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Oracle Codes are a classification system used by Covenant Oracle Masters for categorization and archival purposes. While civilians have different categorization methods depending on species, every soldier of the Covenant is issued an Oracle Code upon enlistment.

The code consists of seven individual pieces, each denoting specific information useful for identification, troop mobilization, and delivery of supplies and payment. The code's components are composed of

  1. First, a letter signifying the individual's race; 'S' for Sangheili, 'U' for Unggoy, etc.)
  2. A numeral denoting the homeworld of the individual. These are quite varied, but begin with 1 representing High Charity, followed by the major client race homeworlds, and then all further colonies.
  3. Following this, a letter and four numbers represent the name of the age during which the soldier was born, two numbers for that age's designation (i.e. 'C23' means '23rd Age of Conflict'), and lastly two numbers for the year of that age.
  4. Finally, a short dash and a series of numbers serves to differentiate between recruits of the same race, age and homeworld that have joined the military within the same year. As an example, the first Sangheili from High Charity to join in C2325 would be S1-C2325-1, with the second being S1-C2325-2, and so on

Though it is used for categorization, it is also a grave insult to refer to a soldier by his Oracle Code, roughly equivalent to a declaration of betrayal or treating them as merely an object instead of an individual.

Component notes

Racial letters

  • A = San'Shyuum
  • H = Huragok
  • J = Jiralhanae
  • K = Kig-yar
  • L = Lekgolo
  • S = Sangheili
  • T = Yonhet
  • U = Unggoy
  • Y = Yanme'e

Homeworld numerals

Initially, homeworlds of new client races were simply listed under the next number on the list of worlds. However, in time there was a slight reordering: major clients homeworlds were categorized with a single digit, while colonies were preceded by a 'C'.

  1. High Charity
  2. Sanghelios
  3. Te
  4. Palamok
  5. Eayn
  6. Balaho
  7. Doisac
  • Colonies
  1. Colony 1
  2. Colony 2

Age designators

  • 'A' for Abandonment
  • 'C' for Conflict
  • 'D' for Discovery
  • 'M' for Reclamation
  • 'N' for Conversion
  • 'R' for Reconciliation
  • 'T' for Doubt

Known Oracle Codes










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