exam, Oriana continued to lead Red Team and what was left for her final fights against the Covenant in the Human-Covenant War.

Earth Sustained Defense Campaign

Covenant troops deployed onto the surface of Earth, forcing an immediate deployment of herself and Red Team to engage the enemies around the Horn of Africa. Settling into Somalia, Oriana conducted missions around Mogadishu and other cities to ensure the Covenant were unable to sustain an offensive ability against the UNSC. Securing valuable towns and other locations, Oriana pushed towards Kenya, where the UNSC had seen some of the heaviest fightings. Meeting up with a Ranger Squadron, Oriana pushed forward but saw that the Covenant began to glass Mombasa. Reassigned to Oceania, Oriana prepared for the defense of Australia and New Zealand for when the Covenant came. Not long after, Oriana saw the arrival of the Covenant over Sydney and began her battle for the capital of the UEG.

Pushing back against the Covenant troops, Oriana gained the upper-hand and used speed not to allow the enemy their chance to get a foothold. Leading multiple missions, Oriana and Red Team continued their onslaught of the Covenant troops who attempted to set foot on the surface. Oriana denied the Covenant their chance to establish a foothold within New Sydney and continued to engage the enemy till she no longer had any targets. Unleashing a mountain of anger against the Covenant for killing her SPARTANs, Oriana became a fearless and brutal leader who led every assault to ensure she executed the most Covenant troops. With the successful defense of Sydney, Oriana deployed to Northeast Asia, where she prepared to assist with three campaigns to end the Covenant's foothold around the Arctic Circle and the United Republic of North America.

Assisting in Northeast Asia and Northwest URNA campaign, Oriana pushed back Covenant troops who tried to set up and ambush her position alongside Rangers and ODSTs. Losing two of her SPARTANs during the battles, Oriana and Draven were the remaining two who pushed south and supported the URNA Southwest Campaign. Pushing the Covenant down into a spot they were no longer able to battle out of, Oriana and Red Team continued to lead and fight till there were no more enemies. Defending valuable positions and pushing back the Jiralhanae into their death trap, Oriana secured the long-awaited defeat of the Covenant during the URNA Southwest Campaign at the cost of her final troop in Red Team. The death of Draven came in the final firefights of the campaign. Once the URNA Campaign came to an end, the Human-Covenant War quickly ended after an alliance with Covenant Separatists.

Following the end of the Human-Covenant War and the Earth Sustained Defense Campaign, Oriana had no team and emerged as the only survivor. Undergoing a psychological evaluation, Oriana was cited for having major depression, severe combat PTSD, severe survivor's guilt, suicidal thoughts, and a reluctance to deploy. Removed from command, Oriana was forced to undergo psychological rehabilitation under ONI's watch. However, the Rangers worked on finding a way for Oriana to leave active duty and get her out of a military setting. Once out of a military environment, Oriana found herself completely lost and confused since she spent 21 years in the military and didn't know how to live a civilian life.

Taken in by her former intelligence and mission officer Clayton Frommenwiler, Oriana began her slow transition back to leading a SPARTAN team. ONI psychologists failed to address the issues Oriana had and needed her to be ready for the upcoming battles. In a final effort, Oriana applied for the Spartan Reserves, where she was taken off of active duty and rotated to a position that required no action for quite some time. Accepting the position, Oriana transitioned to a secure area with her former officer as a companion to take care of her for as long as it took.

Post-Covenant War conflicts

Spartan Reserves and Marriage

Joining the Spartan Reserves, Oriana moved from active duty to Carson City, Nevada, in the United Republic of North America with her former commanding officer, Clayton Frommenwiler. The two moved into a house within the woods in 2553 that Clayton's family owned for quite some time. Since the end of the Human-Covenant War to the move in, Oriana's mental state deteriorated as her mind continued to drift back to the deaths of her family, Alpha Company, Red Team, and all the non-augmented soldiers that died fighting alongside her in the field. Meeting with an ONI psychologist, Oriana slowly began her road to getting her head straight. Clayton worked on ways to keep Oriana occupied, so she didn't struggle with the thoughts of her former friends dying by enrolling her into Norwich University for an online degree.

Things slowly got better for Oriana, she learned how to do back-country horseback riding and camping but refused to talk to SPARTAN-IV candidates on leadership because of feeling guilty for the number of deaths she forced onto so many people. Oriana did spend time testing MJOLNIR Mark VII Powered Assault Armor for active-duty personnel allowing her to keep up in the loop of being an augmented soldier. Continuing her therapy, Oriana found that being an officer was much more of a burden than she initially thought. Writing to ONI for a demotion, it was blocked, and Oriana continued to struggle with attaining an officer rank she never wanted. Getting a PTSD service dog in 2554, Oriana placed a Red Team patch on his vest, and her mental state started to turn around.

In 2555, Oriana married Clayton Frommenwiler, making her one of the rare SPARTAN-IIIs that married. She was able to get rid of her last name is a letter and number, which helped Oriana come to grips with her humanity. By 2556, Oriana graduated from Norwich University with a Bachelor of Science and felt that she started to earn the officer rank. Oriana began to speak with SPARTAN-IV candidates on how to be a leader along with the importance of the non-augmented troops. Accepting and living with the deaths of her friends and teammates, Oriana grew as a person who attracted the eyes of her former opponent, Colton Bryson, from the UNSC Army Rangers. With Colton as a mentor, Oriana continued to grow as an officer who was able to distinguish right from wrong, along with the importance of securing the lives attached to her unit.

Throughout 2557, Oriana decided to return to active duty with a new attitude and the desire to lead as a SPARTAN Officer needed. Talking with those around her, Oriana got the support she needed and prepared herself for returning to active duty. Creating a workout, weapons training, and tactics plan, Oriana worked on transforming herself from a SPARTAN who did not see the field of battle for nearly four years, into one that never missed a step. Once Oriana felt prepared for returning to combat, she went through an extensive ONI psychological exam that cleared her for active duty in early July. By August, Oriana was assigned to a team and conducting missions for the UNSC.


Oriana rejoined the UNSC Armed Forces and sought out to create her team, something she had been doing a lot of research on ever since she found out that she was going to be a troop commander. Having a connection with William-B097, Oriana convinced him to serve under her as his troop commander. As a result, William gained the rank of Chief Petty Officer and told Oriana about three prospective SPARTAN-IIIs to operate under Oriana in Team Osage. Oriana learned of Isidora-G159, Levictus-G030, and Darrick-G274, who were already under the command of William and looking for another team to join. Oriana brought them under her command, and the SPARTAN team began to train together to ensure they were combat effective. Once passing a series of tests, Oriana and Team Osage prepared for combat deployments on behalf of the UNSC Navy and Office of Naval Intelligence.

Team Osage had been outlined by Lieutenant Commander Vilda Stenbeck to conduct direct action and special reconnaissance missions on worlds that held Forerunner artifacts. Due to the importance and rarity of Forerunner artifacts, Oriana was to coordinate clandestine and covert operations on allied homeworlds to ensure that the Office of Naval Intelligence got what they needed to advance the human species. Team Osage spent their time a bit differently than other teams, having only four months of deployment and two months of settling down. Oriana pushed hard for the rotational cycle for her to keep the SPARTANs in touch with their humanity without feeling burned out on constant missions.

Along with the missions, Oriana leveraged help from Marine Corps Helljumpers, Army Rangers, and Air Force Special Tactics Teams. Oriana knew the importance of non-augmented soldiers and how they contributed to Oriana's success in the field throughout the Human-Covenant War. Without the elite forces, Oriana knew that Osage was going to struggle to achieve their success. Getting a rotational team attached to Osage, Oriana felt more confident in the success of the mission despite the protests from her commanding officer. Oriana conducted training exercises alongside the rotation teams to ensure they were in sync with Osage before deploying and how to move, something Oriana learned from her mistakes in the Human-Covenant War.

Operation: RACING FAWN

Gao had become one of the few colonies that were not attacked during the Human-Covenant but became a center for Insurrectionist's activity. Team Osage and Oriana got word that the Committee to Preserve Gao Independence (CPGI) had planned to attack a Forerunner site where UNSC personnel posted. Hostilities between the two factions had grown to an all-time high, and the UNSC was not ready to fight another war. Oriana and Osage were tasked with capturing the leader of the CPGI and negotiate a deal; all other enemies were to be dealt with by direct action force. Deploying onto Gao with Osage, Oriana met up with an ONI field asset to understand the situation on the ground and prepare for quick snatch-and-grab operation.

Once on the ground, Oriana deployed Osage into elements that collected valuable intelligence as she met with an ONI agent who briefed her on the situation since the mission briefing. Oriana learned of someone on the inside, which gave her almost everything she needed to assist with capturing the leader. As her troops learned the route of the vehicle, Oriana planned an ambush to grab the leader without killing as many people effectively. Putting the final pieces of her plan together, Oriana learned she had no backup on this mission and be completed covertly. Getting the green light to launch, Oriana prepared Osage for their ambush and waited for the target to arrive.

Seeing the convoy, Oriana engaged the vehicles and prepared to snatch her target. Seeing the leader try and make a run, Oriana stopped her from getting further and captured the emeny. Turning to see how the ambush was going, Oriana watched as her troops engaged all the enemy targets and avoided the civilians who weren't showing hostile intent. Once securing the area, Oriana moved the goal aboard an ONI Falcon and moved to an ONI Black Site set up on Gao. Sitting down with the leader, Oriana worked with an ONI Interrogator to prevent the CPGI from turning violent. Working out a deal with the leader, Oriana and the ONI Interrogator turned the leader into a double agent that fed information to ONI about any significant plans that other groups the CPGI planned that was going to hurt the UNSC and UEG.

Oriana and Osage provided overwatch as their target moved back into their daily life. Oriana felt hope in the Beta-5 Division for not assassinating or sending the leader to the Midnight Facility. Once seeing that the leader had augmented back into their healthy life with no issues, a Beta-5 Division security team took over the work of Oriana and Osage, which allowed her to return to Earth after a five-month deployment onto Gao. Upon returning to Earth, Oriana learned that her people had assassinated the leader for being a double agent. Oriana became frustrated with the Beta-5 Division for not protecting their assets. Studying what happened, Oriana learned how the Beta-5 Division sold out the traitor to gather better intel on another target.

Operation: JUST CENTRA

After a five-week break from a deployment, Oriana and Team Osage geared up for a mission to Escala III, where an ONI archeological team had discovered a Forerunner ruin. Due to the threat of Prometheans along with the focus on collecting valuable intelligence, Oriana and Osage are tasked with the first-contact of the artifact to ensure the site was secure along with being stable. Given the green light to conduct missions, Oriana received a Ranger detachment to support her push into the location. Moving forward as the lead team, Oriana placed her SPARTANs throughout the detachment to assist and support the Rangers when they needed assistance.

Upon viewing the Forerunner artifact, Oriana and Osage were engaged by Prometheans, who were preparing an ambush. Coordinating active attacks back, Oriana pushed through the cave and prevented the Prometheans from pinning down her SPARTANs and Rangers. Launching flank attacks against the enemy, Oriana prevented the ambush from getting worse then tended to the wounded. Oriana and Osage then took note of the enemies she engaged. ONI Security troops moved in to secure the area Oriana and her group had locked down; she then pushed deeper in to ensure safe passage for those to walk in after along with their equipment.

Pushing further into the site, Oriana and Osage were able to set up many firing positions around the artifact to prevent Prometheans from grabbing it. Oriana elected William and Darrick along with a fireteam of Rangers to retrace their walk-in and mark it with signals to let people know the safe route. Once Oriana watched her team link up with the scientists, the artifact location was ambushed, and Oriana worked with the remainder of Osage to defend the area that had come under siege. Pushing back waves of enemies, Oriana coordinated counter-attacks along with securing the high-value artifact. William and his team returned to assist with pushing back the enemies and secured the area once again.

ONI Scientist: "Are you fucking serious?! We need those artifacts, and you destroyed it?! You fucking machines are incapable of doing anything right!"
Oriana: "When you address an officer, you say their rank Lieutenant, Junior Grade."
―Oriana dealing with an ONI Scientist.

Working with limited time, the Beta-5 Division began to work on extracting the artifact. Oriana pushed out the firing positions to protect the scientists and provided a buffer for them. Once engaged by more Prometheans, Oriana and her teams were forced to retreat from the location. Unable to guarantee the protection of the scientists, Oriana forced the evacuation of the area, whether they had the artifact or not. Placing explosives around the piece, Oriana ensured that no group was going to take the object and destroyed it. As the cave started to collapse, Oriana and Osage pushed the personnel out and ensured the safety of their peers. Once outside, Oriana was scolded for her decision on destroying the artifact as well as failing to hold it.

Pulling off of Escala III, Oriana noted she had not lost any of her troops as well as Rangers attached to her team. Despite the defeat, Oriana was content with the operation as well as the decisions she made to save those around her. Lieutenant Commander Stenbeck was not pleased with the conclusion that Oriana made, but knew that Oriana was not going to take criticism from someone who never served in the field. Vilda pushed a new mission to Oriana and informed her that the Rangers were glad to have all their soldiers back. Oriana only felt that she had made the right decision and that the Beta-5 Division was playing to get what they wanted at the cost of anything.

Operation: LIGHT TITAN


Created Crisis

Investigation of Oban


Personality and Traits

Oriana is known as an extremely motivated and determined officer who refuses to accept anything but a victory. Pushed to become the best officer and SPARTAN, Oriana trained herself to transform herself into an extremely teachable candidate. Throughout the Human-Covenant War and her constant deployments, Oriana always worked to become a better officer despite being told she was not capable of doing so. Oriana used the lessons she learned throughout the Human-Covenant War to educate herself as a smarter and tactical leader compared to one she was before. Following her return to active duty, Oriana has become an officer who leads with intense motivated along with her experience being the guiding principle to the success of each mission.

In SPARTAN training, Oriana reinforced herself as someone who was unbreakable and nearly all-powerful. Cocky and egoistic became some of the traits that others put with Oriana during her time as a Non-Company Team Troop Commander. Oriana also had been known for being an annoyance to other SPARTANs that did not serve under her command, contributing to drama between many Alpha Company Squadrons that she thrived off of during her time deploying with Alpha Company. Her cockiness was put in check by an ODST Captain before a mission, and Oriana quickly changed her attitude after seeing that her own were not a fan of the way she was acting.

Throughout the Human-Covenant War, Oriana lost a lot of troops that were attached to her command. Once losing her own troops, Oriana slipped into a major depression and was relieved of command for not being psychologically fit. While Oriana recovered from the psychological scars, she asked for help and met with people to discuss the issues she was having. Oriana built up a network of people she could trust and opened up to them, making herself vulnerable. Expressing her emotions and pains, Oriana learned the importance of breaks and having downtime in between high-intensity deployments. The idea became reinforced when she fell in love and married, allowing her to have someone stable in her life since the attack on Eridanus II.

As an experienced leader who has lost more than she will ever know, Oriana uses the lessons she learned from Colton and other former SOF leaders during the Human-Covenant War. Taking all the valuable lessons she learned, Oriana transformed herself into a SPARTAN that teaches and educates those around regardless of being augmented or not. Oriana also values the non-augmented troops as well, claiming that they are the success of her missions irrespective of how she feels. Taking a new team under her command, Oriana spends her time developing her team between each task to ensure they are ready for any situation placed into their hands.

Skills and Abilities



Image Name Description
Oriana-2537-SPI Semi-Powered Infiltration armor Add Description.
TPFPic07 MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark IV Add Description.
Oriana-2552-Mark V MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark V Add Description.
Oriana-A058-MarkVII MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark VII Add Description.


Image Name Description
H2A M7S-SMG M7S SMG/PDW Add Description.
H2A Render M6C M6C magnum Add Description.
M392 DMR Render M392 DMR Add Description.
M395 DMR Render M395 DMR Add Description.
1526px-H4-M6HMagnumPistol M6H magnum Add Description.
Gunfigher Magnum M6H2 Gunfighter magnum Add Description.

Career and Service

Career Service Vitae



FULL NAME: Frommenwiler, Oriana Lena

    UNIT: Team Osage
    GARRISON: UNSC Twefth Man

    GENDER: Female
    BIRTHPLACE: Ny Alta, Eridanus II
    BIRTH DATE: 2526/11/19
    HEIGHT: 6 ft. 4 in.
    WEIGHT: 232 lbs.

General Notes

A former Cat-2 Special Warfare Officer, Oriana led her non-company team, Red Team, throughout the Human-Covenant War. A product of Alpha Company, Oriana emerged as one of the great leaders that played a crucial role in stopping the Covenant on the ground. Working as a Special Warfare Officer for the Office of Naval Intelligence, Oriana remains one of the few active duty Alpha Company SPARTAN-IIIs.

Service History
  • Human-Covenant War
  • Post-Covenant War conflicts
    • Created Crisis

"Returning from the Spartan Reserves as of 2557 to conduct operations to find Forerunner technology as well as perform special reconnaissance and direct action raids. SPARTAN-A058 will be demoted to Lieutenant to ensure the flow of command within the Outcome Cell is understood."


SPARTAN-A058 is married to former UNSC Army Major Clayton Frommenwiler, please be sure to schedule leave time so they can spend time before her next deployment.

Ranks and Promotions

 Rank   Date of Promotion 
UNSC-N Lieutenant
Lieutenant August 3, 2557
UNSC-N Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander October 21, 2549
UNSC-N Lieutenant
Lieutenant February 2, 2544
UNSC-N Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant, Junior Grade April 13, 2539
UNSC-N Ensign
Ensign July 18, 2537
UNSC-N Petty Officer Second Class
Petty Officer Second Class May 31, 2537
UNSC-N Petty Officer Third Class
Petty Officer Third Class December 21, 2536


Clayton Frommenwiler

Clayton Frommenwiler TPF
Oriana's husband.
"When you come back, I'll be here for you."
―Clayton talking to Oriana before watching her go on a deployment.

Clayton Frommenwiler is a former UNSC Army Major who served as an intelligence officer. During the Human-Covenant War, Clayton served as Oriana's mission handler and a senior officer from 2545 to 2548 and then in 2552. Seeing her come back under his command in 2552, Clayton took a different route to care for Oriana after seeing her lost her teammates in combat. By the end of the Human-Covenant War, Clayton saw that Oriana had become unfit for duty after passing a variety of psychological evaluations. Clayton advised Oriana to apply for Spartan Reserves, where she could take a break to gather her thoughts.

During the Post-War Era, Clayton became Oriana's best friend, counselor, and, someone she was able to trust. He made sure Oriana was cleared to have a service dog, which she named Draven. With another idea to take her out of the depression she continued to suffer, Clayton offered to take Oriana on a date to a nearby firing range. A year and a half later, Clayton married Oriana, and she found happiness in her life. By 2557, Oriana had seen a substantial improvement in her psychological well-being. Clayton supported her idea of going back onto active duty.

Oriana remains in constant contact with her husband, despite being millions of miles apart. Clayton became the first stable thing in her life since the Covenant attack on Eridanus II; she continues to promise him that she will make it back to him. Being able to do what she loves and come home to someone who supports her, Oriana has never been in a better mental state due to Clayton and his determination to keep her going.

Colton Bryson

Oriana's mentor.
"Strive to be a good listener. You have to be a good and active listener. Lead when you need to, follow when you are supposed to."
―Colton training Oriana in January of 2557.

Colton Bryson was a former UNSC Army Rangers officer who was claimed to be a top officer within the Unified Special Warfare Command. In 2556, Oriana met with Colton for the first time after Clayton set up a meeting with him. The two were able to talk about tactics and strategy for a time, but Colton noticed that Oriana was not able to settle down as a civilian. Colton told Oriana that she was not ready for settling down, wich Oriana rejected and slowly began to accept.

Despite Colton's blunt assessment on Oriana, she decided to face the decision of going back onto active duty where she was going to be one of the few SPARTANs who had a family and were deploying. Colton began to teach Oriana tactics he had learned to prepare her for returning to combat duty. Privately working with Oriana, he transformed her from a good Special Warfare Officer into a great Special Warfare Officer.

Team Osage

Assigned to Team Osage upon her return to active duty, Oriana found herself in command of a five personnel special warfare team that was operating under the Office of Naval Intelligence. The troop leader of Team Osage, Oriana took what she learned as a non-company team officer and Colton to produce plans and execute missions with an overwhelming amount of success.

As Team Osage continued to deploy, Oriana became known as a leader of an extremely effective and powerful team. Due to Oriana's family, Team Osage can have free time and live a life outside of their constant deployments. Even though Oriana earned the nickname Mother by her peers, it had become one of the more trademark nicknames that Oriana had in her time of service.

Daphne Osterberg

Oriana's sister.
"I don't know whether to slap or hug you. I thought you were dead in 2537, and now you're a SPARTAN Special Warfare Officer? What happened?"
―Daphne seeing Oriana for the first time since 2537.

Daphne Osterberg is the younger sister of Oriana; she serves as a Targeting Officer aboard the UNSC Twelfth Man. Meeting each other on pure luck, Oriana was able to reunite with her sister after 27 years, only to find her a Lieutenant Commander in the UNSC Navy. Oriana felt frustrated that her sister had turned to military life without being there to tell her to stay away. Even with the frustration, Oriana was glad to see her sister was alive and had survived the Human-Covenant War along with their parents.

Oriana struggled to accept that her biological family had survived the Human-Covenant War and that her sister was still alive. Hearing that her mothers were still alive and married gave Oriana hope that she was going to meet them at the end of the Created conflict. Learning that her biological family is alive, Oriana continues to find reasons to fight and serve for the UNSC Armed Forces.

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