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Operation: SAFARI


June 8-September 23rd, 2559


Republic of Levosia, Levosia


Levosian victory, Headhunter team eliminated


Republic of Levosia

United Nations Space Command

  • Levosian Air Force
  • 2nd Infantry Regiment (Airmobile)
  • 3rd Infantry Regiment
  • 2nd Armored Car Regiment

Operation: SAFARI was a military operation by the Republic of Levosia against UNSC-aligned militants from the People's Republic of Levosia. Done in preparation for Operation: THRASHER, the proposed operation to invade and destroy the PRL, SAFARI was intended to destroy militant concentrations and camps within the borders of the Republic to prevent any fifth column actions occurring during THRASHER.

The operation began on June 8th, with Tracker units deployed to the frontier in advance of the regular LDF forces to observe and track down militant encampments. On June 14th, units from the 2nd Infantry Regiment (Airmobile), supported by vehicles from the 2nd Armored Car Regiment and aircraft from the Levosian Air Force struck the militant camps. Over the summer and into September, the Levosians continued tracking and destroying militant camps, in August killing a SPARTAN-III Headhunter team that had been sent to shore up the militants' capabilities.

By September 23rd, only minor crossings and militant activities were detected, and the airborne commandos and armored cars were moved to begin preparations for THRASHER as the 3rd Infantry Regiment and its attached Trackers remained to deal with any further incursions and activities.



Initial Strike

A unit of LDF Trackers made up of former Victorian Mounted Rifles members during SAFARI

Keeping the Peace

"With the Trackers running out in front of the car/Showing us where the terrorists are/There's one thing you must understand/We are the law in the Grenzeland"
―Brown Boots

A unit of commandos from the 2nd Infantry Regiment (Airmobile) preparing to move out on a night operation against an MPLL camp, an operation that would also end in the death of a SPARTAN-III Headhunter team

Cleaning Up

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