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USR Special Warfare Group, Orbital Assault Operations
Unit Background
  • Orbital Drop
  • Assault and capture
  • Shock troopers
Unit Motto

"From the heavens"

Current Commander

Field Master N'tho 'Sraom

Current Status



The Orbital Assault Operations is one of the largest branches of the USR Special Warfare Group, with a contingent being placed on each Warship capable of supporting their operations. The OAO, also referred to as Invaders, are sent in as one of the first contact forces from a Warship, with their task being to secure planet side positions, such as anti-aircraft positions, strong points and landing zones. They are also used to quickly reinforce positions, or provide direct attack just behind the frontlines, to help in break through actions. This is typically done in a highly coordinated drop assault consisting of a lance to a sub-section of Sangheili lead by a cadre of officers. Reinforcements may include the larger Heavy Orbital Insertion Pod, carrying specialists with heavy weapons to secure the combat zone.

The Invaders are often equipped with the Assault Harness, allowing them to survive the trans-orbital more easily, while allowing them to survive better in the harsh combat zones they are likely to experience. For firearms, more often than not they are equipped with short range firearms, such as plasma rifles, plasma repeaters, Needlers, Concussion Rifles, Carbines and grenades. Heavy weapon files following up behind may bring with them plasma cannons, Fuel Rod Guns and Plasma Launchers.

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